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The Concordia eagle. (Vidalia, La.) 1873-1890, April 01, 1882, Image 1

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·,.~ 'Ir~ ~·r
\i, ~·. fl· 'fir. , ' 1
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I~~ ~ ~ ~~~~ 'r':'· . ·- r=' .2
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ST i
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i ~~~, -'$·. r·:':.~~,
m ee ·u d .eeagns tirn
ass md idarwa
5at a .eget iyr aram.
seat dAs lMmS lwes a em n
saesnbsa.b f ,pe .
lug1 IM waheem to / D ng se le
tm 3.a/ý amea hbme mes *
mfe-I iram Jiid t ha
whek *pivd mesasg ihmmb of
les Imp.emnmt but ulit. hable
It w *efl ng1I . bfhmgr
wIs A VIh& had suemmed et, eim
dey. bdr .mlmrsph'm b e 4Ags
and totty Is diw we A that Obght
buwhie Is Demro hemd wa ttotf ny
butI h lm that sdmiof the
oe hah ueeae l Iwo
I ams tsient -n OimEltp. sa the
swe (a re, Uo la llew.gamsmsem.
lm , mie hley; le I had61
anotho '.pme.s, bt mweSW W yapp
hIn .epewelm g mfym e fro Du.
tin in lersn . ls teawiua..
I k 4tlmln the l m ehk I how
bue4. ammiebad lasm aeB bl-ai
mainI wa .seiew we aed n
li s- empty bat-ohm mammy arriga
laim soa thIteo lws mIaes haotw
whl. a gatrea edday In. al.y
smle dew nety edpo lte m I had
a god opomdtnuMy ml simmring de ap
I moauemss ghe wot y-onrapmp
amtya st mbee them omnem fwty.s
tatl mot dubeai Mau han oonda
him hat, sad isatm e hem were mteas
of oeaboe. ea smmed smledn
at hawiu ght the mbd, mid beang
ike aje d L Ieebsd tu0 on.
vemea, ;ur Jodlaew proleded. In
yin cdmme redid1 hfom D
mynl to I m sed t lter my mi
I .atmdef lt a jat ofi dome On
waW7gosaiiess seIs sat my aeg.
Um Mel, .uitlka My mm
eam, - m " lang hse et nas
aWe teppw na fO Ih. m hm I
eth s al eat It meey we
ihn albmty oelde-h tawn mlmbes
aml as eeims was vul ginS gut.w
amy eampeavy appar mly Ieap I b
ra f" ospoetulty cb ene t bir lr
IMoUnstm 6bewe nas anmo tpb
-gatee MA aten om te p
smod hewS brh nS be Miang the
hanUg bhr Mek hap I dal ant
senI, nd atas his Ientdm
at blad migt lb. taWind bdein
tib -a" quits - hagI of
wyhg kly uee.y nand qIdeemn
moy yr wee allh my age
sa fenn we at of doass On
os Imyim wi imihd wh ag
mutes IesIVase stel a ay mow
W. Mpp ad atUtA".ud ben Ib
hiskau 4 "W wIN. mies o
wLr I%*avw Mgru st pt.
Lmyad Ca me me de
rI was l*tes nad onlmteb
I sp+1M1slM nt'as
teaiº >E v" to to Q* a
whii t ddli "roi il. nd ua
tad enel m
e ags k I adni .AeMal we" as
hOs to Cattesaoals am
tevae Wh &bly ho was it darp
.sUdo . the day wa Ic dy, al
ahe was sanwam P"9tyng
a. lu tlI de)m- Le pu tIn
*ass add. a fay ast she weea
tyW bvY mah, *iae had ., i
IWMet ad ifto ds0 s with
a rll. M'ag d hIeent Ml seale
ty Pot whiek I daaeasomt, I mm
ae to get a as view of the p
It was t fees of fe y g man
who bhald b .ld a thed year be
fee wea I hadmIt Sat ra I
I versen - alsthle t atb a
maet to atb ma. W tri al I had
Te ahi thes ad t wi ths threst
Tbhe sn w , i. ate s ;lmu
Iwhat. tkI. youn lft the train
on outr p journy the petoo. year.
esn th lady alghd; I a slae. A
se awaited bt at the station. I
sameod a y, sad dAaliag the driver
be knoW the eaagey I disanveel
mswh bo wr'*.* . 1r ha m
Sole, .ntly. appeanwed to be
ao as aeltet pbdtlao, and to be
I asnot detrby IW diwassey,
fora I lt I could otbe mlstakes abont
a bus whieb, thaogb I had ewlduly
noied I o ly In a aal way at th
ti- had neithims beo -amped
up a y amyatd,a esuseutm tou su a
mamaer with the lo Ion met of eveme
tboamas of painds.
