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SATURDAY, JU 1. \ 7, 1917.
Frank West, Indicted
As Smuggler of
Chinese, ( aught
Is C aptured I»y l . S.
Agents In Patrol
A man hunt that !i.v 1. -»••<] for
eight y ra-v w; - t>m- and . Ft
flay morning, in th* ii\ • l»« tv,■ • r
Et’orno anil Figh:inn -land wh*:
th*‘ I'nit*«l Stai* • patrol (mat, with
secret servlt e opc-atm .1 board
overhauled a ••mall l.tun* h contain
in* Frank \V. . r.n y * <r <• <!
West wa- Indicted In In trim
eight year* ago, u< u • and «f tme
gllng Chines* i< ‘ im tm let
from Canada C* .' "I'p
been indicted Tot .* mi. ofT*ms
and »hnn arrested he impli* it*>d
Wont, who.-i indi tr .' ■ 1 ' i
West was th* Canadian » • lit, u
cording to the fr-tlmorn, while
Oopp took earn of the Chin * w i.< p
they reached this -Pie
While waiting 1 id W* * skipped
having been rebn-i ! on hi n 1. w
Cnpp was convicted . ! tl'
0 Oliver Frick ha 1 1 h i
searching for W* • s, , . th.** tun*
Recently ’ho r*»r i\ o inform i»lo:
that Wp«l was li\ ino sh• 1 • of
hermit down the river, mb-i tin.
on flah. and fha* h< n !• c t
► lonal trips to the mainland from
In* Island 'hark
Since than the pafro'
l»r. n watching the ri. « tinn to
surprise West on on.' of hi p« *»l
cal \ isifs It w . • -hop alt* • np i
litgh», Frida mornln-. win s h
lookout spied a mall boat darting
hero-.** the river Th* fa-'T < *1
gave i base and <>i>n tm down
small boat, head' and for I'tg’P 't:-- pi
and The lone oreupant of
launch was W* • li* w < n t»
the Wyandotte • 1 tnd I*" * and nj
T.at*r Friday morning a- ij w
Issued for him md n and put.' t ■
StHte* mat hi*! w ■ .tv :<» V.;. m
dotte to bring h’tn h i
If la said that W< s> and Copp
smuggled niapv Cl n< in*** »>
country and a hen c*.pp ' ;•« arm
ed in I-in n i 1 t ’I w i
► even of the Orientals !-,* had
► lstf-d to get in*o the country.
Parsnips nre pood "-»* maeh ti
lers” f*T late crop m lot- . inUr
They may he toted for w nt< • tr*-
Planted n • la’r a- September the
parsnip fake- advantage of a "nun
rains and mature r.r and- ~r ? nr<
ready for n~* in N'nvend r
Plant onlv fresh s, . lor par
snip seed that t* two \ ar* old
apt to h*vi |nit |U | 'i 11 ■v * the
anil deeply pr* par* and f<" •' • i h t 1
or lump th* roc w ill i • ■ m •
hranchy. Sow i fourth < f m oun< <•
of seed to n feet . • row u ik:n •
the row* f« lit. hf aj tr* 'lt two
best variety to J arc m IPdh w
Crown and S’ up n
Thin while the plants are >rt
small to one plant in r v»ry tv, o
int hes
It Is well tr> ►ow quick p< rminat
Ing seeds With rur-nlp*' f'-r tl,. hit
ter permmatc slowly Tip r and h>
scattered thinly along, hreak th*
row and permit ho* im before th*
parsnips come up
Parsnip- are harvested by dl •
*inc freneh* s on both *l* ■ of tin
rows and pulling tip- plant .
Woman Puts Money in Tire.
A1 .1,1 A NTK. O. ,| i; i I » mg
ttp a han*'k< reha t in w i )■ v i
when - It* cl* at e<l n«'w sp »per
froni her room th*- othei r!.i Mi-
Flosa C’fef/er Htr* w «it .nm th* fur
rare and start# and a fit* Tp, mr
r* ncy wa.s consumed i>< tor*- h di
covered h»r nti-tal*.
Crawls Into Covotr's Den
MARSIIAM, nkla . July . Tohn
Abernathy of null , ,it. n.' fin e
has n competitor in tin pet ; nn of
Rail I '
hoy crawled into a coy*.'* d* nr*
cently and kill 1 m- her cm nfc
witli a small rifle. 11 • r i♦ r i
pulled hitn out of th* hoi* t.y th*
Alleged Cmhe/zler Arraigned
Menton AVAlborn. brouuhi ha* U
from Spokane. W i-l on i .t. * ,
of einhezzlln r |*;(tf» fmm th. \| |
Ran Stat#* AuM'tnohi'. *>f,ool, ve
arrai*n« , d in tin i *<. li* • court lrida\
mornine. and was h* Id to th* r*
r*»r*|er - H court Mail v. iiv *| ; ,f
Cadillac Pays C gHt Prr Cent.
