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Dicky bippy’a Diary.
- —{t— 1 then he down tc REM) 4A '° ME - " 1
i me ™ oroog " y i t * ■
A /A*.®oo. ** /( r£ M^sSAfil i SHKVED ? '' SH^VE r *»^ l **^
t,, jj_ 1 1
"if *» _,,,, . :4a 1 j ?
*, JrV'vfv iv- J «=?
r c^Vp-Lvjr •-"'i A , r * ' f v ~'r47 1\ '- { '° </ / b' /-s
' j t\ te PL__ fc: 1 X iLLffiiM wCX, —s&^Anw
1 Yi r' —- -*--— < *~ ~~'
I' * "
Smashing An Idol
Molly Shertnan walked home with
Mrs Rives aft* r the dub meeting
There ha* been a heaied discus.-io"
of til#* latent larident pertaining
suffrage, and Molly had said *or •
thing which had coin* uded exact
with something els** Mrs l<i'♦
paid lu conserju* nee Mrs R vr
relaxed from her hitherto lofty aioc'
nesa and had condescended to !♦ and
Molly her compan>
1* meant much to Molly Sherman
to he seen hobnobbing in thi - wet
with the recognized leader of fa-h
--ton in the town. She held her chin
very high and tried to a t a- tlio
she were in the habit of walking
out With Mr*. Kivcs ev*ry day. And
•when Mrs Ri'er did no* '*• to
Kate Jones, who w*' "Tine them
from the opposite Molly did
not bow either. She -impl> affect
ed not 10 see Kate for • o do
seemed to stamp herself a- of a
different quality from Mrs Rn*-
It was a snappy fail day M -
Hives remarked that she was come
to the city to shop on the morrow
/“I am Koine toe, Mo'v :u *
"Are you?” cried Mr* Rive?
••How nice' Then I shall have com
jtany. Ixtuise Pratt experted to a*
company me, but she ba* 'onsili'i
And no one else seems to hr ready
It’s dull shopping alone Itn v»t>
Iflad you are going ”
Molly flttshed with pleasure In
truth, she had not had. until Mr-
Hires spoke, any intention of going
to the city on the morrow ?h*» in
tended to go some time before th*
cold weather set in to buy under
wear for Jack and a coat for h»*r
•elf. since those articles could he
had bo much bet' er and cheaper at ;
• certain shop she knew than any
where In her own town. But since
Mm. Rives was going sh* might as
well go. too. With a leap of fimi
tion she seemed to see an item in
Saturday's Tattler: "Mrs. Shatter
le« Rives and Mrs. John H tfher
yuan spent Thursday in Banning
burgh ” Wh.at would Bell Tro*hy
say when she read It? If Molly had
planned for 40 weeks she could not
have evolved a more complete
••squelching'’ for that sharp ’ongued
Belle Crosby than this would prove
-She’ll bum with Miry.” though'
Molly, triumphantly. "She’s be, n
trying so long to get m with Mr*.
Hives, and here I've done it with-
At the corner of Rast and I'nion
*ts. Molly parted from Mr* Rl'e*.
who wailed serenely on toward h*T
handsome new house on Floral av*
Molly very slowly approached ’he
old brosn house which l»< V had
bought for a won* and which thev
hoped to rebuild sonic time She
could think of nothin* but the m
pedltion, and the moment Jack
reached home she told him of '•*
“Ob, Jack.” she -aid. what do lon
think"* I'm fcotng to the cit to
morrow with Mrs. Rives
“Ip that so?” He gave her one
D f his queer, sidewise estimating
J.iOks. There was a rails*'. ”1 eip
pose, then, you’ll have to have some
money. What are you goinr to
Molly told him. "Isn’t 1t nice th >
I’m going with her?” she a“k»-'
eagerly. ”1 saw her a’ the club
thl>* afternoon an«J "he w*« P p rf‘ <'
ly sw’eet to me
"Why Shouldn’t she he*” Ja*k re.
turned * ill till y "Sat Rives— th*"*' *
*f'your money. And now !*•» * ea' l m
as hungry an a bear.”
