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’ .. action Big f ■ / >5
At the Rate of 100 Subscriptions
a Day for 60 Days
Thit makrl 6,i)00 new subscription* for The Tlme«,
do it rot.’ It does and It has—the greatest two
month.’ -j*in ever achieved by a Detroit newspaper.
KI(iII1i: MNT 11 A E All .NO. 18.
Drastic* Action Meld
Necessary To laid
Comrest ion
Revolutionary ( lianves
In Operation Are
WASHINGTON Nov. .1 \ revo
lutlon In A n.-Iran railroad method
ic being worked out today to relieve
war tren-por* '’lnn roih a. pool
ing of railway interests and equip
iu**n* “to thr mo- 1 radical and revo
‘lutlon;.j jivrn* Mr r dir .m< and m u
w»« otto tally mdikl, (• hortlj (oh.
nnnntir. •"!
The plan- tin not con’* mpl.ate total
elimination <>l pa*-eng.-r ervloe on
**ny lino but further » urtailineut ,n
the number and “luxury” of ru«h
trains i* certain.
An embargo on carr inp of non
war product is not within th*- rail
roads' own power.- Hut their rn
ommendaMons that bewerj pro
duct*. candy, Jew*liv and about 3(1"
other non * »s* ntiala should not be
transport and ah'ad of war materials
lav.- tound v, \..r with th.- cnun
jnent priority hoard
I let alia >f *1 - railway‘a volunian
war regulation* w re wi-hh.ld whip
-111. rail loads' war board hes« and
me. tings of railway iseculivrs In
(>• her . f !<• w. •. e.unt: c»v*■ r the fin * 1
scheme today It was officially atm
«<l In gem i I ti ri ■■ lo h< a ''vii
pool Ime <>f tr;i< K*i£*\ eQuipiiU'ii , Dm
nun.atf. and s*’i v i< ♦* for the common
good of i| <- vo' emm.-nt and tin- war
whether |i is for th. good il the In
divMutil lines ..r not "
Th*- irm.-imm-'ii'- permlsr ion for
this virtual and t* card for nntl-truft
law- will he nh* tin. and without lin'
ft i fli ||'V. «> Img i o railway ofll
Involv.i in *h< scheme Is power
to der| if wh. r. ..ml vv filch factories
shall he • rv* and hv the , .ilrotol**. In
effect, this world < nable carriers *«•
f »t)4rol tie . ?"■ nt of ic i * entlah
and would he ♦ life and d**.»lh power
foi many hu -in. < "to • rns
One of the fir 1 ' steps taken umbo
ibis arrancem* nt would l» to fort e
new munition f>* »ori( - not to l<><;.»*
In the apt tdv congested di oriel
cast of th. Mis -i. -ippi and north o'
th. Ohio-•l’oinmitc tin* The w:.! In
d'i trie« board, which has pr of it,
power-. Is ..Ire-ad kin* step* to
t»t.lll*e •■present machine plant for
mutt.lt i "I • tt< on* a.-
Inr n«*w fnrt/»rl* >
rpj, , t. - * »• , f . ♦r - M
Aged Man I o Be 1" reed Y rom
Prison When Home Is Found
Officials of a Mi*hig.jn prison have
asked Ih. Pathfinder ’ . tub aid
in finding a home for a man 7h
71more ciayj
* i to buy a.
,m r Present
-..t ■ and iti«* m .ill fi ” old <• n !
j ind G• - limil .'ion h* w >»l ha civ-
I * <•> ,iirr j ini. of iMPi iry There- I
I for-, w i vi. ill- have to cut down on
I c«rrvinr unn.-ee-?, vrv m.mmodlM. -
A final -i*. i*in on th, m v :
I•' rv pooling 'hange* I- ( ATw e.l)
; • • ■ 1 -. -■' -v i r I ■ • t ‘
I Tur- dav The board h»* been vu !;
J (nt on th® prohl. ru night and day for
I the pa o week
Old Chief Triumphant
ly Re-elected: Ra
cilists Routed
HI ITAI.O, N V . Nov ”1 Sun- |
uel Gomp*-t-. was reelected pr.-si |
I <l.*nt of the American Federation of
lather todav, ai the closing -. --don
of the federation’s thirty seventh an
mini com ention.
