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Conscript Wealth , Solons Demand
A few Intimidated advertiser* have joined the
other evening papers In an offensive to force
The Times to abandon the One Cent field.
The Times will not surrender the ground it
has held for 1 7 years.
Wilson Kxpected To
Fix That Kate
At Once
PRICES at Tin:
CHICAGO, Aug. 22.—The
price of retail coal dropped $1
to $1.50 here today with the an
nouncerrent by President Wil
•on that the price of coal at the
p>t shall be reduced.
WASHINGTON. Auk 22 Kvenf*
»haped rapidly today toward relie'
Irg »he threatened ooal shortage and
high price >4 for fuel rhrunuf th°
Tentative prices, averHging about
$2 23 ft ton for homo slat's, fixed hv
President Wilson—for coal at the
ruoufh of every hituminous mine,
went into effect F*rlces to retailer'
and consumers will follow shortly.
The rat® of profit to be fixed by
the president is expected to be 20
cents a ton for wholesaler* and s‘*c
for retailer' Th: added to the
president's prici at th• mouth of
the mine in th L". l coal districts of
the country, together with railroad
frelgh’ and expense of local d* liv
cry. will afford every city a working
basis for figuring the coal costs to
the American home Costs for the
average hou** should h* figured on
prepared *tz<'\ which are 2f.c higher
than tfje "run of tnin* " coal.
The presfd* nt's prices at th<
mines range Iront s:'.•<> with he
coal vein to |3.25 in Washington
► tale’s stlt illest ' ein
\ntll incite prices will he fixed
The official announcement from
the Whit* House follows
The f'dl. wring “«.tle f, f prt< o Is
(iri S‘-t -.1 f. ■ t llt . in"U*- 111 Ht »»•<
min* 1 n tie •> \ rji i ■• a I pr' u<" UK
clistrl'ts It Is f'i visional -'nlv It
Is suh.l et t r*l nslderatl -*i when
the wti I* mrth'd .. f ••Imin atrnng
the fu.'l silppll* -f th*. «.<iuntr> “hii 1
|.|v* ti*.en al l sfMet. re. *• rka ni r.*-<1
• n.l c'lt info operation
Sufis** 111 •-nt n<* ns'ir* s will I *'• *■ as
Ihrlr ol« j.-i t >• sci an.l ** r. t abl**
. ..ntrel of the «h«t rthutton • f th*- <up
t>ll*-* mml • f th* pro not nlv at
the min**, hut a I *■ 1 • In the bands of
the rri old l eme n nml the retailers
The ;>t n*s provisionally flx*--1 tiere
are ft x* *1 >•> mv au»hoflf> under the
provisions nt rVie rri •nt set f < '-n
--ure«s T' < tiding sdm Ini sirs I t*'n °f
the food siij.plv >f th* * - iintrv. w-hl.-h
also « inferred - upon the executive
control of the fu*d supply. They are
based upon t‘ e a tuftl i o*f of t>r->
*lii. th n itiil ai •• deemed to I-** no*
on I* fair rind In-t. but liberal a«
well t’nder flier., th* industry should
n* W her. 1.0 I r ini In* n
Ptn-es nr*, on f b. mine t>a«ls
for t* n* of 2.ft"" pounds
stun I’re- or
of pare<l screen
mi n e sl/.es itlgs
Pennsylvania f- ft 1 3 2 5 113 5
Mar viand - r * ” ~ * ’• ' ~
West Virginia. 200 225 1 75
Ti **i Virg in*a
(new- rlv*• r) 21 5 24 a 1 '* ft
Virginia 2 ftft 2 2*
r.h|«. ifhlek vein i 2 oft 2 2.*
<>hio (thin vcint 2v. J ti ft 2 Ift
K entuckv . . . 1 2 2ft 1 70
Kentu* ky <.l*dll
co | . 2.4 f- 2 215
Ala t<sms < Pratt •
Jaeger and Co
rona > 2.1* f 40 no
Alabama iCrml'x
a 141 a* k Creek) 2 4ft 2*S 21*
Tennessee < east
ern i 2 Ift 2 55 2.ftft
Tenness*. ■ f lelll
r. . 3 4ft 2 4'. 21*
Indiana 15*
Illinois 1.<45 2 20 1 7f
Pro-Germans From America Defame Uncle Sam To Russian "Workmen , Declares Russell
Lies About United States Spread By German-Controlled Press and By Pro-Kaiser Agitators On Street Corners; I»t of C ommon People In America Pictured As Opprcs*i\e.
