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Fate of Italy Hangs on Pending Battle]
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KI(•MI»: KNI II KA K . N (). 31.
gBC BKal RSI mßu M BB jjlSI k 1 KiSi KT*j| • I ‘•‘Mn PvN* -■ f*9
I | |^|
Retreat Rein# C arried
Out Successfully, Say
I )ispatches
BERLIN, via London, Nov 8.
—Succe ssf ul German flanking
operations have cut off the re
tre >t of Italian forces between
Tolme;;o and Gemona, and also
the permanent fortif cations at
Monte San Simone, according
to the official report this after
decisive battle of the Teutonic
drive .n Italy is entering its first
stages today with maneuvering
for position by the opposing *r.
mies, Rome cables stated
French and British reinforce
ments are massing back of the
Piavo river line and heavy ar
tillery is being rushed from the
western front to Gen. Cadorna's
PARIS, Nov. S—A French at
tack on German portions around
Schoenholx, in A sace. netted
120 prisoners and other heavy
losses to the enemy, today’s
official statement declared
large German squadron of war,
ships is off the Finish naval
station of Helsingfors accord
mg to word received today from
Presumably tne presence of a
German fleet in this location
means Germany has resumed
her naval drive in the Baltic
and Is now about to take the
Russian n tval fortifications a*
Sveaborg guarding HelaingfOi s.
IVf.en tin <;.rni«fi fieri >\ h • rat
trig |n Mi.* 1 ,;i - *.f l{«n » Ku««<lan dla
pHtfh** re I I lit Vtr W •> i 11. ** Itk’-
Mh.-nit if Hi-rU ,m h etlrek* in Ih •
Halil . t ii l> V 'tl Si. aht.fi: irnl
K*..rstß.lt -tiii i.> iii i \ it■ 11.« t .I >t
■ t;• i:i I him <ia> ti 11 ><l h!“-.
#"■ M ml!'.t;-rv I ' Mill Ii rtrtl. .tilt
SMI 1 r/i' • th«* r»t"l ' I't 'I ll • • of
the 'ln Mt t. e ~ i) , i,| f i .tin tin r. i r
est- •••• rn ■> r<> • |.e lie <1 he. n Iin«l • .1
on tv- - * r rr t il.i. Then tjeiin>n>
Shells Strike Foe Trenches as
Guns Thunder Last Salute to
Americans Who Died in France
Ii Y j w rrm ri>\
Hflf? f'<>i ri s ihiii ih >i l mil'! I'rrsi
AMKIIK’AN I'll U* lIKM*yl All
TKKS. KHANri: Nov 7 llhdavod t
A in**r ic -; t n nr * ill<i vno n sont n xiilvii
of sh*ll-< whi.stPhff ov**r to llwlir
land Imlnj *m 110 fari’tMdl vollov
mark Ini; !»urial of \m» riot‘a Hi
«!♦ »(! from tt >• finnu lift**.
p wa~ flfliiiin iii<- opinion ol
Iho-o \v lioi»o r> «•»* rli.«tcii. «l wit ti
tour-* thruout th« siniplo hut dm
Inatlr run* ml «*tvl«**>, that 11.»
