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into |x>»ition At night rhelr b' ,m '
bardruent <»pen**d with * urrifl' fir*
from guns vbON poglfUm® bad not
fV«<n prfvlouMy h**-n t-a-p*
tht« Ilallan* N« "orh arHll*r>cfl •
j>»* been atulnrd by *h» German
»Jnr* Verdun *• that »hl<li «'
mmr*-! fh*’ Italian poet 1 ion*.
«•*■ Outnumbered in gun* anil m* n
troops from «h* f "t»* <>n
were *!ciin<* of a great war r,m
chine pursuing fb<’ "stiie
which *be (J*-r»»n< *n sore--* " !
adopted in Rumania and a v,r ’>'•* !
chin** led b> »he in:i-t» r »ho ' M n
Jutted that Rumanian campaign
Gen. von Mat fc• ■ u•»* it
How twm<*ndo«« l« »h** drluny
j»ower of this gt**a : machine m
«|i« atfil in fh* f<» ( ' ! h«' ! -**rerat ~T- drcd
drcd square niile*. »<>n inch by in* h
In (.'adorns * yi* * 1 off• •ni <■■ 1 *' "*■
»unmi< r un«l during a n * ’’* 1
P«t»n that !«.«»«<1 ’h’** mon t •
now In th*’ enemy a hanil** a. * •’
liar** week 1 !* p’teh.
Hjr enormous nwantna * ’ 1,1 f ‘ n ;t
luflu, th«* German- h i •
ered the Italian"
thru mountain pa*!**-. then
weight toppled over H*
The Teutonic armlet arc n"»
than 10 mil* ■ from 1 din* f h* >' •
lan railroad center « *' H
frankly declared taaa " ' ro '
ardlce" of certain of i’- -‘0 *
th«* second army, permitted •' 1 '
tonic flanking too'* t-
the enemy wedge thru ‘ fe
lines. Ckirttia w-a.H retaVcen J l ’,,
vnder* cruahed thr i to the t *'•'-* n
plain*. Clvtdale. an 1 ’ **' ar
wa* taken.
It wh» expect* and today ? a' < «’•
na would inak* every > ff< t M '
anew defensive lit'-*' ' ,;i ■'
mento river, approklmatel • 1
back from the Hn»* <*u * l, “ 11 r \‘\[
tlgh’lwt '»*'! in prom "<>
river I s the nrrt natural * !
barrier In the plain section "
a comparative flat terrain cl*ar •
this river, there vfaint 5. p* b* '
today that th* I’allar v- i,.l
able to atop the German Ivi*ti« • ;
untch before that line
France was relied upon ’u w*jt'
first contribution 1o Italy n*< «*
The French cabinet met f» m*ia> .
evening for consideration o
Targets Will Be Placed
On Rifle Range
This Week
CREEJK, Mich, Oct 20.- MaJ K B
Morden, constructing engineer at
Camp Custer, has announced v ■
the rifle rang** will b»- ready thi
week for the installation of target -
The target equipment is nearly «.
here, ami the installation should b<
a matter of only a few days. That
means that before the month is well [
along, the third of the di'i-ion that
has been trnining since the middl*- i
Os September will do some sbo**tin; 1
Skill with the rifle will be the on*
imperative requirement of th* Am -r
lean soldier in this war.
If the local boards can get I
to send th*’ n»* n. th*» n* xt dral’ j
quota of 4** per cent will come to !
('imp t'uster between the sixth and
tenth of November. The camp win
be ready for the men at that tirn*-,
and whether th* men will come wnl |
rent with Washington and th* local I
Because of construction delay.*
and rainy weather, the portions of l
the artillery brigade that have noi
moved to permanent quarters will
not chang*’ barracks until the tlr-t i
of November, according to pr* *n 1
plans. That means that th* infantry |
will not be able to reach it- perm*
n*nt quarters until after th-sc da***
When once seriously undertaken. ; t*
entire transfer of quartets will fas*
only two or three days
The old receiving station will be
abandon* (t when the next 4** p* r
* ent of conscripts come*. The m* n
will be received in several barrack
set aside for the purjKise in the l*«••
block at the Hattie l'rc**k end of th*
camp This system will get a trial
on the first oi November, when n> *r
ly f.nti Negroes from Fstroit will b*-
received in Building No. 25 One
hundred Negro*-, rrom out in the
state arrived Saturday and were »•«.