Thle I* f J»*• third of th** ertlrlrß
It >- *'loir l*-* Mwitd
Bluff writer f -r Th** Tlmtt, who Bp*-nt
thrrr iiv>niha in Kiibblb hb 4 mtinlitr
**f ihf [ . rn. Ul ftoot ion tnlni<li>ri Bp*
pointf-fi iiy |*r**Bi*l'nt Wilson Thesr
Brt|r|*j» ri.pt him the fruftß of ttus
Bells >.< l.«#• r\ bt tonb fn hln duel re*
parity b* reporter end government
tnvßßttifßt' r
If you am an American. of coiiriß
you hope that Russia will hr ac
tire and strong on thr battlr line,
delivering a punch for th« allies.
| Illinois i3d veln» 240 205 215
■* rkansas 2 *.*# 2 9ft 4ft
I w a 2 7ft 2 'I 'i 2 4.*,
Kansas 2 55 2 ti" 2 - t"
Mlsv iuri J 7" . -5 J 15
t*k la horns . . . 3 ft 5 3 7ft 2 *"
Texas . . 2 S5 2 7*•* 2.40
• 'oloratlo 2 43 2 7ft 2 2ft
M >n ia nn 2 7ft 2 :■ > 2 45
New M•> x 2 4ft 205 21 *.
W' m 1 n k 2.' 2 5 225
T’fah 2 Oft 2 0. 2 15
Washington 7.25 7 ft 7 »ft
The price* fixed range from L’fl
to .75 per cent under the maximum
price of $7 fixed by th*- government
officials and operator* at :i confer
ence here more than a month ago.
The f : {.ric e agreement, however,
did not hold, as many operator*
refused to ablU" I ,v it after Secre
tary Baker, as pr* sidont of the euun
cil of national defence, repudiated
it as too Inch. Prices recently have
ranged far above the ?l limit.
The flxln/ of price* was the
president's second step in the di
rectfon of coal control and wet*
• aken under authority given 'he
executive in an amendment to the
food control bill The first was
taken yesterday when th*' president
named Robert S I Lovett a* di
rector of transportation an i ap
proved an order is net! by Mr Lov
ett directing that coal shipments
to the northwest be given prefer
< nee over other good*.
Saratoga Results.
I'lfit ltixc*>- •'*b,.]|o w-n Mv->rd.
second Vi* wp< nt. third T m<-
i- .. | in n Kings Miik. Night
Sttek, lluss\ . Q*inr*» U. li.tn'dmla. I "-
!* n< •>, l > ing a Itln. Hwfa, Bars*. *!«••
r« 11
• ' | i r ST* oplei h«SS about J
mi ♦■>* N. w (!«'.'ii 1‘ 5 (Kennedy),
u•>n . i;r**>
end Wet. I ’ltr'ir II" (li who I th ' 1
't it le i»j 1 Ms isolus ar and Old
bait a!*n i«n.
Third Its. > J*. U 1 1 ar e .It w..n .
- ind;* Happy Cl Ik third
Tun*- 1 L< I 5 Cumpadie, Nut ra. k
*r. It ah u. Muinight Sun, Salv.-strn.
• )u«- Kugh.uis*-, Tr-o k s«*tii|.
U-iM.) iSrcnad". ! i*e Cutter. Me*n< in,
■,. (, i sod t o i I six’ ran
Rc\ Powell, Ifi years old. of Ink
rter, Mb h . was struck and serious
ly injur'd by an automobile driven
by Ralph If Sfodtlard, at Washing
ton blvd. and Michigan ave. ihl.-. at
The boy wa* badly btui*« , <! and It
\ feared that his kull was t'rac
tur* and !!*• was tak* n t<» ihe t'lnl
dren's Kree hospital
Stoddard, who lives at No. !2'>
Putnam, was r»dea.-f*fl after making
a statement to the prosecutor. •
.11 *»1 I’t* I’.N.lftl 1.l
You simply must i "in* nt <>n* - ® to
c.i|)ssun» of 25 \mus< nu rits <>n
the Board Walk. .lsfT*M»*Mn nt Bridge
Th sre's h new wrinkle In lauvti
tuaking * very n!tr t \dv
I‘rlntlne—lX* ptal*. null kind—(lint
la right—Times Jol> Dryl.— Main 4.M0.
