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The Concordia eagle. (Vidalia, La.) 1873-1890, April 12, 1883, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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V 01,11U1E . VIJ)ALIA. LOUISIANA, THIUISI AY, AI'l4 12. 1 88. \I1 ;R *iM;
State Offlers.
(hovernr , I. MPE.NERIY.
Prout i.re tn'honnt, (1 il, WA L.T(N.
Polrctnry Htnan. WVll,,. A. HTi'ItoNO.
A t tot nov (emeornl, .1. ('. El A N.
A udi Itr 1'uhlh' Acot. A LLEN .11'M El.
Tr,,n'1ure'r, K. A. Ilii K R.
M( p. I'n1.. I4114r,4I ' 44)l , K. If. FA Y.
Supreme Court.
4helf .1 1tiseI, K. V. IIRKIMI' I)Z.
A NNcI1teqs, 4'. E. FKNNER.
K, 11. T.HID).
F. P 11 )'l , K.
U B. Ben' tors.
W. P. R I,I,Ot1, New Orlens.
I4. F. JONAH, "
Members of Congress.
i1 JOHN Kl,,114, lot. 1)idtri't
R. l. 4lilts IN, 2nd I)litric t
C. It I IA It A 1.1,, :trl I)itrli't
M ( III.AN('IIART, 4th l)Ihtrlt.
J FL,(OYI) K IN(I. Ath lItu.trI t.
R. w. I'IIKit'rýTsIN, 11th IIintrIht.
26th Benatorial District.
Tl'.4414n 411.1 41on1.o0 I I'rinhe...
enntll(or, t;8 L. w ATTON
Ciscult Court of Appeals.
Jd A. A. itINIRY"
('lork, J. 'P IBA i,l,, .In'
1'r.nM I1ou1rth .Mulvll v II1 I'elbrlurv Ry nd
Ninth District Court.
Tena. U.d '.ton.orain l'ia P .
Judrea. WV,\iK II. 1H)0I11;I
)istrlct A tfornoey. T. I'. '1.1 N'I' N
Clerk, .I. IP l1 .1,1,, JR.
C('INt OItl il A
.1n41% I1 1:,4 1i4at M ,41dy1 v i. APril 41, 1 ni
('i141 'r'Fi i"lret Mauni ng Inlnn. tm1l
fENRA' -
J ir Term l'irl M , l,':I v, in M y n,.I N ,
C' l l I'erm V',r.t M.l,,I.iy. iu July n411 I1
Concordia Palish.
Clerk 4-'olrl & Ilecordor .1 I BA 1,I, .I1
Dfl • b A .1 t'II/AZE'
Depiul* 1 1lIll . II Ul ;:Il.
Iherifl' TI'nx I'ol.n , 'ht r 1'. w I'II All,
- p t I1 I. A' I.1 .
1)opull. i A w. E'.1, I.FE.
Ceorer d Iirh lhych'i -l
Ir \ 1r111 El l l.
Par!hh -in '-. r, '. w IiA I'llTT.
II ,, i' i F'i,'T 11 IY i.
OmiolalJoernal4, t('!NV el III A EA(;IE
Police Juty.
Ward 7 F. K. tll.:I,, ,ESI NT
- I w. I l
, I \1u (i. V .I I,T IN.
u 4 A. ('A I'1VTHIEl.R
" * 1. 4l. ' I iKN iI Y
o 10 F 1. , IA'I'III I ,,
Clerk, M. .1\ .I''Y('E
g sel..r Malelil l.irs 1 1i , .1... .1'
ar?, Api i, .ul1 an4d l , 4D,1 , 1 r
Board of School Directoi..
. r . ... .. .. . .. ..... .. l ' ,'.1. 1
J.C. Anst. . r.'rie:try, na , ex o1ttlrl inl.t
Pu ehli I-uI'ne toiu, YiWalia . I,a
I . T a" . ................... I rl.e'ulre r
A Yt'niagi del Valle .1 C( (' n~
r) J. l;rad., SI,1 Ihlrri.
\ Oleail J.olurial ............ . .. I .olrr ,l gl,
Wald Officers.
tW..J I Jn 11 W. ..... . h11
1 ( 1" 4.1,lt ,.... I .l l ll ."l-4, 4 .14ntlh in
Sa* .l44lile ... . \1'1 1; 4 1101t4
('4 14 lll ....l4 . . .. .. l l ;r I4'iil'i4'
l ' .111t 1 h' . ..... .... .A l. 1l1 h.., l t 'er
. . ( t'111 1 l|lA......... ...I I'. 11ih rt1, n
W s. 4 Julh.i. ............ A . ,1o 1th r1 ..lr
('on .. t.l. h .. .......... I1,. ,41' h1.4I onl
Wsid 5 Jua1t4'e............ ... 1. 1 ilM ui'ev
S('4,4 1 ta le, ..... . '... ',r 1,"lovd
W e.l a J stl, ce ........ ....... I 4l m li nlhrtl
.. .. '.O llqtAt llIe....* ....... . . .......
WitrP ; Juti.lel. ..............dT. i' .IncL,on
• ('on.thllh e. ........ .... .....
W . . S Jut-ilc .. ... .. . T. Uhndolllh
S ('n t h ... 1)11nu I ri; tI
Wer } Ju1ltw .............'. T i;;n1.1oLck
. . 4'1 141 1:11 ......... . ...
W r.I lIt .11 u....... ....... It nck,~on
.. . '.i!.stabl . ........... II. II. 1.. nlu 'lilr
lWard Ii .. 1h'4 ................ M lrlady
." 4ot41.lt4 ..... .l...... 1Sanl lker
Town of Vidalia.
later ......................Albert Gilleapie
CO IN 4.M t. IEN.