Jack had given Molly I'A and t*
seemed like » gr**at deal of money
t*he had no idea that she would
need to spend It all. even »ho she
was utterly extra* agaa’ in her sc
lection of a coat. She felt almost
as rich as Mrs. Rlve« as she stood
upon the station platform waiting
for that Indy.
Uiv* s arrived In her car. Her
f;.. htrbaod. heavy, red faced, and
y glum drov* it. It evidently had not
occurred to either of them to drive
jf r block ou’ of their way for th**
rak« of picking up Molly. It did
f >ccnr to Molly, but she reasoned
that perhaps Mr*. Rives had not
l had the time.
In the train Mrs. Rives took the
►eat ne\l the window. She acted
p out of humor, and after a few timid
R, attempt* ;it making conversation
Molly abandoned the tdc i of socia
btflty and took to studying her **.»*■
I? lounding** silently. So they ram*- at
K last to llenntnghurgh They took n
car mer town and Molly paid ’be
R fwre A nickel was nothing, any-
K‘ wwy
At the sight of the sior*s Mr*
Kives began to wak* 1 up ”Wher«
Sr do you go to Shop?” She Inquired.
Molly hesitated to tell her that
h ghe always went to Zspoleon's where
nu^n-* 1 - auu- «u twr *Uli i.
K ettraordinarv results “Why. any-
H where It doesn’t niaiter.’ -»he tout
fc \ mured
ft” 1 Ms« Rives gave her a glan* e
t 1 "Indeed, It do*** matter 1
IL yaffoTi >.'■ cheap places f always
HS Uo to Holt A PsWsd'* 1 heir price**
Kjniqf be higher, but they reHatnl'
m ply* you quality and style'
Kl£- Mofly tagged Mr** Rive* into tb*
Wl but department store *jth i>* wn
L- \ flow dtaplay °I laufuorous ladus
In tin* > ock K»n»ni
Wh«n you're .-‘irk you keep right on p*> mg war tax*'* (1> M-d ir at
ordial. 2 per rent of veiling price, < 2 mineral ■water, 1 cen' a ga lon >
regional bitter*. 2 per oen» t* ton.'. 2 per renr <* *ab*- and b*’d
»er cent of freigh* charge (♦’) «a|o 2 per co n * <7 > powder- 2p- " ' *-*
S) planter, 2 per cent. r*> oirrroer*'. 2 p**r « en' i 1"> phis 2 c* An.
rben you g the a pre-da*. and < r.»< -x you put <af f »-r !■*• 1 ■ " ' 1
w(K»n? ••amp for each HOP
topped out in the la’''*? Parisian
fashions. It seemed tha f Mr?
Rive* also wa*> in ne«d of a coat,
and they »**nt seeking them tooth
er An indifferent, wer.derf illy coif-
Cured sal"*woman brought out a
few expensive mode:.-* and Mr*
Rive* began to »ry on. Molly looked
in with trepnia'ion With-only J4*»
l»f? in her purse. how -he *o
buy a s*'> garment"* Her hear *ar.k
when Mrs Rives carel"«.«t> select
ed on*' It was the kin i of coat
:hat MolW wo-tid have liked for her
self it made her tremble after thv
rale to n«k *he saleswoman *o ]*■■
w ** r .nr u fc ex: *:.
