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THURSDAY. JULY 2«. 1917.
600,0110 TO
U. S. Can’t Send
Army In Short
100,000 BY JAN. 1,
Shipping Facilities For
Supplying More Not
To m Had
Staff Votre*pondsnt L'tntod Pren •
dred thousand men Is the largest
number th** I'nltod States can send
abroad by September. 1 !>lv
This wa« stated semiofficially to
day, along with the declaration that
not more than 100,000 mm can be
In Europe bv next January The
first of the new national army will
scarcely be in the cantonments be
fore October at the present rate of
camj construction. It takes prne
ticall.. a >ear to turn a civilian info
a good -oldier Hence the second
section of the national army will
not be call* and out before next sum
mer. It is believed
I.ark of .“hipping facilities with
who h to mine the troops across the
\tlanti is the reason for the pe
nilstic tuitlook
Meantime however, all speed will
b< used In getting (lie tlrr-r drafted
troop mto hha sand training
It was settled today rigid military
law applies to drafted men as anon
as they are notified "held for ser
Cults- plan« ate changed offices
of local hoards will be the rendez
vous. rpon notil’icatlon iron f< r
the fiisf levy will assentbl* at this
rendezvous and start to the can
The war department is debating
whether to send them to the ramps
in charge of military officers or a!
low Ho m to go "on their honor."
The department inclines toward the
latter plsn
If any men summoned to the
rendezvous fail to appear a squad
of soldier- w I be sent ‘o bring
them. They are tli» n lmble to pen
alty for absence without leave In
case the evasion continues they be
come deserters
Ibafted no n will be sent to ramp
wi*h men from ’heir own -fate and
to the n* tress possible camp
Geti Crowder today declared the
newspaper's wer* his greatr>t aids
In the registration anti draft.
Three Injured When A -7 Is
HI own l p By Lasoline
WASHINGTON. July 28 Fire
men were killed and three injured
In ao evplosmn aboard the T'nfed
l?U»tea submarine A7. off CaTlte.
P 1
Th* dead are
T.le*,t. Ju^iot - Gride. Arnold M* r
cui- machinists mate, first class,
H H Lang gunners mate, second
class, O Hopewe.'l, chief FTlectriclan
J >1 Curry and machinists mate,
K A K inz
The injured, a’l of whom were
burn*'*! above ipe waist and on the
arms w • re
Chief Electrician C. Schnlltn.
fireman se on 1 cla-s, \ M Jacobs
mach:ni«P ’riatt-. second class. I P
A -»atem<nf Issued by Secretary
Par <■'«, -aid
Ih. Cause of the explosion, from
th* ; re', i.uP.nary examination, appear
ed t. 1. be : IJ. ■ to a collection of gastw
line f ine - in a pov k* * within tie
boat Th* cause of ihe tgrutK.n of
these fumes has not a* vet Keen
and» termined
Th>- explo-ion happened af 4 4h p
m yestr rd *
Tie nnru;il convention of the
Michigan I * >ru* r»f Municipalities
at Otatul Rapids fodav and
will continue iv<r tomorrow
Printing—thr pli.ln nrst kla*—thst
U right—Titer* ,l<«h Ittgl,— Mnln 4**3o
Slain Detective and Partner
Who Is Seriously Wounded
Th*“*#> two detective* were shot from am hush with anaed-of? shotgun*
on Lafayette are Mm, lute Tueaday night. Roggera being inntnntly killed
*nd hi* partner. Kolb, aerlnualy wounded The police have arrested more
than s dozen auapert* In wttb the killing.
Police Tell Mayor (afe Is
Rendezvous For > icious
B. A Franklin, proprietor of th**
Tokio cafe # in the Burris hotel on
Cadillac sq , w.i« put *>n trial before
Mayor Marx, Wednesday morning
to defend his restaurant llc**ns*-. Po
lice CoinmiabioQcr _(/ouz*-m* hue aak
ed the mayor to revoke the licenao
aiul haw tiled charges supporting his
claim that the cal»t is a rendezvous
for vicious and undesirable women
Ormond F Hunt represented the
case and at once made a motion to
dismiss the tas* b»*caust* the com
plaint aerved ou the proprietor was
faulty and also because the mayor
bad bo Jurisdiction When Uw
mayor denied this motion, on ad
vice of Corporation Counsel Ding**-
man, Mr Hunt made a motion that
the whid*- matter he referred to the
common count'll
Hh dVclnred that tha defendant
had a right to be heard before a
tubunal that was unbiased and un
prejudiced Ho denied that th**
inayot was unprejudiced, and said
that the corporation counsel and po
lb e commission* r, being members
•of the mayor’s ednnntstration, were
likewise prejudiced.