The f'adilla* Th* at* t company
h*« declared its u ml *| videnl *>f
eight per rent, pavabli *m annual
ly, an«l the check nr* now b« in.
sent out.
Ootro*—“Has th** count ruanv
Daughter "No. papa; ouf-i«l<> of'
what he owe*, the gen* u!< .*i t for
traelnß hoik lii.s anr* tor * *1 i
few toil«>rs‘ b*lh mohin p.
Five hun*lred delegate . represent
Ing various pha-* - *if tlo- i<o'
ments for pea* *-. d* ni*M ra< > mil the
Improvomenf *>f labor condition'.
Are e* pec ted in flit ago l. *l,ty to
take pari in the Second
Conference fnf |N* t nci.il "■ ind
Term* ttf P«no
The first w**m*n *l*<i**l to th*’
Berlin macistracy hav* r*-*'* lv*al
their appointment' and have l>* * n
Mrlgntd— trf pnMfr
aotial welfare work.
Russian Women Soldiers
Have No Fear of Bullets,
But Bodge Barber’s Clippers
/n ir.i;. kaKPiivHit
tint', ' >/ I tilt i, /' .'u
I*KTI{( Mil; AI», July T nn
wont* it w 'id took 'h** ►in n oath to
do or die wh» n tlo-y jotit. and tin
"Ij’kl'ou of I►* t t»had a hard tlmo
making up th*-ir minds to rut th«-ir
hair ~ tou t. man fa diion And IVtro
crad mrr»od toda> that jt was thl*
• loppid and ! ii t tia t Iliad' ttu
woin« n t s utori* rmbnrrnssod
a- I toy parad'd \*M«rday ttu- (|r t
tinio In history, prohahly, that an
iictl' i tilth*ini: for < of vtomun,
train'd and t- t> for thn front,
ua. forniHly r< < i ivd into tin- ranks
of a nation's warrior-. Th»* public*
a ri't and tin- ft mil ;:i•• to re
Riuro om harms: » and hy the to - of
tlodr hair than hy tho trousorn tiny
SEEKS $250,000
Jiinu’s Keating, of French
|{<’m oration I unris, Wants
Miiiu x In Small Amounts
Janie Keating. ;m »• .*< 1* I • -nt of the
French Ft*- -duration Fund, ln< , who
is In Detroit in a»i * Port to jo t aa
• ty to "jtdop l " SoiS'on will try t>
oi.’.ifa/ , oninii 't. here to ra< <
ILT.fl.liOrt, which Is *• *t«•<! «s tin*
uni ii»-*r*. 4,ir> *o ni.ik* >.»i! vti
I Mutable for it population of ab*>ftt
tu tsm 11< wants to have th*- coin
mitt*-* foiiu«t! hiil in working onlt-r
i to t n kut hen wlftnt, ;• work.
Hr will no to Tolrtlo atnl t lowland
In an effort to hav** • adi ot thus*
t itl*-- adopt a Pr- ru li town, thru l>*
w ill return to Franc* .
'll Keating sod !;p believed I>•»-
•toi* woull g! ; dlv give the ?2 ‘
it- f • . b . Ic n * : -a" t“
-k t» a ' <•' ,r i ” |m ";.*■!• *■ o ! •
fund |fr believe-. it may lak'v a
' i ;ir. al>ho h< *-\p. » some ot the
money will u» avail.il)|< so that thr
in! ihitnnt.4 of Sots sons ran huv>
roofs nv*tlo-ir I ' and before will
It whs sue g*-ted to Mr Keating
'that hr »r> to Interest a bout "'*
w* i!th\ Detroit turn who would
tit iU* ip th> ,nd. but Ik- hcl i v< *
thr V no-riraii proplr * ho’dd la- p>-t
mlttf-d to contribute small Hums a
an • vid* nr* of * 1 1 • great friendship
between th< ’wo demo* r.iclrs and to
ltnd that fri* ndshtp. closer.
In raiding fund for flu- re-dora
•ion ot' dor; ♦ 1 French town t!
sum of for rarh person in tj
community i- allowed.
: .
rirv of Rhrinii. which can urvrr b<
restored to jts original beauty, b*
rradr rb,« mam-oleum and memorial
of she thousands of unknown dead
Allies and his HUlgr-tion ba been
adopted Th<- erwrltt of the tier
run- and the horror-'- thev ju-»ctire
surpass even the most friii 1 11 d*
v* ription.M. according to M*\ K -at-
Inc U> ba pletiir* of *1 i|i'v;i
tatrd region of Franc* showing the
completer*- sos th* wr*-c\, uni lie
tells first hand\ stories of unapeaku
f.d< hrutalit which lie «in explain
only b\ the- them v that the nitirh
vaunted Herman kult-ur ha- pm the
*le\ fl into the Herman civilization
Th*' American committee of the
organization a- fat n° completed in
elud* t'harles \V. Flliot WiPmi H.
