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I K 11) AV , SK I* TEMBIiR -*> . 1917.
i ht.
• <^gEO|a^^BD^
Always be
Sugar Market
<*■ j
*otir« I ‘stroll .* ri. 1• -► .1<- prt* es
Crystal il*'iiiini>»» 2in IK’in !i- 1
11. |l?v. .ri»-.l« -nh •♦ IM 30. rut
I »? II" S'. -it.. • *’• /, •V . p JW .
fti*r**<l !*■'■". stand** 1 j. i\ !.*..t,
I* 4'. granulated ostia <■. 4 ',
rt >, flue, tn hulk |:t. do. j.. i. ii
M ?<T r\«*al - gran i 1 .
fi-lh art.n*. In *ss<* f'■ 4•». . ry»t»,
do min ir*n II I <-«*<•*, I'* r >o •ra
ni nrl A I 1". r .nfoi-t Iv.niT)* A M ‘•a.
N. ♦ 11 y.i s »< ... \.. . >« ... \
TTT V 11, 14 ho rI % ;, \
tO. »•* 7" N’o n. In «; N" 12, M »I0;
N ;s G So. M *< .., is
$4 )»5. n n aU in t ml slur- sto. hs»-i
*■ tn .la'* and. $- ■ prr liiO lbs hoiin
"H pow ,| IS* 24 i' »»e, »2 SS, d>.,
4S t<s |f. psr ,nf,
NEW HAVfcN, < r,:;i7. Sept 37
Yad« has given l.oon undergraduate*
and 4" professor- to war. It was re
vealed today win n ill* 1 university
opened for I’- autumn **me*»*‘r
Two thousand are registered, in
eluding tiOO fre-huon. Thi- is only
two-third* of normal r. glstraMon.
NTJW VORK. Sepi I*7 I.o4vine
lis children, grandchildren and j
great granrtA'hildren, Habid 'Harnett
Wollr-k' •«. I- t * t\ t nr .
thr*** «iv. IF • racked all hi*
life, hut n* -r it ink
Krio x Weds Again
f! IA Ft I VST I *N W Va. Serf 27
- Philander Kt v Jr., son of the
former -turv of state, Is mar
rled *ndav to Mi- Josephine Pool
This Is Knox's -Tond marriage His
first ended at If. no.
Mother of 10 Seeks Divorce;
Blames Booze for Trouble
Suit for divorce was filed in th*
circuit court, Thursday, by Mr- El
len Marsh, who declare* in th*- bill
that her husband spends too much
mon*-y for booze.
Th*‘ couple have been married 23
years, according to the bill, and
hav* io children’ They owned .*
small home near Oak wood, ami
when real * -rare values increu-ed
by leaps and bounds In that local
ity th* % sold and bought a couple
of houses tv-ur Ik (roll
Kind Acts Make the lllind See.
I hav» had a letter fr.>m .Motile
little bcok. and it u«' -• i >)■ • to 'm<'
a« tho 1 must iro home t“ li«■ i
“I suppose has wiltt*n
you. dear Mnrjr », al> ut my beautiful
In.y You .-tin In s< >m» way r*alix»- m>
despair for your hot" , < war* blasted
« tirn sonny wns Vmrn dca<l •>h
Margin, how F w isli my hnv had be**ri
*l*-n,l w hen h* was born'
“Nrt < I could not |p| Film <|ia n--"
f want to hold him fora cr In w>
ami" arid nuiko hint s*-*- thru m\ *va>
Margie. F rrrm-mbcr your saying you
Win! a siM 11 niv
skin was until I
it with
Kvcn if the pimples, redness or rmiph
r.rss ar* severe and have resisted rrd
narv treatment, a little use of Res'ii"!