Mayor Mar* d* Jared that he ha*l
not made up Ida mind and f*-lt per
fc(Vtl) fr* e to heat tiit» eviden* *• .md
reach Ids de*'ision on that alone He
ordefeji tii* cas*' to proceed Mr.
Ding* man put **n a number **f police
officer- to testify as to their investl
gallons These men said they went
to th** case with orders to dirt with
I worn* n Other policemen waited
•outside to arrest wi>m*n who < aim*
out with the sleuths
I’he mayor’s office was fllb'il with
tn’ersted c p*sttttiirs who found
much amuseimnt in th* cross exam
I'uiti<-ns i ndutted by Mr Hunt In
qu*-tuning n young pollc* sttjdenT.
David \ Smith, who testiffeil that
lie had b* 'P a* costed h> a woman in
th*’ i tf *', Mr Hunt asked If she w as
flashily dr* »* aI. wot** paste dia
monds or covered lir la* e with
r*aim Ihe w:*n*-s uni .-he was
"Ab< ut lik*- a f;**h;%nable society
woman asked Mr Hunt.
"Yes. a ■ th* rami'," replied the
The ca * was continued Thursday
mot nmg
Frank and John Koni mow-ski.
brothers and John Zaya* 1 , ail *>f It**
trott, wer*> t ri* *1 in t ..*• ITni•1 T ni• *-d S' *.'• ■
district court. Tuesday, on the
1 chargg of «»ea ng < w*dge
cakes from a n-*ti**d P**r*' Marquette
car They were accused of having
curried off three of th* c ake- whi«l
w. igh more tiiati pound* • * h
Th** ca*-* was -übniitted to th** Jury
••arly In th* , t'*'r:.**m I. t * a
- not until pa-t midnight tha* th*
I Jury reported, declaring Za\>** was
i guilty of re* • iving 'h** stolen prop
' erty and disagreeing .*, if,. . of
the young brothers
ZavHc be* am* •nt aged w hen h*
heard th* verdict *:.ii imm* Lately
mad*- a * *,r :<■ -.oti in whi.n in* ad
r.utt* I hi- iW n guilt, and implicated
the two b )> s !t, hi- and imfftir*
h<* gave tT < di«trict attorney infer
mat ion that convinces the authori
ties tl*> will not hav* further
trouble ;n getting convictions. The
boys will be placed on retrial inmie
diately Meanwhile Zayac will no’
b-* sentenced ur il the boys ar«
tried hut will b* held as a witness
against them
With th* ezeeption of II \ TKn;g
las. who r* tired recently :t - director
und treasurer *n devote ins atten
'.on to tuber in’* r* fs, directors ot
*he Michigan Sugar company were
all reelected m tt>e annua! meeting
of the stockholders in Saginaw Mon
da v night. The director* dec'ar* l
ih«- usual quarterly dividend of on*
and on*' h«if per cent on the '•orn
pany’s pt*f*rr*d v(t**'k. and two pet
c»nt on IT ♦ common stock, and an
extra do <>• nd of two p* t <• nt ou
the common oarers elected are
President. Charles H Warren. T>**
troit, fit-t vice j r-rideht. r;.-org i‘.
Motley. Htigtnnv second vie* pr**o
| dent, C.ilb* rt V Dee. I w troit sec
retnry and tre;isur**r. I' it I'Hthn
•wav, Ttetroj* general manager. V\
11 Wallace, Saginaw.
Wopian iiatTor* at the municipal
: bathing r**sort in Fort Worth will
be required to wear sk;rn to *h*lr
knees, if h petition of the women’s
Hubs of that city u- granted by the
!<|t> commissioner*
■' Vv~;
Names Fijrhtintf Machine for Georgia Girl
v ‘ ' ST ///
■ >'■<?. ■/_ %
I ,
i *1
This r*l<'turr la m lltllr frlrk of tlir |i hu t *•■ rn |»tt rr, for )kr pleturr of
I leiitennnt t hlanm *IHIna on hla iilrplmir lllrni, nu a l.krn on thr
t rrm l, front, innn. mllr. from tlir prnrrfiil •reiir nbrrr Xllaa Xllem
fl* lil«-r mu plinloc raplinl In krr ln-.rKlil homr. Thr llrutrnont rrerl»r*l
hla olrplnnr Irilnlnn nt Xiianafa, nhrrr lir mrt *ll.. I lrltlrr. \\ rltliiK I'*
n frirntl In XiiK'iatil, I Ir uI r ill. n t I hl.Hin aulili
"IhI» la in) aprrlnl tnarhlnr mhl«-li no one ftlra hut in.arlf nml al»r
I. rloliiK wonderful >tork nml then- nrr plant, nf lit tie round pntclira nit
Iter t.lmt* tn .kirn wbrrr Mon tiiillrl. hair In mini un rout fort it h I.» rloar to
thr pilot.”