Taft and Janie.* Cardinal Hibbons
The headquarters an- in New York
I oral headquarters are in S*uPe ||v
Hotel Pontehartraln.
Maurice I’roieht anti Svmual Wit
•ing. t of M indents, areu-ed of
being slacker-, gnv.- bond It.day
morning of s_.f*no each, and th*-.v
w ere* rebut »ed. These- turn, w ith
M:*\ Froleht. who hail already given
bond, are all* g< and to have worked
with the college men In an • ff i *
’*> ;-<-t them to tenore the order to
Philip Thavis nnd Arnold Pnhr* r
of lir t roit, an it : rd of eompii ;i«-\ in
eonnertjon wj»h ant I reg.-i rat lon
plots imh g-• • ftiro bond Friday
morning and wer* r*-l* ad. Ml of
the men have been Indicted T l ’*'
federal grand jurv will t< imu; *he
trials of .-lackers* n*\t Mondav
Rabbi Franklin Honored.
Ilaljhi 1.*0.M Fianklin, of Tentj*!*’
Tb-th Kl, wa< iho «-n vie*- e-id'-nt
of the ('<ntr.il C*>nf**reneo of \m*‘r
lean Rabbis, in th*' annual eonven
Mon h* hi in MutTalo this ,wi . k Rab
hi <*.ro« snian. ol Cincinnati,
forme rlv of iH’trolt, was chosen
pr*'sident Th** *onl*r*n< *' in*iors*-*l
the policy of Unas. igtt*'d Heating in
t* mp!e and < n.igoiMi*’. thus pla< ing
on terms *»f *-<nialitv the poor and
Mm rich This system has obtain'd
in Tenipb- H« th 111. in fhi- eitv, for
'ears, the ehureh being the first
Jewish congregation in America to
adopt it
Jones “Whom doe* your bahv :*•
‘ i'm hie ?“
Newlyw* I -‘ThomaH A Kdison,
ll*' tiiink I don’t need o\*-r four
hours’ alrep ”
Nevy York, Boston and
Chicago Stock Exchanges
Orders Executed In All Security Markets
J. J. HAYES, Manager
201 Penobscot Pudding, Detroit, Mich.
I ll*: ' i.* i: fitii of |K ;ith" i- «ofn-
I)"-* <1 ni I'M ••■iiid* , iiiand
»y gir<>. Thi y tti-iu* a uniform
• \ ;** ‘f l \ Ilk*- th* malt llilr -ian koI
di**r. Tli* y parad*d y**st« rday thru
ill* \» v k> I'rohp* kt. ••nroiito to r*-
• •iv* » hit - in x at th»* * tmrrh of
»t I <; * unn*-d with rtfl* :■ and
• airy in tc n n>rlinon*al tandard.
do/on liar l lot ilil and th**lr progr* -
and r.,000 ro o k fonio dan •-< urt
ot honor.
S'liio- of th** Kiri warrior* wrrr
fullin'’, doflant of the trniiMT* and
tmlilwd hair'. oilht- wci** plainly
rtrivlmc < irnowtlv to n\or<om«* that
• mharr.o- m**nt Tho who!** Irslon
i' o'ljihl* (1 • hoy*’ parad** in th**
I • and ni | • aram *- of It* p« rnonnol
lull t|u \ i* pp* (1 forward with a
Hnm-r ami nap of train**! inatm**
i roopn.
WiMl.mi T (lOiin.m, proprietor of
the (human hoti 1. No. ::i w» *t k!u
r*li«*t|) -t . made w 1 1 hI i.' known in
polit.- < ir« I* .- a a faux pa in the*
office of VI i\f>i Marx Friday morn
ing, wlii<h may result in a com
plaint h* iriß lodged against him
•• !• ■ r mi l imi t iii In fore th* coni
mon council.
.Mayoi Marx had intend' and to take
up tin- <•,. •• of W. Fernando, pro
pri» i» r fit the '» taurant In connec
fion with the i.orman establi.-hment.