Ointment and Revrtol Soap will uuml s
bring nut lln akin'a re. il beaut)
Ke*i»i i OiMmeftt 4rtf| F*
« »• * » y • ■ \> <*tt )
di»nt«.« A g 1 **♦ r-te A . .
phyr«Hiini widely * »
fteiUtteef f# tb* ■k , r S 'r| '
Miller'* ad in Sunday'* pa
per." both pup* r* it’* go
\mg ts» mijo the whojc <■ 11v
■'ll up
Square D«il Jeweler
\ \
Try To Fasten Lam
horn ( rime On Fair
Under Arrest
The police m i firm ill lln belief
that Philip Sa'inardl and Twain
Marsel la, the pair arrested. W* *ln* *•
da> evening, in a Mi< hlK®n uve -a
loon, are the nien who shot
I.amborn,-.second hand dealer at No
Michigan aver; Wednesday after
• « i in the rear of his .stor» . Lain
* orn died several hours lat» r In It*
i vm*. h< pH al
Th* pair admit being nequafnted
. Ith ! anibcrn and having had
trouble with him on previous men
ions Tlie police believe they lot
because In- "tipp'd" the
police sevetui time to li.e when
aboii-fa of non wanted on robln-iy
charge* It war. at first believed
that had be* n ruble and and
then shot. hut a confddet able
1 amount of money wa- found on the
i victim following Ho shooting.
K ebt other were arrested in eon
n* • ■ r, aj t h the erlme, and are at 111
t• • in*s h> id a- it i- be 'Moved they
ir-- all tnenib. r of a rang of c rooks
making their headquarter* in that
1 loeallt v.
Sallnardl win identified by faro
horn in the hospital au the man who
shot him Thu dyim tn»n*w o< Jti-t
aide io utfer “Thivt th>' man that
'hot me if l had a cun I would
hoot him "
Mai.la was- aluo tak'-ri to the
hospital b*if Lam horn wa- too far
stone to identify him
f amborn was >hot at 4 o’clock
while* fhton*s of shopper? were
passing Ins place Two men came
into his place and asked to see a
stove He was show Inst them thru
th*- hack part of the store, he said,
when om of them pointed a re
, volver at him \ struggle ensued,
during which *he merchant got the
better oi Ins ,i ailant The other
man. seeing his partner being
ln-aten, drew a revolver and fired a
shot into the merchant’* abdomen
lacmborn stage, red into a drug *iorr
fwu doors away and physicians were
Sallnardl yavr his address as No
:• 't'hiid t. while Marsel la said
! ,ivi and -i* No r,H7 h'alrvi**w av»
Inv* -*tt; .mi proved that the men
never lived at these addresse*.
Th* woman declares that her
husband collects the rents and
spend* most of the money for
liquor, returning home after a rent
collecting ir.p invariably very m
toxhated H* drives th* children
out of th> house and otherwise dis
turbs Th* peaet of !he household,
according to th*- hill.
Judge Murphy granted a tempo
rary injuncion. restraining ts < man
from *w»ll* < tine rent- or disposing
of th* prop«rty pending the hearing
of th* divorce suit.
I h»vi> ik' i»i pr«>*-d ai>niu was
I h«‘ < lost mure than my faith in
|r*«i • r F have Inst rry faith In Ilf*
I >n I*'' r. in <;.■«! Surdj no r»■ ><t would
!h. - • ru*-l ,i<* to rnnke niy poor little
1 inno < r»t 1,..y pay for th* sin* of I.
k• t ndi»Kd hei nnd grandfather. If >s
j n<d a <»■ I liut a Fiend that has charge
Vgpvief I .ii Himost hesid* ni>
i *e|f •11 *1 I nav* to keep up Mi» «|>-
ip* t 1 *n< *• of *.| in v hpn < -, iad
|n i mind, t• •» ln< I-. lil:*. a madman
I "‘hat *b> \"U t ! ink hr propn*e<l r.,
m* ill- otio-i n gM ’ It wan that 1 *
j should put haby and hlmnelf out .if
th* way
” You ar* \ *minr, M'dli*," hr aajd.
and v.-ir w II f.rg«t <n*l '•* happy
aaain hit \' i ' iinn*>t bo hnppv r- 1
I the const* of atmosphere of d**p;tii
* tha* imi»t * irro’ir I 'on a** long a** i
! the boy and I , < tin Amt F htn e
! brought y .11 tin* M Hie. I ought to
' hav*» known i « < ,t ,i-id» for th*
■ pur* / i' .'ill w | ■rt
■ 1 /I marked f
/ *
v / 't '' ' tie done foi i
t i /
' . r / ' • 'll Itl <'! M *'
• injrii'p It• • ' i■i■ - ti ha \•• ■yed 1
T |):h i br..f iiii-f i tune It w ulrl lo- |
murll t.ett*M If I were out of 111,
world *di. i»-d. if W'.uld ha'«‘ lu/n ;
1 mil'll b"tl« I lied I never .ntered It.’
