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Goethals and Denman Out In Ship Row
Sufficient Is Too Much
All the worth-while news of this war
weary world can he told in paues
if those who are editing it for you work
hard enough.
U.S. NEARLY $20,000,000,000
Must Start All Over
With ( lean Sheet,
Says letter
WASHINGTON. J"'} 24 Sweep
In* step* won- taken by President
Wilson today to put an end to delay
in building Anx'rliM 1 ' great mer
chant marine
Two resignation* those of Gen
Goethals. manager of the enter
geney fleer corporation, and Cap!
White, member of th** shipping
bo«rd, were accepted Chairman
[irnmin, of the shipping board, was
aeked to resign
the patne tim*• the president
announced thappointment of ITd
ward N Hurley, of Chicago. «x
chairman of th** “hipping board, and
Admiral Capps. nat y constructor,
as general manager of the enter
gency fleet corporation
Hainbrldge Colby. New York, was
named in Whit* * place on the ship
ping board
"We will start with a clean sheet.”
the president ♦ xi>l htn«*<i in his letter
to Goethals. accepting the general's
resignation offer
It wa* evident from *'"• ’-rompt
ness with which th* p r * - rt**nt acted
In ever> partlcul.u *h«*t to h.id h.. 1
the "house cleaning” m mini! t<»:
some days
fn his letter to Gen Goethals. th*
president said
Mv i , , ~,i rjcetha!*—Y*>ur let
»ei .f lit - . J *U>*'* you ;r»»t h*'n*>r.
It .if, e.vrd In a lee spirit *'f
t>*»' I'»t > -o h s ! i* \ l - m rne*X- t
f \ ... • t .-* v • *ti Tl « v• o > ’»
•a* l* • .life I ■* interest of The
,M, !o- o* C I.H ft ng I he cn- ]
»|<l. *• ! p il f.nng* - Min I*r -
•<*nsl pref !••■*• •-t t** - r* * do'- It
put aside •* o '•• • "lu-st the th:n«
that !s most s* rv • i e
I * Kir if. - . » t In mirol that I
fe.-l r-onstr* to 1 t «\ ti c I think
y< o base int'-rp *>t - i v«>ur dut> iißt.t
N.< Ir.tt i>f - .1e• e> rr*ln >i ' i* - n of the
questions Ht I -if *un w set the
»h . l.uiMinn i*t •i; *m "ii Its wav
pr< niptl) ito| *<ffe. - .vel> t - * comple
tion nml etO'-e.j- IT ■ best that we
lake the *eif forgetting >**u 1
mi* * tot »; '' «R.i n "’t .* fr* sh
ai . • ..f | r,'.-r i.eginmn to t only
the • >p I* Idlng Hitt . ir*' * e r ad
rntn *rm > the J.r*> r - >*m. TO- ship
hut PI in* ha i i'll v, n large part
hek'in m ii tti r w readil\ he clear.
e*i ~f dfi i*. * i 1 ,t have u niu>-*t w*n».
M v -l*i k. fi'-.l it.
\\ i|i i, mtmn the ref >r*
«.f v-m it >'ri- 11’U« attitude «n<l with
g.niiim ilit * rat >n f what you h*»«
hern ah). •> a -hurt t.ino to accom
plish l »| t uiur resignation and
fe-1 :!*: in *1 <*l n k •* I *■■ Mt'riK in
on your <>•* n b**t Judgment. • « well
an iny < w n
| pop* v.u will feel th** th* peo
r>i» 1. 1 th* . ountry f>u wh. in von
hav * r*
Ju !*,* you ; >«»■) and g«nerou«ly in
this ,*s »i t’" 1 ihln*» «> <t t!.*t *ll
;>«'inn*l rnl« trdvrstar. I' ng« *n«l m 1 •
utfiirnf* that mi' 1 h*v> ».»r . r*at
.'•l will <n « • h«>*t nm* *r>t r*l>
'i 1 y.
\t tl warm r«g*rd. cordially .snd
am -ar*! j # v o 1 rs.
