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You ns: Detroit ( hauf
feur Is Slain Near
“Little Italy” Picks An
other Victim; Police
Hattie Gunmen
Two weekend killings. wth a
'hini vie iru i*\ me, nil the c.i-. * pn*
seeding elements of myaterv, are be
.ns; probed by the police
( *n ( • more have th* gunmen m
l f a!v 'hot and fatally wounded
their town »r;«I once again are the
police at ftca for a really ingtble
**lu» to *hf> sH idants.
foil'. Merit. P, Os No. Ir, Chase
M • the victim. t« dvlng.in Receiving
hospital from four bullet wound*,
and true to the precedent set h> otb
♦ r victims t ,f Little IfaJvs killers,
rrftjyeß to fafk
Th* shooting took place Sjndav
evening, a* < .!»> o’clock, at F< rt and
(>fl< wte* Seven mefl, loaded ill
f«o atitomohiles, did the ,c ina,
ifrei following their victim along
th* street until he reached tit* cor
< »n* of th* automobiles j now id
'M- hi Jil of ? !.»• police. |; < h*
ip. it on* of th*- men ami |>on
Mhi> tv* H wim shot by patrolmen,
who d|.p. ,r. .1 on th< scene «|ir. «-Hy
l o . -r.il Dio. k«. eight p .nol
non load* cl In a mall touring car.
fought ,t t< volvt r <)m l with tlo ;P
i-m i !-. hut l» i 'To ir t*r> v tl u the
f*ar i»: th* l ilrivor of th* it cnmman
ij< , yeti tuachin*-
N* r>. t -rot. of defective* ha v**
lo n w orklm? on the rase stnci* word
ft -• i flush***! to Lout Kunkle in
h* ojijiiar'oi 1 ,-!. h'ii sit far have turned
In nothin* of a th Unite natur**
Two < 'her killings ar«* h« n* in
V e.-! jft;i 1 i*d ( Ule is tlo* ah<Mil‘*lg o r
W | im \v. Wtir ham, it*, No iso
H • • v« h *fe body wis fnun«l
alot" mile and a half rhi* i* o
Mtrm.n rhant, in a littbttav i »-.j
Motion of Maple-*!.
i; ham. wi > was a rhauff ur
for Thorn • * W I'aynr, \'o t7j Vnirn
hill! iv* took *«no one out in the
« ir v.! ,i h war found af Milwaukee
avo, and John ll *l. an hour after
tin htsiv was disfovred. early Sun
»'* noirninr
I’eter Uura. .21, No VI Thirtieth*
st . is dead with a hullet thru the
heart, vvh I* 'lo- police are trvinc to
loea'e r..tlV Kn-h, his room tuat*
\V h* o t Ultra w,t ■ shot I>\ K*i-h
during * dti irrel or the shooting was
arr tdi-ntal hinge* on th.* finding of
\ frrorrh man. without any papers
of nh ni ifira' ion Wa fountl dead
Monday morning at Frederick** and
HasHng* sts. He wa dressed a- a
The "Over-lh»-Top” Man
•' !
'out. trlliir «.*i» I.mpet, of the Rrtt
l«t* itriMt. millinf nf Ihr hnnl* "lit f»
It*.- Cue.’* Whirl Im* rntrin 10l -»»ch
I'lHr ."Irnlotit la non In (fee I nlf
e4 'lair. Irrlailrt* Mr <ll4 me* H
•*"'4 ttnrk *t«a krlplni th* l.lbertf
laborer There was a cut on the
forehead and an abrasion on the
I thin Infective* Martin ami School
| w1 1 n responded to th* 1 call ->ay h<
may h vvr died of heart failure
Tiie larger automobile u-**d b;> ill*
TtaPan gunmen. a brand mv. si*
cylinder machine, i* in th* hands of
*he poli<> V half dozen bull*'! mark*
are on it «»ne of the bulleis smash
<d th* windshield The ofh*T' "took
ihe l>a< k of th*' car. h*it non*' pierced
the hcavv cushions Th* car was
stolen from (' It Manner. \n 9.T
Trow bridge st , •> Ford official, Oct
It. The original license pint* ha»l
i*«'en repla* ed hv license tag No
*>42o, issu* and to a Highland Park ud
Mentesge conducted a grocery
s*oro. No an Rti«sell *t. an*l th*' p<*
• 9
th*' shooting was due to his failure
to pay toll to the gang The victim
» »■* walking east on Fort -t., wiien
he happened to turn and -aw the
two automobAles driving slow I* along
behtn<l hint. A* he reached Orleans
st , both machines drew up and with
out a word, the -hooting started.
