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The Detroit times. [volume] (Detroit, Mich.) 1903-1920, November 02, 1917, NOON, Image 7

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Old West Point Head
Is Aid To Gen. Pliss
jF*' s
pi M Iks
4 »##• a*m\ f *
MiJ Orn .lohn Middle itiMilr 111* rrpil
l niton for #%mitlvr nhlltfr **
pi rliitfmlfnt of U ruf I*€»••• f Mlll
i;i r % lo'inli’fin. \nn lit* linn l*een hP
ptilnfnl #l«*|nfMiif «*hlrf «f nliifT.
iHtikhiK in «l |» l«rn. Hilo, «%ho
*u« t enlecl lifn, Ho#tt rllltf l*ru
lllinn retires lltf, Jl I. 'I an I fhllih
lllilrilr In in llnr for thf •M|»rniH*
nun vtm ml.
ht*n\on ;iml Kendrick \<e In
Ihi'ck <»t \ii Rattle In
Hi (tain
i*' * \\ i ;i!n S. K* nyon, of
V. I, .1 Jehu r K< f?«lrl k \Vv
i : > '■ ■:< and by the <it tit man
i. ' in wti h i!i> i iviiian popuinnon
• r* !. i *1- -.1 Th- v # V
t .|. •*• : ■ i ~/• r,|.nt «t M cool v,y
•; v ,>, ;•. j. t w abolt Ih* II
! -1,. in ■• *• mii.l r of the than
•i ■ • tis • ; ! "' L' north •
‘l* '' • ’. r ( *• •• of the <i» rrnar i
* , , t» ri< -tor tr, : ;t p
I ; <'ini Sop.;:?<>r Kenyon,
•U|; |t 1 I JVC j' ! ’ ' “'tl ''11(11 ini «
ti:• •; at 'Li* l ' l,;\v• • fat *-d utterly. *
t ! t’l. t"!, ’ to life imprisonment
II , t Mil ,v,iri i ’ n*ra! ,-ngi
** <.>■» r • . i.l* n..gnlm t Mr
■ ■ *. • M* i .if | •••troll, then oh
A 'I; i ■ . om Me Donald’ *
w|f. who !i !< ii to the art- <♦ of Mr
lii.r.niM and ’i- hroth-r, Ifonr* Mi
in t
t> r* in Mi*- wreck r < of (ho train
r!-:-:tn- a -tile, M. :i ry M* ! tonald
For Inland ttnd Children
Rn Use For Over 30 Years
«ft > ok ni-rrnniT—nn ur. ok
Till' * 11 » r ti i: \*i ii in.
Drtr tt, Mu-h . Oct 19, 191 T
N ' " ■ a 1 nr.hy K'v.n tn nil p< r
'l 111 11.1 ■* fifth * ' tie t H<>W I lift
''tl n .fanirru roll.
L H N . I 1 I 'li and
I | t ill I > | 1,1 IK II K II III! W,| |
. K r *;rad and
i ' ‘ -i i V *• • h> fIR »ft* "FI
. i> v .'i D. f..njnd >v d i*
• ; > ' Wa r i t-ti a•»• nu» and
i I’.-.r rrari'ny nna
N• i 7v I fl*i nir *h *• ail a v
• mm ! jin • 11|# | r \r ft
- . ' I ■ r v’ ad 1 11 r a rni
ti nu-la.>n a»il .«tanl*>
N > "1 2. Dr rw; 1 1.« allay
t». in.!*.! t v Kunrt)». Ytiirjl,
V.- i'i! if in • t VVtlha a \ rtuii »
*"i I or grading urn!
I 'it vi n a IJ •■ > \o <',*.l, D. in* .»l| th*
• ' v • I fi«t <t Dy Itrallhlrn, Mt. A*'
*' in# A i uil‘ iml I’i vlalon rtraat*
■!’ \ r r . r.r *#.. • f.K .I*.
>v ,\ii :sn. tin tiin
o '"i ir>•l «■ il t•. •r. ■ •i| iait 1 1 .ri
i- ■i> - '. ilm atr> rt and Mark
Il il v ?3?S K-.r itradin* and
I 'V i 1/ ill. \ No 7'!. Dr-iriK tin- Mill .
