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Wh> Our Aldermen
Should Never Fail to Read
Electric Railway Service
In (he last number of Electric Railway
Service, one of which we ‘'took," the com
pany tells us of the demands that have
been made upon it by the growth of the
city and of business.
It tells u.~- in this manner:
“In 1915 the one-fare zone car* oper
ated a total of 83,6%,"52 miles as against
82,9 b 1,398 in the year before. This was
an increase of more than a million miles.
“The jump in 1916, due to the marked
development of Detroit, was six times
y renter! In 1916. the passenger cars ran
the wonderful total of 39,541.216 miles—
the increase over 1915 being 6,004,19-1
“The present year ot 191 < continued to
produce a progressive business condition
and we kept pace, as you will note. Dur
ing the first nine months of 1916 th* c*»:
miles totaled 28,781,273, and tor .v - me
period of this year, January to the < nd
of September, the mileage reached th
huge sum of 32,807,253, an increase of
4,025,980. That increase was at the rate
of 447,331 car miles a month, so that had
that rate l>een maintained thruout the
year the twelve months’ gain would have
been 5,367,972!"
We are given the figures as propagan
da leading up to something the company
wants —more skip stops or higher faies
—or something, the exact nature of
which we are left to guess.
Whatever it is will dawn upon us with
much force sooner or later, and the com
pany will get it, so we won’t worry about
that end of it.
However, the company adds in setting
forth the extent of the extensions it has
And repeats in another place:
And a little farther on:
The Times is not disposed to with
hold from the Detroit United Railway
any of the praise that is due it for the
manner in which it has sought to keep
pace with the growth of the city. That
leaves us free to criticize its faults.
It is evident that the company has
been put to heavy expense in meeting
Detroit's rapid expansion and we com
mend it here for its public spirit in that
But why, in telling us about it, does it
repeat again and again that it did it of
its own volition.
Does the D. U. R. imagine for a mo
ment that anybody in Detroit would
think that our present common council
FORCED it to make the extensions?
The chances are that there are several
members of that august body who didn't
know th«* extensions had been made unt 1
they read about them in Electric Railway
We Said We Had Space
For Praise and Here It
Is, For Dodtfe Bros.
The Times, a few Mays asm, commenc
ed the Victor Talking 1 Machine company
in this column for its policy in provid
ing for the dependents of employes taken
by death.
It announced, too, that it had on hand
words of praise for any employer wi s h
like conception of the effect <»f an inter
est in those helping him to make his
product in hastening s he day of a better
understanding between capital and labor
and the arrangement President Wilson
has emphasized As so necessary at this
An employe of Dodge Bros., motor ve
hicle manufacturers of our city, writes:
“Why go to New Jersey for the subject
of your editorial? They have nothing
on this," and inclose s a letter fr«>rn the
Company to its workers, offering the fol
lowing scale of insurance:
R|« months’ complete! trrrn of nervier $
On* yrar’n completed form of nervice 3 ><■
Two year*' Completed term of aem t« •> 4*>n
Three years’ oomplcM form of nervpe ’<<•••
Four Tours' completed term of **-rvio goo
>’lvo jrMis and orer
'This insurance," says the announce*
ment. “is furnished Wy u* at no expense
to you, and does not in any way take
<i»e rlaec of any payment to be made for
you for accidents under the workmen s
[compensation act."
The Times is more than pleased to
kn’ow that such a broad, hunati 3}
obtains in Detroit.
Next I
l’art Way, Or All the Way In?
When congress meets. : is >, v to i« ,
all stirred up over giving l l <■ * v ' -*
more decent, if not. ind> e<i, a
orahle standing in the great war.
We are not at «.,r with Au.-tra. Tur
key or Bulgaria We are pr \nting n
I lions for the killing o 9 o’ A i>iuah--.
Turks and Bulgarians. No
these nations would ht>
[American soldier. Should Am- * I
dier<i come face to face w.
! Turkish or Bulgarian fore
be a fight, without ary } re!
| vestigation into the dip - '■ :ma .
relations of the count " -■ |
In short, w ar* k r
not shameful, position > * ► \ 1 * \
with whom we are at ji a.is j
somewhat of the a • o' 4 - ,r biooa>
Wry likely, wo lose much by it. too. .;
Declarations of war upon these three na-;
‘ions would undoubtedly have etiect
upon their morab allies of Germany, i
Besides, how can we sit at a peace table,
with world-wide democracy our honest
purpose, and help fix the destinies of
people whom we ve merely stabbed in
the back with our money and munitions? ;
How can we honorably claim that this i$
an issue between civilization and bar- j
bar>m. when our national attitude is
that of peace and soft-dealing toward
Lsuch profesional barbarians as the Turks
and Bulgars?