Menteaae fell w*«h two bullet* in
ilie abdomen and one in each arm.
Patrolman Hubert, of th* third
precinct tation, wa- walking « short
di<*tan<* sway and he ran up with
drawn revolver ll*' w.v* wahin dvr
f* et of tic larger <at and aimed his
weapon at »b< driver with a com
mand to halt Instead th<- :nm
glided into high -peed and Hubert ’
tired Th*' man h* said, slimped for j
ward and another man .«ta»'*l the j
w heel
Sev.'n other officers appeared and
|. tan to shoot ai the two rapidly
disappear in*, cars There war ;i
i*ia!l touring «ar a short distance
:wav. and th* officer* commanded
rh* driver to drive them after the
feet ir* man This the man did with
reluctance *»nd for several clocks
th* officers and the gunmen fought a
pistol *|jei in which more than a
hundr* and shots were flred.
Th* gunmen’s bullets flew all
H round tin pursuing car and intinil
rial«*d 'h* driver who slowed down
t*. ikiu * later found the big c:ir
*»u K;»st l<afavette and M I'ouK'll
av*• s The police he||»vc a second
man was shot in th** larger car as
w * II ns the driver.
In the Worsham killing the police
are at loss for a motive They do
not think robber vent**r**d Into rh*'
•booting, as th* r* was nine money
anil a pair of gold cuff link* on the
body An old watch is mi* in* fin*
Worsham was hot Lain behind H
is believed that tl < sc responsible for
th** shooting hired the car irom Mm
‘Ti fron' of the iwrghoff
When the police went to * nv♦ i
"tie the dura shooting, other occu
pants ts the house told th* in th*>
dead man and Koch had l>e«*n lu'iKh
in* and shading when th* shooting
occurred. Kosh ran from »he room
.nd < ri**i| “Hhe shot him-elf I'll
i vall a die tor." anil hadn't bc«*n seen
-ini <■ The revolver belonged to
Infantrymen In Trenches With
Own Artillery Behind
I Shift Corrmponrirnt I'nitcrt I'rrtt
| TKKS. KKA N’t *K, <►*». 2'.« Amerh an
•r»K*ps are in the front line trendies
j and American artillery Is behind
i hem
Official announcement of this sqrt
was made in the following state
, m* n' from h* ad«juart* rs Saturday
"In continuation of their train
ing as a nut lens for the instruction
of later routlng**nts, some battalions
, of our first contingent, In assocla- |
j tlon with Veteran French battalion.*']
ar** in the first line trenches of a ,
■pilet sector of the French front
They are supported bv some hat j
•tries of our artillery, in aesoclat
with veternh French batteries
"The sector remains normal. Our
men have adapted themselves to ac
tual trench conditions in a mosl
satisfactory manner.".
r.imllr WmMrm Te |.»r Ih. Was*
••rknafll* I annilri < n., till* Hsn.l
C*laalal. S«««la*H S Stkley Ur#*l- I
wat of all vaudeville. 11-Si-Jl Hb- —Ad. I
Special Train Will Con
vey 580 From
This City
Mobllr,.at tor of Detroit’s Negro
soldier- i.a b* eu arrang* and lor
Thursday morning when r.s<» of them
wili leave for I snip Curler on a • p*
dal Michigan Central train
The N< gr • ■ troopers w *•?■#* to have
assenibl«*d Saturday. hut orders
rounterniwndin* liie iiinhltizat i*n
w**r** received at a lit* bom lit
cause fh** pay muster roll- for »h<-
troops already at the cantonm**ni
have been compiled, it is - ihl by
Mattie Cr*'* k officers, the arrival ol
th*’ Negro increment would involve
much additional paper work.