signed to th*- colored battalion
MaJ Fred A. .Mger announce** that
the final Liberty loan total for t amp
Cuater Is 1t.3XP.750. This total me*
he lowered In a few days It is be
I laved that some men woh depend
ents subscribed for more bonds than
they could afford Such subacrip
lions will b*> annulled. Exery -ol
dier with a family must contribute
half his pay to the siip|*ort of h*s
wife and children, and no Liberty
bond subscription will be j*crmitteti
to stand In the way of Ihi«* allot
ment and his taking out some war
Insurance. Th** insurance drtte j
now on in camp The war Insurance
fa the most advuntsgeou < propose
tion ever made hv any gov*>rnm< nt
to an enlisted man. ami there win
be few soldiers here who do no’
take out the full sUi,o<tO worth of
In response to a request made to
the commanding general by the pas
tor of HI. Paul's Lutheran church in
Post Toasties
The Wheat-Saving
Breakfast Food
r*<, # .
MfU ('i «rk k>'ki|4n; P .atum
Ofrwl C . U 4« W|n4e*r. Cmtari*.
Detroit, seveial I tetrode:* *>ert f>‘
miffed to go h*>m* Sunday to at’ *nd
the aervices celebrating 1 h*- f*»u r
bitndrcth .mniversary <»f O.* '•» i
in a i ion Th*- ’iien for >*l*olll I**'*
I of abseo*'* w*-r* ’ e
I follows Walt*r Brumh r »'l r *
»er* Howard Hoffman. Rnymord
ITe.seil John (b’hill We. hdl'
Oehrnke, Herman U**’ ’**e. '* iit‘* r'
Geddest and William Wrobel
Four more [►’roll* n i l *’’'*!
glv**n warrants as corporal* in Bat*
r.ry Thr** Hundred sn 1 Twei. >
ninOi field artillery n* t arc l\il
.am Hewitt. At.hos Lapps- t'harles
, *mp CU... T |»
generals. Brig -Gen McMahon. «**m
tnanding the at tiller* brigade. n~s
..!at 1 ’amp Dix N J Gen >!• Ma
i ion ?• succ* «sor at t uster hae r>**>
I announced Meanwhile t“1
Oloke. -er.ior colon-I of To brigade.
! wl j) hrt tK brtggd* con.mander H;s
! regimen* the Three Hundred arid
1 ll.irtiell field ar* er' MaJ H S
r reel! comfiiand’na the horse •ec
’ion of the ammun- i*>n "ain. and
\I 4! Orlando Troveii, • ommandmg
'he Three Hundred and Twent*
* ighth machine gun battalion, ha' *•
b.-en trani-ferred to ('unit* Mea*! l
of the second lieutenants who have .
port on Not f9 to C*M9 Jofettato# ;
\ » ” ’ - - - ‘ i-.
man who will assist in ~.s *or. i
training here Mr* L C Sherwood ■
21 Garfleldaie., I*etroit. t« :i.n aunt j
Jam* •> Mavnard, of Marquette h -i
Rowe. di\,-ion athleti* <hief I
signed b' *he war department. Mr. I
:•* - 'rc no 'Hilary !
mo* - "■*'* • * ’ '* ‘ j
walking w:» a um, 1 net. .a ..
i.ess i* cc.«i• *’d their flr? 1 e\pe J
Lo-it. Huber- l*.ion of -he field 10*
jitals. went *ot h with the Saturday [
tiooal guard divis.on *ra:nir.£ a* ;
M’aco. T* X No epidemic !« exp- ’ j
cd but -h* m. ;• ai offl er wa- -*>n: |
a*iong for j-afe*> fir*’ r<aeons <’ne I
famous armv t.re*cnptio* for mumps j
ii- chewing guru The theory .* tna* 1
the c hewire gun produce* a *■ >ri o' !
