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Lyon Interviews German Prisoners; Don 9 t Want War; Coming to U. S. When It 9 s All Over
IN I'TIAMK; Sept 2"« tit
Wilson i? absolutely right In asautn
mg it i* iho German autocracy, ami
hot ihc rank and tile. that la behind
this world war
I hav. Ju»t l.ad the rare privilege
of interviewing x number of Ger
man war prisoners
There u.i!« not an officer Htnong
the>n. They wer*- all rnllitt'd nu n
po their view* ar* apt to reflect the
sentiment* of the milliona of Ger-
Defendant Demands a
Change of Venue
For Fxamination
CON* OH I'. N Sept 25 A
p!* a ol nut guilty to the charge of
slavinc Mr:- M.ud* A Kiuk »hp
mad<* li\ Gaston Mullock Means,
when hi.? p(• .mi:nary hearing h«-
£.,r: M'-nduy to tl,« • j.« 11 crowded
Mt.iti- .1* t>• .1 proceeding* by de
manding a ol mco of venue. I’nd*-r
th* ’aw \ xuniination ha It ♦■■<l
uhtl<- -i n« ” Jo-fir* w t> rushed front
another township to pr*‘-id<* at the
prcllniinari* -
The little iitort was filled with »
throng of cntirr*rv folk Be-dde
Mr,! nr hi? father. “Old Mill"
Th* alleeed slayer’* atom face
«a« wreathed in smile* a he
beam* '! ' ; -n th*» Judge, the -pecta
tora and the reporter?
Pretty littl* Mr* \fton Mnn*.
hi? xi->*<r in-law. «»' h«»?irte him
Mr.t Melvin sister of the late Mr*
‘Kina Mil neat thp Mean;* group
Mean*’ fellov townsmen in this
Keeping the
In addition to Quinine there are six different medicinal con-i
tentrated extracts and chemicals in
Laxative Bromo Quinine
The Quinine and nearly all extracts and chemical* used in
Bromo Quinine have advanced in price several
imes during the European war, some have advanced as
jnuch as 600 per cent.
We are KEEPING THE QUALITY UP and pivinsr
ou have always used, n't) KEEP THE QUALITY UI
ve have had to charge the Retail Druggist more, and there
fore the P.etail Druggist must charge the consumer more.
The Retail Price is Mow
30 Cents per Box.
The Retail Druggist*s profit at 30c • /&
exactly the same as he made before the
advance •
Laxative Bfomo Quinine
has proved its superior merit over all other Cold and
Clrip Tablets. It Is used by every Civilized Nation
and has a larger sale In the United States than the
combined sales of all other cold and grip cures. It
has stood the test for a Quarter of a Century.
No matter what the price of Quinine and other chem-
Dais may be, we will continue to adhere to the formula and
maintain the merit.
When the prices of Quinine and other Chemicals used
In the manufacture of LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE
pet back to normal, LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE will
he put back to the Old Price.
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Removee the Cause of Colds, Grip
and Influence
Outnkty ratio van Ha ad no Hon oauned from Ooidm
Remember there le Only One
“Bromo Quinine”
There are many cheap Cold Remedies on the market. Pro.
feet yonrself by calling for the full name. Look for this
signature on the box.
man? plung'd into the war without
any mi>ipo o nthHr part
There were two spoker-mMI foi
th, r»o odd German prlaonera who
authored mound no- < >ne wh? m
iiimii >f 3ti, who had lived tn Buffalo,
X Y.. three vear* preceding th*
w-«r The other ws* an architect of
2H. a gradual** ot a great (•* rnign
unlvrnlM Both poke excellent
"What nre ynur feelings toward
Ameriru now that we have coioe
intr the w«r against Germany, 1
a. ki «l ih**m "Do vou hat*- us?"
