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If Cambrai u this dispatch Is writ-
P'' Iprery hmxr makes the British *lc-
Inry more gigantic in its ?cop«,
port astound ini In its conception
tad oxecutlon.
Tbs Hiadonburg Una has been
•mashed to flinders.
la aoma section* of the battle
(root, the fighting Is practically in
tha open. British cavalry bate been
b action The vast and Intricate
trench defenses of the Hindenburg
line and Its subsidiary lines hare In
p«py places been stormed and the
snemy forced Into defense from the
Literally delirious with Joy. :■*><»
alrllians repatriated to I'rnnce b\
the British stroke carue buck from
the front today. They tad bee:
hurriedly removed from Ma-nlere
to Oouzeaucourt by the Oermana and
then abandoned At Gouieaueour
they welcom'd the sweating Tom
mies as they streamed In the to*n.
With their storb a and th* 1 tab
wrung from German prisoners, util
fated with surprise of the Britts 1
blow, it was possible today to plec
together some idea of the condiiior
In the luxurious and —puppo-edh
impregnable German positions of tl
Hlndenbtirg line when <Jen. B>fk
loosed his surprise party
Not a German had any knowleds
*f the attack until the tanks loomed
1 over their beads. Thtn they i;*e*
ally “blew up" in panic. French r
riilan.*' in towns Just behind tl •
lines described ihc officers and no
as running around "ilk* <bi k*
with their heads cu* off.” The whole
army quivered and shook with th
suddenness of the thing. the t*‘
ghost-like steel mon>’< !> h.* r I t
tered thrr cement anil earth and 1 i
man walls were fearsome cian s
the swearing, yelling fiend* who fo'.
towed them were gnomes wl •> sud
denly sprang to life out f the
It must have be*n hours before
this palsy of surprise, of fear and o'
what almost amounted to -jpersM
tlous panic that something super
natural had occurred, passed a-»a>
among the Germans 1 .
British “mopper* up" told of how
men front whose head* the lethargy
of sleep had hardly pa- ed. blinking
ly, dazedly, crowded out of their
dugouts, or how. uncomprehending
that it was reality and not dream?,
they dully lot great 'ank* oru*h
them flat, or furiously gleaming
British bayonets find their mark lr
trenches and dugouts blankets and
cots were found some t'eepe--
bodlea and breakfast tables for offl
cers. daintily set. still smoked appe
tlslnglv. A tangle of personal b*
longings in line after line of dugotit
showed sleepers In the bunks and
on the cots had leaped to their feet
In the first terror of the mocuen'
and fled to the ghostly dawn above
without blouses, without guns al
moat without their senses
Vast atorea of choice wines were
found in the officers' quarter-’ C - r*
and clgarettoa were packed there
Many sections of the boasted R?r.-
danbnrg line came tnto British hands
nbnolutely Intact. The tanks had
amaabed great gap*. Thru these the
infantry poured and spread out, fan
wine, behind, taking yard after yard
of the “impregnable positions” from
the rear.
Tha eorrerpeindents were anm
monad to the line during the night.
We stood that memorable morning
la tha eery light Just before dawn
in tha midst of great droves of tanks
—all camouflaged and bedizened--a
veritable multitude of the things.
They were a great herd of gentle
looting etolid creatures, that seemed
to browse on the grass covered bat
tlefield. sheltered some*ha’ b> tree*
whoso branches showed no nlppini
by shells The scene was like some
abandoned farm In the Kentucky
blue grass region. One could Imag
lne the tanks either as bovine herd*
or as cluttered up dlngy-looking neg
laded farm machinery scattered
It was still. Only a few desultory
shells exploded In the distance —the
regular, monotonous, every morning
interchange. We could not see the
infinite preparations on ail the gi
gantic front Column after column,
mais after mass of men and ma
chines and hor«es and paraphernalia
bad slid thru the oily night shadows
and were lined up at that moment
for the greatest of the war dramas
then about to start.
Os a sudden the moment came. It
was the “kick-off ” Nothing but the
tens** moment when the hall is put
into play so aptly expressed that
A little while—and h*U broke
It seems almost preposterous 'hat
the Oermans in a great many places
Two Great World Grains
are combined in the
perfected ready-cooked
This appetizing blend
of Wheat and Barley
is over 98% Food.
factor!**; rufium uetMi lumpany.
■MU* Cr»»k KlrAtgan; Pnitum
C*TMI r. » L*4.. W |mt»»r. Ont*»K>
American army officers w ho have
returned to asfctngton fp’m
Prance knew th** British *ere
planning to u«a tanks on :*r. un
precedented scale in Arras
offensive and k*T* ■* <
One of these oflUvrs d* - • • 1
the tank- to th*- United i’rc-sa
today as monsters of .i **.*♦• un
dreamed of before the first suc
cess of the earlier r. 1 ha’tle
ships gave a hit Bri'ish com
mander the “hur f->r this
work's tank drive.
