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MO N DAY, OIi'OLJ Klt '2 ♦.*, 1017,
C AMP t’USTKH, 1. \TTLK « UFFK, Mich., Off. 27.
TIIK draft has brought to Camp Custer some qu**.*i • xtrvmes in men.
There is tbit rase nt James Moran, who halls fr«»m the J'jth district
tn I tot roll If. was rej* •• c Ihv th« physical examiners t »fter It*
lih<l reported last month. He promptly tout home ami a. hi* own
expense umlriMWit an operation that • ur**d him of hts ailment ati<l mad«
hint available for the army. Now ho is clamoring to b< returned **• camp.
If his local board cannot tlnd a way legally to send him back, an appeal will
t»c sent to Washington for permission to enlist Inin in the regular ann>
and transfer him to the regiment to which he originally was assigned, 'lhat
is the li.loth held artillery. There |x the < .»>* of Mat. Ktcksgei who halls
from cirand Haven. Hirksgers was employed ut a government light horn ••
on Lake Michigan lie didn't know that he wa- drafted until he was ar
rested as a slacker tin other day and ahlpp“d to port Sheridan. 1L- wif*
is ill. but It wn necessary for her to leave at once the horn** In which the/
had resided, and Mat had no time to find anew place sot her. Klsksgers
a.is.sent to Camp Custer Friday. Another slacker was placed in his charge
for delivery here. The fellow escaped. Kiek-gers r* ported at camp <>»
tln» ramie- 1 sloppieat day that ever mad** life miserable here, and he came
greatly di.'tr**ssr*| hi his personal misfortunes and very much alattmd
because his prisoner had flown. Ills was really a pathetic predicament.

know he was drafted because ho failed to find out The same care!* «sn* *s
lost hint an excellent chance for exemption Ills prisoner escaped h.*call*e
Mat didn't look after hint The prisoner said several tino - that he tn'* ndec
to skip at the first opportunity, but Mat’ Anally left hint in a d* pot t* l.phori**
booth and went a great way off to tallv to tie* train master. \N h» n he
returned his man had flitted. All that w'as left for Mat was the sad Jest
hard I tick tale that has afflicted the camp. Ilteksger ’ra • • Is a good -ample
Os many that have stirred both sympathy and wrath at Lamp Lu.'ei.
The folks at hom< often wonder what soldiers deep In < o'’on flannel
pajamas ate now on sale at the regimental exchanges for $1 2. r > a pair I er
haps that will answer the plaintive query.
They (iot Action
BATTKRY I:. of the 32Mh field artillery, wearied of Heir barracks
Friday afternoon and demanded action. Thev got it. Pheir captain
swam them across the flooded roads and hiked them to th* 1 dull
grounds that overbuilt th** now famous llarmonia hill. Jti-f beyond
the r* i • iving station There they were ordered to cook their supper. Wain
was pouring in torrents and a high wind wa** helping the wetness of Hie
day to penetrate tin* poncho defenses Karh min dug a narrow flr< trench,
niched some comparatively dry worn! front sheltered pots in a nearby grove
and built his fl r e Then he cooked his chow in his meat pan, concocted.
n»tne coffee in his mess cup. and pretended to enjoy himself ’1 he Important
thing i~ that the bo vs succeeded in cooking a creditable meal of field
ra’iutis d* spite what the field regulation* tall "inclement wcathei
Tie 33!tth infantri relayed Into tin* Y. M c A hut near the regimt ti* s
headquarter* Friday afternoon and heard lectures on patrolling by Lieu
truant Colonel Duncan Major, who has .barge of t L* ir fi* Id training H*
described in detail surh pleasant little tusks as r» t otuioit* 1 1ng in No Mani
land, tntdnighir~yl-its to th** enemy’s trenches, exploring, flank
iitg. and pursuing Me explained that information gained in such ex
P* dlttons i worthless unless it gets back to th* cotnmandei quickly , and
tol I the doughboys that when patrolling they must alwa s plan mi that
at past one of their mm could live t*. rarrv tiding' ba< 1 to tln ir own lines.