The Inert*able occnrred A eheap
coa* never looks so - heap a« when
torn pa red with a hifhpriced par
ment. and the«*» other coats vrre
not. so very cheap, either In the
You, Who Love the Music
of the Violin
And Have a Victor or Victrola
will hnd an endles- "ourfe
of plrasuie in th»* >iip«*ih
Records by Zimba'ist
This world-renomipd artist who appears at tlv j Armory
November xth. mak<' records !or
the Victor Company exclusively.,
Following Is a Partial List
Alabama Spalding
Angel's Serrnad* Solo bv Cilt: k \ <dir hj Zimbalt*'
Broken Mflody Aigur.te van Hmne
f’oncerto for Two Vlollnf (Vivace) with Krei«*l*r Barf)
fonceno for Two Violin* (Bargo) wi’b K r *i«i*r Bvh
Concerto for Two Violin* (Allegro) with Krcisler B «t* h
Klegit* 78ong of Mourning) In French
•Solo bv (Mark Violin b\ Z!fnb*li*t Ma- <*net
Hungarian Dune** (No. 20 in I) Minor NT 21 in Bl
Legend* (Op 1?) (Piano arr hv K Lut«ky) Weniawekl
< <n <l** < oi«|. CnM Ground _ Ft
Ohl Folka at Horn* Solo by *»!uok
Obbligato Dvorak’* Humor* s'juc
W>nn die SchwalWn h* im»*r' trlTi
Soio by (shirk Violin by Zin.b* Ah*
To giv#> us th»* opportunity to play for > * •■« *iil r.ot obiig,.**-
you in the bast or. h ph*.n*- call ((’hern. ?♦;<»«*» will bring to
Any of the** ar* splendid number* to add *o vour H* < ord library
—they’ll add to >ourJionw pi»a»Ur#r
Gunnell Bros
Detroit Branch. 57-59 Monroe Ave Headqua't* «
*~nd Molly did no’ tak* Any Sh
could not buy ?bc pxppnatvp coat
And *h* did not lik* th* rb*a nr
on**! 1 And f hp saiMwonian ? sccnj
fn ] a i *iii ba rr a.*s * and :*r
From tha' point Molly morH. nr
compano-d Mrs Rlv**, who -orrod
to- buy * Y*»rythinr she n* < >n r *'
as a shop Mo'ly
glanced arrows 'h* strec* ar 7..%
poison’s and saw that the window
wa« full of »??ramnn* well within
limit* cif h*r purs*. Hut <h p
dar* no s risk M r s Rivr-'. o{ niuri
by goins: ov*r th**r«*.
I/in r h tim* cam* and M-* R ti -
lt'd rh* way t’o F!or*y - M y’ a
never b«t-n to Florey's befor* < -
ally eh* slipped into Faker'- fr *
tfA .md -^andwi-'h.«, ot '* ■* .♦* v a
w*« Jack »h* went to ’he Uh;*»
House cyf* for a 3Vo nt in* •
which was remarkably Rood i 3 ’;-
f. • .iwe*! ,»nd aba.-hed by -he in
tior* .tr prandt-ur of ih:s fashion*
Mr-s R;>»* o-dcred luncheon a
t «*? # itk vitb potstcw*^
V. b-n ..Vo;■■; ■:• she remarked caa
v» .i •■ :;ir-T rv i »’ . 1 • >:' ’ ;.<r>'. '"lt
Molly. who had scanned the price*
r: '* C'-'ti' felt ,»* ’ho she e ar*
ea'iUg gold dollar*
\ >• .• c;o*. «.*; the me* Mr.*
ft: vo* |> ncd ( >r» ird ** i»h her
- •*. p Mir ♦ r*! .r; this be a
Mo!!v • jrn- and -cm' t '(’crtaiu
' replied, firmly Then her
M-;d' t all;* <1 ‘Or l «ill pay for It
]• ;* mmater al to me
s . 1.. » bill. down for the
» . :,t i p . Mr' R.ves d:d not de
n ;r Molly *■ hear' beMtlms very
■ . *».. ha ; t 1 • minded anyth ns
*i s ,' K h nil ’er jj ,\b!e
• ’ coos her *:nce they .’art*
; tv «• too muri. The
a , vkfc.. hid *aken her money,
s, Mr* Rj e- • i oat and let her
• . .v r. done Mtf* Kives
Li-; h«m * • ent t.p Mol
i p a little 35 nhe
• - : h.r depleted pure. There
>nje i h.i r mind an oid story of
e: a?- 4 mo’her * about the china
e., » • p tr*'i to *oi»t down «trrara
v • >h.e iron pot. The chma pot
•. hi ken. >he w** the china pot.