<«n their line* did not * ik< n with
the first snor’ir.g of 'h< tank*
they crunched gr*-.i’ swath* t:
Hoc he wires. But i';«*r.* vv * count
less instances where It w ■ - •
til the behemoths ’her -• v» a ’~*'.r
tongues flaming ahead '!'*■ -t..-’
belli*** *he r rth, tua '
came over the German trenches that
the Doc be came to life Y< ir <»er
man is a crest- re of hvV
knew it was custom nr v for ar?,:’.r>
to precede an at?.ark Th ***» r.
artillery. Hence there could -a no
attai k.
No wonder ♦>.• Hurt was dazed
Inferno of. British artillery did not
start until the t«nki w-»*re well over
their first rh;active Then It came,
a deluge, a molten flame it seemed
From I vena to >* Quentin, I atn told
today, th* Pn'ish nrti •ry speeded,
up to feverish violence.
The multitude of tanka found it
easy grins* Th** general u e
maud of ffc*’levia*h.ir-i ’ i s
vor !t (. .•> *-. —- -
‘The Tank t ,*r; ■- exp- »** ever*-
tank to do its damnedest" —
An-1 the tanks •> 1 it wj*h y
damna'ion to the I inches
ground ov»r which they w- ccle
was practically fiat. T ‘*re \rer'
few shell boles Might y few of the j
monsters got stuck v few- »tr*
knocked out around rescuter** :
later on. when a heavy German field
gun. muzzle depressed fired point
blank ar a race- of ‘ yard
Behind the *..nks r ;ed the
fan try. taking tt easy langb tig ir.
glee at the astonished Beche* and
'heir frenaied cri*-< • ' kamerad ' of
disreparding •tacevo mrc' —e g-ir. j
fie* that *■
coarageo';« f *t~ •t - e<l in.
their ranks
«-**re •♦■■vert! spo’s where
the Hinden’ .re 1 r» was captured
without a ;.n-: i- -ally »m T.g t -
Bnti**fi a'tafke-r
Here and th* '* b* v r.d ‘he tanks
an 1 the infantry. ’ - ’'»• *i r >’ # w
forward —some’ m*- i•’ in ’’,c
fighting ■ '>!.» .v • -:*■-•»’• i r e
slow moving 'ank* an-i ■ ing on
to swing •hei’- ‘c-*br-« ard overwhelm ,
The enemy Th*-y had wa ‘«*d lon»i
years, these cavalrymen, for \
chance a’ ‘he enemy and the*, made J
the most of the holiday opportunity
British inf*ntrvrr.en wfio srrogantly 1
turned up their n >ee» in other days
at the cavalrymen, holding that it •
wa* the 'ren~h boys who were 'he
real soldiers, had to rev ««• trier!
opinion today They hadn't -“*n
cavalry in action befor** N-body
elaa had—tha' 1* ag.ou.-t firmly j
filed trench defenses. The try
carved i*-* !f a r* he - w ,r'-
history by ‘he two day*' work just
past. Today they were still car* j
Their speed gives ‘hem the edz* »
In several ‘owns rap** 'e*l y-- *e*-'- v
the tn'iuttted •-oor'C**!* <*w.trme*l o (
while the Boct.es wrere lunching
The '•* **■■ «r w r-- -- ' ’ ‘ r
recover fr'-m th * - ’. «r* T ‘ v "
headquarters reported frenzied op
position at ha'f a dozen point*
around Cambral But the sudden J
ness of the blow ani I* ■ days n f
tremendous sw»en*ng gain* over the i
Htndenbure line, fcaa Immeasurably
lowered th* German soldier* mor
ale He had h«'H *oM t! •* Hi’.d-r.
burg Mne could r.o* b* ‘a>*er. it
has been taken, perhaps he is h—
ginning *o th‘r>k ther* mav he other
tin'ruth* in what hia comniander-*
t* 11 him
Newspaper corre*pc/ndenta had I
their thrill In the proceeding 1 * !»♦•
yesterday. They were th* objects
of assiduous f’en'ifn from German
snipers at Rlbecourt
This is the fir** ‘ime In this war
that any commander has been &bl*
to roasa gigantic f- -of men, of
wagons, of s- ' *
strositie* as ‘aaka and of cavalry
without the enemy discover.og tha
jt was this blindness of *he Ger
man army. co.pi*d w *h the state- !
nient stating tha' only five German
airplan** had b*en seen on *he
whole of the Hmd*r. urg l.r.o —<•
miles from Drocmitu to r*t Qqentir ;
as th* crow tlic c *! a* r ■.;•> * gr***
interes* here today The v; ndne?*
likewise indicated th*; the eyea of
the powerful German spy -ystern had j
b**n likewise put out f
It seeiued to b»* established *'-dav
that the vaunted H nder. irg i v
waa a m*re papier-mache b 3w*rk
* gain st * fie Brit i-h a f, a k tha* T.rg
land's supremacy In the r baa
blinded the Bf>eh«» v!ev ; that ’he |
Teutonic espionage scheme rat. h*
fnistrated tha* the tanks are -> *il
nigh lrre«Htihle; that the FV.-he a
a lost Individual when he 1* «urprl»
ed; that England's military ieu' , '"r»
are not afraid of hold Nap- <'*) c ■
stroke* even If they violate prece-
BERLIN (la London). N'ov, 72 j
"On the western bank of the River !