Fernando is accused b> Police Com
nti- inner Couz* ns of permitting
'•‘‘■ion women to frequent, his ret*
taurant Mi Coti/en.-' asked th«
mayor to revokt the restaurant li
eon e, ;■ a] the mayor set Friday »•
th<* day to hear both sides of tlw
Jo-' h Movnihan represented Fer
nando and asked for an adjourn
tnent. declaring that-the notice of
' !:> hearing had not yet reached h*s
client, as Fernando is up at St
flair ff.c The adjournment was
granted and Mr. Moynihan then
asked an adjournment in the rase
■•f Mr fjorman. Corporation Coun
<1 nsked what (lorman
had to do with if and it was er
p' ined fli.it n( le fjorman held the
1 mior 11 ■■ ■ • Fe» nando had th«
r* ta irant I!and that the no
tie* of the hearing had been ad
dr> >d to both
Mayor Marx asked Mr iMngenian
r that arrangement, wa- legal, and
advi * and that it was not f>ince
man aid it would be proper to take
the <lorman ca-o before the courts
or th" common council, as it was
!1 • ... 1 1 for a restaurant man to sell
• (pmr on another man's licence, if
< lorman had nor got himself into the
.■•si voluntarily thi« situation proba
.lv would not have developed, hut
it,, e i' has come to official notice
Mayor Marx ha- asked the corpora
tion * - . :ns c 1 to investigate the rir
«ain. - • iinces The Fernando ra“e
.v i h pi:t oxer until next Thursday
The last large > ile of Indian lands
the Fnit» 1 States government
will la* li Id this fall in Oklahoma,
n tI < Chtif’.rs and Chickasaw reser-
Vat iyns Much good timber, ns well
a i t- mil oil. r to he found in this
'lie government ha- appraised the
land at from #to $lO per acre. Jt
max he proeme«| In direct home
Hading 1 or direct purchase The
orniei method means that the ap
plir :nt must live on it for three
yea l -, r.ise thr* .* crops, build, and
v t'hu; ami application f« <*- while
vhe I fir method Is purchase at a
i * pul ted prid Payment for the
'.•■nil i made in four equal install
ments. and there are no taxes until
In whole ir paid, for
The h>« troit Hoard of Commerce
-o inline the follow me litter to
•■very manufacturer holding mem
ber hip in the hoard:
I; nth 1 -'U V. >• n«ker| by the
1 n • ted i,it < » d• | ..1 r t m«'nt of tu«t loe
t ■ i*.* -• * them iri the apprehension <>f
men U!• I:!1V< f . ill'll or refused to
re; Ir [■ f . if , . .nSl’rpt Hip.
'v 1 ' 1 1 t ‘ ■ • n view, we would 11 k •
to have \ ,ii rnsftuet your employ
oi. ot i imir * i t• • lii.*- ist the t nil fu
• io- iipido.tni- r<*r employment, who
: *r- wjfhri lie t K>«l>atlon age, pro
d’M'< •rt‘* He* of registration he
foie t>. r;r y ven employment.
ft 1 1 • • a: pit int. 4 inini't or will
n. ' produce a <■• 1 11 lien t« please re*
'••it the it -i 111 » imn and lately .to the
o t Mir ■< r. i.iiy if the D<t’-<i|t Hoard
o' Coin in • 1 • . kll inyr the name and
eddres f the party in <t'ie-t;. .r>/
Ti irking w ..• i in ad\nn< e for your
eo oper.itlon. I Mtti
V iv mii er* Iv vntirs
A tint Set ret ary.
Kathryn "My face Is my fortune"
Kltlye "It may not he wealth
beyond the dreams of avarice, hut
that taco will sure keep Iho wolf
from the door."
Prof. Jonathan Zenneck Is In
turned For Duration
of the War
TRENTON, N. J., Julv 7. Acting
'Rider 'i • cial order* from the do-
I'.trrm* nr of Juatlc* at Washington,
r H Ikopnfy .Marshal Linford l*enny
I'ndav air* »r*<l Prof. Jonathan Zen
neck. German radio riprit and took
him to Kili.s island where hr- will
b«* interned for tho duration of the
Tin* department of Justice is said
’o took i|>on Prof Zenneck as one
of tho mo t dangerous Gorman sub
(eots to thi* country Hp is regard
•da on*- of Germany's most skill* and
vitolo expertHo canto to this
• ountry • -|>o.-ially to direct German
wircb activities. For a long time
lie win in charge of the German
radio station at Sayville. Os late
hr- has boon living at Hoonton
H* fore coming to America, Prof.
Zenneck •r \ in the German army
in an official rapacity. He partlri
pated in the memorable drive of the
Germans thru Melgiunt and later by
falsifying his passports pained ad
mission to th< United States.
Bishop John S Foley, of the Ho
man Catholic diocese of Detroit, an
nounces the following appointment?
-nd transfer.- in the diocese:
The H»\ ‘ir.irjif- .1 Paper, assist
nit m s* Catherine'-. the Rev. S \V
Tr*'[)' /.\ nsl< i, it.<si>tant In Ht. Alher
t is’ the John .1. Hunt, assist
n» in ss Peter and Paul cathedral,
tlo It**' I✓ ■ \V. Rrnltes. assistant
u St \nit- the K»-v Roland <’nr
m 'dy. 'ti (.lain in St. Marj s acad
emy. Mi nroe, the Rev. Charles J
lanakey assif-tant In St. Aloya.ku
‘ te ft < ■, tn for in anew par ltd
uniting Ft: i, Oxford and Itm-heat** i
" Ith h »' -If h pnator , the Rev. Rnt
’ • t A Mnnno-k goes to St Aloyalut*
*h«- i|<"i ge s'chllearh. assistant
n St, Ul: -/ah'-t h's. sue ■••e»t : ntt ft ■
\ U'IUT, Who to St
' n< • tit j the R. \ \ F. Uolanou
-ki. of Assumption, p es to Jackson
■is assistant it. St. J oseph's. while
th- i’s J. I>7,iatk|ewirr. comes t>
' n fr • • tr» .larkson. the Re\
Jjidi-Oius \V >no*k assistant in St
Jos-fat's v ■ • t.. st. John t-antlu-'
MU '*en ding t lie Rev. Joseph Utus
■' I'.'i K es to St Francis' while th<
I-. R 1' Jnr/enbowski goes to S*
Tosefat's fr run St Fra nr la'.