If 77 7 .In kiril mi aiid
rni "i: Ilrv No 7•*.7. h* OR ft* ulln
• • i ’('l** f *,nd pat alt. I K< r .h»-
\-*l a> ' inn fti.fn lti.|* * ml> i , mu#
» nli-i'i ' > ft. rill and ».,iilp , 1»o v -
I fit • aat *.f wii.l p.irall*»
so 11 !#■■ ml. a\**nur fr* in tirval
•ft i r I »j» fly f'. i iat and wr.i
I’ ! * a ijt i a and pftyahl* «• 11 h| n .“.a
rtfivt f:oi data of till* null#*- I'arf*
2. - un i » ».#■ nntfl dn* and |mi«M# In
« n#* *#m an-l on** month, two yaara
arid < ft# nth and thm v-ara and
‘of id i i.iitiH, |.'K#tln'r n'lth inlMii ft
at, *l • ii>. of t p*r .■ nt f r m *1 >■
I •' 'Dr • •>i\!irftptt nos 'hr ri Ma
'll r all.'jnf «iyid[|.arta »nav f>*
pant i, t| !t ot di-r rann.l nlthm f}•ar t >
d»v i r m ♦l* *» d-tf* y.: th* notlra
#ll > I • ft ' ,
3lf mi' #r if M l f*arta i.iim, two,
trifi "i f.ofr ntiall not d* paid ahi#n
II i >f n#* du*. H par rant panalty
aii‘* Iti'- f i| lf*a t«fa of ; par rant
fro-ft I h#> d«t" of confirmation of th*
• »a*a»m*nt will ha addad, and tfi*
pramlaaa aaaraaad will ha adrartlaad
and aold aa prnrld*d by law,
Nu. 17 City Traaaurtr, _
Outlook in Cattle Market shows Improvement;
Steers Scarce and Demand Small; Hogs Lower
Ity U. 11. MACK
The cattle market of tin noun
trv Hie moving forward under on.,
what Improved condition* at* a r«
Mill of lighter receipt* anil a fair
demand for drenaed beef The cm
eral outlook l* very little Improved,
however, a* nil commiion lumim
correapondence Indlcati an • ’
(>e.a to sell oil Jhe |>;irt ’ ( (he < oun
tryinan, whi<‘h ■ I>.*l 1 lan • r unv I
u,ill after I’hriMiiia Ml of th>
market- have been chitted "R 1
tattle during the last hull of <)eto
ier and cooler* ar« Oiling up raj,
idly with the coiiimom t mad, <■!
drented beef The toll run
dair v di** *i «1 ha - h. eii ■ j<> ,a I’•
i. \ and calmer < *.'• la* l v. >* ;
dropi'ed below F* P' r- rw- * R‘ '
TI bic pat k< re 'm to hav <•
< -'■ ~ r mi .its;arxr-
Thursday’s Livestock
'I he receipt * ot cattle a! tin- i><
*rolt niock yard* th.a week !iave e\
I ceded the demand. !oi ll:< Jfi'ic'*
that have been • • ff. ~ 1 am! pi «• ■
eased off inateriallv on
(►es rdt t* veil . t'.ched with fre*}
meat Ju*t now and no om stem to
be m a mood for higher j>rie. ■ *or
• utile The tielu of common
, uitle that limn !at< and mai l. <O, rv
market in the , onun > and I,n t>cto
her, ha* ! and ell 1 upp.’j of ■ he.V,'
dress, and beef in the of tin
country which i-- n m a< ..*
j, »• equalizer durlnr •! • ti*'\t *' •
day Veal ulo were <|ui 1 and
.I nat n ill the :> 1 t 1 n ■ !. t i
j>er cwt
she «; aid land, market «• a
.Tom ,;o 1 tit |ur cwt hiy!
ban lays week Arrival- w<re and
Hqxaintinp, both in '«olun,e and
.'Utility and 'lie detuaml "a- no'
.11 satisfied
Hop. too,, a hu bra, . , n Thm
w ,y v.lnee bmOE from ? to $
t ‘ f |j|« *»* 'litUl ’’D Mi» f*iLll ; '
«I;iY IriM wf*ok Kit n ,r.!h ' N *it
qualPy of Mu h«»gs on
hi’llv rni.\*ul' y .irh « in
•i).\ and off*< r inr*r I ,* f
$ (2% rz, l.
zf 2y> &<c' ."ML i >h\ . vt- ((> l
/ (SdfK ;\.-J 4 i -V
i \'fL4Ssr"4i v ]/} 2 lr
v A - Tjki m
IT’S a pleasure to sit clown to a table where .MARIGOLD is served
for your Bread or used in the making of fancy Pastry.
