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F K 11) AY, NOVEM II F. H 9 . 19 17.
La PeHe
Behold here two of the lovelldkt
fnrcs In the world.
The dark beauty with the won
derful eyes Is Xmerlca's most fa
nious fashion model. The public
knows her a* “Hebe “
The blond Is Europe's moat ex
quisite mannequin. H* j r name Is
unknown. t>rhap* |t ought to be
“Ia P< r1«\” ijot aninu purity and in
Alrno-t anyone, man or woman,
will pick out Immediately on* face
as mere attract lv* than the other
Hut no one can explain his choice.
Jlc may say that he “likes dark
eyes,** out rt*ho «an tell why the
dark eves hold hint?
That is the mystery of beauty
Scientists,, true and false, have
tried to sofyc the personal reaction
of the Individual to the fair tvpe.
or the dark tvpc, or the neutral
Thu Girl’s Job
The day when the* lives of little
children v. hq hi and been deserted by
their parents or who wer** orphans
and poor and therefore fell on the
publte ebarre- the day whed Ih**se
poor r - .it* * were delivered info the
keeping of ignorant and carele •
people, untrained anil wanting only
to niak - money out of the work giv
en th‘’m, with no thought of th -
good of their chargen, that day i
passing for* vet, even f ho th* pa»s-
Ing be slow.
In th** Bronx ecet-lon if New York
city one woman who is trained and
competent and to wlom th* work
itself ja th*' prime fact, the children
In h**r charge th< gr* it ind tmpor
ant Int* r« . i now a.t the head *»t
the children' To this bu
reau i* nil ny a litile waif
come during th*' year, and remain
Until permanent homes are foiin i
l hem
It i K the firs’ pla* <» of Its kind In
this conn'r nnd it |s going to he
duplicated many, ntanv time Worn
en who work ■ti such ■« bureau icu*-
have thorn ti onirr • * dalnc In
worV w *rh < I'ildren an*! Infants
tralpln - ir nr;*n tg* m* at, iruitiing in
hospital Th* must b- experts
loving ihr pc* ill |ol» 'hey have
chosen, and eminently filled foi it,
as Ml.- Lila Law row « i> fitted. t*he
grew no in a. small middle western
town, but > l le had ambitions -ana
Ideg-, and tht- «.plendld work Is the
fruition ni ):«•! tu*lv and her pre
vinu- labor in hospital as nurse
tnd i<- nunapt. ,
Under her are the finest corp ©l
teachers and nurr**« obtainable. The
plant Is . xqulhltely plann*-d for it**
purpose livable, bright, stinnv.
cheerful. vri»h rplcindjd equipment,
Even Butterflies
Have Their Use In
Food Conservation
jn 2* ’O2
t /
\ <S> s /7SM/L\
MU» I-', mil? Kiim l« n fnnit rnntrr
iff. \n« nn »l«k(-k«lir mull lnnk
• I kfr i«»n. nmn— bill a Mm*|>
*nph?r **llh the fn«*«l nHmlnNtrnllnii
•hr I* n \* n«hln*f«»n ilrhalanl* «f *
of nfitn«iiii >thn gnt llrnl
if h#ln* m «»<*lhl knllrrl;, ll*r fnlk
r. I nlrninl I kmlm Hull, I* ftoln* hi*
fl If* I'rnf f.
by theories of chemical affinity, or
harmonious vibrations, or sympa
thetic auras, or astrology, or pro
And perhaps the last will do quite
ax w«l| ns any other, fho It hurts
mo. f people to acknowledge it
Propinquity means being thrown
together frequently, and It undouM
edly causes about nine-tenths of the
l'us'ncssiuan stenographer romances,
and thn«c eternal triangle divorce
Just lately anew set of scientists
has come along w ith sonic particu
lar di*<our;iglng -uggr-tion* about
I he loveliness of woman Th< • *■.
in brief, ihat the handsomest of the
fcrualt sex, those who make the best
marriages, viewed financially, are
usunlly limited mentally.
Now is It possible that Helen of
Troy and Cleopatra w* re morons?
the clinics among the best in the
Here i- work thnt the rlgh' worn
in will find both inter* sting and In
spiring and tpr w hi* h they may well
go into training There i«* a de
n.and already fur women capable of
such positions, for th<> Mate is real
izing that :ts grcateal as«**t is its
children, end that proper training
and happy surroundings must be
Values and Savings That Will Exceed All Expectation in This Great
Saturday Sale of NEW SUITS
Regular and Extra Sizes At *lB For Women and Misses
We believe this to be the greatest Suit buying opportunity of the season. These
garments were bought at great price concessions of two of New York’s fore
most and best known makers. We offer them to you at the same great
savings. We expect this announcement to crowd our Suit Section to its
capacity and therefore advise you to shop as early as possible.