Marine Corps Is Chief Cainer;
Thirty-first (iets New
Mem he is
The draff has made the marine
corps so popular with conscripts
'hat the quota of 'he I ketrolt C»*
fruiting off,, e for the month is a!
ready exceeded K<>; i una 1 *ly lor
the applicants, the government doe
not hold the re* ru r, rw officer
strictly to the quo -t, which may be
doubled or tr* iod How evi i, the
ranks are rapidly filling ip anri it
will bt inly a matt*” of day w hen
*b> t orps will reiuh it-- full war
't> rn:'b of ."'Hi .. n, tn 'h* upifi
lun of I ie*it M A Smi'h, In chaigc
of if h froi* office.
Th* Tinny lit: r* K.rrien' obtained
tei r..\- a• •).! armory Tuesday
l’hy-:,i! examination- are being
1 "nducted woth dispatch, and the
outlook P that they will be com
ple'ed Friday, a* scheduled F’rof
M'red jg Wanhtn of th* ■’• of M
",'iv the guardsmen a lecture on
el« ,iti l ying T p -day
KiPir-'lioiits in the regular army
continue at .» eiidy pace w bile th*'
navy 'to# •as b* ••:* obi u.r»d to turn
,w.t> many ;*pp'.t an' - because of
•pi linii placed on enlistments.
The libraries of the country ha***
placed themselves in line x.th other
bodies of professional men who are
putting fb.ejr expert knowledge and
evpei ence a* the disposal of their
coun'rv A committee on war ser
vice for libraries was appointetd by
the American library association in
its n o n* annual mee ting in IvnuK
* ill* Ky. This committee i« about
♦r* laun< h a campaign to raise a hnTf
million dollars for the service In
w hich It is inter* sted One of its
immediate aims is to provide w.||
Justice Stein Wednesday morning
wen* af'* r the men who have been
acting in n disorderly way with
children fining two of them sr»o
ru h. w ith the alternatlv* of f*o
In tie House of Correction Mike
OVotinen. iig'd 49, no home, and
Charles Cornier '3 'ears old. No.
10 Highland Park w<Te
the pair rent* need
Col Theodore Roosevelt has ar
tepted an itiv.t«tmn .to speak before
the convention of the Loyal Order of
Moose In Pittsburgh today
It’s an Old Truth
Anythin* that costs you money fa
cheap or dear according to what
you VET rather than what you
pay for it.
Peerless Dentistry is VALVE
dentistry ah%>lute!y painless—
and at all times maintains the high
est quality no matte? how trivial
* the “joh” may he.
Tome NOW and hine your teeth
attended to. j
V- ' J
Peerless Painless Dentists
• Woodward and Jefferson
treated with great succrw. No Knife.
No Pain. Consultation free; 2 to 8
P M. “Clinic” 6 West Warren Ave.,
U -.in M, N NX’ mcr Woodward
I yceum ° pe - w -^ c
si \i*w M\riM:r:. ji n -«*
Boyer-Chatterdon Cos.
“Mile-a-Minute Kendall"
in ::an srK \ «*iiii , 4
Hricolar l’«»»fti||*r nml A «r*n ".rAlrr*
I’rnfA*. Mono Or*lrr«, llnll or I able,
t.rent llrltaln. Irrluad, S*-anallnn * la,
I lnl>, I r.trr, I'orluual. % i*i<ln
**«,!’aerla nd.
F * furtUer ii'.ioi’nation apt
21 *1 \TK *l’.i V 1., ur l.ueal X** i*’»
I’rintln*—tkr plain ami kind—tl.ai
la rlakl—Time. Jab. I»rpi.—>f 11 In 4-* - 1 >
Vacation Tours
4 Irrrland. •-.•'d*i tluftMln. S4i
Toronto, fT,..*•**; Montreal, gnrbrc.
NEn I wrk. SII..V>| Markina*'*
fs'. ra»! s,*«, »i4..v»} Part Arthur,
l:*7l Duluth. •2V.no.
A . IT.I III* M'S H-lla* Hiir.mli-
I rulu-», I )et mil -Dulu Ah. SBli Ml
in< luclinw meals, berth, side tripe
Then tl*'ke’» t*» W Innlpr* V
special train service, } nut
w «), $, . round trip.