The if- election of Oouipcr.s wa -a j
recognition oi the Federation's
strong pro war policy, which he had
espou. * and It ma: U* and lhe over
whelming overthrow (*f th. pacifist
H I Tobin wa elected treasurer.!
; All oth. r officer!' were r <-. 1. ct. ti.
The conv. ntion will profinbly end
carlv tomorrow morning. Adjoinn
I’leni sin< die vva- scheduled for 1«>
- d.av hut I. aij.u expect that with
i mote than ."»o ie-.dution> sidl .wall i
; mg ..(iron delegates will work sev
. ral hours overtime. -4
Th«*c onv. niloii went on r.-eord ■
today as de< laring tlint the nation's !
j greatest t-ffii icncv in pro-e.-utinu the
war can come only from its m-ist
- > n< *• that employer and employe co
I operate to file fullest extent.
St. i’aul beat, out ('inclnnatl for |
th* I!U'> American Ffslerntion of La
j fair convention by a narrow margin.
! Paul was then made the unani
I tnotp c|.id( e lot the convention.
years of age, baker t ra<]*-. who
is somewhat deaf In a fit of atnrer
ho atrurk n man for which he was
charged with assault and attempt ,
to kill. and has served );.• years in
pr son. This \v;i- his first « fTense, !
ami th# officials of the prison think
it uHI never ißiilrt happen, as he
lui heep a model prisoner and has
worked every dav
lie will he r* I ’eased when a home
ran hr found for him, where he can
wotk for his he. p, and be taken
care of, -o that h will not become
a public thari’e He i- Ocrmnn hv
Idr’h bn* has lived in this country
an nth In rof ».;•!-*. and would tnak*
an excellent on t farm ro i! »'
iln if*, , W iti -out jl« . m p• fn do
garden work In any city home
The Pathfinders' club must be
assured of 'he responsibility and
honest intention of nnv ope takitir
this man l*le»srr enmiflltnimte w |th |
,1 I’ Wright. pi* sideni ami lead* i
I'alblind* ra’ dub of America. lie
troll Hoard of Corn men e. or Half
way. MUh. j
ITTTSP.I ICG I!. Nov 2*. Hearing
lett.-rs and other ‘ documents rela
tive to expl**slonft and fires over the
country*. Charles l.evine. ID and Is
ad* ]. Safi.-I. ff. is, alleged member*
of th<- f \V \V . were turned over
to tli< Justice department agents
hei> today following their arrest in
a <heap lodging house.
Another of Kaiser’s
L-Moats Destroyed
Rv Yankee Tars
M ASH IN. ;T!'V Nov Jl inking
.. ,i ijcri. uri i !«•..' thru the efforts
t \rnori. tn ile-.troyera 'was an
i,n iim. i»v t!'< tivv port merit tie
i, .. r*i,• übii arine : auk after idle
-, i 1., -r. . ik.-n into l(»w by a cle
ta. in rb<* navy depaitment today
n • i mention of th. dertroyer s
Th American patrol boa* drove
full • p«>« | ov<-r ihi* spot where a per
k . -»fi w.i < *--n. at the same time
il..> anc ad< pth charge, evidently
i- 1 ,r..: he I boat.