Th" Rev. p J I’nHlriane has hern
spp nfeii pastor of St. Ambrose
ha pel .Te fter.Hon-• ve. and Fox Creek
uedi< afe«| Wednesday ly Auxilmri
Bishop Kelly.
NEW YORK. July fi Whether
the government hn* abandoned its
censorship of cables regarding
American troop-; in France was a
deep. dark mystery today,
A atatement from Secretary Raker
issued last night, announced that
the "emergency'' having passed no
more dispatches would he diverted
to Washington A United Pres.-
cable arriving during the ntornrng
suddenly appeared In Wn-hincnn.
however, and was turned over to
•he United Press bureau there
George Creel, head of the bureau
of public Information, was srhed
died to he at the censor’ nflh • n
New York at 7 a. m. today. At 1!
o'clock he had not appeared and
at his town house, it wa said lie
had left for his country place at Os
sining ( aide companies said rh* v
had receii ed no orders counter
mandtng th< order to divert c.-hle*
m Washington.
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ers who appreciate a news
paper of character include The
Times in their country-covering
paigns. Many use no other medium
in Detroit.
Will'll *h<* g*H>*! ;i till C II
Hrudtejr ran :**». on I' dmd
r«yi ;il/imf 'tv n \\l , . i-o/h* r up
tain t am** 'I - • ! r. 11 ; »> f f »j
low inn frank in* .* • *,i tit* nu n
•th, \\ Hl*'it it; a (oraimny,
“\'f> **xi U‘ •*; vx* ;• tI?*• r clear broad
day light ”
Notu I’P-taridin.' Hi* frankness of
the ronfi - ion .nd the hone ty of
’he Kkllt*' did not t- *aln* ldi*
position. Wht'ii th* i(t,i,||i s |*;iH*.*>d
up th* inn Fridav morning, sh*
had a now skipßer nbo;*r«l.
Report of Destroyer Rattle
Quoted Onl\ the Official
f ads. He Says
NCW York, Jut> 7 "To insinu
t'i* r* war an\ elaboration in the
•I.- if alt* ; cion is a 1 1**." deolar
■ u tii-on - * Cr< el, chairman «»f th*
bur* .* ; *.i information last night in
replying i-> tli* pitidlsbed ( bare** that
: * h: and aduiitt* *1 “elaborating" ot>
\*Jiiur,i! (it* iv*r* i*ort of a battle
•*«-f\v»**n German aubni trines and
\n.*ii ;ii *!* troycr.- c onvoy inu
\in> i -< m troops to France.
”Th*- whole attack ba - Its base
n. I*.-*dm• fat*<fhood," Creel ron
tinu»d I never said at any ’inn-
I . I wrote the-I uinielV statement
nor *iid I ever make any statement
i kind that Rave anyone th*
ngh> to a .mine that the tacts had
I** *-n al:*:*d or rol«*red. Solitary
'«iii*-l-. with the fill ive« reports
it* !'i• hand, dictated the statement..
I:• i• w.. no Intent to create the
ipn on that tie was using the
■x;«i ’ language of *l*e reports*. it
v\ a Mi Daniels’own announcement
i* ti:* pi* of America, based
]• v and ah oltifely upon the o(ti
ll t. • u*nt of farts contained
u !*• a- p itch* s from Admiral
•;!.-.im Th* - dispatches contain
-tl nflh lal niati.-t that d*-cid«-<l th*
n: *v > r\prrt*. against, publishing
them textnally.”
A ■ xandcr P'l’k, .'lt years old. for
• j ;t • of peace in River
R< e and now manager of the
I -k■ > * C* * mi« al company, was ar
r ru' and in police court Friday morn
ng on a -'itutory charge, ffe
v iiv*-d exainiiation to recorder's
irt I*<.ik i *1 10 have offices
n >■!(!'-: town ir: ness build
ni Mr- Uo! . wife of the lie
endatit. >»'cur* *1 th- aid of a pri
va * * deteetn* Thursday night to
f* ti h* i in band who had been
r sin; from horn*- for several
months, ti* w . finally located in
;* rooming hou - - at No 42 Wataon
’ m company with a woman, the
police say.
iu< on r. \ in \ \ i »x *»»:
\ in •■■** :n *• f trnlnltiii **lth
tlirrr months’ |*r*> In* l Inn is lihrn
I 111 i: :*t
Cumberland Street Hospital Training
School for Nurses
1 1 *•t *• i v tl t'ni\-rsity of
t*, i- Stal* < f N*■ u V. i k
r*lin ntinnnl Itrqnlrrnirnt* at Nnst
on- \ • *r < f II sh school or it* eqiilV
r* I* Ti t
\nv ini \*.i **
<tt'tu**:*l I-- .ita! hit* two hundred
l.ci.j, ;*<-t \ r *l l -ijii t. -■>. t-y mid ambit-
Inru-r service
Pii i t<>. v $■ -i r r month fir**t
v-.-tt -.1 * 1 i" ’ • uth sc, ..nd voir.