Beheld Hie enemy wa« iir:v» r ba«k ,
on Aon* m and Fontaine No’fe
Dome,*' deeUrid today's ofT.':,il ,
"On the eastern bank wr» forced
the enemy** departure *o pi si Mon •»
aouth of llutnilly."
"In connexion with (he flrcßnh !
attack " th** statement »on* mu* >1 i
"the Fr*»mh vtrontrly attacked be
tween Ornonne and TWry v i-Dac j
Fighting eon'inued thruout the day
North -get of .Seville Au« iioj*- a
French nest remained. Rlsewher*
J the «n» ?nv vra« repute* and or driven
J bark in hand to-hand flgbtlnv ”
BFLMVAN, Ind. Nor. 22. I>e»
pondent bee none of the death of hi*
wife two months ago and hls own
111-health. Ihivid Johnson, a miner
of thl* city, early this momma shot
and killed Me two baby girl*, I tor
othjr, as*d thre*- yrare. and Kmmi.
IS month* and turned the gun
against hie own temple and pulled
th«* tri****r Inflkrtvng fatal injurl*-*
* Strongly I
F. Wilcox Before Mu
nicipal Leavrue
Municipal ownership and opera
,♦ -s y* \VlIixH, of Ve*
v ,-rk. in a report submitted to the
National M > .cipwi ieague. ;n sea
' M*>n In Hotel Statler, Thursday
* morning *.
Citi* • that have not already done
. . P .- ta Wledgo of th« '>rcr
{ :.*i<m of ptjMic utilities. Wilcox do
!cl ,r»-5 He furl er recommended
I **ve:7 late siiould remove all
i *tatu- tv handicaps to - municipal
I >wner*htp and control so far as po*
! that -*ate b* irds should bo
-d *>l - \**rci.-.* only a limited
, urlsc *tion in such rnat*< ra where
j municipaJiti- s are compe*ent to
! handle them, that cltls# thus aqulp
•'ed si..>uid take *** ps to bring a' 1 -out
~,, i.i;/.a»-.vn .1 ’heir utilities v*
*,. e |• -* p.'» , *ible moment, giving
ervice at cast.
r» ?* of the moruins se*#lon
f - was devote.l *o a d>
cu.'SJon of tha* budget queatlon. IV.
Frederick A. Tleveland. of Host. n.
led the disruption cm *he part of j
those who contend that th** framing
of *h« nl*;et :* an executive fun-.-
•/or i>- K. a P.*zp«.*rick, -»f Mud:
W - . rhami i :. I the *
'he opposition which In Id that thn
a Job for the legislative body.
It la expected *ha? a-'lion wiU be
*ak»n by thl ■ a*: . * ’.<>d .-. ..**, . :- -
luti l *n in’rtxlu ed Wednesday by Wi
iiarr. Im,Ley Foulke, of Richmond,
nd . indorsing w 'mars'* stifTrage and
*he B Anthony amendment.
•Some ot *h.e delegates are inclined
*o th** v-.-w that suffrage, he. g \ na
lonal and state l-'Ue has no riace
n tfce deliberations of a body deai
ng only wuh municipal problem*,
tn i a lively discussion s* in pro*-
Purdy, nf New York wa*
r*--elected president <>f tha league In ,
; r>Ue ces» -*■—: .*! ;. •"•*''l:**..' * fi- ‘l.-
cusston \1! the other officer* of th>-
l*-igue were re-elect'd, with ad
dition of two n**w v:ve-p"*'.-tUeni», |
Ka'hertne Benjert Lkav *. of New I
York, and Charis K Morris to. of;
Chicago. Clinton K> cers w xitiruff. j
f Philadelpfcs.i. and Georg. Bu r.-
l.em, .Tr.. also of Pfc-ladelphia. were j
re-elected secretary n.J tr* a*u.rer.
reapectively. Two Detroiter. 4 Pliny
W Marsh and losr.’ D I'pson, wer# .
added to the council Other s. idi j
*.ons are Kir Adam tV-ck, T pn l >.
i>ut *he Rwv Caroline P*artl<-'i
Crane < * Kalamaaoo: Mayo Feeler, ;
CT*-v.*iand, J- W. fl Peter- Kansas
< *v. Mo, Edward K Pu’nam. I **v
f-r.T.c -*. !-1 Th- F«'*:' ;
Wayne. In i., and Lionel Wed, Golds- j
bore N C
Member* if 'he Ci'y M'.nager*' i
a.-- a * >n. mee* ng in cor. »
wi»h *he league, swapped ex;ierl
rnc**s in 'heir final trs-hn in the
Sia’ler. Tbur*day morning It da- !
v h ped *he fact that the c,ty man
ager plan is a'trxc ug w :d** ktfen
ng < teg tl
t • . • 1 ■ • . .