•Not alkali.” th* aicbitect replied
j--Yuuil 1" surprised how man\ of
typical southern community were
grudging witness*** to til? gtraign
, u ,. n t befor* I’oliie Justice Magi*
ttat* Palmer
N«)t ho the i epr* xcnt at Ive* of the
machinery <<f Justice from Chicago
~n.i N’. w York where Mean*’alleged
viiMitn scattered tor money to »he
wind?. an<l from the department of
jutith* .it Wn.-hingion, who know
volumes mor** of hie international
machination* than thejr’re r*‘ady to
trll Juat now
Th* Chicago and New ork au
♦ horttle? who ha\«- painstakingly
pieced together long and important
■*trands of br*>ken thread in the
• angled skein of 'he ni'stery, a’t*
f convinced Nfean-’ flntin ths» Mra.
Kitir creldenf ally ahot herself t»t
[ lonely Mlackw.dU-r Spring* tiie
1 night of Vug 21*. Is a lie They t»e
i Hove, and claim th.-\ ran prove., that
: Means having dissipated r * King’s
fortune while h<- masqueraded in
i uuifc of truthworthy ronflden |
j ttal adviser, and having sch*'tne*l to;
i ,•••! more «*< the Kmg millions hv I
h f 11 : g> .1 tco nil w ii. ilellberat^y
I ui» v* 'he woniHii rather than p*‘t’
■ nilt her to discover bis duplicity
Th«. mat** senred ijts first strotig
; po'ut against \le.ips when Coronet'*
l»h iin Murnodst.-r. of Chicago.
It*-tifl*d that Mr« King’s death
wotted w * nflleted on the left side
i ~f -her <i whereas th*' atlt*ipsj
nrored 'l Mr K ! ng was rtght
j handed
y ■ ■ •-•*».
i p,. r v .• *pant s* tMis-ion are »o
j p,., . rs of th*- < ity r*f N’t-w
York ' day.
*der« o' the dental profession
!in the \ew fthygland states will
I gather a* Worcester today for 'he
j ' wenty-third annual convention of
I the North* astern Dental assoc'.aMon
u* have rel.tliver and goed friend*
In Alnerl* a W e can** forget t,h‘ iii
I had felt for a /long time Am erica
tnight get into the war hilt I had
hop*il it would all he over before
that "
He told his comrade* In ffertuan
what he had said and th* y all nod
ded approval
"How many of you fellows wanted
j this war?” wi*s my next question
directed at the German from Buffalo
j ‘Take a poll ‘
| He did There was a ch<»ru of
! "Na w "
‘Why should w<* want wat!»«•
I asked "Take ntv own I have
Hide Liquor So As To
Evade Payment,
Brady Hears
Some dealers in liquor are already
trying to hide their stock- to evade
the operation of the new- war rev*-
nu* hill which, when It pa-“>*-H, will
Impose a tax ot *_ 10 a op all
distilled liquor held by W hole-nlers
ami retatleis anti S' *>n .* barrel on
beer held by brewer*- and agents
Thl* Information has reached the
go\ernrneot, and Jam*-? J Brady
internal re\*-nue collector here, has
h*'« not dered to get after these
"slacker* at one*-, that the goxern
men’ may not In?* an> revenue to
which It win he entitled under the
n*w law-
The Cnited S’ates treasury de
partment having been apprised by
-■eeret service op*-rat)\es. that many
' holders of liquor ar* trying to con
ceal it, 'h* collector has befn corn
l munlcated wi'h and instructed to
I ,irfx-e*-d to discover at one* how
1 much liquor is held in Detroit and
1 <* s*e tl.af 11 Is taxed
j t'olleptor Brady will star’ in to
I cheek up and verify return- to he
; made by the wholesale anti retail
I dealers. For this purpose he \xill
not only employ his regular stair ot
field workers hut many extra dep t
ti*-s and also use the stafT now
.vi.rklng under Fy*-e A. Miller, r* ve
it- agent, on the inconi* tax Mr
f-udy ha« Issued a warning to deal
s Ftl'-h tends In part, as follows:
It has come to the notice of th*
I >!le- tor the Ins* few da\? that -*ev
,«| persons <ngag'-'l in th*- liquor
•isiness w*)tild app**ar to be niak
ilg efforts to sequestrate portion?