Jion Kane, PI'ete. i tui, J. i.M Clayton
Marshbal............ .. . . ohn4 Yourg
C lerk and (Collector ...... ......I) K. 14unt1
T r 1,..* i,,o
x 41colletor v;a< rt-'.ell.t(4 d ", it - .3 I-I
positil'n. "1r. J u1 (a'I'o4nl w'.a
1ously cleC'td trea:surer. I-o The ri V
hrshalsh ip there wa a .pirit .d kansas (
, resuIltiL'j. in tlhe elect· il oif :lited SILo1
TalAy., Aho w ill. we th'nk hlg throt
a vcry cilicicut otli.~1 'hi will Aind
-(t . Walton,
Will prltice. in the ('4urts if 'oe.~o rdii and
Te Pari.hbae.s Ali, il the Supreme and Fed
era·l Courta of the State. oc9 I
F racticing in ;11 the Conrrs in
Speeial attent(on given to !nnd claims, and
cellections of all kinds mnade promptly
SOioie Dnext to Vidalia iHoteL
Mississippi Valley Teleghaph Oilce.,
ader the manacems rt ,f MlS fIETTTEi EVANS
hie liane elneita with the Western Union Tel
raph Compav. gvinDothe ItiUzeI of 44d1lia
maiu oe wit all the lae eities via. WN
Report of the Grand JurerN.
rtate of I,ouslana, Parish of ('ontr
dla. Ninth Judicial DIst.rietCourt,
logular April Term, 188.
To the Honorable Wade H. Ilough,
.udge of the Ninth Judicial I)istrict
Court, holding sessions in and for
the Parish of Conoordia, tate of
The (4rand Jurors of :he Htate of
Louisiana duly empannelled and
sworn, In and for the body of the
Parish of (oncordia, most respect
fully submit the following report,
We have carefully examined and
Inqurled into all matters and things
of a c.iniinal nature, that have been
brought to our notice and find upon
investigation that crimes of every
grade. are fast decreasing in our PIa'
ish and that the character and getler
al deport'neut of our fellow citizens
have become much Improved within
the past six months.
The (lerk of Police Jury came he
foleus in relation to Road Ove'rseor
t.hloughout the Parish; ihe repo ts
Road Oversee's have failed to for
ward their reports for reaIson that
the prevailing high stage of water
has placed their roads in such a situ
ation throughout thoe Parish general
ly that it is utterly Impossille to
have their respective roads worked.
\We have carefully eXamined Ihe
books and vouchers of WV. T. I'vans,
I:Eq ., T' e:avl·er of the public slchool
fund anii f1ind the saultu co, reet, and
that thei" are kept In a IIeat masterly
ad:hunliness-like manner.
I 'pou, vxitiiiioatlon of the i'arish
jail we 111 tlieoe'. lls i a cleanly eCon
ditlon and the p.-ioaers therein con
fined xplres theriun'ves well sadsiLl
ed at tlih tretlnent they remelve at
the hands, of the Sheriff, and hii as
si't.aint. 'I hle (ourt Ilouse we toil il
in it elcnItly itlll credital l el condhidion,
also t -h SherlitP., ('lerk's and .eeor
der's tlhees which we also I'ouliid ii a
cre.,l·k~hlt condition--tbooks, papers
and offices generally being In a more
sy1tewhat t and I ,usi ,ss like mann, er
than at any time for the past twenty
live ears.
We examiined tihe books of Parish
T'reasurer as ex-otllleio T'reasurer of
Townislip Interest Fund, and we
find same correct and kept in a mas
terly manner.
We hereby tender our thanks to
your llonor, to the lion. Thos. P.
'llinton Disti.let Attorue.,, P. W.
('Chase, Shmi ;fl; J. 1'. Hall, Jr., Clerk of
'ourt and to all other otlkcers of thei
('ourt for tlheir courteous treaamnont
and assistance rendered us to facrli
tate our labors, and as there is no fur
Stier business before us, and believi.ig
that we have accomplished all for
which we were empannolled to ac
conlplith, we most respectfully ask
that we be discharged.
Reduction Tendeney In Trade.
The New York Shipping List states
that the tendency in important
branches of trade is to reduce expenses
to the lowest point possible. This
tendency is more apparent in the
cotton, breadstuffs and provision
trades than anywhere else. By the
aid of cables European merchants are
enabled to dispense with middle men
and make purchases fiom first hands.
The sphere of middle men in these
trades has been contracting for yea' a
past, and the tendency ponlats still
more strongly in that direction. In
England the same thing is taking
I place. As a consequence, the middle
itnen thus displaced have turned their
attention to speculation. The change
irs largely the result of instant com
it.nunication between remote parts of
tlhe world and quick transit. Cornm
ua)etition has become so sharp that It
.s absolutely essential that all unnec
essary expenses should be lopped off.
and the transit reduced to the short
e st possible space, with the view of
economising interest. The piresent
generation Is impatient of restraint.
It pierces the mountains, bores under
the rivers, spans the gorges, scales
the heights, harnesses steam and
drives electricity tandem. In a word
it is a progressive generation,, and has
little reverence for musty old meth
The Post editorially says the neg
lest of the Mississippi must be set
down as one of the great mistakes of
the last session of the Forty-seventh
A peg inside the boot id described
Sasa soul-etirring article.