Inn i man’z-r were, everely er*
id zed Kom* of them use circular
or form letters, which an s< if-re
sper’ing manager naturally resents
ft a an ir.sul* to h'« ;n* -1! *- *r. •• ,
practicglly all * l e n.eo pre«f-n* had
received th;.s kind of letter, solicit j
ing fh* :r applications
Gayl rd <\ Cuuirr.in, city manager j
of Grand Rapids, tfce new president j
of the asßorjaMon. told bit c*l
league* that a city manager should !
guard again** holding himself too.
cheap’v in --diing hi* service®, and ,
thus avoid ft*e:’L.cg overly anxious ;
to nr * t. * j -b * ]
J. W Pr;n*. ci*v msr.Hger of Ash- |
, O :**•!,»-*-. tj-- »• t;.e -.t oes
of » cl*y manager lies In finding out j
what the people want ar.d giving It j
To Tt ‘ Til a’ the lowest p *sstMe cost, j
In Ashtabula Mr. I” n* Was suocess
ul is greatly lowering the co*t of.
*c*g:c iigh’Jng H - ’old. by re* .j
,|uw'. of Ashtabula's unique *>*»ferr,
of electing councliitien by “propor- |
tionai representation." wh eh ha* i
a*'n-.c*ed mti'h atten*i*n
Under this * vs* era a non-pamsar
haliot Is used and the voter indl- j
cat*** hi* choice bv numbers. The
rn\n ;v n *l-.. majority of 'he
ballot* t.ivrk- and “1” i l * first choice,
and so on *he ii«*
‘ Thru t.t. . *>-»*e® ' h’sbola ta*
'he rno-t repre*en»ative council she
has ever had,' «a.d Mr I’rir.e. “No
two rn*of 'h - are in the
•rune lin - cf hufln*-**.”
C \ f inghnra. of Norwood M***.,
| the new v|e»-pr'*lden* elected and
M <i <ei«, of Hea iford, P C, wra#
ehoeen -erre’ary treasurer,
f)er>rge ft Hands chairman of the
Republican rotin’v eorr -n! ee of
r 'uy ihopa roiir’y, Oh'o, aM a r iced the
etty manager plan *• unrepresenta
tive and undent o< ra’lc in the Wed-1
r\. dtiv • ft«*m' on s*«-Jon of the Na-j
•tonal Munfet;.*! ieag .*». He cited |
the eaee of f'nylon, ipmififallf, da
daring »hat the plan wa* unpopular
’here and d' omed to fad'ire Henry !
M White. c!tv manager r*f T*ayton
. took leans with Harris
The research a:.*nri«a mee’inr in
I conjunction wl*h the league p*rte< *•
I ed a permanent organisation follow
i mg a dinner in the Hotel Toller,
! Wednesday night Otto K)r< hner
i director of th> Detroit bureau <>f
1 governments! research, wrs*» clerked
| president.
Cit'zena* League Banauef Tonight
} "The tr th aboti* fmvtnn" w fi y.
J discussed Thurvd * v * uy T> 1
Uarland,'a.n official of H ~ u net >
manager plan of government tn th*
Ohio city, who will rive an addr*
before the I»r*ro-.t r*i*ir‘ n»* Vague
at a hantjnet In the Blllot**T»ylnt
Woolfenden case Or V. If AH*n
of New }ork, will r>< -k on th«
the tn* • roj.-■ _ '---w or r*--:e** .
weak no**, in il.< administration * '
Mayor Mttrhef which, to «*▼< I
pnnni fo' the reversal of form

But Washington Can't
See Johnson’s
CHICAGO, Nov 22 Ban Johnson,
president < ? the American league,
will a.-*k 'he war department to
i * \-*mptlon from military ser
, v ;ce to is men on each of the 16
i t • ijor league clubs, in order that
isehall may continue during the
• war.
Johnson said that while almost 90
1 per cent of the major league play
j *rs are eligible to the draft, so far
*a*- .s concerned, a majority of
Them will <>irue under class five In
j the new c i as-1 flea ’ion b* tuse cf de
pendents or physical defects. So a
request that \< rutn or each club
e exemp'ted will not be asking
much of the war department. Ban
T w '* government want* the big
leagues to open in 191 Sand there
s re I am confluent t* will agr**-* to
-onte sort of ;* compromise tliat will
permit the sport,” said Johnson.
W!‘h !fi pla> er* to a 'cam ! am
s -re cs.r maintain the standard
*f the game If I thought fewer
•::en c-'Ual hold the inter*- 4 * of s he
•üb'b’, 1 would suggest a smaller
If we are allowed to keep a few
Ti:e« who tnieh* he of sum* value
a* "srl ***r- I am confident they can
of a r*e;i**r h«ip *o ’he govern
* -.* a.* non-comi'gtants. If .n***r
est oar. b*- maintained it will aid
<.« war re’-rT. : je, and there 1* a
-• roe * 1 *• the club owner and not
fie f»n v ill pay tfi.e 10 per < ®nf as
sc*ji nient.