MMI |gj| ***
IT’S economical value is also to he* considered during these days of
You are sure to find a Food Vrtiele put up under the most rigid sanitary
methods, since \ . S. Inspec tors superintend its manufacture.
Hammond, Standisk & Cos.
, ||! !> I, !li UJiOtJ It I' .ia !a -e - e
Ciimo and by liok of labot will which
to man their killtnp flout Tin ah
Inu le felt aw keenly by tilt* butch
<r- ol tin cuuiiir.v. as. by any othei
cl.-s. t,, it l- t well-known fact
(it i lupi'-r jnuentap" .f • ■ a
d{iu!*hti rlioii .• coni invent th; nTr, it
i » ,i,
■ .
a ; », ti tnand for th* kind of beet
r \ t 'I;, ■ f»ip fellow f yield und
n■ i" :* n» rott r* *■• ije* in thi* <lr
| pari m e tit ,<• ti,'- time would mean
| quaint i. in. main con ; deration.
,• etai . efi be- 1 ( irry the iuoid
, j,* i CM t ;.■ i• a toj, notch bull ,ck
>t*. I,i .round 1. ~•*• and bi“♦*]>,
. . I ~ i j lilies ,11 it* litgll fl*
j mount ! or, cj’.i the nianth of
. Nut eu.f. ~ :t an e\ ••• i , . In all
t"ark. o-i tor !• dm pur-'**'* p
lf.ut- ■ Hop the f. t 1 ill J itid Ms*
i t.d i ■\ , :.r|> tin, ijuue yet k'or
hi , .-ek ■ ihe
!w. ,ol ui;trk i bepin t»> - how I n*
of ts. .i . • 11/ >d* mu ml for civ
tl. a ,ti, 001,1 if'llhnp off, tht' optn
i ~n- > i" t.. • . pipe penera! that
| void vi ,11 - il lov., i a* the M-rmon
1V :t ;•! . .-Xpert Htlpplle b,
' .: l; ♦ l . 11 it ' 1 ! , :ml I I,o* ,tp re. »
. > ... potiTid* of \U
irali. *i wool l*>r l.ij in- tr to \nn r
,m ud un* r'.aint . about the
tnieiim of wo,d (bat will reach thir
• • rcr from loa ltng
.j, i, wool tor future tire
iv.rliip the recent break, hop*
1 1 n r. 'I J' ; i c,t a, 1 it for t> e
o ipr |;'i , 1 .. k w:. overdone litHl
i ml ii •• t,■ av cutrinp «»
, j r . I,- .*•»• iotur. A >car :*ko
• -,v, . ,-I:,’ s f.-r .*h ■> TO 11 ■ • *
«T ;,o. rountrt rhl|»p*T w ere heat t
lom r« In the recent break and ninny
of them will deeJtno to load Ujt
and tl,* - market allows ripns of ha
It ia obvioid. difTlcall for t! •
reader who Imt lue* a llrni’ed nr**
ket efjuvlcnc* to nn l* r.-tan<l < >»t
onion* and t--r-mj- bet ause i
t *,*-• ir .ft'onato! i'niq ft.ivo., and
• •nion ,’i j r- •>••.' ■, th• mort
Useful of \ < f.< 'ahh i!.,\ or .
I’tieb* P.l, ' him: elf ,: \ • the*-'-
reciji- :
V hit»* onion tre d* lie: ■
amt tli"*r*doie more d> raid* than
the ted o’- tcilov oc. ot I. stron?
onions are uvd they houlil
thoroapiily blatt led
Beilrd O 'jnc
I O I>. J,: -, boil. :*■ J,. * 1 at 'i
,us off th toot.-, *lrop;>inp them Into
cold Vta’.r ,o lust - an
peeled ll.tiin a.nd put til -(etvje.n
with boiling w ter, nddl:u- tea, jk>«,
lapidly it, minutes wph toj, p**r A
~li pan itt.tl’n off tt u-’ *nd rot-:
onion with hot sweet n Ik, t i»ii
to eaeii quart of •oniosi.- Situm i
When You Consider *
that the cost o! a cup of tea is so fractional
will appeal to you as the only logical purchase. The
slight extra cost of clean, fresh tea and, above all,
of the unique “SALADA” flavour, is negligible; but
means all the difference between satisfaction and
dissatisfaction. < £ 13S
,1, I Il im. nt . the wide ll 1 ffel CllCe b*
u.i-n the extremes In she price hm
I fur live hop.t wdl be bett.-r under
food when It -in known tha- f!
liifferKh' e in the quality of
- , whujh tire cotninc to in..: >
it this time, fully warrant** 'L.
pread In quota;ion* t >rti-f* t
hop- are very marc* and rve;»rl>
,v* ry bunch that rom to han l in
,-t ill*-" -amtT ■* from all of a*
...ad- * In which nl. rchamahle hop.*.
