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Berlin Plans U-Boat Blow At U. S:
We're at War—
Time is precious in wartime.
The compact Times saves your time.
No wasteful wordiness.
Nothing hut worth while news.
Session Which Opens
Today Regarded As
by johs an a xde\b
’ Ftaff Correspondent l:titled Prrss
RERUN (Via London >. July f.
Coincident with the rr convening of
the rclrhsfag today, ;• ?cor*' of the
so-called German Intellectuals unit
cd in a formal demand on th* gox
erntnen' for Immediate parliarncn
(ary and electoral reforms, lnrlu.l
ins equal. direct and secret sut
frage What made th*» manifesto of
particular -icn 1 ance in the view
of reformers her*-, was that anion*
the signor* were such men as Del
brueck. Von Harnsck, Melnecke.
Emil Fischer. Trnrltsch and other
of the purely •'lntellectual" type
who have heretofore opposed the
democratization plans announced by
the radicals
AMSTERDAM. July Greatest
interear is .entered in the fiched
uled mee'fnc of the German rcich
stag today thruaut German' First,
Berlin dispatches todav reported
that Imperial Chancellor von Beth
mann Hollweg might -eize the o<
caslon to make formal reply to Brit
ish Premier I.loyd-Georg* s recent
Glasgow speech amplifying *hc Brit
ish war aims and asserting that
there ran be no peace without a vlc
t orv
Os scarcely le«« interest thruout
the country »a*i the report of the
constitution committer, expected to
he submitted at >hc opening
sion of the German parliamentary
body, and the action to be taken on
It Back in May, the constitution
committee, headed b> the Majority
Socialist Philip Scheldemann. made
several recommendations for
« hanges in Germany’ l governmental
system. Its work at that time was
hailed as immediate accomplish
ment of the kaiser's commands to
Bethmann Hollweg urging a read
Justment of certain inequalities m
the go\ernment
Republican Troops and Sup
porters of Empire In
war In raging in China, according
to cable dispatches received here
A haMle la being fought today b*
tween the southern lorreo, opposed
to the reatoration of the empire, and
the northern army of the imperial
lata, according to ndvico to local Chi’
neae. The republican forces are re
ported aa steadily gaining ground
aa the fighting proceeds
ROMB, July 6. —"America will not
sheath the sword she hm drawn
until there Is a final decisive victory
over autocracy," declared Vmentan
Ambassador Thonma Nelson Page at
Rome's monster celebration of the
American Fourth of Julv,
Page was the central figure in the
demonstration, which wna the moat
Impressive and the moat enthusias
t|e Ifm)> has witnessed Hi years.
Thousands Jammed Capitol sq ind
cheered America again and again
Some of (he nalion'a highest <»ttl
ciala were present. Premier Roselll
pteaided, and his words of appro
ciatlon for America's entrv with the
Allies evoked great enthusiast^
W vn\s||_«t. I.<.(■!■ and Return an
gat ip err —m —t —pto rmm ~*tj~
- Adv
lie t "mlnrlnblf at a Table
amid pleM-'ant «i»r»minding* Kscep.
tlonnll.v fine rooking, good music.
Hotel (Irlswo)d Cafeteria. Adv.
W ken In Detmll Tlnll Ml, 'leaou,
♦An irorlA-eanowned “Bath City. ’ —Ad.
Mayor Mary received a peculiar
request Thursday morning from a
woman who ign hor?c|f "A Moth
or. ' and who lives in the neighbor
hood of t'lark park She asks the
mayor if he cannot find it convent
ent to cut down th*- number of
band concerts given in that park
from three a week to two
"We mothers can’t spare thetinie
to chase our > hlldren more than two
night- .1 week." she writes ‘Give
Be||e Isle, Palmer park Cass and
other parks more concerts. hut
please cut ours down at least one
a week.”