eland \n
the discomfort of niurupv
|lj>k«p I liruilar. * ll»i»4fr*o«. af Ike
I let r«il (Mtlrtrl ®f the *tnkMl*t
* . a 'ir»nsl »-*- n V
:an - T* a- <* ’-1 ■*
• •> - re! w rk ni*)| i*
r»t 1 • Hiili. p r-fen*!*-* r* r» an,;.
tti , • Blah-’ :’i I*n -O • n
f> i( , nvente nos the U omin •
F ■'* lit M »*Hiriar> •o 'lety *r.<l
tmm* d:stel> afe filing this #n
gku* *r:. rtt .* <>nt !.»<■-» t x*isnt'-.
I‘ity to rontlsut hi* w *" w rk
|’rral(l*nl Frank M. I Itff4 *»4 »tk*r
nffl. ini. us thr I’rrr Warwwrtfr
' 'l ll re *•! »r* t**ak ng tne-r annual
I’ :n*V.»*ie »!.•’ !-n*- t • Toledo,
the «'anadtan diviaion. th*
trr branch *nd thr ms n line
Port »*.*’• h to Grand Thr
«ffl* *r j ar** pleased with *-< jto’tims
th* hav* ir.d in t i*-r jr»r* * n
thus f.-r Prises will he awarded
to th*’ tra< 4 swperv nors rr.akina
th* : >. st show’ng and am r.g th*
»* t o*l f. r*n’.*n. stat*” n»c*nts and
. 1 1. •r - Mr ' fr*’l • fi’ii :ncli d»s
A. L tjrandv asaistant
manager M Hal Med *» n**^
suj»*’r'ntendenf • f rranat rtat; >n I
1. lU> '* S’-neral superlntenden*
M B”>th general fre.gr.’ •
f> j w (l', 'irr.A, *1 r»*r .n ? 4 f\t • 0
motive r. s S' +\<i r
h* ar.l ' I4'r Jf
A Caudill* >nt ! nMr f *•
•«f wayi <*+• \V Tf»r/,
n+*r I* K r. 4i i,^rr:'
f mail and express ali of tr.*
President and Mayor
irge Food Saving
esery n* in the rr*mtrv t
ab undan«a ff « ~. » »
«ur * tl ff' n.-vi >»•> .« * »
u»f off. and. • "ntinate « , ■ i
» uurplM*. ne .hall noi o #
able to a* ■ *»n.pp• *, #> i o» .l
to our but 'A'** «K» ’ n
arM <-»tai>|:.h r«■«.,» r»»':,|e t • »» %t
'W* <-»rinr>t accompVai
Je<t. m flha w» v •
.n r Tifl‘‘e anil dev.-tion Jo n•
ration < an that »n1
votlon p hoi’f) ?y;r■» r•• t 'i'
»•'h horr.e • rwl public m"i , i r * »
In the ao -ntry piedir>nv r< * ;
port to the fnoil iitirin>iii'ii n
and romplyinc nith It. req-jea».
I•» t roi t which ha* r*-p. nded .
marjo by the a o V*mn: en t n tf ,r
O'll'l i' • f war art tv ti*a, • a«\f<;
ftff.ln for ro-or»r«»j..n m the cam
paign of a wool*. >e«irnn*
ur.iai the au.pl.e. f »h» t rin»rl
<t»te. p. od ain ni.trat'. r
fteali*lh« the ; mp. rtart fa tor
In th» aticreaaful wai hr <<f o
fare, the *.,»*inrnent h*» ... rm
«he ...ietai *• r o , u .. #•
ftie ro n* rv in the r t>.r r\ u..r e ’
the iiret ion * la' and down h v »r .
I'nod Administration and it .
hmiii a|\e» of every Aryeri<*r. r.ii
will he reifur*«e.| f,. «*o tarda
t>l M l(ina therp.elvea to the a.