I’rlnttog—tbe plain neat kind—that
la rls b ♦—-Times .fob ttent Vf'lln IMtl.
Sometimes It looks from the day's
new* am if Russia *a.i about all In
and had no more punch to d»>ll\er.
Hut lot mr toll you something
ahotit tliAf. v •
The ram of Ru*sia\ la never so
had a* I* la pafnted You ran al
ways dlacount about 71 p**r rrnt of
all the gloom and old blue atuff You
mad about It
Needn’t Worry Much About Ruasia.
In thr next plarr. for what la Irft
of actualities gone wrong thrm la
alwaya a perfectly good reason, and
Michigan Solon Is for
(on fiscal ory
Rich Must Pay or Peo
ple Rebel, Says
vocat-s of conscription of th®
nation’s wraith won a decisive
victory when the senate today,
by a vote of 74 to 0, adopted the
Gerry amendment to the war
revenue bill, raising $40,000,000
addition* l revenue from incomes.
WASH I VtiTON, Aug L’j Dra
malic .'ittm k bv Senator Lewis, Illl
no . >n '.i\ d'nlg* i :'< (tin * and fi»-ry
debate in the cemtc today n* those
ranged for .nd against conscription
ol riches 'o pay the war, voiced
tln : r • i»•w s
"In *!t e treasury department.” ho
said "there nre |>reofs of a $320,
000.000 swindle perpetrated on this
government thru perjury, fraud and
deception and different form* of in
dividual and commercial trickery by
tax dodgers.
"It the government does not eon
-< ript wealth to pay for the war,
the people Will ri -•■ and With Violent
h nd. i-i/e thi> gn u corporation.*.”
B« fore th*' v.ar ( lids 1* will be
Tieei-s; t -y tor flu* government to
tak* *>o and perhaps SO pr-r cent of
war profits, S* ti tor Lodge pr*diet
c*i. *! ’* f- r.d'Sj thr venue bill a
n now ‘-lands ler’ore congress
*> f the method of carrying out
such taxation, however, he sai l
“We must protect our buslne.s*
and our credit, for the credit of th*
I’nited States j« the great pillar of
tin- war Imperil your credit and
you imperil th* victory of the Allies
\nd if we don’t win, if at the
<-hd we don’t find our elves ju>t
where we were in the summer of
1011, we will hav** to spend eoun*
h s* billion* more preparing for Mo
next war, which a distinguished Ger
man general has Just announc'd
must he prepared lor
No p* ire without complete \ b
lory for America and her allies js
po- - ihi e Any other end to th * war
would leave the world an !mpo*i*|
hie place to live in ”
Take all war profit before tnxinr
the people a penny, urged Senator
Townsend, of Michigan, another
member of the finance commit'* e
who did not sign the majority re
"If this war depend; on war pro
fits.” said Town-end. ‘l’d aholl*h
war profits, w ip** 'h* m oit entir**lv,
before I’d allow one cent n'on* to he
added to the people's burdens.
’’Till I not a popular war It la
n necessary war. I know it i dan
gerous to a\ it is unpopular, hut
th** puolic attitude toW ' and i' i* such
that in cannot take chance t ,»f irri
fating the people thru ta'afion when
th* Ir patriotism 1 not at high "iteh
"Therefore, I'm against the irritat
Inr proposal* of thi* hill to increase
mail rates and to tax railroad tick
i ts, tea. eoff* e and sugar.
"I also am again t huge bond Is
when you romr to know It you se*
that nothing rotild be oth*rwi>c and
them |«n’t much to worry about.
All thr existing sltsitmn In Rus
sia- •hr rral altuatlon, I mean. not
the\nlghtmarea dreamed by the Blur
I»lnr Moya \>f thr natural ri suit of
thr old regime or thr forces that
ovrrthrrw it. _
Takr thi.B matter of Ti halt In thr
Huaalan military activities H* r*
am aomr facts about that not grn
rrally known In this ronntry and
yet facts that ought, to br pondered
WEDNESDAY, AlfilST 22, 1917.
