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°ershing on the Firing line—How Our Foreign Army Will Be Fed, Clothed, Equipped , Nursed and Transported
After :» *V tailed invoMigßti*m of
r system c ■** ibltuhed by th** Brit
h mid Frvp'ch, »Hn Pcruhing ha*
i«• < tabllsh a complete,
iiii'ru an controlled 1 in** •»! coin
tin inn ions
Tb*' huzlhcsr of maintaining an
my at the front i- 1 1 U*• running a
nail natlr>n, continually Mibjei ted
a aerie* of earthquake*. devaa'at
g tir• s. flood*, ‘famine, plague and
ldd«-n death !• la a en ref till)
aimed « ffori to meet tin* uncx
>ss of Communication* I* Next To
i Perzhmg In Importance.
On pemhingV army at tin* front
lint pi nd i • itll **• time and at
ntion on lh< bu'din *s of fighting
** fiiitny. Hut behind th«• army at
ixteenth Regiment To
lie On Way To
France Soon
any Prominent De
troit Families Rep
Th«* Sixteenth r »>>;lrufnf of L'nlted
ate* ICngin*■* , r•>. • >nc;ttnped at th*
it* fair *rround 1.- g tting ready
leave sot France. Hnx \n the
•slnirn 1 tornierb known ft* th«
\th Kngtti* er.**, and th* number
s been ch am • and b> fho w.h and.
rti'iiouT tn avoid chnfu.-lng tin* vnl
t- xitnont with the regular
n> r* glut* tr ot that number.
Tlio mict dnv and hour or depart
» are not known a* yet even to
1 Harry Burjrem, m , onnnand of
r* nnifti'. report that tin
rtment wa* acluduled to ( »<av*
csday w-** without foundHtton. h«-
and However, the packing of Kite
and baggage has l>»* n partially coni
t« and. all the officer* ext opt tine
ve reported, anil the unit i« ready
break camp on a few hours' no
I think F could make ri pretty
'* 1 gu*-- .is in wln n we shall
|ve, but any information of *h*»t
Hire I must hold a- Mnctly coa
jcntigl." said t'ol Burge*** Mondax
Afithtn 4k hour* after it* depart
■* from fHtrolt. the regiment, re
ilted largely from thl* city and vi
illy, will he on a frannport ready
sail for Prance. It will tike along
I camp equipage calculated for
ended icrvlc* :m.«. in addition,
tic 400 tons of tool* And equip
nt for railroad building in Franc*
e la*ter i* being aaaemhled at
wharves fttir w |i :|o p.
'nt will sail
Tho limiting of *lh> nutnher of
tees l-su* and sx.i »h> first lDtlm*
n the privates in the ranks rc
.veil that their departure was near
; hand Accordingly the men are
'ting every opportunity to slip
me and quietly -ay their fare
lls. fur then will he no Mrne for
nuil leuve takings when the order
itnovp is given
There are now 1221 men In the
tinienr, including offierr*. Os
■ft* fully T.'i per cent srr from P*
It and near by towns In Michigan
til recently th" regimen* had an
n l,£*)ft men, hut Pol Burg* *.*«,
July in, was authorized to recruit
more Os this added quota 15 va
icles remain to he tilted, hut this
1 not he done until bedding is as
**d. As If ts, there are 50 men
hotjt the regulation shlrta and 28
bout leggings.
dnee th> regiment was mobilized
en we«ka ago th'-re has been hu*
• desertion, and the conduct of
nifn both In and out of camp
1 been exemplary. Wonders ha\o
n accomplished in the way of
ttarv training in those seven
'*k.«. and the rookies n*>w- carry
rhselves with something like a
Itary hearing They have even
med to salute their officer*. tho
« came hgrd at first. The non
'missioned officer* were appoint
for the most part from the ranks
he railroad men, who form about
f the regiment, and thr ‘'boys”
Idn't quite firing themselves to
Ute a nmn with whom they had
Red side by side In local railroad
ds just because he had hern
ky enough to win bis stripes.
