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CAMP CT’STER, DATTI.B ( REEK, Mich , Sept 21
SOME li.oOt) men or the draft ar*- encamped at Camp < nt'ttM now
Each big unit of the regular division has from 7u to so per cent of
I its nuiks tilled. The time has come when a teal army is actually
in th> making here. Today the training machinery goes Into high
ip**eil and unh * tin unexpected happen*, p m ver w *1 1 • • op niii. 1 *
Kaiser is fricasseed At last Camp Custer looks like an army post, rather
than a mere officers* training caiup. Enough of tin n* w men are now in
uniform so that huge swarms of them always are in sight. Cor the time
being, every man here will be trained as. an Infantryman Every soldier
must he an Infantryman first, and a specialist afterward. So physical
Sgeirlsv and the school of the soldier is getting all tin early play
Railroad Chat
SOME FOLKS in these parts are having s good laugh at the expense
of the Michigan Central railroad Other folks, of more kindl\ and
unsuspecting nature*, are landing the Michigan Central for a very
prettv bn of patriotism. 1 ntll this month the railroad charged a
heavy switehing toll for all freight consigned to < amp t osier. Protests
were made to the commerce hoard, hut availed nothing. P proved to he
perfect I v legal for the railroad to ronsidei Battle Creek the destination
r»f all such goods and to charge a cent and half a hundred switching tax for
dragging the cars front Battle ('reek to the ramp. Ihe other dav t 1 •
Michigan Central formally made ('amp ('lister a station, requiring all
freight Intended for the camp to be so consigned, rather than to Bat'!*
Creek or Augusta, which are the next stations on the east and west of the
Be< a use of the rate laws, long haul freight to Camp Custer station
costa no more than to Battle Creek. It is ne essarv for the railroad to
do the same switching that It did before, but it gets paid for nothing except
the actual spotting of the curs at the cantonment warehouses. Because
about 2f»o car loads of freight will come to the ramp each month, and
because from 2. r > to 3<» carloads Is the daily average for porter Brothers
who are constructing the camp the making of ('amp Custer a regular
station save the government manv thousand- of dollars each month. The
folks who are laughing uisi-t the ratlmad was caught napping <>ff flr-t and
losi a lot of >oft revenue bv the < hang* The other folks <ongratulate the
Michigan • entrul for its patriot!* sacrifice the am* being ’he acrifi* • of
that luclous switching tax from Battle Creek to th* camp. In cither 'y*nt,
1 ncle Sam is grateful.
The scribe* are keeping a sharp eye on the railroad 'hdl* a! t amp
Custer They ar*- looking for rifles and artillery equipment There aj*
four big 'lays m the life of a rookie soldier The first is 'he day h* don in
first uniform The second is the day h< gets ar 1 ft• • for lo- verv own I in
third is th** dav lx- is ordered overseas to the wars I h*- fouith i f h<-
day he goes over th* top and becomes a Are bap»l7*-d veteran Ihen* v'
tremendous event Ht ('amp Custer vvjll he th* issuing of rifle: When that
will he.' ncy otic ta-ern* to know There is a lot of rifle-ammunition at :, >r
ordnance depot now, and IjitO rifles are coming These rifl** v will no* go
v»rv far in a camp like this, and probably will b* used on!' for guard duty
Tha* all depends on how rapidly th*- arsenalt ar* turning nu' tin n* w
An order was Issued late Inst week for the ha-'ty construct ton of four
more ordnance warehouses T»> a civilian that would Indicate th* imnnn* »
receipt of all kinds of weapons Asa matter of fact, th** order mav not
anticipate the coming of weapon* a* all Mn arniv nomenclature, ordnance
jricludes eating and cooking utensils and many similar thing- a w*-! 1 ,*
arms. Rifles and cannon ar* the least of the ordnance officer concerns
Just now, altho *he re* ruits should be ready to'start target shooting within
ten davs af*et they take up their military training
Animals Are Coming
HORSES and mules are arriving at ( amp • uster as rapid!V as men
More than A .000 animals have been collected for shipment to thi
cantonment on demand and they are arriving at the rate of from
one to IS car loads a day. A troop of regular lav.ilr- from 1 ort
Riley is her** to assist in handling the war steed- Some 3.500 of th*