r ohn*-on s s - .ti stton for exempt'-'n
o' ** ha.sehalt player*
• o. m’. j fie ♦*.. beginning of hi* end'
wa* the ofifciiti view expressed at
'he prov marshal general « office
'c'ay .1 neon * idea was extreme-,
’v t.' *r -‘fi. Gen. r-'wdsr'e
oit.fcost a J•- i-'- and was reject* 4 S'
■•? he worst k.r.d of precedent”
Per ons’ly I wouldn’t ask the
« r a- par": nt to exempt major
eigu* iaye-s from m.l. ary
rv .” T w k Na* n pre«;dent of
‘.a r -*•;■■■.t B ball Amusement
company, t i the United Press u>
lav He w 4 c mrnentjr.g i_ >n 'he
statement >f Ban Johnson In which
rfio vmerican league president c< n
- >c-d -r ■ g exempv.an for fils
•i h* war department underetands
•he condition under which we ar» ,
pia'-'.r.g ix j ;t und'*r*t*nd* »ha*. we i
ai nid hav. * elo#e shop if our m<*n
un *o w if," N'sv n continued. "But .
h • government know* wh«-r<» th»'
c.t-n ca*i b* *t servo and it need? j
of n.y advp * “
Marriage Licenses
Tfi —*t. ;-j«*p •- J» Detroit ’
Vis r« V! I ar- i'l. Mit *'
• • •«• n. •'>. Detroit i
'Jr«i< *■ i \V• • and i r * aamr
Martr.all I .. 4 jp-t: f 31, Detroit.
H-nHet'A Mart »- V*. ran
ts r . *r,r -rt, 47. 'ieveiand,
J h*nn« K f*a> s' eat«>-
• . ~ .a- T etrott,
Xfyrti- Prtn l -". 1 > name.
Jam's ■- m . «■ tl * n!er 1 Park j
f’h *• o« t in,stead, 37, raiti*
Ha i *;• H ?nrr, S>. I'etroit; B*rtfia
- •- k v\ ■ .- 1 i rt- ••*»r
•V ..< V' It! 1
At - • r » >a.. -*•»*.. * . - etroi’ I
Mv-v Rufxltfskl. 17. same.
- r- r>K , r. 2* Detroit: Mary
V>> miinr, 2&, *ar-.e
tj. rK 1 - ’an H.cl.le 34 Tolado; Em- j
n.s P M '■ »r. 4 A rame.
T'-i-.is Ko«1ow«kt. 21, r»e»rolt;
Frar, P >dk*i rzeweki. 23 aarne.
H «- 1< McDonald. 20, D-trott; |
y • -1a U'lttri 3'). «arr,e
P tn Craven. 2 l>#trolt; Flsl*
I.an*- 23. »ama
T> , ’.V t'Tetisfiaw. 29 Pattle
Ct --U. It niia Br, wn 21 Detroit.
Pint *4 pot-erta. It, Detroit. Kra
. ft:- * • Rouge
i , n Ft er- r . * -v'ya.n'lot**: Ma
rl# I 23. sarr.#
rge H Darpentsr, 34. Dalrolt;
Fli-.re*- -a ewar,son 2* »*ame
DavM O he la# ter 21. Walts; Au-
K nt a Vt! »rr ar r.. 2'' c -;mp’»r
■ ■w,!»r J Parr.**. 27, Detroit; t*a
T* »<1 •-J l. 2’ eatue.
BUn *ia'd. 1 ‘ r*e*r it
Plata F'ri* nrn, 11. «an »
Katr-.n'a. I'. Detroit.; If*len
f- ala 30 aanrte
< Fa: id P. tVa'«'.n 2 2 Petrol* : “!
o*e St Ffagermao, 2* »*me
T. 1 1 e FirnTK*' 1* f hi■ ag >: F.the
tuck «*rne ,
’ --ph MaHV< w#kt. 17, Toledo
An, n'a 3Vosplek. 27. tame
A '>r Yr-ini, 31 D- *rt>it. harlot'-
Oar. 8* sama
jr.fin r Hejvesten, 20 Detroit, Mil
i ,ir«l Ol'.nttn. 27, »*m»
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Nineteen Eagley Avenue
Will Take I p Traction
Problems Next .Mon
day Afternoon
t unmissloncr John K Ifi'dgo an
nounuhvl Thur»«l*.v morning that the
; strict railway corn mission will mowi
ntit Honda/ art-ruooa to take up
th- knotty quest;,.ns that confront
1 the city and the IVtrolt I'nlfed rail-
Mayor Marx exprtsred his
gratification wirh ifi* way th*» mem
« iSiIJ
4 ioa rose io ti t rusrgcncy and
agreed to accost tbu buck ’ tha? he
thinks has b« ea pi-.-ed to ihctu by
thr council. At the same time the
mayor believes tha matter should
nave b***n rcfernsl to the comtuis
sior. before t.* « council got in "over
US head “
Mayor Marx w*s m commnnlca
tlon w.'h Mr Lhvdge, Thursday !
morning, on the suoject, with the |
D-SUi? ".I* I? Wtif dt-Ci !-d to hold
til.* ■ .-ni ;:i fi. t - orllcv v»f the
Uis'■ r. Tfi.e first m**eting will fi#
It;--.: rn*-. tings wil; •* called as
early an l continue as ia?e ,u> p.»ssi !
