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Bill James Is Cobb’s Only .300 Rival on Club—Shanks Alter Ty’s Batting Streak Record
THE Tigers are blest-ed with two batsmen of the'sim persuasior
All you bcya who want to make a little parley on the p» - are
assured that your small change will be cordially free’* I! *
don't expert to cash any of those tlcketa. After you have pi- k** •
: Jobb. you will b. thru The second man isn't Hobbv \wt H.-beri ts ?
' Meadow is hitting onh 2J)!t today The s*c< n d m-.n :-n Ha. > ■
t nann The hand.aom an! *t*lw,.;’ young -rain nr. -• r *(m ,ng •
. DD |e for only two dollar* and J>7 err’* today The second mat. t*n ■«
I 2d> else vou would 1.1. k. because 1- N B'M Ja; es An% dopes *r w -
JSke Hill James a> a .3-0 hats. in tn n J * ' * ,
• Sided cell. Unites o' course, be happen* ?< know * a— - <'•>
Two ago there was a lor of merriment around the c
»u«r Bill James had wagered Carl Wellman a suit of clothes h.i’ .e
rould outhit the big southpaw. Bill did win that suit but the no e * -
learly a dead heat below r*ro Bast season K«:am.t. PI., a 4 ° u *T de ''
jaseball world by gleaning three hit* in a six months campaign. « j '
ta« hitherto been the heavyweight n* bmgle champion of th#'to.
Serertbtleaa th>- same Bill is th- other 300 Tiger The records prove
eight hit* in 24 times a bat. and everybody knows that a
this is good for an averago of .333. It gives us great pleasure to •crlbb.-e x
'ew lines of tribute to the rise in the world of the Ann Arbor b*b .
Soodness knows few enough compliments have been patd him this >•
We doubt if Rill slept a all last night To b-rern* the onlv other --
nitter among the Tigers and to win an "(dory on the s.ab al. on
and» «.Vnn to «<r.d lurk ~. Bill .Mo h.v.i.rl-, Tk„. ...
ylenft of chance Monday for William to encounter a few more of <
well known mishaps It was only by chance that he escaped bainf ea •
ipon to pitch the first game, which he would have loet by a . to 1 see
Far be it from us to opine that Mr Jame* hun-s in ’he Olympic h v
trrhard that harbors Tv fobb. Put it does happen to be a fact 'hat - ”
’'obb marts*] his drive ana butted around 450 for a stretch of six w*. a-,
this same James person has mauled that hapless pellet for a grand aver
age of 412. The Keel Sox will be with us Wednesday and probahlj Bab''
Ruth will "pitch It Is a shame that James wont be ready to work tom or
row It would b« a treat for the boys to sec Bill give Babe a ie«son <
In the art of macing
Shanks Shines.
THERE very nearly as a tragedy out at Navtn field Mondav af**'r.oon.
and nobody seemed »o know anything about it. It all happened in
the first game. Howard Shanks walked in the first inning He
grounded to Vltt in 'he second He -tumbled into a double play tn
the fifth He was hit by th* p’cher n t:.p seventh Not un’il 'he eighth
did he get hold of the ball. Then he ?m re the missle on the beas and
dispatched it to the center field slot for a single. Not until that moreen’
was all well with Shanks.
Concerning all of which i- a story Cp to the beginning of hos*ili':*«
Mondav afternoon. Shanks had hit safely in each of 14 consecutive
That last chance, eighth inning clout mad* the total 15. The first time up
in the second scuffle Howard dropped the ball in center again. Tha* .
made the string 16 wrangles long It still is unchecked
Now a airing of hits in 16 consecutive games doesn't make much noise
In Detroit, where the fans have Just been battling 'he thrills of a s'rlr.g
twice that long and more But a .-’ring of 16 games and a chance to add
to it is as precious to Shank- as a4" game ,-treak would be to c.'obb The
versatile Griffl’e never was much of a hitter In ail of hi* five years as
n major leaguer he never has batted above .254 It looked for a long time -
this season an if he were go.ng to stick around 22'Y Even a* the heigh' of
his glory, he scarcely is a 250 man. Shanks ha- a lot on his mind this
year. Griffith ha* asked him to play the outfield, first base, third base
and shortstop at various times. He never has had a chance to se’tle down
and get comfortable in any berth. Tha’ a batsman of his limi’ed ability {
has compiled a string of hits in as many an 16 consecutive *htt.*s—
especially under his other handicaps ia one of the marveloua things of
the year. Cobb and McGinnis are the only gentlemen who have don* more.