animals are nmun’s for officers and orderlies, and they ar-* g*-num*
charger** The remainder ar*- chiefly transport animals The** A.ooo horses
and mules will be only « start for < arnp (’uster All of the machlti* gun
outfltH must have a lot of hors*--, and mules, and prohahlv both of the light
field artillerv regiments will use animals by the thousands There i- a
persistent belief tb.*t ti e heavy arMlb-ry regiment will be motorized
Concerning Camp Dnnn
IT IS very probable that the men at Camp (.'uster will be the best f**l
men of the beat fed artnv in the world The bead of the cooking
school here Is ( «p!aln Patrick Burn th* Ty Cobb of all arm' cooks
Years ago Captain Dunn was * troop cook in the sixth cavalry if**
was so g<*od that Captain Holbrook, his companv commander, suggested
to the colonel that !>unn he assigned to teach the * ooks of the who!** regi
m<*nt how to dsh up proper chow The storv has it that Dunn was made
a phoney color sergeant, so that he would have the leisure for this task
Whenever a mess fell below standard. Bunn would move in and run things
for a few weeks When the mess was sufficiently Dunnued, the sergeant
would move elsewhere.
Meanwhile he and Captain Holbrook did some verv notahl*- team work
The captain made a special study of army messes and wrote thre.- standard
manuals on arnn cooking r l>unn supplied the recipes and many of th**
suggestion* The American army has a verv remarkable Add oven and
some equally wonderful ramp ovens Bunn Invented them and < aptaln
Holbrook did tlui paper work This two-man team did more to improve the,
feeding of annW-s than any other *wr» men in history.
The time came when Bunn was entitled to retirement He ««. made
a master electrician because that berth draws big pav He is no electrician,
but Uncle Sa.ni guessed he was for the sake of retiring this star cook with
a romfortahle income. Bunn went to Texas and bought a farm When war
was declared, he was called hack, made a captain, and sen* to Camp Custer
to Instruct the rook* and bakers of the Eightv fif*h division. If anv mejir*
her*- Isn t up to standard, it will perk up snappily as soon as < aptain Bunn
can give t* some personal attention
The Objector
A CONSCIENTIOUS objector blew into Camp ( uster last week I hap
pened to he within hearing wh*-n a colonel interviewed the g*nt|r
man The objector had sent a lot of documents to Washington
in an exemption effort Sprinkled thru the correspondence w«?r*
numerous passages from the Scriptures, which he interpreted a* justify i
ing his stand against military service The correspondence wa*- referred I
to the commanding general here, and from him to the colonel commanding
the regimen' to whlrh the objector had been assigned The c n noted !
in hl« letters that he never could shoot a Berman, hut that he would he
gUd to do missionary work In the arm' add preach to the soldiers The
colonel greeted the man. noted the papers in the ra*r, and spoke in this 1
I see 4hat vntj claim exemption to military service on religious
. ground*, and quote a number of passages from the Scriptures I
believe thorolv in the Scriptures myself, and hrartllv respect a
man who regulates his life by them l have no doubt hut that the
commanding general will arrange that you he transferred to some
branch *>f the service where you can serve your country wtthou*
being called upon to nctua!lv shoot nt the enemy. Have you anv
preference as to the service selected for vou?
“Sir, I would like to he appointed as a missionary and carry the Gospel
to the soldiers," was the objector’s reply. The colonel continued in this
w ise:
A* I understand your attitude, you are conscientiously opposed
to taking Ilf'* Would you not prize an opportunity to give life?
I have no doubt but that the commanding general would he glad
to place vou in the hospital corps, wher** you can succor the wound
*d and perhaps bv feats of great personal hrav*»ry and saerlflce
ave manv lives that otherwise would be lost. Boes not your
Bible Justify you in such service?
Strangelr enough, the conscientious objector was not certain that his
Bible told him to do any such thing He waxed enthusiastic nnlv over
|*reachlng No definite decision will he reached in this fellow's case until
after he ha* had his physical examination.