Latin Republic Asks
Indemnities and
(Staff Correspondent United Press )
j Bl ENOS AIRES, July 6 Argen
: tine baa served an ultimatum on
From reliable sources it was
I learned today that a note just dls
I patched to Germany virtually as
serts that unless Germany makes
immediate Indemnification for past
destruction of Argentine ships and
grants assurance against future at
tacks. Argentine will break rela
f tons
It Is stated that the Argentine
note does not include a time limit
within which the republic demands
Germany’s reply, hut this limitation
was omitted purely because of un
certainty of communication with
Berlin For two weeks Argentine
lias been approaching the point
where she was ready to break rela
tions with Germany. The crux of
the situation lies in the case of the
Argentine steamship Protegido. The
vessel was torpedoed without warn
tng and several Argentine citizens
lost their lives Germany admitted
the -inking condoned It and offered
reparation, after an Interchange of
notes. Then, after offering repara
tlon. Berlin apparently forgot all
about It. Some time ago Argentine
sent a "reminder" hut still there
was no response
A woman who, the police say. is
Rdna 1/ewls. 4t> years old. address
unknown hot and killed hersetf
Wednesday in the rear of the Michi
gan Tire a Rubber company's plant
at No. 4*7 Michigan ave. Her hodv
wns found shortly after 8 o’clock
Thursday morning Coroner Hoth
arher ordered the body removed to
the county morgue
Krnest Sanyo, ?*rt years old, Vo.
7.17 Fifteenth st.. committed suicide
shortly af'er Id o'clock Thur -tf*'
morning by shooting himself In the
right temple. The police sny Sauve
became despondent because nf |R
health The hodv has been taken
to the morgue.
lift n Turn Wider Filter With Ice
hex i-nnhectlon. Metier rhr|p>r and
pV«• r *»| i -n\enw-nt than all other- <'all
Ikirkex ! Tnrkrt 1
Delicious r«>nst turkey *rrvri| «i rn
hunday Lunch 1 2 t n ! !<> p m Sun
prr. A If* A p m Motel (irlurcM
Cafeteria AdV.
Printing—-the plain neat kind—that
la right—l Inn j*k Dtpt. — Mala 4UI.
Aqueduct Results
First r». ■ ."> furlongs' Happy Go
J.i«k>, K>3 (Robinson) t<- 2, even
l f> 2. won; Midnight Sun. luC ( How
ard 10 to I. 1 to 1. 2 to I second
I upp. IF'. (Troyier* f> t" even t to
2. 'turd Tiroc lOt 1 '• Prunes. Lit
-11. I lev i! Millinery. Trophy, Orestes,
Brocat. lb- and Impetus uleo urn
Soon. l Steep lei*ha-* , two
Trumpatoi 1 Byars). IS
r.. *; r.. «n.l 1 t*- j won. St I' .arl
.•. t.- 1.2 . Smo.u i 4 i 1. s to 0 ant
4 to second Match* na, t .'I
<XX oik* i T to 1 . to 2 and S to
third Tim*’. 4ID 1 -V Hrx n * hunt
I .hi heart;. Torero, (‘apt. I’Hrr and
< Mala also ran
Third Pa - on- mile Bella Des
rnon«l. 11" Buxton*, 11 to •■. 7 to 10
«n>l 1 t<> It. won Julia l****n. 117
tTrox!er». '* to 2. to 2 und 7 to 1 ft.
I•> * a- l• i x * Byrnes', l t<»
1 *1 i" l and .7 to T. tiurd Time.
1 ?..* Wistful lthlne Malden \rn
ere a 111 and Th.- Banshee II al">
Fort Erie Results.
lit at in" :* furlongs Cobrlla, I"**.
(Havn- s) IT so $ 4 40. 13 .'*o. won. Llt
tl. Swop.i io;>. M'olllnsi ill Mi. «nd
it • a s' ~ i j; Saitl**. *S. ( leffcott I
l 4". thud Tun* lok 2-'. Bed Sal.
mon. Siurf, Fr*ncTiy. Howard Bland.
Ilii. ly Mah.il. Lu* k> Bay and Fox's
Choice also ran
Second Race Mile and 70 yards
Crump-all. loft < Barrington I. Is SO.
*Y*io. 12.7*0, won. Lazy Lou. 107
'Ktcet. 12/10 *• ?« se.-ortfl; .ludga
W-Ing 'A II tHnvn»si. |3 40. third
T'm». 1 it : V \ is. Mil* .1 Anne.
Blerman. iacg Snipe and Gunpowder
also ran
Fort Frie Entries
First race Malden 2-year-*>lds
f. sled tn Canada furlongs Brit
ain's Ally. ill. Flame, lb* Mighty
< n*- 1 *T. Mi-- Edwards, 10*. Kitti
wak. I"' Royal Navv. 1"4
Second r»c# Claiming. 4-year-olds
a n*l up t*in ld* n )<•* k*y *. 2- t, fut b >ngs
i'<>! Holloway 112. <'ld B"h. JO' l Ads.