\V«H>;>now V\«I.SI N
V ■ Pear Mr P*-tn * n 1 hope amt
hf|>\'. ihat T nr- lnl»r;ir»'i"(t your
nwfi *• t J'i-'g’ ml a« well a* I’iv
in n whi n I *■*' h«' •• ur *lu*y •••n
--cernl*. th-* <le>>at and mlsnnder
atan.l!nft that o •
tlor. n't* i: it i- building program
nughl to t•• I r* Ith.oiit regard j
t* Mir , > nil prefer. n« e* or our I
pcfiinM f»e!ln».i n’l t* aether and |
with t’ •• ring!* purpose of lining
M'h»i w'll lnl »'rv" th* public in
terest. \ > decision ne • mild now ar
rive <1; -t,|.; -limlnat* th* r'l'i'mti
of ronrrovi ri»y *h*i have crept Into
al.ttcat rv*o n*i*«*ion in m nn*i’|lnn
with the program, and I *ni con •
vtm *•’. th* * w ■ .n! wl-ic i imr.ic I*
to b* gin •%; ► ' »p. n *h* pro
gram for fin! l« :i 1r *- «*it v 1n large
•1 . . not 1;i »n
th* further -*»«»•* 1 of it
I hm# f coi ml botn y. 11 and fl*-n.
Or.ethala 11 .til v to *1 ri » the public *t
a par-aortal «,» r!rt< * r*nlltmi that
th* only niyrr.er tn art.oh the 'tu
cart Sr rrnn|H«|r lertre’ f>r hnr
ro in *ua «n<l eflTe* *tv« notion l» to
carry our «htp Si, *1 • ting plans for
wa t'j ',om ihi* point thru n*« «fm.
il.»n rjoel il* I.a* out h * re*;g.
na'ii.r. In m> hand* am! I ha\* **-
rtyl’ il It r» ’*■ a cii' snlnt in which
tl »- 1* tao Jes.-d nit a* ieciding he
t»xien two rti eti a hoi, 1 ! r*.«|i*r,l an I
akin .r-. not tn nrd*r to make it
r|lnt"i I*ll*l.in* unntc»»M»i *nd let
th* wart, d* v * ij» with fit further
dl*.'u*«ton nf a-let la ;-a*t J *m
tah!fur th* |i ertj f ifitlng to t*il
?mj '!»•* in tha rondden. a that toil
will lie gigd to take th* »n|i|» ijlain
ter.., .4 self sot aet' In g i-oueae that
flan <t**tha • i.a, taken h'h*n vou
bare gon* aa he ha* .-one, f mu * ira
tha 1 r-.«» may count w;th the u'mo*t
"••nnilcurc upon tha ultimate vardht
of ilie people of the country with re
gard to ynpr magnanimous and un
Veteran Banker
Taken By Death
alex McPherson.
Ills d*.tth renwv* a a prominent
figure in Itctroli’s financial clrcl* ?
He wa* chairman of th*' hoard of
the First and Old Detroit National
hank and largely interest. T in th*
•Mty a commercial enterprises
selfish vi.*w nf public duty ind *»y-• n
w nnnii In th*- retrospe a ! ** *uno*
a.lmtratlon *n<! confidenc- th-ii I I. *\*>
.. a r n»• <1 to fee I f.*r \ u
Wi'! mill I ■•**•.l .itiS \rv g - it
• | predation of The lark* .-ervl<e.<>
\ i , «\ » r. ruler* *1
<'*rdiall\ atol eln '‘-r-lv ■ .u-i
\v<wiiiitmv wn.s<>\
General Goethals’ letter, written
.1 u 1 > 20, off* ring to resign, follows
M v dear Mr l '-g t"
sckf'iw ledge the receipt ~f \,. if I**l
ter of ?ul> 19 and wl h t e\r*r* -•
m \ a ppT e<-Ihl ot* ..f f e < one d* ’a t •
manner In witch vou lui> «t-*f* t t l,e
conclusion wh' -h V'-u luiv* *■ c h**»h
In the pr .je' * ..f *h. ' rap I err* r
amitv construct u f «r *• l ■*! tj .
dated March J *. ti|7. an*l app* •* <-d
by you "n Apt'l ( it was st af »l
that "to s' ' tire s|d f p> i..1
tl* n. whh'h is all impoitant w. f»»»• 1
that the fa s k . f s." VI -1 n t ir, and e., 11' (
ping these ships sh »utd ' • pn' in
the hands of *>ne man Ontrall/.-d
* -nfr' I s ess. r.tutl f r rai>;d an t •f-
O ient w >rk."
