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The Concordia eagle. (Vidalia, La.) 1873-1890, April 12, 1883, Image 2

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Official Journal of Parish of Concordia
Official Journal of the School Board,
THURS.DAY, APtrPI, 1"'' IP1.
1Th1 1 river he' r, i,h i' t141 ,Tl 4us( 1
1 I' llie4' 1 I 1 1111'11o4 , w '.ilh itIl ' I"
l ow rl:4a rin! fort' I hr4 , ' I. 1 1 1 i:, 1 ,
j41 44od I'. llin 1g T I I I' l , 11" \, 4 , I
w ill h111 ,1ly 4-\ -I : I h'\w i('1,'' ,
tho ri1,1 (~11 f ro II ('.re 1` 1 1111:, + th11 .
p o in t . \ ]l t h e (1 ' ~l ,,,r . IN e Ir, '
I .,rnuing 1111i 1 1117 , 14h 4 ,'rril' ,r11 '' 1ll1:! \; 14
fe'l' 1 1'' I \1 4 :1 , 4 'r 1'' \44 '' I : '41 I : 1 ":till
ilna ilaield. T h. l hi] , ,I ambi:,l.rlu Il.
I1414411114:1'41. '111` 1 I , (' 1:,1 '11:1444
ln'lh lli''ra, (4 Mi l 1'i, f~:1 i 111
11 %'%vy r:11i1 44ain \ b h I4 '1, 1 tIo4 '
ha\44', I-41b v 'ry t4' , lt 4 ':I , l lt,,l 4 .
The'11'(h1114 h1as Ie4 n 'rl'i,4n rali,l4ly l 444,4
Pitttbunlr o 14i('nair . AI I 'in''inne tij, I'
galllo IIZ NW 1 11 4:1119 1 feI14 t, :1 I'i41 01
five feeo W 1ithi Ih,14 r1o4 t w' 4 1 'ek1. \t
':itr the 1l'line ifor 11ll, .4 n114' 4im hlr4a
141e4'l l e'11 f ie' a ll *I ill ion 4 r inl' l ,'l
alt the ateoifteon i ' ,nc, l'r day \w ii4
1lill1'11 4\4 t I14' y1'I I I1 ~1111' 11'1'111 1,4 1114
111the hi4o nd x l41 \i' i44 i','u i \f HI
in ts thle river i :I:gain i4i llII t he,
rate of si oxituch s lJi'r dI1l. 4'i4 h i:l
('onsid4 ra1e'4I ' VolI i 4 l"e 4f' 4:4 r" \I' 1 1(
co 4e o11,1 fromll (ite 41iss,(r1n i 1:1111 Ilp'
per filM.is i lssijp i. \At 'li'nljhi4i' 11',e
rise si1n1e the : l'h 1 ~h11l+ n 4 t, n '(ill
and the present indi,,.lions iare hlt
the gauge tlher 4w ill read neirly
as high a11 duriiing the 1144441 of
's2. The "se'1ond rise" no1w ,1o thile
waily will he 4 lllivinlyl gretat 14 over
flow the whole streh11' of co(nltLry
from (';airo to \'ie4k'lu.4rg, an41 the
largeand fertle p:nttil , ntion wh1 'h
1have beeo ] ll 1nlt'Idi ill (,'r4n a 11r , tl 4oll
few days ago will :iI n1lll 1e 1n1lhr wa
ter to the depth of several fet. The
eotionI of country below \'ick,4hu4;
owing to the WIater out of the Yaz4
has not had any considerable relie.f,
and the coming rise onutop of t lhe pres
uent high stage o" the river will 4cr
talnly result in dire disaster to this
whole section. The back l:ainds which
arejust begilnnllng to be relieved from
water Will] again be covered and we
believe to a muuch ireatr depth than
before, and the plunl, to pays dcown
1.. u~-. ,. it will be very late in
the year before s.flien'11 relief is oh
talied to enable our planters on the
back and in solni i1nstanci s on thei
front, to plant their cropl. The riv'r
from New Orleians up, is chok full
and the coming rise will ce'rtainly
back up on41 this section to 54,such an ex
tent as to e:alc e tshe most seriolls i1ap
l1ny Ofl thir I ll, y co 1 . tr4444lt4le 1h '\1 ,.