The fans should give Shanks some extra attention thia afternoon.
One Grifflte did give Detroit fans a ’rea’ yesterday that they appre
elated on the spot. Sara Rice hit safely five times in the first game of 'he
double header and snHgged himself a single the first time he went to bat
In the second. Thar completed a string of seven blows in seven eonseru
tive times at bat on Navrin field There was nothing flukey about the
hitting of this pitcher whom Griffith has rebuilt Into a good outfielder.
His last hit Sunday was a sing!** to right His first hit Monday w*« a
single to left. His second was a poke thru Vitt. The third was a drive
to right. The fourth was a single to renter. The fif*h was a double to
left. The sixth was a smack to left renter Any young man who hi’« ’r>
all fields in that fashion against ho’h right and lef* hand*d pitching is
guardian of several sparkling flat! tc 'alen'
Asleep at the Switch.
THERE is nothing much to he said for th* Tiger* today The big
Jam up front has com*. The Red Sox have lost three «'ra!gfct at
Cleveland, and the White Sox Lave dropped two of three to the
Athletics. The Yanks have been humbled in *wo of three s'aris a*
Ft. Louis. Rut all this has helped Tige but little The Jungaleer* got no
where Monday and they can get nowhere this af’ernoon A victory can
only make up the ground lost Sunday They have snored thru all the
One club in baseball is going ou’ and getting something for i’«e|f For
the first time this year, the Giants are showing the supremacy which the
form sheets accords. The drive all started one day las’ week, when New
York was playing Brooklyn. The 1916 champions had ’wo pitchers whom
the Glanta never had defeated. One was Jack Goomb* Th* Giants had
wasted a decade seeking his number. The other was Rube Marquard
who Is breezing t]mi his third season as a Dodger On ’he af**rnoon In
question, the Giants trounced this precious pair in a double header, and
so elated were they at this wholesale routing of jinxes that they since
have piled up a seven game lead over the Philhes. w;*h whom they were on
fairjy even terms a week ago.
Bush. a. B. .. . 4 0 1 « 2 1
Vltt. 3b 4 0 1 2 3 0
Cobb. c. f 4 1 2 3 2 1
Vgac-h, 1. f 4 b 3 0 0 1
Heilman r. f 3 0 1 4 n a
Burn*, lb 4 ft 0 IS ft ft
DeFate, 2b 2 0 0 0 1 1
R. .Tones : u 0 0 0 0 1 0
Fponcer, c. 4 0 l 3 <» 1
C Jones, p. .......,2 o o o R n
Mitchell, p 0 o o o o o
•Btanage 1 0 0 0 0 0
*Cra»f >rd 1 0 o n n .
IPyer 1 0 0- 0 0 o
Totals 34 1 0 27 14 b
AH R If O A V.
Jrid s». lb i 1 U 13 •» 0
Shank*. a. a. 33 1 1 3 o
Milan, r f 4 3 1 1 0 0
B lee. r t a 3 5 3 o o
Foster, 3b ... 6 o i l .'* <>
l<conard, It 0 t 2 2 0
M*i<iik)r, If R o ii i„ o
Henry. c 3 9 0 R o o
H*r|>* r, fi 4 0 o o i ft
Totals V, s 10 27 12 ft
•n«tt*<l ft r Deflate in seventh.
•■Hiittei for (' Ji>naa in a»v»nth
jB«lt»-(1 for n. Jone* in ninth.
luniufrn 1 1 H II 4 ? t 1
Pet f olt ........ 00 0 1 •> 00 (
Waahlogt*>n ....20002011 ft ■
Total baae* Detroit 12, Washing
ton It. ffscrlfio* hite —lfer.r\ i
Stolen base* Shanks. Hire 2. , Pitch-
In* summary 3 hits ind 27 time* at
bat oft C Jones In 7 inning*. 2 mts
tnd • times nt bat off Mitchell in ’
tnmn*a. Two-base hits Mennsky,
Veach, Rl< e Three-base hit Hsii
man. Struck »>ut—By C .Tones t
<l Foster! b> Harper 3 #r>efate r I
.lores 1). ltaaea «n balls—Off <\
Jones « (Juris* S, Shank*. >ttlan an-1
Leonard *. nff Harper 1 i Henman i.