1 The Works at Plume Point I nlnjured by
The lecent Overflow.
legarding the condi tlion of the (lov
ernmmont works at I'liini Point since
the great flood passed away, the te
1port of the omfers of the steamer
Henry Fra.lk may prove interesting
to the frienls of the Ilivor 'mrnlmis
alon, alI especially to ihe I' o1iner
clal (Jamt.ete and others of ;ko Ilk,
who have predicted dire disaster to
every detail of the works at l'lum
Point. and elsewhere, and who have
especially insisted that the pilling
driven from the main shore to Buller
ton Tow lead ith d been totally wash
od away. Thel F rank cante up be
hind the Low heand, and in attempt
ing to conte out at tilt head of the
cºhute found her course obstruoted by
a formidable' array of piling, driven
there by ; ovornnwnt engineers be
fore tile high waters, all Intact,. not
a sl.tgle one gone, or even dishiaotetd
a!nd onlly by dilnt of carefill sea~c'li
was a passage found near th. shore,
letweeIr the piling, of suftllicint
widith toeadnit i of her passageo thrott,l"h
The work at the blead of e cllhutllo
Is not conplleted, otherwise at th :
ut,1ee of water, Ioats ould to'. by aty
possibillly lpass throughtl. P11iots wito
have successfully run this channel
without interruption have clone so
either at a stgeo of the river high
enoughll to tn llllt patc'sage entirely over
works, or itavo paised bletweetn pil
ing which remains unfinilshei, t1(d il
tmaking their replorts ief'tlly sup,
press thi, entllof their abilily t do
so. l'napt. Ilicks failed to discover
any disloctat llu otf aiy ttrl of the
works in harnd, and d.eliare th.at the
unttire svstetr of m:attlross ritid pile
work remllalnslL in·tact., prfictly unin
jired, antit ill as good conldition every
way as o'lhe(l high waters tnstIpetnlcd
Ioperation. This is the ovhiotte of a
piract'ical 11an, whose oppIortunlties
fbr exatiti ation w'o goodt, aitd atla
stlage of watr when everything ap
p'rtain'tnt. to the worlks was inl full
view. Tlhe antle statei of fltiirs is re
Iportfd Iy 'apt,. hlenry llirt, an in
telligent, thinking, prnectlical l ilo,t, in
charge of the wheel iof the Johni I;l
more, who reached here this morn.
hig froim bIe'ow. lie prodicts a thor.
ough, solid closing of thei chiuto with
in a reoºsonabll time hy the system
now bolinl pursued, alnd expresses
most illllicit fiithl in the ultiimate
success of the systlem of itillproveltlenl
adopted by the River C'ommission.
St. Louis (Ilohbe-l)esocrat.
The opportullnities anld advantages
of the South as a field for speculatlom
are the results of the war by whlloh
the whole Hontllern land was suddeon
ly brought down from prosperity wt
poverty. Of course .we had the soil,
and tile nlnufact.uring sites, and the
mines and forests all here before the
war came upon us, but if nieglo sla
very had not been destroyed, if the
Southern farms and planttations hid
not been laid waste, if the Southern
people had not been made poor, the
romnants of fortunes saved in lands
frotm the wreck could never have
been boughlt at the jlow prices at
which they are offered now. In Lct
if there had been no war, the old
slave States would still he goinglon
in the old grooves, and entirely free
from all desire for any such innova
tions as have been introduced under
the new regime. But the war result-:
ed in a general revolution throughouti
the Mouth ; and as a result of that
revolution, there were never such op
portunities seen as are now offered in
allI parts of her territory for the post I
lucrative speculations. - Industrial
News from along the overflewed
section of the Vicksburg, Shreveport
and Pacific Railroad is to the efect
that the same will not be ready on
the regular schedule before the first
of May, or even then only iscase
there is no additional water frolm the
Mississippi. There is now forty-six
inches of water on the track.
The revolutionary party in lussia
has issued a proclamation anltoulcing
that they have completed artnge
ments to frustrate the coronag)n of
the Czar, and warn all pIersens to
keep at a distance from the osntral
personage during the ceremony. The
proclamation is prinnted in lotlers of
Sred and bordered with stripes ef the
same color.
A bald-headed man, who has heard
that the hairs of a man's hid are
numbered, wants to know if there is
nIot some place where he can obtain
I the back numbers.
lllgham Young's grave Is utterly
neglected, and his widows never visit
It. They weont there onre to cry uiver
hil remains, hbut It.; nmal, the ground
so sloppy that the all (aught col!d.
Behool books and stationery at
Meggs' drug store.
T-e blush of a maiden is cautie. by
nature sending out a signal of warn
lng. The blush of an editor is cannlled
by lending out for a plichur of heer.
Mplondid assortment of ilank and
melorandum books at Mengs' drug
6llt Anchor Cough Syrup.
A certain relief for coughs, rolrls,
hoarseness, bronehittis, &o. This
preparation forms a very convenient
means of taking the most ulsefil l 1Iin
edles used in combattilng the above
named disorders. Children will lake
It readily as it is pleasant to tile pal
late. To be had only at Walton Cal k
& Co's., Natchez.
It Is state ,it Jiia.5",( N,t0I worth of
useless pIllblie d :octelliiets are distrib
uted free nelh year. Each Congress
man receives about MMiN, Many are
pract ic.ally wrtht h Ii'ii-iyxjctlt as waste
---- -- ---- -
Glit Anchor Vegetable Pills.
