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Soldiers’ Arrival Great
Bonn To People, Says
Army Chaplain
Look IUK at the boyish, unltned
face and clear blue eyes of Cap A
fred Ernest Victor Monod, a I’roi
rstanf cnaplaln in the French army,
as he sto kI In a sun lighted w lndov.
In the Y. M C. A . Thursday morn
IOC. it was hard to realty- that '
youthful looking soldier, 'n hL ” n
blue suit, has l*»en thru honror* un
speakable on the batUefi* l‘l»
France and In the Ihirdan* 11* » earn
palgn. and the Serbtin retie*t from
Capt. Monod Is In Detroit s o sp* ik
Thursday evening. In rh* dichii 1.1
Utate Sunday School convention, in
Arcadia, and before the ministers of
the city Friday evening, in Cen'mi
Methodist church. He i rrlve i
America Oct. I>, and will retain
three months, gotnn from coast 1
coast accompanied by oapt Georg*
Latiga, also a French soldi* r* h*p
lain, and will join Capt. Monod Sun
day. In Chicago. The '*o tire tn
the United Slates with the permis
alon of the French government ’>
enlist ihe interest and the b* p
American colleges an*l * hur ’u*a in
replenishing the ranks of Protest an
ministers and divinity students now
so rapidly being depleted by th*
"There are many things
than being in the front .in®
trenches." s<ald Capt Monod, who
speaks English 1n n carefully pr*
else way, It with a strong acc*-n’
"And one of these is to visit t‘ *1“
vastatrd villages, cities and country
of France where grief and sorrow,
hunger and want abide, despite the
•tout hearts of tnose who ar left
among the ruins of their onre pro
perous and happy homes. My corn)
frymen are wonderful —wonderful in
their brave spirit, their endurance,
♦heir sacrifice. They are bearing the
-Mault? of this terrible war w th a
fortitude unbelievable. There arc
no complaints, no murmurings. Just
• determined spirit to see the thing
thru to an end that wil] make fu
ture wars an Impossibility. No
Trench man or woman can bear the
thought that future generations
should go thru war and the
•rlls that follow it. They are fight
ing to make war a thing that will
pass forever with the present con
Capt. Monod says that the arrival
of the American troops In France
greatly heartened the French peo
pie. soldiers and civilians. He «a>s
that with the coming of tty* Bam-
Bilew to France It has made possible
furloughs for large numbers of
Trench soldiers, rest which thev
•orely need and which will send
them back into the active conflict
renewed in body and spirit.
"Altho we are verv f» arful of the
outcome Os the situation in Russia,
we have no fear of th® ultimate vic
tory of the Allies,” said rapt. Mo
The executive committee and team
organisation committee of the army
Y. M. C. A. f700,000 campaign _to be
•tarted in Detroit Monday, Nov 12,
will be hosts at dinner, Thursday
•rening, in the Detroit Athletic club,
for team captains and members of
teams who will starr in the big
drive next week. An interesting
•tory was told by C E. Whltehair,
•pectal representative of the arrov
Y. M. C. A, Wednesday afternoon,
la a meeting of the campaign com
‘ mlttee and well known citizens, held
la the Detroit Athletic club. Mr.
Whltehair, who has been on active
duty for the association in the
trenches in Flanders, h.vld that he
brought the following message from
American soldiers who gave it to
him throe weeks ago in France;
“Tell them we want to come home,
but we are not coming until the big
•how Is over."
In the Use
of Wheat
By eating
All the food value
of tho grain la used
In making this de
lirious food; and Its
blend of malted bar
ley not only adds to
Its nourishing quali
ties but produces a
j flavor of unusual rich
All Food -
No Waste!
|fartorl**i r*r«»«l r«,
ft* * tin Cr»p|i Mlrh Foatum
Oaraal po, lAtl, Wowlmr Oni,
Germans Spread I
Os Disaster To l
Plot To Sick
If your telephone should ring and
when you answered It a voice told
you that your S"n had been made a
prisoner in Germany;- or if 4t
should aay that h» had b««n Mown
to bits white crossing T be Atlantic
on a troopship, or if the voice
should say he had been harmed >r
shot as a traitor "somewhere tn
France. *’ all you should do would
b*- to grin and let it ko at that
The government ha- information
that a telephone campaign to dis
gust Americans with the war la be
ing made in this wa\ In every
large city tn the country, according
to .1 Herbert Col* special agent of
the department of Justice, German
spies are trying to sicken mothers
- • tag m n who hit*
thrown th-ir lot tn with 'hat. of

trying to break the !.e;v *-* of the
fond mothers win - v - -.> !• »ve rone
out to fight.