I welt to a poie. station, told
thea whn I had sues and what myrs.
glamos wee. They Histem attentively
to what i ad, a the aid that I
meet be hseumae-What the lady in
quaolus was well known, the widow of
an eees who ha adire feas ter sn
iag ue a logp proparty In the eomau .
.e hd .we.ma. Oae hadebas n the
navy ma ha ledt his lif n the week
ao te Royal Caser mbont a year prw
vi-st. Th2e otd was expeated hoe
vey day. saL ba be away almetd
ulao the ada l MoatOetobur.
It a headdine they sad, to make
aqulia s sah a direetla. Illutil.
Se and digelWale I fond aaysalt
eampilel to Isane mattas a they
wast"t a my ietmn to Landos I
wrote to the aled of the polias ease
oan, d eiLteratel my convaietas so
by whet I aM. Tb resultotnayl tow
eWs laur bast aslse,.wawL
I was mamdtag i shop; it was a
dall sabl t November, ad the
viitor who Gmse Ia spole at to amy
asitk wh seea sa him to a1e we
tas to a moalm I eagnlalsa my
Nd waissg to make saything quite
pablse Ilal l way to tha aer room
I u as oa 4 rmyalf, amd hewed th
astea mhair. so was too silaed
it dowa, adhbut bps Hestaye so em
"Ten SuahLM tath day I basled
with yeo roan apb~ead, daer he sa.
'a"thrdly," I ueKas. $I have too
gaolgetams to membe It."
"I h. L I hadl basse s the a
glar .us.se ilI thehra ah
w a - teaS PlmpaL* . the
*theabieg fat aqi sbag."
hUak buS toor
rIdetll s $rhe galstlam . "7
th a poltal gea I remuhed I
Mthibu ihdie m a. uak tha I
stiima , whase ptan gal n. 11111
Iagsi mg t ip ha IM ,
.- a ead Q th m, d
Mb-- O i M b*. V* as
" 4h w dotertisAmowit 1V o
lda toIo aed w dO bdea R m dee
--tha t taow e mA I I mt Me
S*at rl tow ,ts fat w * d i m
be. o s be tha at' 1 > a !
Wet ea band d'r d o. b st "esa.
ne dodetadvisedanu to aq, .
l. teeb c mo t- tu iht ic
thatIrr i hadw Ine I pua he
whieh toekee to Aasuagin 1* Ibsehe
the engaeansst iwoald hae itutred
mymother in eouideuthIb peem*0y
"She knew I bad to o; ade alb
did not log me to di, eda
tlabeand her hsbemd was mah he
and tae da e, omr ber, I llft te
borse that emor u eyad j ed bas
aouth to UZdeepool jes to is
stoh kmy tetmmbouad bodibessnr*
"' W Uatmed yei raesey hom .
The arst thg I herd after  dHng
mly moth,, w:
" "hii is sba bag you. yht with
you frqm Moelah
"'In my oom,' I ad.
'" 9a it ao  me' he mid.
wondiad how AbIad bea2=t1aR i
we ttomy roomnloaeedthe mpboel,
found the bag just I ad Io i
took it dewastairs. I was mt goping
to open it when, to d Sill ftberye.
priske, my ethuer ai:
"'Are you quits au that is your
bag, Arthurt
" I looked at her in mstoaibahm.
"'Well, mother I amse a aa hu.
a- being ma be of anything.'
"'Did you open It ater yeo ear
home, dear
"I thought ter a moment, sathen
"'No; Iu am erl I did not I ould
not bear it.'
" Time,'i mdy mother, ' be pre
pam edor a spre. I thik you will
And that you bhre ameone eo m'. bg.'
"I did not swer, for I wa trying
to unloek the bag
"'It is req odd, I samid; 'my kLey
won't open IM.'
"My mother rang the bell, and i
walked the imdpemaor."
Here my vidtoroeaed speaking, and,
walking hastily the shop door he
beokoned to some porson seatod in a
hansom cab doeao by. It was my fiend,
the inapetor of pollee at Croewe.
e oooatlnod the dstory; but flat he
plied on the table my "blaock bag."
"There, dr,"said he, "is your bag.
You w*ere qult ht. This gentleman
took It bmlistak That mornfugwhen
as. - sent for ams, I found the beg
uaopeed. I oed the look ad onalnd
your name alel the beg. The eon
tests a ltest as you will ae."
I opened the oS, and before l would
allow thb to open my bag I took his
hem t she , auid, pilaing it beside
my own, we a threo enw that i due,
mak, indeed, in weight, they wmily
sirembled et oter.