voil»»y whuh mark) th*> list far
>i) |t i li< ilii t> i\< b. I*ll ftr»<l. no*
by a M|iiml and writ blank car*
rid***, but ,to XiuiTlmn nunn'r
fell (Mi lift L r ft I)«t I , || i { vi T - ...I f|l»t <1
Inn *'«*» h •I * .1 with « pr. v*>r tl»n*
it u<|tild tii.d its tiiark anion;.' th*'
ii* t*i i- \ t .» ru ’ft f|a:: fir » liii > thrv
' it an old •r* and \< *• tan
I- ' linop ' »r.d , I’t *mh v ' * n
Ii m .I’■ d' M-»i ht t«» th* thrr*
• < ;• • »r.»' v h* Palin* at th*-
*1 * ’ n }:■ Iff. r«d to th»> a
Ii * and IT and his - p. hi v ««d. b*« f <
n* *tt<* • * !.♦ n :t»- riMP’llt" ti
for.' Into •'! his iiv n rb'b|y**n
Pr V ?»t. Kot i :ht •' t»d -.‘id S. ftp ,
•* h«- t M ••off 'i.'oft ‘h«» . tr* r,
".fnl Prl» *»• a*•*'*»;tilt ‘ and U«
• ppursntly withdrew tt.« •* force*
j*vt'«ti'irg i« a naval for tiflcation «>f
the flint <
I/ONI KIN. Nov. V Italy's yr'i
pr*-ni«\ last stantl »ff«*rt to stem the
Oerrnanir Invasion was apparently
Impending tmlav. Both th* «nemy
and defending lines have hern drawn
fai-e to fill i' along th* l.iven/a
river l ondon expected momentar
ily to learn of the preliminary battle
of the Uvenza and that (’ndorna’s
rear guaro* would attempt to ad
ministry a temporary check to tin
enemy before withdrawing to the
now fully prepared Piava river line.
Swiss dispatches reported that
(‘adorna intendtsl merely to delay
the e omy along the Llveti/a and
would tyot bring hi* full strength
into the battle until the Plate posl
tions were reached. For nearly two
week a th»* Italians have been pro
paring their positions along this wa
terway. Presumably th** reinforce
tnent- in men and guns sent by
British and French army staffs, are
held along tins line.
Kory dr-patch received from
Rome today mentioned the Italian
withdrawal from the Tagliamento
ns voluntary, carried oip w i»h pre
i .*i«>n and a minimum of loss tVr
tainlv there was none of the pre
cipitanry in the latest Italian retire
mi nt that characterized the rout
from the t-otnzo positions
-- .
1/ONDON. Nov y \ successful
ra i i>u l l,• -t of Arm* nti. r« -and
repulse of two enemy attempts to
.>n'ei British line- north of Roeux
wer*' reported in touay - official
-1 ;i 1 1 111*011
The Arnientierea raid war- tarried
out t»\ Welch soldier- nt night
Fourteen (ormans were captured
an«l other los e inflicted on the « n
em> "Idie British raiders suffered
light los.-es
In iei*'lsing the Berman raid
apeind Roeux a few Barman Wert*
NKW YORK. No* s A merit an
women in <\» r\ city anti town of
the nation ar* working today pr»*
paring 1 .TfiO.uoo.ooo Christmas pa< k
eta for I'nele Sam's rlglitlnK non
on land and sea
turned 11» the xot oml 'and l*riv :• ts
Hay" iih he turned *ttll furthci to
fare th* third coffin
"In Ho nano of Franco I Idd you
farewell Os your own free will, ton
h-f» your happy, prospered* country
•ml ti*ek your plant hy our *id<
>• "i '< I fat inv Me for. in l ai !, m
.o -pt iaf* hand to hand fieht "
Tin p m rat hcsfiatid a moment
looked at each ttf the three Mai:
draped coffin* and then turned
' All hoonr to them." he continued
'Their families ydtould he proud to
harn of their death*.
"\\» of France <.nsk that the rnor
tal r*main- of these young men he
i* ff with us for el« r
"We will In-’oribo on their tomb*:
"’Here lie the tlr**t I’nlted Suite*
oh I left* so tall on French soil for
!ihe:ty and Justice.’
"Pa* • r-hv will uncover their
head* to thi lr uraw •. no nos heart
M in*: the battlefield v. ill to out
f their nay lo hrltvr the*r trihutt
of r* Hf-ert aid gratitude "
"Private Knrtflht, Pmnli
•IM l’\ l’e H-’I O' the 1110 Ol
France >1 'lank you 'lttj (loti i*
• etve 'o>ir. »«>ml Far well"’
A great voile* of 7'- er»t»h*al the
fin rt volh \ ol fan V e|| 'hru tile
leaden rrvnsnuk I air TANARUS! «-n t .**?
v> rt \nur ean Mijdley teat* trh'h
ling down »h< i-r fares, hi weed th«di
r eutrtd* J ’ m uta’tt- an I -ovr-red
Hi. m itV' niiSi - 1 fit** which
the' fi*Usl)t and died
Late Bulletins
of World Events
11(11 »i»\, (>»., N«*. s.—l Hiior
• nniinlolmirr U ll»»n, imn In (hr
nol, pr-ohnhlr ttlll hr ixliril lo
f«mr to IliiiKlim In In hr n Ininil
In «r|tlinti Ihr Tria«>l nnlolnnn
• til ntrlhr. ufl <-<-1 liik HMNNi luhur
ir« nml It llrlil*.