-*he walk*-.! out of Florey - * with
, ; r ! sh. higher even
•h n ' had he. n ‘he previous day
*... , yd • • fail.-n n’o Mr*
f v e>' favor I‘. ■’ - lie w<* *o blind
j l v i‘-r of disillusion that
- e din n<v tee )■• * <‘r<' **h*w until
• ,v fa- walked over each other
..r\“* N \t o , »>,i R#l e ?he
, ..... : ,1 • , Mr* Rive« “I
re % »-e dr* lined of find ni 'oi here
\\ ■ rarne in our car and you might
>ave ridden with us had I known
~. ; intend" ! romiiu 1 though’ von
, ... „ •* a *•<! mill !a*er Have
m voit sboppinf 'lone' It
vou ..a ." n «"V .-an •yoigo »■ *
i . There * a dress I saw a’ Za
vd eon's a- l came by thai l must
i\ t . \\ ■.v 'vhere ■ *he z ns
For Mrs Rives wa« ,-oceedinr
down the - re* a? utterly regard
, r ,t \t .jj% -. aooie’y a* tho she
M *V;,7w h *r* s' you want to. "Belle
*ai' :> - *rra >•: all'" "Don't mind m*
I'll pick you up wi«h the fir when
H.. . Molly humbly T
or’v of Mrs Rjr e • I'd going
' _* -i* Vi»p rsil *V»««
Mollv * T’.een doing you, has she* ‘
. v, p whispered "Thee -»v sh* s
..... n ~ a" regular r»;»uta’i«n for I*.
* r>* Fat’- <»«> dr.-.en to tb" wall
..S'. •.
Will End Soon
Three lota of BA note Rolls i
j flO'nfl now at - I
!j fi for # I I for fl 1
and 11 for $1
Two Roil* e*trg wth each I
' dozen purchased Larg* aaaort- I
mert Each jnv jood p'ayabie
! condition. j
\ M f HOI. AH
SI j I p
Ncn E.im I'uwnent*
h ith th*‘ uu) rit cu
nir \>i tvt'r w.4nuns to V;:svr
th ' • tio wi!b fo#>r t)li. uH’k,
?*n Zup* l ! * wind ow 1 vml 'lt*
t i * . . •* y Os "
Attention Is Due
To (rowninir (ilory
Rtern’J) a *oll-kno»n fa>hio
wrr*" .ir J rn> r ta« .t«kt’d wh,‘
>.h« <■ nn«rJ»T»d 'ho raoM tmporu:
,;«»* , ; ,-f t o <! 'Wt'uan
? <•’<i hr* "
TlKl l :'Mful ob*erv*r« «i!l
»ha •! ♦'oiflUng of '"woman « oro»r
, nz V" h.< a rnrn^aW*
<m* locks w.i’ a- •* *">
In busy cities or the country road, the Ford is a Favorite among
motor cars. The re are strong reasons why hall the buyers of Amenta
demand Ford cars. They have proved their worth under the most trying
conditions in all parts of the world.. People buy Ford cars because they
know what they have done and will do. They have become one ot the
everyday necessities. Will you not place your order for one at once?
Touring Car. $360; Runabout, $345; Coupelet, $560; Town < 'ar, $645; Seda**,
$605; One-Ton Truck Chassis, S6OO. All f. o. b. Detroit.
th*> n nrst «rnl most ta*t**ful ro*
lijmt' b. T w«>ni* nos soi.i n’ ♦'
. -n *n. rs 1 . jpmrn> th‘- amount of
(h imi on** Tria' ac»]iur»* by caroful
Tho coifT'it to it* n *i'da\ *bo\* -
• collar an *'V* > ninc wrap t*
•loMPiod for th* 1 moat formal s«x t.»
nuti'! ons hmr •,,« «or !-v Wr
i > .ir < ro* n os th* hrad and pul
* i d i nthft ]ow ( \ i - r 1 h»' btow * w her*
is i nr'na.l b% * •*in^i ►* strand ot
poarls l;*■ UI Jx’nfkfh a pendant *'la>p
a egid S *>y? fjk e n Back
Evan psri". ah, »rr '« rd in \V>»n
on a mans u:*h»«*r rbarg*.