f th.ejr stock uith-the probable ub
-i t of avoiding payment of th" In
t*-.is*d tax However, the record?
nf the revenue ofllt e in connection
i vit|i the disposition of distilled «plr
-1 t> are very complete, as every
l wholesaler Is obliged to report to
j he collector of customs receipt of
lquor* and the nano*? of those to
I xtom he sells. The hooks of the
wholchiilers and distillers ar* avails
ble for reference of th* inspector*
!>iscrepanoies can candy l>e spo’ted,
and 1n cases where evasion- art
made, the liquors will h* -ei/.-d and
the evaders proaccut* and
T.ifp (nnnot He Commonplace.
T had a latta* from Put thla morn
nr llttlr b >ok. aaytn* h* ho 1 kept
turnv of the lattara h«- hud rarnvad
ft >m the r* tolar* of Paula .* rtory In
tn pat• r
'S' m» are C”iTiedla*. Somr are
tmo-ili*’' .»nd »"H’i ar<- Jnit rorn
n, ru !«!• f hr write*. ’but thwy are
all rlirr- of Ilf*."
H* i« '•< n<l 1 t,K ih*tn to mu and hr
sit I thmk. Mamin, you in make
- ni. >.f fho«e Miiflfu. * •me
•hitikt • th • ■ render* will »nj.y"
I . kin \. and I know litflr l* • .U.
hr nr thin* in all tht* world that
in never hr romirunplti'r 1* 11 fr If
i hinU 'ornronr we know l* 11' ng
n nuuoniiiace existence. it is he
miM' « lo not know- about that
p»r«. .n * It fr.
If w< think our own lice* arr
■ omm ni la. r .ip i* because wu *r»
rttliri t. atupi.l t" appreciate It or.
Hit i .k, i «m >r **lfltlitirM, we fall
t•' ».• t th<* n*ht ]>arai>fi'tiv«.
\.>thnc that 1a an full of noaaihlll*
tir« aa lifr ran hr otherwise than
> olnt fill Someone haa rnllril death
th« gr.at adventure perhaps It la
th* wrfHi and ellmlnat-ln* <>ne of thr
>r r• • * w r .all 1 1 fr
l’«t al»o rani * metlnn* in hut lat
• . ’hi 111 *t in i••• I m< « n'rat dral
\ ! » n t v.— > will Msr*le," hr
w r.ifr, "and 1 am trot’l ine a lot
,i it h Soomttint a I think she
n II M hr l>r *t r r :f *he r •1 1 <1 s»l »»•(
'>t a 11111 r while 1 don t think aha
• jtitfr happv In bavin* n< thin* to
S mrp'tira I ti ink I'll hair to
i t a k a< aha <an takr .xr* of ma
I e want nvrt to «e*> MolHr Bnd
h<*r not hahv thla tnnrnin* and !
-\;.r t *m drtd neither M.'Utr n<r thr
• ‘ havr haen proper!) ff.k.ti rarr
f a* *hr hoapltal whan f art homr
ton (tht
"Jell nirk I W’lsh h« wara hr ra to
hrlp ua with Harry Symons'a rim
paisn Tt was a dirty oral tha othar
ahlr daalt out to him. hut I think we
ha\r at la at mnl* moat of tha people
und* r*tand thera ta sueh a thin* a*
a ooma hark
I r. -irtlmaa wonder M*r*le h-.w
mum of u« would atand strat*ht if
w* had to pay for all our f.dllaa, all
-.in inint.i it» a. nil otir 111 1 1 r pet vh • a '
In th* aama mat., littla h«»ok. I
f.nut.l a lrttn from Flllene In which
a tftll, dMI ... .. arr .| .