The lectures succeeded in making a dreary day much If * dull.
’I his instruction in patrolling i« th** son runn* i of th* Iniellig.-n. **
school t.hai i* to b** established her.* under the direction of Lieutenant
t'olonel Sheldon, who has been transferred from ih** 327th infantry to
become division intelligence of fleer Haschall ftn will recall that Colonel
Sheldon is the officer who inspected tin* rtrilhng of ft * Am* riean b ague
. *lub* last fall and ranked each club according to their urlitar*. merits. In
< identallv b* turned th<* league upsid* down, for b< gnv. th* St Louis
Frowns th** s>o prize *i?Ter« *1 by th*- 1.-agu* < olonel Sheldon inspected
th< Tigers th** dai i aptain David N* w lands drilled th" Tigers and Hill
Donovan drilled his own Yankees, which ar* hi- no longer. t>ne of th
« hicf duties of the intelhg* n< * *.ffie* r w ill b< to fi<*!*l i school for regimental
commanders, wherein wlfl b<* planned the instruction for th** division In
-m h matters as scouting, patrolling and g*‘!ing Information regarding th**
ero'Qty back to the command*thru variou.- means of communication.
(*lad Tidings
ONH thing happened at * amp t’uster Friday that can be interpreted
as vrn Important n*w > \ shipment of 2..*"0 Kn field rifl-s arrived.
■j This is the rifb' that probably will he used bv the American armies
overseas |t has h*—n changed >« as t<* become available for the
standard American rifle ammunition, which is u. -d al»*» in th* Springtb Id
ritl* Preparation for changing c.f the rhumb* r tank same time, and put
th** arsenals far behind in delivery Not b«ng ago i’ w.c - admitted that
there had beep a big dela\ 1n *h*> manufacture of Fnflelds, an*l Colon* 1
Hoosevep took advantage of th** confession to indite a stinging criticism
of the government. Th* < amp Custer troops have b* **n drilling with old
Krac rifles, r* lies of the Pl.illppln* . It was explained tha* the more mod
••rn weapons would not be issued her* until the army ateady ov«-rseas
had be.n llberallv supplied with them and until the needs of divisions
scheduled to leave sooner than the F’ghty Fifth wet* tilled The arrival
her. of so large a shipment as 2,f*<M> Fnflelds Indicates that the regular army
i« now fully arm**-d with modern rifles and that th* r< arc* plenty for the
• astern national guard divisions selected for an early sea voyage. The
Knflelds that arrived here earlier were only a f* w for guard duty It
would not he surprising now If every rifleman h« n* hnd an Fnfield in his
po;.,e*slon when the* rifle rang** go*--* into art ion.
War Ballad Causes Touching
Scene In .Missionary
Meeting, Saturday
Mother of »-»n* who have- Ron*' to
vnr M'C wav to Irar* In the C* n
irsl church Sntnrda>
morning wh« n NTr* F.#-on *r«J
Fl*hcr. of New York, in charge of
•ho arranxemcn* * for th* fiftieth
Jubil"' of th» Woman* K<>r#*|gn Mi.*
*lonar> .««m i**t\ oF th>’ \letho#li-*t
• hurrh, In I'.MT*. »anK a War hong >
b»»r own composition The *onß io.«'
• h#> sforv of a mother who hail rlv.
her only i*on to her ronntn. i
cbnru* run."
And fh> r"<l of th" *nn*"t h|om
Afi<l thr hlu'* <>f th* *umm» i si.'-.
And th* wl t* «-f tti» MlinlnM »l"rv
i>f Mir m. m vi f..r fr. ' r|orn dl", 1
Th# v blended h rnrland for li'r.
Idl th* fir*- fls»h in h*r eye,
\ nil • nnc I* h'iv#i#d •• er li"r
An her no|<f|*r bn> mar« hed by.