it naa rn this nnderatan-ling n
my part that | nndert.i. k th* «• rk
at your rejneat. Thi* in irrstand
-1 ma m** *uhr* pi-nt' \ • tifl• »and • 1
! iinli m bin l took 1 >(• the mat- I
I rer wft *h* ahlTPltig l ’irj. hut
|at the hearing* hef,.re the auh-
I cnmrrdtfce* * the ’niHllMo 'I lip
; pr.prl tl r a o* the I’n I fed* ".Mate* 10,.
ale Mlirf. ,< WH< *tefed that v 1*
to I’live "aceolnre and complete a’l
th rit\ for the admtnlr rra on on tie
I c >nat r!|o t (ng a> th «1 •\ . ,? > pf !
the board could do Mould he and n*
and that it m. old act . n ft-\ i.,g u ,.. 1
tlon an 1 Initiative *' . Tti' i* a •::r- 1
an. e, wire placed m'-rh mur* clearly
i hes re the member* < ’ the al|ti-' p
ndttee , r at propr'a ! na of the
house of repr**» ntat ’’ ra
The ne «.*,itc for *i ijip'ng ma
!t Itnpe-atlve that results be «
c ir»d as rnpldlv ass, ssiblo f
results, bv whomaoerer oht.s n-.|
I'shh-h count after a>. snd noth.
I 'ne snouid be allowed to Inter
fere u'fh the a -r ' nit ! ah' »r t f 1 *
end I hilt endrav.-r.'d to eata'di h
harm .nloii* relation* with the *(i lp
pihg hoard h»it regret so state, I have
not *ip 'i f. led. snd it *«em< imp
,|’de t . sc ur» the union of purpose
e*«*nflal t<> the •* 1 cces* of the work
Itetiev'n* that a ens rallast j,,n of
« ithunts In on* irm i« ••*,•«,mrv
to utri out the ship 'niikllnß pro
gratti rapldlv and successful!v. after
mature consideration on the .vh* |e
• nbjei-t | *m satisfied *ha* T .-unnot
•e.iire be«f rr«ilts und.'* th» .edi
tions of vnur letter
f am copyineed, tl «ref .r»» fhaf the
hest Interests of the puhlic *, . tfsee
would be serne.l If I w*ti repls ed I V
•om» one on whom full authority can
he rcn*e-'*d anil «vho*p peps m i Ilf v I
a ll! not ,■» stumbling hi... k It Is I
fin urgent hope ti *t t).i« solution
mHI lommend ’t.self to you and In
•rd r thal the » ■ rk rna\ he decayed
*• little is possihl.- h\ a <f
1 * .»it deem It il l e I .b>il| he gta*| fo'
• ontlnne 'n .-large until rr.v successor
can he seje. tr.| and rrma’n ii-'th him
•inftl he has * th.ro knowledge of
the opcan'raMnn fhst hs* Hr»n built 1
■■n end h"s Sren *h|e to fstnlMaeige I
himself s 'th the «• ifH ’hat ha* tl- I
reedy been *mdertsken
To.| ma* be assn »and f mv mral I
*cp’iieseen.-e tn he direction given in
*. v lf lelfcr and all future order* 1
y Mir* resnectf ills* I
aKORrt f ' w 1> ■'"THAI-a 1
('aptures First Heat of
B. of (’. From
Fast Field
The Savoy broke up the B of C.
st.ikc m the t econd hea« by eas
ily winning that round in
2:03 1-4. Benali wa* second and
Ad*o Guy was nowhere.
Hu H I ftnl !> l Wlf.rnX
FAIR GK 'FNI'S. July 24 Adio
Gu> own**'! by Jik» G Hetman nh*l
• 1 r;v» n t*j <lr;*y. took the lea i in
ill* fit A h* .i ft the < 1..-“ic Monrd
|< t Tinuiii ■ • pa < toda\ at the first
ut’ an! w;*s h* ad* and. winnin*
* t: 2 rt.l 1 J Th* jijtvi'y, the Cox en
J'rv was '.end. and < ranadiatl |
hors**. 11;,v S| • ins. was thtnV Th*
j lull ! wa - !*•.-. an*! ’I • first eight
jlioi.-* - - .v r*w. II hunch* i The Inst
halt was pi>'‘t and in 1 'hi IX! Pop
t jeeps, scv* rnl tini* “ winner of 'he
t it’iotts pa '. w a distaj. e.l in the
first heat A £*>od crowd 'urn*ij out
I for th* Boapd of t'omm* r - * day.