These pills are la purely vegetalhlo
compound prepared from a formul:
demonst rated to be of great vaioue and
exteslvoly used by jpromninent phys
iciani in the South, foc the relief of
Constipation, Torpidity of the:' llvor,
ItilliousnesiMs, Hildattcho and all oiiher
complaints arMising from a dlern'antgt
billious soeretin. At \VaitAin C(lark
& Co., Natches.
Succssion Sale
TA1' Ir. OF I1.')1 I41 NA,
NP.ith of ( r iou.1 t.
Su ,,.n 'vl Picalre Partker. L),.ceaeael.
f n'.Lt, I. n no ,ll ar kgria. iti- tl e a il.lnr
I b V.n W ,l I. liln h .l ,lv ifithes Ninth li -
Irict Court in nl l for' i oith i 'l ri-inh. L/ i.1I, ,,.
n lv ty virtn of :no fli a of  miu lI,,,in , lh. ,n i ter
niul Io l e a irnr. / , 1. .1,1n 1'. 1:4ll .Ir , ('l I of
r 'a t i t . a n, ll m ot" , ' o f t h ' , .t n t n o l 'tu't u . ' k o r ,
decnaadml. wllt oifor for eel'' t the ('onrt lioni e
door. vilnlin, L.a, iwtwnotn th. holurs of 11 a. in.
and 4 Ip In on
HATIItDAY, APRlllf, 14th, 1A83,
The following diran., ils.-il iii lortly olinllig to the
stante of l'ir'l I'arkei, IvlScusnsd,
Two hl -li"si,
ONE( ('ow AND CALlr,
()NE- lti Ay,
ONE W Anot)N,
Two PI.ows,
Two PA it (;i:Alts.
I 1ltM.i OF A,\ I.P. Cashi at not les- tilnn np
praised valtleanst peI invelll-ntl r on Iet , in i';er k's
Ohice. .lA . P. HAlI., it.,
(I'rk of N h 1intsh i, t 'onuirt andl
Curator Mn.reeinnl of nlere.n hParki'r, De'c|l.
Vidalla, La. Maii.rh :7ti, 188:-3t
Plrtles hoilinr laims against the estat. of
PieroP Parker, itenn'ei.4U . a-' iher l Iy nIliti-ild to
ile the same with th,. niod, n-,egu-,d at the 'l-rk's
(illi:e, vidluam itl or lwfore tihe 14lh d v of A tril.,
It)51, that the nwine IIm I nisauined, approved
asd paild upon honolo..atio.
.1 AS. P' IA .L, .Tu..
I hlrk of Ilhe NiMnti llstrinrt cortt
and ruraiti s~~tite of P'lrce 'Parker de'cd.
vldalia. YMarch 27th. 01nA--3t
s~mr_-- ---- - --- ----- ----- ---:s
Pal ish of Concordia,
Ninthl District court
Sacceasionof Mrs ;o. Foiholt. deceased.
Wheres. lJa. P. Ball Jr., cnirH ia of nr mie.. ion
of Mrs. O. Finholt dleease l l, bhas this day flled in
the clerk's oftice -f. .id court, in fiilnal aeounot,
and tableau of distriht. , al rurat-er afirecaid.
Now 'Therlefore, hallnll noticllsa iherhby given
that nnles opn- mlsoition i. tlslo a hIeriao. within tee
dIave after pmllulic'tnon lreof. maid final ocoutnt
and tableau ef .listribu-ion will. on proof, be ho
imologated in conformit wlv tl, the pirayer of the
'- Witnels the Thn. Wade I. Hough. J.dge
[L. 85 of the 9th District court aod be ~anl there
of, a vidalia. La.. Marti 21.th, 1883.
mch29-t A. J. CHAZI. IDep. clerk of court.
Palrties holding lairms gainst the estate of
IMark Bryaut, deceasel. are herebyhv notifle,i tno el
the Ime with the undersigned at the (:le' (i of.
fle, Vii.ltal on or btore thie 7th lday fI April.
1.51. that th, i:mi- nt-v be examinedl aipprorved
'and paid upotn hin,olnhtaion
|.S P BALL Jr.
Clet k 9tht Di)rl, t eonrt and ICurator
Y.etn. if 31S:trk Btryant. dneeased
Vidalia, Feb. 26:h Idsl -ult h Iotit
Consumption Cured.
An old physician, retiredl from anc
tive practice, hlaving had placed in
his hands by an East India Missiona
ry the formula of a simple verretahle
remedy for the speedy and permanent
cure of Consumption, Bronchittis, (Ca
tarrh, Asthma, and all Throat and
Lung affections, also a positive and
radican cure for 'General Debility and
all ner 'ous comllailnt, after having
thoroughly tested its wonderful cura
tive powers in thousands of eases,
feels it his duty to make it known to
his fellows. The recipe, with full
particulars. directions for preparation
and use. and all necessary alvice and
instructions for successful treatmeant
at your o n home, wi' le sent you
by return mnil, iree of chr rge, by ad
dressitg with stamp or stamped self
addressed envelope.
164 washington street, Brooklyn N.Y.
s 8P'5. ". tl,-'p per, jaul 5-lv
Stock-holders' l ieeling.
OFFi('r:M Myssy4si'0i VA i, v
i(A I IlItlA l 'it 1'A ,
VIILAIIA, lA., I',dthriuary :A, Iklt3.