H it|IIMiTO>, \n i. N.— %
**«tr li.t r rntr f«r nnlhrnt-llt* min
er’* «h» ri|tri'|rd In hr <t)-<l<lr.l on
nl n ti ttlun of Ihr Joint ronfrr
r ttf o|M-rnlorn nml mlnrrn hrrr
• Mnitihl. Ihr tlrlrunli't fnllnl lo
miii It nn Hkrrrmrnt rlthrr on
htigher «n*on or (hr penult?
ilii'i'r In Ihr nrn rnntmrt m n
tlirrr-bour nirrllnic Itnlny.
MW \IIKK. Nov. t. ( nl.
Iloott \ t H'« mitointihilr. itriwn h>
his i ItniiHriir. l hnrlra l.rr. nnrl
it till Ihr I-Itlnnrl hi ii imiarnui'r,
run (In tin John Murphy, of .In.
innii'n. N 1.. till* nflrrnoon. Ihr
• olonrl Junior it from hit mr nml .
pit h« il up ihr Injurrtl man, orilrr-
Inu hla driver lo hurry to Knunr-
Ir 11 liitapKnl. Murphy antlrrril
annul Itrohrn rlha. hut hi* In-
Jurlra nrr mil arriolla
W (a|||Ni, TANARUS( •N. \n v. v.—— Amrrl
rn'a Ural orrnt huapltnl for Ihr
rrmnai rurtlon of tmunilnl men,
i* na toiltii un-rptril lit (hr icov
rrnmrnl from (hr llrnnolrnt
l*ro(rr(iir Order of I'.lka. I hla
hoapidil Hill Itr rrrrlril on I’nrk
< r Hill, urur Itohrrf llrlichnm
tlonpllMt. in lloalon. n* H ronl of
>.oiMMMi, Ihr nioitrj nun (nkrn
from (hr liika' (I .(MIn.IMMI mar re—
lirf lii ml
W WIIINt.ION, Non. ft.— \ rnn
rrrlril rdttrl lo I nirrnar piiaarn
*rr ii a ttrll nt Trrlithl ralr* iiiii
a»rn in lullronri prtltiona lllril lu
ll lit nilh ihr Inlrrainlr ( om
inrrrr ioni iiiitnliin, The Nrw
'ork. Nnt llntin A Hnriforil ll>.
nml (hr l rnlrnl of Nrtt I'nulnnit
naht-tl an Inrrrnmr In milt-nice
fnrra from i! *- 4 to irnla. Thr
prlnripnl aowfhrnairrn rnilroii'la
ii-hnl prrtiilaaion lo rnl»r ••Inlrr
rh anu t n illr ml'rH(r" t l'nnnr,i|/r
ruira from - lo *V« rrnla a mile.
fill! I I INII, Ore.. Non . V.— >lni
I ii.-kr, fiinnrr editor of Ihr I’ort-
Innil llrnlM'h /rltiinit. ttna nr*
rrajril on n prr alilr n I Ini ivmrrnnl
loiln» nml ttlll hr Inlrrnril for
(hr prriml of ihr itnr. a|n<« (hr
/rilitnit ttna &ut or nil-, rt I nrkr hut
Itrrn r<l'lor of n l.rrmnn weekly
hrrr. Ilr ten* n ttilnna In Ihr
trial If I run ft llopp In tun Iran-
Official Count Will Be
Needed For Final
COLUMBUS. Ohio. Nov. 8
Ohio voted dry by a majtonty of
V 140 vote*, according to com
pletely revised unofficial figures
received by the Columbus
Citizen »hi* afternoon
This total includes the Hamil
ton and Lucas county error*
which gained a 10,530 for the
< ('MMHI s. (),, ,\ov, n The rnm
l*l*■ I(• nfltr ia! count will be necessary
10 1 1 * < i-1 * • whether Ohio voted wet
or dry !*t Tuesday'* (•lection.