blow hna fallen and thr worat part
us It la I am powerlese to k> rj> It
ft m hurting thr children
‘'l ni h I could pull uii atftk»-a and
iM.tua out to you Hut that would hr
ah..win* thr white fiithar and l r*
port I am Ilka almoat all woman In
the fit 1 that I would »ather dir than
tt..| put thru anythin* I undrrtook |
mo aura Uud*. hs* bran hrartna
thltica, 4t»r ha looks a i .jurrrlv and
i a au.-h A datermlnn.l alt
■ > rtrrdav JCllanr a rt'e imnia err
nr and aakad. Mofhat, la n<>t Hudgr
rrty uttn brothri’
" V»», dear, I anawarad. ton atir
, rl ae.l t.. a* y morr
11 1 id * > hnaaiar, did not wait fnt
i;o to a >.n lla tuok up thr < w<la< la
Immadlatalr. Os ri.uri* I am. I 1
I lie M. I* m«l aa ha put hia oliilh
by artpt ihntil h*r aa far a« thry
v and Tm your brnthar* twn'a
nil »■ rnorr than moat hrothera
nt> I'm jrnur lirnthrr what rh»
at .r(< hr.oiahl and Pm alan your
ad i 'rd brr.fhar plokrd aprcial ity
i ,n»r twh»n Hud** *ria »yc|twd h*
*»•!! »uha*itut*a r for thi to ha y.oir
Own d.r'.var and take .arr of you all
y«.i»r Ufa '
Waan t tha* h*a<itiful. Mar*.a
a wit.' and two children I wa» l'*at
g* ttlng s good s*art in Ameri* s
K.oly 1 n IDI4 | returned to Germany
to tak*- nn lainiiy ba s k to America
My fii'her got sick 1 remained
with him *The war came on and
1 was h*nt into the first line I
would have hem an American clti
•/.* n by now '
He «dd*-d h*‘ and his family wen
going to America as soon a? the wat
Is oxer
"Fight or ten others in this crowd
of prisoners are also going to Am* t
lea to li\e,“ he said "That wouldn’t
indicate ,iur niae.se* hate America
w ould it ■*"
With appropriate raremonies on i
the h*wu oi Trinity Methodit*’ j
ehutch, llighlarot Park. Sunday at*
ernoon, at t o’clock. *h<- men’s class
pr« sented the < hurch with n larg
handsome Star- and Stripes The .
flag pole, from which the emblem
will float, has been -placed in jh*■
eentei Os the spaeious law n
Partleipatlqg in the ceremonies ,
were a d*"achmefif ' f 'h* "Mohig ii
state troop?. Boy Scouts, high school |
cadets, Highland Park police and i
the choir of 'he church The speak |
ers w «re the Rev John Martin, pa? i
tor of the rhureh. and James Bcher
This was one of the flr«t public «J>
pearances of the state troops and
their trim military appearance wh
much admired They were in charg*
of MaJ .Martin B. Hamsv
The choir sang anthetns appr**
f.riat* to the rK-rasinn anil l*-d th*
large crowd that occupied the lawn
and adjacent stret's in the singing
ol ’‘America’ and "The Star Span
gled Banner,” accompanied by a
mllitarv hand
Th** l’nlt»?d States circuit court
will be tran.-ferred from Detroit to
May ('it' next Monday morning
Jutlg* Tuttle and representatives of
th** district attorney’s office will g>
there for a session that is expected
to continue for at l«ast two week-
There are 2i> cases to be brought to
trial, most of thtm conscription
case.?. Dis'iict Attorney John K
Kinnane, Louis W McClear and An
drew Bnird, assistants, will go up
, to the s*ssion, leaving the De'roi*
..ffix e tn charge of ,J Kdw ard Bland
Lockwood Case Adjourned.
The examination of Winfield \V
| Lo*-kwood. publisher of the Baseball
| and Haring bulletin, charged with
! violating the Woods bett*n»-- Inw
i pa«?* and h> the last legislature, w.i
adjourned to Oct 1, by Police Jn?
tire Heston. Monday morning. Tie
law prohibits any person from fur
nlshlng racing or betting inform*
ti*>n to the public. The prosecution
of l .ookwood was bagun at lhc in
stance of Police Commissioner Couz
*n? a? a test case.
New Jersey manufacturers haw
been called to meet In Newark t
day to discuss the organization of
a state association for effective to
operation in d*-aling with Industrial
problems arising from the -var.