Double, plays *Vbb ayxl v Spen« er
ed). First base on errora Waahlnr
ton I. Left on baasp—Detroit 7.
Washington * Hit by pitched hall
fjr C Jones 1 ‘fihanksi • Tima —l:4*
mntraa—o'L»i, B h|in and Hildebrand.
Th« shortage m leather Is to be
the big subject of discussion At the
annual convention of the Nation*)
U*ih*t end Bhoe Finders* asaocla
tln®, openlnf today nt Milwaukee.
*ernnd l.ame
Bush. « s .4 2 l j ;
Vitt. lb 3 i 1 2 3
C obb r t S (' 1 4 e
Vegeh. If. 3 2 2 1 1
Heilman, lb 4 1 1 I ft
Harper, r f .4 1 ; K ft
K liinei, |b 4 1 2 2 3
cranage, r . 4 1 2 4 ft
Tames, p 3 2 2 ft 2
Tortile ■*« j 4 : ’ Ift
AR H IT ft A
.Judge, 1
Shanks, sa-c f 4 : 4 l
M liar*, r f ... 1 ft ft 1 ft
M« Bi id*- as. .30! 32 ft
Rice r. f 3 ft 1 ft 2 ft
KVa' r 2b 4 1 ~2 2 5 ft
Leonard 7b ... . « ft ft 1 2ft
Menosks. i. f ..... 4 ft ft 1 ft 0
Atnsmtth. c 1 ft ft ft
Henry, e j 0 1 « n 4
Shaw, p j <i a 0 0 <i
Total* ... 14 2 «:i!2 ft
Innings 1 2 A « * 7 * •
Petr •' • ft 4 1 2 I 11 ft • >
1\ «ih ngron .009011040 2
T<-'fa] -Petr. t '* Waehtng
• n:< Sacrifice hits v.tt ; «•* ~n
ba»» fte.lman. Teo-ba»e ,
age, Veacb, Foster Vttt Ti •.» i,„
t.i: --V’etrli ."truck nut- ft\ a roe* 7
(Milan, Slit, Henry), try -‘aw 7
< Heilr* «n. It Ton* *. <*Vb» Ma**s > n
I alls Off Sham * (Vea* h, n-,*h '
'•O'**' left on buses- Petr..,* *
" ••Blngtcn S Hit by pitched ba*t
B» James Mice, 1 *rr *»» If de.
• n1 O Attendance
MONHQB, Midh. .Tilly lA-. The .
Short Ship trot* are bark *t v o n
roe for tile second rand of tbe sea
*on The meeting mill begin »odav.
*na will continue
The feature number for Tue*day Is
the 2 10 trot, which calls for a
purse off 1 Oftft ]t has the bes* fUld
pa' haa starred in a trotting stake
]n 'he state tfcia aprlng Othsr
Tuesday raeaa are the 2 24 pact
*nd the in LroS
Boston Will Take Big Peeve
Into Detroit Tomorrow;'
Ruth To Pitch
The Red Sox are coming to IV
! troit Wednesday to play o ,r Tiger*
They arc coming wi’h peevish dls
position- During '!:*• w**k Bab*
Ruth was under u-p*nsion »r.d for
-•■•eral day- there <■ th* Bo 'on
, »r« •■ge : i r * that mad** ip *
lot of-• ground and carried ’hero
into •:.* !• «i*' •; p * f the league
Th:- leaden- ; lasr»d ui*’ '*o lay*
t' • w md ha- c-a• b* and three
-tra efrom ?h> - x to -’art the '
-• r. : t. -'i-n r.va >ri of the west,
and rn.xv S' ’ an- h* - this af’ernoon .
Ru'h 1 • ~r 1 tr. ! Nf iy« *a v e 1 e<»n !
def» re | :;i ..rd*r That'- why *he j
Red Sox w ;j ;• raving when thei j
rea h Detroit
T • Tiers W ,:i he civnc a hr* j
'hemseive* The; a e t.o’ a* all
-wished »:th wi-at happened to!
• ~ r.g' M)
. • . ' - A- •
n ’ e ■r • ': i* !•.-*- • • r.i We 1
nesday unt. Saturd•- n-al r Tiger
fan- will do w-H ’*> Ee* _t to the j
park T:.ey ar*. i:k*' 1> tug*', an tie '
T.A Bo**on* : -Ts rr -d v« >:-'ia!
a ‘,i n 'he' . • ’ h>irc • :n Ma'
The R. dS* \ n rhr* e game’- of
the •* r.e-. and it took Howard
Efcmke L. inmr.g- • i*a Ern.e .