'rThe n,-ting of tlb' Mt..k iodl,i i.'n O1h 1 *.*I3
.lppi aleI,' ll alltram I '3,,lpim t ,,. ml.,ihld pj n -. 1
anit to iell rliumti t "n i I I it t he 11 it.o I.. f iT 4 ,.
nr' , A I1 f1-1 at the .llfi,'* I t * Ii. *', I .',,. t
h"esfsl 1..'pIe on sl lt mlae
Vhltl. lr I %V*'1r* 'P" .hallI0.. I
l.l444 l l,'I l, I" lr . 7 I . 1h,41
An t i Fl. M r. liil bluca 113l, 3ll
I' I .ll altal* t Jill I Lalr* . .
lea a iewin it aba r.*
'111 II. I. Itl a Ih et 3 ..)et
I I' i 1ail. m ,e I ,1 . hea
1l.. I' A i t, w. n .ha r.e
etlltte.al ·ll ''a ItJn oI ,llal ..h alrla.t I e Ii, 3 m II
Isames 1 loust..11, Sri Sharoe.
IlV i'It y :: -
V V. A A. Moor. by hlasirv Immrabnrg 51 shares.
Mrll r Wlli l am N I n y nr 11 ll as .Ia er l ahar0l, l
Vilr rlh MiaI. yer I I ll'.nr I. w3rIlsll " *Ilrlll
Ad. I 1,. rl.h at ' A, I., t e I. ... .... "A1a tcai l ...... *
. r Vl .rmttie lay, III I ft A*m...I , eita e ;h.i
II mn.v i A in.rtr, 't l1 yII It MID 'fo e ill, hertial
"1 11,011 .a I ' ' it I  by 1 I p Mite . I1" 41 ., -i.1. , -
" 1' IIn1li iatn , I It lpt el.' . io I llh ab ln
1 .II. Mt 1l, . hla II Iti ..te , Ill4 . sitr l t.
ilelr', r Iy 'iaIInk I .y I M'a1 ,I I'l1...ol n . inl ..t ilt.
llliing a ialjoritt of all Oil a*", k in.o 0 ."ir.i I
I1.,I 1, I. "lll il lin lthll rh. and lll. u l* I t lial Jr.
T'i ll, tfilliht l o' It or a3 tt. om3 inl 1of I,3 inlll, ' t,, I
.n' -Iltger, ,l3t3r* .I jil I .Iw.,nr, thI.. 1l3*1 *.1 * (p
V\llwy iQroad Campany of I1.'111.' h,-k, Mint1 sf,
Arl.au a., an*i d t,. thillt, ll ppit Valle-ht I-: nsll l, i
So'l i n of'lll.li i 1 , lat Io(l(lI .t I.,anllo ito t f t s t, l
rnarv :.ih i l, 33 . wlasl pwrraI.nlr r.a,,l Iand tle iit.l
ap n3l 3'3 11. n l'. t ec1-1 1 1.-M, 8 10' i. ti. w l 'teI a lnit
lfn,, a I33I l 3h*, liii' -li,3ll4' 33l11' l." W3 ilil3 1313 I'il
ilir i. llolwin.g, li sit : i
" ,Artill I,'l of AI o nt r )l, nladt tl i, lleth dal of
Vail . y 3thlroal l innpa'l y of A trkansnl , plt.rly f
til. tI, A, i 0 .I' i I h,, I 1iill4' ppi Vally,, Ialthlollr
Co1 I Il t in al I ll..i,, , I'r. y of t 3 I.0 I" anl' Vlpll l Iat,
iV i. ei'.,1 Th I i' li-i 'applei V allaey l il Iti l i on
|i t' (ti'.33. l3i,31. d iii 313 ' 3lMt 'i33 31 1 ht l ll| i i,ia' Ll e
unv o. A a-In., '. Arln. ' nf ItI f Meslol i tion "nd
t We a'rtT.I .' and p. wl o I:r irct31 Ih hrnptn'.,
5w3 ill a.,f M.i i'lspli l l a '.y 0 W l'3 ilalA ('ilmpal ny, tl ,
3,3h33rlni3 ,l33 Ii ti . IllilI iy th .' ta, k hIl di rrit n ni ajiad
ia 1 "ll ,v , l ,, LI. ..i ra, - 4i 1 -i'O r niat, 1t1l "fiat
31'. !o1el t he I ilw n ii A IA kat1ial . lf, I....at, .on
. 3t 1e HI l i0 'ano  " , lI, ' Is If'V il "1 .I t l'.i ,l
a 4 ..l .t , Il. ' 'lii d' i I 3l 1 a I I il' f lthr g liethn , m .
lt, i'f nitllae a1ll l thii'at fo I,te b ll I ' liar l.ll~ wie.n
1:1 hit,t Ru 1l" .I ..luil n olld ,tIkn litn , In ai.tio i
.:1 e a l' wnihiiii '1,.". f' ill I iWe t, on a linea t i a
wc.t~~* d by i l le:ur sl I ' r3i tar s of sarati Comp I
aot III3i . i'Th riI 'IIIr ppm i Vall.y Raiload
'o a,'nC.y of 'I,.ni ,la, n.vl n cm poiration, of rgnie.