In respect of these three nations, we
are a neutral doing all we can. save
shooting, to put them out of business. It
hath an ugly, a German look.
Compunctions? What!
A voice from Austria! She hasn’t had
any voice of her own for some time, but
now she demand* that the Italian gov
ernment declare whether Venice is or
is not a fortified city.
Austria evidently has compunctions of
conscience about destroying the magnifi
cent “Queen of the Adriatic" and her
priceless art works.
You’ll have to make Austria 'hut up,
Mr. Kaiser. Anybody with compunc
tions in your party is liable to 'tart a
What Was He?
General Pershing has had to have one
of his -cithers shot for murdering a
French woman.
The people want the whole -tory abou*
that fellow, general. Was he a pro-Ger
man, a pacifist throwing a fit, or just a
From Another Point of Vieu)
11 | j
When a banker gives up work, it is
[generally to retire with enough to live
on the r> -! of hi.- days. W hen anew --
paper in an gives up his work, it is gen
erally because he is broke and ha> to find
something to do that will keep bin 1 , out
i of the poor house.
« • •
“Tris Speaker Haps Ban Johnson." -ays
a headline. Proper, might we observe, j
: :- ■ .* »•-*• to do tr e rar \
• • •
during millennium
"! have he,, and o: protraci*-*d meetings."
remarks K. P. (\, “but of nothing Ijefore
like thi
• 9 •
She i- rr. i'\ f-r gag' and in knitting the
sweater we take it. having heard her in
forming somet»ody over the phone that
a couple of inches more and she will be
up to the neck.
■ •
The Detroit library lists among the
new books one called “Hone-? Abe.",
“Believe it from me," says Mawni -j. “it
has to l>e a fiction."
• • •
?io ahead, Phyllis, if you t‘ l ou
would like to take a c< 'ii c ir ui ie
| speaking. Vou can always count on g* t-
I ting a job addressing envc’or
• • •
t’nlhoun county tr-oi? ?! .at a young
I lady out there has one brown eye and
1 one blue eye.
[.Ah. lucky, lucky girl l* thi!*:
No ctuinc* ha* ah*- »i nil to m * -
An *•> e of brown and on*- of bl i* *
«• ••>'., !; •< HT']*- If *
Sfu*'!! inn<? -‘dm* f* ‘ S .’rw »r ' •
| On* linking f«*c l.h** eye of Ir » n,
| Or on** who liken the other hit*
! A*.d ratrh him with »he * yo of blu*.
No (hiinrc has ahr, lt> plain U n **,
I Os s's r h* Im i’t f‘
| WiU one of bln** and on* of brow*.
I And luved. >Ol4 *ev. both right
• *
I And they tell us winter does not Ugin
I until Dec. 21.
“His Garment } hum's Loose About Him Like a Giants Kobe l pun a
Dwarfish Lh.*’ Ky Webster.
I ■ ( r
(i r-~' r >>
. O'
L u /
,■‘ • • s, IP%// 5 / ;
'' ''
'Orrnrt* »<>l - H ? f— >
J>|f4o K
Tmjs OE p APTVENT * r-amta ned to »*ed the tight of truth on t*e
ope at -on* of the advert *mg faker, the quack and swindler \t
we comes lette'» re at ng e»per ence* w th advertiser* who nave
men jrfair in the - assertion* or promiiei—who nave mated or
•and the " reccgmt'op to hone*t adver
tiser* D shonest advert *e-« *no may be found in The Time* will not be
soa-ed It e. >! pr -t ttte r * deemed c* public r.te r e*t Advice w aso
be g ven to rnvesto-s. Only letter*. a»vin§ the writer's name and
ad2'* S s „ be considered Name, w e prated or withheld a* preferred.
Address, The Ad Mirror, The Times Detroit, M ch
i« n In --'rsr.s to th» West
.A' ■ A.,, ! in tv r.-,min* and Oklahoma te it worth
i w my name, use initial*.
r.... V M R M
. j m, would riear of
r,-. T-.,'. y , ,i, .. • ,i.,j r ;>*.-<ir: < -,g the :r. dependent oil rompaot^a,
r m atlon « mm.
f *.»•••*% 4 \f .
0. * *r i ■ r r g ir'l rar If NT- **
v , ,♦ . K n<fly in#* Ini Malt
* . ' ..' MItS II H.