Mr. Cole wishes American moth
ers to be warned not to accept as
true every telephone message or
even telegram that com' 1 s to her
bearing news of some calamity hav
ing overtaken her son, It Is said
that the Germans realise that they
cannot beat the indomitable yduth
of America and SO they s v r<ke at
the sacred motherhood and th* y be
lieve their "pies can spol eno-.-h
tears to undermine the ." ru ncy f
America if they can only make the
WAS 39,483
Hamtramck Annexation I>ed
All Propositions In Election;
Nagel Heads Charter Makers
.The highest vote cast in I etroi’.
on Tuesday on any one proposition
»s« '- d~ p.-- . . ,-iy en« ic 1 ". r :
proposal that brought out the ban
ner rote wa* lost. It was that for
annexation to Detroit of a part of
Hamtramck. Detroit voted for this
overwhelmingly, cas'.ag 3£.-*S2 vot« -
in favor of it and only 7.4 T against,
or a total of 30.483, but the territory
Interested voted against annexation,
thus killing it.
This ia only abort 30 per cent of
the number of registered voters In
the city, but the total vote on many
of the other question* which were
settled was much less. The women
voted on the bonding of the city
for the Belle Isle br.dge, but even
so only 38.157 vo*es were cast, of
which 10.02*; were for it and 18.157
against, defeating the proposal, a* it
required a 60 per cent vote to carry
Women also voted on increasing the
pensions of widows and children ot
firemen from 125 to SSO a month,
but on a question of this kind, whim
naturally should have a peculiar ap
peal for women, only 27,910 votes
were cast, of which 27.974 were for
It and 9.936 against.
John C Nngel led the list of Those
elected to the charter revision com
mission. His vote was only 27.567
The other *urr* S jkfu! candidates re
ceived the following votes, which
represent the total cast, as the QUi
lldates had no opposition: Dme i:
Duffle land,
i'7s; Paul H. King, 24,663; Edward
L\ VanHusan, 24.279; Richard M.
Watson. 24.215; Eugene S Clarkson,
23,974. Sherman D. Callendar, 23,-
895; William A. Pet sold, 23.5*-’f>
The vo'e on the sraaJl cotincil was
24,491 .'or the council of nine, elect
ed at larye and 10,923 against: for
charter r vision, 27,706 for and 9,-
977 against; authorizing the light
ing firemen's widows' pension*. 27.- j
277 for and 11,00.7 against
infl fremen’s widows' pensions, 27.-
974 for and 9.936 against; Belle
Isle bridge, 20.036 for and 18.121
against; authorizing the rouncil f b
set out trees and assess co«t aga’nst
the property. 19,546 for and 16.851
against; breakwaters, 22,193 for ana
13.347 against; separating fax col
lections, 31,340 for and 5,580 against,
establishment of a surplus hind. 26,-
107 for and 8.239 against; licensing
private detectives, 21.128 for and
15,129 against; annexation. 22,062
for and 7.4'M against.
In the Third ward Reinhold, Re
publican, received 1,142 for aider
man; Berman, Democrat, 2, Pa
pr-rno. Socialist, 122, and Prag. Pro
hibitionist, 181.
Marriage iJcenaes
TTdsrln V. Pluanaaawekt. 10. De
troit'. T.tllian WDknwekl, IS, aarr.a.
Alphonaa C. H hmltt, sl. Detroit;
Ella Treldal, la same.
Karl \V. Jladaptih, 31. Detroit; Irate
lforreat, 11, asm*.
Wortley New 11. Detroit;
Minnie Bchr'.eder, I*. earn*.
Jim»i Anthony, $7, Detroit: Reaaia
I#e«, |O, same.
0«org» Campbell, SO, Detroit:
IClolae <JMe». JO sam*.
Wilfred It. Jackson, II De # ro!t;
Ifel-n T. Roberte->n. 11, Cheboygan.
Paul J. I.'trk«*-n, 11, Detroit; Lillian
E S< heel, Jl, earns.
Thnmaa A. M* n.4. 54. Detroit; Velma
7* W Iff, i*. a«f a,
Arthur If. Dltlmer, JT Doekport, N.
r ; r.lly t: O, Menas Jl Detroit
Arthur T. Hangs. 25. Detroit, Hilda
E Springer, Illinois.