IiO,, ,,r1 W l.,tnim,.n II. tl  t,,, pa(ay.l ali cl i
I.,' , .' 1133 ln l y n d ,r f hi,' 11 ,, lirat 133 1il .,r.a l , i s 0o m.e
,f I '. Il (lll, fmiir l co k of I ,lalws ano I .',,ei sia t lloi D
na olil l* ei i a nd o ' el .o l i'ne th l ia tlroai l
(to'. wi.i ' ' pa t . Is 1ai " b .,ti il or a Imo len the ftalea
, . O hn,,3¶isoa llIid A 3 li).' lan ini' l. parl ID of mait
ill, p l, " I Ii. f c( I ( n 11 .nit li, o  thll , ltaIssi.tl ip
an V.'l ., l ve6net (...np. : on Alkan·1 q i na
'.ine. "e)' < d r1"" 1n, t h1.11 II f e u nriti" .1 .wt
1 ',lllt I dW llioi., l l.nur, ('anll .' ll i i, Avo e .rl ,
I.o wIglais , l , Nl.l , fia e inllP.i ' ln I ine allw , tono I
tioe , er'inei t Rto all hpt blli lib illim btianl tmv tan
M .'o- the Mu-..aillel Itiveo at, of n!ar VhialIa, lu
;ion tois hlit '.lh lllillsmt ,, with Railroails on
.lc. En -., o ilk 1. of the .isaeilppi liver, a, lthe
(;ity of'N ilo- twhl, i A'Inlil coanty Mimiasippi and
\L'hallit-,I', 'TIe piIla herltol have hereto'olre
dlailR . 1l, 'lil h ie rger a.tlir l nd oll aoll ilan I ll otf
lI I cl nntinlo i ht i a narew rirpilll y nllter the
ilt* i 1 i"*. lM l Val i llery k|al lroif Compa-l
i'y ty lal f t bae r ,, (re l i. rights, p urivll .eg ,
I 11lo* llli 1 l A ntrl, 0t ever' kindl. of pat ty of
ti, . plr, I t1 pntyof 44. i 0 ,art flo r Ihecon, nder.
,a' 1 '1 1 (oIa , "n ' a T1 lp w iittlr Io' t hil0 full pa.id, lap.
ital' tly of mih I antlIllatd ceirplanv to b, idr
to ithe stk.holdrn of iparty of firm purr Unidled
o.h0r lhplIovl and ratification of tie s.ock h old
1,i3 of said eplapa lii, amlaprl tivly, and hlkans d.l
Iawn l nd duly i, e t.i d t ear,}l'y Ittia elect su Inuh
aale, hifh Lr Ari sll bcnahdatliaon. and
Whr, .I a Tha' e dir, tor and otrte' r oa f the pill tmr
iel,  liind l lpart heLrelt ,aria tlhe dirt, ealtlra I tla
Io Aol Ihll'i new eal,.,dliiandl.. ii Opanyll. until '1tal
ti.wt. ,ll he hhld am p'ro'vided eby law. and the.
St clk cif Ieh uarty t'o lhe first parr, herite.. into
to, Iy: a hin t a 'nd l anll elld n ' d3 oUne It hPn an.d Iharel'
of i' lltpaid capital woeck of the ,rn.lnMelited cam
iany. pail and delivered', In tlin bof Ihal. nk to
lie calnllled; aond thee stock l of the party io the
we iwo part It to le aloptn d as the n fock of the
.ew cornsidated cormpany; n lll the hbook, p
pel , nlli. a l2p , profile., ai l ollI o Railroa·d. l aid
propel ly if el'.lry kind ind l iatur0 wl.rlonging to
til hare cine heretlo sha ll paWt to, nid va3t in, trhe
nlw colpiny tio liformed by cousolihdation. and
miod hew nlmpf.any shall3 iavo all the powert,
ilghlts, iilvlegetn, falnrhinea sd ahndnunitie,.
and heanbject to all the obligations, liabilitles and
contractls of tithe'r of the partie helreto, as fmlly
t1,a Ia llitent. a, lind pnrpc. , a lch partiesr
wouid lw, if thl. merger and consolidation hadl not
ieen imadi.
Nolw, h ref re, this agreamno t witnew atho ;
lhat the iErtlhab reto, In colllderation of the
pre'ii! all0d . l" of One lliar, by eiach of the part'si
eret taio ile other |mid, thea recipls of which
n'l. her1h acknrowlelyxrd, and nder land by vira
oiro oif thel laws of in.iiana and of Arkaunaa, li,
der which thia merger iand .onsolidltion Is elrfety
dI he l'i'oveInanlted and agreedI, zand do lereby
eovnll:nt .al a ;lee', i, and with. each other. that
Shei a il a oIl la' ('onlprianila, with all the rights,
pow l oivlrle, l ra.ll l.hi nled a nd umuntlieal be,
and byAile kemat, ing of p himc agrmenl and int cmln.
pl`an t e ntherr iso with th htwL lf theln t1at· n of
an, Lians and Adkan. ta, in that behalf, are here
by nime ghel lanid ci:uhdaltd nto one crpo tiion,
At IUae companyll ln 'i sil m .t of. and in lion ofl
the two coupa3litle, partiha hereta, for thie pr-'
illM a of 'owtil, , oilu.rts meting, eqwiphing and oLpera
ting tlie cnhlilld ated tine wi.th all the powern,
rit r ti . a priv'ileges of tha' all mpnis nm o conf o e l
idlat .nl
That le npailmefthe na w Onae pana y shall be the
Mis1mitipthe Vallt. hailroau n ioapratny. i o
That tche to. icil of thc1 niaw Cam pany shall be
Vheialia,iConcrispirfsh, Loutaianv.
Ton;, the Capial 'tclik of 'h' ntw Compa'a y
wlit, chil'V I tMILLION D(LILARt . dilvidD
;u3o 3',ve 333 thiousain33 hail. ei of ouL hundrei
i , 11 33. 3e c tiii.