Tuesday and Wednesday will In*
payday for th** soldiers of tiff* in*
tlonal arrnv In Camp Custer To
bring the to 1 " men Into ramp with
only 'wo or three days’ pay coming
would cause 100 much bookkeeping,
it is said
The special train bearing the N**
gro troops will leave at |o o'clock
Thursday morning
ZI'MCH, Oct. 2f* Th** Stuttgart
newspaper Neuste Ta***li|,it' d.cla:
c»I 1 odiv that Chancellor Michaells
resignation htnl b«*en accepted by tlo
five Ihsu«iin4 ilnllnra* tlnim.iie «*■
ilntir hr Are to . Ihr home nf the
Me. Kiifiii* It, snt[*pen. N., 1"^
Kllot-at., Kiinday nt*rnina It Is
belleverl the Are wa* t a t*> .1 liv h
«lefe. live furnace. I *r. Slilplien.
wh*> is usstnr *>f ttie I’nitMtian
t-hurt h 'N M"tw «r t-svf and KM
rtoind -pi , w.< s In il.iin Ii end his
wife was ale,* away when the fir**
Itrnkr out The Are was dts, ~vered
hv a maid
starrell usd Kenelh VV llann, henth
era. II a*«4 1.1 rears oltl. reaper*.
tvely, were injured at .Second ami
Ferrv-avea. Sunday when a bicycle
both were riding was struck by an
automobile driven hv Mark Wat
son. No *5 Kin, - st Kenelh sue
♦ a ned * fracture of *h> sl<»ill.
while h « brother wa* onlv Jtgbvl*
"irt .The* were taken t* their
borne No 1 . r » Mrfnchavr W.*viso n
was released b* ibe polt*e atfc*
an MuniniMoa.
Five I Jill ion Mark Is
Exceeded I>y Good
WASIIINtJTON. i vet. 2*.* T*n mil
hot: people went "iiv* r th** top” lo i
r* act th** flv b’d' ti i’. • >|! ;t; g<*.* ( J of!
America’; -«*cond l.ih**rty hmt' Ml
cbt.'-t ■* anti a*#** arc on hi vb
script ion honor H ts oda*
Knrly returns to th** ft*- u;> d*
partnmnt still lonv the grand total
of America’* second rc-poim* for
dollars in doubt, hut Thai in* * ,
'Hip.Muu. tun nii viniunv h.*i,- h< **u p.«-
ct| In a comfot l ihb- in t*t . m i- a*
sm e»v
When th** last coin roll In 1 i*
confidently belicy-d m*it i 1 :• **i. .*
cs tnim' prop!" will h» found tr»
have subscribed nearly twice ,«a
much money as i.i th* i
Thursday v* ill tdl ih* «-• *tm!• i r «*
story of the loan losiii'-
KINV.PTON. ( »n* Oct. 2* <’*»al
batgi* (lloha. t*f Midland, n n' n«n
--« and bv Mi!n* \ L *rr, * mil deal* r-
T* iron To. in ndeft and and ning a conn
t l.ou' 6 o'clock Sumii-.v morning op
po-ite Niro-Mib* p id. v of
Kingston, sinking tn 2' feet of wa-
Ivaniel Me Vicar of ;> . . ~,* ..
Tnin «»f fb** barge, c: • *
h»*r four member? of ’ll* ci»*w
v* re sa.ed. Th* ~* .1 1 u V.c *.