A youngster from one of Detroit's big factories had Just figured out
the fundamental principles of the military salute. Soliloquized he
<;n*h. If I salute the general, he’s got lo salute right bark at
m*’’ Golly, there ain’t nobody so high up in the whole American
arinv that h*- ran walk by me without saluting me, If I salute him!
('an you tniagin* a law that would make the big boss bark at Detroit
sa-. good morning to every one of us nut screwers *v*-rv time he
saw us? This Is the life for me’
No Peace Value In Kaiser’s
Plan For Smaller Armies,
Declares American Writer
HY J. IV. 7. MASO\.
I\% Htlrn for ihr I nlled Press.»
NKVV YUHK, He*pt. 24 Th*»r»> In
n»* i»* hi t vain*. to the* khl'*« rug
ge*t|nn to the* jh*p«> that aftot tht*
war end*, the groat power* should
agree* to * reduction of armament
The pro poo a] tft almply another at
t*mii pt by the kaiser* sinister diplo
Mints to try to foster n friendly fool
Ing for (iortnany at this frltbal p*
rlod. among svmpathntic people
« broad
Reduction of armament would
mean a. lessening of trained and
equipped aoldlera In all countne*.
hut the proportionate militut y
Htr**ngUi* would remain the name.
With the Hohensollerna still in con
trol of Germany « destinies, reduc
tion nt armament would h*- no guar
ant*-** that th*- kaiser's war mad
ness couldn't break out. agutn. The
only differ* m • would h* tha I the
kaiser would have a smaller initial
.-Hiking toice. the next lilii* , while
his opponents would have propor
tionately -mallei defensive armies
I'll*- kaiser'- p|*-a that moral rigid
should dominate th*- world Is also
without any j*e.u-e value There is
overwhelming evidence Hub flu
kaiser is at th*- head of a system
which counts deception arid fal.-*
hood a legitimate means of attain
mg national ambition*. Nothing th*
kaiser may **»> and no pledge he
can give would hav* any binding
force upon th* German government
as long as an Irresponsible autoc
racy dominate- th*- government
The present 1* th* most critical
time of flu- war for the kaiser ll*
ha* suddenly begun to realize the
power which flu- United States is
preparing to wield to safeguard the
futur*- of democracy jf »h• war
continues the kaiser knows that
America will !>* able to accomplt-h
the downfall of German mediaeval
ll*- la. therefore, desperately prom
ising on* thing aft* t another, hop
mg th* Mln will agree to peace he
for*- America make- tin- Jloh*nzol
lent* subservient t*> a democratized
gov < i tiriu-i. 4 ntll He- ptotni .
Geruia-n democracy i- given and its
working* hav* I **gun, the kaiser's
sy-t* m that * viiscd th*’ war will
not hav* been defeated-
“Will Stand I>y Them
Till They're Proven
Guilty,” He Says
"I Relieve th.it every man ir. this
department i- honest, and I Mil
Man.j h:u k if ..- tv jv-le officer ar
I opted until he f- proven guilty,” de
olar**d IVdi.'o Commission* r James
U-ouxen*. Mon l.t,v
Th*- < o.i)nt...i inner ret i.t*- ' Sat
urday fro in the war convention of
th*- National Boaid of font merer in
Atlantic City *.)n*- of hts first act
on hi* i-turn wa to furnish fKV'oO
l-atl for 'h* release «*f Mason iiarbi
ton, ejerk in the dean-up squad,
charged with being an accessory *n
th* opei ition of a resort bv Hard* .
Miller at No. *v7 First *t.
"I am working »* fast a- I can
to gs t at th* bottom of this thing,'
continued Mr. Uouzens, referring to
the underworld scandal! "If Mr
Jasnowski ot any other agency or
organization can get anything on
an* of m tuec they will have my
full support in prosecuting th«-m I
welcome information from any
* ounce, and if any private citizen
ha- anv information to Impart I will
g'liirant* * to keep th* source of the
information private
“Rut, believe me, i don't think
th*;> i- anything against anv off!