• rnrnent a program -f rnn>«r<
The local committee. hende.j by
Mr. O.r.r Weber, will be„ n *
<*v>va*» of r>rtrMt •. ,
It t* hop»<f to obtain i pi*,!**
<arda. * > it may readily b« /. ». n
that the -rmmlttee ha. not only
'iniler*akef, H patriotic work but
a dlfflrult one n. well
\ Tin f rr ,h * of the.e
that the h *»»•*-wfvr« of
no* b*Gt\ » (}.l . f (bi f f> i
in the world Ats vale Mr trtiijrt d<>
rrmra tff«an t*' supply inrn and
a»vwn the an**} nni*nt. parttrulartv
1 r tfa **ff >M« tjr> ««»n«rr% t so and
sippty #>f thr miintriffi hv w? rn.
' nitinf >\/i■{#f,| ||if. aw
Printl«a lhr plain neat hind—lk.
»• r '«kt— rtmea JeH llrpf ktala 451*
The Evening Story
The l nmusical Meml«er.
fCopyrlght. r y XV Werner »
j M.trcit W irden -,it itp !>n th*
w 'her? h*»l ;ti
hnj i*u»r r u»n,< +rfr qut^t•
i cha-rngM Sf '* hh<
crS*i h#!>.‘l? out Si.o had known
| so/ t a v • 'At) tt » IS* jJ flilVk
Ir* . f \*”er -r - - .*• <♦,. ~1 n* p..
lii* an fare an*l - e;*dj nertss Her
In i'b!iiia*o au-i Nt* r ’* voice. Th*
m .*ji ptiise.l alont: M.*r* ia’s »:ra:nei: i
nerve. ~, Sh*’ f* - r ’} :lt sll
co’u'U not endure tt If u w*-rc ni< -
now rair.ing as w-..d!y a? it had an J
h«> ir ago she would 4Mi\er her red
defied fa •» and ’ v : k *■; rl and« w>th .1
ven and go for a **.i.k .-•mewheie
nn> her# jJhf h**rMl[ to h^ T
kn»es and look*! over ”-e window
idtige It was -till riming, haide
•hat he # >re ' ’i a> u r.. K ..
’ M v vl *• *- in " 1 i
*he gray, clotty rain w hich alnios' !
cor.gea.* in jts passage thru the i*-> j
a.r. the cruel, aii-pcrvading rain of
a e October. No. she co i!d r.*>t go
>u* N •-aini’at could prev.tl
*■£* nsr s :ch a ditwnpn r S': e
s’Af'd n' :t d* spairingly and then
• ■> ~1 w :r. "
the n* xi turns*. Thru th-* « ,ndc«
« e cc ;id see famt outlines of a
man writing a - a table
Peter M’ L*an had been the Wor
dens' n*tgr.bor for six year?, ever
<- r.ee indeeti Mr Word* n died and
th* family moved to ’h* hou*e nev
door. He w* 4 -* a kindly n* <;.b- •
but reserved —the kind o? ia.tn on*
does not easily ge- acquainted with
H*- wro’e "’hirg. ’.->r ”v
rinea and r*-,.d a gr*\vt de.4! H*
had a tar anti snai*- in* * b* - to«»k
’he Worden grls .ind tr.- r mother,
delight to Marcia for she loved m<>- j
. ug anu > e *j o not airi - . ,t :
car Every ;■nn : ■ ’ n l
.pared from actual nrces*l T ies w-* p.' |
m»o the rirls music
Tb* M£,V f Mr M Lean « ’ne \
;e» v there .1 *o M.v- t* :*•*
a 'ock of 'ifety in the raids* of an '■
nsweep-ng •. .e sh* ne.‘d” { *• •
1 ros k Inipulelvely she .prang ip 1
and ran downsiairs. Fr*»ra ’fie'
io*» * un*|er the »’atrs sh*’ equippe*l
berse’f wi»h r-ibb*es. raincoat and]
umbreiia .»rer.ejy on and h* I
tnoth*r. she knew was ymg down
She -.>*nt thru the g,»ch*»n aero*.,
th** back lawn and arrived a* the j
rear door of the M l>*sn house
An- Sarep-a opene.i *h* door .
Aunt Sarepta was Mr McLeans
b> l old 9h kiTv ** W ho ° U f °was !
said scrubbed both side- of her,
kuf.hen floor and ieans*-d ail the
in ners with a hxirp.a
‘What a- lnld you at*- to come
H' if in rs ■* n’ she exclaim* 1
.1 awn’ ’O see Mr Mi luean.