'will tinder thi' pi,'.41 1r' ,' u' 5 1 114uh,.
ThIus f:r tlhe l,'1ve,,,' 1b,'.\een here ,nd
41' ick h ur e ar in 'T'1., 4 '\ ,t the
]lardsernhhle an:d 1|Hondura:nt Irak
which have: hi::h ,utIrv ,. k of
them. lhl as ,rfon - a, il' ri\ver =hll
rea ch13 I 'et t we lla}y lout. ". \ ,';ir
of the lo,\ e1,- ,'II,, 'e t(1 lbreak. .-.| ld
1uh'h l n',t'r 1t1' i:lk. 4 :, .4 'Ief 4 4"
parish wilel 44rin v t '41 water
4n1 41 e wo4ll44 141 1 r'll <41mr ill]nn4,rs to1
prep1 re for "14 le:1s" 1i wl1:' . of tu1 t
4sta.e. It 4is I4l44'e14 to idu4 e iu the'"
h1i4ll\4ine4 tion 4 ha4 I 14 mi' e h4 " k ,4 r
('r444k 440 ' re to 4 4'"4' .Jt' I4c 4v 1t4r
a('4441 4 . hey 44 4'i' th'',,re l t1: ' ~,
we had ju44 " s 44 'e 4 1 irel'lre :and I 4'
ready for 1he 4li :41t, r.
'nder the circu1 ust4 14.41 , tih ,Y
va4ilin4g dullne11 t'$.'4 :41 n'1,' ' 4.1 't. 1'f'.' 1'4
butsine,4 ce!tre of thi 444,4t,'y i- re
Inarkable. The clcar4ng.- h1444se 4i12111
of twenty-tjhe '1ad1n1 ,1iti4...h,1 w 44r
the week e('4411;2 11ar.i'h J; , 41.'ii
erease 44" 4lea'ralw4', of "1" t4r >.n . .4 s
4oX414)1ared4 44illi 114t' 444144 1',,1...4,n2
week 111t year. "1he 4a1!i4 1 i1 4 -
chiefly in Nw Y' ,rk. 'l'Thr, 4, a.
decrea:1.4' ill eve''ry la:' c' .:'. ",, 'i(
New (1 le4 s, a1ll ,,e a_,; .
the late o4 erflow4 I, nI 44 4,': o 1..,u ,. -1 '
an4d 41 (aire. 1:u4ndr111ds 444 :;I'IllS .44a4 \
1enl to Iifteen incihe44 lif he sal44 d'
posited over th1ir entlre area. .a'.d
fences. out-ho,ises :4nd other huildin.,1-z
besidei grain anld o:her crops have
been swept away.
At New Orlean1 l4st , a.turday from
6 a. m. until 1'' p. m.. the r'iinfall wa~
eight and 'wo-third- iche1. Thi' is
the great4st r;ainfall t1,11t h:ia u. er
been ret'c'rd4rd sice ti4. estabhshmIent
of the sigal alice inl Nce,\ 'r'Ican4 in
1871, T1he greatest trev'ous rc:.rd
was seven and one-third inc'4:. t44r
twenty-fonr hours.
Assistant Engineer ('. G. Ioieman,
in charg'e of the Delta levee, relorts
no serious damage done to the jrltit.C
tion levee lv Friday's storm.
Y4,,tirlay was our chawl,ion day,
afi t:fr ns wi iter w c' \V:1.4 II rned111'1i l. New
I)1111 . a e t iI it ',it wi th t11 he1 L
1i'.n PSI rainfall nn t! :I i' hi;ll1' t -ri\
Ier it in, it tiji l tII Ill' invill e'.tle i -
re ti .i ' i.t fir IIth lp ital oii1'h Mlii
4,i - '1i F allhy. II rImin l,.I 1,, %arly all
1'11 T, ,. I :r l it ruinl 1,! h :1 d . In th,'
,, in . ,ii' e I , t,, II it\ o fat Ih' 11, 111 rod'' -
,Int, l] r:at,' i f half : Ii irhll, an hlllr.