Shore in the vr. <*.-• s' l *etro'
did capture lel.sT j; r> *} »he T £**r«
invaded Ik - ton T ' *• -i differ
ent story De'roi’ r< a th. r ee
straigl t in rou-.n* .* and kno* a .
ed ' h*- R*d Sox out o. th. 1* vi, j
wni> h they ha«*. for sev*-al l
we* k*. Ju*t n< w [letroit ha- it on !
B*>«'on for *h" -- on - interclub j
play The ,-v , • ;r and r— I
The Red S.-X .re a- -'".ng now as !
they w ill !-* a ' m- th!* -* a- |
-on. The regular ::ri* • 4 pl.iymg. i
and the ; *i :rt -t.iff - out in full
fore. Ru*n i- expe-*. dto pitch !
We ne?dav and !*ec.nard c" Tue«-j
Ntandish Out of Western Tour
ney In Fir*.t Round; I*e
Gets Fine Start
GHIOaGO. July —The w**:prn
amateur g<*lf tournament mu.-' get
along without Detroit's cra r k entry
Jimmy S’*nd:«h. who ha* twice
bepp, a finali.-’ in the »p-*ern cham
pionship and who eliraina’ed Fran
c!s Outmet in the na'icnal amateur
at Detrot* Country club course ’wo
year* ago, even to qiialif>
for 'he 1917 m-*' at Midlothian
course ’her** S'andlsh took 90
stroke* for ’h* 1 - hole* So hod v
over *7 permitted ro
continue m the tournaoten-'
Threp Detroiter* remain m the
meet Artr.ur i>-*-, i'»uy Miller and
Hugh Vaughn are *h» Herrolters
They are likelv »o win some good
matches, but w;th a’andish out.
’her* i- li*rle rhan°e of Detroit *e
ing repre*en’ed in the «em: fnal*
or final- If one of t v e f>«.*ro;*e*-*
rr. m e* *hr* • may he vr'hur I>e,
»4o :- n-v a- well kn wp a- some
of the oth-r* go* a «rore of
77 in 'he qualifving round ands l
for third honors m this rtspect
M:ll*r and V ughn were us' under
, the wire, e.o:h v ’h an 46
The .ee onc j day’s play In the
’ournarrter.t «’arte i < *h The cor,’e *
an’* bundled like E*qulmax ' n w-ard
off ’he fr e and lake hr»e*e Th* «*kv
»•«« ov»rs«' and thregfeped rain
There »■»*• * ; ft •tirv’vr'r« *,f -.-as
rerday's quali'vin* r> und T!-*- «*•<
ond lb hule.s 41 :■ to e complete!
before noor T e f,r** round of
match p'av he*ween s he 33 «ur~ Ivors
of the qualifying -nund*- wa« *0 ‘'arr
»hl« af’emoon
Kenne’h P and IV,raid
Tudmardf* *.r r dh“ r - and v>*n m»m
hers of *he Midl'.-’hlan Conr.tr- c - ub
carried off 'he honors lr. ye«ta*.q a y>
play Th** former tijrr.‘d in *he in*
*«r <cor». 37 A'hi’e the |a",-r
was second wth R-4I'’ 1 '’ "k
f'ranc.s Oulrne’, Ar* ir I.ee. Jr.,
Frank J r*o’:r!a« and .1 r t Arder
son, each made n 7 F’ar**v Adair
and Bobby Jon« s the youthful
southerners, «rrred 7' 1 and sr r *
■ pectively ,T -J tVor’Mng'on 'he
only English en’ron* an *i»
\1 / Scalp Irritation
StopltNow! /^Wh
\ )LJ r>f li:f *.n tjriesoiit the natural oil.* of the AoLe
\. Mali*. i r*-.iaes. Scalp itching Incomes / yy 'M
y/ \ no* only unplea-Hiit bit even dangerous. I Iv<
\ ' Stop thi* itrhinp now Non can. with very littlr trouble! /
Fpnnk!* r »n!v tv i> * , m<*> tile Pompeian HAIR M«**«ce / X I / \
\ on vo-ir - .ill' Ru 1 ' i* in th# Pompeian way (carefully He- I \
s# nl»e#| 1 t *r» l<■ •■#: , n everv rta# kage) and mhju your I / 1
scalp itching will stop. 1
Pompeian HAIR Massage \ l
> 'Stops Dandruff-Hair Coining Out 1 I
••SE, »
xk . W ■ ABwCutl .