I>espi»* ihi discovery r»f an error
In Hamilton county yesterday lh.»t
gas** ili«- wets lo.iHitj more votes,
the hintr apparently had voicd dry
by • narrow marr.in ibont l.uon
voti a r imipteir unofficial return* ir
diem t| early today.
Fear that tin- margin in I* In b»*
wiped oni by sotTje sin h error h
w.:- *1 1 • ovcii'i in llan ilfon county
w i- « \press* ii here
The m- jii.tiv of tii*; earls today
li.'if nos receive I complete official
i' i' ■•fi . h"f • vp> ( ted flu in soon
FoMi wet uni ilii Ii <der* wer*
non eo iir.’iMul pi ml nit more deftnil*
11 for- - '. ilton
s t 1 1 ou-aml a nil • ftTit v*"e sirtonn
if • llful 12? wholesale l|fjlinj v »?« -,?
*i in ( r!»io. li* ai<p a numerous brew
e- < -n l ilisttM rs w» re i.-mlhv await
in. i|ie official count w Llch will be
n *'led to dec use w lief her e.r pot
f'h o he a gpn hi the ill \ column
The . amendment, lb cnr’led, will
nn Ohio Iron* df\ aftei Man ?
1. I»M».
f* I'tllnn m * tte-ii • *».*—*» .*
It rich*. Hr.*-* .('ll Mrpl Mils ISM.
Til ['USD AY, NOYKM IIER s, 191 7 .
Police Say They Have
IJrokcn I p Paring
Ganff of Thieves
The backbone of the most daring
Kang of thieves known to th* police
in the pant few yearn wan broken
Thursday, the officers say, wiih tin
arrest of seven men and two girls
and the recovery of stolen merchan
dise valued at J 4,000. Another $3,-
000 worth of stuff is expected to b*
recovered in the next 24 hours.
What the police regard as the re
markable feature of »he gang is the
rapidity with which raid followed
raid on automobile accessory stores
and clothing * nr< Nearly all of
the $7,000 in booty was stolen In the
past six weeks.
To Detectives Fraley and l.armtff
Is given credit for the catch and re
covert Doth men have been work
ing day and night on the robberies
and by dint of exhaustive trailing
and ’•planting” of aids, got the iden
tities of the robbers and the places
where the stolen goods were se
All those arrested up to the pres
ent time are young, the oldest he
inc 26.
Charges of burglary were lodged
against tti»- following run Harold
Wurdrop, 2M, manager of the Wynn
hotel. No. Hi 5 Way ne-.-t.; Leo Car
net, 22. No l.;t I.eic< -'er-cf.. Frank
Viola. 23. No. 122 Lever, rte-ave ;
Cameron .iml Douglas Moore, is tnd
17 rope* tit e|y, No. 479 Hubbard
at.- : Fred Stein, lx. No 520 Frank
lin . t., and .1 H Dennett. 26, No.
1 427 Townsend-ave.
DorH Kirk, 19. No 259 Fir M-st .
and Julia K ivenirk, 17. No. 732 Cas
p. r st., waitr* s~es. were arrested on
a charge ot receiving stolen prop
Two automobiles Stolen a few
day- ago v ere recovered \ large
quantify of fires, rims, robes and
other irticles were found in a ca
rag*- in the re u of No 1250 Town
Fraley and Lunnln had th<ur plans
perfected lit i arlt Thursday morn
ing \ number of detectives. among
thrm Collin and Wt niewski, ot th>
central ration, started on the raids
with form. \s early as 6 o'clock
th* prisoners began coming in
Among the first war* the two girl
They gave their nanus sullenly.