. i Ii t1  l l tII tI i ' I .. :I i a s I I lar 'ly
! ii?, i1'i l i +. W\ i h iI c,' ll n" raii , i llII l, it,
i: 11o " Io II 1 'l 14 it It i 1 , thl:ii l ii'
Iii t ' I! l' . I t ' I i, ; . ' i , Ih iini ho i h l in -
.l ; ihat itil l I tI hII t '. T ',t1'
,",:,, ;, i4 I l li nt , Io',. 'l,. A t th ,I
ht1 r tl' . 'l\i r 4 :4 fill ri-in! ; it i'.
Ill I i,'1 l ',' , l l lIIe ri ' I i II, i ii' I -
\ut1re ti.r I ! 4111111 IIt:ll thi E hi sh
li1c 1 .or k in 1 l.iii rL VrIdet n t,w ii sitli
r1:ii  l h, i b ill l ' 'I. wi",' ell o ti, t h i
feI Se' , 11 r. t ii, ti, \ ',l 1Ii I'IsI ialr a -
, III t 144.u'. r ` lo',''iv , l I 1. \t t 11' iilt l -V
i -l ', , 1i ill |Ill lie I1 1 o ir gin 1't 11
Iler I n;t'o 1 tin the ri re i
:|ill[ If,.1d.10, I 1t1111% 114,111 ,,, :11:- ill
1t1(1t orIe s at'. i. I l'11 ii I if i ml - titl
Ilitbi , v , hal l h·r one, , Ih ir i l rig w I ith
1 1\\l, ;1 ll`l ittt' 1 1- ii l'r'i W \v1r,,1' 1 l':1 1
-. 11'' 'l'ho "ll,' 14':11' I 11(·? t i l 4.4 I` 4i,\
14 !dlill i\4il lr watlr lIli4 111l'l 11,, , ,it to ii
wiert hIlrall o1e sPlea i t it Illoirsi.ile i
I ,1 r. Th an di. in e, r il Tilllhe wae intrl
tllrli,'ilrtd for 4i1,i tit 1i 1 tro 1 twi tohsll h
etri i it ltn l th i, tllo h tleor in .'at
@te1r i tolti *ie 1ot e yi ill rio. will il
ttnil, while t .r y i liit hiV aiei t l rill
nted irulblta Oi i , t i vi il' rl'as ringaiti -i
htrialld are hith ther 8h tltin4 Of I II( -,
filinto tliti. Lii': Ili ailg'i.rei th r f lo
.- 81er1)1 \c aiar ttloe ofIV T he thi'-1
iraili i ds r will c t111;ri 1fi .rni d st i llf
fir ill il i lri , ltilly lht o fith aorket g r
dells hack of towlinill I\\ ill diaImige~d
1 V1 ie Iver lowt buit lo ieetila hirt
tile t tinllte i lhtio i fliait'hr t i i hoi
li this atel rr t fe itton tel the
tityh r sid e of t e river " is 114tie t, a( i dll.
ub t edly a bad S o, in. terfering with
lto ri lrot e i, ta using the i er
i able 1014 alnd floodil it lilrh o bi rtioin
of" (ireina wad Alwers. The waotr
raild iill hi se 8 atws iiro two toh lIf
iet deerln a he of stroeet, hilin l ilia
dbd the ovrlow is tlt leunih huny
nlind illl'rin tlo Ih iait urathino n tIo
petit lie i th line if thle r i re'a.srrt.