, a.- a r!u.*.*», ar* dtv id*- i
I . Us, i-.*uc ct Oct -*( r' |> jii, id
, Caret *\ us i hi, ; Ii |,. ,1
t-> follow ma
‘ January j,rod iet l a.- been l 'ti
■ t ' Is *">»11 nnti !> her oil* 1 <•»
t « ; ooiiftd of t».i• f« i itmi orse level
i thli |M*onful of lio'u a<ld one ten
spoonful of nl< iiTul ii ’ rtitspoonful
h | (>• r !*>• • h fa < - up of milk
ci > hic’i onion •• coohm:. when
it noth. ,».I<l iii \r.i r ♦ to the onions
.. a! cook 10 minute.- long* r
I’ i -1;11» ~ i *• iheir host for
' kin.; in •he early spring, nftcr
’ • have lie* i in th» ground all
riii' irlljilt method of cooking
to v. :ih!i. l 011, and scrape off t» .*
n. vh ir Mires end serve with
l> •• v and pepper Or boiled
' i : ' inn \ ht chopped and
' e l i ith a little milk, flotir and
l.vit 1 Ti • y are d* iicfous If after
!■<■■ njr they are sliced and fn*-d in
(low n to a fit bj'-iih 41 fll ] jin
are not dit po <‘d to . : oTeim--
. *vv- bn f) %»• lib 'v»: l; lv /m
l ands ar< pr.u ' ■ ;<H> Id t . i
"lun the opporturtii • <>r *
of importance until J. . r ! \
■ Just 400 Can Secure This*
and complete outfit .
At This Special Club Price * |J|
Words cannot fully describe What a wonderful big bargain this is.
ry* Just imagine a handsome 88-note Player-Piano with cabinet, 24 rolls,
and Player bench, all at this small price. And the best of - it is, you do W
SF ' not have to start making payments until after Christmas —then you fSI
can pay in small amounts to suit yourself.
I f *>
I Liberty Bonds or
Partial Receipts
I Accepted
I We will gladly accept
I Liberty Bonds or your
receipt 1 w ng pai' ini
payments the an, as
uctual Don’t hesi
tate to u>k u-. to do this
for you, ns wo consider
1 Liberty Bond? -< the
1 ume as nctua! ,m renev.
Another Woodward Store 264 Woodward Ave.
We have fortunately secured another very handy location! It i>- located in the first block
| outh of (irand rirou* Park at 2*'4 Woodward. You may join at either store. Renumber—
Another Woodward Store 26 Woodward Ave.
, t on may ma. <• your election at either one of our store if makes no difference.
The oi ly*thing is. you will have to make up your mind quickly a> only 40ti of these
Player Pianos are offen dat the price an I on these terms! Actual SSOO value $.'148.
, What Kind of a
Player-Piano 13 It?
ANSWER It is an SH
note standard instrument
and munu cd a■ and
backed by a million dollar
corporation, which a
surf's you nbs( 1 ute sat i
-and protect'on. 1
It is de-ig; c 1 in plain
lines, yet is so nrti tic
tha f the mo t fastidious
person will be satisfied.
V- f
ami "i 'ii n n
VII > », „ .»* ■ >’J<M
John i orf*n I .»r nt » *#f <»r till nmr ti f
Superb Grand Opera Event
\«• \ I W r»*k, • V\ »m|, Mint
100 t rtlnin. | iiiiioiis *>lnr«,
nfcony Orrliroim, llrllllnni « fn.ru*.