The Albers were brought in our
mg the forenoon, and ah seemed *o
be stunned by the quickness with
which the other member- of Hu
gang wet** founded up The dob n
goods w* re hidden in many rooming
house* anil garages, in widely -«pi
rated sections of the City ITinctpel
among the lo«* rs were .a t id.-
WASHINGTON. Nov. k Th. bin
war crop of corn Wft ■ estimated to
flav at 3.1*M,09:1,000 bushels bt fh»*
agriculture depart!n«*nt This com
pares with 2.5X' , ,24 1,000 |,isf year
an.l 2.754,164,000, tin- five year it.-r
ace. The gn at potato crop of this
yenr. due mninlv to last • a-on’s
sh«;r lag.* an I liUh pr.<<-. w.« given
as 439,6Vfi 000 btt-h. l-. not. Im hid
ittK 91,727.000 btish.-l- of >tve-.-t po
latoes Ihuli ;tr»- tar in eve-- ol
prevb* ts tears
No forecast was made of th* prtn
cipnl cereal crops, production rv
matting at last month's estiruH'.-
I lift- trrt li-f Itraliinril
rtf W-ivn It if« ' Third end ' " • ->n
for lndo « r.n.l gents «u -n nnMI n and
nlt-M 1 me< .-■• -i* Wavne ..t.-Uns
.t.r V n'.pbi \.lv
vrw Vf>l ’ K v Tw * ■••niiflii pH w , ,«;■ pt ut *-«i h\ , ( n
Atn»*rii .'M -xtirf •» of i-.-f in • •n»mnan»l »h« n|*mntP <|*■« Ihur-.s nr
i i»r from f
It rtJ ,| hi>|•, i init• •>i A' i" . 'f - v put with I t •'> <ti sou "t for in
* rmlhm and t), m . nf *h- \ nk«-. «r* .mro.l w. hu ,rwb |r,„i,r S t«n
Pimlico Results.
First race—<l furlong*: Whippoor
will, 95 (Walls*, won; Crayaon. 100
<A «'oilins i. second. Medusa, 92
(!'i c "urn, third Tim**, 1.1 i.
.Second Mac** 2Vi miles The Brook
IF* (Nu-klauft) won; Hubert Oliver.
115 (<) < 'onnuri second. Figenna
thorp*-, no (Kennedy) third. Time:
Third Ra< » Mile Mary Maud. I<M.
• Dominick) won; Sixteen to One. 39
(Wails) second; I’oor Butterfly, 100
(Erickson) third Time i;42 1-5
F-.urth race li 4 mil- *: Omar
Khayyam. 18c (llutwell). won. Fairy
Wand 100 (Walls), second Straight
i "i ward. 1 i ll (J. M' Ta.Vtrt), third.
Time. 2 05 2-5.
Fifth Race- 4 furlongs Milkman,
112 <Rowan), won; Jock Scot. 12-
tOherl), aeiond; M'dlora, 109 (Shut
tinger), third. Time, 1:14.
riMi.it o x ii at* hkh
First-- Tat'ium Mint Drop .
Third- (iicn Oraes. Felicitation.
F irtii Torchb'arcr, C rn Ta.s***l,
Ed Roche, Wistful, Walnut Hall, Lu
Fifth Amalgamator. Cadillac.
Mo*h“t Maohree, Ontcn. Zotiave.il >pe.
Sixth- Top *• the Wave Sky Pilot.
Sixth race Monuini’V
Si v nth -Faddy Dear, Cuddle Fp,
Celt Jtay. Soldier.
Weather clear, tiack fast
Latonia Results.
Flrat Race—6 furlongs—\V. P Dab
*** m
(Ltlloy) third Time: 1:13 2-5.
Second Itace - 6 furlongs—Pilson, 97
(Barrett) won; High Hear. 9* (Oru
b»r) second; Sist*>i Susie 102 (Dursoh)
tfiird Time 112 2-5.