Following the - inK. Mi H. I
William*. president of the north I
wontopn branch of th#* aor lot j, o(
f# , r»*i! a prayer for thr bo>a wh
have gon** and for th#* sucre*-• *
thrlr rati*e t which reached ev«t
heart. Above ihr voire of thr v , j
plb ant could be heard thr sound
tvreplng and tb» *.i;b«: of too*! •
who bad #*rn their ow n on 1
part for sr | Vlf# o\ #>!>• |o It *
a touching climax *o t» • nOl n
* • ton of ihe missionary roitv#-?
This »f»r■ noon will h* r*'\rrt «»
to *br #hild'#'n'* rail v e/nnd
reaalonal, In which I.OfX) rhlltl
are riper ted to take part. will op
an elaborate ptocratn <>nr hundr*
missionaries, In costume. will r>n:»v
t«|n tiie rhildrrn with stori*
song*. ind rifilhlta of ttirln* g.at;
•md in heathen land* Th«* rhll
tlrt nos th»* Ibtrolt conference will
present Mr* l.ucle F Harrison. a*
l onal secretary of rhildrrn'* wo'k.
a Mil a banket of flower*
Tonight there will Y>e a -indenta 1
rally, beginning »*ltit a banquet in
the Elliott Taylor Wool fend rn *af«
A ahitbint choir «ts Jlo vob • * from
the y psllnn i Normal *t h<Hil will
• mg
Bishop Walter B I-amhnth, of th< J
Methodist t hurrh «otjlh. la expected ;
In the r|f> Mon*tax to attend ihr
convention ll< will -peak Monday j
'•\rtiim on ‘Africa."
rrlntlnt—tk# plain nrnf kl«4—that
la rl*M riwira f«H t»*i»«.— M«tn I.M«
< I.FYKT.AN*n. On 27 Wet tn
trr« *ta today were ofTerlnc odd* of i
10 to 7 1-2 that Ohio will vote to J
retain th*- saloon, when the coneti
totion.il prohibition i. i *ue goe* to:
a derision or N’ov f». Thr\ re
ported little "dry" money in rvi
Btloon intrr«‘*t* nrr ronorntrat j
ing their rampnign on ward organ
izatlon mretinr* and on newspaper
and pouter adverthing
t-rtnftr** —Ik# rl«'n neat kln-t «t»«\ ,
|a rlirSt Tt... r « t,.t. Urpl —M- .
r PURE j
Purity in cocoa means carefully selected,
scrupulously cleaned cocoa beans, scien
tifically blended, skilfully roasted, and
with the excess of fat removed, reduced
to an extremely fine powder by a strictly
mechanical process, no chemicals being
|| used, the finished product containing no j|
[| added mineral matter.
_ Trmdr-mark an nrr> gromnr package
of chair* r« i/»r» i«nt /r#»
UR a Made only by j^i
j| j \ WALTER BAKER & CO. Ltd. ;
-l Dorchester, Man.
Fitabhfhed 1780
asn u. • #»r o*r. Lui
"Ah*hai ” vu* Duka exclamation i
when th** beauty i o*e wa» mentioned |
In tin* wife a latter ' I bonder what
friend wife ha<i to rav in answer t‘>
hf r liUHi anil a term <>f admiration."
“Sit* line told u» her comment, so
you need no wonder I said.
"The letter '..ntlnue-,
" l ull blown.' a hi, my remark, and
,|te conversation for n time lacsre I ■
after that In a few mlnii'n. Mis
\N'« verly. we l» ft the t.tbl* and went
out to the corridor w lo re, to mv ut
| t*»r astonishment, was that w >man
i w alting for ua.
"t'lf course, we were Introduced.
I and you paver in nil your life saw
such a dead set as that ,»• man made
for niy huslmnd I kn *w she »hot
that she was ir.akmf. a *r**»l nnpies
ho>n **n him for there was that ador
able smile i.n tnv husband a lips
which/he deals out to every one in
fact it s<ems that h< Just can't keep
it to himself
"We stated <*nl\ .*» few moments,
hut «hm we t. ft t-.Nt u in-in . ad ii
w».< f* r n\' luisbat I wlone and «•>
marked was the m t re ,«hr k *m>
that m.v frond said. ".Itmnn on
I ivp mad- n <■- n*ju'-*t of your beauty
r..«e '
"‘She fa not m> r< »•*, he. answered.