There i~ no dllU th l tiho break is li
vuery Itad env, but every eftort will be
ablde to s fftlod. iT'e city hsa largei
ul'' of lrhuirt oAvor LX.hre, and l itr
fihe Wo1 l Teitt t Ir'e u t ite riii -
Sroads ardi in thir uthmof t ireift e.l
h( break. itii .ir.b that the r k n har'
exlr'y.1 hu louo thst 11hNor will h' mill,'e
SIro hl o , i\. Thi i, their f:Iaor
-orc, \ hh'I h ruin 111 sthream, 1x111 Ioth
0I1r_ t Ii.l oTf 1te 1 It Wil Whake n i.e
Yr utllt tieii I'io t I' l.i, n llurt i .r
toso whi re IT uny hr ir" ti'.r- i frvo
Amei ca agih .t te: nt"lti;t1 oi 1po11: -
S11 r in uliar gra l irtL' hit of lIt 'eri.c i
nr-so, wl, tic , n n "'.,' to, eno ul the
i. t'o n kil', s uc. lortatio un
toi m ye w l a nd l \ r l .irii <t
with li, mu:le teams INotwi hais
ihree railwr ay tatios an ohiprls iths
care:w-loads.f r4 t, pter muth. th
,car-1oads of freight ler mouth,.
THIE lI;t l I1. i lI: llOOlIN .
fr., -hi eV'port :date 11 aS : .aturday
Thu 'ho i\y rain \: hich f'll 1wro yo0.
(crlla-Jy min iini 51.`1114 . ll yt to havel heell n
to r.ill Ihr11n h4 ' 5it this entire so0f
ionll. TIf l .h I ,he1 ` Ii 1r 1 .all 4ut rf lhi(i'
hInl, int the roald h:v Ibein ra1il
d.rl t1 :lI t- i111i i4'11blo. 'IT h' 1 river
1hii` i i 4ii, 4:l )' ( 1)1( 111 ;l1 : 1i r ini . "I
T,1'b :1i1e. \'e, ' 1i\ h'ere to-day,
Ir1 m4 Iia.111i11. , 1(iulIhn I '4l'l11 other
p in' - , 14 i 1 . ,i 11 1'1 1 i 1 ( r, re4p rt iI L4 ryI
II1`N \'1 I 1x1114, I 1j Ilt.1 44t 11 vfr r '11 .
Ili.'vv 1 i , I '. o . i ln il liv erand -
i II 'll ,' 1:1 4 '1 7 l ,i: , l '.ll liw'I - 1i-, - tI i l
,I' 4, ,, ', l. T i.', d i e , i
iI'\c 1 tr. 1 th t 1, 1 11 1454''' r. " I r'-1hi of I'
w Micrh f Illl .l i I. i iileIny ' ilii:m ioln I
1'1,lV1 :1 1 1 1111 'II 111" € '' , I \V 'I ',4', i44:4
i'.ini I'm +', ' 14 'h II '4 i t41 '44' '4 ( 'lve iyt
4'all. . I :' y ,' 7 . ".11 . lnt ' : I 111n I 11
4, l iiti li hit ' 7.1 11l i\ Ill F 7'41,  ii
r4 ii , .t l l,/ 1 l i ic,1 l . T!::n ti" t hR 'h r
cIr 1 r.1 i n 1'11 '4 41'a S III If ,m h 4 t
:11(11' l.0 lv nl ooke. Th14 II':w1.her
i4 ,l 4ar ,'ut h 1 i - 4l ritho1 e h11 i li ! in(e
:re I Ith t 1 t' ,te , 1,,11' i l, ' th ere' t isi
1 4('4 11 4' 1 ti le '', ' of ( 1 '11t 4 '4i !n4e
S' li ' lr t ',1 i1 li144, " ,1 1 '\ " Ii . i .i
1:1 1I. xnit1, l a ro'i,4 t 14 1 0- )1t14 r tit4i.
tlie fulli, it n;;
T he 11:11iT1" 'i' 114 1 ri-.4it (' iver 1 :n y1 '
11" ' S i' f i llt 11 1 it l ll I ':t l '1 11 'i.' tu \ 1 the
i at4I1'r (l' r 1'i'" l l,: )I11\' II 4 I44 h l.a s.