Bin fl*d*! - ccnfimml to :*ir rt for
th, Hlu* Hihbon • v*-nts T**n lihr-e«
s tsir r* (! in th» 2 12 trot th*' first
heat, of which was won h\ thy
\Vf>odman Th.-r* v er* la start* rs
in th* 2.12 pace, known as the !>
I and t.’. St.ik* -
The first ! *f of 'he 2 12 pace
was captnr* 1 t*> Princ* Rup* rs. a
•• ink outsider* Kverj one of the 1 b
starter* was up th**r* and n t a
.*ne w as flatto !
Ilonrd of t otumrree, Vt'Wt l‘«rr, J| In -V
stokr WT,.******
First I I*»a ’ \ u **u> <iir n \\,
W"»i The ii*«i\i second |i«v.
spring * Ft.«% i. tl r-1 Tictna** Marl
M.irv In * f.. i • t»; 11**1 H lr »r.
I>•.11 r-. - Jr I'rt -l <1 ‘ie - T' '1 I. Hen
»!• l.<>\ .! \\ i *r*-g«*n tlnl nml Refer
t. k itlso flmsheil. f’et* r I’ointer dlt
• I Time. -
Hml Pa*T 2i12 I’ti'f, 3 tn N. I’urse
* i .»»»o
t'' ret II- it The \x •..slman *M'hlt»-
*- e (t i . w * Te *■«! Tatt" t i Jamison *.
|«. ml l ir e!i . \V 1 rr ) third Al< v
]• • I Fleniing f ",irt*. Trn.' ?09 ' 4
t,* ' • *• V h f -ht' •; . N k Mooney.
I*.'i V. »i'«. lilerwr* ~! H and Ci«»-
te«» M,*i < »«1 - * started
s. | if. • The ifdm*n,
iV |, teheadt. won Al t I*. tJ F>fT»
*r.it - •• m Ii- ■ll •V. h|te *. third.
I. r.t Ta I hot i.ucv - 't;). f iTth
V..i.f « Mitt'* .)*.*k M 'in I. **:e
4Y *rth, Hi' nw and F an*! f'or - * Watts
al*'< start'd rime " of*.,
* i .imh mm , Okla. Jalr u
Os aefttlelnl d* e ■ formerly made
tn *.ermnn*, the I nlfed Ntaln t«
no m prod il* In a SB per rent, dele
inlrs to flir Vminnnl Associa
tion of l tenner* nnd t>»era ron-
Sentlnn here *sere told fodn).
In another sear all •>«< b dsea
sslll he made In the I nlfed *l*trs.
they ssere o*l*l.
\i:w tollh, J«ls 21 The
draff t**da* prodn* rd a ness kind
nf »1 reet taker In >ess \ nrh.
“Him to rloim etrmpflnn" ssaa
the rrs of one nn I'nrh floss,
• elllna a pamphlet drallna ssltb
draft reanliitlnna.
ttefrnlt ands l«-|ntf r—^Tweada y night
and XXrdneada; partly rlondst mod
erate sarlohle sslnds heromlnp anttfh
r rt»
f.o«ee Mlrkltas—l.rn-rsllf fair
Ttteadas nil**) and Wednesday.
I l*per f ahea— i.enfle winds moatls
,r*ati gride rails fair Tsteaddy nlahr
and Wedneaday.
l osser I nhea Oentle ahlfflna
sslndai aeoerr.lls fislr nralhrr Tars,
day nlabt and ttrdnrsdir.
TIII)*r« ITHl'lllt ATI nr*.
and a. m TO IO a. m TO
T a. a.. ?o it a. *n TO
• a. m . . . T3 13 anon an
0 n. ns T!l I p m .. . on
lllthrsl temperature this date fn
the poaf «l yearn 0.1 Ip ISRIi loerraf
*n IST* and ISMT.