■t); office.l statement by Sucre
Uift I'taniel.*- said
;- ch. received from Admiral
s’im -’ate that a thuman P boat
I h»-*-n accounted for by Ameri
an .I* -r.ij.-rs operating in Kuro
•*\Vhil>- on patrol duty the de
t t'nv. r -igh'etl a periscope 400
v. ..ff Immedialely ringing up,
f t .• and il • id. the commanding of
f(.r headed his craft to pap* a few
v ih* I of the submarine. As
thi <l. ..\cr jiacse.l over the
I boat'- course a depth charge was
dropped This evidently caused
datnare to ‘he p boat, which shortly
ntterward appeared about 300 yards
a way
'I ire immediately was opened on
th* ,-übrmiTne hv two of our destroy
er- w l •< h circled about their target
The uhmarin* dtd not return the
fir* and wa> i vldently disabled. One
f the d.-stro'ers g«*t n line to her,
intendin • to tow her, but the boat
oon u.nk
Ordered Taken From Work
house To IHstrict of
Columbia Jail
\u:\ VNIUIIA, Vs., Nov 24
The Woman's Party Whtle House
pi.'k*iers won a complete victory
toda} when Federal Judge Waddill
ordered that they be removed from
rh* Ocroqimn, V«., workhouse, and
r* it■-ip.l» and to the District of Polum
bla >ll.
Vm. -4 .irk llfink vipii.mrnl
s| \\ VOirK \<>V : A The wrrkl?
a* lunl Uarik statement today -how.-d
th® following rh*nK''» Hiift'lie *n
■ r»-a»*«'<l $1 1 S', ISC I ans d®«-renp®.l
II M v to.x c-ash in own vault*. n *-m.
' is f• -• I. int r, .-rv.- hanks d#>creased
l ' .*' 've in federal reserve
Unnk.M r.f member hunks ln.l**»-e<t
tj r ,- r in own vaults
lia, l , and trust cmpanles <le
i «s ..41 iioo. reserve in deposit
hanl, and ll'ist eolflpanlea de
,r. ,i •<i t< '? r no n.-r demand depos
i*. ,t, ,-n *r7 :**l.*uu*. n«'t time and».
i- and 11 M cl routs*
, , . ■ *• 1 n<iu («Kgrebate re
, ~ t ~» >'■'.*. e see,- -. r* serve
Hl* jx : in r s deposits dedu. ted
$ -,T.tiAJ f*on.
I„in ii , XXn-hlrie Te per Ih. Wsa
.N.'ku.rtt. I iif.n.lrv ( «., Msln loud
\ ,1 ■
\.i\x I*, tiii: timi: r«* hi i
f r . ■ iw,u- .(> •* m nihlv lte,.’tv
, , v ,• fra ft*, .call t'adlllae JM.
* X h*lf .Innnl ( lenten*
•. the i>. dutiful hotels and ♦'atha.—*
Mnnc. tn • .an flnntea
. f,- n loan.* ’ Yea monthly
I vr nt pi <n ram. »* rent Interest
* P - n-onths sll p<?r
month or nior, p r fti mssnd ftavea
inter, *r t 1 frclt A \<,sth»-rn Mlchl
p.', Huddlt a S leuitt Assn, Kn.plrs
i ill.'ln* i l.v.
SATr KI) AY, NOVEM \\ E K 21. 1 *.♦ !7 .
CAMP CPSTEH, Nov 24 —MaJ. Gen. Joseph T Hickman, commanding
officer at Camp Custer, will turn over his command tomorrow and proceed
to Camp Green. Charlotte. S C . where he will command the Third regular j
army division. lirig Gen. S. A Miller will automatically be mode coni
| mandant of Camp Custer until a successor to Gen. I'ickinun is appointed!
i b\ the war deo; rtnrent.
ITALIAN ARMY HEADQPARTERfI. Nov. 24. Disguise.l in It. Han
uniforms, Austrian troops picked from the flower of the dual monarchy’s
' fighting forces precipitated one of the bloodiest hat*’ >s on the Piavc line
j Wednesday Details w,r*- received by headquarters today. The battle
w;<s around San Marino,
The Austrians opened with a terrifle artillery bombardment continuing
for hours. Then they sent advance troops against Italian positions Their
violent onslaught, coupled with the confusion caused by tin* fact that they
wore Italian uniforms, gave them a temporary foothold near San Marino.