I he||eve u introduced l.er as Mr-.
SO 101 ls- ■ r*!h* • *!nii yardener is
tendint her *
"And iini a•« ahsidutely all h»
th'-t about the episode and the w ».
ni.i.n lie ne\,>r mentioned h'T aft-i-
Mtifl nml I am hints *iir>- he never
thot of her attain
'So y a ** ** Mrs. \\ overly, f nirn
marry the ii,hi kind of wives they
Will he the ncht kind of men I
wish when • mi write anv one **N# •
story \i u w . .Id tell yniir woman
renders that n nan doe* not like a
Judtfe Hosmer Will
Submit Findings In
Famous Suit
Judge IloMitcr Announced Satur
day m,>rpin K ' t» . at ft O’clock \Wt]
ii« s,Jay morning h»* will hand down
hi* d*‘C|. jo n ip the Ford Dndgo suit,
which h-' ha* held under ad\i*,, nun*
for *,< voral montn*
The «ttlf was brought by John K
find Horace E Ikuige, who. as minor
i . s(kholders n the Ford Motor
com pant s*»k to restrain Henry
f'ord 'mm umnk i-’tty odd millions
of d.ilb' . icpi,-.'* niing profits of
the coiup-m>. for doubling the capac
lt\ ,>f the Highland Dark plant of
th* tit tor rompnnj and front erect,
ins a Min It m River Rouge
Ihe l lodge brothers declare that
good business principles indicate
that tin nency should be given to
th, stockholders m dividends. Ik>uli
ling th« Highland Park plant, they
maintain, would be a t*ad business
venture rt thD time, and that Hen
r* Fort!, as majority stockholder,
has no tight to direct the expendi
ture of the mone\
The plaintiff* also a'er that the
articles of incorporation of the Ford
Motor company provide that the I
company can manufacture nothing j
hut automobiles and that to *n’erj
ihc soteli itit business would violate
the terms of the articles.
Thrr** arr many thing* learned
from rxjirrlrnrr and obaervatlon ,
that th. older generation ahould 1
Impret*.* upfin the younger. Antung ,
them i* the faet that scrofula and
other humor*, which produce er- j
zenia, bolls, pimples and other erup* |
flon*. ar. ruo-f successfully treated
with Hood * Sarsaparilla.
This great medicine i* a peculiar
combination of remarkably effective
blood-purlfying and health giving j
root*, bark, and herb*, which are I
ra'hered especially for It.
Hood .* Sarsaparilla ha* Mood the
test of forty year*.
(Jet a bottle today— now—-from
your nearest drug store Always |
k» cp ihr medicin*- on hand \dv.
The Successful Wife.
self-reliant woman. If a wife asl. *
much of her husband sits gets nine!
If i*k« utk* itltls sin g. »* llttl#
"I bells*-** (bat t nirn rrn liuabnid
loves to** us ,iiu r h ts not mors thin
h* did t>i »• <ias | married |,n. \Vb>
atiould I riot belts, t* that ? lie lots
allows,| all the friends h- made t.,--
f**r«* he knew , * to out *f tns
life ||e i« always at rr be. k ~ I
• all tie gives me ever, think I want
that he posMibly can. lam sure that
uo woman lias *-,er found a motu.-ai
I In Ills thots. let alone a resting pla« e
in I,ln heart
t’lils. jn> dear Mr« Waverly, t‘
the »torj of a •urceaaful wife., at I
he an*. * of the tiling* uni su •!
in tlo- l‘a ilu stories triad* me think
you at c somewhat skeptical about
marriage n .» n hualnens f. woman. I
ha, e written * I ** - • and sign
m;* self just m
‘ Well I'll iie ,1 4 hi Ulat •-*!
lurk "Do you tioiik sio* is rse .