Economic an*l social prep.ir* due*
will TANARUS» she keynote of the tw<nt>
eighth annual convention "f th. N'a
tional Association of Life 1 ” !*r
writers, winch meet? at N* w (Jr
l*-ans today for a three day •?* * ' (, n.
Hut <>h. dear girl, that Is nil t -re
t>*i*uUf"l ?l*.Mtt thf wl.i'l- it s
J i • ulri n«.t kn.w ft*!' His
hsii h>«-- gr*»w n very ure an *
m.ij'lv has giown thin and U-ter
tinned t h*- will h- ill ' h?
d■ > e *.- n t win tilts election.
'.Mu ig ■ Margie, l think everyt dy
would he in thl* w rid If ey. rV
t.ndy could Im -k ah* nd and ■'*• he
iTo be continued)
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f v |., i " 1 1 / e
■ v i*l ■ 4
e* -
* On- " Uiuii* I *1 aI. >. I* • < < I *» -en r«
|- i 111 lr *» * ll . . < t l*>n <. 11. i HI, l•, I, li 11. ( I. M «
XI fa IlSeil 'll '•-><> I* * «»
W >ii* nf-l*U*n l*»* * t... * > »h.-i.i,| ,-r<*< **> r n fM' •• *• t**e *i t nml
tinxe «ork ilnnr mm, da* Ihf. ni... In .mm! Tn-
Hr, If , nil fur I'll I g rumlmi •»»« tint ea*lm»te
, Offll m 1%
.||, m, 'orH.i. a ([-■•'it-i **, !• n tn Tn I,i m lad*
Second floor over Ktnael’a itriut ,*orr. I’nfrati-'C I*ll t.FII'H 111 t)
(orner *ll* lllf. X% and l.lllxW tll.ll, I.a «*ii!r. nr rlntfr.
I'tmnr Xloto VII I ook for elan i*,er H-Mirtni!*.
There Are Hundreds of
Excellent Positions
in he filled in Detroit hv young people whn *r.-> qualified through
htisines* and stenographic training for efficient • rvic* lr the
up trvdatr office The business Institute n;i *g Is . g.>od In
vestment fr>*m the stun*lpolnt nf deveiopm* nt alone It alw
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The tniis-*-* in Germany ha<! ]
n itiu.R to •hv in ih** making of thw
wAr," ?«i.J *h» architect \Ve w--re,
e.<lled out an«i •' / *- »»th*-t had t*» go
or be ahot
'Hundreds of thousand* of us
have b <-n killed, inanv more wound
ed i.ui lu•n* • ? ruin*-*! and our
famili* l*-ft >j) g*-t along as heat
■:i, . t, Want war ’ There isn’t
a pn. >nei that wouldn’t cry l*jt lo>
>f ; < ii'• wi-p declared 'odsV. We
i.,i n th* crowd voiced approval
n b* * \plained wt at he had
tin* ~..r U: German pushed hi*
Slacker Round-Up
Shows Police Are Not
Knforcing Law
r Exid'-nc*' nf the apparent lethargy
. t)i t . pari of !. polic* In • nforc
i th* law that prohibits mlnorr
iron, frequenting ?al*K>ns and pool
• ,o m v i? unearthed b\ government
■ 'fi*» r? ..ind other.- Saturday night
■ luting th*- scariTi for slackers in the
l:vtnir Coffin rmin'v detective, a°
| :• 11 -j •}, govr-mraent official* in
-aid- t downtown saloon* and pool
-a i-.Y-ge number of young
' *n n 'h *- placet were far under
1 ;.g* h*- d* < iares
Mu ■ of th*' youths would de
-. cl.,r* th* \ w* r*- only 1k or If yews
•' v.' *-n wr '••k*d for their tlraft
, reg:stra :on card*,*’ declared the
* o' 2 <!••»•< *i\ **. \\> would order
1 " *••■: ;t *>: th*. place as soon as
h deflated their vouthfulness.”
r.-.\eminent agi-nt declare that
■'••!■' t* ndei years were found
ai mo: t csss, hut that
'*-!<■ il.-ii found in "iiloons.