! pleas*.* Mania said
Sre He ? wrinng Go ngh*
in. Bu* take r « yohr •>..’ t.r.
Mar jt peeped in a: the horary
1 door, hesitating before sh« knex sed
The large room looked so re r u |
with I*. book- and dars leafh* r
j hirniiure !» « ame *o Mar* a th. *'
booa 4 wer* nie* r to live wch *han
•rustcal ins’rumen’s and tha* Mi
McLean was very wi«.- to cboos**
them instead of some o'i.er ’hinr*
'he might have had He wa- si
busy that -he ha’ed to dis’urh hint
,nd the knock «he cave wr. rim'd.
h» heard it t irned in h -
oh. hello' * he cr ed 'Gome Ir.
Mams ' He laid down hi« pen and
pale man with deep ,n»- n '*
.?<*■ fine fair hair an-1 gray eye.
Keeping Up With the Joneses
P tt'GiknS, Tve Ci?rN I I you ftiSTEc. ) f 3> a, 00 you ] 11'wul
to yi** 3 v 0 u 5 ,( wish pop tp.ait i fwrriCMLAa lcmi to DO YQM A)nT 1 -
yovc. Pb Nit o’ •* .-.VriitTY OF TOuß3tLfr ) 17 OuT MiH QW J vSftCDINE 4 ’ J \ f
30NIS MAD BIT DONE, 30 lln *»ST I p, T a, T r —y tr/ WIPE l!i' */ k — \ . t
Lhcky Dippy’s Diary.
I WAS the FIR.CT TO . SCOTT' I ALMOST FOWGOT' comt 1 from thb stand f<ECO(iNI£t. mum.
arrive. I vvi rn ME o\W'1 ,¥ I ” APE TOU AFPaiD The GUESTS I > tfHr
■ 11 ; WILL 'Steal them’' I asked. ,
iNr - - , 11 “ '
l ; r
i P n JZIX. M I
i j \i !>•■>-> , . ■ r 1 W*- i r
x- - -,-vA-v AW /Cl kNyPA i'(H ! •*<va\% *
?b»?> - '/a ! • i r lf>
a. A a- #4' I #fr r
aP t■ j f Fa '.5 // •
H !•/('» «; fe*”*4r fig— -it.lk.jTayW'• -
L ,/ .. Iv . ' • ( . ; k Pd f l 4 . / * \ v h'o
' ' I ikiA-Ljj jw VkL ,'f^L.
ul New Costume / f 5 Special!
!7j Blouses /* V \ * 200 Georgette
\\j ~ 161 I t"JL jM w e ! Kg* \ \ ' h "»n in white. fl* sh and suit shades,'
{/i and tfout ana silver ice. • n,i pink, with lace trimmings.
* —' F/j
Very Dressy Skirts /% Smart Coats for Girls V[JjL
\v fN Satin Charm et • * h Ve' ■ ■■§ pn mm a gfL Kxclusiv*’ ft Siegd Cos models In N*’ Iveta. Velourw |((t
\yi ve’ and Impot n'• NX .iv I M I ■■ ■ Bolivia.* and Broadcloths M.tnv richly fur iXi
,j s ls - $ 25 - 5 35 «,«*—-.*..***. sjq . $25 . $55
’ha 1 you cou;*! not g»t to the b<*?
’om of al! atVnce if ever be had
risen :rvtr. hi- hair you would have
I .*se , t‘P. th.it 1;» Un.*‘
•3. w: M.i-.ua. h<* i»a.d
rs• • *’ hair by the fireplace
:.\w * » tenesome day
■ I'm vergl.i i tb see vou."