Altbeagh I bI that I hiad really
adethe dsaovery mymaif, I eheerfull,
paid thaperthereekeek he derted
for the der dand empt meamer in
whch he muat bas compel amy ioe.
-ls - -0.0;rl -to
some yees agb an Iba bkr e,
of Deebali, 11, todt bet -mo by
inning to beat of a seaper. Todal
eo is -elUoa goel lingbyollpaat.
seb bdahb, to be ine eth.
Whim you ma en lmtel metber mew
ilg the ieamto hs boy palosem
dth "a.a.ern *m.
In the !aet lyorinover40 peeple
hoe teen buralsup nlae , san
in steemm au - S hire per.
Imb i shto ureae n
' ur nodt, , te
alme alts. ween j ~ a
than wheam we Mo fm e M 1
w aas iraya s ime st'ei ary
emdle.s. whih to emeaeF .
mena G ehdo-awqy is * '
PeiTly i os ptre -we rt maes
ey wb mese to _. ,l
Im alm esthei wem eatbM.eas
ei wod hea dnbes N - bM
leat inks thtr eha n e m thir
>isek Ua Ie e ossib g b te. A as
khA i y w fMre been to lby
Uwr fashb etmilieg '*1gb
mm* enm teyd eno he4
-go. ar . a . b t.i.r * .NI.
tkee bdmtmgb eaealr reameiliad
mures when beng- t -s I -wa
bresm they will "play eSt," sadtr de
haelsag poe...e We theeeess wwl
I*e thoem who would tew legag
es. ils inuter tim. to p heaser paDk
that they ka oer then re aregM
mo*as of gofany bwad. I they
wl"4o bring thar old hue Into eIags
atis peiod, they mut fee themdb
b~hight adve. keep them  orm sad
dry ;ad fIrnsh tIse with plety of
anbel food, wheat, bokwheNAt and
produeing food tor this psrpo. had
so t will be for the look ehs faeed,
a hat We a a poUidS oma, bat you
may thus ars wnter laying ht p.
Poduy World
- a le wea hr ea...
It has long bees knows tbhat therts
of plants oseead in eath would ssal
wate so ehot a to be qult maetmable
to the band. X. Wiliae, is the
masl of the Sooiety of Pruestiel
Hortlclture," of the UBion, Rease,
relate thatpiamls in pets maybe best
ad with hot water when out of health,
the aunal remedy for whiob has been
8a says when il-health ensee from
mid sabiane contained or generated
in the soil, ad this is absorbed by the
oot, it sets as a poleon. Te small
root e withered and -ses their as
tioc eosegmausty th upper and
yosageishootel ho eplat teas yellow,
mad the spots with whlkh the laves
se emneed Inldate their morbid
seta. In suck ees the asual remedy
Is to teansplnt into fresh erol, clean
the pots earaenly, .emr good drain
age, sw ctes with the beet re
salits. But the experies.c of peal
years he -rove, with him, th =sn-l
lag emesy of the impLe benatenet
wlbh paelts in watering abendaty
with bt water at a temperature 0 S
depess lr., hiving psevi oe wde
theerel ath apo ofar aamgh be
dose witout Igjurytotheroots. Wate
i then is wuntil itr u thesly bofa
In his epelmenta the waer iee
em out ear; afterward it was .s.i
bly tingel with brows, and gue ea
appsed" id a eidbo. Alter this
tbs-o wa-hns the s wey kept
am. Nest leg the ae.e ci Ieems
mlieea beetseAeeseed tobeeps the
apeedled -apo- s their leaa
wee rassealt. as them e e ebrewed,
med theib semal leok of heelth Very
eeosther mada new reta, inmehiteiy
loweab y rivog mewth.
meetsk L atheawase wIll lhaime
a US e1tias M . i im
Sser war a.rts I l l
shiea -ea torul Ie t
wdb am seg$I m lp -auM
hmud ·m io, e is ab e
acunn esUs P mLs
The yew meen fns beal es,
sidered atrese at 
A ltle Wk41ie ui4514 Ap hiel
sies to eu ek s am m.urn
-Amon the bmobr of p,l. e
'there ano se astn.kir".t li
Blk dmemksr ane sw de by p'
lg ,i alk tise m. ee.sesa IsEs
asbbe am i pim' le. is pand
e a ame Pt,
The Sfame. Meuge of ugo 61.
leg Selemms tessmg ldielv r ea
sel savese of a 4e4t1lM40 im.
A buwnds maisel1 harae
arek on l d s ft o ugo a4m4
bglc about en M tMhe AsauI. stli
aiedis of the w ele.