:• i ts • --out
the r:i.ittcr a? ottee
r':- m h' high -rat! r* vjthorlty tbs
it:. ss.cti l.i- rt ■ . . ; rfi.# op in
n 1 at e r* :♦ t ruu.vt i)e given
’..'•*• ~'rv»" rai!w n . .. u ; air. What
f rn: this- » l **ke -.moot h* guess
ed ’.t *;• w, hut ' ‘s • **rtHin the cota
nos*u-n will not ..sg th- [vtrolt
I'm ted to rr store the old service and
be thrived of ?t,*» rlgh* to e«*on. • |
mix a on the ue f cars and m**n i
a* the p-«?-nt ra’- Ign.s Th.- 1
v ... a i*!«• I the comn:.‘ 1
sron r.i;>th s < be don*-
Her the railway
b- ail a-d to increase i*.g rate of;
far * or *h» the commission w.li \
a : >r;is it so employ >ther expadt- j
en'..-* to cut the expen>e has not beer; j
deciri'-l, but it is known that the
COtun anion ♦«'}<*« the * M'ude ’ha’ i
Th** , r :- wort’ \ . M. « h:r. ,*/ !
» :11 r* rr ' the strec* r 'llw.vy '■/tm
par.v to "pern'e on a reasons? > '
fc.*?'* *!’. i a th" same time !nsi>' !
up n good sen li > The w-orklrg out
of tfi.*- problerr wJIJ fi*» up to the
c* n • r- and *: »* f affi.c experts l?
will ark *:» ».• -*l?* it.
M r Nlirx -v* he is pleased
w:*fi ’fie w ■ . ■- * r ,f *fie c *j:TT 1 s
» >n *•■» ;••■■• n the jt h I!** th"
so’irtu Judgment and *l.at 'h< ,r find
lne-< ar# ce~tain to t,«* -a’l.-fai tory
to the people of Detroit and .the rail
v. ay man .*;i» nt, since they will he
Fifty Thousand Dollars
In Rewards Due
For Missing
ritQKK. Mich . Not 22 I>"troit s
failure * r- -.4 f.l •) p.'a* < t c^i
scripts to (’amp Custer thl* week
will co«t the rnred S'at* govern
men* more than In H,irh .gi#
if' *fi *• iiim •> * • . •* * fi ')
failed to r#ime n'n schedule time; is
now fair garn« f r *he men who
round up slS'-ke-* and deliver th'rr
at the camp f>r ',*.*• r* ward of f r >n
per delivery Vhe'her a
v">rTip* »o e d< 'he* draft o*
weather h* s,m:»ly wn* not notified
'n lepor* for service ,n time to com"
on schedule Is. no ma»*er for inquiry
hy the mlli'arr authorities The re
ward mu** b * paid on delivery If It
is claimed . Whoever may ha to
hlame for th* a#'nund!nr fallttre of
tfce loeal b'*ard* to deliver 20 P*r
cent of the selects they OW« and ’hi*
•jre».k. the failure is going to he
mighty expensive for f’nole Bara.
! The turn of fMl.OflO would build two
I fre: h -flOeni of the type under
I cor, * true u■" .it v .unp <‘u»ter, or
would pro i idc f*JO,o()v) round a of
rifle aipni-nt’lon f r target practice
1 here T«ler if Herman propaganda
i that Induced wholesale attempt* to
je\x<le mtv ion to failure to report,
1 itiwlvwl « i" vhi'n the e ‘veotL
i li.troit and v rlet reported Wednesday
afe-rnoon witu 19J men Jireeent of
th • district** quota of 196 men
It,, rd r.ionibere In charge of this
contingent declared that Included
l tn be ranee were 138 alien* —exactly
the type supposed to b« most eually
! lnflm-o< ed b> enemy propaganda
\\Ye»her n f not these nitons ulti
mately will be hell for service 1*
another queatln®, which probably
' ill de\eiop into qtilte a problem.
Tie district* which were ehy to
in ••oonishlng extent were the first,
third, fourth, tilth, seventh, eighth.
► mi*, n netcenth. rwetjtv third and
twenty fifth. Os *he 227 men due
fr« the first district, only 6Vc*.pie
>- . -hed't'e Os 211 due from the
t! frd district, only 171 arrived on
. edulc Os 280 due from the
?, ; rth district, only O' arrived on
"chedule Os iua from the sixth ,
iir ri.x only I>2 came on time Os j
due from the seventh district. |
only 169 reported here on schedule
Os 1?4 due from the eighth dtatrlct
>nly 90 came on schedule. Os 168
us from the tenth district, only
‘ came on schedule Os 226 d'.e
from the nineteenth dlatrfct, * only ,
159 arrived on time. Os 186 due |
fr> in the twenty fifth district, only
1 showed on time A bun-h of 28
men due on Monday and Tuesday ar
•\ 1 Wednesday afternoon, tout I
Thee* were from four or five scat-,
tered JivHets and to no Important j
»\tcn* relieved the pmernl delln I
quenejr. !
Spread* the Naif. B ui the Eye*.