°'tl.' the l:r. ' i3313 nt of tha new o omp3 ,ny f i the
o therb abia1nat3 33d n .33 in b .atli".gal pro.eail maT
l 4ti1rv • ofd 1131 b3 Ot.1 \-ice mav bTe miai'e in [3r.
tnotth1, by levi a.g the 3m i at the 3 fi'h e of th' '
hon 'Inofsa ihall bi establis3hed lnd malintalned
oanda tie tiom and nialcnrr ad a13lth apIIpihnte
t, lrankac i the m tinbslii , n.s and kep,.l the boIhk. oll
ane tnpwl orthelwihe u aildred cre,...i F pialk.rt
ofe eial'ary oh the pari . (1" ihe t ci n pirt herrti
awill bor.l uhhr airI aeoat with a e ilace at Litle.
'treat ane ihale of the capital 3tck 3hall entitle
The hatier tol one vote aIt all mieetinco of the ne ock
aiholdar.l e atherin pjc rnon or hy proxya a ralviha d h-e
iny ' for n ,,t le i i th ln t ih i i fi O tv'ih .rt r hv re 2t1r '.
( ..2i0.. f.i t<,. (,lil t' llo if nine~-arynn,, v .re femm
1 1i..li. 1i . I ..9l... t .".. , 1 ,.. " .
u.,-. . II . "- I.-, m . l .. . .1 b ,4 ..a r . ,
p., . . . ." . l . . . * . ,* " .I 1
d"N1 .w I1 1 n." I. of 1 ,1,' .1..1 1 1"" .6,99 l *9 1 .
99 9' 9.* - I,9eg .9'.ist ..,,9 p. 99 .e *
..1. , . . 1, , *t e,9 , ,.. ..1-. i .. A.9 99,.,
1 .. IA ,. (.V 1. , i..9 . .lt 1*. *.1. i9.l t ". , , ,
I.. I..l .1. ,.*. .1 9.1" «..**.. 119 .d b.. . * *t - I .r
.4 l oks N I 1 No.i I . - "1i .1'h.9 , i, .., '..
,* ,1 r . . .9I 1. t . .1 I " 9, ,., -. , ..
..rd'. I.l.46 I. n..b ., l .ab 1 1 .. pa
II .. H . ,. ,1. I pa. .. a . ... .. . .
M"... '.3 I ý.rl...9.e . i..I r ." . rod .1 1-. ... "1
In a' I'.. ah 1 .* ,. .**9 r l t .. r **99 .
tha ,19,. ".r* 1 .. ,' I **, . . .. , 4 .. .., . L. I9
l ,,to. *,i ,,! a Ia , i.lo' , ,h I •
1 ,,1 ' I 1 1..11, ..4,l .. ..4 1 r
wiish1 k a , " t1 *tl I. w 'al. t., m o
ItW 9 . h and i l' . ' *. 4 I* |t Iwe l. ,I
SIllm . . .', ',.. 't . s,9 , . .. 1 !.\ .4., **.4
t .he \ ,t.,.., .'p . . .. Ih at ..mIhmh ..ma 1; n I " .0
ll4' "l. I. h. 11 , ll9 ,l9lt. " . l«. , 49 a9 .- m tl. y n ..|
1Aht 84'.9* ""1 9, I'' ' . t9 , 399of A .h u .a " t 1 i.rt.yh
Ih.h 6u' , n .o I,,. 9 9i9 I9 t I, t r h l. i -h *.r .
lilt, cl |ii thl)e it r L lf o i th l il at' I kewell[ wll a hl.
.Ailn . ill 4 t Illt. ft a 1" " .f . .n.lllli o1 r1. ighlt* .
M1,,,. f ro erh e..1 1.4 l." r: ',..4.' n ( I. . vi h a ..* at
i,,in t.Ia .,qV r49.1ta I1 .9 1.. , 1,, . . ..1 1 th" 6 .11
;ii .orIlle bere .,e, 1. '1 , I,,)4" .A . .mr.D Ph"o her ll
I.49l9*944 I49. 9990 ,,4 .*/jt*, . ) I *9 l 0 hotei
i' $.* i. I l' l l,, i.1 .1 t. Va ...ll .".I. e." o w ith
tIhw \'.a (1 ,1t1 ll4,. I.9t9 9 t e 1 ,*:1 . awn 4l Inde9rg.d
' 1 n 4h ,rI.1,",'~" 1" ~ I'. ,' 44 9:4, 94.., .1e, r.e. m
x.1''l h,1 1 n 1r6 ,rtl , . t,, (,. \999 4 , . '. I tlart ppi
t.krr 9,4a r 1 . 9. 1tO ..1,.m411/ st h i.m...
i ln llwlith 1, .l R),.1 tlll t ,le o1 . lh. the t . id. of r
1 bha MIf *1* .5pi , I V'1 ar1 h 4. her byw pr~ .o1.4 Il
hi r .l h t t* . ll to . I '"Il' iI, r. l..en "l1l 1 116 r th el
mrsk. aM1 r an.l ,h b+.1. all a ,ou se +la, of 11.1/
Ithr.r I str lipi and 1t111 mll a 1r to renhtl rlwrt,
p ed 6 ", I. R. ". i ,,1, a i, npw ral a.w d tranrhe.
'1.4 t4s.1 .' ..r91g of. 11 99 , ., 11 an in the opin
yon l f tA I' . 1 .. n ,I ~1 1 t. , 1.. a. of m.rt1 l t rcon il
41ny, I. b pati e hl lib.ll.l4 r r.4 4n, . ." .'ary and Cos.