The Valtelltnn Alpines were sent in the counter-attack Regardless of
the rourderou** enemy fir*-, thev -w.pt the Austrians hack Many prl-,”iers
were taken Every Austrian found in an Italian uniform was shot
Bowie Results
f-'lrst rac* Mile Oarr®nne. 5*
(M. rglcr), won. Sunny Kill 103 i
fTr -ls ). se* end (,r®*>n (Jrass. 10S .
(Ftirling), third Tim* 1:44.
Sec. nd rai* T furlnnir* Frng*'n
srd 114 (Butwcll), won: (trland.' .'f
1) f> <l*eminick). second.
Game Cock. 106 (Walls', third Time, I
i z:
Third rare—l l-i 6 mil®* Sir Wil
l*nm Johnson 110 (Pnmngton*. won;
Blue Thistle. 11l iKummeri. second;
Edith Baumann, 102 (Mooney), third.
Time. 1 5o 4- V
Fourth ia -e -Mils: Highland laid
11? . S*t irllng), w-.n, Fenmouss. 114
(Ambrose), second. Hauberk, 126
ift i* well)., third Ttm®, 1 42 1 -V
Fifth race—6 furlongs yttartllng,
I 122 (ButwelP, won. Pltlmatum, toft
(Buxton), second. Water l-ady, 103
(Troise), tlilrd Tim® 112 3-5
now ik *»( it vr( lira
First- Fhalarla. 1 .'1 ixab* th. Kina of
th® W 'nd
Second Wood Violet, TVrlgordlne
Third —Ms rrh court. Tom
gn-illlifield. .Min*la. Hesse. Flora Fin* n.
Malheur *
Fourth King Neptune, Shooting
Sixth Sam Slick llnsewater.
PIIIA, Nov 24 Fascv Jones. Car
lisle center, was taken to the univer
sity hospital with .4 serious Injury
ito «he abdomen Htid both thighs. He
was hurt in a scrimmage Just before
: the vvhi.-tlf blew at the end of th**
period In the game between IVnn
and Carlisle here today.
Hearing Is to be held in court af
Atlanta today on a motiofi for a
n*w trial In the case of James Me
' ivonald, prominent Misilasippian. re
cently convicted and sentenc. and to 20
years’ Imprisonment for killing Joe
Jung, a Chinaman.
Prf»,tlnir—til® plain »,®nf kind—ti.®t
I* rl»h(—Tlm*» .Ini. D.pl —Mnln BUI.
Rev. G. A. I'air Returns To the
Ministry After Long Absence;
Will tell Why Sunday Evening
The Rev. Georg.- Artnnt Fair, for
13 years one of the country’s best
known evangelist* hut who for ih*
last 12 years has not tak* n part In!
any religious ervi* w ill return |
in the Chrlatian mim-.i ,and j
; Sunday, In th** F r rpiv. rsallst .
Mr Fair was bun’i *d by Go
! Rev. Zelntes CSr* ncM. in the old F.r-t
I llatdl.tf chur. h u(L ' 'L v Aft, r ;
working foi nimu '*nr* nr an ('Van-j
[ goltst. he -uddenlv tn |Uihlii
a n noun* erne nt that lie had become i
| dissatistl' and with a miperflclal Intel |
qr. 2nd qr. Sr(l qr. 4(1. qr. final
IVnn.ylinnln JO
( ■rllnle <> ~ . .
W. A J O
\n(rc Pntn® 0 ~ ~
Dnrtmnutli ........... O O 0 O (I
llrovtn O O 13 (» 13
W lM®nn*ln 3 O ~ , .
I hlrnitn (I ()
■ I.-
of World Events
"• 11 -j
l , xrtrs,. No.. 24. — French raids
In (hr ( linmi.niinr nt Nuherlve
(nnk tnnn* l.rri.inn prisoner*, to
day'® offlclnl xfntement Pjxnnnnc
ed. f.erman rnlds around . n.ircy
and In the Arj.mnp vxrrc fruit
Dunkirk n«* th® victim of nn
nthrr (irrmnn nrrlnl nllnrk. I,nt
there were n.i caswnltlea.