Mar Kte’ ‘
"Te.s, <1 nr, T haie seen nianv
man, women I k- l>er w h*> shut tii*
eyes lo everything their husband* do
«n l Mams it all on the*.i .* w n sex.'*
"It look* t*. me," said Mick. '*»
tlio tills woman realty w **rc th*- w f»
~f the p.**r , hap wi> * w rite you Id**
side of the <|nri If sb<- is. t>*r*
s'irelv i« sottuthing < mlng to her. I
pit, iter when ah'- wake* ip"
"I wonder if she Will * , er wake on.
I»bk. K.-rnetimes I think ♦’ ese sel (■*
i»h, self-,-.*ntained women have much
the best of It She is «•> egotistical
*nst eh* a* *-pi ■* the u nit unce ,*r
love tha* man gives her for the r#*a
poor old r*iap " said pj, k. "Il*
surely b,s* g » his and to tell fi <•
f- :th_ i dot, t tiilnk man, of o'*
••si ape It I am almost s*i>e ti.at w,'>-
tuan wi I wake up some *-|hv,- ami
if she and es she will go briw’ tik about
telling wiiat n tr ii and faithful wife
-die was to that man and what a*
ro n«ii*r he tijrm and out t * i>e "
"Well, lie i$ m monater. T> 1•• k-a
mriii.'t* i- "f h* r funking.' I said
Most 'Beautiful Car in/lmerica
The Only Practical Car
for Winter Driving
1 lircc weeks ago we announced anew l*aij;e power plant—“a motor that was developed
by the war.” You will probably remember that advertisement. The echoes are
still reverberating through motordom.
You may recall, for instance, that we said, “The old orthodox gasoline motor is dead —
deader than yesterday’s newspaper.” Well—we meant just that. The old type
of motor is (lead. A newer type —a finer ype —a more efficient type has been
evolved to take its place. And that type is the Paige.*
Perhaps we can best express the strength of our conviction by one more sweeping
statement. Here it is: The new I\iige power plant ts the only practical internal
combustion engine fur W inter driving in a Motor Car.
If this statement is true —and we believe it implicitly—it naturally follows that there
is only one practical enclosed car on the market —the Paige. And we mean
just that.
To be practical for Winter driving, a motor must be able to do two things—start
instantly and run smoothly in /.ero weather. The requirements appear to be
simple but so far as we know, there is only one car that measures up to that
We will undertake to prove this statement by describing just three of the many new
features found in our enclosed models.
The Electrical
Gasoline Heater
No matter what the temperature may be, a
will start instantly, because an elec
trical heating attachment insures warm gaso
line in the carburetor.
Warm fuel, in turn, means positive, instantane
ous action when your foot is placed on the
starting p#xlal.
This attachment is simplicity itself—an ingen
ious application of the electrical cooking
utensil idea. But its results are marvelous.
It eliminates all necessity of churning the
motor and reduces recharging of batteries to
a minimum. It means midsummer starting
efficiency on the coldest night in February.
The Superheated
Superheating, as every’ engineer know*, m fIM
only c-nicient method of extracting energy •
from low-test gasoline. But it has remained
for Paige engineers to make an art of a familiar
T he Paige superheated manifold arts as a dry
ing process. It converts wet, baggy mixtures
ol \ apor into h : .,h!y combustible gasoline
energy. It extracts every last atom of power
from the gas and enables all of the fuel to
be utilized without waste.
In these days of notoriously low test R.asoline, thr
advantages of such a < ombustion system w ill be
manifest to everyone. Best of all it means a
smooth, even-running motor —the same high
Standard of performance the year round.
Fussex "Si Tt-**" ‘’ pcsenger sl77*; Coupe “Six-!!" 4-pa**engrr Town Car
“Six-jf" 7 pisr n,”t Sjajo; Limousine **Six 7 passenger s3l3o;Sedan"Six-jv"
Vpas«engcr $1915; VJjn 7 p.i««cngrr, $:8to; BrcxHands 4 passenger
$1795; LjnwixxJ "Six 39" T-passengrr $1330, Glendale “Six 39" Chummy Roadster
51330; Dartmoor "Six 39" aor 3 passenger $1330. All Prices f. o. h Detroit.
Wet more-Quinn
2(9-281 Jefferson Ave., Detroit. MicK.