~ v-, .. ii, , ’ i,, r-
- i .. • ;. , r . - >f, .i, * - • ■ f them We are ready to
.' l v ‘ . r:i»-.i;nna! va!ti< It la non-alcohollr and
' r , ■ •/..,• Hr ’ •» • ipp»-ar to be If* mos* artlvr
, . . r ,*. : > . • f rri> ' - pa»ent med!r:neu,
,’. r .. v, • f manufacture.
i *ii» % \ •*> omimimhii:*
/ * , >r 9 l r ‘ ■
| , * • »< t' ftfle ' • r.r ?fi I" £ 7
' r
4 ,
• N9 w Vo t k
nm t ' ff\ r .nd * T Pf** if.l* VT - f• O9 • i1 •
• • • t. '
jin Ij& 77 e* #-F 'll fit V I'it. r.
i * Afart<sfi * J
• 1 * Ty* f 1 *’ ■ Ma** -
rr m * ;«* u ‘ * ' **’ +sz r *
!1 1 2- f>f t' a 1 Vlf i * esig
•I■*> ei” -n \
l I'*l * ! '■ - » '■■‘■n hr I*4 :
|rr - : - 1 ' ' l ./■ ' * } " B I
o\i; H' W( »«.»» TODU I' tmi: j
a \ x
P. >* mniHT hr-ry »*• •*•+*. *r*r\ t v o* !
M* k* •h- *1 A:*x*norin
T«n» m « nitiTiin u*
A ■r. ' '• I■-f» n k
H s-/ • » ■ | ..Of r : I*, • •
■r «>>• ii iao var*l ,rs a* j
, -.ft* an » A ♦ ■»■a t » 4Uf ’ ■ t 1 m
a *«■• n i t*nii -i «•••-• j
•.. *, -ei horn *1 f , . j
K "'XT *"
ft » #h!c’*-l i- •
. .r r H II I/Ml I V«■
. j , t „r,’r<'* M
\ M.in'-; I i*gs
The Ad-Mirror
And Advice to Investor*
if The Time* Prirts It, The Times Believe* it
Pointed Parasrraphs
It - nan voo ar** ralkini? »o
• r :« wif** i»> Hm* to «hot
A nan dodr«»ii wh*n h*
m<*»- opportunity
W - c? a man aro n*v«>r
r*-1>■ ft***;! .n rotirt.
■■ » t L.ng th< *op a man
- al.M'ir 't,* mom th*'!**
TANARUS; “ r >- a lot of A**ntimor,t ;n a
«■/■ >f Th<* hand hv th** rl*cti T
Thf r ir*-r a man 1* ? ha» woman
r v *oy th* aur**r •h* is *o
p'av wph him.
t-r lt rld** n*T*r bring* oar*
:at:on of having a favor
* man forir*ta to ask his
wiv- x|u*h**r sh<* r,»**<l* any money
i :r«* s,nn tha" th* hon»*y
•; or r -< an th** wan*.
nadorned may b* all right
• b it a IV* *■
nproves *h* turkoy.
Out of the Mouths of Bnbe-s
> jth was trying U»
f„• >,h»' m*mplain*! ‘♦his
b* aal»**p I just <*an't
f;." f*-nfj in It- «*)« ut all*’
j ,*ra!ts am h** ni*>st and■,
• «rd th* **hrh"f of h*
■ « !,•*► :n K* ograph ■
t*ira:gJ,ta," p[<unptly an
*r* *. ! i boy at »1 « f»>rt
Vi r- p »a ■ H !’ n k *h * ! ! ’
* ri--i j A a 1 >-«**<irr in ponotuattor.
I ,* -h** a«*K*d oT a
p i;.ii, pointing to a period
i nd'iiTftd lha llttlo ona,
- ’I * lid off an *».’"
dl lulla a sash« r wa« mry
,nd fin* day ah* **aid
. why did oil rnarrv papa’’'
<- | iov«d him, d*ar " to
i*i mu," oon*lnti*d Joi a
vi i make *ia kontao do anv
' t.d n t i» r
One Hope
.*«■ 1 Ift going up
**>d Mayb* »h*-v will b*»
ii 'j| n lb* number of
| l - I lriond»T**d ablrt laf*
7he Keep Well
Scarlv fpvwi isrlfs mof* in Intr:
ri'r than in'. - o(ht*r *ruptt\w fevm
Tin* real
of the ilir*• ais
a* tm» unknown
It i* known, how
♦ rer. that th-» i
s?re; tocce cus. a ]
certain form of
pu« prixlunn*
ernn. is prenent
n the no***.