Tiurd rnc* furlongs: Kllnf 1
(Hunt*, wi.n; Miss Agnes. 10M (Mar
tin) Letu. 95 (Gruber). third.
Tim*-.. DU :■ -r.
Se. ond Dr Tuck. M.i • Belle,
FUA'tTtel .
Third-- Betchn Million.
Fourth- Word (• Wisdom.
Sixth Matin
Seventh— Ninety Simplex.
NEW YORK, Nov. B.—Cnanlmous
approval was given by director* of
the National Automobile Chamber
til Commerce today of the selection,
bv President Clifton, ->f Hugh dial
in* r> to represent, the automobile
manufacturer* on the special motor
vehicle industries committee to co
operate with the war Industries
board at Washington. Mr. Chalmers
is first a ice president and chairman
of board of directors of the Chal
mers Motor company The directors
unanimously pledged cooperation
and loyalty of the automobile indus
try to the government in the present
national crisis.
CHICACO, NoVr s Politician* to-,
day read between the lines of Tues
day's • lertion in Chicago and the
nation, a rising menace from the So
cialist and prrvlerman Ante
The result was that Roger Sulll
van. bic Democratic leader, and oih
er minor politicians, came out open
l> tod a a in favor ot the Democratic
and Republican parti*« fusing dur
ing th*> w ar.
Sullivan proposed that IllinoD
Republicans and Democrats
on loyalty ennd dates for l nifed
States senator aud mayor of < i
Alleged Deserter Arreste t
fJeorges Siintiee, J'* a ear?- oM,
charged with desertion fr«»:it flu
artnv. aahs taken to Fort Wayne
Thursday morning by federal < ;•
rein and fumed over to -the mil
tary author it !**»>. Sila b s was draft
ed and ordered to report fur <eliij)
in* nt to Camp Cusier, btif fled mid
has been trav* line around th• roun
try for s« y. ral A*. .«ks ft j* likely
b** aa ill b»- ent to Camp Custer and
nut tt* tin* arnv, but it i* possi
ble the military court may deal
nior** harsh?* with htnt
Probe of All Offices To
I*e Laid Before
Grand J ury
Rooks In rrrry 'atfSivitneiiV *?T
Wayne county will be audited with
in the next five weeks and the re
sults submitted to the circuit court
grand Jury. This was decided in a
meeting in Prosecutor Charles H.
Jasnoweki’s office. Thursday morn
ing. in which a committee of grand
jurors and a special committee of
the board of county supervisors was
The audit will be made Indepen
dently of the present check being
made in the county treasurer’s of
fice, ii was announced, The pres
ent examination will require many
more months to complete and the
information demanded by the grand
jury must he presented before Jan
7, the ia.-t day of this term of court
when the Jurisdiction of the jury
automatically expires.
Price. Waterhouse \ Company, an
auditing concern of national reputa
tion, will be engaged for »he work
The representatives will act under
tne instruction of the grand Jury
and will go over the various books
covering periods specified by the
It is not expected that the spo
rial inquiry will extend hack more
than two years In any department
Supervisors Schultz, Vcrnor and
Stellwagen. Giand Juror- Pliny \N
Marsh, foreman, and S S. Kresge,
and the prosecutor, attended the
Judge ( odd has granted the re
quest of ihe prosecutor for a writ
of habeas corpu; to bring Anthony
j. Kloku. conf' -e»ed embezzler of
thousands of dollars of the county's
film Is, and serving four years in
Jackson prison, to IVtroit to testify
before the inquisitorial ~ hotly He
will he kepi in the ottstodv of the
sheriff during his stay in I>etroit,
according to the provision* of 'he
w rit
Henry A Montgomery, special in
vestlgator for the prosecutor, spent
Thursday morning in th-* grand
jury chamhei krraed with vplnmlft
ous notes h« entered tin jury room
at the hi ginning ot tin session It
Is thought he is gmng detailed In
forma* l<»n concerning the under
world slt'uiHton winch he and his
three assistants have been invest!