McAdoo Submits New Rev
enue Budget Calling for
WASHINGTON July 21 -Amor
ica’ii wsr i i.-t w ill approach S2O,WUc
bOy.uoo the first y**ar. S**naior Smoot
mcmh«*r of the finance *•omniitttc**
idctlamd in th*> -■ nat*- today.
Fp to th** present approximately
1 /
■ *(i T(wla> S»'cr« tarv M' Adoo ap
p**ared I * for* th* finance committee
’** outline another I- uig*-t amounting
j io f.i.'tuO.u D.iiOO for th*- war depart
' m*-nt
' T 19 wool I bring the total api*ro
I priatt.ins of this congress up in sl4.
'.*22,000 000." Smoot aid. "a sum al
' moat as gr« at a.*- th* total h*tnd if
sues of fir. at Britain during three
years of the war."
In addition s o this enormous sum.
Smoot dtvlar* and. ct.ogres- would so«*n
Wants To Proceed With PruUe
At Once If .ludue Connolly
Is Cpheld
A*torne\ Jamc. 11 Pound, natn* I
as special prosecutor in conn.' Voti
with th* - grand jury invcstigat >n o:
der**d h> Judg* < onnolly. aj>; »r*■ i
before the recorder Tuesday .•
refjt!*s* that the court order t • ,r\
co’umihsloir to draw jur*>
pert Thursda* I' is expected Mi.it
th** -Upreme r***!* - * that tit • w:
l and down i’ de, talon : n 11.■ m
trov**r«. b»’w* - en Judge < '«>:,•;<»' T
and Prosecutor Jasnew-kt <*ti • *
u*stion of jnri.-dicthin. ar I Mr
Pound wants M * jury to b* on hand.
A Disguise That V as Too Thin. l>y Raem^pkers.
Hfthmann-Hollyaet;: “That Socialist’s in no tjood, All lliuhcxf. Let’s fry another clerical
peace trick."
(Copyright, Canada, ill’, by th» Pub lie l,*dger Company*. H'nlte.l state* Copyright, IM7 h» fh* pub ll * t.edger
* " Company!. All right* r«*erv*d.
TI’ESDAI, JULY 24. 1917.
i** - f ailed upon to authorize $3,000
• ♦ more f**r the Alli**». bringing
th- total up to rpproxlmately S2O,
" > "uTi c,oo th*- first year.
I>* <usion to hold up the $1,670,670,*
OOQ ievenue bill until Secretary of
i' rrea iry M< Moo can tubntl 11>
<ongi**ss th* comphte estimates
from all department* was reached
this afternoon by the senate finance
Secjetary McAdoo told the com
i tl** the details of the n* - w esti
ii if*, were not yet complete.
Th* $1,670,670,000 r* v* r.ue bill ’hat
h (,* hft\** been intr*>du«ed today
)>\ Si,unions ha* h**en h**l*f up in
(i* finitely dwarfed by the hppaflTng
n* laves or bond issues that con
cn must prepare for
I ready to do business, if Hi** recorder
is upheld Judge Connolly took th* -
!*qu*“t under advisement.
Nine medlccl officers from the
Fnited States Medical Reserve
corps arrived •In Detroit Tu** da - -
morning. from Fort Benjamin Harr:
son, to examine th** members of th*
Thirty first Micnigan regiment t>*
u*r** ,is depart u'n for :h** t ■
camp In Texas The patty is in
charge of MaJ David B. lf).vn*y, of
Detroit, now on leave of abscr.* - "
fiom the staff of city physicians, and
form* rl\ a e'.ptain in th* l ITilrtj
first Anofn*r Detroiter ji. the party
is I'M - . Fugene Smith. Ji
Hr tut aircraft producti.*n bill \* now
a law Tin president -igni-d the
measure today, releasing appropria
tlons of s*j Fu.'kiu.OuO tot immediate
u> «• in building airplan* - s and pre
paring \m< in au aviatora for service
in France.