< er in fhp< department, and until. I
h.tv* proof of that fact I'm going to
stand hark of them to a finish I
will beliew every police officer in
poe*gi» until h* i- proven guilty In
hat *.*-• I will go lust as far the
o*tie; wav to see that he is punished
The commissioner declared fin
-sher that he would see that hail is
provided for, every policeman taken
into custody.
\D Uouzen* was in anything hut
a cheerful mood as he di-trussed the
developments *>f th* past few days,
involving hi department Ills man
n**r indicated that he was determ
in* *1 to get at the facts first hand
1 nominate as a member of your Salesmanship < Tub
Name !
• Addr*-a
Suggested bv
\ t- Ontv one n<'mlr)att*'n t* **nV will he accepted fur. *tm or
tiiellln• • Tuts blank *l"< * n**t obligate you but wii; t*rirg v - u fr*--
printed mattei and instru tom.-* I’lil out and mail irnmediateiv
«rt> hi in inorr—iikfh i: of
iiii < in i hi: \<>i hi.it.
I'cfroit Mich .Kept 11 191?
NMi • ix hciebv Riven to all per
n . ini<• rr -fill that there have hcep
'll. and n this offli f the following
mimed s«s* .«nnienl rolls.
R 'll V' 2;’.'* l‘"t * rH'iinr nnd
paving l/Cljch nvt’nup, from the* north
curb hn* of l|.tni»' street i<i the
south I'Urt* line <»f t>s»rborn avenue
Roil V' j'-'tY. I t>» grading nmt
! riving Allev V R7l I'l'inK tli< alley
in Mim'K briwo n l-.lmvv ■■ .1 averoi*-,
! Fllery street Mu. k aunur, I’ulford
street mill iJratlot avi-nti**.
Roll No. I'~~ ■ For giading and
puma Aliev No •’.**< tic in K the all.'
in tiloi-k tiotindeil t>v .Sheridan T< an.
send avenues, \\ iterloo and Charley
Vo IV streets
Roll No. 2257 For araikna and
t <:• v: rt ac alley No ?.*•?, the alley
between .1 tin It. Rrush, Farnsworth
and Frederic K a treeta
Roll X i. 22* v For gtadmg and
paving 'Butternut ntfeei from tire
second alley <■* *t of Wabash avenue
to the * nst lin*' of Twentv To'itth
«t n «>t,
R. II No • J2.v* For grading and
pa vina Aliev No In inn «11 the
alley In Mo. k It* iirolFti t>> Rrush,
tteaut'ien xtreets, Milwaukee avenue
ahd Fast flrand Boulevard. ~
Roll No For grading an<l
• •t. %llej No . helm **>• ' * '
tit.', in ftjro k t>< unded ***—Fourteenth
an<l IX abash i venues, Poplar and Ru
• •hanan at rer ta . «
Roll No. i?*l F'>r grading and
mmjnkjnm Chf I ■ 11« nnjr atreff front the
with a* little aeiay as possible. He
declined t<* *i»*< us* individual cases
at this time.
Mr i ouz* n* did not personally
furnish bonds for llarblson, hut
.intide It possible for lorn to securt
vh' in - The no n w h<* actually ,-jgiied
th*' bond wet*- Ben S’ Jmou, real
♦•slai* dealer, and A Fitzgerald, No
7.’» (’handler av•
George A CJantert, police -witch
board operator, arrested in conn**
Don with the scandal, ii ll b* I*l
The • vsminaiion <>t Sadi* Bann.
one ol th*- battalion of "que*li bees"
of ilo underworld of D* troil and Its
environs, on *wn charge* **f main
taming a i * * * rt in llanitratink, wa
adjourned uni il (let v, Mondav
morning, iiv Juste* Adolph Marsch
Th* Bann woman was arrested
twi* • within * we* k Mi* * ruff •
force in I land ratio k In a hovel back
of "Paddy McGraw’*" notorious sa
loon wlore, it clalno-'l. *h* ha*l
gone from Betioit to establish a vice
regency of her own in Hamtranick
Sl*** wa* i»jen:* and <*n each charge
ion si<hhmi *ail, which wa contln
iod wlo n’ *to < *-*•* w**(■•'* put over
’»\ tin *>urt. Mlotn* ■ Aldruv
Baxter and I'homa- Chnwge repr* •
•*nt***l th* Bann woman
Alt* r a conference- w ith \ssistant
| Bros* utor Harry II K*-idan In th**
,*|vto . pr vat* offb • it wa - an
nu ;no*(' tlia' ti** proseeut* r and the
viinian’ < oun.-' l had agreed to run
tinu*- the man* r.