August 'irohi, J 4, I»etrolt; Celia
Hi. aha, 14, aarne,
K. J. Hstlnakv, *5, Detroit: Wilma
OJenvel, 13, aame.
Joaeph Odre-a *:i, Detroit; Vlelorle
Trwlnk“ wakl Jt. aame,
V* r < -«* II M- -.r ' IT Duluth;
ICalele groft, Jl, Plymouth.
f.udwlk Haah i, 34, Detroit; Joaeph
tpe iHanaa, SO, earn*
»K»'»r yh, D-eatur, f’l. •
D<>ra M Hailing- r JO. ato.*,
Arthur tV. Marling, it, Detroit;
f.tilian <l, JClwood, ju aame,
Robert .1 Garrett, if. Detroit; E*hel
M Glover, VO, aame,
ll«nr> it Derringer, 10. Detroit)
Margaret William* T 4, aa.ni*.
Mli hael Qrydanlk. It. Detroit (• Pau
line Wojbleonnw ski. 20, arrit,
Prank /.rnmielnekl, *l, Patmitj
Victiria Welak, S3, same.
HtriilH H. Havas,, It, Detroit; Pom
thy Hytgan, 21, earn#,
Itirt.ard Mars, 40, Detrolti *lr»<-«
Robert*. SI, same,
Daniel V N'*walse, J3. Detroit; Por
te llarrfeon, 11, same.
Alfred Horn, 10, Datrnlti Anna I,
Kawarde. 10 earn*.
Anna <l. Webster 42 petrefti Ame
lia M Benson, 41. Pannayivania
On rn Hfigel, 17, Detroit, Ifelin
Krutinr. IS, same.
Krncat H-to.oih, 10. Detroit) Cirri*
14 Tyler, |S, aame.
Eimei K CVwikltN, 4*. Detroit l
!,hmi« Armstrong 4*< aauia
Arthur (I, Drury, 21. Dt*i»it, Iran*
Tbeller, *0 atm* ■*-
r ake Stories
J. S. Soldiers In
;n Mothers of War
mothers of the Sammies believe the
Thi* diabolical ftfheme has
reached such wide proportion* In
tbtfi country that tb**
\ f *ir it nun! •» iv try *o
»t i* r Jj*l } 4 | ■ 4 IftlN
American mothers have vert nn*'•
a fake message. and then have re
ceived word 'hat the - »na thev
mourned as iron* 1 forever are safe
and sound
Mr Cole urf-* that every mother
In America verify every evil mes
n:kK>' she gets. Most of fl’eni ar*-
canards and ar>' put out as a part
of the German campaign to mid
the jwgr What »b< r fifth ter* canoe'
accomplish, thev believe may b* -
brought about by a comprehensive
campaign of lies which can*© nenrt
arhes and -torroa and di-cust with
th** s aor tilce.
Incidentally the department of
♦u*ice 1? working hard to catch
some of those who are In 'his In
tnrie in Detroit If caught, the
indignant government ofitc de
dare, it w uld not he surprising If
a patriotic government official might
be looking the other way wbi’e ar.
accident happened to an unspeaka
ble beast who waged this sort of
warfare—- ich an act d©nt. for in
stance a* permitting the prist - r.er
r i
Revenue Officials Find Forced
Prescriptions In Drug
James J. Brady, collector of in
umal revenue, and Joseph F IVde
rick, deputy collector. Thursday
momir.g found in dm* **ore« rr >!“*■
than ldO forged prescriptions cal'mg
f >r “dope" of one k nd or
The signatures of var.ous physlf’.sn
were used The inves'.ga’ors be
lieve it j« the work of a gang of
drug peddlers, which La said to be
headed by Fred Hogue} arrest ed on
Wednesday on the oh i"ge of
forgery and whose case will be sub
mitted to 'he federal grand ju r ’
The declar* thev are
likely to make l»-aet f"\r nod •; i- s
al arrests in connection wi T h 'he
wholesale fraud being practic i
within a day or two. The men sus
peored of being in th© ring are be
ing locked up now.
A copy of a resolution adopted
by the 1?' :al
League of Wayn# county, asking
that bread not made of *hca?. flour
be placed upon th*» mark* • to lioip
the housewife r-olv* the problem of
wheatl- 4 ** day*, will •*• «■ n T to the
various iMk’.nf conce! r -of the cl tv
The league auggevts «t a bread
made of cornm< *1 wouid be a<
reptable substitute. S* v*- r I of
RUffragtat.il present sud that the .