Innv prominent families in !>e
t are represente<| on the roster
.the regiment One man, now a
poral, gave up a Job worth $»!,7"0
’ear to work for T'ncle .Rani in
nee nt $-".:i n month. There art*
nv who have made similar sac
/ABHINOTON. Julv 2ft - Fsfah
ment of a five-mile "dry zone"
jnd all military ramps was Mon
ordered by President Wilson At
SHnte time the president, under
lority granted by congress in the
iv bill prohibited the keeping of
’ resort- within five or any
itary eamp, station, fori, post,
tonment. training or mohiltzatlon
i a recent air rnul on Lonilon an
rnious bomb which fell near tha
ranee in :» railway station made a
i In th" ground *1 feet wide and
tet de* p. and yet so limited was
■destructive rang* that the wood
k of a rover**! footway a few
1h dls'atit was n**t shatter'd
Children Cry
the front Is another army whose
huMni KH it is to k> • p the army nt
th** front In condition to fight.
And th* commander of thi- army
behind the army” whose name
probably wifi n*v*r be mentioned In
dispatches is. next to (Jen. Persh
tng turns* It, the most important man
on HYench soil today. Ills modest
title is ‘Commander *>f the Line of
Communications." Thr /.on*' which
he commands embrace' a strip of
territory from and Including th*'
has*-, to the point where contact is
made with the trains of the coni*
batant force on th** front
This is the circulatory system of
Pershing's army Its railroad "ar
teries” pump forward the food,
clothing, ammunition, tools end
equipment needed at the frontand
Its “Veins" of steel rail carry hack
to the ‘heart ’ at the has*- the sick
Outbursts of Everett True. —By Condo.
| weu, what S3" "~1 HEN FRUIT --"nil
A»e eci(v*s l_ i Tef-Hfe!
Ve«Y <3LOOD w- —: »n
HAVE. SOM6- f -'
i Too k imovv, t H
esptriALiv v '7 ■ r
A THAT (/''rflh ' V .
Mevek kMows Wf-ifN
TO LAY orp THC I —'"F / ) v\\'/ V z
hi! i HnUsrt \ IV. /.t KfihHH.
A Surprise Party.
♦ (*«•> flab* H'lF., by T. W nurcss.** )
I P*frr RabMl*likee eurpits p-irtie*.
just »•* ni' -t *-f u* do. At h*
Ills*-* plensaut “urpri* p*. • • t»• *- In
the rour.-f > f hi* life lie g.-t* h greit
many aurprlae* and not nl«nvs |>t• a*-
»nt i-r.e* Hiit sum. ii *■ i U-uaant
and the*.- h«- nlwiivd *-nJo\
V \». h surprise rnrt) t • i->* « per
f, t y i-4 IX « ti j«t h«- n * -; r -*■ Os
‘ (on *<• |i -it 11*1 1 . w' - 111 > in* x
pr- ted Tht* is th. Uin*l of a
surprise part> thnt p* t*»» l:al>i it had
<n- t *o* n!ii«e « h*ii h* t<>.>k » ti' hi*
h*«d t-> run <-v*r to th- rfnulmg I*• * *»l
t*> *» • whnt "* - fc- nif on ther. A
■ urprlx* part.> wa - th<- \«t> last
thit'K in th* • • 1 1 « J tn*< ntrr rotor'*
head H > w-i n't I kl l. for a' party j
l of try kind All In* I .nl in nun t wan
* bit of g- -‘•t* with riiandf"th* ! Prog
' an\ ' ti.* I'thrr little p* -pie -*f
th* .- Mnk tool
i So l ' h i-p.-it al- ng »n Kb< usual
h*»|-| In- its nnv, hppirtj pper
I t\ lip .*• n- ts • t;re. n M i>lii«« 'P
i ward tt.<- HiinhiiL T*o*-l Ju*r - Mil*-
ii- i- fin • i* -nk -i' " r smiling
I’-.0l hr **t -ti.wii to text a m-n it*
and, a* h matter o( -nmmon a* i .-*» to
look thia way anil fh.it a i- t > ni-k*-
*Ure that th- way wn • Ii * ai-.lithof
no ilingnr v\ n * n*a> Ww righ' at
Filer's fee* w -a llttli ntnih spot
»hi , r<‘ n-i n-i mi ■ ur--i*lng || wi*
onl.v « lit* i•- «pot, nr. I pr* h.ihly peter
wnnMi t ha * n*'t ii r<) ' it all but
for n- th ns. lu.-t -\ han-i he
h ipi-'-n'd to £7ano* down and It
a* am-*1 to him that that aan*l moved
#V a r "O 1 1 fl l *
Peter ruhh*d hta eve* and looked
vary hard. V»a, air. that rand moved
“That * queer,’ thot n.-tei ' I w--n
--d*r If It ran he possible that ' »Id Mr
Toad haa burled himself hi-re. I
think I'U wait a hit and nm whnt
ha pp*n»
So F’otr-r *af *tlll right rim* hr
waa and Hared at the Pul* aandy
spot ft was \*ry rl< at that *<-me
thing wa* moving down mil of sight
.Sand never mnvf« of it*e|f, not In a
flat plate anyway, an-l thla aand was
moving Suddenly a little Mark
h*ad popped out right hef--r* Peter a
verv eye* It wa* the funniest little
head he ever had m-*n The two
tinv eye* wink' and and blinked p«tcr
ant v*rv gill). Two of the funnleet
little feet In the world followed th*
freed Into eight and *h*n out of the
eand tame the w hoi* of a verv etnaM
t-eraon. a very email p*r*on Indeed
it wa* a hahv There waa no doubt
about that. And Peter didn’t need to
a»k who** baby it waa. No one but
Spotty the Turtle * .-uld have any
auch looking t*ah> «a that.