*if Kingston, tnat* Fr ’> r» itvt.
of WiarMm, nn', » - he**l* man t'lar*
i nee Mills, of Kingston. tb *K hand,
and <’ H. I’Jli-. M v
Vri* l itr|Mi ri* *l«i» •
M*'l Jtck'l ty ' ; . '* 1.. • I r
J |* tyf. i— i: ,r ' t| v ''
IT E'.si \t Si
♦ rt»it. IIS,o«' U i * M -mltH,
•Tvarles F Iftteb-nic- M VN Kdlins.
The Qun I r*n f*etr *l* ftft.
pb-’s sici, I,- till •*V-« *rt n n-sv
t « V* • V,
Toe ’ Kft’nwi#* n. capit-l st.-. h in
reused f• cm I? see *n Its ftSS.
Giacamo Menatto Is Se
cretly Arrested
\\y U. S.
CIIK'AHO, Ort. 29 J’ount <
romo MinnttoJ who wa* born In Iter
lin :»ti I lived there 20 years and
nho r. < i ntl) tought :i place In th*
iris• lligenro bureau of the I'ni t.
State* navy, was secretly arrested
In;» woi k ago on order* from ih*
immigration bureau a Washington.
• » w.i - named tnda>.
Th** warrant technically charges
i hat the < ounl may bfrotui' a pubii*
rhurr’. 110 is at liberty on $.">0,ooo
bonds, provided by his father in la*,
l/oni*- K Swift, the picker. Th*
count ha. he* n known as James Mi
not to sine* his marriage to Ida May
Hwilt in I9i:»
I am siii** the department of la
boi will exonerate me.” said Minotfo,
"1 am in Italian riti/.en and ain r*»g
i.«fered as such in Venice I was
born in Merlin but have been raised
It*. Itah an«l always considered Italy
my home until criming to this coun
try I file Imy declaration of inten
non tn h. i me an Xmerlcan rdtigen
lasi July.
"After 1* ivlng school 1 mas *>tn
ployed h\ th* |H*ut«che bank at Her
lin, subsequently emng to I London
branch. When th** mar broke out
th* branch was discontinued and 1
came *o tic* I nited State* to reel*
• iployment, which I obtained witt
the (tuaranty Trust company here
“Promoted by feelings of lojaltv
. nd believing that my knowledge o’
six foreign language* would he o’
more value to my country than m
service* in the ranks as a private
1 wrote to the seervtarr of war Jul
20, 1917, offering T . v service.* In an
capacity and stating I wn* an Itallrt
subject. There being no place whf
1 could be of service. I made tl
nine offer’to th«* nav\ department
Two hearings have already I***
held in M motto's ease A third v. .
be h* Id this w*rk. at whirl) depo
lions t.ak»*n id N>w Yu mill ■
rind tlcorfe Von Seebeck *nd f- v t
Kuhn, two of Mlnot»o> friend* *’
fwfmer employee of the |*»>ut-<»
bank, are Interned In tha* e|ty
I* imt: it Tint w u VI
and I vest f**v*r* and muai*- )talb>v * **n
niaequrrs'te T*'a.inrad*|t night. St;**
•Iml —Adv.
Civil War Veteran Buys Liberty
Bond With 5,000 Lincoln Pennies
‘ Save the pennies, the dollsrs will
look out for themselves,” is about
tho wording of an old-fashioned
slogan that thrifty fathers used to
quote to their children That it Is
true is shown by the experience of
Frederick Smoots, a t'ivll war vet
eran. 71 years old Mr. Smoots lives
with his sister, Miss Elizabeth
Smooths, at No. 310 Shernmn-st.
