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THURSDAY, JULY 26. 1917.
LONDNON, July 2* A G>f «
prophecy of th** fate of 'h< (krni.n
empire i* said lo have worked m»
successfully a* to cau*** the kalt-er
to ft-tti the *nd of hi* rule ha tonu
«ld in H4I, thf k its ; ■
grandfather, Prince William of l*rus
.-In who had made himself unpopu
lai during thr Berlin revolution of
n year before, w«i In Mainz. Til*
filled a* a civilian and attended
only hv an eld
A gypsy woman addressed him h*
•'lmperial Majesty” anJ offered
tell hi.*. fortune Amused, because
at he time he thought hit diance
of euereedlne even to the Prussian
throne was slight, the prince a*k*d
•' 'lmperial majesty!’ and ot what
empire, pray*”’
"Os the new German empire,” was
the reply.
“And when la this empire to h/»
formed ?” he Inquired.
In the Religious World
Ter*« Comment* on the Unifcrm
Praver Meeting Topic cf the
Young People'* •ocieti** —Chris-
tian Endeavor, etc.—for July 29:
"E vangeliatic. Educational, Medi
cal and Industrial Work in Per
etgn Mission*.-Isa •1:1-3.
Certain >ld word* .vr», b> lng ln'er
prefed moi largel., nowadays. Time
was when vome persons declared
lh« mselves in favor of eviingelte Ic
missions, bur opposed to medical
nnssons Now we see that m :t ver>
real altho broad sen?-©, medical ind
eoueatlonal mission* are evanffells
tic. Tfiey inteipret the religion •'
Jesus to comraunltle* and nation.
Their ministry mirror*' 'he mind of
the Master They are actually tell
ing me story In comprehensible
terms to multitudes who never h' S'
the Gospel from the lips of a mu
• • ••
The Great Physician surely count.'
• a In the true ilnr of snrresstnn to
Hlmaelf all who 1 enl the sick, Rive
sight to the blind and bind up-the
wound* of the hurt in body
• • •
On the mission field, a* every
where else Christianity has to do
with men who work In some lands,
notably in India, the mission*• let
have had to train their converts up
Into new forms of self support ll©
jected from thHr old relationship*
because they have become Chris
tiana, these natives hate *o h**
taught other Industries. Thus it I*
that In India especially there ar-* n
g-rea* many Industrial missions,
pome of which are almost seir suj
• • •
The lace making of ArrmnD.
China, Ind a. Japan and K.i-*
Immense industries, which now ip
port tens of thousand* of pei oi.
was taught to the native* by..nil'
elonariea, Trotestant and Rom
Catholic This Is hut one tn«'an< •
Os the Introduction of new vocations
by the representatives of the Gospi I
• • •
Nothing can take the place of al
luring men to new life by the proe
lamatlon of the Story The only sure
way of making over this old *mrth,
with Its complex sins and problems,
la to win men to personal salvation
In Jesus Christ.
• • •
Thrumit China they hare buili
many educational establishment*,
they have attr*' ted inn* the.-#* i duen
tlonal establishments th.> n;Mi of the
Student cl*«s. an I the t they have
taught them the ait at truths that
we belle*. Snm« havr tiren c<n
rerted, soru* IriH convened. »<ine
have merely admired Chilsr.nnit)
from the outside, but it Is by bem
that China h;** been influenced
With one or two exception*, ich is
8' Stephen's college »t Hoi”. KoU .
r.nd sh” I>ondnn Mission college at
Tientsin, we must allow lint fh<
grea' bulk of ©dura'hmal osLibll'h
inents are American and that the
greatest missionary work Hint bur
been done In modern times, ih
work fcy which China haa been
changed from being an oppress!''
and heathen autocracy to an en
lightened modern nation, had been
done by American modern energy
and American money. The new
China has been made in America:
that great, massive power tha* mu.«t
influence the whole Industrial his
tory of the world draws moat of Ms
Inspiration* from the \m©rlenn
trained student*, and It la not with
out mining that In choosing anew
system of government under the In
fluence of these students China pre
ferred a president lo a king
• • •
After all the other aspect* of mis
Sion* have been recounted. It still
remains true that not the vast edu
rational or medical or literary nr In
dustrtal or exploration or political
achievements of milslons are th*
great eat work of Chrtstlanlt v’s for
elgn propaganda The work of
worka. the crown of crowns, of
Christian missions haa been In lead
Ing myriads of individual men. worn
en and children Into the n*w life
that Is In Jeaus Chrtat. Mission*
bear to the non Christian world the
gift of salvation They preach the
Onapal of MdsstaUoa. AH •!** Ik»i l
! On a scrap of paper, the gypsy
wrote 1 v |9, added each of the four
members tc the vest and obtained
the total 1871
“Aiul how long ahi I to rule over
(hie emp r* *;*kcd th« prince.