Left to -<ght, E even B'acW, A 1 e As'rn-oo** ard Mary Coburn, and iminutlve trotter* aDe*- b g money
in G r ard C rcu t.
I’r.d- rsized h«>: -•- may be th
| s**n-.» ion of ’he Grand Clrcu;
t ’“acks this s*-df.i n.
Three "try tr r*er-. r. >n** of then
i '• ■ hand- h.gh ar* considered
, d.«r*g*'rou.* >r.'• tid-r- in the clan**' 4
•n which tlit-v u ill b entered when
’h.*- B e FGrg s»;i*on open*
Th* > *re AlD*' V-hl rook, one of
pop r,.-*r- -" n.’, •-•ere.* in most
of ’ w *' big Tiering -'ake* Mary Cos
► irn 'hr* .yc r o!d which was
second ’< r.'-. th* -*nsa’!onal The
Real I. ily '**’ v* ar and Eleven
Black, a two var-old of great prom
American lueag’ue
*t v > ni \n
n* !. o - TV L Pet
- -* C i : . > 7 IX «-1 r~r> 1 1 .XT IT .IWX>
p *• • ♦* .* ” n TANARUS! 41 ill
i. ' , t *. « • ■ *
N. Y \t ST • :« 4S J 44 j
TVai*. “-' " ;**- .'
r*- l* 1* ' y * ;r. ic
v ", -’
B'>*t n ~o i»\ p «nJ.
M«ml**'* R»«slt*
tn r r* * * 1 P V E
Ph * 4 i •* *- s v ;
"t ■ ra* 2 6
Ps*re- <>> ;• .« tn Meyer V' \-
an i* r-AP.f iv! Lynn ? *m: :re»
Evan- sr. i 'bwen* !
Tnmrr* : : 1 4 < 7 * V R H E
V*« York '. ti 0— SSI
■*t 7,. * tr . A 1 g 1 ® 1 j
Ts .**•, »md A>xand«’
Daver t or* a’ • *< • • . 1 T.'rr p ■** —
bonno’iy. M rar*% and Vailin
n t t a i |
Cleveland «' v 4 • e t ;
Bat' e • Ms « ar.d >»•*■ K *r
far 'i Bill ngi
j M r* -*: : T neen
National i^eaffue
V- I, r t ”• T. pet
S y < 7 *• 7 ■ - •* r 1 < i '' *
! pbOl;** t* 1 Br .;cvr> V ">* ** i
5* T 4 r - ' H«* - ’* *!» «H j
! ‘ 'lnnn *.. 4.7' ' • T • *h '.ft*
T*te*<4«T’s (.erne*
*n n-* k *■ 2
rdt* ■ir e h r. P •.a ~ & <2
: **-ne.
-*. n N’ev ■ <
r':n'‘.nr.»ii In B- »* n
'fir rff* 2 4 * * t • r* ts r*
]N> u' V*> t k . > 1 • * $ ft ,
Ba-»t**e »* An *r -»r -* .* •
I and Pa - 4 »r. 7 r.p-.ee, K• • , r .d
j pr ,r(*»' •
I* ’E • T 2 1 4 ' s * » V ” II r.;
'V r. Inna*: I*l * ; v
' H *'• n « r •• oo / . j
I' P»*'*r «• Eiiar »r** * t
and Tf»rre«n*r. ('■ p -* TANARUS: t »* , Ir ,d
Ps * e!a^-*'-#r»
The «uc'fft4 of Porrcian HAIR
Ma*«agc if n tfie “ir.a--.«?» ’ idea. It
i* a trfatmrnt, not merely a tonic ** r
tmisaginif (rubbing) of the ucalo*.