» i* ',i>n t<> df '*■'
.-,t j it. havi* b*’*»n rn iiiiirtorj t’«-
i ih« a ; T**st w.n mad<> afr»*r h«* ri*
■ ■|ar**d •n a A\ v vndo’ a • a loon h«*
v »« »ha man «ant**d •"• A»'"i p<
Trox N V . 1* •o b*' Iho ma*’ , :Tie
'nf fpp vrrk *'a*a I‘onf^rrni’s
.if I>o:rh' • r« of an
Infants and Invalids
K< r. k. r in powdnr
f -r K 'in fan:* *n.l gr w •
ir.c v. Iran Pi: * nutrlti »l». 'ip
1, i r* ts r mhn.'ff t>o«1 v inV’K •*•«*»
r. it * « r • an.i t - V
r t tr*n "I'" f*-
p— .r*d no
me «vkatlfn,r« « ««t >OI ««*•*- Prlnn.
Northwestern Motor Sale* &
Fortier Cos.
IS-*.’ Grtnd R'ver Avf
C»rfi*id 331
Max o*f.oary
’557 Wood^«a r d Ave
North 3317
Platte-Chnlmers Cos.
7ts’ i Ave. E.
Hickory 4134
I*. ('. Mar Arthur
172 Grand River Ave.
Cherry 2736
\S ftlktf'SftU Motni <n.
1521 5 Gratiot Ave.
R>dae ft 723
—By Sinnott
West Detroit Motor Sale*
1678 Fort St W
Cedar 1412
American Motor Sale*
Hanley Dawson
742 Wood*a»d Ave,
Grand 4282
He nod ict-Cooper Motor Sales*
1035 Mack Ave.
Ridga 1707
M. (i . Torossian
68 Victor Av#
Hemlock 4820
Detroit Motor SiiW
085 w Grand Blvd
Weat 3081
People From South Bring Smallpox
Here, Declares Board of Health;
Urges Everyone To Be Vaccinated
The last bulletin of\th»* Itetrolt
Hoard of Health. coni men tint; on 1
th** incr»*«f*' of atuollpoi in ivtrolt,
Tn October f l***t >• ar *l»•»r•• were
11 <a*r.« of irputird to th**
hoard of health During 1 1 .•* flrat ?l
da> a of October <>f thl* year 3* l'iimi
have been I"corded wh h Indicate*
an uniiaual pr»\» in « of the diaea***
f r thia Uni*- of the >ea* Not a alncl*
n-- of tha»« rawt giv*- a hl*t«*ry
| -f ever having hero vii c mated Ha"
ihe public fora 'Men that atnallpnx i"
| >ne i unttgloui ill eaee aiikin'l »hlrh
the individual an effectively prot*< I
h maelf' Vaccination in the bent de.
I fenne MKamH umillpot
, \\ ith a w ell va< i nateJ population
| there mav he no feat of an plileniir
1 tor., ng t e « m'rr m*>nth« I-et fa eh
ind vldual make it hi* dutv to nee
tnaf not only he hlmaetf In vairctnat
ed hot that nin afiorlatft and friend"
are like** ■< p'oteeted One "ii.-ceea
ful "take" <l*e* not a *eure lifetime
ipi tin 1 1 It * »■ •-* ’' to teri ■ and
.-ally tent ou,t v our own reaintance to
I ’he and I ****** tv being V■' ■ 1 dated at
!*a*t *>nr«| in rverj five v'ar-i
The board of ?i***lth a*k» all elti
-:en* ' i to-operate with If n th"* rna'
ter You nn he vgo'initel free of
• hart:" at the hoard of health • hie.