Pu f> r r.! - r th*-d T* Xt honks
*ui*pl’"d ir:"v ;• i ■ I ta f ■ onh ry t*-rtu
l,ii, n s i !h ; . a f t rded.
j * ■ i '•tipcrln
frnilr n I * ti in he r lit nil *tr*-rt ll***l*ltj*l
Triilntnit *><-hi»il. I**l* * iimbrrlnnil M..
II rnnl< I* n. N X
- r "T. •
7 $
/ /. Equipped
'\iih the Famous
Fi>k “Victor Non-Skid”
(Guaranteed Thornprnnf Tires
\sks Attorneys General To In
vestigate Mil! Held In
Henton Harbor
LANSING, Mich., July 7.—Gov.
Sl* * |i«t has instructed Atty.-Gen
<>ro«'Bbeck to gaccrtain if thtr** was
.in artual violation of iho law in
tuging a prize fight between Chi
■ mo jnitilistH at Renton Harbor on
Inly 4 With presentation of sat
Mfartory evidence, Sheriff Hogue
and Prosecuting Attorney Sterltne
w 111 be summoned to I,anMiiig and
.'toreedings probably will be start
ed for their removal from office.
The governor hnd warned them
that if the fight were permitted to
pro< eed, Much action would follow
“I do not propose to make Michi
gan a haven for Illinois prize fight
ers,” Gov. Sleeper said today.
Marriage Licenses
James Calvert. S3, Detroit; Julia
M. Hunger, 20, same.
Joseph I’iper, 2f». Detroit; Irene
ll' liun '-r, 21, Main* 1 .
\V jll (a rn iStanabach, 2,1. Detroit;
c Thompson, 18. same.
''.»t n,an I' A lies wort h, 21, Detroit;
Kstella Lemisch. IK. same
H irti■ <llle-i t'hezanow'skl, 21, Detroit;
Mm: Krawi z> k. 2.*>. same.
frank I Itoy. 27, jietroit; Olive
M Donald 1 Rellcv ille. •*.
■ I').,;.it l\<it. wski, 27, Detroit; Vic
toria Wlainek, In, same.
>' II am nrendemihi, 21. Detroit;
It. n Smith 21, same.
Henr: M Hllden.randt, 22. Rornu-
It Minn e Tleeck, 11, Taylor.
Thom as M< -Leßati. 34, Detroit:
Mary I'urtls. 28, same
M rrl* Kadoinsky, IS. Detroit; Net-
M« H I'.nnn, 25. same.
Klm> r 1 •h In if, 25, Detroit; (lent,
v y> tail'he in. 22. same.
William D. Phlnt's ?S Detrolt: .les-
I. Hill. 21. Nashville. Term.
Joseph n Ttohrobach 40. Detroit:
I' • phine c .Veifert. IS. same.
Nathaniel D'lnisf'n. It, Lapeer;
MvrtTe Philo-, 20 same.
J hn N Tteekman. 41. Detroit: Fm -
m,i Fess, If> Chicago.
7 -<eph I.ehtonen. 20. Detroit: T.em-
I : Is-'rkl. s*. same.
Trail) Pstrawskl. Detroit; Fva
- 'P‘'-niek, 10, same
RHi 1 rsp'n' -o. :<■ I'etrolt; Veron
ica Fdlmlstrl. 20. sane.
ram*-! r, ."tt 'mlev, 27, Detroit:
Kathleen M. Ifepler. 10. same
Fd noetic. 2S. fietrott: T'mma Fr
wln 20. stme
’ Albert fii n 71 Deti rraei
Pally, 20. same.
Harold Birt'h 21. Detroit; Grace
r-7 Richards 10 pame
John M Phillips. 74. Detroit; R*r
tl a f Kills, 10. same.
hyman D Burnett, t. Detroit; 9u-
Vi n f Burnett. 2. same.
frank \ng«-|, Detroit; G*ii«-
vlevs l.arareky. 20. same.
Dam*) Cost er. Ir , 20, Detroit
Louise Davis. 10. same.
Saczepan Janusz, 26. Detroit; Jo
sephine Zlelihskn. 24, pame.
John F frank, 24. Detroit; Clare
Bell. 10, Saginaw.
Thomas Orouake. 34, Detroit; Klira
beth Wales. 24. same.