up the root.f of the hair to n#* if
Thi* ma«*agivg a'»o o; #n- the p-r»f
of the scalp to the wonderfully «• m
ulatlrg liquid* in f’orr.pe an HAIR
Maftage. Dtndniß goes Your 1 * r
. will become and *!ay healthy vior r
oua and attractive
One lintfle Shores Actual Results
* w p.r r.t horse* of small phy*t
j* re • ue *vo*-n rivre op *h** grand
,«’ia' sinners being of aver
t„. -;ie as ir may *eem
w -»<■ rd breakers have b’-en abov*
,v**ir ‘7<>,
v. • u -« of 'his trfo of s’eilar
b* e-r** it i* to be a b'.g
ve f r «ma’.l horse*
A \m \-hbrook is expe. *ed *r* pro
t-,. * - m* exceptional miles ’hts
l ye «r
;ta* -e-» old Fop Geer* won'’ talk
r ih u' w: v hi* hope* are
IS masterpiece
If r l * movie* don * era* Nick
v-roe- %r.d make a master
diar. f him. it will be a strange
’h■ ng It ha* be«»n said that
N: v 'an'* be funny without ’he
a':: -p\ere of the ball park, and
•' «’ t. 4 htace a”emp’* all have
been failure* because he ge's
••If conscious awa> from the
diamond Thar may be true to
i regain e\’en’ but ’ha’ fishing
ae’ Nick *t'ige<l Monday af'er
noon marked him *« a master of
pantomime in the 3*>o class
Chaplin neyer did »ny ,v, ing fun
nier The art would have gone
big in any «e*t;ng
Nick -ele **-d for hi* pond ’he
canvas* tha’ covered ’he pitch
-g box I’ wa« coxered with
water af’er the heavy shower
The Du'chm-an «qua”ed on the
’urf ar.d engaged ,n a terrific
has e with a monster of the
de"p Cobb burr!*-*! ou’ wi*h
some prop* ard Nick finished’he
r >antnmime with ’he etiptnmarv
fishe’-man’s refre«hmen’. If film
cAmedA’ dirertor* can't make a
«’ar of V’ro<k ’hey are rhea’
ine ’he public ar.d ’heir boss**
r’obb. led the entire Washington
.nfleid astray !n the second came
Monday, and capped the rllma* on
the big Inning that cinched the de
cision for IV-'rot# Ty »#r' to hat
with 'wo nut and wi'h Bush on
firs’ and .Tame* on «econd H» drove
a hMs’erinn single thru .fudge’s
Pcs Outfielder Rice handled the
hall cleanly, but not in Mnie to pre
ven’ James from scoring
Bush had an e*ceiient chance to
reach ’bird Cobh rounded fir*' and
dashed for second, with never a
chance in the world *0 make it
Donlc cauKh' the high sign and
1 scampered around th rd toward
I home Hire had whipped th* hall
mpeian HAIR MfOigf (* a clear
* er liquid (not a cream). Not oily.
%ticky. \ ery pleasant to uae. 25c,
.tnd $r bottles, at the store.
Ml N—Have your barber give you
'»a*men.and prove to younelf how
'ft *«hed your »ralp fetla by one ap-
T '
rc»n’t hesitate to use Pompeian
HAIR Afissnge. It ta made by the old
reliable maker* of Pompeian
•and A v ,AGK Cream and Pompeian
NIGHT Cream.
i ’hat t*n ’ his style, hit Le grins
whimsically when being questioned
about the it tie mare
‘*T'd rather do tin predicting af'er
'he sea«on i* finished he" said
1 Msr\ Coburn and Eleven Black
ire owned by the Pastime stable
headed by Harm K TWereaui,
president of ’he Grand Circuit
Both ha'e shown remarkable
speed In *ar'y workout* and I’ Is
not going too far to predie* th*’
the\ will be rigb’ up around the
judges' s' tnd when the big money
1* being paid ou’
to Judge Judge threw it to Foster
’o ca’ hTv Cobb ran bt'-k ty.ward
first, kidding Foster tn*o tr'inc to
run him down Cobb maneuvered *o
that Foster bad to run the whole
length of the ba** line and then
throw to Judge Hu«h *cored a fu”
step ahead of the putout on Cobb,
and the r m counted.
Scoring from firs* on a cleantv
handled single is an unusual feat
In baseball, both Rush ar.d Cobh de
serve more than px--lnx mep’ion
for the play In many game* the
stunt might not h* worih while, be
cause Yearh up w h Bush op 'htrd
and Cobh on firs’ is often a* vaiua
b’e a sifua’ion as three ou’ and an
ex’ra run over the pan T’nder ’be
circumstances it w-** * spectacular
frea’ for the fans The p.u.y would
be unusually valuable in a la’* Inn
ing when one run is needed to tie
or win the rame
Claims aggrega’ing flfi.hnq.oOA f«r
lands and tlmf'er s<-!d to the federal
governmen’ and for which the ?1
dians say ’hev have never receired
payment will he ore of *he huelnes*
matters »o come before »he council
of the Minnesota Chippewas, open
ing toda v Demidji, N* nr
ATLANTIC cmr, N J. 1
I Put— Recreation — Recap* rat ton
Speed a few dava at tha Chal
fon'.e-tha hotel nf hoapitality ]
and homaliks charm. Amarican
plan Oolf and yarht pnvilcfae
Mail* raaarvationa now.