it r11"' Iilt 1t ' I' ct4l Ity, 1,rjr i ' t :i1rrod
S1.141j 4 Ih l i,, livi4 1' 14 l 4 1'4 it re
.\11I'1 i I ' 11 h t' t tl lL'than i Il4h ' 1")4l1i r ,
anll d I ,i t 1 II' . i Ul iil ' 1 \1'1h l ' i l,' e ate
It I ii t 1 1 i t'i :;1i I,, 1 411l 1 hr 4'i 'i . I', ' o .1l
A. It wh,,their the river allt N w (ir
Ilan1l wlai'  Ilh higher or lower fry
theiti( clsin of Illiln t I a'P rrs ere' aise,
Miajr Ilarro, l states Ih t ul p t o a tinto
when l I. o river reach( 4..4 4 1 1 44lsta ig" tf t i 'r
ly lout at Baign {lingo, it Wis lower
at ('0ol4 , i' oinirt adl ain rll rlonco lios
Year with h lie onnnet I 'arre croviasse
cloud thiii. it, was Indy1fr reatr itd ther
I oilo ll, I1t ,'re cri l t: s. c- Utpcn.l
Thu la4t weekly repors rlceived by
lItnjlr ll'arr1i fronl Plum Point llad
iake I'r' ovi n l, inlli ,1lo 4i very i
irtrlkued cnlin8lanc ft i Iloth g4da re
ultls dor'sriod il thI p,4 reviohul rep1ort
;\s publilheid in the I'ir;ayune. The
ihann. l i4 nio\ drnwi o1t of the Iltul
lhrton alld ltick Island chultes, and
Is rapidly tope'n i alillog the course
w'he'lere 11e171oitn i110. A signer roma
tinl it.
'ihe oUnited states Economuist ems,
that not only in all sections of this
country blut in E(urope too 4 , the eyes of
capitalists looking for great flld s for
alrgo investments are turned hnward
the south. And to those who are
informed as to the vast and varied
roluores of the South, there is ( no
wonder that it iso. A strangor from
Iaiy oielof tihe4 old cou1ntries onr i the
other soido i. tihe i sea, in traveling
through the 'o utill, is doubtlessh as
tonished to Ielshe wc od!+ M ll wilds
that meet hi " /4, even in the4 dis- I
triet" of cuiitry which were amuong
thi earli4 t s' ttlelicments iln the colo
ni,>. l11 i4 siil! more aslonishid
whtnli, on inipiiry ;ld inl1e.tioni of
thilt illni n.ral regi,;ns of Iho oht Stat:s
of the So1thi, 1'he 74at4lls that there
:are al! .'4rt: o1 liiil3, a7 l!d 4of ;I4l4ui!
uiinim ited eXl,,nl, Ivini47 th ,ere un11 i14
'I rbelsd, witi a 4we4 lth 1wilhiin th41 ln
that l o l i' l )I . ' : i11 rl'Vt'414llous lh, .c,
ail! i, 7ri 2a (it' '4 If1I " l a ',1 41,(ri ly.