"M» ra i • I took rii.t d■■p s■ n g
man's head in im ar • i ,*. an*) la id 1 1 < n
my breast *iu- wu • kn*e|inr r. f inv
hednld' when h< •|ink< t < lose to rb'it
of p.v h*M oho i*. ;ia v*t happl'v on- j
t ons, ion * . f Hi,, fragedv of w hb-h be
in the her - If ••• ci. (I lo me then, j
dear, as Pin I was n tiling but moth*
er, md th* grown iiMn and t|ie . hild
man were my opudieri to protei t and '<
••Marrte. 1 told shad that not to
hr rid of this awful p* lef would I I
»lv*' ii|i the Joy we v*d had together
t|j. bliss of having him he and me
The only thins d' at lo tirt that i
male « this bearnhte is that I h ■ , I
you to h*'|p til. heir It I s,l Id
• Hut don't x Oil «r , M IHt . he i
rrted out. ‘lf It had not been so» m* '
> would n# er have had tilts to
hr a r *■
”'Ff F tnu«t d*ar. 11l pax the pri
rlsdlv.' was inv nn«iier ‘Y"> ts and j
I will share this burden we will »tv»
thin 'h lld hII that ran !>» civ< n hint j
hut sight w» w*tlt |r>ve him as no]
oth*r child has e\er hren loved he. j
cause we love ea*'h other.
"*? hn' e he. n r< stless, t'had. and I
wanted tr> do somethirifc In Ihe world I
end n >w my work hit* l sen laid nut I
for me You and I d> ar, will not
only make oijr ■ hild see things that I
the blind ha\v never s> *n before, imt
we will give other blind thlldren the
sanie bless|t-,||
"I wi*b Mircte. won could have
tent t'had sf:«. *» ?fis Imagmatl in
waa |mm* dints)v fired He almost
snat* bed th* bn by from njy arms e*'d
h> Id II i lose while he said. *f*o toil
think e*n do ft’ Do >..u think
we ran make the life of fMa haby
worth while? Can w*e hojd bln hand'
in ours when he knows and flnd that
he. will not rurae in for lettlna h'r.i
t took th» t.gby ha. k gently an*l
ilt'l Chad'a faee down tr mine 'YVe
will Ity. dearest • f whispered and
I felt Chad'a nerves lose the(r trnan
nnsa as he Inokad at me with almost
• *m!U on his lips
(To t>« oontuauad)
( AMI* CUSTER. RATTLE f’REKK. Mich , Sept. 27
THE o»w trench warfare, as developed on the battle fields of France
arid Flanders, i* coming direct to Camp Cuc-.ler. Ilefore the week
is ended, fifty Infantry officers will report to Major General Hick
man. prepared to teach the men of the Eighty-fifth division and Ita
reserve brigade the secrets of the highly technical ant! scientific combat
that has revolutionized nuli.taiv tactics during the last three years For
several weeks, the officer.- have been learning the trench game of war at
Cambridge, Mne-c. wh* i. i- located th»* most practical . hold of infantry
conflict in the Cnited Stale-* Their Instructors have been French officers,
fre**h trom No Man- land h• r\ day they have worked out tactical prob
lems under actual battle conditions -There is not a phase of thin new
warfare with which th* > young officer* are not familiar, thru many days
I and nights actually spent in'trenches and dugout*.
Five French veteran are members of 'he instruction rnrps at Cam
bridge I' ha- been their job *o Impart to bright voung Americans a definite,
peisonal knowledge of righting conditions In thb* war Four fifths of the
time ba- been devoted to what can be terrhed practical work tin* day
'.nil week ha he* n „l\* n ou r to sham battles, which haw been fought
exact I v as Tommy and f'ollu bav* h* on mauling Fritz overseas, liaitle
fields with first, second and third line trenches, dugout-, communicating
‘unnol , and trenches and barb wire entanglements have been constructed
<>n ih» tra.nmg ienervation Machine gun emplacements were built Lis
o-ning post hav - b*en «*stabM*heri. Hombn gr*-nades, bayonets and all
♦he n*wei implement** of war have been used. As nearly as possible
; Kurop* an conditions have h*cn reproduced in every essential Nature.