To Dine Judge Connolly.
Judge William F. Connolly, who
retires from the bench Jan 1. will
be tendered a dinner by a number
of friends, Saturday evening, Dec. s,
in the Detroit Athletic club. The
committee in charge includes Wil
liam J McAneeny, William H.
Thompson, Edward D It - vine,
Janie* (4 Murfln. Hugo J Clhrich,
Allen H Frgter, William M Walker,
John A. Russel, Charles T Wilkins,
August Goebel, ,Jr. Alex J Gr<>c
beck. Sidney T Miller
The American Federation of I,a
bor Is to conclude th® business <>!
Its annual convention in Huffalo '
The marquis of IViw n-'h r«\ one
th*» wrallhieat members of the F.r '
ish peerage, Is ’’doing his hi*'' a- a
sf.ecial police con**tal<le
prrMatlon of nlklou- truth and t '
rp*nlvt‘ri not to prpncli »notl» i •
molt until ht* had h i| •< pm . » ■ i«»*
Htul nton* vital j
rlathi." Then l;'> r« Mrivj m*V> . .
n*-.-* lisp.
R.*< • ntl> h.u in )»<-< oiio < otiv■ i
that h«* hoi "found a m»* ■ • rt<
fion.tl fountmotiv♦* ami a '.!» * t
to thf world." hr dorldfl to r. , f *•
to thr imnlatry and pulpit.
Mr Pair Sunday morn inn
rpoak on (’rod vl uallz.il " and i
th« i vonlnv oti Why I r«tir I rr« i
th ■ Christian minlatrjr and wh> l
now rriurn.’*
rrotsky Denounces
America's Entry In
to Conflict
U \SHINGTON, Nov. 24—The
Ur""d srat«x corrrnmcnt will go
v* ry slowly and carefully in dealing
ui<h » l r M ' r !kl .overtures for an
a rims: it r ;<ud universal peace, the
■ state department declared today.
' the same time d r pan inenf of
fields stated that the Russian peace
man* uvi rs could not he considered
as o-her than ‘■ ''nous" and that the
I gem ral Ru- an situation is "very
I’.it'tlv « n mean* of stifling Hus
sian p* ace maneuvers and inspiring
that nation to fight on. this govern
in'pi will he doubly insist'nr that
h" Allies agree on a statement of
their war aims and expose any se
cret war treaties, if they exist.
With Russia moving for an srru
istice and universal peace, the Unit
rd S’at* s proposes that th-> Paris
war conference shall l ring about a
! show-down. Col House i. bending
•:> ■ ffm to sway the Allies to
this view point,
I’he ‘ a iinmust be such ns to in
sore the Russian people. They
nc st be such that the Russian,
i- r ih anxious for peace, will he
willing to lay aside the negotla
"tv- and fluid on for world ch inoc
t acy.
The United States stands read' to
1 hack any stable Russian govern
rm nt. if il does not make separate
peace witt Germany. authorities told
the United Press today.
LONDON, Nov 24 Ritter de
nunelation of the United States,
which once sheltered him as a
refugee from the czar’s ren*h, was
i inc luded in a speech whic h
I Trotsky, national commissioner for
| fore ign affairs under the Holsheviki
i government, mad" to the soviet on
1 v « dnesrfny The quotations wero
re eiveii L*re tooay.