Id* Mi'* Gayle. l"7, xi'aptaln Ben,
I( 4 Xstrologer. ti: Str Raymond.
leO. Huth Strpkland. 107; xViley, 104.
xFurllque. to 4
Third lu* - 2 vear-eld.«: 7. furlongs'
l'i rn Handb v, 112’: l.* rd Herbert. 112.
Margct Star 1<• 0 «'lairvi 'ant. 10«*.
Cbmaktlty lOrl My Ura le. lOd Tug"-
land. 102; Mle« Hi inn, 112 Sweep. 112.
B n Trcnip. I 1 " T'litv Fa* e. ten. Sen-
II to: Broderick, t'ls Ttirllls 10k \:*o
*ll gi hic t.lMt*- J*sn. 1 n *i
Fourth in Claiming 4-vesr-otds
nnd ui>. mtb Marirorie I>. 10.'. Kd
I'm and. 10° I'crpctual O' 1 Tit**. •«
xßr"w n Velvet, 'ik. tiirka lor.. Toni
Caro. 107 \pnsM, 00; Spadix. OS;
Pmtthfleld. 04
Fifth race Handicap. It-year-olds
and up, s furlongs Keweasa. 116
a-Klnnex. 110 n-Gipsx George 112,
Fhi\ Maid 1"4 Ten Caddy. 10.’, lamg
h< rne, 100
1 Goodman entry.
Sixth rare '‘lalniing. 3-year-olds
mil- and 70 yards Poughkeepsie. 1 1 2:
Swift Fox. 110; I• r l’rathcr. 1 <VS;
Thursday N'lghter 100, Night Owl. 07;
Mystic Folly. 112 xLuclle p. tor,
l.ady XX ard, 102; Frascuelo. 100; Gold
Bond. 07
Seventh race- Claiming, 4-vear-olds
snd up mile t hll I'ngar, H'O;
Abe. )<i7 Bussell Square. 107: Thomas
Gallowai 104. Marcovil, 4- Cannon
ade. 00 F.gmont. 107; King Hamburg.
1"7 Alston 104; Paul Gaines. 104, Sir
l.auncelot 00
\ Apprentice allowrsncc claimed
tV*ather clear, track fast.
Harrison Arms Dead
MARSH AM a Mich., July Hr
rlson Arms. <>f the Arms Palace
Horro i’;ir company, (’hicago. died
today of hardening of th** arferie*
and congestion />f lungs at the home
of W. C. Gary, where he and Mr*.
Arms had been xlslting
First game—
l’lev e 1 a n and 10 2 0
g| Com- MAI
Hattertes latmbeth and O'Neill;
Martin M«>l\rtgux ind Severnld Cm
pir* = Monartv. Nallin and Connolly.
First game
t’hiladcl nlftftrtftftftft - .1 « 1
It. ->t..n I II M I 0 3 M 4 A
H«tt« rie < Hush anu £chang Mh\s
and Thomas Cmplrea Hildebrand
und t*'la>ughlln
Second game
Philadelphia .os
Ro*tnn 0 -
lltitterlea Si Ibold ami Schangl
Slo>rc mu,d kg new Cmplrea lltlde.
brand and, (»'T»«uighlin.
First game
Washing n o 0 ’» 1 h ft ft 1 ft 21? n
Ve»v Vfirk 1 M II IHIIKI « t a 2
Hatteties Show nml Tinsmith
PtSfher and Nunamaker I 'litres
Mi I'.timlrk nml Dlneen.
Second game -
W'a "hi n K t rin A
ft: 1 11 1 r Onll'a and If-f I,m i>
and Alexander t’mtdre Idneeuand
Met 'i rmu-k.
New York A a
kl \ n . . fl 0
Pattertea Wentcn and Randen
ohrnev and'Miller. Umpire Higlrr
n> ■ »nn ——a a o—ft
Phiia osao
Mntterte* Tylet and Tragrepeer
|j«\ender and Kiltlfar. Fmpirea
Klem and Itranafield
st fjou'e .? A
Pittsburgh 0 ft
Patterlea Mnratman and «»on*«le.
steej, fjflme. and Pia- hfr. L'mpireg
w Day and liwingoo.