The woman repeated the opt ra
tlnn with the year 1871 and obtain
ed rsMe
Astonished by her confidence • the
prime then aeked. “And how long
i* this fine bmplre to laaf*’’
Again the woman performed 'he
same operation, this time with lkffi
and obtained 1013
ritire enough, Prince William be
came German emperor In l»7l nr.d
dt* <1 in I*BB And the year 11*13
was the la*l complete year of the
kaiser’s unchallenged supremacy.
It I" ett id the « ff. Ct Os »he frutf)
of the prophet y thus far on the
k.ii era mind has cau-ed him lofear
its further fulfillment.
they ha\* d*»ne f«»r tin- world pale*
info pettlu*- •, alongside of th<* fact
that thev hav" |«d multitudes Into
a knowledge of the Saviour
"The *r«t.<> of lif*- arc to make,
not hi oak us\non
• • •
I.ov*- alone has the power to strike
lhs* chord of self tha* It shall pas*
in music mu' of the harp of life.—
James MacDonald
• • •
tVh rf.iin*« his brother'* welfare
\ * hn> r-d h * H* »'n,
And lov»«, foiKivM un<l pttt<*»,
Ms semeth Christ alone.
• * •
Th**rr 1* no prayer worth the
name rhar Is unaccompanied by et
fort to makf the prayer rums true
llei b*-rf L XVi ><j '
• • •
Bear y* on** another’* burden*,
and no fulfil the law of Christ
• • •
Tt r th* treasure fre. 1\ gtven
D the treaaur. shat we board.
Pine* the i-rei- ’n heaven,
t'hat Is I*• n t uri t. thr Cord.
tr>tin <! Haxe.
• • •
You will find as you look hr.ok
upon your Ilf** t’ at fh** moment*
that stand out. the moment* «-h' n
you h tv<* really lived, are the mo
ments when vou have done thins
in a spirit of lore.—Henry Drum
Flah Had Four Feet.
rx*ws. la . July 2<?. While Ashing
In fh** fowa riv* r Haymord Peter
son ratight a strany* thing l-ocal
‘C'entlat* have ptonouneed It a
•’hii’iVf)* ro'ish.* >:< *h:« wa> " hut »ome
i-f Oi '■.■■ ■< | f* (1 11' til: Ods .«'! v It
’* a- tn’td puppx 'noun, 1* wk ;
a 'tianßf >< Ring trhier with a
bodv ki i:n «P was
t t •; Inr-T • l*ng It ttad a head
like :t flr.h with the exception tha-
Instead of pills It had a collar of
fur Just hack of the head It had
four lers and In some respect* re
*-embled a baby alligator. The little
animal put up a pretty game Aght
for a while, but it soon died when
exposed to the air It will he sent
to a large museum In New York
Soldler’a Mother Beg*
( OU'MBUS. O , July ?t —"lfy
son Is with the American boy* m
Prnnre and I have no one to sup
port me." pleaded Mr*. John M.
(irant. who Is blind, before the city
council while seeking permission to
«lng on th<* street for the pennies
that may be given her The council
had Just accepted anew anti-beg
ging ordinance. Asa result of Mr*
Orin , 's appeal, which moved sev
eral of the counrilmen to tear*, the
ordinance may he modified *o blind
persons may seek alms.
Ip ■«ss-ssav ■ yiwim—w—tßi— ——
/(> J CANADA—the DeUght
itil tali of the Refined Tonnst
vftJWK Muakoka Laks*, Lak* of Bay*. Ttmagaml, Algonquin
Park, Kawartha Lakas. Flinch River, Nlpisaing, Oaorglan
Virtrd Bay, the St. Lawrence Rivet, Montreal, Quabac—aacb baa
|i I'ljll llllj ita apacial attraction.