mouth*, 'hroats and blood of *carle'
fever pa’irnt.s
One *o 11 day* and occasional! •
mor • elapse after the r*>a! germ o'
:*c * rI»• T fever cam* en'ranc,* to ;h* j
I bod) Mon th# ffoiptoini ippctr
AVhenev* r scarlet fever !* pn v
i lent every child suddenly *‘n r '-.-
j with illn» ***. or even mild!'
i affected, should b»- farefull - - watt'd
I ed and a ph'«lcmn called immul
j ately *o 'hat an accurate diagnosis
l may be mad* 1 f<>r ft itood of the
family and the community
A certain number of Irdfv dr.V
are naturally immune ChUdr«*n of
i school age, however, ar" fp-qu* n
! victims, making medical school in
j rpection bv an efficient curp* of phy
sician* and nurse- a necessity.
Yours bab:< * ar*- not «n frequent
iiy ejpo-ed Susceptibility af'er f'■
| years and n adttlts decreases owinv
J partly to greater actual immunity.
! par*!' to immunity acquired from
j an arrack in childhood
1 Scarlet fever probnblv does no’
spread widely thru 'he ai r . It re
i quires rather c.O'c contact with rt
'one afflict'd >r with »otnc >b;"*'
i tha' is contanura'ed by the patient.
Hsatfh Quest oc* Ai|A»rej
Miss L M writ*-* I Ha v» h""*
! fold tha' wenring a veil injure
I the e.ve*|ghf, I- this friie , ‘*
Occulis'* ag-en tha* *h» -vearlni
of veil* J* Injurlo'i* *o the * ves To
i «ee thing - * ; t.n n*''ing mu*' h mdi
i cap the vision
\ Pfou. \\ i■ ||
Dr fv.scm Time* ar n awfully
' dull l can’t imagine what's be<om<
of all the patient* l i: H to have
Mrs D Iy* • hope t . ti>-
| dear' Drowning'* Magazin*
If your bo* Isn’t «<• i-far'or? »’
j mention the fact to aml t< •
bans he will nermi’ '■ ltor. * .
An ExUwotion
You O'r, •('« IhH wov
Tv#, pot H«v<»r»l thin K-'* l
Wart to today, anti
I'M <im !*/•» to put »ti 1 ‘bought m'o l!h\ u*
(Tiia’ nqui'f- « «retain ammint of train work and nnrrgj
Ar.d I don’t r**|
KltrflfpUc) «
I rri going in srr if I rali’t slip >
11,js fr*«- vft • dop*- , ,
Or*r on thr editor 'in qLii p
Os ro'il tduff tha*'K worfli m«fp * . J
If I grt h* »;*h that pfunf
k I ran go join th* ho.»n
\t ft*- K♦-1 ! > pool garn*'
And toil >*m how runy * x
: It H to ho H pilt'l.
T*u.t *tonl> *i* u*n I httf for
Th<» frp** l \« r«« proposition
\nd a> dint U‘» >» t»» * t#*i ointio-
Than i to n giilar fr«*»* »»*r*«* port* harn.
J tons.
\\ lu> Stay Home
IM II tttOlXi * •»\ 1111 l f'F
Author f "*:**-<• I .>!■*!<• ..f ivrinn
• itly' r« * 1 *'V ar.tl
!’ur >n! «tc.
There atm aio people in thin rmin j
r> who do not M’«*m to r»*alla»' that J
V* e H. «> at WHI ,
(>rtiur|>, at any rau* dirt do not 1
r«**li«c that, to win the war. 1 1»«*v !
ibemst lv«*f. rnurt tender war >.<rvU«',
loyally, earnestly, and intelligently.;
I’rnuft affaii- nut, by even
laxly, be subordinated to public bus j
.•..** Without e\« •pt ion the*.* who j
home must find plac* in :«n
artt v b u k of thp arniv at the front
It iIIQPH* prevents active effort
.•. ,• n .it >t,. j,,.. . o»’ par I
tli'ij-a i u n it ** wt»r to the • itent j
of t'tin • wt»h:n one- mean- for 'he
, >p*vf? Os the flehtinjr men
(it. ,j] r>Mt ttie OfluitlvrlV Ml the
oh! _'.«t >n both *o gt\ o and »o
• • a run ■' of , ' * r
V,,ij * * i. 11«« | m , [,(>s ro !