After outlining the nolihrvlki
plans for Intern a Hon a I peace, Trot
sky said:
\merica, who entered thi war to
promote her ow n financial in'erest
h> aiding' the complete exhaustion
|of K.irope, proh.ih.y will l>.* niorn
| wi lirt f«, runs. !c • the Russian pro
1 pos. .ls than anr ofhc-is. Her rulers
nil, realize (hat the p< ; »> decree is
i • mere pV ty pr* am I'ion ’’
Pi", t, h* . >ll it Oenruark today
1 <’* :< *■ tha‘ fi *'ernlzatlon betw it
l: an a:.d fie;mun-« ancl Au*
trians w » j>; "tic.illy conipi »•
| .lon- i!■* whole of th* Re.-, ~.
fror• /'i 'uhlanee of *lj •" mr \c
I tivi*’ h. ; * u and. Wiiethe. there i •
j * i n »!i : r ICO C mil, it ap
; [it r and m iain th i* Russia would
Iw: hd: o . 1 v nil her sold lei
from th" buttle : r as
!n ih»- i Amsterdam
[patch*- ivpnur i* •
I ni
! behind hi Mu hat i
burl viTiK 4 h» r i3i *rn Iron* tot
\ fM I’liPwlt' D, \ov. 2.» - h IV
i I \ * .• vu * . L' • j,* •in
hi v l\‘ HtU r> lt! psi illicit I O
Hi ik* and tcKlej on hi* to
* ■
t;c» in flwun arc hive
* ■?#*•?« oi dis- tDpt h'\n b«*# n
I ht bi*< amwuv ni of th**
for *|i '■l* 11 t i in.hi ir .if ion f*J the fp
• I d"< rm"nt« in Holsheviki
In* w r* paper The new»pap«r Not ay
azl izn denounced the move ns "the
work of lunatics which can only
tiring ealamiu* •* to Russia '
fuller eon'-* ".rva live newspapers
op'ii;' ..-sail Trotsky's actions as
constituting high treason.
\llied amha-sadors lield n confer
nice today and thereafter asked
•loir lespeotive government for in
strut Mens re garding the Holsheviki
I peace proffers. !t was pointed out
*h;t' un'li an offe r violates the treaty
of London, by which all the Allies
pledged to continue the war until a
common agreement was reached to
discontinue it.
py it at, ph fi rrpxrn
FtnfF CorretoondCTir l n*te<l Prea.t
TOKIO, Nov 24 Harbin, Russia,
is in th« midst of a reign of terror.
Robberies occur almost hourly on
the treeta, mobs of criminals pa
rade, «nd the Russian police have
■omplete.lv lo*” *h"ir power. The
city Is still divided on its allegiance
to the oid provisional regime or the i
new Holsheviki faction
Word to thin effect reaching here 1
todn\ *-*:id all foreign consuls had
• decided to make formal protest and
• • i take adequate measures for the
protection of foreigners' lives and
\c< ordinc to the Harbin messages
K* r* n ky’s whereabouts are rtill un
known end the Maximalists are
gradually ueing supplanted in po ’-
’ er by divided factions of other par
j rOPKNHAGFTK, Nov. 24.—Formal
negotiations for an armistice have
opened on the eastern front between
' the flermnns and Russians, accord
' the Social Detnokniten.
AM S TER DA M, Nov. 24.—Hit tan
j soldiers Ivve .already abandon' and
(heir advanced positions against
.German and Austrian troops on va
rious parts of the front, r 'cording to
the Frankfurter Zel'ung The
newspaper today prlnte 1 dispatches
i from Tarnopol stn’lng that the Rus-
I elans were preparing lor complete
evacuation of Crzymalow and SkalaL
LONDON, Nov 2f L- and R'>'i,.r
mere today nco p*' and th" ippolnt
i mens as head oi • li«• ait min. 'r ..
Lord Rothermere eurceec! * Lord
| Uowdray, who t*-igred when :! *.
; fact that his pi a " had bon off *d j
to laard North*:!!! Ims ;rne known
j thru the let*or in which Ns h< liff* i
|ri**fllned th cabinet porifim
I/rrd Rf nn< r. ii h' ‘lmr of
Lord NorU cliffc. 11*' Is a Liberal. ;
the weather
ttftrnll nnit tli'lnlO s lr "tiit.f
null Ximitikk fi»lr Mini nil'll --"Ml
luuml imiin'il h 'mil I I *1 nrtr»;
tiieiterm** nurihw »(«•>'' " •• •*-
lii.fr 'I lr Mi t 1’..(1t rl.nnlj
s ,iiii ,<n* nlcM n .lit ‘"min' nail <|i*;i>
BO I "111.