KgSSyaTiigfifl All are cool: 03 dagraaa aummar avaraga. High altitude:
1.800 feet above aea level. Delicioua, clariflad, pin# laden
|UaH air. L*>nd days; lingering twilight. Lakaa, a park ling
au earns, boundlaaa wooda
Tha ultra reflramenta of hotal luxury to camping In *hs
open, or. a happy medium—ruatlc camps and family cot-
Vl-uor boating, flahtng, t anoaing, bathing, dancua,
I card*, tennis, golf. Travel over tha
CflflC grand trunk
through Toronto, possibly computing tha journsy by
. v at-aner, launch nr canoa.
a m gas eaun«»v wbub I* •»
"Fg" «b*' ’■> I" mo.in* ptrtur.. <>-T,,f.hso IVWIIbM
..| [I 1 atve. tltusi. Q”*l auiCe books. wtOi maps. '*••.
mrffd W I M. Me c. Smith. C. r. AT. A.. UN ■|)fl|Rl
•» I W(*«lssnl tvs, Mrfr.lt, Mala SM*|
Several ePoplt Injured Wednes
day Night; Children In Ma
jority, An Usual
Struck by a motorcycle at Me
riellan ave. and KYreat ave. east,
Wednesday olght, William E Kin
lav, aged .'id, sustained Injuries that
forced his removal to Harper ho*
pital His condition Is serious and
It la thought his skull Is fractured
Lewis Moore, the driver of the mo
torcycle, la held by the police on a
• harp** of reckless driving
K*nnle> Anderson. aged seven,
No fik! Hamilton ave. while run
ning Across the street, was knocked
down by a machine driven by James
('. Berkley, No H 27 8t flair ave.
The youngster was not seriously
hurt and was taken home
"Joe” Tarko. two year* old, No
23 Thirty flrst-at . was injured quite
seriously when an auto driven b\
William Kubietowakl, No. 1682 June
flim-avc , struck nim on Thirty first
st , near Jackaon-st H** was taken
to Wee, vlug hospital
Peter Zbykowskl, aged 24. No
1k Mcpougall ave , while atepping
from a street car .»t Kerry and Gran
dy aves, *its struck by au auto
driven by .John Montgomery, No
3oir, Woodward ave He was taken
so the in'
Stage SS»
Due E,t wards' ftmoui proteges,
(iruigi, and Cuddle*, in their new
■slid xoiithful fantasy. 'The Hand box
Ite\ u< will t..p the vaudeville bill
in th- T.inpie theater next weak
TIo-y will be aaalated by anew bat
t.il • nos sweet sixteen* of beauty,
charm and tal-nt There will be 11
new numbers «.f aong. travesty,- Intl
tal n. dancing and ans»-mtde p|<
turc» \li of tne approved Gu* Ed
vii ■>- '>le, maktng this net the
hicßost summer attra«tion in current
iva nut \ 111, The lyric* <»f 'he act
ia i * ti\ .Gan Have/, w hile the mill-
I'sry drill number* were stng<-,| by
Jante* and mian Ml « rur* 'f ««>urse
sre ti> <lu* Etlyvard* Eapecially
prominent in the tevuc Vincent
! G Donnall, Goldie Krusader. I.U' III e
j Kent, Marie Hall and a chorus <>f
! beauty buds Kecond feature of (he
program will he spencer Charier*
und players In 'The Hermit.'' •!*-
crlbcd as a decided novelt) In tb
coni-d> playlet line f'hartet s. In
this same kind of a role, was the
big hit In the orlrmal production of
"Seven Keys to Ttaldpate.” Seven
other acts m.* usual will complete a
splendid summer Mil for T-ntpUit**
Mil*-a >1 inut- Kendall.’ which
w ilt open the |,m- ,Tt s< sson, neat
we, k, rev*ats. 'he e«pei|sn<ea *>f a
youth fn m th* \ew \< rk colony of
the n -.v r 'h who dnd* thnt the dis
sipation* Use ►- I,ted life sre a*
n tnin*' t > 'he tru'h* <-f simplicity
s'hrr he Gi-itiii'-a en-tmored of Joan
Kvans of tt.e "s>stde Inn. and for
sake- |. u ' folinyvlng an«l its at
tendant • ons- -i nc-s The comedy
w*a„ wilt' n l>> uwen Davis, *n,| thl*
pof.ular w rite he never gi\*-n to the
st,-ici n l - 11 ei <»r truer i haraeter
tlisn the warm lo arted misguided
yi.-itr «vt". tlrds development snd
nit orcte mill mnirn' fai fvm Mis
li»- t» of Hroadwav Mr r»a> Is has
taken ttic obl-tlm*' rural dramatic
l>* i r snd w-ov n around them s
new environment l.nst season the
pb, v w»- i o k rue ess In New York
und Chicago. It w;1l be presented In
tho Li • Nm> i Hi ysr and Ar
thur Chrt'erton und company.