THURSDAY, Il L Y •:», 19 17.
Crowder Urges Local Boards
\To Complete Numbering
Cards By That Time
Correspondent ( uited Press
WASHINGTON. July ft.—The
draft lottery will be staged In the
capitol on th*' day following com
pletion of organization of the local
exemption boards.
Th** minute the local boards are
completed and have numbered more
than ft *OO.OOO registration cards, we
will be ready for the draft, accord
ing to the official announcement of
Provost Marshal General Crowder's
office today
General Crowder has insisted that
the board:- finish their labors before
He emphasized that "every day
lost now means a day lost in or
ganization of the armies of the
Danforth Opposes
Ehmke in Fourth
Tiger-Sox Clash
Inning— 1 234 5 6799
Chi. .00000
Det. .01014
WAVIN' FTFI.D. July b The Tig
ers and White Sox played the
fourth game of their series Man
ager Rowland, of the visitors, relied
upon his southpaw, Danforth, to
make it four straight xlctorie- for
his team Pilot Jennings, of the
Tigers, selected Howard Ehmke to
pitch for Detroit.
fl 11 -1.. mm. J. Cal tins. rs.
1 •iin|, 2t>. Weaver, Bh.
4 OMI. of. K. ( olllns, »h.
, \ each. If. Jackson, If.
1 Mellman, rs. Frisch, cf.
flnrna, lb. Cnnilll. It*.
V Ilf. .Th. Itlslterg. ss.
Uniiiur, c. Xf-hnlk,
I.hmkr. p llanforlh. p.
I inplrcs—l.vnns nnd Ilium.
41 lead nner 4JX>4I.
First Inning
CHICAGO grounded to
Voting. Cobb gut XV« nver « ffy.
!’hmk« mad*- n startling - 't"P * Fd
dtc Collins' high hn.und»-r and t rexv
hitn out No run. no hit. no «>rr r.
DETROIT -Frisch made 1* running
catch of Rush's drive. Your* made
• swinging hunt and was out. Wca\-«r
to GandP tr *“oi;ins threw t * *hh
No run, no hit, no error
Second Inning
CHICAGO tackson was out. Ft nke
to Burns Felsch fanned Onndll
rolled to Vltt No run, no hit 1 er
DETROIT Vearh lined t t,< '*M
Heilman dr* w a on**- P • "
Frisch in deep center Vltt smrsd
Detroit and xlelnltyi 1 hur.dar
night I'rtlrt Friday linaettled, proba
bly ehnxxrr* uml tbnndrr »fortn«i con
tinued Hanoi nmdrrtlr to frreh
I.iinrr Xllrhlgant Prakaklt thnn
ilrr storms T’hnr«dni night and I'rl
«ln« except fair tonight In anotHe-xf
I p |.e r l.nkMt Moderate to freeh
aonth winds) prohahl. .hnucr, and
thondrr storms tonight ard t'etdnx,
rxcrot fntr tonight on I ake Huron.
I our I wheel V nrlnhte n IOd *. he
eonilnw auiilrrntr eonthenMfl fair on
Tknraitm nlghti Friday portly
elond.t thunder shn.xers en tx<»«tern
rttnkva rnirt.it ui ttt *
H a. in Oft 10 n. in ON
7 n. rn Ml! 11 a. tn ON
v n. tn . . «;» 12 noon 00
|) n, m W? In. m 70
Highest temperatnre this date )n
the past Id years, IWI tn 1011 i Igweat,
S| In ISO I,
One year ngo thdari Mlgheat. tem
perature. kit toxxeot, 02 1 mean. 72 1
clear weather.
tn. and rl«e» Friday at SiO.l a tn.
The tn non rlare f'hnradn. nt OiM p.
IF V t»| DOVT I. 41t. II
every minute i mi are tn the C<ilu*utti
nf 2' Amuaementa <>tt the N Tbiard Walk
you’ll «p'dl the partv. Thnb.ands
there evet v nig t One ticket Admits
to all. Ju.-t for fun.—Adv,
Fnlted States’*
In a message to every hoard. Gen
♦th) Crowder declared it is an im
perafive national necessity that the
-erially numbered copies of the
c.trd- he in the hands of the states
adjutant general and another copy
be mailed to Washington before Sat
"The first test of the efficiency of
th*' great national xxar organization
on which you are an important
member comes noyv," the messages
read. "This is the most important
element in the conduct of a war
It Is plain to see how great Is the
nation s dependence on each partic
ular man In whom the president has
expressed his confidence by appoint
men* to a local board."