] Trained in -uch a hool, the e r,n offlc*is ar* n<>w on their we to Hattie
Creek Alr* :id\ *k* ' h .ie h -cn a gn<-d to their regiments, wh**re ihey
j will in i a: expert instructor * in tp-ncli warfare tactics.
The 339th reglr.i-'fit of infantrv om of Hefroit's own will take First
Lieutenants Wilbur E Wan William MeCJung, Stephen .1 Link, Charley
\ McNabb. Glenn W nirkett. Morris Cameron and A M Smith The 337th
j; ginicnt of infantry w il draw ifie of First Lieutenant" Fred l>.
i irrar. F J. Slab'. Jr. Cluster L Llewellyn, W. T Howker. W H Ward
and H* n H Week- Tl « 23vth. infantry will g**t First Lieutenants Watson
Leonhauser. D ’■ id h H r 'inc. A 'ton f.aßouche Johii f I’.-mli"., i;«>nrgc-.
1~. Simpson. K<‘i r • !i ,<' '..lv'nf; and William A Story The 34fuh infantry
wilt g. Paul <1 .i••j*. •* r ■ H X Hrennan, c M Harpcr > r F Moriarty, Cyril
,1 Quinn, Frank Murphv and IHrbert \\’ Lasher The 32ttth machnie gun
I battalion will take Flr-o U* titenants Pntlen (JaJten and Chester Hoatson
i The 2J9th mac in' cur battalion will fake Ftr*f Lieutenants Harry E
Erickson and Irv ig O'Rri- n. Th<* 33" th machine gun battalion will get
| First Lieutenant* Frederick Harett. r and Jtlakc Miller The depot brigad*
will g**i ( apt ain William FalrhuM an*l th** following second lieutenants:
H l» Levinson, Jesse |, Mullenl»x. Henry I Armstrong, H L Bockstuhler,
' Earl .1 Tippett Ft W Wright, Bruce Greene. K M Hill, Russell n Rey
! rmids, H L. Bell. George F Convery, Lemuel It Boulware FTancl* R
1 Kltchell. Howard P Morlev, Robert O Quick. George c. Sheffield and Rufus
S. Tucker
The«,. officer.- most of them are graduates of Fort Sheridan will be
a godsend to the Infantry rv-gimenf*. each of which now runs from 20 to
.{" officers -hoc [her, p nearly an extra flist lieutenant for each line
company of Infantry, which have boon particularly lacking In men of this
i.ink flies, -penally trained additions, however, do not affect the chances
f"r promotion of officer material in the ranks, for a serious shortage of
officers still remains.
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t ( •4 J *jr ft ~
07-779-181 Woodward An.
A Bit of t a ruining. *
THE <ll vision football/team ppih.tbi*. will play l*s first game Saturday
afo i ti«M»n, web Alma coll* g* gridder> for focmep Probably the
g.ir. < will b* Mg* '! li»*r« . I hi- d»x i«ion t« am ha- loM a lot of ca>tn
Mi j*. G*'n .-ral Hi'kimili tic ri* . id* and that it will not do to hav*'
private.-* on thi u squad, which will hereafter I)*' strictly an officers* organlxa
Mon This icully in not a blow at tt,< exceptional democracy of th** National
army Th* 1 general's objection m understood chieflv concern permission
fm piiva'* io |«n\c th• • reseii.itlon on football trip- 11** considers this a I
dang* ir*u* precedent, Th*- pmat* -. tin actor*-, will organize a crack di j
\i a ion team of i heir r.wn, but will play all t heir game- in Baltic Creek.