H*’ - in.;* ! ,md his fa e ceaseil to
' be ‘will* lv >iu'ke and its mes
| >: <• w ,(4 wonderful
Nt- McLean,' Marcia begvn. car
! want to a>k vou a seri
- q.K’-tion Do you think I ought
to be something l can t b*>
*o please mother and the
*•'.l ntf w ha’ •• is you can't
V miuifiir Oh *^ # !\ p
had lt» of instruction and I can
♦ , f,i '' v vA r*!! t) ;t it <\ purely
* htHs.il performance l rat^h f
, .. t>lj t>s t u!»' u> tearh a \i ff le b’H
ev>n have to have tempf?ra
m* nt iday> I Ahall not be a
An ! ! r: .. * be i
** \ « « ha r ""
\ ,1• >: * n1 r% Irr Tm I***T fee t\ V
M J . t n *, 4 >t th i 4 ( 4.*t qq
I * * ’ i* tj ic>4»k. ?*o much worse
! • -an • * * nc- M >3 gboll mak* «
for • *ni ch,’*** *» ranch for l
i <>4 ** . . r. ! baanng and -Mich
:r.g I d'-n ’ know where i got It
[from I'm -u.h- for mother -ajs
r h*r* have none bu* profe*
1 •■'.>r..4l in our families for
■hr* " g*-n-"rfi 1 rn» She can't bear
i An* - • sa - that l must go o ’he
jto sv Ir:.”- w-e.re I Cf ’i!«rlearn
! IH2 H.GQ Q^^iEninif
X! 1 n regarded fcer gra’**|v
-Wh • do vfi * n* me to do ’o
help yo, M*. ”
l •■* yru/d ’alk to mother I
7. .'n Marcia 'a;re rj:-*• •<> iiim
1* r ru'** r«n ann
1 w n ♦ • h ni #n * r *n * -n I wish
jr; r; * • If I hive to go on with
1 ,ynd 1 dun • wan’ try life to *
I ’ No. ’ **: Mr MG/«n ' * ■» o« *
tair'v and r.o* And I will t.xi* ’o
I . _ . ..
1 ». n*x’ day win snr.j***’. ir
>ni: sri Mr MM/an ’ r T*'>K Mrs
1 ’-X'Dn.en for a drive alone And « hen
• a Pi* bas v t ail
. is* r< j! ! do a * sh* piea^^'d
- " >4*:- w.x 4 scarcely at
| i• .i \ :ons she spent
XT'" !t: •: * .in t classmate,
w h wX. a great relief to the
NY d< 1 tousehold. for the oldar
| .. did noi vg-.e* wth Marcia
I * were'better ' l.en she was
.*f •’:* house " * jthe s the fifth
w • n,” Ixila told Peter McLean
1 at at last the time came when
Me da must come hom** to
; Sh- ad changed Immeasurably
Sh- w i* a little heavier of mild
! h* r fr- ales had faded and her red
h.i - w .*.« dulled into that shade
i w h n.* vo well under a black
■* mi ;L thlle-T ,of the
jNV -den girl* and Tho she was
, , a :n * ■ hxd t w-«\ >* g*Tfing into
! i.oir.es ’ha’ made her distinctly no
! ti< cable
Two y**ars had made no charge
:r. - pr »; **r’« o* Lola. Olive, and
M* • Nlei!* was s’ill listening for
-at cal! *o musical comedy OliTe
-.‘ tom go- a chance to play ou* of
wn ;.t had a corapetito r .n 'he
: • *■> > -n- business There had begun
me talk of Merle marrying
|!- I n*nfo —h who hal ai»'avs hung
• ' -d her lot. but Mrs NVordar.
;w. r.nt consent to tha’ Merle's
~re* m.- not be spoileil by an
I ind erect marriage.