Open Evenings and Stindms
Detroit Grocers Tell Prescott
They’re With Him in All Plans
To Conserve Food Supply of State j
Thf I ►**! roit Rrtall Ororfra' aaao
nsition lut* M-nt th** following
i*> M'oruc A Prencott, Michigan's
food Hdmlnietnttoi:
Iti tha Kgular mcatinur of *>nr •*-
poclatlon a raaolufion ">va» adopt'd
instruct nfr the nfi h iary t«» com*
ru'inhMt* with you ivnd a<lvl*a you
that aa an 4>rganiicatl<*n. »t pb*>i*o
> i our h*'»i't> it in t co-opara
t n in nnv tin,t lia* within our
I war In tha important
v .*rk .-titrunted t*» y* *i In the malM-r
.if conaar\ing food anppllaa.
Tio- (.•lull K"*‘" r • J i»ting f -rtb
, poHolbl* .-ff* rt t*> furniah no r
i handla«- t*> the . oiimmii. i «t Hi#* l**\v
.»t poaaitil,- prlra and will welooni*
~n\ .'uugcanomi >~u i,in> * ff-r ft **m
t.m to »urn , helping t . accompltah
tin a r«.*ult.
\\ |. b j* r •»1.1 v "U are not Intcr
r«***d hi ,b«> mutter of tiir
s o! oippiv. >< #> f#*,*l jt la in ordar
! :,a t *n- *:-■ n*t. .. wo'ild w#lroin»
n ..|ina r.-dulnng gro.-rry atorca t'*>
. «.* no lat< lb.m • .10 in the <•%.*„.
ing* a« w#» hali#>v#» ilia, thw majority
* f the rniuiiirtirr* would h# fully aat
i*fl»-d to mak* tiiaii puri'im*<#* during
th#* ilm and no on*' w *>nld front
k ruling am h n« auggoatrd.
A free exhibition of over one hundred displays of building ma
terials. accessories, equipment, etc., conducted for the benefit of
the public. Demonstrators in attendance.
I If y*Hi foI 11,ait II >, *nbl h*>lp r>;n»-
lara for j**ur department j,, take
| notice of thi * innttar v* » will extend j
,*v«*rj p- aaiblc «-o.operation
A conference «»u theologhal odu
fiition la to be held today In con
auction with tin* semi-centennial
| celebration « »f Drew Theological t*eni
I y/ • high-grade
office employment in
the day or evening classes of
16S-189 Cgaa Detroit
Larsent. Rest Fdjulpped Bu»lna*«
School In Michigan
Phone Main 6534 for Catalog.
The Valve
Polishing Device
device injures 100% compression at all
tunes anti forever eliminates the necessity of
valve grinding. If you now ojK’rate a motor
car, you will at once appreciate the signifi
cance of this statement.
Carbon deposits and compression leaks will
destroy the efficiency of the best motor that
was ever built. But these thieves of powder
have been permanently banished so far as a
Paige is concerned. The polishing device
acts as an automatic burnisher. It not only
keeps the valve seats clean but accomplishes
its work more accurately and thoroughly than
the best of skilled mechanics.
And now—you can readily see why the new Paige
power plant becomes the most efficient of all
cold weather motors. The electric rearming
of fuel in the carburetor »mures immediate
combustion. Every atom of gasoline energy is
converted into poi/'cr. The compression is unt
form and constant.
Thus, a Paige not only starts under all weather
conditions, but it continues to run evenly,
smoothly and sweetly. It will act just as
effit tently in a February blizzard or an August
thunder shower.
Under the circumstances, we feel justified in
calling it the only practical enclosed motor
car. If you desire true winter comfort you
must have all of the advantages which we
have named. And remember, please, they arc
to be found in combination only on the Paige.