Saturday Miss Smoots appeared
in the Liberty hond station con
ducted in the office of Mayor Marx
She said her aged brother, who
fought thru the Civil war and who
was a great admirer of President
Three Shells Are Fired
Seven Miles; Wreck
'Staff Correspondent f nited Preta
IN FI,ANDERS, Oct. 29. Three 1
ijuli shells, fire-1 from a distance of
Seven ml Im, h?ruck squarely on their
target of a Herman blockhouse at
F’apegoed Wood and permitted
French i»oilue. fighting like mad for
glimpses of their own homes alight
ly behind th-- Herman lines, to cut
then way to a victor) in the latest
Franco Hritish advance in Flanders
It was this marvelously urmraft
shooting last Friday which opened
the wn\ for the French smash. A
gieat eight chambered concrete
blockhouse in the center of Pap" l
good Wood had long held up further
French advance. Finally French
aviators ‘ ranged" it. Huge French
guns fired just three of the enor
mous shells at this range. The first
missile was clove to it the second
| shattered th* solid concrete and ’lie
I third passed inside. Practically all
of the garrison in this, formidable
defence w a * killed.
' r be few forlorn, craird men who
did survive of the f,o Herman <ri
ju * < of th.- One Hundred and
j Righty first inlantrv. staggered infr»
j th" French lines d--al and dumb
I fro.., -»i *|| shook. Their clothes had
been stripped from them, sotn<
wete foarfull) mangled The stamp
of ;.n inexpressible horror was on
iheir drawn fares.
Reduction of the blockhou--e * na
I bled ih * French engineers. \otktn~
lie. k cl***-j* in St .Tanasbc • k and <nv
c rb* ek river, to throw i*p bridges
and trestl*s along which French in
! fan try later charged to a brilliant
These c harging troop* w«>r*- horn<
along with the irreslstlbh- fore, o?
j men fighting like fiends to throw
i hack an onerm and **e- their own
| homes just t». yoQd Most of h rt
1 French regiments n*»w c»ti thi hue
j are from IJIIe and other cltb-v <l.. 1
to the present fighting lines Macv
left their loved ones behind to .n
I swer mohiliza yinn rvl 1 * and have
not heard from them since
| Thes" men performed superhuman
I fighting feats Hand to hand i
blood) fighting thev bear hack
Hermans, half swam thru morass--
| .nd h“ld tenaciously to their » in
| despite ever} * ffort H» rman < -runt* ;
attackers made. On Saturday juv
-U' h an incident as thi t occurred
The French had cut their v for s
deep gain The whole Eighth Rsv.tr
to r hcv-k them ft failed The \ictn
j ip tiolhm literal!* r- it it in'
lit addition to th.* t.ast week’*
•' r vlr advance along the Ifivmude
c - 1 the f>enc', toda- are encircling
Il » ■ h th#" «,,,*}* tm •<*
I v ’,p' tjwi-rf i ,) t)n vnocl!anrl i
1< enter of the Herman resistance in
Lincoln, hart saved every I.tncoln
penny that mme into his hands since
the coin was first put into circula
tlon. He dirt this as a tribute to
the martyred president. In the
few years that these pennies have
been coined he hns saved more than
worth She wanted to know if
the pennies would he accepted in
payment of ;t Liberty bond.
'Hie transaction was soon com
pleted Miss Smoots said that her
brother would not part with his
collection of pennies for any less pa
triotic purpose than the purchase of
a bond.
Herbert S. Bigelow Taken Ah
He Prepares To Address
< TNFINNATI, O. Oct. 29 - Police
and private detectives hunting for
Herbert S ’ Migelow , pacifist and
pastor of the p.-ople’s church oft in
cinnatl, early today had found no
trace of him or the men who kid
! naped him in Newport, Ky., last
night as he was about to enter odd
fellowhall.to deliver a speech »o
nix onn tiivAVK mit pon
fir;viri;i * mi iii: i.t « v
(Jiowf i mi -i M teiuoir- w night at
Arcadia Management report great*
»-et a-1 \ a net •• <!•■ rs •i■« Metro*
polilnn '•tat.-* will sing aoln.i and «1»i*■ t.•«
from famous np*i»j, Hrtnneli* lmve
ti.e seat- Ailv
Tomorrow la Hotel Stutter «Inr a*
the Apple eliow In the Comm nwcalth
Savings Rank Adv
British “Female” Tank In Parade
*1 hi* It rtf l«h MmK t r«»n Ihr Mff«trrn f r * »t '\ l«*if wrf «if I *fc:rfy
lonn parndr It* Vnt % ntl* ill*. Il *»** * tin rri* all »•*•«’« »:>■• «_**.