Adam Ziira«kl. 22. Detroit; Looka
nyia Maelezevvska 20. seme.
August IJohde, 37, Detroit; Sarah J
I 'in ison. 78, same.
Clyde Blade, 27. Detroit; niiraheth
(.I'om. 23, Terra Haute.
Mack f I'lavton. 70. Detroit; Plm
ma S McKee. 37, same.
oiaf B Fdlund. 28, Detroit; Anna
V Blade. 24. same
Valentine Barnn. 27. Detroit. Kath
erine f’H' huta. 21, same
Fdward C Chnrnherlaln. 30. P|«>ve.
land. Mabel C Metcalfe. 20. Duluth.
\le\ander Czrewskl, 2* Detroit;
'Knth'iin* Wi! /ek 22 “a me
David Silverstein. 22. Rochester.
!N. Y Phoeh» Holiane, 21, same.
Frank P. Fall. 21. Detroit. Kthel
B. Fox. 22. same
V rmnn Rltcheß, 71. Detroit; Res
Kern’s July Sales
Yearly July White Sale of
Sheets! Slips! Cottons!
•'Cotton prices are skv high" going higher' In the fare of todays market,
these July White Sale offering* on Sheet.-. Slips and Cottons are some of the b* t we vo
c\fi offered in our over 20 years in business. Housewives and larger users who buy
now, will make a strnight 50 r/ r a nd more on their investment'
Pillow Cases!
litilltt-ißi'k llemnietl I'lllovr
t «»m, i», of firm, dural-i* cot
ton. liotr I and momma houno J
ci-eclal. Worth today {\
1 r.c. t.-r «/C
t2«.1tl Hr matltehed Pillow I
t n %, fr• e from dressing. i
Wo: th t <1»«\ 19c. | •> i
(r i-2C
I'lllon * ««ee, mad* of 1 Ig.’i
grade cotton shreting r> in
nants.o \\ rfh today < <
ptttaa ii.,« *• r
dutable rotten. Worth today
.'3c. 11.. t 1 t W
Special XOc 1
».*, »:iu llrmmrrl Pillow I o«e«,
«luribl»- f*• r rooming house no.
T<*daj s l fi<- V «» |
4*«:UI Pillow < n«ra. with fl
inch h*ni. firm cotton, free
from ilr< . Inv \.'.>rth t /*
I tic
Ifulfi llrnollt'-Krd Pillow
t no*a, of extra heavy cotton.
v 18
CSx.IH 'mllnlM-rl Pillow 4 narn,
high gradp cotton, neatly acal
: ;.cJ l.udaj a oa
2c quality £OC
*l* Mitchell. 26, same
Nilion Gllbeau. 24. Hetrolt; Marie
LaKmid, l* unf.
Itay V. Krather. ;i, I>r troll; S. 01-Ivh
Ivh li'iin. US, Alprni
Henry M einhar.dt. 30. l>»tr<*»t. Ma
zte <5. M<>nk*. .(7,
.li'hii Wise, 15. Detroit; Elizabeth
L. Klein, 42. aame.
Rosolla n<r|ino, *3* Cheatnut, S
years. lobar pneumonia llnrn Sc rill I,
276 t'llnton. .ears. lo peritoni
tis; Robert smith, *i'o Yen lr> ke, 3
years, diphtheria 1 rank tfobcrtakl,
Ite-elvlng hospital. )) years, general
peritonitis Onrln Lindsay. 248 Green
wood 2 montlm. malnutrition: .lamea
1. Jn< knoii 142 Krsktne. 17 years. pul
monary tuberculosis. Mike Coxyna.
nrolvlni hospital. About .75 yearn.
Aortic regurgitation. IB rnun Gall,
ft*--riving hoMpi«al. 42 year*, mitral
Insufficiency. William Brink*-, Hr
• •riving hospital, 77 yearn, nentllty;
i Gertrude Handlnaer. 2699 W Port. 67
yearn, cerebral apoplexy; It. Wealcy
Becker. Or xter l)ri% Ing club, 64 yearn.
Apoplexy, llunun Harris Kona, ilar-
Pt r hospital, to yearn, chronic neph
ritis Inuiis P. Kramer, Samaritan
hnnpital. "0 \eatn. gastric ulcer;
Walter Schwarz. 549 Mullett. 2
months \ i ;l/ii heart lesion Peter
•laworrkl 7u*» Keotton, 2 montha,
whooping a ,gh Helen Kdna Gungel
man. '.4. \V. Grand-blvd., 24 year*,
pulmonary tuberculosis Carolyn
Menenr. Harper hospital, 2. veara. en
docarditis Miry I.a*k*>v\ ski. 1340
''bene, 40 year's p >n pirtum hemnr
i’hage; Agatha Mar.larz. 740 Willis 53.,
27 >t-ar.« puerperal hemorrhage; John
Ska Ink i. 677 Mendrle. , f ,l years, pul
monary phthisis WUdyslaw Kom tel.
niak. 120 la*Salle. li months, acute
cerebral meningitis Kas
ner Samaritan hospital. S3 years,
peritonitis; lennle Pomlnskl, 343
Alexandrine 17.. 4 yearn. broncho
pneumonia Imrothy Mary Smith.