It i- thought that th*- prosecutor
wanted- th* *a.*» miji'unied until the
! nr*-tilt e*>urt gran ! Jur\ g- t- into
act mn.
That the vice investigation of the
prosecutor has extended lurtlo-t
It.iri iioj*»i p* r-ons thoug'ht If might
was announ* •*1 Mondav, wlo-n the
investigator- admitted having talk***!
*<> non new serving ■" nt* toes for
ib* *r pi* ton * *mtiection with tlie
und* rw • • rl«I
Hal * "Übina" Whit*. * rvtng two
tnd on*- half years for extorting
moio-y from a «*niian of th* 1 "half
world," it wa - admitted, la- h«-*n in -
t* iv-;* .** i by tin- investigators
What h*’ told th<m will not b* di
v ulged
|i i~ possible that he and several
*4 lo t n.-it und* r s* ttt* nc.e wdl be
brought t>< tor* th** cran*l Jury ,
Ed ain I>*»nhy will b<- th* "head
liner'” ai tV- uotnleTship oiotker t*>
;he triv* 11 r.t the Board of ( 'omno tce.
*fue day * venlng. for members and
their friends. The former congress
man and > x president of the Board
ot < dmmerc*- w ill t* i| of his exi>e
rlenc* s wiih th*• mat in*- * »*r t>« and
show th*- audience some of the prob
lems which the country Is faring
President N A. Templet* n, of th*
board, will preside and five-minute
talks will be giv* n by th” follow ing
Br A G. Studer, if the Y M (\ A.;
I>r. Charles E. (‘hadsev, superinten
dent of schools, and Frank Cody.
assUtan* superintendent; B M
Barrett, seeretary manager of the
Worlds Salesmanship congress;
James Srhermerhorn, of Th* l*etrolt
Tliii* s, and Howard V «'offln, of the
Detroit Pressed Steel ***mipftny.
The rnu«i*-al entertainment for
tb* evening Wirt be provided hv iu«
orchestras, a quartet, trio and duet
Two reels of moving plctur* - *vill
h* shown, and smokes and refresh
ments furnished
The "open house" entertainmen*
will h*> complimentary to ail mem
bers of th* board and their friends
who are prospective members.
Thieves Steal Stone Wall
HAVERHILL. Mas** . S* pt 2'
Frank I/*-sli«-, a farmer living near
her* , today is hunting for a >0 foot
stone wall, ,i foot thick and two feet
high Someone swiped th** wall
during tlm night
? was just lifting my foot to
step over it this morning." I** li*
said, "when l saw it was pom
Birthday greetings to King ('hr
i;nn X of D* nmark, 17 year ole t<-
went lilt.' of Junction nveflU*' to the
east curb line of F.tvalrv avenue
Roll No. 2242 For gn, i.ne tn<l
pa v Ins Farrtvv rth av en ue fr m
210 51 feet cast of *» T. R F >■ t !l
vve«t rurb tine e.f M . H-.unall avenip
Ra rt I ix due aml pa va M< wlt'• in is
"front da * e i.f tht> no R>,>*«
2. ' and t become due md pisv.-F n
one vent and on" month, tv* imo
and > ne month ami th*.. and
one month rrapertiv.lv 'i •, th*
late of tl IX notice. to "•her '«"» I
Interest a* the tat.- r.f 1 p. »■ rep*
from tj e .late of th" .’•■nitr ia'u n
- mils
'ny. or sll of a.tld pa-f- mm he
paid in order named \* thin 1»i lays
from th* date of the nolle wittr it
Intere xt
If elthn Os xi, and pn.tr on. two.