Por a few mmu tea till* ha by of
Spotfy'a reat.-d from hia efforta to
dig hia way out of th* aand, and th*n
with very wabbly little leg* began to
eeramble in th* dlreetp.n of th* Smil
ing Pool ye*. air. he headed
straight for the Snilllug Pool, Joat a*
If he knew exartly where It Waa
P*ter waa Juat going to follow,
when h» onee more glaneed at that
eandy apot The aand waa moving
In another plane Peter eat etlll In
a few minute* nut popped another of
Spotty a hahie* and atartod after the
flrat one Then a third and a fourth
and a flfth and a alxth and a eeventh
appeared, and eg.-h. In turn, atarted
afraight for the Smiling Pool.
It waa t lie moat aurprlalng aurprlae
paruv that ever I’efer had known
Newt Story: Jimmy Skunk la
Strangely !nt*re*t*d.
CHICAGO, July 28.—Draft rnffla
truants who gave flrtltloua name*
and addrngae* were being huntod hy
/wdornl Invaettgat/ir* hwre today All
far* trial hv court martial and ,If
found rullty ran be Imprisoned 10
year a
Printing— tke plain neat kind—that
•a rt«lU—Time* Jah Oent.—Wain 4RM
and woun«led, th*- worn out giuis for
refltttng, the wagons that must be
repaired, and th»- empty vehicles
which must In- refilled and rent pula
Inv f*>rward again.
Before a single on*’ ol Pershing s
fighters landed In France, groups
of siHfT corps men from evert lech
nlcsl hr.mch of the army w*nt with
P* t hing alt* ad to make all arrange
iix-uts sot V*t’elving, supplying and
forwarding th*- troops The result
Is the ‘Pershing Zone in France."
How does this zone work’
Th* commander ol the line of
communications will organize It inm
three admini-tratlv*- unit tat “*uj*
ply, sanitary and tefc raph M-rvic**;'
(hi ‘Vervlc*- «*f military railways;"
ici "service of military police.”
Lines of Communication Are Divided
Into Two Sections.
To administer and control the
" V. "k '.>
An one but apotty the Turtle * mild
Hate \ny *ueh looking Ruby
aa 1 hat.
Charlc* Daniel, deputy afnte game
warden, experienced a shock Mon
dav when he diacovered th«t a mm
plaint ngaitis; “Dick" Rirliardaon. of
Windsor. Ont„ charged with illegally
dealing In game, had been dismissed
by Justice ScUern ”hv mutual agre*
ment of *hr pnrtie*,’' according ’o :■
notation on the flies Aa one of th
parties interested he wax not nwar>-
cf any agreement.
Dani-M alleg* s that he caught
Rlcliaidson with 14 wild duck* illc
gaily In hi* possession., ducks bring
out of season The coet wa* *
for July f>, hut whs postponed until
Jul> 25 at Danlt IV reqtte and heegu*'
of the latter's illness. !n going thru
the flies Monday lie made »lu un« t
pected discovery and at once began
a little grnnd Jurv investigation of
hia own He declares h° Will swear
out anew complaint.