Tung the*e farts into considers
n Mar* * found less fas* »han
•*<-* *xp*- *» ; m.oie about her .nter,
t.' :i »o *e’ ip a dresstnaxir* e#tab
u er,’ un .cr a *ep.-i-a r e roof Miss
’b' -v ho had failed a* a <tr*ss
**- *l* .ibotit to give up her
-■ ra*. - Marcia hired ’hem and
!• - oh had * sign lettered for
; do<vr 'Marcia Worden. Dress
i: -er nd rteslgner" and she po*
i*’-T *4 rertisen.ent which said
* more in the taper Every
r: rnir.g «'.* wen’ to her *bop ai *
ri * *nd every right she re
» med a* * Nothing W - ervr said
~ ,nu* * haT «he did or did not do
xt*-, xx*.-fier was having so mans
* t . : i t-i . *. that *l.e was verr
2 tha’ Marcia seemed *o he ahir
’O ;.x»k i f*er herself. The gins
earning no’b ng «l*h ’h-lr
”«‘r* ar.d ’..i.es were bad She
w- thankf.il that Msrria did no*
-*k h»r fjor money, for «he had
none to *j>are
Then suddenly came c»**a*rpph#
-newhere % corpora*lon smashed
ind tb» bonds upon which poor Mrs
Worden baaed her income became
I *T)*re wor'hie** piper If look s
iaw r*- and P«‘er M ’A*an *o con
vince her that this was so, and
then she coliapsi*d. Marcia * ame
home one nigh! to find a supper'e.-s
heuae and her mother in *>d " Eli
three dlfferen' kinds of pit',- ft u
the doctor on th*- stand be.-lde : *
’Til have to nio'lgage he hum*
she moaned Y've nothing else ;u :u
nil] .
S4imtthmg -something She loo*, t
appea'mgljr ai the sou- of ’hem
‘Tin sure I'm doing the b*«c l
cam said Ixila and ggedh
“Tou can’t false u;> pupils out ».f
the paving s*on» * ' cr.**u Olive w -
sonae of quoting the IL !•
‘I shall marry Joe *• on< *\ '
clar*d M *r|e
Then Mar. is «pok'
“You'll ali get oil’ i*f t' - « --s \
and give mother's bromide s ch*
to take efT*c- S.-oo* k*d 4<ldte vs
rrux-ise make ’racks prur.* S.*
cloeM »he d’»or ori *hem einpba
ly “Now, mo<her '• he *sid. lc nd
mg over tfi* forjorn figure. 'y> i
brace r.gh* up I'm q il’e able *o
take care of you I've wan’* ! so
tall you so for some nme I v'e'g. ’
quite a Jo’ of money in th e ian <
and I'm eammt more and ro- *e
every day NXeahan't h.x'« ’o mor'
gag*- ’he house Evervthmg *h.i:l
g• on Juat a- formerly You ne*dr ’
Oh mv d*a- wha’ i comfr r’ y >u
ire.'* sobbed Mrs vx>*”den
So Marc a s money came ir and
rai'led ’he depleted force# n? th*
household M-Tie had. really <p -
:a nice wedding, and a.- Joe g'-' i
good Job ’hat enabled him to ’D*
i rare .if her ’hmg? w .-at he
i after sh* Jef* For la>lx and Olive
I put upon their mettle, • xerted
themselves to do their bes'
I>iring 'his pc- >d of reconsini’
tion Marcias gr*comfort wa«
Peter Me’.can They grew v**»
f-iendl) and confidential When
ever Mar*"ia came *o a atone w, ’
In her experience she went to P*
t*r and h* found a way ’hru tt for
her “Bu’ for yo-i my p«*or n••
would be snubbed off all the Mm*
1 she told him laughingly Ob. th*e*
store wiuhs’ Shall I never con *
an »nd of hem*'
p*ter shook his head
“i haver, t, and I'm considerably
: older T han vou I’ve com*' *o o-e
now and —and e s’orYes won'* give
an ir< h "
“W hy. Pe’e*'" Marcia cried ’Y i
with a s’one wail' I never drear: ■ !
of such a thing '*
After that talk she wondered \
great deal about Peer's stor» wall.
It * ould no’ be la k of money or
Micros*., foi he both. Indeed,
here «**4>m*>*i •<> be nothing Peter
did nj' have tiirt make* ;**r hi4|>i>l
ness and well b*mi: in thl- world,
ind one 4lav she told him so
Tht n he explained to her.