*■*•«» ij«ing on thetir table* rye 'tr.d
graham breads almo*' wholly to th
exclusion of wheat br»id
of congratulation were sent to Mr.-
Carrie Chapman Catt and other
prominent New York suffragt-*-
volclng the pleasure of Michigan ■' if
fragtsts In the victory for ruffrag*
in N>w York «ta?e.
NEW YORK. Nor. A—One pe r -on
In believed to have been killed and
fire girls are mJ«*lng following an
explosion of an ammonia *ank at
the Johann Steamship Provision
oompanr, FkmokJyn. early today.
\frs Johann Is believed to have
been Instantly killed In the first ex
plosion, One fireman rushing Into
the building wa* blowrn tbpj a door
by a second explosion.
To Fonr Red Cross Unit.
A Red C TORS unit will he formed
Friday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. In
the upper ballroom of Columbia
temple, under *he direction of Mrs,
Frank P. Byrne. A mnePal pro
gram will he given by Mias Lillian
Dixon and Mrs TJlilan
Silver. Anyone lnteres»ed ♦* urged
to attend the meeting whb h will be
c on-*ec tartan
Colds Cause Headache and Grip
more* the cause. There \» only one
“Bromo Quit in«*.** E W. OROVFTP
signature i« on bog.. ?,0r Adv.
• TO
and return from Battle Creek
Michigan Central
Imtrott , *«0 am. (Cent, tlmn)
Arrive , jrt ns *m. *• H
Arrive ('amp Ctutrr Itoal 11 10 am, " **
Returning, ap*eiai train will l**ava flat! I* ('re»k
Htatkm 7 00'p, m., arming I»«troU 10:00 p. m.
TL'a train w*ll r»' t at* pit Cur p Cuatrr ft' a«l r> tuPitliy,
Round Trip s£?3s
iThia include* war fa*)
—■" 1 '■ ■
Draft Hoard Chairman
Makes Reply To
.Judjre Tuttle
Former Judge James O Murfln,
airman of the district exemption
i «rd. .«• iid Thursday that so far as
Knew the district board ha! not
v dated the draft law In a s1 n
u franco during the drafting of IV*
tr- aruiy of more than 12.000
men who have been called to tho
color*. The denial w .o» brought out
by the fact that Judge Tuttle, In the
United .Static district court, charged
the federal grand J ;ry the other day
.bat the law wins being flagrantly
violated and warned the jury to look
well into tha matter.
Mr Murfln de< .ined to critldte
the Judge for hi 1 * charge, but aim
;.> stated ih* ca*e In. behalf of the
local and district exemption boards.
Judge Tuttle said it was a eham>*
that a!;ens were forced Into the
con scripted army In *pi?e of the
iavt that the law clearly stated that
djen» chctld be exempt He r»~
carded the acceptance of aliens as
t or. v a vi arton of the law but
violation of the treaties this coun
try has entered into with other*
While admitting that many aliens
> ,v(> »ie. n certified from for
’* e army and have been sent to
»mp Custer, Judge Murfln denies
-.hi/ any law was violated He
out tb it the law Is clear that
ul -n to have hi* claims for ex
pt; r. hnonred mu-t make them
:a the r'*r,nner prescribed by law
In the crent he doesn't do this, ao*
cording to Mr. Murfln. the law pro
vile. that he waives hi* exemption
*a rns .nd may then be certified.
; - . aiso s’at*** expressly that
-r. rir. o to take advantage of the
r:g'.»s is no excuse
, f i iAi i'* ’; ; an who registered
in tV'rc". Mr Murfln says, 4.".000
h;.*■ ns Detroit's quota was
ruf.d'' on rh-' basis of the reglstra
•;« :i w -h• ;t regard to the number
~f en** Thus while Detroit was
i to furnish 12.5A0 men frrtn
her regO’raM nos Iflrt.OOO. she ac
* rely had to furnish that number
f r , rri I*** 4 than 12". *">00 men if ail
’he alien 4 w« i re exempted In some
of the I* trotl districts more than
ir, ~,.r rs nt of the registered men
were aliens, which would rive the
American b*>y one chance In two
for b* in.r drafted instead of one in
io >p r.iore as the government con
templated Thus, every Mm** an
alien was exempted It meant an
American boy to fHt*» his place For
that reason, * MY Murtfln says, the
board* were strict, with the aliens
and ins -red upon them asserting
their rich?*
Regarding the criticism that these
aliens do no? malt*- good soldi* rs,
Mr. Murflln says that it Is up to the
mil Cary authorities to reject such
material as they cannot use, but he
!<* c-.re the many aliens who have
been «en* from Detroit will make
"-oed »r*nch digeers. Every a'l**n
to Camp Custer, he says ha*
waived hi* right to exemption either
In writing, verbally or bv failing f n
claims in conformity with
the, law.