'when County AuiHor t'harb - A
Mulder w i« informed of the pro
nosed audit of countV biHiks he ap
pea red surprised
••1 don- want to he understand
<ni ■ v ;,u :* • • di • ' ' I tl h*’
111,. book - ” 1 1• -aid, "hut according
p>ir( Wjiii'tliousr a Compattv tei
trial of Kb k t
11Tiin‘ m in th ■» nci'ter J* vi-rd
1 • 1 , T • . - »0
pay (hat* sum to the treasurer
The prosemitfyr has not answered
the lettr*r and the treasurer has not
been reimbursed as yet.
If the circuit court grand Jury
does not return an indictment before
Friday for Mason Harbison, of the
clean up squad; George Gantert, po
lice signal operator, and Hattie Mil
ler, who face charges in connection
with the operation of a dive at No.
67 F'irst-st.. it is thought that an
other adjournment will be sought
when the cape Is called for exam
ination before Justice Stein.
It Is not probable that the prose
cutor will let the examination pro
ceed belore the expected grand Jury
indictment. When a true bill is
returned, a police court ciarainatlon
is unnecessary, and the prosecutor
has the advantage of not being
forced to disclose his information in
pplloe court.
, FTTreman Pliny W- Man»h of the
grand Jury, said Wednesday, that
the Jurors have not discussed wheth
er they will return indictments as
they find them or wait until the
end of the session and return them
all at once.
Nicht sessions, It Is expected, will
be held beginning next week. Sat
urday afternoon sessions are also
being considered.
s. snip
Four Killed Outright;
13 Missing, London
LONDON, Nov. s Torpedoing of
the American Steamer Rochester was
formally announced by the admi
ralty today
Four of those aboard were killed
and the second mate and 13 others
are missing, it was stated. Thirty
ono survivors have been landed at
Runerana and Rossport.
The xmerican vessel was struck
on Friday, apd sunk
JwHW yoitlv. Jxiuv,
ship Rochester, stink by a German
submarine, was tli«- ship that, v ith
tin* Orleans. tir-t braved th« t-übrna
rin* zone after (Jenxmnv rescinded"
bet promises to th* I‘,'ited Slater
official' 4 the Kerr St* tmship com
puny asserted her*- today. The Roch
ester was owned and operated b>
this company when he unde het
H ip. le r’lhg V w York F» b 11
f»«-|p«i|* nnd s li-lnlt *«• Tlmr atio
nlclil ion! I'plil n. fnlrt not winch
• hr»r»K«* In *«■ itt |> «* rn f tire t koUIp. mod
rriUr. titrlnhl s lm*v.
I.nnfr Wli-blttnni I'.-i'r I hutail i<
nl. Ht -m<i t rliln> i IMUp i-knnvp In
feme' rule**-.
I |i|irr lol.p- i I.*— lie nl.ae >w'*»(tj
not tiMil **milirnst j fnlr Thnrsdm
nin In ikiil I'rlitn *
I n«rr Ini r i t.rntl. »HI I »i V»» llul« |
fnlr *1 SiM-siln % nla*>t dial I rl.f.i * .
•uni tiv , irtii , i;t; vi i m.s
an. m 11'.’ Ii n. in :c
7 n. in !I'T * I n. in 717
1 n, in TANARUS" I'.’ tionn I’.’
(i ii. m a ii p. m i."
11l -lir t trinprr tfllip fMi it it* In
thi* |»ii' * II ipur . 71 In It'll; lom-il,
a«t I-i I*-*ml ioml |M*«
llvir >c..r mu'* 1 lotn J i llah U trnt
l»rrr»|iir-. Hs; limrst. *li nirnß, utit
I'lrnr m f-ntbrr
Ihr nt|i *pl« , t h*ir«it<o nt M|s p m
ilnit rlipi !■ rlit *•< 7 I*, n. m
I lit "111 v* I\V II I'll'l I \lt SIM..