vo -r• «'f th»- ij'je-f JOn
\ru i r* ally -e» vtng m' '*oi.fntry \
a* I in and hould In this iltne of,
< rißi'*’**
i* ? v " :r ' n<w “ r ~ j
mb*’ ■. voting men. t e
W‘ le t wr.-e '1 • able s brlitis
in* details of the first hand to hand
htv! irirAv I^rnr»'» ■
VH!M fl\* Hti trvi* L and It raliiptn*
,« ~\ei ns f!.a t ;>'! paid by. our
b-ave b» y
a «*»ipreme t-aer fit . mailt* hv an j
American Kef.* for h‘.- flap and for j
f'Htl vo-1 afford even to «eem in
different to the sarnfl- es thus being
i an you - oolly continue *o -Vt* nd ,
' v *iv!ne r-rbap* some money
so, war interests, hu* sharing in no
:(• ;•» war woi k *
-he w»r wdi nd vonie day. When
homo von wan* »o be able to gt\p a
* .hie t i •• \ e K’lO-l xrcotintd
of them «.dvps
You W :<! wan* *<> have - ht*;r re
..pi---f an i your -* n r--i >•". >o :
wj|' vant to he able • rr-or their
: if» . • %
y r,v • 11 no* want anvb< -ly *o he
n a postti -n to point the and: - *r of
-<• -m at y>u and nay “He was a
ijackpr "
If 'hen. vr>n have to confers that
P tn the pres* n* yon have no'
.brown yourself whole heartedly in'n
efTort f-->r v-r.jr ctintry h*.. :n at
:♦« to nv*ke amendt
T»here are a 'housand war ae'iv!
ties from which you can mak<
H*?»»r than anrbodv else, rou
know your capaliihMes nn-n'n! and
phv-1, al Vnittn'Ze th* various war
work opportunHlea. select the work
for whi-’h you r< 'ogntz*' that you are
a, «t a t Ted a rid i hi nee Into it
Don't continue to h* a mere Imk
er on IV,n’t be satisfied w ith tongue
patriotism S* • r-nd and body «'
work for 'he nation* good
llnllst s'dW 'n ’I e tnnv har',< of
the ahtnv at the fr<-n'
Wake up’ F.ti* *■»:r* vo’irself Do
what you can with ail your mt*h*
an*l main
The Bur House
’’And what/* s«k»d 'he visitor of
the intelligent lunatic who uitag
In* and 1* was a poached egg, "what
seems to give the greatest hope to
'h‘‘ mild cases here*"
• W'.-l!*a: f 1 rh.c no* looking
around for h piers o* 'kic *o h»
co Id -it down "the fool finest ions
asked by «om# of our caller* give
u* the hop' that we ain't so had off
as we think”*
At'ho oniv 17, he had come to
I ’ torn up,” and was in the recruitinr
loftier answ * : ing sotUf question- » v m*
I ')t» sergeant was putting'to him
Look here my man." “.aid the
sergcan*. "are you willing to die
! for votir country?”
The r* f r 1 »» opened his eyes with
• No. • h< replied- **T'rn joining
•in to rnakf a fJerman die for hi*”
Tit Mith
To Bo Exported
ladge The new rector Is ver;
j prog re- v<-
Marjtiih' Thev even *a> he'* go
I in? to • * aside a room for the con
gregfttintt to tor* 1 their golf club
I during service Life
"J tt carrier !n p< troit, ft rents a we k; cT*
year fall Main and *L’o. tnu-ied ~1 the
Over there
(Copyright, I<lls, by Frank Crane)
Over tlu'ii* they’re jfointf.a million of
tho.lHfst .im! hi iifhtost. i)v «*r here why
all this cry of Liberty Bonds, food con
servation, and surtax? It means that
the lathers, mothers, brothers and sis
ter- are standing by, t<> feed, clothe and
at rn their soK'iers.
< >ver there they are flirting with death
in airplanes, defying' death in trenches,
flouting' death in the trumpeted charge.
What are you doing over here? I mi
eizing the government? Whining' be
iMiia* you cannot n o your free speech
ta dishearten your country? Complain
ing beenu e you cannot nde your i>et
Over there they have the mon ter of
iini militarism by the throat. Over here
are you talking of a that shall
let that monster escape still strong to
wreak his filthy will?
Over there i- a Niagara of self-sacri
fice. Over here are you seeking to water
your crop of profits by the sneaking
streams of self-indulgence?