1 1 »
See the Three Big National
Parks and Colorado on
One Vacation
Tou ar* planning for yout aumtner
vacation ?
You don't know wher* to go?
Well, tntnk of this:
Through Olarlar and Yallow-aton*
National larks, out from Yellowstone
over ttie wonderful new “Cody Road**
- all these trip* hy comfortable au
tomobile, a novelty perfected only
thl* year and then Rocky Mountain
lEsteai National Park In (*o|o|- a fi*»,
with a Jaunt to Denver and f'o|.>rado
hprlng* tPike’a Peak and the “Dar
den of the Ond*“ near hy 1
Th» Government ha* *p«nt money
fieely this past y*ar In adding to
the attraction of these playgrounds
of th* people.
Thete )■ no trln In the world ao
varied and full, of Intrr -at.
Th* whole trip ta made over th*
tinea of a alngte railroad *>*tem
the nurllngton Route- the biff i"--.*■
p«roua, well-manag«d. depcndahla
railroad of the West. One ticket
over one railroad.
(•top at the offl* eor writ* T.et me
tell you how easily and comfortably
this wonderful trln ran h* me-l* \*k
for folder* describing each Park. Full
of mar* and picture* No charge.
Franef*. u*n. Pass. Awt.. C., R A
Q R R MT TV .Taokaon-hlvd , Chi
“supply, sanitary and telegraph ser
vice.” the lint of communications
will bo divided into two sections—
a base section and, an advance sec
turn each with an assistant chief
of staff In chargfc, competent to is
sue orders in the name of thr* com
uiander. The advance section com
mander establishes Ills headquar
ters at the advance depot, on th**
rail head Immediately behind ti-.**
righting troops. Here he ha.- under
him a staff representing the quarter
master, medical, engineer, ordnance
arul signal corps To his depot are
atta* bed ammunition, supply sard
tar\ and engineer columns to con
ns* t with th*- corresponding division
al columns attached to the fighting
The commander of the base sec
tion control all that portion of the
line of communications up to the
The Confessions of a Wife
Diversion Banishes Worry.
I snrnM'msi* w-<->n<lsr. little br>"k. at
th*- contradictory Idea.- and Ideal*
with which a man surround* hi* wifs
* >ne mlnuts he seem* to think *he 1*
of th*- Hinging vln*» \arlety—utterly
hrlj.P *•* without his strong arm to
lean upon. Th** next moment, with
out ari\ prep iration. he expert* her
ti. meet emergencies in a way that
only long training could make poa
l ick never did seem to get used to
the idea that I could run an electric
nr And lie seemed to think I would
get 'all hailed up” to u*e hi* ex
pre-nlon - in m hanging th* ticket*
and making the at rHtigen.ent* for our
< ultfornlu trip Yet he Is u*r\ apt
*o a«k my opinif.n of *orr»e «-onipllcut
ed l»uslne»« •!**! on whi l h I could
hi* e ml;, the ti«r> st judgment based
on hi* n t aiwav- very < leni state
ments of i-ondittons
T was down town about five hours
tim qnv I ex* hang'-d the tickets and
lij k h* aim nrj t -rv-.o- It> was
sure something had happene#l to tnc.
Th* nurse said. ‘Why. Mr*. Waverly,
h - hs l m< telephoning Mr* Symons
and M- Hatton and finally h*- called
up Mr I>*fr<-rty and whs quite re
111>\ -d w * en the mmi-eloner told
h 1 n \ in hn 1 pi*-* been there and had
rone with little Margaret Ann to do
, some *h* prong
"M i-i did \oti not felt me, dear,
Ij.iti a* i c ur mr «h -pping as well a*
ft • < \oh. ng* M•* t, k*ts" h*- said to
ire when 1 returned
s; - pi\ < i use it never occurred
ti m- | tick ” I answered. Me said
n- tiling fra minute or two and
tin n !)•• looked up with a smile. “I
expect I arn in the position of the
h* tple -i wlf< who stays home and
w..rri* about th<- awful thine- that
• an happen t • h* r ho-hand while he
i- «way from her "
M ia lly. Hick." T answered, "the
woman la worrying thru th* long
wat.*es of the night when she I*
, sur. .>nly death - r un'-ona*-i***i«n<'-s.-*
’ • rM]id keep her husband from r«-tie\ -
:ng io-i t- ars at least l»y telepiioning
h# r " Then I stopped ns suddenly ns
i I l.eg.in, for a question wa- on the
tip of tny tongu- tiiat I’ih**t per
hai's ! should not ask.