Iltlil Inhli . io ll,, sur. .i4 d ,rt, n i .ly ¶2. t i4, tro the
)arinr. ' Ill ~ i t l l.,,,a .rit. rk -l-dni n by party of
tfa ll, i t ht p dI h ln r t. .,I aI. sd nal imn (r i h reI
.urr"'lley i 15,. . I alh Ihe, ruirtifiratm ef
0t i 9k of ,lost 4y 9o9 w9en..9 19rt h.rtia 3o. ar9 h atreby
adhlted atl Iit a nl k of tem new r owlw.lthltald nolnm
pang "1 II foh 414, 4.rv trs, rnfiti0., right of
p*v. fran9 h of m, and pr 9o' rt.ntr, at -y kind and
(paries , hert, h reliy rl"wI. i lad errehd toa nd fully
Te 1 t1 41n I ltt' atnw i9n ol0 as. the tumpant , herein
ec. t ihe cnm tl" he n.ialpnoy Valle, y cRalroted. o
Company, with d)OLAriil at Vidalia, In Concordia
4i f6ll1, tlrn..li.n a.n d 'po n al
I lIst thef oasiderYtion of T t'fis y Tale. laerg lr and
mra is tlin I to 1wrolle thorlislshares of fully a
dpaid istrk of the Tr,"w nnt.lidated nompa
nt.d In, by i lih a ern f 4.o rar hoe.nlerof the'
bI rt4nl. 0491991 9d trt ontnd art ofIn mortgll 'ge o
enr tlled by h thde inIae pi Valley aail.yad Com
m.anym of Laninin , of data, luly 22nn 11V'2, to theo
aer.tm i.ilitlpIn and Trlast oompany of New York'.lad
a.m ctrtee, to ntwrhe t9 0 tiAfyrneta, 9RRV the
Milf lIN IIOLLA KR'+, firt mortgage, slx per
41,1 . seulannual rouper. forty year gold bond.,
I 41, t. ' fatlthe rai of twenty retosan, Dollars
ed S ait partb and i" a 8 the act and deedy.
In afully reC1og ni(9e9'd sanvalin4 ndi a upon alt
,bd .he lmrnp lyty, i of i '.rmad C-eonl4lit4ly, 9ad99
kn ue an t.t ppoaled in the ati t
Tort all nMdIIactaond obigationi, pr.viaaly ne.a
aL.ed nto by either f the parties hett are her.e.a
ul ta by the new comp.Y , ty.
TiC. T. WALR,unidating aid part here
the Mi.i alpp valley J9al4road 1omI9pany0 I.4n made
rlhnt to thel a pprovalo and ratifation of the
atokh oider. ofaid co.mlpaniens respetiv ely. oad
all trhe debts of said partOti hereto are hereby .tol
mulled aHy said new company.
.herento. an.rih the orot h re Maute names and af.l
Mlilltli .arl VAI.iRY IAIIoAD ()ourAn.
L. H. of Arkanaan
By 1). AI. REYNOLDIS, Presid ent.
C. T. WA LKER, Pfrr ta ry,
L' S. Mllt|iint'PI VALLEY untLAiI CO'rMPANY.
Iyv iII CAM It.i. I'REEL , I'resident.
JOHNJt RAW'LEl, Me$.latry.i
Whernplon. on motiron duly a,' lndld, it wdo
Rb eolvrtl, 'tha t ,ealh v,, a ld foregoing art or
re ment  cnn o lida ting the Min slppi valley
Lailroad .on.npalny iof the Stat. of Arkanas withl
the Miltunppl valley Railroad compa.y of I,on
inians, nnder the name and and (style of MIrt.4.
with domicile at vilalia, L'llislalla. exeent.d by
the oficerl of tald e(omp.n, respectively, of date
FeLbrarc 6th. 1 5'l,. with other ondit'ons, as morel
fuilly and t lar h appear by oferenie to .aid, ot,
tract or art of nrenoldatlon, t a which rfe'rec in
here pemially mad, beCge do the nlle i herleby
aople ,1, ratifl.i and conflrmpd in all its Iain dll
atI rlmtoma, I thA art of the Minailpt i valley
Soetilrid omplany iof Luneians and of tah " StcWk.
holderurf s nal company in ped ial ml.,tnlg drly
Which rtnlntoa n wads untirno sly adoipted.
On motion the meetie t adjourned.
JtAMESi ItIO it$'ON, Cahairman.
Iabcretary Stock.holders Meeting.
L. S. A true copy from the n'mnt .
JOAN RAWI,E. Secretary.
l'ar'ih of (n.lrordia
, Jan.m P. Ball..Jr., Clerk of the 9th l istrlet
Court for the Parish and State a forresaid, r nd a
Sby crtify that the ore and frgning document
hinchrerd in tny olh in Ind ook R.e pags n
Wised aters my o(, 9l ifua, re and tho aH.l
L. 8. of W id kn rt it vidali La.. thn 17 ay -
o of Mtreh 1tN 3. JASrit. P. ]4 LL...R
A true clpy . Clerk ol Court.
Gilt Anchor DCrillr Tordia.
For thecure of chills and fever, long
tarioding malar al conplants and allon
kindred diseases. This preparatimn
is strogly reommended tot those tex
posed to malarial iufuences as a ,ow
erful preventive ofn omplainets co
o ,q to swampy districts. Combining
as it doete the properties ofea Proph
ylati<, and Spe.cifle, it forms an Inval
uable Toi.c for resdhents in ]ow lands
Thiso teonic can be obtainedl at alton
Clark & Coo's., Nat 1hez.
Farmers and others dealring a gen
teel, lucrative agec,-ay business, by
Send address at once, ,n postal, to I.
C. ,Vilkinsn & ('o., 1.9 al It7 Ful
ton street, New York ity). JalS-6m
ton til-trk &% ('m 1., \':<h 7

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