Suit Section —Fourth Floor
bX'. mCU nf w A m
■f \ 7i \V\> ’-Pi) 4 $ 'iv-M. v
IrBrl? fit iiw M Wjj
\ \Sj3/ \/™\'W
\ ir]yy - \ 2]gwj \ 4 v /ir / -
That is the horrid word the aclmce
sharks apply to the mentally weak,
no-matter how beautiful women.
And yet, what <ll ff* rence, If they
“It even were mail** for seeing.
Then beauty is its own rxcuae for
being “
And if movies had been invented
Centuries ago, and if all the beau*
ties of nlatory could come out of
their pa*t and parade on a modern
glass screen, one <an imagine all
the just average men in the audi
ence filming to their respective
apousea, at the end of the procession
with "Humph: Ain't I glad I've
got YOU I"
And one ran *»ee the little ladv ad
just her hairpin** carefully and hold
up her chin pridefully because she
knows sh»* can put It over Helen.
and (‘Vo. and Mary Queen ol Scots.
provided 'for those who have no
homes. 1 hi* demand is on the In*
crcaae, and will rise steadily, as it
should A demonstration such as Is
given bv Mias Igiwrenc* will have
wide and quick results
Twenty thousand women cl* rks
arc employed on British railwnys.
Girl.** hav•* replaced toys tele*
i graph messengera in Richmond, Va.
Husband Not Entitled To Share
In Wife's Estate, Court Decides
According to the laws of Michigan.
Judge \lfr-d J. Murphy tuled, a
man has no right to the w ife'e ee
(ate. Therefore John KettkowrsKJ,
who pooled his resources with biJ
wile nnd lei her have control of to**
joint holdings, lost his fight for hall
of the estate.
When Kcttftoweki married the se<-
ond time lie had tour children by a
former marriage and nib strond wile
A woman I know has the alibi
habit. For instance, she will listen
to vour assertions and suggestions
and arguments, letting you gather
that her alienee means that she co
incides and assents. Then when you
act on what she has allowed you
to think she meant she will likely
declare indignantly that sbe hasn't
intended any aucb thing. To ail in
tents she had sgrerd, but If things
don’t turn out to suit her she can
prove her alibi which she eatab
lished by previously not committing
She works In a shop. Like all
humans she Is llshle to mistakes
But when fared with them she ad
vancea reaeons. arguments, and ex
cuses galore. She doesn’t intend to
deceive, but she puts personal van
Ity ahead of business integrity. Con
sequentljr she Is an obstruction to
When customers ask Questioni-
Rhr seems afraid to commit herself
lest she get Into trouble. She al
ways leaves loopholes of escape.
She can always prove her alibi.
The other day she quarreled with
her fiance. He told her bluntly that
he had always had to pin her down
and cross-question her when he
asked her anything he ha/1 a right
to know He told her she had
proven herself constantly evasive
and therefore he had decided she
must he dishonest. So he left her.
Why do such people—you meet
them dally—try always to prove an
alibi, to evade, to sidestep, to leave
loopholes to wriggle thru? Why
can’t they make the honest confes
sion that is good for the soul and
have an end of It?
Perhaps the reason Is Inherent
dishonesty.' perhaps t* is vanity
•hat seeks to put the best foot for
ward. Sometimes It Is merely sheer
stupidity and lack of resourceful
Most likely of all It.is fear, that
ogre whieh 1s responsible for more
woe thsn we realize —fear of crit
icism. fear of rebuke, fear of boint*
found out, fear of losing a position,
fear of seeming ignorant or stupid,
fear of a thousand other things.
At any rate, the alibi habit is a
bad thing. It kills confidence. It
prevents the course of true love or
any other love from running as It
should, and It impedes the wheels
of business
If the alibi proven* could only see
177- 179 -181 WOODWARD Av£
had three. Each had contldereblc
property and accumulated mot*.
Wh* n “he died lute in. 11* 1 • she left
j the pooled interests in ner progeny
| Mid relatives nnd nothing but h**r
[good will was left foi the widower.
Probate Judge Edward Command
1 admitted *he administrator's report
and an appuil w.is made b> K**tt
kqwskl. Judge Murphy -.ettled the
I question by his ruling Thursday.
ihat th* ir habit does more harm
than the thing they fancy they must
avoid, and resolve *o blurt out the
truth, the whole truth, and nothing
but th** truth, on all occasions, then
they wouldn t be constantly 1 getting
in wrong," losing their friends, theii
positions, nnd their fiances. The
best thing for them, when that mis
erable old temptation presents it
self, is to disclaim an alibi!