James and Gullop
Opposing Hurlers In
Tiger-Yankee Final
taning— 1 2 3 4 'i 6 7 8 9
N.Y..0 0 0 00 0
Det. .000002
u:w IftHK— lII'.TIIOIC —
Hi«h. I, r. Iluxb, m. *>.
(•Ilhoolry, r. f. X lit. ,'il*
IViJi. ». *, i abb, r, f.
t'lPii. lb W«rk, I. f.
'l*Kfi. !il» llclliniin. r. f.
linker, tlh Kura*., lb
* n 111 *, ell, r. 1. 1 iiiiiik. gh
XlnlirrH, c, Spencer, «*.
* a Hi.p. p. Jninen, p.
t mplri-M—ll Hilelirn nil nml * "nnullr.
X tteniinnee— 4.4HU).
NAVIN F!KLI>. Aug. 22 The Tig
era and Yankees did nobly in their
competitive drill tin aft* moon,
(’apt Newland-. command* and Ih** Tig
er*, while Bill DonovHn Htr* lii: uws
drillmaster. Lol. ShHdon inspected
the drill. He Is touting the league
for this purpose.
Bill James and Nick Cullop wer*
tin opposing pili h< i in tic' last
game these clubs are .-' heduled to
play al Navin Fl*dd this year
George Burns, the Tig**i ' fir.-i
sack**!*, passed the phy ieal • . in
(nation for the t’nited Slates at my
ibis morning Burns will not claim
exemption, but xvlll probably b* pet
mined tn play with Betroif until the
close of the season
First Innini:
NKNV YOIIK lllgii singl'd t*. u-ft
en th*- fits! I»ii 11 pitched .'(iitcs tbr*-w
-nt <, I liioidey.. .liins's ni«n ihr* w nut
l’i <-k Inraugh Hoilnmn Jurt,t>• and tn
I’r-ifit <*l tii*- scricn m the riu-iit fi- and
h:*->eh*r* and caught I’ipp's ilris* V.i
, us). i'ii'- hit. tie •*rr*»t
I'LTIb'IT- linker threw nut ('.usli
\ itt g reimiird t<* I’eck I’eldi h- nul
l'd iliihii tii* l*-ft field lin*
fliu'ft nul Vi-S' h N’o tun. en* I * n
Sertißd Inninif
NKW Yi'IJK Bush nr>d Burns r.
tirerl Mnlsel. They «i*u> tuirtci i-.-n k
ttHk*-r Caldwell wall<r-(| Waltf-r
•ties Give us few bonds and mm h
taxation, hut th burden <•) th* 'ax*
mostly on war profits."
"Ilnw much would you raise bv
taxation?" said Senator Borah. *»f
"I’d like to see J,3,00(1,0d0.0nft rai
ed hv the present hill," repin-d
Tow nsentl "I'd get all this frot i
inertmes, war profit- nn'l 1 i ri* >*
with perhaps a tax on auto- no
amusements and similar luxun-
Senator Gerry, Rhode M.md.
briefly advocated his amendnunt t"
th* income tax provision b' w inch
*7 per cent of ever? peep .- e\
51 .000.000 would b* taken
Vnrntlnn Trips nil the I nhe«
t.ake tttprx t.» < ’le vein n*l, HufTnio
and Macklnne Idlnnd h r»l th* lux
uriotis Mt*-atner* of tit** i* ,v c I ,ii<.*
|,tn«r* nn eu>:<* popmat with u- -i
--tlonlfts thl-• year tftnn ever h*'->r**
s'*. i*i If- - 'l* \ • 1 -i n I 1* -I \ < t
X i *,. in Ift C> i' tn find II p m
Buffal" steam' rs l* nve datlv «* 5 p
m. Mn-’H'nnc islnnil nienn*r-. l-.a\e
M- nd- v .-' -I Saturday* nt 5 r m .