“What is It. Margie" What thof
s ,n your hra;n jtiru at this mo
ment"” he said.
• M ell f you must know. Dick. 1
was wondering If a man. when he
I -in v s out ut'*il ? 1 r ?. in the morning.
1’ got his wife entirely those int«i
--\ clung hour- "
“Vou see, \tsrgie, a man rarely
gi. - o' ll with tlu intention of *tay
4 Per Cent and Safety
New York, Boston and
Chicago Stock Exchanges
Orders Executed In AD Security Markets
J. J. HAYES, Manager
201 Penobscot Building, Detroit, Mich.
For a quarter of a century
this Company has handled tn«sts
of every’ kind. As Agent, Trustee,
Executor, etc., it has serven the
people of Detroit faithfully. It
has learned to render econom
ical, efficient service. Your
perty or your estate will receive
sim.iar treatment.
Onion tmßt€ompmi2
Clift* i' ;nT Cone "if btrccte
Detroit, Michigan
depot*, hafttury units and teh-graph
KtMtioris of th** ndvznce section H*
will prnbabh u>mK«• his h*a<fqtiHr
tcr* at ih** bant on th*- coast, where
h* h * a (HIT -irnilnr to that of th*
advance section.
Th**s«> ui**n arc responsible to the
con mander of th*- 1m * of commtml
cations (who In turn is r» api i - l i.•.
to the war d* iartr.iont at Imnici
that th*- r* s* rvt supp!!*-- on I :*tl
In his vtriouM d**pots *h8l! b" tun ti
tatmd between th* mazimuni a:s:i
minimum amount* fixed bv (on
Pcr-hlr.;’ For Instiin*", h division
(2ft.3"4 men» must have 4,700 ton
of medical ston s Alone as it* Initial
supply For **ve» million men on
the front * 1,000 ton refrigeratltig
plan* must be maintained at th*
railhead, anil storage tanks for mil
lions of gallon* of gasoline at th»
lng until the early morning houis
Me 8 -f r h dinner with the h vs
Thev have n few drink* and for the
time emg he doe* perhaps forget
everything except the people and the
conversH' n about htn. If he doe*
think -f In* wife lHf«'r it la with the
conviction thHt hv that time slie i*
ahed and .<*leep. Vou see, he km ws
she i- safe from bodily harm and It
neve enters hi* mind that *he i -in
conjure anv thing w .rse than that
he is ot v th the t">ys and drlnkin*.
a little t< ■ much.”
“I thinking, dear, of nn« niglit
when p" r old Hill Tenny was witli
u* I* w« before h<- was divorced
fr ni too im
“Ahnut tW' 'n the m'-rnirg we ar
rlved'nt Kill x house Donna w-as <ut
of t'-wp Will n vve g..t .n he picked
a letter D m tiie hall tnhl*- It was
ndd-e-si n le niin - iTi-hing hand
With fituik'ng Ungers Rill succeeded
in text :ng It open.
• lie It r!"S*- to his faee and
then a* f it awa\ as his arms would
reach M*- turt "and It over and over,
iooklnr At .1 with that owlish <x
pr<*se ti it .ntf'Xi'ated men has w h<>
is tr ing hard to make his sodden
brain w rk
’•Suddenly hurst into tears and
loud!' • 'V' 1 c,i i- he h fy-g.'d that t>lt
of pay r *- his l>rea«t. while h"
rocked t tinl fro un*t' adtly. I was
ternfe t T rh"f h>- had manag* >1 to
rend a-• n*»nce tiiat fold ■ f some
dreadful thing that hud happened t<>
"'What Is It, Hill* faint yourself,*
I seld. 'it mnv not he as Imd as you
'■ ‘Y**h. tlx, luck, ye«h 'ti*,' he nn
gwered Ms) «r ri' Mere I am get
111.' .t i' *{••! from th- 'l"iirp ! Mtfle
wife in *he world unit I'm too drunk
to read It ' "
Iji k latiKhe i. but T said, “Pc r
Donna unde my hroith.
WASHINGTON, July 24 Railway
operating revenues for all I’nit* !