Ad* *P
Even Break Best Tigers Can
Get From Griffith’s Team
Bi*r Shift Tn Lineup
Wins For Detroit
Howard Ehmke or George I bins*
w-ill endeavor to pitch the Tigers
this afternoon to ,*n «\*n break
with Washington Dumont probu
bl> will he Griffith.- choice There
i* a possibility that Boland will be
pitched back, in order to sa\*
Ehmke and Dwusn for Rm*ton The
two bes* games Fbuike has pitch* and
thi- year have h* *>n against th* Red
S->\ Once h*- shut thern out The
other ti niehr won a 2 to l verd.ct
in 1? innint*
Dauss alwav- has b*-.«n a Rostnn
Jinx S<nce he regained his form
thi« \*»ht George h*, twirled aga!n*t
th*> wor'd champions on»'e He
blsnked them Jennings will make
bo*h performer* v»*> prominent in
the sertee itmt tomorrow and
upon how he will use th**m will de
pend his «lahblng nominations for
this afternoon
There were a pair of routs st
.Navtn field Mondav afternoon
Southpaw Harrv Harper completely
stopped the T'g*»rs in the first Car
roll Jones essayed to pitch ag:»tn*t
the Nationals, and didn't do as well
a* expected Me was wild and when
he did get the hall over he had to
groove it A lot of errors wer*
made against him. and the gam
from the el»troit standpoint was n
mess ail the way A fair idea of *h*-
baseball displayed ran be gleaned
f-oni th*' fart that Cobh wa« re
sponsible for on>- run because he
le' an ea-i\ grounder get 'hru him
for a three base error, and that
because be dropped a pop fly for
which he had camped
|te*roif's lone run came in the
four’h Cobb singled and \ each got
a double he, au*e Meno«kv let a
Texas leaguer bounce over his
shoulder Tv tallied from flr*t on
this bit of good luck
The second game was the n’het
wav around HU! James pitched
splendid ha!! white the T'gers ma*
sacred J'm Shaw The Na'lonala
weren’t charged with anv error
“Star Spangled
A*hd a Complete Stock of Other Patriotic Records
at the House of Grinnell.
"Whee the Boys Ceme Home” by Evan William*
’’America. Here'* My Boy" . . Peerless Quartet
"Let’s Be An A*w*ric*e Now" .... American Quartet
"We'll Never Let Our Old Flag Fait” Hamilton and Quartet
"My Own United States" Raymond Dixon and Male Quartet
"It's Time For Every Boy to Bea Sold'tr’’ Charles Hart
"What Kind of An American Are You?” Peerlese Quartet
Complete list of Patriotic Selections of the
United States and Allied Countries, postpaid on requsst.
Viclrotas M • ff fj
: r 0 Gunnell Bros
Very Easy
Payments. Detroit Branch, 37*59 Monroe Ave.
Complete Headquarters,
Service. 213*217 Woodward Ave,
4MV4rtIKXT4 A Ml *KM KX T*
CONTINUOUS m m m m ra m m High C... Picture*
1:00 to 11:00 LIJ UIUJ U Llißil and Vaudeville
Tom Edwards & Cos. r ,,,1> DOROTHY DALTON
uxtrimiqi ixt Amateur uiviNti tonxesii rwnsm»»r »hr i»k»«
A • | r«p M«u. Turn., Thnr*
Garr ck ■"«* * n ' * u ‘- n ° r
UUI I ivn M |hu . -Mk-rnr.
n»h 4K4AO>—Mb M KICK
In j «« iVHann • drama* *atlo.
r.f iurt\ l.»on **'>rv.
Sun July 14—Staa# Wnm*n» War
N*»t w**-k ‘The V* -n Henrietta "
(«rf ill* I •iml b<l4e«l f>»tnrM.
(nil Olhnr brtfterf IVdlorf*.