\V*dn d-'.v* *ttd Friday* nt V ft n
in O’. *t:r,il Tlmri. Inf.ir niton
nlx'itt ■■*>«• hi! trij* t.- north'tn ml
fit*' ’■ri '.innitt r***ort n* * *e s.
enr* i tr.iru ' <5 luiv's .: netnl pr
:*.ng.-r agent * f ttie I>. C t.-ik**
l,in-'*t . r nt th** I* Ar C. ticket uffi. >
151 ~|,i-i,’ x.iv
rn x i rt »:n«
' helrl ft nt (h*e- • •ml I' t-’*i ■ 1 f,*a* •' a
T*|. It - -Tr7». AT;,ANT|( Ctx-k -.-. r
t» k-- a niv 1 , Clltc V'** >. xx rt'** :•- *-i*t-
by every American
To begin with, thr Rip sian tern
prramrnf. which is warm, klndiv,
generous, ami sympathetic, *’ tp !
by thr outburst of en'hukiatui * an •
••d by thr revolution, threw Hi* door
w i<lr opep for what is rallrd (h**
German propaganda. and three
fourths of Russia s troubles have
route from Ju«f that one sourer
German the Human Limit in
T rickery.
The German propaganda w»n
don't well understand what that is
*< t rd I' I !dw * li. Yeung to Bush. No
t tin. n>> in*, in* e rror
HKTBkIT feel, threw -.ut Hetl
tt an Ifttrtts hunte.i sit-t> Young
hit 1 r»t* ad< uhle piny, feck to Mhlsx'l
to IM|>| No run. <•*><• lilt, no error
Third Inninyi:
\L\\ Y< >1; K Y-'tinis tin w out Cul
lop High singled t" center. High
d:*-<l st aling. hpi'tu • f to Young G.il
lli-ol*'. singled to i *lll* I I'e, 1< tiled
t- C* t'i* \i run .two tilts, no error.
HLTKOIT Nunaiii.i k* * i.p'ic*d
Walli-l* Spen«'er grouiulg.l t*> I’ecl,
James walked. Bush p *PP*-*1 '<■ Baker
\ Itt for*’* and James. I’rcl, to Mals**i. No
run, no iitt. ru* error.
Fourth lnnine.
NK \\ PHiK Bu.-li tiir*-w out fipp
\liiis«-l filed to If pi in. Ihiih-h threw
Mil 14ak*-i run. u*> lilt. n<* *-rr»»r.
iiKTBOtT link* i Hip h out c.<M>
Yea*'h krr*'un.|ed to .Mats*'!. H'-ilnian
foul' and I-- N'unarnak*-r N«> i’.n. ti"
i,it. no « rror
Fifth Innintr
\K\V YORK < 'aidw <i! hunled **nf'
i\ Nunn inn K • r ("rc'ii C», dwell,
\ ii nr.* t*. Bush C,c p 11 •and t. Bush.
Nunnmakei was ut nt- .'dim Spencer
to Young No mu on* tilt, tp -rror
PKTB'HT Baker threw <ut Burns.
Young fouled t High Cullop threw
out Spen- er. N<- run n- hit n«> er
Sixth lnnine.
NKXV Y* iRK illg), I mi,- I Colhoo
ley singled *-x *-i Bush l’* * k fi*'d to
Young I’ pi- fti* <lto V• a h. N-> run.
one i,ll. ni> *r ! •i.
I'KTR'iIT lame* walked again.
Bu-h hit ti i'ii!. 1 >p. wfft'ii the pit* her
threw wild t<* <ond .1 .* m<* - went to
third peek’s thr- w to Baker tilt
Jnm*-s <*n the t->o k and t • h«li roll
ed ihe ri.; «• ' ■ . - <1 ring and
Bush going t t•t-t■ *t Cii!l,.ps flng* r
w is tiurt and tip r inp* was delayed
xvh-lr i.pair.' w>-* nt nja-N- <’ald
well inn'll , ( ne-hand* 1 ■ uteti of
VitP* lin- ■ Bush *» fig peck
threw out Coi'ii Bak'-r’* ihr- w g->t
Vea< h. Two inn, no h,t. no error
First game
T ’lll «t • 11 r g i» rt 1 22"ftftftft ft ft ft
Brei ik I\ n 12'*
Bafterli v ■ <... J . 1. .h* and \\
Wegner Fad •re < "Ift * -and \1 i!let.
Chicago . . ft an
Philadelphia nun
Batteries I’roi'l'u; i*t and Kllh'tt.
Alexander nnd Kiil'fer,
Lellls rt rt rt
Ronton . . . t rt o
Batteries in ,5 an-* *i•• 11 »nI(• *x.