States railroads for May, 1917,
anio inted to $345,733,079, an in
crease of over $4 4,000,000 over Mav,
101 h
Operating expenses for May, 1017
totaled $235,«iR2,R79 compared with
$197,410,401 the previous Mav.
I’rlnttn*—fhe plain neat kind—that
!• rlehf—Tim** .fob Fli-nt.—Wnlo
XTOI can make your money
J earn 4 per cent by depositing
it with this Company in a
Coupon Certificate of Deposit. In
rerrst is paid from the day of de
posit and the Ccrtitica'es can be
purchased in convenient amounts.
Wr will be pleased to furnish
you with detailed information on
To k* p the-* replenished th**
cotum ration- commander fur
rush* the war department a copy
of a list of the -tores required,
-howlriL* ih< mailn um and mlninium
amounts to b* kept on hand
He prep' - ,< i-n'orces strln
"**n* ion- Tor th** physical
exi.minatlon of h.cl and v ounded
non hv*-k fro:n th* front -o that tfi >
tb* fl* and -ball not be dc
i*i;*‘d by mating> ririf I 7 nder his
"ommund arc the Red Cross unit'-
'tending from ih** battle line to the
Military Railway* and a Pallet
Force Organized
The second branch of the work
of the coni uiander of cotnniunlca
tions is the ‘‘-er\ Ice of military rsil
ways Th* construction, operation
and maintenance of the rallwav
wlthin this zone be entrusts to an
Officials Fo«r Samples Which
Flooded Ohio Town
Held (ierms
SANTM7SKY, n, July 23.—San
du.«k> ha* hiM'ii flooded with small
l.vkHgt-s of rourt pla-ter, believed'
by the polir" to have In * n dlstrih- ]
uted by Oermans and to contain
etantiß germ- as wire those dls
lribvif"d In Kansas towns
Health department officials nrr
collecting all packages for analysis, j
Thr*" distributed them in
a housc-to hous* canvass, it was
! learned today.
Warning against use of the plast
ers was ,s*u*-d today by Health I>i
rof tor Scho r, pfle Th* 1 name of N
Shure, Chicago, is print*-!! acroaa j
the face o f th** packages.
PplnOng—lh** plntn nral kind—tlml
la rlgbl—Tlnifx Joh Dept.— Main 4'20.
Truck Contracts Let
WASH INd'l ON, July 23 Con-
I’m Giving My Boy a Start
It seems only rigtit, little son of mine
A-playing down there in your crib,
That I give you a start when you’re old enough
And are through with the rompers and bib.
For the going is rough on the road of life
There’ll be times when you’ll find it hard,
So the I can do to help you through
Is to give you a start, little pard.
It’s the man with the coin in the world today
Who can stand when the others fall.
WTien the chance to invest comes along—why, say:
It’s the man who has saved has the call.
So listen, you rascal afl chuckles and smiles,
With your eooings and kicks in the air,
You have captured our hearts by the cunningest wiles
And your daddy must see you start fair.
So I’ve opened a Savings Account for you
For I’m planning your future to guard,
So when you’re a man you’ll be glad that your dad
Thought to give you a stall, little pard.
Many fathers in Detroit are giving the boy a start, with a
Savings Account in “HOME OF THRIFT.” Teaching him to
save as he grows up; training him in habits of Thrift.
These accounts receive 5% 'dividends compounded semi
Washington Blvd. at Clifford
Os Course, You Prefer a Grand
rnyiN T A PIANO of the
1-&l*J grand model the
finds the tone,
the action, the de
pendability throuph which
his talents are most fully
expressed—the home musi
cian finds the quality, the
standing, the sufrprestion of
culture and musical dis
crimination that affords
fullest measure of satis
faction tn piano ownership.
And, there’s the dijrnity
and prace; the richness and
l»eauty of the grand—it
adds in utmost degree to
the charm of your home.
Inspection of our stock will show you thHt
vou might Just as well grace your home with
a grand piano s**e us about one now!
(Evenings by appointment
Phone Cherry 3000)
fugineer officer member of hU Btaff,
c*li*Mi ;t “director of rail vhvi» "
Tin- officer will tnkc over the
fV • -rift'll railway* assigned to lh*
Vni* rlcan troops, and will assume
charge of all captured railways in
th* American sector of the front
He will hlpo build liew railway lines
w hen necessary.