»»•*«** ir •
, Von • mnllnrln nmf I’nttliwerl ii .< -
I.IIrIn i In .. i m . n
- I mini i Jf nrU
of »h< Minlorinai In I nil I
111n ; II I'rni nI• i r
l‘H«-rn lA'nn noil 'ill, ♦fn|, KOr lo f.t
Writ Mm., Silr lo Al fill. ♦< iil *nlr
fur nil ' Oprrnii I'liurmin * r in
llallf At J 7 Hint f) f> n M
tn ••Till" I*MI>U M l l» \MMI' ii “
Mllrph* .\n t» A Krrpon. \»*»» *onu • 11 1«
mu. rmi'i r. 1111,1. im* w i t.■%
• it Mi i ir. m ii. s
lllvlxr l.rmlr ltnrl«\n*|M«»
1111M 1 «l 111 l | * l«>M*M\ 111. I lis
I ndl. • M Tn.. IH«
\m(, i"l'i I rilnn Mnlria
>f*l*. Ilolfl I millin'-
1 >e»t M«el», iilrl* I'rtim ibf I uliir*
• 14 Ur m I>L’ 1
*■ %
Start Paying
After Christmas
' o;. not asked to rhuV
an i, gi .1 n,
Small Weekly
or Monthly Sums
to Meet Your Own
Can I Afford It?
\NSWr.U Yes you
can afford it the easy
payments will allow the
man with a l m 1 1* < 1 in
ci -m the pleasure of a
What Cun I Do With My
Old Piano!
You Can Join at Either Woodward Store
imi ki tiK.iTi imi *i nu n
V* ~ , i I IHTIVi Wll I2"
RESIST A v“,V,5' M“Vhe Girl at tho Cigar Cojaler' -
ii—l> iiniiii i. ♦ i'i —n H i’i—oTill .•* ii ♦ii Ul *■-—*•
IIIUM »♦ Ihr 'lnn U M - ± * -*' r ” '***
n \M t I 111 *l IIIM IM I m IT'.IT
Lawrence Snr,. > Cos Ml.’ Nindi Oun
-rm-. road ro r i vo” VI : wry a way*
Detroit v?r.,
< It nr l« » I’roti rmiti I'fftf itl«
••Tin tiiiii i nr %m "
NEXT WEEK " M ’ ' ' 1 f
mssr '"waP*
* nf **i
l*rlr*-n iliM' |« *3, U. .1 ♦! ■ r r to «l .IW
ifltsrSE-A *.V-T.vi. "'.'"'"l
l_i - «t»h;
- aU
* \ * , *
I Itn-e. i*i*efr»*r# **«'•
of Third Av#nu** City TtokM irfrlce. j
i l ft l <; r'i ■<* ■ I<l street 1 1 !■ • Chr rr >
. Mil i
( lii' ago early ’b -t week with pack
ep*. ;• rower* and commission men
» ith that obje. . In view There U
•id •) • iml f r remarks which
' Id' ulv ** the bar ' k.ufle of much
< the nn serial for which It is usu-
TANARUS! •• Imres*# t msil rs»et> h*
( ome effective today.
"" -v
This Marvelous Price
Includes Everything-
This amazingly Io w
price Sd4B.o(i includes
everything' Thera are no
extra* of any kind!
Nothing to he added for
drayage, bench, music
cabinet or 24 rolL abso
lutely no extra*. Three
hundred and forty-eight
dollars is the price—and
this price includes every
What Kind of
an Outfit?
ANSWER The free
outfit, includes 24 rolls of
music— which you can
• elect your*e!f, velour
scarf, music roll cabinet
and dandy Player bench.
. Why Only 400 Mem
ANSWER We were
only alloted 400 of these
outfits to sell on these
v '
i 1 I^The^Whiw
P jj I IM*t »> H nn<l I 111 \IR
yJLJ »'••« *’»hrr Irnlarr*
>* l| H *'l K-Z-Min \| | •|.-in“ '
A DAMf) Crtn.!,n r mm WW
IIII IM*< *** %>nr<l. i bTri iM*
\i;|«*e» "* ;IV— * .*•<’ 7!V<
\N *•*! % iif . fc n«., .Vip, Mr
\ \1 ( MAN (i LASER CO.
In I h.*n, Il!i*ln'« llrr.tr.l I'lef
“The l ion 2nd The Mouse”
> • \ • « "i k .niilhi pin 1 , *i»|< I fclrf
if/I !»!«**. ' v * *'••
L I | .t -* tintin’ 1- .Vfr
*• lli t h »|«.ra M n •l<-nl 1 »». I|, 1
>l \| Mi : l\ --l «•" Ml 111 'NT"
AV «i **l t.i ~—i, « limitr
,11» l • Pi RU ’ll Ii
ti:e vJllles of BUiUtSQUt
In HO KO-Mo-KO I*l.HP* I
Wrrntllna I»mßn' *ilf"^
♦ makr It T Utah

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