Puf»* the Face. Due* the L ps
Hofi to Get Rd of
ihv Tin* no nr. inctTMCti
CitAfrh not rly miV*** on*
r* *%+ ' t * '• <» r, tv<e
fpfttUftf. '? ?!».:•> ! V pr rr>l% w *if n«i
Fit thtnki V •* h t.i*
irrit t r# * * wrv r,
f■> r «• *>r% » r v > ?l* r ~ ArkaMe
,*• -w fi v* ** h <-*•*# frf A’ r »'*n f
> i an try 'r*+ in yn«ir <"* n hofum.
* JfluT ■<
If I* f'frffi (I) V% ■■ n<|rrfii 1 stir Hu)
liIHM I tT»|wM( PflfK l«»J
I atarrk.
4 r* ri*r t‘ it !r'.' , r *« w th
rr'ir-:* l* an un«i**-t!y mi»*ry '
breath ta*nt*l with th* ©«1 >r of r«
t-' n ‘» an 7*’ •* avum-t a ' h»» ’
* ■ < A *to*n«n-h I* I*l *‘Hi
ri pplnga from d;»*ar»ci n«*&
r*« may oa« ** untold fnlaaflf. am!
r r.* fti* i'op i-! ■« : *r Th* h* wrts
r c*"l with of i ipy rn i*i«
♦r* k v Ift*r ft T 1 y * * k*» if
** • h blotch*
i#• p gr, | ‘htr *k n ruptloH*
T v awnrrrtlh* with million#
Inf ■*’ r - rma, *ntaO« upon t.h»

|ft «r th* 1 ng* <m J brunch AI t Ah«
[ ► ntTrjf *•'l ■,*'■* h •h* <*»*t r ict 1 ' *Thft u
rni'* 77f lyit'tnfe catarrh. r an l*ad
to tnt':' j an*.l if t r-'o»t a*rioua r. nr*
ijh*n »•
-n w! v ftnrttrvi* wfth all thla mil
j *rv * S»i. l ir name an«l allr*** t«
i lay for a fr** t-‘.al >f Mr tja .*(.
fan. >u« tr*atm*nt. Mall It to p
10*’,im jjlti M* n at Mamtia!! Ml*>
I It will rmt cort you a p*nny to «ry tt
and It mir*!> will -»»tnrt(»li voti ui*l
«•* w>-nt!**f r>r cut ijj> r
an'l mall It t r >ta y
Thl* coupon • po ft for *
a*r f r-t iMRINTIY V
hy trial 1 At mply ft 11 ‘n ••<• ir
n * rr.* and adilrra* on d'***»d lln*t
r,#T>w • r, d mall to K *Y A1
2f;"* t Ma n rs , Marshall, Mi'-h
N» <» .
p. r r>
or *<*r*»t. ..
r;ty B*atr
\ KIV Y ORK fTITHt!, R- It.
Important ( liana' In Time.
Itff*r♦ iv* Nov. ;S train No I will
laava Drtru t 1 >0 p m. ln»t*ad of
I SO p m. «’*ntr»l tim*. with parlor
iiar arrlrlna Cl»vrland ft P m.
Train lr ivli. . I)*fr ‘f Rif p tn
’Hunda y only fliirori nurd. and train
, arrtvln* ft I r > p m wtl! ©p*rat* daily
* *>**pt rundft”. - Air.
Suspects Plead Not Guilty
F J Nemethy. clerk In police
' headquarter* for several weeks, and
j John and Charlea iltllnn. related by'
'iTliga to Neuicthy, (leaded not
. ■ ehugn of robbery while
! .irns :, \V<*dnead»v, and were put tin*
dt ’ bond of SB,OOO an ! two *ur*tle*
i 1 ' Police Justice Heel on TAxainina-
Telephone Cherry 4420. GROCERY CO.
In the Smith Building, State and Ortawold
Order* amounting to 91 or more delivered anywhere In th* city
If etreet la paved. Telephone *nd C. O. l> orders solicited.
w « offar you the opportunit' of the y-ar to lay In your win
ter supply ? eannrd vi at \ » ry low prices cunalMent with
the high quality wntrh we always m alntatn,
Our misltr autumn vale nf nimini vegrtafclea la a 104 I.etfer
'*•» wl«k *sa4 houewliM, Hjy early iu th* J*\ i sj rt !y in the
week whll* the stuev. t* compbta
6 c r 69c
l*K i*—
" Itrassls Karly June 1 >)
• e le«-1», p*r rss,,., I«C
Ri:i> IIKiXi-. | ,y
Haitrni park, per rss M tmC
• IMA MKlit— a q
<M«I *llll llrand, per ran., I»C
6 c * :* $1.19
rr \*—
thrpard. e »(re alftetl. n f
l*rr ran 4. I C
To »| iTOKi— ,» *
*’aarv pe<-W, lanre rane «ls
i *l* i It itil s—
*>it■■ kl• t White t\ j
I unchren. per raa nlf
6 c ;:; $1.39
voxrsK H i»r ill *t.i %
I anry white K»«r», n t
lura# ran* . e4f
Will IK 111 V i«l*illit.ls
Wrdlttm ilea •» {
err raa . «-*4c
Searchlight or Saginaw Noleeless Tlpe
6 6ct 99
bo««* L(C
with orders ft or n-.rre < * ■ th»r ifoc*r*
!•*, * L '.tr
Cnmed fleef.
r»ri < hee*.
tin r in Ot)
m 1 -an. lb
fleef T inm't •) ".
meet i>i'At!sd Itia'lf
tloUMd Steok.