NFM* YORK, Nov ?—Liberty
h • :. we*.. ;- ; o*ed on *h* N* w Yr--
f?t«• r*T< exchange *odav 1* foi'nn
1 ; c■' c • * 4fl; 4* St I fl o.
Bagley Avenue Bagley Avenue
Adjoininq the Adjoining the
Statler Hotel > Sutler Hotel
7he E . M . Bigsby Company
Are Showing New Midwinter Models in Tailored
Suits , Tailored Dresses , Gowns and Costumes
for All Occasions -Dancing Frocks
A Wonderful Collection of Motor Coats ,
Afternoon and Evening Wraps
Once More the Circuit Rider Will
Pick His Way Thru the Narrow
Trails of Michigan’s Forests
Thru fund* furnished largely by
Detroit, h new generation of cir
cult rider? Is being Implanted In
Michigan l.lke the circuit rider?
of the old pioneer days, these men
will pick, their way thru narrow
trails in the forest 9, miles from cl*
illr.'Mi n. to carry the message of
Christianity to the 1 ■
the camp? of the upper peninsula
and else where m the state where
lumber 1* still produced.
I'he Rev. (1. \V, fitnn, state an
permtemb ut of home mission* for
the Pres ytertan synod of Michigan,
.mule ?! • announcement during the
TANARUS! tv ( ttv lg session of the
sf.oe Sunday school convention in
Arcadia In the course of an ad
dress on " A square deal for Mlchi-
Seme people think Michigan 1?
no longer a lumber state, ** he said.
“They are n; la taken. In the upper
petilvsui 1 alone there are 15,000
1 tu .u ks In tome sect lons of
tV s *n»e they expect to be cutting
lurch r for another 40 years. But
until s he j>r* sent time no denomlna
• >n ! h *\ - r made a definite at
temp* *■» r* ach these woodsmen, and
they nr. just hune v for religion.’*
Mr Bean then told how the Pros
byteri.in church, thru the mission
board, and tinder the leadership of
Jack McCall, a former woodsman
who has been preaching the gospel
«.:nce h.s conversion a few yea:?
ago, was now organixtn* the religi
ous work of the camps. The H- roit
churches had already contributed
12.R00 to the work, and Mr. Penn
hopes to raise another 5J.500 la »h**
state. This money will give The
work a good It Is now only a
qnes? ion of g- *l g ’he right sort of
men men who can reach the hear?
of the lumberjack and are not afraid
to so e the hsrd.sh" < ’hat attend
’he life of a cir r !• r.
Mr Penn to!! f one county !n
the state that has but four Sunday
schools No county should have
less than 10. he declared.
Th» i r» nr- sop * < mmunltles tr.
this s’are where the people scarcely
know when S mday comes.’ ‘he de
The Indians of the state had bec-n
as badiy neglected as had 'he lum
her Jacks h* and he
thought 1* wa« tin to t l "* Sunday
school to help a’! they could toward
h' 4 r,i 'i ft ihm ■ .u'.o the dark cor
The R»-r. W I> Schermerhorn. of
Mitchell, S I>, in tho last of his
Rr l* messages on 'he teaching of
Jesus, spoke on “Devotion to the
kingdom.’* x
The superlative Joy of life,’* said
he, “Is for a man or a woman to
know ’ha? his life Is In harmony
w/h the u.vl.u.j i>. A man shorn i
he willing to make any sacrifice
for *he kingdom.'*
Marion I«awrance. International
secretary. to 1 of ’he work of the
International training school a? I>ake
Geneva Ti eR. Samuel S. Price,
of the World’s Sunday School asso
ciation. spoke on “International Oo
to-Sun day school Snday,’ and Mr
box ’ vtunt that ; roved very instruc
tive to the d-hu i*'*.