Spend Your Winter I
l ln California |
Let an experienced rep* 9
rrtentative of the Chicago & 9
North Wntern Ry. plan your j
I itinerary, arrange tor your tickets IS
and relieve you of all details. jg
Fast Daily Trains !•,
through from Cliirtia to California, IJ
providaa with modem liarrl ronvtn- *,l} I
laaraa, tea*, Chicago every evening- |S
Overland Limited _
San Francisco Limited
Loa Angalaa Limited %
-gmlrfUj b* th* lateit type ol auto- S
malic talaly electric tig .-tele all ihc war. ■
and plarirg at your command tha betl of 9
everything in railway traneportation 9
F bona, call on 01 addraa* for daacnp. I
lira literature, train achadulaa, ale
** ~V**" B#— 11 *~~ ,• 5T f
Printing;—the plain n-n wind—Hint
In rlalil—l'iniea Joh llepr Main |.VJ(|.
NOV. 6
Foils Open 8 A. M. to
9 P. M„ Eastern
Standard Time
A , ‘ ml • J<>n * ill lie held In
ih»> fitj of Detroit, Tuesday, No*
I vc*m nor C»t h.
Proposition** and Charter
Amendments will be submitted
as follows:
Do you f.i >r a p» r ral revision
!of th« charier of the City of I)o*
j trolt ?
, Ito ’ou favor a d-mg*' ri th®
!onu of go.ernmrnt of the City of
i Detroit so »- to provide for th®
I ‘'lection on n non partisan ballot of
a small council * lndi'd from the city
fit lari**- instead of a council com
jiiwi-d of alfiermcn elected from the
j different wards of the city?
Khali there one alderman In
•a< 1) ward after the ,-econd Tuett
da\ in January, IJH9, nt a salary of
sf-.u<Mi per an» uui. in. trad of two
aldermen as at present provided?
Do ;iu favor increasing the pen
sions of tin widows and ehilJben
of dec* ased firemen killed in tli«
service of the Cny of Detroit from
%2~) o'i per month to $30.00 jper
month ?
Q ha!l the "uhlie Eight ing Com
mis-ion b« authorised to engage in
rh sale of < :ee*rlclty for commer
cial lighting or power?
Do you favor giving to the Com
mon ( otin il of the City of Detroit
power (o erect and maintain A
bridge over the American channel
of the Detroit Kiver between RHI®
Isle and the Mainland at the inter
section of Jefferson Avenue and
East Grand Bouisvsrd, and to pro
vide for an approach or approached
thereto, the cost of the same not
to exceed three million dollars,
which mav he raised by taxation or
by the sale of bonds'
Do you favor dividing the time for
the collection of taxes so that taxes
m property on the mat side of th®
’ltv of Detroit may b<* paid in th®
month of July without interest, and
axes on the west side of said Ctty
may be paid in the month of August
without interest?
Shall the Common Council be au
thorized to provide for the eonstruo
lion and erection of moles, bri ale
waters, sea walls. d>kes and other
structures to protect the waters of
»ny river, si ream or creek or thp land
adjoining thereon In said City and
<t against th®
abutting property?
Do you favor empowering the Com
mon Council to provide for the lay
ing out and planting of trees and for
assessments to defray the cost there
Election of nine charter com
missioners to revis* the charter,
these commissioners to be elected
on a non-partisan ballot.
Election of an alderman In th®
Third Wan! to All vacancy.
Also the annexation of a portion of
Hnnttramck town hip to the City, of
and Transfers
All electors who are not reg
istered. or who have removed
from the ward in which they
are registered may he register
ed or tranfer their registration
at the office of the ( ity (lerk
any day up to and including
Tuesday. October the 16th,
1917. The law does not permit
registration or transfer of reg
istration after this date.
Women Electors
Women who are Qualified eiec
*om under the law nay to*® on the
proposition relating to the issuing
of bonds for tb* con ’/fiction of a
new bridge to H«*il« Isb, snd th®
amendment increasing pen.- ions’ of
widows and children of liremen.
Qualifications tor women elector*
H'quir* that thev be taxpayers or
for UxmMob lu th* City of IVetrott.
Tli- electl m of November th. fi«h
w 31 be held n* fht various > bvtlon
houses, school* and other pl«e-*
designated b> r. < ity E3-ctioa
C ity Clerk.
* If 1 % • M« | 19V I
i -4va • /kr «k« di -tm*i I

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