I' < tlold I'oliat bar.” in the
id"W of poll*'*- headquarters, two
• ■'- iu' ■ ’ ■■! they were ti.inors.
If a hoy of 17 or younger is
•••nnd tn -it* of th* .?* place?.” de
i r- 1 ( >fTin, th* proprietor may be
• I con ributing to juve
i oil* delinquency.”
Man Accused As Slacker.
Stanislaus Kuerkiewlot. No 10k
Playfair ave , wa.*- arraigned before
I’idge Tuttle in the Enlted 3tates
*l!~trlrrt court. Monday morning He
I has been indict**! cha;g»-d with hav
-1 ing failed to register for the army
draft. He pleaded not guilty, de
claring that he Is more than 3 1
vears old, t>ti* he was held for trial
. un*B-t 12,50" ball The evidence
| again?’ the tnßn show? that he
,im<» f- >m R’ • slit **e\en years ago
i Soon after he applied for citizenship
pnp*r‘ oroducinc documenta show
ing hi- ge to be -uch that he would
he under .h y* *rs ohl now. It is
alleged th-*' his marriage license,
hi« discharsr from the Russian army
and h -tat* no nt to the Ford Mo
I tor comp in'. when he was cm
; ployed, dl fix hi? tg*- as under 30.
The Original
Malted Milk
Subctltuto* Cost YOU Sam« Pric*
w*v thru and offered m*- his hand,
talking rapidly in Orman
The HuffalouUiU. tntei prei .tig f)>r
him, said:
"He aavs he has two cousin* na
tive born Americans, one m-w a *<>!
dler with the American army id
kTance. He wonders If you know
him V
I didn't happen to, but I suggest
* and he ought to be glad he wa-1 a
pris*»ner so he wouldn’t l,avn to fight
hi? cousin.
What do you think nf vour sub
martni w%rfar*T , «-k. and
"Not as *ff*-ctiv* as we thought,*'
the arehLect replied "We believed
NEW YORK. Sopt 24 Harry
Gunn, a chief boatswain in th*- navy
and known in nis officers as on*- of
th* most patimiir men in the ?«r
\»<e, is dead today the victim of an
over patriotic -nob
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; w* ootild atarv* England in a f* w
month**, bat they s*em *o b« build
i *ug ships a* fast us ws can sink
! !h*-.u America will probably make
j matt era worse for us."
He said li*- understood that Oer
| many had 2.A1 auhtnariue*
The architect had bacn taken
1 prisoner since America entered the
I wat He exploded th* theory, held
In America, that the German
armies had be*n kept iu Ignorance
of America’* entrance.
**! heard of Jt within a few day*
You can’t keep auen a thing secret
It spread I'k** wildfire That was
nbout all w* t .ik.-d nhruU for da's
Clad In oltl/.vn’a clofhea, Gunn was
standing In a crowd In Brooklyn
listening to a recruiting speech,
when a man at his elbow ye INI:
"To hell wlrh the army." Many
♦bought Gunn hao uttered the ery.
He was tnobbed and fatally beaten
Thirty suspect* were detained, but
all hav*- been released.
"Do you honestly believe )<?iinany
can win thia war?’* Thla to (ho
arch i) eel.
"Not now." h» replied. *’l think
th*- best we ran hope for is a draw.
The enemv has become too stroo#,
America has given the allies r*
newed courage, ami will fnmiah •
big aruiy. The average German
would be s,vlsAed. 1 think, with a
"But the allies won’t Agree to a
drew," 1 insist'd
"In that rase." he replied, ’*tt wlB
he very bad -for my country. We
can do only ao much. There’a a
limit to everything, you know."
INDIAN APT) LTB Ind., Kept. 24
Dho Shay, former manager of the
Milwaukee baseball team, went on
trial In *'rlnlnHl court here today
on the chargti of killing Cl are nee
Ruell, a Negro wan* r in a case here.
Shay killed the Negro following an
argument about service. He ha*
been h*ld In Jail since the shooting.

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