PIGS PTYT;, Minn.. Nov. Con
sternatlon in the whale Ashing in
dustry is caused by the escape of
an educated whale from the local
aquarium in’o the northern waters
The whale had been taught to read
It read that whale meat was being
put on the market, whereupon it
escaped and swam madly out to sFa
A shortage of whales is expected a?
•he fducated whale spreads the
new «.
The security Tr«»«l i-nmpnny, I*
nhl*h the lletmlfer M«Ur I nr
company executed ** trust moil*
lift# Oft. 12 for the benefit of its
- redltor*. will ofl»r the company's
n»i*et* for sale at auction Nuv. 27.
The Detroiter company la autceaaor
to the ftrigga* I>* t rut tor company,
which became Insolvent thi**c years
• go.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over SO Years
V.ways bears
X t*i*»-.*fi*r e*«r*e at training with
three month*' probation la glrta
Cumberland Street Hospital Training
School for Nurses
( by the University of
the state of New York).
Ftlaratlonal Drxiilrrment* at least
on*- year of High School or itsetjulv.
General hospital has two hundred
he<i«. active dlapenaaty an*] urnhu
lnn« e eervlce.
Pupil* re'-alve HO per month fleet
year and sl2 per month aer-ond veaf.
Uniform* furniehetl Test book#
aupplled durlna probaflonAry term
T.ihrarv facilities afforded
For Information «ddre«a Superin
tendent t omherland *»treet lloepttal
Train In a S.-hnol, ISO Cvaakerland St..
llrimkl* n. Xf y.
WHATMJrtKER. In . Nov. *l—Har
ley Hnvln haa Invented anew kind
of collar, to conserve lln*n for air
nlan*»s and to rut down laundrv
hills, it in of a number of thick
neasen of paper, and vi hen soil'd la
easily fyeahened by merelv peeling
off the outer thickness. Davis Is
working on paper cuffs of the sam*-
model, for the especial use of au
thors nnd detectives,
A Long Wait.
Yvonne And why did she reject
so wealthv a suitor?
Kdy’he She feared that he
younger than he looked
Gifts for Soldiers
‘‘Business Is Business”
“There’s No Sentiment in Busines”
Isn’t there? You know there is. It is with a peculiar feeling that we
advertise gift things for soldiers.
We have gathered such articles as you may wish to send them, we’ve
squeezed every jtossible cent that we could out of the prices. We wish we
could squeeze more.
Here Are Combinations
to make it easy for you.
Combination No. 1
4 khaki handkerchiefs, 1 silk flag. 1
sleeping cap, 1 French mirror, 1 book
of Fr ench words, neatly S*|
boxed at JL • / O
Combination No. 2
2 khaki handkerchiefs, 1 silk flag. 1
sleeping cap, 1 French nr
mirror, neatly boxed at... i ,ZiD
Khaki Handkerchiefs
15c, 25c and 75c each
(Soldiers are not allowed to use white.)
of Sunny Ceylon send you
with all the fragrance and freshness ot
the Eastern breeze clearly apparent
in every cup. Every sealed packet is
perfect in flavour. •“»
Soldier Outfits in Khaki Cloth
—Water Proof
Toob*f<o Pouch and Pip'*, q* j qq
Military I’dsf. containing Comb,
nrui*h. Steel Mirror..
"IT. ; 59c
Comb and Mirror Ca*e aa
at Z9C
Sewing Outfit 2^
Folding Picture Frame
I He who spends all he |
earns is of less use to I
the world than a day a
laborer, who saves a I
little regularly. 1
One Dollar Will Open an Account |
First State Bank
Established 1853 I
Main Office: Griswold and Lafayette I
Cbfne and Gratiot—Mack and Mt. Elliott S
Gratiot and Hastings—Woodward and Eliot B
Joa Campau and Newton—Hamilton and Webb 8
Farndala and Springweila • 8
To Many
We Must
Make v
K } ]jßoom for
A 1 Holiday
Lb”" 7 Merchandise
Every Price Slashed Saturday
We have 900 Davenports now on hand and we cannot hold
them longer. 2,000 square feet of floor space must he gained
in our warehouse immediately. Holiday merchandise is ar
rivin. idy streams and *e must
So, tomorrow we will dispose of 400 duvenports on which we
have slashed—slashed- slashed every price. Select yours on
Satuiday—have it delivered >now or \to will hold it until
Chiiitmas as you wish. Only a trifling A *1 £T
cash payment is necessary—the balance JS § Jj
liter an convenient. Our pri * ’ £mAm
range from Mmi M*
f »«< ( retllf Trnu* it til
Outfitting Cos
4 4 44" m^4trA*jfsr J!*»eC orner cf She/o*/ Street

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