B' al* h. Xchf rtf-u M( •**
• ’ini in nn f i ft ft o n
Ne w 3drk ... ft ft ft ft
Batteries !m- d <• i and Wmg
Rentotl amt Lit nleu.
\Vn*hmgton 0 1 ft ft ft ft ft t
St. L*mis ft " " 1 1 ft ft e
Batten* « If a t (-• i art*! Il'-nrx
* Jroom* and Sr\rr- ol t nijures
J- hn*.<n nml A insi *h.
R-exten ft
<’hlengo ... . . . . ft
Battertis I oar I ant Agnew;
35*111 lam* and S> i ilk
Philadelphia ft n ft t
Cleveland ft ft ft ft
Pattern B*i» and lla!* \, C-*V
eleskle, |,.a tab* th an-l O'\>|Jl
xtll XX \l Kt l:, \ng. 22.—The
collier I- *ipe*i»lr«, <>f * letrlnnd.
enrr«*ng l**.(H»(* tons „f ,'(*at. la
ngritti • ,- *i the >r,nd' bench at
lint l. « I (*, IO tnilis iiliin r here,
baxlng t<*-1 her niimr In n (m,
I'be i-hmM Kuurd said the ship Is
Ir* no (lunger. It mu* tie lifers.
sura to lighter her •irrK**.
unless you has >' been In Russia and
'•‘•’ll 1* at work, but in n tm’ril
w»j it i- the i#r- - nt at ainable
human Until in r-tmnini;, f;*t► •ho >/|,
trlrkbry and » sinister, underhand* and
It is an onnrrnr i organisation
it has thousand of ant in Rut
sin and ho I'nit* i S\v« it in very
ably directed and 1 \*ork- *|th
tireless industry
If- objort is 1»\ rovort agitation*,
schemes and press control to nav*
Herinany from the defeat that
Famous Dead Man’s
Mill Entirely Held
Ry Petain’s Men
Defeat Kaiser’s Hosts
In Hand-to-Hand
shift ('orrr*vo*irlevf f.’nited Prfnn
LONDON. Aug, 22.—Violent
German counter attacks failed
to dent the newly advanced
British lines around Lens last
night, nor did bitter enemy re
sistance stop continued ad
vances north of that French
coal city, Field Marshal Haig
reported today.
"South and west of Lens our
positions were maintained.”
Haig declared. "Northwest and
north of Lens additional ground
was gained. In the same sec
tion a strong Gcrm»n counter
attack was repulsed.
’’East and northeast of Vpres
there was great mutual artillery
activity at night.”
ROME, Aug. 22—Prisoners in
General Cadorna’s offensive
reached a total of more than
13,000 men and 311 officers this
afternoon. The war office an
nounced 30 guns and a great
quantity of booty had likewise
been taken.
VIK.VNA, Aug L’lf In two day>
Austrian troops on thn Italian ftnnt
luiv** taken 5,*i00 prisoners and •'*
machine guns, an official sta'emen'
declared today
THR FIB LB. Aug i‘J. Xustria's t*r
rible toll of easMialtb s in the contin
uiiig Italian advance today reached
55,00(1 In dead and wound* <l. accord
tng to h* adquartei.« estimates
Italian troofis have ,-wepf tfie
enemy from the villages of lK**cla.
Britof, < ana!*', Bonife/ and Rosa
Ml were found smoking heap* of
ruins, burned b\ th*- Austrians and
shatter'd By artillery fire
'l'h** Italian poet and dramatist,
Gabriel d’ \nnnn/i*». w a atrion .*
hundreit or tiioie Italian aviators
who cooperated with th*> land
troops in lia y grr.ve-t o (Ten six*'
Crossing of flu* I onzo wa - itii
1)11 fled for th* I'aliari' By a sn*!d**n
fog. The impenetrable curtain shut
down during the rirht and th** rax
of is*" riari ** • *!»-, ri. \ ,iin : y
sought to pier*-* it italian * ng'
neer- thr**w f-riilc* a* i* in n atiy
placs and over these the atfn kin'.:
fi'fe*'- poured Other re:.-inient*.