T,,iea them eal uis, sedsni
to the blser ashMy. .e , peuple
Isa, the fo des, a t nh omel41
me to ire Vg sa Ia y. I
The l basof d Te t geo Big
eds seaed hs e e e..usit. f ar
ler d fa wit a theod ea e
bIshek e thpli a tlyel .eee r
It is febad by esperimnt thbt
amest, beofre belg fed to digs, biert
ps s i i apessduetlydlgsa, whie U
swAllewed is lae pioes the reset is
Tres, dwrs mahgniss, a unm t
quantities of water. The sro eonred
with foLeais sia sis-te-aths oi the
whole naletil, theb res hevie bum.
empted howr4ths.
A Rusias wast orf s . the evel bk
hbeard hypothel that hlIs of 'ea
mial origa, sa is eaptled by or
woldi is jeaosey through spies is
the .me way sume tn ersesusasd
to their pleastm. 
There re a weekly mle is Pars of
teasd, sLiuh se brought in cab.s fiMI
tods are worth from auty to nseval
shOliags. These are bought for s.
Sme birds, it is said, deert thir
yonrgwhenever thelittleoomebsvebe
toucbed by any member of the hum
s~e. Th, young birds died lermosm
in the nest, and are eten by the lt
that e always foraging up end dowvs
the trees.
fketebis by S"mtg 411
A iollesstn of keiteshe by Slteg
Bull, mmweenmstI the -ps aei
ofC his li, the whole comalatisng a pi
turi astobgaspby, was purarahs in
1870 by Aseisan ~aSo James 0.
Klmboll or SL0 in ptrevlieas b en
!sakboasl Slouz whe teek U Ilea
a0 asorn. These ibstehea, o t
miheaity of whih then re bem
eaudssabs doubt, ahee best I por
aso ofao r dthwudgsteat Sro eeaul
years. The olleetil wessweiY mst
to olonel Andews, esmemlsg Pled
aNedmil, where Ule ol is a ga
oner, is order that the bliss base
sters and eatgea Shah lgdsileme.s
This Btulls al ba dea with ast of
the aBsehes, ispIaiseg th a awd
tem isles to ais tweetr, hun
reek m redouad t the m l ,l y of
gaesate In dsswisg, esmpseiis
sua eolodan the timsolrre qmotsmpe
D Do yo think is'R haeohto pull
the oulrrepass
.q' s
whenaia. s asksl: tode
ýr'r! tý. o Mi
nol -e.... -o
ar ~ba..amraes fspths*
Thbb. i'ae o
W: ua baa s Y...
awTh h awk be 4
>bea Astie ai
,ar u bsm ,#
helz jui 016 b. o Q: gb
f Losdma pl k
-IN" l nb.em .es .b
"aste sese**
the .bmp. moews?
"lbs. tsa.We bA ,th i
Ai LeeMds **amper s baa
hobmey stIee M en jan
whrn Ie v m% ma teas
he ibm; histg, gmIboashiw"
Thwh jhm n -e. seaks id baum
Tese;it teadia he>ý maigh ".ath'las
Titnabi ahmsea "se a
but am Yem uauh gl's m tebat
no differ or so ohigl.
T h e d l e bam as S e u pe. t
Tb t~laa ·prnl w 1,·r~l
An AnsaMin waiAte seih .a
loho Cse as foleow: Gtai Web
veeant scoogat ed the mists ap
wow going the iasem dg spUos sa.
easho la mimts aepians an
yeng ado el a aul memeihi f as
d do hsaeaAeba . TI Mi, a
-a 'w lw ri-g a eta W
IPsmag g a leb rhow a hwim
aomeblag lbn sat of a mealR w
muen ogue, a wa abed e 640
leagd bit a mbly e.a~l.uir Mrgs
a a asa'., but bplg l. en. It
wooMo slob agtal a dubee ande Abow
]am, .. - se Wee 4l ew
mtud a/bam !Wft b*i. lb
mszesmsmdr nalmt a aighUGs dom
boos haews to tfaaesiglagtabwfhe
irn now s. ia mt*eeumt is
1mmoa. lbq.aU wI 'Mal.,
msaa weai s a* Iae btmlm, a,.
Ikers. NUrw waer meped, e 5r
roe being onaggseh at lan et 1Mt
wa WAS-is be &*4 ee alo der OWB M
ame eb p eir, lid 5. es
A7 m* riml 5. Ie s idb ho a
.1 lb fuesi s.bs ebimiawte
bTmbeinp qaleespalSr
Tm sense ate. Ien. i
ms etlm . the minke aptaj
beeso (k da~:~-'~

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