Hallman with a double tn left field
wall. p pp»-d to R.lsb<>rg
• !nr run. '*n<* hit. rv> <rr <r.
Third Inning.
t’H l(’A« i<» Klimki' t -*ei| out Ria
berg. Sr balk struck out I»anforth
wa* Khmk' s third strikeout of the
game No run. n< h't, no rnor.
DETROIT 1 .r-i bold wan under
Khnikc's fly. Hush fnuled to J«ok-
Mtn. Yu unit out. an infield bit
towards thir-l. C<>ki> mad*' his hit*
tin* streak liV game* lon* when ha
Ninglrd to ri*ht on a hit and run
play. I.iaboM s (In* throw to IVuvrr
« aught Ynumt at third for the third
out. No run. two hits, no arror.
Fourth Inning
I’llirAllU VIII pegged out I.al
bold. \\>avar wa* vrifa fin an infield
hit. Cobb got I'olllna fV\ VVaavar
rliad stealing. Sfanng*- to Rush. No
run. one hit. no error
DETROIT Schalk thraw out
Vr«, h Hallman dropped a *lo*lo In
cantrr Burn* * npbd to last, Hall
man stopping at :•(•< ond. Vitt sin
gled to left on a hit and run piny
and Hallman scored Purna stopped
at noc pd stallage filed to Jaekson.
bn <’M nimkr On* run. thraa hits,
no arror.
Fifth Inning
CHICAGO Jaekson walked Eelarh
hit inti* a double r»'a> Vitt to Yourtr
to Hum Khn .< t * >.*ed iiut (landll
No run. n hit. n > arror
nr.TPniT Rush walk ad on four
pitched hill!- Y ii nif s'or ad Hu«'i
with a r| üble * *ft Cohp fled tn
Lalbol i i'• ’■ i ■ • [f
man sing I* 1 to '■ • tn V* .; *
Harry to >k ni in tha throw to
*ha plat* Hi "tm *m - • i 1 . n «•> r r,
tripla to rhtlii " IV'. h >
the shin* wit* a Te *■ ]*■• Th
ball bounfi'd n«i! and O •• ;• rr*»*
two-bagger with th* b’.w. V i
e< urlng Suit *g«- ht» to V nv-r, r! >
triad to run town Vltt < .* rt ,» t
turn Ik ad, tilling tha i«* Ru.-’t fl • '
to I‘alvoh. Hour run four h »« n •
HCE7 «N - V7 <ECK
MAN it t ’ ,V, t-il. : Tv •
pro and» Kl. t . «* •>- > • hjl i!)iv y.iM
•Ilf, nntl « *r • , i'i ,t i; ' i
condlt c • r>«' \ t • < '* • f i
itirinu i\ I ’ • ‘dr'it“par
itn«l a M‘n, Ho a Ntm h*'. torn at
mrsion irn.n ran • iogoihor. The
Mrs John H Hindis. ;.:i.
Mis* FYaidft K;*i*cr. Ik
RndUs Os tha dc.i I w »rr> ’mangled
almost beyond recognition Brake*
on the car would nrtt work.
Ilia wife t)h, dear’ I’va lost
my Urn rollar
Mr Rettingly That's nothin* I
lost a mjil of clothes last elemon
Printing— »»a plain aaat kind— that
la right—Tt«*a Jab 43N.
Men’s 1918 Costumes Will
Be Tough on Gents Who
Carry Excess Avoidupois
CHICAGO. July s.—Men's suits in
1!>1S will be Just like the wool crop
—brief. ,
This dictum was issued today
from the convention of the National
Association of Clothing Designers,
which is holding a three day session
Next spring’s supply of wool will
he short 264,000,000 pounds, accord
Royal Oak Citizens
Plan To Offer.Sl,ooo
Citizens of Oakland county contig
uous to Royal Oak. enraged by the
slaving of on*> gin and the wound
ing of another bv the same pervert,
are planning to raise a {I,OOO rr
yyard, while many of them are ***.
slsflng Sheriff Oliver H P. Green
in scouring roads and field-- und
woods for the child killer.