Mollie King
Blind Msn’s Luck or Hisßedemption
Harold Jarvis nn4 frl. XnllKfM
DETROIT Opera House
Under the Sea
I •Rtlnaixia from 13 ' <»<»n 15 an 4 35«*
Until 4<oi ( I nrn H«o
--’— \ udi I Mum <C l'lfk«i ll<> ip r 4
• e| (|«rl>«r) (. Ilritn t 4 W oort • l 4% ll*
non 4 I nrwmi WMi Trios M ni>rr
, J oerope.
Advanrril "» nudrt'lr 4. f <4 #i!s
I Mata. I*<• -»V blfbli ibr-IRr.Jllf
i Rest H'tali— Vanity Olrla"
fITES DA Y . Jl’l-Y 10. 1917.
but ti-ey d'd play some horrible
baseball Kune bits fell safely that
should have b*** n stopped, and son e
*xtra base knocks were gifts. Shaw
n« v# r did pitch well enough t«* win,
but hi* support whs hardly de luxe!
Janie* was scored upon only twin*,
and that was after he hsd a mn*
run lead
The Tigers won the game in the
second inning. \ . a*h walk*d and
Heilman sited to Milan. Hatp, r
” nuled t<* third. This r*>< ells a
shakeup In the Tiger lineup that
eliminated Burn* tn ’he econrt
game Heilman wen* to first, and
Harper to right field Hobby Jones
plived second ha*e Clyde Tv-Fata
irlc.i it in the first gxme Me didn't
fi<'d well an 1 be uii a wooden ninn
s’ bat. Evidently stage fright hnd
bur. Jones played clever baseball
Harper singled and so did J* nes
Stsnsee cot a short double and Bill
lxm*‘* g"f the first of * pair of hi'*
that lie acquired during »he after
noon Bush drew a pass Vttt un
!*'H«hed a sacrifice fiv 4’o!>h singl'd
*o rirht and ’nn aronn and between
atul second un’il Hush could
score from first Then he perished
for the third out. St* runs were
acquired from this Jam. and the con
test was *,xfe
\ donb’e To Veach and a single
by .Tone* brought another run in
’he third Kifigles by Tames j<nd
Hush and a triple hv Veach manu
factured two more in the fifth
Ktncle* tiy He Urn.inn and Ktanage
in the fifth hroijght in ’be tenth
and la*t tally
\heavy "orm broke up the **o
ond rame in »he *ix*h rnnlng and
• lelave for three quar
'er* of an hour The field wh* very
swampv after the downpour hut
Empire Hildebrand ordered p!ar in
order to g’ve Griffith a forlorn
chance *o play Ther»* was no .*> or
ing in ’he muck battle
The fir*’ murder trial in th* his
•orv of Kidder county, N D is
scheduled t». begin a’ Ktee’# toda'v,
wt-*n Olson Nash will be tr'ed for
the 11, *• h *■ f t''' 1 e Hicks who t#n *
killed tn a lor.elv shark near the
town of R*>Mn*on la*t Dee«*mber
A-" of 25 Amusements 1,1
|On lb* noaril Uilb. Jatt Kor lan
( Tefteraon at bridge *!l under n r#r)
I osr. Til KKT VOMIT* TO All.
25 Amusements 25c^"«V; t ,V", £
oprit rtfrr nlaht 4 kal. 4 (nn, Wt'n’t
» l. T anil » pm Mat*. I 0«- anil Ifto.
Ann Pennington n!'!V.!™ B
lummrr prlrrti I’trn.. 'll" 4 ~aI' 2SC
%|| |»alt. •*cept Inin ltn»ee
LYCEUM-La»t Week
Mill blloW’lVl
< onl Inuoua. II »• ™ 11 I. *
Mgkln 35 A M»r, Him until * P " »•
Heroic France
Tb* Wonderful War TlPtaree
A Rerla. T>»n-Motir «bni», nndrr
riaaplrea lilt Mlrhlann Infantry.
The Midnight Belles Burlesquers
Wreetllna Tara Hat M«b|.
Bmoke If Von IJkf.
■ Detroit vs.
* Washington
AT 3:15 P. M.
E.al.rn Standard Tima
B Reke'ved and Boa Saata at
Soper'a Cigar Store, new
D'ma Savfnge Bank Bldg
l‘Hnti«f-tk* plain neat bind—tkil
) la rlfbl —Tltnea Jtk Dept —Wat. IMb

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