I l*f miik ii n, |rt • ••inn i.l »f i n •!. Illi fi nl tliiftek. nhu ha* *rr»rd In
i >»<• HrOi<.li niiti* • ike kenlfti n« *•« «’**- o r. “If* *o«tte rlabl tn
*-nlf **i * i .*mt, t< inn l ” **UH l n .*1 Mnlnli •*V|'**i ***** ikr -Crtnalea’
i,i,i ..hi ii - tn-' . • ||iii t*• i|» ,11 r v Inm |h • «l* pnwndrir. I Hl*
liitik i l»r flea a irrn *>l *.«**- <-«itnn* *.i*>n* it nil) •r, ifcrrr ilf|V .It, Cure
■ nnnrr* n»**t **i»* a** _-**. »**’u ■«t *i>ed nlf'rr, v kr hi. ItVr mnrblnr
Itll***' |Nr |:i*« k J*l I•* • » null I* «* ni».« »l *»rrt Ml* and
l*Mltrt-l*fi***» plale*. '«< feet frnm mil l«» mil ? kfl • ••**ke« h at, at
lk*- rwlit*ll«* ao«l .Install Hn«* an artl nml tir« »nt tn rwundrd end* on Ike
«-nfrr|Olln r prln* let**. Il •• pal»l*il an »*M»e krana Ikr ar»nar platea
nrr half aa la.-k tkl. k ik’uaiti. It* oat* «*«n nt a ka'trr* • *uUla
af |*» «* »itlniini K'*a «*p*-nlntt* an ea« k *tdr In *ke «-entrr, ..ktifc are
nnl* l."> Im ?r* la il :iiii*|i r, *to • .pillnr tread* a r l*Mad **• k *lda
altr-*«trd tk*> i«o<«4 nnflrr. thrt are •*,*, 7-ta*k »**i tlnii* ia ra* h tread.
I arli *r , 'a - kn« a a-ln*k re'ard part far itrippm* When Ike tank
I* In inntin. At ia kal and in-ele Irani a mixed ..dar at new a*
line and Inltrl.allna nil Mlrt; *r»t *»•* «(*.n*ld* rrd rnffcrr iku tt»-
<1 Inter* tfcrn »*klrk tmllrt* naigkt pa**.
Cowardice Among: De
fenders Admitted
By Rome
Had Greatly Under
rated Germany’s
Strength In Isonzo
Staff Corrrsiondcnt United Pmaa '
I.ONDON, Oct. 29—The Italian
sttuatiou dominated the whole wap
viewpoint today.
Engulfed by an overwhelmingly
superior force in men and guns,
Italy a armies were fast being
thrown back in a rout. The who!*
Hritish press w-as unanimous today
In Insisting that the Allies must
grant immediate aid.
Alt ho all circles reiterated their
confidence in Hen « adorna'a
strength and ability later to stem
the tide, nevertheless many newspa
pers today pointed out that the
enemy's power had been gravely
miscalculated hy the Alliev.
Hen. Cadorna s admission nf dia
hfTeoflon in his ranks was more dis
quieting (ban the losses stagger*
ing as llie«e have hern reported by
Merlin and Vienna The Teutons
were now claiming 100,000 prisoner*
and 700 guns.
If Italy’s morale holds up, It wna
regarded as certain that Cadorna
would he able to make a stand on
the plains. Hefnre rha* time It. whs
* -itinmted that Allied aid would b«
reaching Italy. The political effect
of the Herman drive was more
feared here than th*- military re
sult* Th« Italians are outnttm*
hered in men more than four to on*
I along practically the whole of the
! attacking front.
The Hermans massed their men
I behind the lines and smuggled guns

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