I |f«. < \ v o W I'.'ltft \tl X I'll
II nntpt* *hit|i|ipf« wIP t t* ft 1 * l ll
Until, It•• Il.l: 11« iiurro mul «hnp«. \d
fiinllt W inhintt fr per lb. Vfss
iri hiorili I niinilry I 'I 'in -l.it* —-
Ad v
Hrit'i apparel tti»‘ I* rt. *' * initial*'
»»> ap t Hub 'it 'v l • Id »•>' the
Pool* Mu' 'illnr itiPin, A'lt
No News Available
From Loyalist
Party \
New Regime Would
Make Immediate
Peace With Germans
LONDON, Nov. B.— -The Maxi
malists domination in Russia on
Wednesday evening had not ex
tended beyond the city of Petro
grad aooordlng to nuthoritAtiv*
i information received hens lab*
today. All ditches wer* dZ
•*e* t . .za
LONDON, Nov. B.—The Boleho*
vikl leaders In control of all com
munication with Petrograd today
formally announced to the world
that they had deposed the Kerensky
In its place the institution of *
new regime with the policy of im
mediate peace and immediate die
trlbution of all land to the peasant*
was declared.
No mention was made In dl»-
patches received here of fighting,
hiit it was feared that once again
the streets of Petrograd have been
dyed in blood from struggling fac
The Rolshevikl leaders did not ex
plain how the alleged overthrow of
the Kerensky government had been
accomplished, except to assert that
•he "garrison and the proletariat**
had forced It.
All the news from Russia today
was one-sided the only version be
ing tha* of the revolting Bolshevlkl.
due to their control of all means of
London had b> en prepared for ant
armed outbreak following Keren
sky's announcement, received yes
terday. that “active measure* of
suppression” were to be adopted
against his pacifist enemies Offl
i 'als her '’ w ere aw Ait mg eagerly the
Kerepsk\ version of today’s happen
ings in Petrograd.
uu-sian officials emphasized that
the revolt is entirely local in < har
a'-'er afTe< tinir Petri^grad ivone. In
the « apital pacifism has reached its
rretre~t- ngrh, (tu-tn activity "of' "
the Rolsheviki Soviet of Workmen
and Soldiers.
Dissolution of tb* sittings of the
preliminary parliament had hern de
cid'd upon by Premier Ker* ru*ky.
Many Maximal!.** and Bolshevlkl >
mernhet of this bodv had previous
l> voted flrmh to resist the govern*'
ment s announced attemnt forcibly
i< crush out til the Bolshevik I move
V \SHlN'f»Tf)\‘, Nov. j» - A num
b» i of cable messages reeeived at.
tlie Russia a embassy tr*dav cam #h|
evident ■ >ncern. hu ofhcials refus
ed to make #nv stare.ru-nt.
Tie 11 port that th° Kerensky gov
enmrni had been overthrown by
’lo Bolrhevikis wan» tther con*
* : me,| m.i denied at the embassy.
Ti ni“ i- were «vldentlV of
riotn* ii o i import The’ ween* later
i r 'fed to tl .* state
parttnent, it Was stated.
i or. t adti'e. to the dtpartment
' nc.tr: a'i*b ■ •dor n
l'< -■ it t ' le no . / .on of// ois
hu. in the vii.s inn capital.
V .a»• 4 » >a -n h- r. ported rev
oil ion in P* ’ > ! w;<h regarded
n ode cil '.• 1 h» r« wa* shown
h ' 1 hi • 1v .■ r of President
' • and t’n-il X
so: • ' r> • cap of ,u rm.»fk*h utt'
Thia -I iw <U>wn\ htw n the
Kr-i'-nskv government a rid vi •• Bol
*l<.viki w* dm h*» ’
»•••« »* adr. m •»«' at th,. * t| M , *v n»r
the p,. r week Vi e emh.is <y s'i.»
feels • hat Kerensky has control
*!"'•'•• I l.r ,|r Oft I. « <«»rs fu»t re- L
ill! I ">k Hottn Mg
■ ‘ .'it t'of.l, I'.al'ittng.—> A<fV*'v■Sr'id
" hoi to I'elret* \ Ml. f !-•«#■% Jl
r •• .■ w n»-«l '* 1 **■ ' f' ’ Adt >2

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