Drfrult-A kl* «*«> and return
meal* and berth included. .'*.»*•-
special V-Dajr A rxilae, t*e’l
Niagara. T> rent* . i.*aat lalanda.
M nlt*al. O'iebev, SI Anne dr
Itreuprr and *»|Hinn) It I* rr,
Au* 3. retuinlii*; v g 1 ’ •oT.vi.
Dc nil expense.- aid fr .-
and service* of <*ur repre** ill
Dally trips on the S’ Law
rrnce t-tivrr. M«»ptrra' Qu**l»e*
*>t Anne de I4*-aupre. Sftg!i»ia\
Htver with or wit limit meal* *>r
bt>t h.
H*»tel reservetl*>r# at lendi* g
hotels with prepaid coupons.
Tourist Director
flt» VA. Furl st.. Detrwlt. HI. h.
fklatrirt f‘MS*>en*er An.nl
Xwrthrrn X*•*la a A ton * o.
I anadinu SfeamalOp Lines, I id.
I BoMlMrrflribHEWlMttoHßfiMNdNl
| Wharf foot of arl#\ a’ - vtn
tln»r for thr Klf w Taanntnn F* * At rt
Port Hiiinn «*a> port- mrurnnn ;<■<»*
lto*rolt da'if r». .p’ Km uk,i k «' « h
210 p n and i p in Min<t«%« * u in
anil 2ln p m Hunday m> til >
Mmint' for th« Flali- " .vr l’.» r a
and Alfonor, 2 p in K ■ r • ■ ■ ->’
I Kuiinr laUiri «t.«in* ( 1»-a . . .i*. » 1*
a m anil ' p ir. >uin.ay» f• ii *io
110 a m ands It' p m f n f : i*.«r
MuA, I.St a
and I p. n.
*'•' H ■f'a.r ." . "a ~*| jr (
• m Far* 14 u« e •■: ■ .• -la rt l i ,
bar*ii and point# aoufh «tai-> i > tfc p m
aad II ut i in »»i •- i* a u nanp
•*• apt tninda) v I A|ix Ma<M.mt<
If land ht .« i > „
ttaro and Haiurdax in i m W <|
naadaya am i r
teal tlma. St*am«if #a • nf Thlftf
»*anue City I iff Vi a
••Id atiaat Fnon* * #- > <n
Now’s-the time to open M you want to save
an old • fashioned —**■ money, come
jf / Only 3 Mare Days
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M Dressers Davenports Rockers Ruga K9|
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■HRjfl } . 1 ..-.--T, IH..V* 1 • 1 >av n,• .rid .UJVU *.%0 »\*> lUK It* tn K.iga 740 H hMM
HHB 4 • p-j.jwi t«•I 1 n v*•l * l rt» *2.50 S» iiotk-r* 0.85 9v*2 Brti»s-ll Hint* 10.7 ft BEjBB
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w. . k arrival a. gU^^H
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Detroit A Cleveland Navigation (oinpany
f ' \ * • • «»t’i •. < , * • r| > S'.H l • tiV* Knot of Third “*t.
Big Steamer leaves every day
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b M&} m*. Put-in-Bay, Cedar Point,
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i»iih • R«m •« ill** itx*.
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k V/Vliee IA HP r Week fi»M. T*. I Hnmtujß ft.
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|if«iirti>a aii <1 Itatlting. Fare (Eicefk Holiday*) 400 Uillilren Z .*> r
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Kreninii Karept Non. and Moa. Si.KI Fare 40c. (Euept Hokd.y*)
mndav kvk. Columbia Lake Ride Co*e.n 40«
a* H*a.ra *walH*J. Raatera Ktaaidard Tlaaa All trip* Icmr Itaeaa AC
Tke ritkl larWMR aar paaaaa alalariaa ia kaada aai park la raaaraad.
NiKb'i *3n^ sr *4K^T»u.
Farewell Week—Bth Seaeoii
Divnrrnna And u one-Act Plug
Uivorcons B » Helen II Mitebol
n iimth pour*
i ;
4nd Other Feuturea.
ItH !l O'Ooruun Olrlai Hood A Iklr-
I ffm le > i Harr) Klllat Bert Hhepherdf
13 I rnl« A Norton i Dnuedln Dm*
||jj l- red Kwruaui Mmtrruanipr.
24—11 e« lldrrlna Hewntj Bel lea >4
W restling hira. >m"4 r If Sou l.lke
r Anil IA C R 1 M 1 x <*' *—
V/MUILL#44e ®Opp Hotel. OdßUe
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%eml Week—THK ( AhAIU.T MRU

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