three or f. ur shall not b- •, .1 *«-h n
th* ' her, He. • ; > ,|I
and met..» it th. tut. ~f * p« • rent
f i uni the itntc-of rondrn ito tt ■ f th*
issreatnent will b« n.M.-.l «nd the
I, r emises lie*.-Knell will t advertised
and ao|,| nx provided In law
No 7. Fuy Treasurer
!»• tr.dl Mi.dm Metd. 11. 1«I 7.
i« h#>rr h\ \>ii\fT» t•» ;tli |. r
fit r*.S f **f I j.3* * . Vfn
flln! in fht>« r thr f* II .w n
mlimrfl rr^^nt
R II N<-> 22* ’ For (rradtn* ami
paving n.|e\ No • the H al
-1 in .k '• und"l -v t'lifTord
Mre. t t' irk l.ottl'evatd Ragg and
S'pront atre.'ta
Roll \... 2.'*t F>r Rradinn and
paving n''e\ \<> 1 1 being all th rt
all. ■ n t,:.,. l. ti, iTided to < as* av»
mi.' r -•« i k boiil... iri Ragg .tre<t and
• "hariot»e avenue
Roll N< "•* lir grad’ng and
paving hll*i N ►>' 1 being ihe "T
allev in block bounded by Second.
i"as« a\« nije«, Feterb iro and Pitcher
at i eet a
Foil \ *’-!'• !>r grading and
t'avlny nllr\ V •’. ] being the allev
in Mock t.. ind-d l.\ t'eoulndre street,
St Au'.ln ' .I'i.-ett. and Menrf.e ave
R.dl X j. For grad'ng and
paving all. N Mo, being the east
and vv"-t rillev ’ T.lnwood ave
n''je r.n Salle boulevard, f<othrTip and
Fa M tl,< ;ivc mie <
Roll N. .2',- For geading and
piVing all. v No "Oh. being thr 'H "
i| « n ■ Ii t undert by National.
Trumbull it ■ nii"? Perrv and Pug
St recta
Is< 1 X, For grading and
t-tvmg at I* v N :o being the "L"
1 11 rv between cxi «!r»nd boulevard,
n.-v •• •; aver, ue Fu. banan street
and Ila n ■ • : < i•• nue
Roll S',. * For grating nnd
p»vtng at!* v X c*. he.ng the ”ts
at|r\- tn bl* k b.-tween Srotten f?ub
hnrd , venue *'lnrk < *ourt and Rorter
S? reel
R-,11 X | I* r grading and
prtvin nl' \ X f'.'t, t'«.n* th" allev
betw< . n I•ft ». t >itirth av enues. T’ .r
--tcr lind Fib . »*.ets
l. 1 N. I ■*,.fr grad/ng and
. utb !•-! ■ f M Tat street a point
r,70 51 feet uth of the south line of
Ft.Hpin stT.-.t,
Raft I .»> iln.' md pavahle vtrlthln
*'i dev a ft t.i da*, of this n<>ll a
Rh tt x J l and I her oine due and pav •
• III" in >,nt v ei,i and one m>>n*h. tv*..
',-*)« and on* month and ft r»* years
end >'iii month reepertlveiv fr< m the
da* > f t‘l l - llottie, together vsiftv
•nti rest a • 11'' rate of 4 p»t e.-nt
ft mii th* date of th" confirmation of
the foils
\nv..or ail, f said part* may h»-
paid .n t • order named within Jf
dav » fr•'r■ tl • otder named within X,
out interest \
If tlo i sot parte one •w •
three >r f air,shall not he paid when
tl . \ b> 'll • di > per eenf penalty
( ’Pd interest •» f the rate of " per rent
fr .m tin- date > f . ..nfirmatl >n «.f the
a *«,'««hh ti* r 'is wll be added -*r<l
it *. ore mi sex a-‘-.■seed will |*» adver*
t'xed viol > Id . x provided bv taw
No. tfi fitw Treasurer.
To inaura Vidor quality, aiwarm
look lor the (anioua trademark.
Hta Master » Vote*.' It ta oa
a.' genuine products ol the Vhtoc •
Talking Mai Inns Company.
The best music
—on the Victrola
Think of any kind of music you would like to hear. Think
of the greatest artists who are noted for their exquisite ren
ditions of that particular kind of music. Then turn to the
Y r ictrola and you can hear it in all its beauty.