Grant M Hu -on. state superin
tendent of ’he Ar.u .*aloon league,
was schedul’d to speak on How to
keep a dry' -*'.?e dry," hut was una
ble to k* p *fce engagement
The army Y M <' A q ar»et from
Camp Custer sang several selections
and T J Tailman sane a solo.
Conferences were held during s he
morning In the First Presby
terian and ave !iap*>t
churches Th« conferences thts nf*
ernoon are jpocinltv for resident? of
Wayne county lwi* ga f »-s from out
side Wayne county wiil be taken
can be paid at 200 agencies listed on
the back of your telephone bill or by
Pay before the discount day and
avoid inconvenience, confusion and
Michigan State Telephone Company
on a sight seeing tour of th* fitjr in
uuU'f during the afternoon The
cl.»ai r.g >■' •-Urn of the convention
will be I tld m Arcadia tonight.
ITof K. O. Kell (•rtt, o f the Moody
Blb.’a institute, addresae 1 the dele
gates Wednesday afternoon on * Hut
life In the army.” He returned re
cently from tht* war rone, where
he "as engaged tu war work for
the Y. M 0. A
'•Keep the conneetlag trenches
open.” he urged. "Write to the
boys; hack them up at home. Keep
the home tires burning.”
James S» nennerhom. publisher
of The IVtroit Times, spoke in
Central Methodist church. Wednea
day afternoon, on "What does the
newspaper want of the Sunday
school’" and in the evening Mr
Ia "ran re spoke on "The challenge
of the war upon our Sunday school.”
Next year's convention "iU be
h>-!d In Cadillac, the delegates do
1 ""W
Catarrh Drives
Beauty From Face ;
Watsry Eyes, Red Nose, Deep Lines
s Destroy Beauty. How to
Overcome Catarrh.
s riti r nowk tuk. \tmk vr *m
FVrhar* V have n tMd tha*
you n***<l a rh»n*« of climate to get
rid of catarrh You i*> 'k ha'll* with
a red ti watery c> *•■ ■ a draw#
r r c.»n n and akin sallow, muddy,
h! *n.l holi* *«■«' t <•» m V- th *U
the#* fnc(» in mln>l. C K <;« >** °f
M-,r ■>, t M h ha* perfect- th
ct t- r *r?it *rwi * n n
"ll'fnrr t n»<t Mr. <i*n*»* r»m*rk*hle
home t'fßtmrnt for catarrh I look
ed thin, peaked nod rnlarruble. *•
rr»r t ever d'«roT»r»l. Hsvlng cur- 1
■ -.•iipleteljr hundred* of hi* f'lenda.
•■•• rs snd others he n >w efTcr*
- «, n.l r r ,r to all a trial treatrner '
r<-i t t>> ▼, vir home It i* *n <!»:h f
i treatment to c pvlnre Jt a v* *
relief Tmi renllxe the rei.ef
v> u are con*-*'-■•* of it. Y- ir eye*
rltin ip. your red ri • bleaches <>ut
y u *•■ p gassing spitting and 'lnk
!ng T' i* home treatment I* one «f
th* most Important and eo-verte* e\.r
rnsde f r it !• a fa* t that mne peopl*
In lh ha** rat..\rrh. but do n >1 r*a Ir
him trnillr the* h«*e It. V U do n t
rcallre how quickly It may ruin y ir
natural beauty f’a'arrh shouid t •
tre ll ed when 'hs flrot *y*»-p». m» *
• nres'.rtg coughing and stuff v feelitt
Jn the head rnsk- th**tr a; p irance
F 11 out the coupon today and ma'l
It to C. E. 'iaues. 23?”* Ms n-lt . Ms*
*h*U if h.. anl a free »rlal *->f th'-«
elehr* fed h-m« self trcetmsnt Will
b» tent at once fully prey* 1 at fi -
st r obligation to you n.w or a?
my t ons I*o tl.ls today.
Th'* coup " n > a g *1 for a pack
tg» g o.u'.tfr re MniNF.D t’A
T\RRFf ThT tTV!TTNT. sent free
>*. I.i hitiiply fIM In >•<••»: name
>•1 and nddrea* on ditt»-1 ltn*a v *«.
1 -r snd mall to C K <■ aT’9B.
J*t«i Ma:n-st„ Marshall. M’e h.
R T D or
•2 ♦ f * 0 f .sasssssss** s s > ••
c*i, y *ta *e
Telephone ('herrv 4420. (iroeery Cos.
In the Smith Utilising, Stain snS Orta **#l4.