The body of Hope Irene Alexau
dcr, 1C years old, lies in the family
home Just nor'h of Nine Mile-rd.
n bullet thru the right temple, the
wrists and ankles torn by hemp
cord which was tightened about
them ifter the girl had been ‘'lain
and assaulted'while she was pi* king
flowers Wednesday utternoon In the
yvooda Just e.-i«t of Woodward axe.,
a half mile north of her home.
Kllzabfth Stilbor, 10 years old,
who xvent with 1 ” llr, as she is call
ed. on the jaunt in’o the woods in
search of pokier', 1!* u her home .1
few b'ooks freri t’..* Al*\ander rest
rience, wounded in the righ* side ot
the neck rvnd sheuhlor by a *c md
hot fired by the mr, who killeo
!rr r. Tim *i »:• r' J• r (.• ' . ;
i vproi n*r bi If;t iho rhlld an* i
■> o‘ Sho w. -• in »t»!f to
loivo boa Thyrruif.t • • rn r >K
Qttro*!onod lj S .(.•:! (in nn, V'
loM hf'w rho r.n ! ;:rn« v » r«* ; op
1 n- t?i< v op, ■■ i •* ( tin
on tho * ;n< r • 1 ■ ' p H
>•*! * ri*. '* hr rr :i ft , * •' • and
ts " ’ hot i.i tl o 1 .1 -!
■ r<- t i *’;•*?, rr. ! t • > ( r a ; j
I !.' •1 ’ * {*• • ' f
Both . ~o »‘' .. k
nr' 1 . ■' ;t
(.'* 1 110 f.fl'; U ’ • I *1
I'T' 'vr* {; : f
j Irtowt down Mi - (!, . ) <b.i
laid tv-o* !irr. lloth children wrrt*
.1 f'd.
i ’'otjt fr|a‘tr t dr "h lo • c tp»
... i-r: b"'!et. Sh** a r.n- tli* man
■ -•» Ii; to V .-'»»!ward :tv •• . •ho
r ;i’.;r* n from a ndarby pionir
*> " i b.rnr.l h*>r rrUs for lu l; Id *
pn - «- »'h>i hold by :ho f»**tmit
branch of tbo National Fraternal So
oioty for *ho f)oaf Rdlativp*. «>:
mutes heard the Sflbler girl's
t creams
Threats of lynching were heard
thmout ihe difirlct W**dn r 'da\
night as till** ns worked with ofti
rers from Detroit. 1 Highland Bark
r.nd Sheriff C.re'fn's nmn. Tins morn
ire the wrath of th« people hud « ib
dlded somekhat. and efTort-» wer»
started to rai«-e I'.ufib *«. a rew ar«l
for the arrest of the slayer. Sheriff
(»reen already has off* red a J2U«
reward. ,
A .82-ealiber hulle killed the
Alexander girl. Her father, Bertram
C. Alexander, a foreman rmplored
in the Henderson Motorcycle com
ing to government estimates, caus
ing a cloth deficiency of 330.000.000
c’lothing designers, to reduce this
shortage, not only will make suits
more form fitting than ever, but will
eliminate belts, cuffs- and some sug
gested pockets.
That old maxim—" Nobody loves a
fat man'' applies particularly to
clothing designers.
pany’s plant, stood by the body of
his child. Thursday.
"His .32 caliber wouldn't bother
me a bit if I ever got my hands on
hitn." he -aid "I'm trying to bar
tip under this. If she had died
naturally well, I might feel differ
ent But if that man is caught
there is no punishment too hard for
him. He not only shot her, but he
had to mark her little arms and
legs with those ropes.”
The father turned away.
Sheriff Green has 10 deputies
scouring the county.
A Haney, a resident of the dis
trict. saw a man dressed in a blue
suit and black cap step from the
car Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock, walk about a block beyond
the Alexander residence, and then
lie down under a tree Soon lifter
Irene ran downstair?, the fellow
arose and appeared to follow her
The description cixrn by Harvey
does not tally with the one given by
Elizabeth Stihler, but nevertheless
the sheriff has ordered hi? men to
he on the lookout for such a person
a- has h. on described by Harvey.