‘Oh I*an t gtv** pmy di»ssmak
in< *hop now Man tu Mii-1
T don’’ H*k you to a once Pu’
a * mp*i you know, dear you can
...wav* mak*’ >*mr own frisks if
von w rn’t let me buy them for
Oh, well, then." «;ghed Marcia
X moment later she murmured con
•••n’edly Your shoulder 1* a very
ni e place to res'f 4>n*’ s head on
Peter. ’
I‘.”ei - tray eye* flashed :u;s
'lt was designed expresslv for
you he r*p • and
CHICAGO, * >ct 2? The seventh
federal reserve distric’ f*u! short of
Ps I'm *o.oi*> maximum quota In
•he second Liberty loan, it was
learned today
X XV Hu! ,* 1 and. secre arv of he m
e u’tve. tom mi tt.ee, announced
fodnv '! a on h«* hss; of postcard
•i*[m;' • fr *in bn c* * an<l<ounty chair
iu»*n the dis’nr’ had s*ib-wnbe4l
f*,l an *n* r>u»* of J74.0U0,-
i*o*v over *h« heu-’-s announced Sat
urday r"dniruf
’I sm hound *o say tha’ i’ Is no*
likely the-" arc any undiscovered
*uthsc•!n’ lops «t •' will yield th*»
jxn nr>>* "'o defic ne*-eestiry ’o mak*
■■ •* v•• ■; -ild HuLsid
( r*ok countv. including t’Viicago,
exceed*'! It* fi% ,r *xno * mnr mum
h> 13.0u1.nn0 P was estimated Sub
*r-!f’ ir ’b* n r>* h*r dl* or* of the
dif*»: *< t w ere app** • f*n*'d a follow s
11’ nc*is. ou »:d« o’ • ch»k coiint* l“n,
o o ■» |nd an > ||(i low-a
f n.vofu',’, XC < igan. |' 7c,0 -* • **.u
XV.-con* n. J
Children Ory
< HICAGO, on. 29 - The consumer
musr pav 46c a ton more for bitum
itx'us coml. as a result of tncreeuies
k■.4n * * and saiurdaf by l*reel4ent Wll*
n • > penult operatots to ndse
n. ' *r- i\ ages, in the opinion of Cbt
cago dealers.
l 'ie fuel admtnla*mtlon has
' • :*rlce at which the operator raus’
• f * oral said F*rep Tpham,
l * - !«nt of the Consumers’ com
"ft has (bid the dealer wha*
gross profit shall ba JVdh thaes
ons wer* taken boforw the In
• was grsnTed. so they mn’t do
o’herwla** than i harge 4A© a tun
more for coal lhe> selL
Thieve* spent a busy Saturday
niKiit and ?Uinday in rastrott Among
Other things, they smashed tbw
S an Jeweiry store window. Wood
ward ave and State-st., and stola
trinkets valued at tiAO.
The home of Jame* Rllverman,
No 3b4 High s’, east, was robbed
of )ew4iry valued at |’W4 Rtepbea
Phill ’.s No 246 Hecond ave., was
bea »’n and robbed of fR, a block
from the ren'ral station. A like
s i :n* was ’aken from William
XX . it** lei. No 4S? Theodore st
P **; ket* stole $.126 from Martin
AwnK No 524 Ash-st. wlife ba
wa on a Fourteenth car.
The -afe in the ofßc* of the Ohio
S*A’e« Life Insurance company. In
Tt-e iii >k building tu opened and
12” wts taken Overcoat* and other
artl !• « of clo’h'.ng were stolen
fr*'i rr »ny places while numerpus
j.’ty h< daps are repored from *ll
over the c*lty
Krr4 Unv Sea keen m«4* e*■<
*n(ln*rr In (bars* sf lbs t »M«#
f ;ak» surrsv n Hetrolt TNe
»- - • I Mi-Cr*’ F.
\i a »taettsr of anginesra
s A of th* s'ij srvleten es fbe
ic t- sh r#v offirs. anfi will enable
• «i*vo*« himself t® bis dxjs
• «s is *rim»*r in hoth fh* Detach*
and Crand Rapid* dietrleta. Me
Kar it* b«*n th# prlnefpwJ as#l#s«
«-• 'n *h» ltd* eurvay office fog
JO years
I'rlnflaf—lk* plain aeet kts#—<W|
|a r*wt»f—Obm 1■ k 11**1 XtaSa 4Mk
Bv Sinnott.
-By Pop,

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