Tho \fnpria plan bank was pic
tured a* a builder of character by
Eugene W f ewia, vlro prealdent of
! the Timkrn T>et*-ott Axle company.
at a luncheon in Hit el fitatler. Wed
| pesd*- a'tended hv about a score
iof r>i *r-> 1 ♦ bti n*-ss men. Bf lt«
j moth and of uiakine small lean* to
salaried p pie the bftnk encouraged
hah'»- of «hr tf t, he *aid
Kd 1 In 9 G orge president of the
Detroit Morrl" i lan bark, sn'tl that
out of T'T'i * lo.tnt- by Morris
bank- as shown b> records, less
i ■ cent of bt noii in
d,,> .. r hid to be notified und less
thr o two '*r cent hrd to roahe good
a nd’I pq• icp* 1 e Other speakers wer©
William J Gray, vice president of
the First A Old Detroit National
hank, and .Tame* A Hoyt, vice pres
ident and manager of the Morris
Plan bank of Detroit
Bt*al Church Bell*.
FARGO. N D July 2s.—Metal
obtained from the two hells stolen
from the Catholic church at Flngal.
i Rarres county, one night recently
1 and from the church at Saunders,
four miles south of Fargo, the fol
lowing evening. Will net the thieve*
about |I.RdA, according to State
Architect 9am Crahhe Pell metal
la made of copper, bra**, bronze and
aluminum and some tin. which hsve
soared In price since the war Pell
metal noor should bring he
-1 tween *0 and 78 cents a pound. Mr.
Crabbe sold It 1* believed the
thieves are making Fargo their head
quarters, and that after robbing the
church at Flngal they worked their
way east to Saunders and then tnto
j this city.
Fourth Year and Fiftieth Thousand
The New Type 57 Cadillac )
arc safe in expecting great things from this new
Cadillac. You know the goodness that has gone before.
You know that for three years now, the Cadillac has concen
trated on the one type —the Vtype eight cylinder.
In all that time Cadillac engineers have devoted their energies
and their skill to the perfection of a principle, and to the
raising of a standard.
The Eight Cylinder Cadillac embodying that principle now
enters its fourth year and its fiftieth thousand.
How much this means, you who drive Cadillacs and who know
Cadillac thoroughness, can readily understand.
It means of course that you gain immensely by every one of the
forty-nine thousand that have gone before.
All the experience gained and all the excellence attained must
culminate in the greatest of all cars which a great factory
has ever built.
Those who know the Cadillac, know it for certain refinements of
performance—peculiar to itself.
These are Cadillac marks of distinction— recognized and admit
ted everywhere—raised to anew pitch of perfection.
The new car is brought closer than ever to that ideal in which
the motive power is completely forgotten.
You who have reveled in the superlative smoothness that en
abled you to relax both mind and body, will find anew
measure of relaxation now.
You who have enthused before in its mastery over the hills, will
renew your enthusiasm.
The new Cadillac adds honor to a long line of fine cars.
We believe that it approaches more closely to real greatness
than any moloi car the world has yet produced.
Tho Codillar T\('< '? r h* ni’ailubb udtk ihf following body ft yin. Stondord Sovom*
Pmnrqrr Car, Fkhi-f'u . w<7" P ho*l n J no-Potirngtr Poodtlfr w*tk Pumblr Stoi. Pour Ponrmoor
Comortiklo Victoria Fkr I i r Prouaham, Four-Postongtr Towm Itmorntm* omd Tomm LsmdmioL
too’om Pot***or* lini 'u r uir I at doulot o*\d / tnptr%oi.

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