Over there is \our son, even now per
haps in an unknown grave. Over here
are yi»u going to encourage the opinion
ated fanatics who can speak only slan
der, and nfo England and America,
who are standing shoulder to shoulder
against the onslaught of the three-htgut
ed were-wolf that is ravaging the earth?
<)ver there the mad mullahs of I‘ru.s
-sianixm are torpedoing peaceful ships,
the assassins of the sea are destroying
ti:t commerce of the world, food and
merchandise for the welfare of the peo
ple are piling up in the bottom of the sea,
‘ spurlos verst nkt.‘’ Over there they are
carrying men away into captivity, muti
lating children, outraging women, reduc
ing cities to rubbish heaps, devastating
field- as by fir* and salt, till prating of
and the mailed fist.
Over here, if we are doing any less
than our supreme best, if we are not
placing at our country’s disposal all our
lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor,
we are recreants to the greatest duty
! destiny ever imposed upon a free people,
l we are silent allies of the lords of hell.
What are you doing—over here?
1 Laugh With Us
TN-ro wrb (b'* ti*iinl roMr-rtlon of
t!i»- .-1: ok* r<«>!n m i among f h* r; th«* Inevitable
qnmt. innn rommfinims had
been the order of the evening. |
and ’he fun waved.fast and I
Then the fjutrt man spoke
“It’s easy.” he began, "to an* j
swer such riddles a* ‘Why t.s
your hat 11k« ,a baby ' w hich
or iy contain one simile, but !
*orn<■ of fho** with two and
more are twisters F'or instant e, what is the
difference between the son of a millionaire, an
organ, and a gum pot ?"
"I give f* up," “aid the mustard traveller, whs
wa* generally very hot at guessing riddles
"The son of a millionaire is an heir to mil
lion* while an organ li* a million air-s See?**
•Tint wha* about »h<- gaim pot ' tn<juired the
hosiery r< presentative
“Oil, th •'* Ju*t where you stick." replied th»
quiet man.
\ private of a well known regiment, who was
*»|w.v. « wanting l*ay* on some eviu-e or other.
m 3
f-frang*'. I'rt’. u** r'heek. as only
this morning 1 received a letter from vour wife.
- rt ving she did tmt v« <nt umi to see her any
mop *o hoped f would not grant you I* ave '
p. Th'-n ! uppose 1 can't hav«
leav*». sir**
forntnandinc Offcer No, vou cannot
pru itr r he# V ftt !r . .. a* ' • g. to the door)
s»ir. may 1 complinteni you*
r'< tnm itidinv Ofllc'T Yes. f 'l'ainly; on
what '
j ~fr < la ! lug two «uch loveir
* ,a regit iei,t, because |m not mnrrt"d
An un-tahle patron of \*w York's gey places
K ,. h wr no'thwHrd recently w hen
li<. tnn e lltx.i, !‘l • t. !'■ efUM
ns *nme upoii u’ i'
mao at t'olumbti-' firde, who
I* t* voil l**ok at the "tar* for a
nickel. The htbuton* Otie
looked at the telescope in
un a/i met ♦ "Sh a • gun’"
he • aid thicklv H« l»*i' hi*
firg< r* to his ears and w itch
ed lT*«« n♦ 1 v a shooting -tar
f. II from the *kr The ha|*p>
one rmllcd broadlv f f*ol hi* fingers frotn h's
r , ;ir) ii pat: ed the »* h-*cope man "’Rba a
ftt r,r\ *ttic'* old tu. ' he aid and wabbled on*
into the park
i-I t \\!’>t will vou rlmrg»- rue for »h«- use
of a hoi -u and bugg' f"i «
A A i
.p i
Krlith l»icky. «lear, your «*(T\ e ia in HUM
st ir n ? it •
fr.ck* \#- Vh' 1
Kdtfh ThAt'a «Itat I told
papa He made such a funny
rptsrake about you yesterday,
i lt» • i«t<) heM be*h looking ■ *»i
lup In Hr««lst.r* et,
applied at the orueriy room
and asksd hi* commanding »>f
flier if he might have a few
days' leave a- id* wife wa* ill,
and had ent lilm « letter ask*
ing blm to come at once
flu' his commanding officer,
gcnini t red of him alw;r. s
wanting leave, smd - "This m
r- ~ p—"n* —t"
I |j
few hours'
l.iv rvnun It wtl co*t you
t lor the fli «i hour and J 1 for
each additional hour.
l ad- W *ll. 11l use if fdr
iwrr addiftonal hours I've got
som* shopping to do and will
not r«tjt|ire for the first
SIA O ..*

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