Almost a' the aine moment, FnJt
*-d States army officers, returning
from Franc - . r.*p* rt.-d the cry or the
Allies now is that unless America
Spins for'l a gigantic aviation effort
the war will he long drawn
! C'levelan*l 1 t*
\\ ,i • r.ing t■ .n 0 <*
B"t i * ' '..v. I c.«kl*> BnU Hilling**;
i J'ilriM*n and Ai, smith. l'niplr«-* Con*
| noily and llild<dirnnd
f- • *■ n n o 0 0
Chlmifo n j o o
Halt ■ r 11 *ii.fri > and T)Hhr*sf«r;
*T >• ’ «nd Tragi* ■***• r. I 'mp|, •>* -
K !*>m and Brnrisfioi,|
Bit tabu ig h *i *i a *
'New V t l o (* 4
1 1'.(»*» ri**s Mll l«r and Klsehor;
' •■iritt *,*>d Boirifton, t mplros Ulg-
I Io r mnd ; ;*nsl I*-
[St 1,, mi is «'» *) f»
I hi la .... . 0 0 0
Bui fortes Meadow - * and Snyder
I* : nz'*'-f. 4>' teb r and K ll'lir* - r
■t’e. j', - ,* fliirris'*n and o‘l*a>
'Miicinnati ! ** ** **
i :nok i > n H 'i ii 1}
t '■ * t f • - -in a nd Wing**;
icd ! . I rnjdros Hymn
Ia rot cjuig . *-v
T’fah '>■ rv* and 'oitv a I’ioneers'
! day. Mn -*•% * - r.t i tit . nnlversary or
Mi* t< >ll■ -iin-• **t th** Mormon colony
<>f Briul. tin Y«* dig a Sal! I-uke City.
\ it in i **r < mi,on
' ; nd r r .nn, every I
:t*nn«. i*o * - 1 under th** -un.
*i> 11 am m «*f VT. \ iiiu-rmr nta
I* ff r 101 l I • il t ll* I'do itrid *rr !
Empire ('ity hesults
I ret fta* - r About ** furlongs
Manranea**. Ll 2. tTroxleri 13 to ...
(' fn, I to 2, won. Mm car Henry. 107,
(Rowan) 1| to fi, even. 1 to 2. sec
ond Hr**om\nle, 112. M'oltlns) to to
1. 4 to 1, 2 to t. third Time -1 10 2-f>
Arlstoliulu*. ( a ndy land. !*an< - er. Bask
ing F»n* - y, Peepalght, Nunesmh. Mr
specs Hops, trnperator. Surprising
also ran.
Second Hare f» furlongs Adeline
Batrlcla, 111 iHuxton), 11 to 5. I to
5* 1 to 3 won; Star ('lass, 108 (Tmx
ler). .38 to 1. *> to 2, even, second:
Miss H*>n*ro, 11 T> I (’onnolly). 12 to 1,
» to 1,3 to 2. third. Time. 1 OD4-S
Quietude, Bmpiesa and Boor Butter
fly also ran.
Third Bare—d 1-16 miles: Promo.
122 I rtohlnson). 3 to S; Hit.-ntit. Wuft;
St Isidore, lit* tnowan), 7 to i. S to
f*. out, second; Ballad. 108 (Lyke), 7
to l, 8 to 5, 2 to 6, third. Time. 1 16
l»tck Williams and Water Witch also
t an.
Windsor Results.
First Usee Claiming, purae SBOO.
for 2-year-olds foaled In Canada. '
furlongs. Flame, 109 (Mink), $3,
$2 '.(). $2.30, won; Miss Edwards. 97
(Callahan). $.'.40 $3 30, second; Klt
ttwrake 97 (JeffYottt, $1 70. third.
Time 1 r »l 2-. r >. Confidence, Belle
Brandon. Twelve Bells also ran
Second Hacc -Claiming, purse SBOO,
,f. r 4- *ai olds and Up, *: furlongs
1 Vnlent. 1 1 . (tender). $7 20, $| *3 10, 1
j won: Ampere 2nd, I'9 (Colllnsi.
!t. 70 $3 no, second; Flpah*mar. 112
j i Mlnk ). $.7 4". third Time. 1 111-5 j
|Smlthfic|d. Bose Juliette, Ftnalee,
I Vmlet, Please W elle, Ingot, Old Boh.
I Stir Cp. Ilos* as also ran.
Windsor Entries.
row «i:ii\r>im
Flr«t liflrc Pur** fMO maiden 2-
yf »r-oM», " rl'irtß *: )5 »* I'ran
''in. If'*' 1 • irty Far*. 1<• 7 . (J#rnMln»
10 7. Oriental <»lrl. 107 Margot
*t :i r i imp i, 111, i’* 111 v«. 11l W* I*,
lux bn > 111: Hen T*rr*ll. 114: T.in!*c.