V * Mullet*-at., .tail' iex.ept Sun*
In t, between the hour* of and Id
v m , and 1 and 3 p m
Further yn*l»*l« of the .ifi r»»»>
dir loten ’he Ft l that .’0 ..f the i.v*-«
•i re than one half have been
reaidenta ■ f l»etr«»|t i*a* than one
nr »ieen of the*- at* new unier*
fr 'ii the no'.th many of whom ho'*
ik'i' t't Infection
«’»»d of (In-linK a fit' ri ■ ’*• -,ed
i'\ vat otnatlon. th*v have *vtd*ntlv
me in i- .nUi't with many nuwep*
i h)e< While many of the ** *-nt
dent * live in and »trlvt* lata*‘'> r* -
»e ved for their ■ w n j » e and n»-
• ntul tv there 1" no 1 "'da* In f r
•ro * • fa' an il,«ea»» in ■ >'n' erned
\* i .0* ari l bool. th*n*e' and
* -*e t.’» en of public >' rig reg a 11<'d
r’n • < Inflate and ’V c
I-lance*- extend" t-‘ all rla**e* of i*Ht
e n "
can be paid at 200 Agencies listed on
the back of your telephone bill or by
Pay before the discount day and
avoid inconvenience, confusion and
Michigan State Telephone Company
The state board of health. In it*
I'M >ii p(i i «>n ainallpoK. male* that
during the lm • t l.i ymm the of
the disease han heen no mild that In
ii an> Instance* it han e* aped
nm«n being often mistaken for
chicken p>>\ rht niildnen* of th«
dll-'tir ha* Very ||M atlV inrfM»'"l| til*
difficulty of it* reatrh tton. Aii Im
portant factoi n the spread of th»a
disease )■ the prevailing ignorant ■ of
th* characteristic symptoms Mint ph> »
• ■at slgne of smallpox. thu* result
log In a general failure to re<ogni*n
the disease until a large nutiilirr of
• i»>'* have occurred Inasmuch a'*
the form of mntllpni n"%% present In
the in% in mo mild that in manv »nea
it" physician ia oalle.l. the rha*a< ter
uln % of ttie disease should hr leartied
t>) the people generally no that smalt*
po\ may he recognised an soon a" It
The ftm* symptoms of smal'poi may
he differentiated from th sc of rhhk
en pm In small pox the tlt*i svnip
tme are headache backache chills
•■r fever lasting about fir"* <la>n,
f-'lloaed by an eruption, the fever
•mbstdlng %»hen the eruption appears.
In chicken p-'» the fever begin* when
ttie eruption appeals, usually llie flint
sign observed being the *'nn *
of the eruptii n accompanied !>> t
• nit ten.pergture. a .-rdlttK ' ' t'l*
ne% er it> of the attack.
Boys Sack Grocery Stores
\ miniature arm) of boy: %n.'i« k
id and sacked two grocery Mores
PucKdav nißh' 1' is believed more
than 2do youth? were in th* party.
Thev took shh worth of stuff from
\nthonv. Sgvalk’s store, lVttfT:* !tl and
rilfford sit, and raided .1 Ab'.thnm s
■foie. Mi ntialm a.ul Clifford ■! a
fen moments laler. taking al
bushel» of vegetable*. \ stranger
who fried to Mop the laid on the
fli?t a»r»re wa« beaten and Sayalk
%% ty. «how >red with tin cans.
To/ Woodward Ave
Market 5587
Eastern Motor Sales
404 Gratiot Ave.
Cherry 3272
Maurice W. Fox A: t o.
156 Milwaukee Ave. E
North 6483
Johns Broa.
Gratiot and Van Dyke Avea.
Ridge 444
Hurrh Motor Sales
14th and W, Grand Blvd.
Walnut 8431
McCarthy Motor Sales
>gi 5 Di« Ave.
Waal 2288 +

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