One Detroit girl was shot by a
ni.m Wednesday afternoon, under
circumstances similar to the Oak
land county attack She is Blanche
Edwards. 12 years old. No Ifil>6
Warren ave west, and was shot *hru
the right by an unidentified
man. The child had w and* red way
from oth* r members of her fi-rntty
in search of the (lowers The «-hot
attracted the att*ntlnr of several
citizen? In th** park vho rushed to
the spot where they found tl •• child
lying on the gra?» A middle aged
man poorly dressed was seen early
in fbe afternoon loitering about the
woods. Citizen? who saw him were
unable to furnish the police with an
accurate description
The Edwards girl was ?ho* at 2
o’clock The killing of Iren**- Alex
ander occurred so ; on 'if'rr th’n
hour that. It I? not believed that the
same man could have made *he as
saults. because of the great dts
tance between the two places
Fear, However, That l\ S. Is
Not Yet Awake To
Sp> Peril
LONDON, Lily .* All England
rang with praise* t tday of the e\
plofts of the Ann ri< in naval convoy
to the transport>• bearing America’s
first expeditionary army to Eran*-e
A* the average Briton *aw It. there
were two outstanding l«**.«ons in the
failure of the \inrrtcan navy to oe
taken by the fierinan submarine sur
prise attack
I'lrst it was held here that the
submarine menace was thu« proved
conquerable with a sufficient num
ber pf destroyers
' Second, and most important In *be
British Uew. the mnnlfe?t rreps-ed
ness of the Germans for s he troop*
indicates how thoro .and systematic
Is the Teuton spy system In
nine In 1 nmfnrt
at * t*ble Capital food fresh fr<->tn
f. ir ewe farm. Hotel liriawold Cafa
Are Now Operating
Off the Azores, Is
WASHINGTON, July 5 —Germany
has placed a screen of submarine#
more than 800 mues out in the At
lantic in an effort to cut America*#
communication lines, according to
navy department information.
The department announced It had
received an official report that sub
marines are operating off th#
Azores, a group of Portuguese isl
ands 800 miles from the mainland.
Important relay cable stations ar#
located there.
Counter Attack Checks
BrusilofTs New
LONDON, July s.—“ Several
tone” of explosive bombs were
dropped by British aeroplanes '
Tuesday and Wednesday nights
on German seaplane sheds at
Ostend, aerodromes at Ghl#- 1
telles and Nieumunster. and tha
Znrren railway station, accord,
iny to an admiralty statement
today. The British machines all
returned safely.
PARIS, July s.—Active artll.
lerylng In the regions of Moron
vlllrrs, Piunay and Hill 304 was
reported in today's official state,
The German massed Infantry
attacks south of Laon and
around Verdun had apparently
ceased under the withering de
fensive fire of the French.
PRTROGRAD, July r> Teutonic
army chiefs concentrated counter
attacks today to stop G*n Rrusll
offs offensive, and at one point cast
of Przozanv the war office an
nounced the pressure of the enemy
assault had compelled a retirement
under artillery fire.
Ka-t of Tipitza and Dolnan#."
the statement continued, "the en
emy was twice repulsed.’*
LONDON. July f -Continuing hi*
tact.es of "mixing his blows at th#
Germans, Field dar-ha' Haig last
night struck oiccessfullv at the en
emy southwest of Hollebeke in Bel
"We advanced our lines s’lghtfy
over a front of 6'*o yards, ' h© re
ported today
The new "upper cut" at the Ger
man line* found it* impact In that
section near where th<* British
achieved their great gains by the
S \\Vts< haete ridge victory.
There lies been but little flghttr.g In
this salient for a week.
Hoilebrko Is three miles south
east of Ypres It Is the northern
most potnt in the sharp angle
formed at C onnnes bv Junction of
the Ypres I.llle canal and the River
I vs V the time of the Messlnea-
Wvtschaete vjft -y the Germans
were reported to be evacuating this
angle because of -h< difficulty itl do
fending Its mar hh lop lands and be-
the two waterways hemmed In
thelf *r>rres The evacuation, hosr-
LitT. u rryoetlv xiC lim.- llllllb
par* of the angle and the Ge-paan
lines held firm around Oostvavemrm
Wamhehe and ffolleheke.
runs n* or rrori.fc roi sr»
e*ir reduction in price verv satisfying
tbe last few dav« You •.4 bg
pleased te/>
I liATA LA BO CO, Air. I
i -e

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