Orders amounting to It or m<>rs delivered anywhere in tha city
if etrert is p.a\ed. Tslrphons and (?. O. t). orders a-dleitsd.
with orders of |l or mors c>f othsr grocsr*
lea. sugar not included.
X cal Chops, AQ Hnnablns tUr|*rlns, Fresh HshrS (loots
finest cut a. lb..fcOC .tic pet lb.. <1 r/\ Mutter Tea f)/\
t nrnrS Iteef. I-lb. foil. .., 9 XsOU HitlgS. t» h... 2UC
oa Presaed Cnr« iA Homa Mads Fried
l n-lesa, b. ~.«UC Iteef, 1b...;... *tUf Cuke#, 0(1
Chnlrn teal o A llaheS Means, plain 4o* £t\JC
f<*r stew in*, lb. IOC or In tomato tic Perfect Candy,
Pork Chops. •• UC# - lb .. 90r
>• .11 hi. ! n.y Cod Kish, Cl.- colatea, Ib.,AjVC
lenu. ||. ...*IJoC clean, bi ns- OA V-AIUWn Mint#
Hoe Went or White leaa piece* lb. . Xl/C p.r lAI .V OJi,,
torn Flour, *7l Oysters, solid meats. pk ** 1"0 * I**'**
lb . , 4JC ; received frssh dally. Assorted t ankles,
\t best Farina, A ! P'resh Fish. ssvsral kinds. llf
1 */C * Fr. sh ll .ddock and |r ’ “ n
Oatmeal. . n Kloundsrs. I Vnfmnmt Maearnna
• etc . ut. 1b... 7c lb I*>C Ju«.«.o. fresh
lajtw* and « A Fresh Caught Whlt4 *” ..
. !'<kloc Ish Tt F’et h. Tmr Cn»na, iU th*
lied llrnns. *.» 1* kerel and Hull ,H '' 1h1,t .. 'lilr
dell us can loiC Heads. 9Jt aatlsfle.. lb. ... «>*JC
Tuna Fish. A - ' -line, ll» . ia'*C Vrn CnlTee, •«< ep
<h* and d»i k« • 1 Fresh Cod no ttonsl value. 9ft
1 r-at, tan. 1 «>C Kteh lb 2of lb as»Jt
Pea., fin. Wisconsin FrMh Caught 9A ***** T ‘‘*-
13* fiOc
>u. l,l " v , rr . . 'll'' 30* •"-* r»<«••«.
•* *| ... . i)C 1 fresh Halibut g.-nuln* c
f * * - -'Mki. ih .WC J-’*ey* 1h UC
, , - Bread. M* *. K'dd s Totnsiors. fancy 0(1
■ . ,l-»r i.'.v" M * J " Mr
■' *- . 49c 1 K::5. '.'.".r l QcJ .‘rfr. ■ <i* r »<-
do# .41 j I arae JHnrlttm# 1 O
, 7. ■ : t ! n • at this I I oh. per IV Itlf
Saturday Specials in Friday News and JournaJ
.f4i§l DIME
fill:- SAYINGS
F gsrd on# or»r*ol4 Stres%
ti**! SaSllt Co*Str*AT7V£. SAf£ AMD TTBOHf
HIM' ■ M “ Mj yl' t,
j Those Who Save
Economic conditions are making
tremendous demands on all of us.
Hut the person who has saved
regularly is so regulating his or
her affairs so that saving can bo
When a person has cultivated
the saving habit it is not hard to
continue it, no matter what ex
traordinary demands arise.
You, too, can , save something.
.Start now.
Safety Deposit Poxes $4 per Annum
Resources More Than $30,000,000
* 1174 Jefferson, 1306 Grand River, 407 Gratiot, 4^B
Michigan, 1491 Woodward, 789 Woodward, 1479
Fourteenth, Broadway and Withered, 691 Oakland, ,
cor. Holbrook.
Cut the High Cost of Living
You Will Find It CHEAPER to Eat At tho
zj( J Our foods svo * ' with
FRED POSTAL, Prop, —<f>~
6:30 to 11 A M. \ SUNDAYS, 7 to 12 A. M.
Our Home-made French Paatry ia Moat Dellcloua.
B »o 8 P. M.—Froga Lega, Oyater Patties.
Soft Bhell Craha and Steaka.
Ad Dairy Products from Our Own Farm at Bloomfield Mills
Moderate Price*

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