I |,|*or Inki-B— M ,«li-vtI«• r.inil \i|fi.i»
pn lit «-Imiml> * in t:i, i ili I .■ml
StioH-iSI |,ri»l> *'l» I* is i»'l
Hnnrrtor i < «><> ii, " • i l.|
f ni-f ! i(.r.,_ * it.! i irl'ii* I
I*. ' ih
fr n,iU i «,n •In ii ,| "lil -m i. "i_h|
„n ,1 * Hi, .li, y .
Mill % x *h 11 Mi rii vr: iu .
a n. m Ik 10 ■ in
7 n ni I ■ lit., in ;*»
s nt lg i* -i
9 ». ••• iTi i ■■ 1,, gn
Ilmhi'Bt ♦« np rnturr i* ' «». f to
lh. |in..f }| < r«, ,Hi in i >."• 1',,,,*l
1 I 111 1“ 1
It'll I r * .1 101 l .If
lifroiiirf, a:*: lon<*«,. '.‘j m-itu :t *i
f Il'Wfl» MrnUrr 111,1, JA I.", •',ll
I'tif 'ini «•!« in'nrn-r. f,.
ni. imil rliri Hr,i|,|if. • Mil , •
lor Ml’ «,*l niRM> HIT
iffiKl x,:Mgah:.:'
A ustro-German ElTorl
To Cross Piave
Is Failure
Fortify Tagliamentc
Unes In Case They
Are Forced Back
BERLIN (Via London), Nov.
24—Ail Italian attacks between
the Brenta and the Piave and
west of the Piave failed, today's
official statement declared.
This is Berlin s flr
that tbe Italians
the initiative on the
an-j i -e ?aur. :hlng various offatu .
sive blows to break the Gsrmait
9r ' p - J
—Gtn. Byng today fought hi*
wiy to within two mile* of Cant®
Th® Germans were hurled
back upon Fontaine Notre Dame.
The town is now in flame*.
BERLIN vis London, Nov. JM.
—-Thirty British tanka were
“shot to pieces’’ In the British
assault around Cambrai. today's
war office statement declared.
LONDON, Nov. 24.—Qen.
Plumer vva* today announced at
commander of the British forces
in Italy.
Lieut. Gen Sir W. Marshall
was named to succeed the late
Gen. Maude ae British com
mander of the Mesopotamian ex
peditionary forces.
LONDON, Nov. 24 - Further gain
nround ( atnbral were reported h-
F id Mar ha! Haig today. He an
’ tiunnced ‘ successful r.ppratioDH” ij
'h® drive toward the city aroun.
Hoc.rlon wood, where after sever
debiting ’’lmportant domln;vtini
round” was carried by his troops.
‘H.tween Moeuvres and Quean
an Important (*pur forming an ohset
i vafitm point over the Hindunburi
i ine no*:’ and west was captured/
' In the neighborhood of
l . .nt * further ground was capture!
| during the right,
•'La (>f n<>u:lon wood " the state
m* nt c* ntinuetl "and in the neigb
: .soni> | rfigi»’hg wm
herhood of Mo* nvres further pro
ei r» 4i vn**
V.-r.' than LOO German rnn« hav.
h* en * ADtured since Tuesdav Halt
. ..nod Thl« numhei. he « n
- o-e heavy I* 1U p. <. s uj
llij WILLI/ I nuiur HIM MU
h • t
N 4* ,. *t:1: * l vi* - Ihe city’* ti-e h* I
i.- >1 (if i • *|..r. n. ltd Mil
ro*(t-* ..re m>w h. Im. crammed «MI
remfort* rnents u ik#ai from am- n|
i exhsusi*’d lienuau division 4 »*u

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