Ford hnnpital, 11 \e;irs. acute menin
gitis; Alfonse It Gryse, St Mary’*
hospital, about 32 yearn, tvphoid fev
er; Mary S/klarska. 1h • Thirty-third.
7 years, chronlr m.\o*-nrdtal Insuffl
clency; John Ftur.fls. 228 Crawford. 45
years, valvular luart disease; Ictza
Jovanovb'h. 379 Ferry E., about 48
years, hemorrhage of lungs; Ray
mond Zerkowskh St. Mary's hospital,
' 14 days, prematurity; Mary Yarr. 979
Trombley. 74 years, chronic endocar
ditis; Harry Ernest King. Providence
hospital, 8 >**urs. spinal meningitis;
Clara Oaskell, 2121 Russell, 6 year*.
Bahflz31 HE FOUNDATI °N for credit
n®U®F must l° n & before the credit
ml K 2 ‘ s nce ded. F°r ll ' s dependent on
tBMLRSH character and reputation, and these
are based on knowledge and asso
Establish a satisfactory connection
with this bank. And when oppor
tunity comes your way you will
find a group of trained business
men anxious to afford you every
facility for success.
Rustic Oid Detroit
Member Federal Reserve Bank
Feature for Saturday
Women’s and Misses’
Prettiest Voile Frocks
*5.95 *7.95 *lO
Frock* of all white or in dainty colors—in (ho favorlt*
straight line* and Russian effect*, with airy organdie col
lar*, soft girdle* and dre**y pocket* QUITE the most at
tractive we'v*» aeen at a low price!
Chic Tub Skirts, *2.98
*3.98 and *5.00
Tn *nowr white Gabardine*. Gordeline*. Hertford Cords.
Ru**iao Cords, Pique*, Novelty cheek-* and Stripe*, and
sport fabrics! With pocket* m every variation—envelopes,
basket, military, stitched satchel, shirred, tailored and doz
en* of other*!
Washable Sport Suits
Idenl for summer outings and general summer wear! Talm
peach materials in se\eral smart models. $12.98.
—Second Floor.
Sheets! Cottons!
72xl*> nirocherl sheets, for
r iminß house use. JfT
T< >da> s ' in i ifV
72x114) HlenelirH *»heeta. ir' -d.
firm intto?'!. Today's “(1
*.9c quality «i«/C
72xtN> Mien,-he,i sheet*, heavy
HHi- price one
72 * I*o llleneherl xheeta, tine,
U 7
*>I«IM) llleneherl « bee In, linen
fn h Hofei Special, QQ
Worth today $l.lO x/tjC
diphtheria. Ed. I. Cary, CiUlmVi
hotel. 52 yearn nhro-vgrdltla; JohnV
A Barton, «» Greenfield. IS x*«*r«7
mitral insufficiency. Julia t*. Nlchota,
50 Josephine, x i yearn, chronic biwa-t
■ hltis. Helen M ltennon. 126 Nstlohsl,,
1 year, spinal meningitis. VlrgtnUk-
Curtis Children's Free
year, intestinal intoxication; Klmlra
Marie s..renncn 206« Prootor, ,11/
nioiithe acute iteM-cnlitls. Kva W®T»
dewaldl 173 laivctt. 73 Veark, senll*
gangrene, Phy lie Kltia
4 2(1 Crawford. S yeara. endooardUln,
Francis ltav Kay. 196 Theodora, f
months, bronchltla; Fanny fMarjar,
Harper hospital, 50 years, peritonitis;
Wilhelm In a Ix'hre, 7dJ O artwl 7W
\ ears, art*rio-sclerosls: CharlM PL
Boss. Crace hospital, 71 years, frac
tured skull; Paul Van Belle, Herman
Kiefer hospital. 9 years, diphtheria;
Harry B. Reaufatt, 165 Kngle, V ;
months, ptomaine posonlng.
Steamer City of Toledo
Loaves Grlswold-st. Wharf 8 |y m.
sharp—or take the «tr. Greyhonnit
at 5 p. m. and have 3Vy hours'
dancing at the Park.
White Mar Line
llleaehe.l Colton, yard wide;
will make durable sheet*.
sale prl <, yard *JC
I nhleaehed Cotton, yard
wide, extra heavy nod closely
woven, will make serviceable
quality, \ard IHIC
llleneherl xheelllU, ?*4 yard*
tx Ide one of the best gej»dea;
today * 7dr* uualltx . 5 to 20-
y . r,i li'Uiitl.e Fee Snturday
Zii:.?':.?';*., 45c
—pecond Floor, Anne*.

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