About thr* * dozen officers now belong to th* division ’varsity All !
of them al*- former college stars, and many of them po>*■»•-*- national fain*
The ’vMl-ltv w 1 1! Imlud< th* following crack giidd*is Gardner (Carlisle),
Watkins < Mir'hig«*i >. ft'g|<- (M,uhip .n;, Kennedy (Michig in* Ko**hm (Mlchi
gHti), Picard (Michigan), l>i*‘hl (Wisconsin). Got* nth (M a c.), Kerwin
j(t i**org« t(iw n). I **• prato ( M A 4' ). McNamala (Mlclii* rid), Knobler ( I{iponi
i Kramer (Wiseon- in). Thompson (Lawrence), Homan tltipon). I.anghofi
(Wisronsin) Farram (Hipon), Mabbltt ddahoi. f'o.steiio (G*>orgetowni
th* Quinn btothera, (Michigan), Why!* C ornell), Moriartv (Georgetowu),
ON* il (Corn* il), Mill. r (M A < t. W ard (Georgeiown). Kenvon (Cat***).
Nelson (Vf|nn**s*'ta). Hinton (La wrenci), Wet/rl (Lak* loiest). Wyman
(Rtpon), Lathrope (Michigan), Bovl# (Notre Ham* i, and O'Calnghan (M
A C).
I Some Rifles Come.
Jr ST as .-non as the army of wooden guns was pictured, a shipment of
rlfl* s was received at Camp f'uuer Sortie *. 4• *0 arrived Wednesday
and w*-i« di-'rihut* <1 I ch nfantr. regimen' wa- givrr\ nearly f **i"
Os the V. apons, a ( w beiyg ;-aved oir so tl . military polire and
[minor unitß. Th* arc not nearly t ill * nough guns for th* ramp, and
|no on*. h<*r* confesses to knt*w'i* rig* of mot** h. ing on the wav For thic
I reason, laig* numbers of infantrv non will continue their piars to train
with wooden rifi*-.- and bTay'one*- vfoat. of the artillerymen devofexl th^n
halt holiday \V*dn*-dav t. assisting in th*- manilfacture of th* dummy
cannon and caist'on- :
Man' of th* tin formed no n w* re given permits to visit town lot*
yesterday afternoon, anil -**n i•' of. th* more backward men were given * ttra
drill. Practically ail unit- hoard -a.m* om of |*t tur*s f»y superior officers
Lai. in iht aft* moon .. larg* nun.F r of *i*- soldiers hikt*d tr» the hath
holt-* and did ono laundry work. The officers had li*t|<* time to th*.nt
-elv* > Long oft ; < t r schools w* ?>• held sot those riot on other duty. On*
of the nmst interesting school* v. conducted by Major Higlev. adjutant
of tb*- ar'illrrv brigade Thi* majot . crack horseman and one of the
flu* s' polo players in the Americun Jtini: H - subject was the care of a
hois* a matt*-! concerning which every artillery,n>an must have a pro
fouml.. k:a,iu iulti., -
On*- officer from »arh of the three artillery regiments will he sent to
Fort Sill, Okla. for a thr* • months cout • of -pecia* instruction. It Is hoped
'that others will h*- permitted to take th*- course in previous courses at
Fort Sill, where there ).- a lot of equipment and a lot of room to shoot, each
officer ha- been given 1" touads of ammunition i<* explod** A great many
artillery problems can b* undertaken and conquered in the u.-e of l. r ui
roun<i of ammunition. Succes-ful u • *>f ae ual field equipment m work
in,'* out his problem givt an officer more confidence in himself than when
hi- training is chiefly paper work. Confidence is as highly prized in war
as on the baseball diamond
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ri Twh
n 11.rf i<"i f ■ . v\<i|ri.«i , Kioi»rn
: t• m• J r tli' I' arid I *• •rt Huron
w ,i\ i • on'i * 1 Detroit
dally, *-t t Sunday • p m.; sun
day *. j n n’ t '.r Toledo utramer
i IriV's dally: 5 p m.
~ ."" " "
r.ir Huff a • md p' nte »*«•«( dally .»
, j m >r* l< t r «'(••% • land. FMtts- !
i oitr*h and point* /> dtli dally 10 46
It* fn. F*i .Vlprnn M < sinm Inland
st. and « iv t>*>rt.*• Monday* A
I> m.. J-*rldav *, k ■ tn . (Vntral
t m'- St.ai oT" foot -f Third
tv*> l it' Ti- I> * d'. > Hi Or*«-
vrold-at. Phono-f’h-riy «»3<!
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