. 'ice <-u»a 9 *
ns*lve be#' lb £*•)?
ipele Muitrr, K»n
tuck best. 9*
large lar ... 4» I*'
Jelly, rtir* fruit at
sorted. t -
7\% -pt i'ih .. i tir
I'ure S'rttlf I’reserne,
! va • et' ea *) O
It, ]h 'lf . aOf
Tattle Salt,
v 7 r
2-lh. i'lu *)<“
Mararpni. Sp««hettl
nr bundles. O
lirf* pk r frF
"Ilmen. ChotC* R-d
i* 11 if i. 9 7
tall sn • . 4et)C
fnt llerrln*.
4 In a can. i *
p»r c. n ldf
VT* ar* Y.*add‘jart*ra for
raM*‘ta A fr*rh l*t J’>»* r*
Specials in Friday Ntwr nnd Journal
a .Hi ts
Fori *nd On’rxvoid
cOHsenvATivs. JATf and zrr?GHQ
To acquire a good substan
tial bank account is simply
a matter of deciding to save
Once you have made this
decision let nothing inter
fere with carrying it out.
P[an your saving- a defi
nite sum each week —and
then stick to your plan.
Safety Deposit I ox** ft per Annum
Resources More Than $50,000,000
1174 Jafferaon. lJlOf firan I Ilivrr, Ora Mot, 414
Michigan. 14!«1 Woodward. 78'* Woodward. I47 f »
Kourfo•*nrh, In*;fdwii? aid WiMi*rHl, 1 On .land,
cor. Holhroolt.
tlon will be hold Vov. 24. The three
weie arrested Tueadity rinming.
charged with boldine up two men
with revolvers.
Colds Cause Headache and Grip
rnnvns the cause There h t*nl% one
"Uromo Quinine” FI. \V. OHOVK’S
sign atiire Is on bo* 80c. Adv.
6 c ,r 79c
Pt»IIK iMI HI i> s
In I'uiiiklii Vsttrr, f a
Isrgr ran* I "vC
Hi ll KIII N IIX 111 IM— | j
"snltlii llrn,iit, per mu 1 . C
TO VI ITOKk— | |
Km. tern park, per ran ... I‘l C
I Oll>—l irrllrnl , <
•iwallt". pi-r ran I‘tC
PI MI’K l\— | 4
larpr ram ........... I'* C
6 c r 99c
I’Ki*—a,,ret l.arden 1 n
I'rai, pi-r ran I nC
II Mil I llll" *o
Slier Peg, per ean Inf
I I H I Ml i> *— I O
l» . p. r raa X ”C
111 t r t.HK.I \*—
Imi 1 ur* park. 1 o
per oa , LnC
Ml I II KII I I 1 -
I’raitW* vitality, i o
larar rana IOC
Mutter. June K ••
rs'"'*": \%
Suaahlae S(ar*arlne,
rvv.jr *i.so
Pff*trif f nfnfil
4 Or
Wotate **'a4.
Oyetere, e ’ ' rr.■ s! s.
r* # v» 1 fr - »1 <lh i v
Pt. 25,30 5c 40 r
I ad S lab.
fsney t‘ l ek rj/\
r Mdles If. #»U<*
I'reah llah,
Ff.ah fts-vlork,
F’loimd-r. and | *
Herr - t 1 I »)C
y r ea‘ -a i*ht White
r -h Tr >;» .j
--e-.d I’m h. ib . sit)c
l‘r* . H i)' h«it O "
*t. aks ib ... Ot)f
Falrn n Ort
fit-sks. It tjUc
V . Kidd's Home
Made. 1 i
loaf 1 1C
lot of * -d qq
•rv> v*r do*. ....... «>«FC
On at thla pr!*a at M«n
t*r only.
Fresh Hweet lt?«
loaV'! 10c
finked fiends, fresh
butter Tea on
it Inga, each .... e»if C
I reek Ia rant el a o
take. M h ... J OC
Prrfrrf f and*,
Kan v Hard Mixed
I'vfi'tras. «v *
I- rah M'-lsaaea »Vi|
Kl* Mara, pnra IQ
' " ra- lb ..1 OC
Krnll Wafers. •)((
f•• - h dsi V. lb 4a**C
I lat f offer.
‘is O'- eq I*l n—
at. par lb .... ,),)c
here I off re,
t h i» an and a f) ”
u«e It. !h 4.i")C
Kanry Ten,
”*M *e.t: r ,V n ..60c
Sweet Pntatnea. T
fancy Jerseys. ltitXC
i Pl»le», Fxrivy
firrenlnrs e» ■>
1 r.a 4,JC
• •rape PruH.
fancy ripe 1
fru»t. eueh ... 1 V/C

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