anxious to ge* into tb«> fight, swam
the *-I r* am. overwh* Iming cncmv
patrol* with th<*tt bayonets and
r* nad* • Tl.** train body • f Ik'
Italian troop' massed on th® far
hank and in a blood v baffle drove
the Austrians from a trip'e lin* of
tt**n« * < \ ste u'v artillery lir«-
awaits h*T cn th* bnttlrfVld
In sh l nii**l S’.* *-. |: manifests
itself by lartlng .-’«*. *n- and In
', • '
b:»hi*’ti rru; th* gov* tnuN nt. * t h n*
"Tell yous Peace and ‘Oijr
Liberties ar« in t'anger’' In-Russia
it took immediate advantage of thr
strong, g- nrrniis, benevolent eme
tiort arous* and by the revolution tp
pr* a*di the doctrine 'bat th* flet
mane w»-r» thr Russians' loving lit
tlr brothers and would you rrally
shattered the enemy lines as the
victorious troops pushed on.
Last night the Austrians desper
ately but vainly counter-attacked.
The barrage fire on both sides lieht
ed the night to daytime brilliance
and threw qulvery shadows over tf»c
rocky lines.
literally mined out to afford protec
tion, were block holes in this radi
an*** of shot and r-B«'lI while around
all wierd shapes and shadows
fought hand to hand It was a
nightmare of sound and strange <lls
torted figures In the unearthly light
of the shells.
LONDON. Aug. 22. The wars
greatest concerted offensive move
ment went on fiercely, without
abatement an*! with continued gains
lor the allies today.
The French appeared to have
made the most rapid strikes forward
in the most sanguinary fighting
The German horde that once clutch
ed Verdun almost to the point of
suffocation was driven still further
back. The bloody slopes of I'ote
I’Ole, the villages of Regnevlile and
Hamogneux, with Intervening for
tifieations wen* all swept clean of
.the enemy Counter attacks last
nighl. made with a desperation horn
of German war chiefs knowledge
that the French offensive was only
beginning, brought the * neniy noth
ing but heavy losses.
Next In violence of the fighting
wa-* ihe great battle ov. r practical
ly tin* (titlrc Italian An -’nan front.
Rome reported continued sure*-s
for General Cadorna’s drive. Every
sort of war ma< bine ha.- been call
ed into action to pulverize the rocky
fortifications of the Austrians
monitors shelling from th* Gulf of
Trieste, huge guns, British
and French artillery, new and high
ly developed bombing a* replan* *.
trench mortars and all arms of man
killing. Tbe greatest gains so far
attained are in the northern part of
the line, above Gotirln.
Field Marshal ll.*l,'** Canadian
troops once again are striking
fiercely around Lens. They gained
•late yesterday and la u t night beat
back powerfully organized German
counter attacks. Lens is nearly
three fourths encircled by the Brit
ish today
It wa* marked mlay that all Ger
man counter atta* k - have he**n
made with extraordinary violence.
The German high command is spar
mg nothing In men and munition
n yine to p*. -h b. * k the * m i os. h?»-.*•
Mlir*’ waves- Dispatches from all
the offensive front-* contain hi.;
praise for the tenacity of lh> «»• *
mans’ ie«ist:inc* and tin str*'tu'(i >•
’heir picked tr**r p unter f i
Os great ir <t < t > , ti
the official wniti from Retrograd f
dica'ipg tbe Russian troops tn H •
Volb' nia ,iti ! Uumanlati tl *• r of
'he w;n wete off emg f' * ‘ ft. 1 1 ’, i
*e« -'xijri- t*> fqrt|>*-r G* r -.n I
v anccs. 8* v* nil G* r - n
RY Hl.' v fi) wool:
Pin*! i -./(*•• ■ : \ , x-
--AT VBRBI'X. ' F •*•*! wt*
s zeal 0 R m ol* 'b> ■ ' ti”*r
ly irre o - l lf • ! • *
tot* in Ft»n* • ’• gr* *t*-* l- *w cw •••
Verdun, r .*n ■i • • * • •• !
•rs today for i**'inr m *-* * ’ t*> l»
go out to «hoot your brother hr
loves you so?
They Spread It Thicb Over Rjii a
This did an immense aruou” of
lat m Th* V 'pi < .el ih* V
'hick over all tittasia, *nd ’ * o
t.her* w*r« thn* fell f'.r r T
Her mans own rfV *-papetr ■*
news bureaus, and -tnb nit as»:
men, v»nm*n aid machines u «-v<
part of Russia They tv ad* ' iie
country resound ss'/h the agitation
for peace and good will to mar
limit'd to : objectives in
their advances.