114- \lma !,<>nl*c. 11 r ., Fount
115. lu'lc** Wright 2nd ll s Al«<i
• llgibl* Hassen. IM. .luhn W.-yi n«,
no F<>\ llidg*. ’lO F.t»cn***r, 111
Sunny Slop*, it" Htalv ->ri .Ir 510
Secnnrd itnc* Pur** MOO, 2-y*sr
ol'lm. claiming, s*» furlong* Austral,
10 1 , .'•«n» Fit ket, 1" I. I >**'rr 104. I**
- » *irm«hy lot Sincerity 104 f’n
brtFi. 104 Irish Irlol, 1 Os. Let*. 10*1
Mttb- Hollo. 107. Hit of Blarney. P>H
st .it ut*M in
Th r>l Il.ir* Pur**
oM- and up. claiming foaled In f’.»n
xd*. mil* and 20 v nrd« l«*l'llc H
I ’2 xl’rince Phillsfhorp* 1 • i<*. Fslr
M nlaviif, 'l4 111 i p. ■ • * ||4
t'npper King. 11l rja rlsh Sun 117
Pepper Saiirr. 120. Mo?* Koj, 120
< «»<'ft W.» ter. 120
Fourth lln'-* Pur** 1400 7 y*ar
r.M*. claiming 6 furl'.ni f'r inn.
lof,. xTlricht -iund*. lo" * H*n Hamv>-
•■■n. 107: H*lm*t‘* f)nu|f *>r 11 i P.l
l.i P.min 110 r>m . if !. /.w*l!
IP' M• ir Mirror. in Pn*nnn*. IT 11
.In'k Wiggins. 112 !>’ Pampbslt,
112 11** n -i.i 117 polonium t {rnp >
ll’ Al.«ii eligible \nr,ie l"ile«r.
10*. N'lgt.i '*.p. 112, Ad* n* L. 110
N/'.nm .rn 10,> Alan. ! 12. Sn-- mux
n*’t*. in
F.f'h f.a * Purs* $1 2" : nr 1
ip f ’ .1 \• ir 'hi* an.) up. *. ’ r
li ng* S'-if-t' Flr*f. o,*) ind an f* an*.
"** M>-r 1 in. 1 14.-* w**n 1 * 100, tvp
to* Tea Cm My. 1A« ifnrrs I. 1 \
Phi k Max 11 •’ 'fan'.kin 1 *. Rriin
l*v. pc Fruit '"ak*. IP' Etruscan
114 Vl* «■' »■ ti'* tip rut ('.nKf ig*
’ , * t'ni I* llr .nn 112
Sixth lin • I'n’t* * ' | v*ar '1 ■>
*nl up. mil* anil 70 yar.l* Ma»g* r \
P'2. P" t! t P.l*u 101 it*|uifam., 1 4
«'»rn Broom. 105 P*t «* firnp i. n,
Ocddy, 106. (■•'•nflagratlnn. lOH png.
■.’.'hit.-, 104 Milh*u- 104 Will P
100 r.-a f*...-hi an, 112 t• . 112
AUo .“•• a Ir. hin lo.'.
t«»l*lp'’*'r. 101 CVI <! it*ltu? l.a
High Ifora* 104 >'H*ahfi p. 4«1 •1 r ?
i* 101.
S*v> nth r '*i'» IPura* IS'. 7 ■•*ar
<dd* and up 1 1 14 mil* xKsirv
J»*s*nd o*,. Tingal n»r. ] . |.ar\ I.on.
I'l v. Manage• j»rk r:. . «
Tush T'lih lot \1! 1 *na I'M. Sun
Maid 107 r;-i n*r. P'S P*tr ' * S. 11l
■’nr of
A1 *• 1 *llgt;.|* (j.,id Fr*at B >y. 11 3
xApprmtl** allowanc claimed.
W*atli*r ' l*ar track fa*t
If I. Ilpr.wnoll, managor of thr
In *frnif SafotT loagni*. addr‘-??!ng 1
an open air aafofy flrat niortlnc a*
tho Scripp? school Monday night, j
«ald that fhom »ho afar at hom<*
oan d«> their hit-a* well those
▼ho gn to the front by helping to
'•onserve the life* of worker*.