No oflfcocr not attached to the mill
■ n railway is allowed to give or
(i'is to :bordlnstefi of th** "ritll
way* ni \ •(•," or to interfere in
n; wa- wl*h th* runn ; ng of train*.
The woik of reconstruction at the
railhead is ept separate from oper
ation of the line. Thin 1* th** work
for which nine new regiments of
engineer* have been raised.
The third branch of the work of
the commander of the line of com
munlcation* i* organization of mlli
tai > police. These consist of troop*
tracts for 24.0M* motor truck bodies
were let by the whi department this
afternoon ps follows;
International Harvester company,
rhicrigo, i ft,non orand Rapids
(Mich i School Equipment company,
$,400: Coni mental (Jar company,
Louisville. K' . 2,000; Engle Wagon
Do Cut-Rate Prices on High-Grade
Dental Work Appeal to You?
\r• • 1 r!.. tlv •'#•* vie-* "f r:.'g -t-rerl and (Iraduat**
■ I c J i ' il" i|.-nt:il W'.rk.
Th'Tc 1* little . t.ain In doing th" work
L. i VI mt of yuur tlm* 1
v -N ft
r i'Bt* •
f, u..ut'li- r.T i!i" siur.e Kind < ’ w<>rk '-liiwhere.
I Hr. < XV \dll lll**. I’.atnMlahrd »m l« jeara.
i I'nlnlrH. Il* tract Inn <;*«» rmiti'Pil. I*> u*m- of Unm ot<
\ ilnllK'-it Mr. % l»n hy an iiepl >c»t iun to K***na.
mt <>r-("xx n I'ntlnit . «*in,ill nrllr for u iM*x,l.it ment and ‘
j %xork donr »anir and,, % ibrj mine. ( uinr in To-. }
da* ir *»n wiah—lor FHV.K *• amii Ina«l**n and estimate.
Car ■ ■* iilUn' Ilnur.— Oiiil* From H a. n*. to M |»- m.
- • OomlHM a lid luilldn .»a. I» a. m. to ft »>. m. 1-ady
iittrndiiiil. at all time*.
I second ltn«ir ox er Kiii'wl’a ilrus »l"rr. I.ntrnn«-c I*ll (iHIIW *>LD. ,
I turner UUTllti.i* nnd liltlftW 01.0. Tftkf fttalm nr rltvfttOr.^,
t I'lii,tie vt:iln 5.1 H. I.mik fur alirn oor dmirwiiy.
These Rraml IManos sold
in Michiifrin hy us
Convenient Payments
Grinnell Bros
Headquarterm 243-247 Woodward Ave.
assigned by the —mint uniting
end for the purpose. Within th 4, ]
“American tone*' they will pgaUctf
the inhabitants. enforce order. keep
ail road* clear, arrest all tokUeni.
and civilian army, employe* tbetmt
without proper authority, keep *
Mat and description of all civlltnrarl
with the army, take over all prlM
.oner* pass'd back from the TrouP
and conduct them to the
where they are ordered amenihled,
police all railroad stations, depot**
and buildings, protect telegraph iu*d
telephone linos «*nd railways frout,
damage, and prevent spying.
This elaborate organlauttoa la doe
signed to relievo the combatant fleliK
force as far ns possible from evorfP
consideration except that of defeat**'
Ing the enemy. Without It, fVrgJh-
Ing's men in the front line could
not exist and fight for a single day.
works, Auburn, N. Y., 1,200; LoßftH
Auto Supply company. Chicago, *,•
ftOft; Q. W. Stritton company, De
flHrce, Ohio, 1,000; Mulholland com
pany, Dunkirk, \. V., f>00; Hercules
company, Flvansvill**, Ind., 4**o;
Theodora Kumlz conipsQy, Clavo*
land, sf»o.
'pTJI'R STOCK of grand
XJvj. Pianos i.« one of the
dhoisjJ greatest in the en
tire country. All
sizes are here—dainty,
moderate-priced miniatures
(taking up practically no
more space than the up
right piano); lieairtiful
habv brands; splendid par
lor styles; majmfflcent con
cert models—rich woods,
all finishes, and special fin
ishes to order. There is,
as well, a wide ranjre es
prices—and at the price
you pay, reliability, tonal
quality and value unequal
ed elsewhere.

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