The I’oilus want to keep on going.
They fretted yesterday at stem or
di rs limiting them to certain
frenche.'. mrr whieh they swarmed
in unbeatable waves, when there
were more Oermnn lines just ahead
that they felt could Just as well
have been raptured. In some places
the troops could not restrain them
selves from exceeding the limits of
the advance which h »and been estab
lished by the French headquarter*.
Reports from the various compo
nent armies partlclpa’lng in the of
fensive around Verdun established
toda> the fact that the French ar
tillery ha- deaf roved scores of Ger
man guns brought up a year ago by
infinite labor and fixed In elaborate
emplacements for what was to bo
Germany’s victorious assault on
I>ead Man’s hill, blackened by the
blood of thousands on both sides,
its slopes a gaunt specter of naked
ground, was entirely (n French
hand* today Th«* myriad defenses
on which the crown prince spoilt
months wire leided into mere
crumbled earth The hill i'self must
lejuain a gigantic monument to lost
It took the Germans months tvj
capture it more months to fortify
it and still more months to hold lt-
The French took it in the first
morning’s ndvance.
Otnnlngly devised tunjicis which
ih< Germans had dug in the hill
wiilt the Idea of permitting instan
faneous reinforcement of rarloui
lines by troops who*e advsnee tc
front I in* * would be protected from
bnrage fire were found literallj
i 1 nked with dead
Tile fighting was bitterly intensi
la- • night and was still eontlnulni
ir. unceasing violence 'his morning
I»etmlt nnA XVednesdnj
nlihl und Thursday, nnarttled will
•howrmi moderate vkltltnc nlnila.
lower Wlrtalmtm I’roll abt y »how
rr« \\ rdnr sdn» iilaht nml I hiirmlnr
nnrmfr In ni-«l portion tonight
coolrr in north portion Thursday,
I pprr I'lhrm I-'rr«h tmtlhortl
«nuth nlnil- heentnln* nnrthnrgt »l
superior 'lhiirsdaji oeraalonal than
di-riihosfr* W i ilnrolnv nluhf nn<
I'hwrstla *.
I mur lnl»r> iifnlV enst to soutH
« nsl *s Intis W rdnodn* nlaht beenm
iou »oiithwe»l and frr«h Thursday
l liondrr slims rrs.
I nit \ \ s | | Mt’Kn \ n RES
il n. m tit in n. ni St
7 n m ST, II it. in 71
-n. in, till I'.' noon TANARUS!
.» ii. to **> I p. m TANARUS:
lllaheot temperature this dnte l>
thr post II )r»r». t»a In I!HS| lowest
|!< lit IS7V.
ttoi iitr nen to-lsrt lllchrsf tern
prrnturr. ; Imsrst 'l7: menn. SI
pnrtl* rlomly tsltli .17 ln<-h of rnln.
I l»r oin sets W at 7:5
i> m n nil rises Thursday at ;Is a. is
Itie moon sets IN otnmlai nt M :0l
|i. in.
I till \ I'll \OI s ( OMIITVOVS
HiiMfnrd't ti ul l'hos|ihate
: • V- ■ f.• fliers,
t I Int- ; nv j • -tt-s th
- ■ m. Mir it I »■. Try It
*t t nilrfii'* *or|et* ’Lt*i innilH
n t -!•> Thursday
Printing;—'ltc plsm neat kind—ths
l« rl:* ti t— f 'me* Inh lli-nt.—tfiln I.VAt
I "-i!! rtvr you ,»n itl : '-traffot
i i• in Pt imp: ,- i a sr> it levs
r I .n < • i be i• 1 of Mart
<” * "■ ■ I' 1’ »rd r • !• romp
: '. \» - >■ - nv«r\ the r’i*
i* h h <tite and ftummnl
l skf. > v*.v« for all •‘'e'cr.rory am'
hc ! , in H'issra on any Hundar
yr .<n find there ftom ’,in 10
»• eei - In lull blast, ot' ! o:« -plb
im: Ov- Inno. en s air si h fiery dart
or • -n •’ id thousand- of (ittii
• . ti- iiing from their cjiests ufc

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