Rvrry time a man i* the
ofTlriency of the nation ia impaired,
be raid.
Second Count Requires
$20,000 Additional
Bond, Court Rules
Ordered Rooks Mutilat
ed; Pocketed Tax
Check, Say Witnesses
Marie Olscewske,, fiancee of
Tony Kloka, was a witnecs in
Police Justice Heston's grand
Jury probe Tuesday afternoon.
She was questioned presumably
concerning the motor car she’ "
says Kloka sold her for "$1 and
other considerations." As she
left the justice's private offtce
at the end of 20 minutes the jus
tice summoned an offcer who
led her to an ante room and
stood guard permitting no one
to speak with her. It is under
stood she will be questioned fur
Joseph Neiderlander, who
with his son, David, went on
Kloka’s original bond of $15,000,
was another witness questioned
by Justice Heston.
At 4:30 Kloka was still in jail,
his lawyers having failed up to
that time t* necuie bondsmen.
Judge Connolly announced
Tuesday afternoon that he would
meet with the jury commission
Thursday ;."erroon. at 2:30 to
draw a grand Jury If he is up
held by the 6wpi erne cou»t in
his fight with Prosecutor Jaj.
ncwski. In that event, toe j ,✓
will be ordeied to report Cut
urday morning.
Shortly before 1 o’clock Tues
day afternoon, the examination
of Anthony J Kloka on the first
embezzlement charge wan fin
ished and Justice Heston held
the defendant for trial in the
recorder's court.
Bail was f *ed at $1:;>O0O, the
amount in which he w is former
ly held, but the judge announced
that anew bend will be re
Kloka was taken to the coun
ty jail, pending efforts of hit at
torneys to secure bail, which
now totals $35,090 for the two
counts. His examination on the
second charge was fixed for
July 31.
Justice Heston contim »and his
grand ju / investgat ior irfn the
Kloka scandal Tuesday after
AH within two Ncr Monday
I morn in?, Anthonv I K.r 1 -s'-d
graftltiK morn.l • 1 : . (I* a h re
[ arres'e.! on a. '.'o;ul * imt ••• of run
-1 fzzlomnnt, h"!'l on f ■> .atldi
fion.’il ball, and brought into 1 <0 ir‘.
I room H*p**n|ally ”><■•»** fur I * exafn
ina'ion on th'. flr.-r ( I',ll t: . of * in
h#/*lnrnenf mufL ; c' htrn in non
ni »’tion with hi- i;. I ; p*. iluttonA
tn th* 1 County tl , ert.aur« , "*f» ofKrt*.
V\'i s h *urh *w Ift n»> .• n t pmcialon
did Me pro* *'ll rin« r*aih.n<ry work
that damaging t-\ :* n *• » hning
piled up agam-t Kioka on tin- 7i rj*t
'barge only tiv" rr.lntir• . att»r ho
had been arraign, and on cb.'-rge So. i!.
A Jur> a- '. subl > r .on. on the
fifth fltmr «>f th- nitinl. ipiil court*
bulid.r. •*/ > .1' • : *«d o' court
1 room f<*r 'be K!o n examination tud
, arraicnm»*nr
.lu-'i.’e I!.--ton iem.ind- •! f2",2'Kl
ball, two *ure'ie* 01 th- -.<-ord
charge, over the Vigo 0.1? rot. *t of
\’ -ney lam*- \ m 'ha «.n«» of
' Kioka’* conn ejor*. « h u the
' court that the fo:m- r mor'ri y.t tax
: r|erk would be sure to hi In ’rrmft,
"ev n if sotn* Injlixt ' - I p ♦’ -4
|*otm'> would be might v gknl to
| hate him awny " v > -
1 The new hr.H. wf;i»h gome* "n top
of fh** lIS.IWKI *e<tirlf,J . dy ex*
acted on the flrat warrant, wa* re
garded a* *0 unfair by Klo*a‘* at*
forney* that 1i # y (flann-d *0 nets.
tion the clrcuii rou>'t at on« •* for a
writ of ha be* a corpus to obtain hi*
release, on »he ground* lhaf the pro
ceeding* aguinst Kioka are Illegal.
This plan was changed who*

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