The Victrola is the instrument of the world’s greatest artists.
It places at your command all the world’s best music by the
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terpretations; the interpretations w'hich distinguish them as
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Victor dealer will gladly demonstrate them and play your favorite mime for you. Aak tQ
bear the Sacngcr Voice Culture Records.
Victor Talking Machine Cos., Camden, N. J,
Important Notice. Victor Record* and Victor Machine* it. scientifically coordinated and eynehronired by our special
ptouck.es of manufacture. and t'eir c.e, o.ie with the other, i* aoeoluteiy essential to a perfect ,r ictor repioj ■■
New Victor Record* demonstrated at all dealer* on tha let of each mooch
'""V ictrola ie th* Registered Trede-mark of the Victor Talking Machine Company designating the products of thia Company acty.
Warning. The use of the word Victrole upon or in the promotion or sale of
•ar other Talking Machine or Phonograph product* i* misleading and illegal.
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■ YPPI I IWI ' ' ' IA--A-RII-7.V
--""" t IMU lit M,H miiK Mtl
\r.xt—tmi: iimiii oi 44171044
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Indira Mntw, !*►«' Sr\i “lliitiiniliiiik"
Wharf font if drtaw. M-at.. Knatcrn
lima. F->r lh«’ Flat* arul Port Huron
s% •»\ port* .-tr t,nt*r.4 Imvt I t r•»11
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For Huffaln on.! p.ilnta »a>t .iI• S
m Fill a 14 Till • 1. v ill I •
St. .'in«l tint porta, M. n<lt)S f.
p ni t Frt'la.va, * 20 a. m. »>ntra!'i
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lIJ a «N| iIW %TI«M
CONTINUOUS ftiniTlpnnmni High-Clasa Picture*
Itoll p m UJLkJ Ijß LLlPjs Lilli J *nd V« u devHle
Marwrv Wiknn l M -— “ConKressman
1 ■ IHoiMr'DyntafVKitty”..
Garrick S"i..' l «i. ""
larrfit K tint'koUf-MHoill'lfl*
“You're in Love''
I rim V% llr»( MQd
»/•*(« llr iml i lliurkilm
Ihr 4mnrtrat unit Mrl*h»r«f of All
Miialiril I omrdt lllta.
DETROIT .TSfri $1.50
I ;<«( Wi rk of Ihr I'rlumphant
Thr (iTknn'i s fa*RtliniHl auroras
M \ I U I I h—4 np(Mln l» l«l<t. Jr.
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tl U H Iwl 3 Attain a. nr »4 nn.t
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Mul'tk, 4,1.V~-2Ar ilßr .V»| 7A|.
Mal*^—W nl , Ant., k nn , ’ZTn'i Sft<- S(lf
Rich Man, Poor Man
i inii..iii i>f itti , i "■.
ts \\ 4 rk-A| \| \ ‘.Ainiv
MADISON,; If;;."
“Baby Mine”
4ml Ihr I «Nnl (<Ur I 41(ra. (Inn*
CADILLAC 8 «»p|* I • •Ifrtrfi fI• **
XPXT HK?K-*Tn?l tri 4 TANARUS»»« I
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I.mill, it* \ midrtlllr 4(tr«f(l«in
at (.»'«•. H. r a 44 |i ilia
Primrose Minstrels
7 —orilßH Hit. 4ITA-T
I.radlnc Pleiurr 4<fr«rtlnn
PIIK F.»I ' Lll.'’
N'urht*. Sin an.l Adamovna <*\r.
Il'il .|t’ , 2.'*3n- *>uri * Hnltdajra
f.fir All Si-ata ti-I&r Phoon
i It..sarv.nl North H«.
Dalit hi ih 7 A l* p. m Mala. lOr a Iftr
Mary Plckford
In of *uithr«»ofc I'nriti*
H.t Hr a t ■ rravrl IMrt'a Halra »I “•
mi. Hill A llleßtnai (-rmt I rairv.
Id tfarir R“llaal**»»naa! *
lij llrfimtnll Mondial 4%.ikjs|
Maattw m 9 r 2
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