T4111) i4 ii,_- 1 r..,[ " i7 i toitlih rln dIh ev4 -
,74i'e, 7 ia) Vi ,ul4 .l7 o tot he'u4l0 :f1,i
a'i( io I eh f:i't t1:1t1 41i''.' 147414 1alway"s
4.4o ll 747 " 'r4ivl4 ,,.l '('4.4 411 (t 44 1n174 -
Ii!'u'tllt'i1li 1'- 4, le. T114 vl'oa:tion1 (i'
tihe 7744llli, ' ,,r ,',:a1441 r is, 411 4 4t4ur.4
'alliin 's : re ('1ther 4144e-4 tI:V or i1 li
i-11,tly 444,i4,,ndcnt . It 14a.s alway1 s
e'' 14. - I'71t 1t141 r ,it7 ral reSOlurt'eIs
a. ld 7 m7iinu17 f1.i'tur1ilng f1atilitI4 s (of a
1441 )l414 f 'r liakinig rllooiey 411d for cir
(1 lail it a'4 l7474l07 14e))1le of all clis. -I
0.4 :4nt (0,,nditi4 141, wihich give to
1i1d(' 414d 14usine1 s of every dr(scrip
1ion i:n44u4 e1 ,,(' , in' lu1ences that
show themnt'lves 4t1.. .41i1t14ining li'hts
44f t114114t "444d conenmllnlclt ill the low
e('.1 74l ai 17'- ilo h1ftie t htouehohld
il1 4th., ial741. Mining a7414 manLufac
11r1417 h',-,14 7igr74icul Lurei l ll 4 i 4.1as4
44 1 147:4 ut mon4(174'y i4to thie h1auds of
the Io "'1le to ibuy ti4e product. of the14
fartu1r. T',tevy 4'reate railroads ; and7
tIle railroads not only ,bring men anid
1m0oney alon1g with them, but they
furnish the farmer or planter with
transportation to the markots of the
Herman Bamwiek, of New York,,
1431s sued Miss lleeea M'c'Lean to re
cover ..tl'j,44 for treach of promise of
4marrlage. TIie lady says they were
en,1gag011 o07 l'robation for six months,
with thi l:nderC.tandling that either
40o7114 t'reak it at that time. She re
turntd his ring an,,l he was satisfied
but si:,:e then 1he has fallen heir to
5---,- 1 0. AIfter this he wanted to re
new the1 eg71gement, but she would
nI t agree to it,.
A jl,.tili n from i- tiz'41iR a4kinl g that
a(''rtain ],r'liol of thi itlh wirdl he
anu x, , to Ih , .l ,11lh ward ais- re:l
n11141 u 1,1 J4 t iLi, o'4,n 11:':I, Er o f jf1 ,1etiio ne, rs
gral:IteI , Iand in 1'4o4li tl ,lin4 'I tlerl'tvIit-h
'ithe f ollow i? . was v1lolted'l :
\Vh',reao . A potIllion uw1111 ,ru1ly
4i; ': ('11, ' 4' iit n o 111 t h t1 ! , lifilth
anld .i.\ h .'t Iti.l), prat. i:n ,Ior a" ' i, ll1:o
of l 4o4ula1'ry Hli1,11 4 l,, -f , t ' I 11 'Ith
n ul1 ,,is th , :1 l-,, 1l,1,r bly st al;i, li:..,
inll' n4 f 1ri1" l 4 , t 1 -lIar'y.
'' ,,1, Ior,, l : 4 i t I'el ol tve,, TlaI
111bo noit l r  ,44ou 'I ry of I t fifl t
:11,i 1 I, P ' l:n1 l t . '1n4 I (' 1'1 4 ','
"r wi,'.r Ill1+ ri\, r ha4 ,r 114r , l intl 1 14'
i, o1 (',,1C' ,,r il,. t ll th:I all hitl
p lTi.f 0' o h,, .ll warnl orti' of
'('4i '1 ' 'I I, ', 1 1 4 41*,1 - I h , '(11h1r y 1i-4
A1d1,11t. 1 \ lil:M t .
~l(I 4 4 l i '. 4'- i'tII. I I,.,
Attt. : r ''. lli'o . Jury.
144\'1h 'r ,:1., 'l i,, ,4,1-.e Il4 tinf of ,1 t
1ll n1 xI1 r1 1 y% ' i a ii_ :I ,, -. It i '4r4:l .
lof lhr l, ,i , l 1,, 1i1hT , t .1 1, ; : 1al
lI\C ' 1. , T I., ' !, 11 i ry 4: lntl
r I'ggl1, 11 1 4111 14 fi l ' .1 ,41 Ir 4: It
a t i ri 11. ,i ll, ,r4 fly tlnl ,oef. R e f
l rmtl i h ii, ' .: jorri:tl,'1 i ae fe l 4r
'Thar ('1 1i . .l" ,11 Ir :i ,,l It lh y t1re
hle .,r b .- .i tl u .,u oral 1ith I t 11
licven1 ,a1 Iin olv:
S)l" :rtn 'h pl,I, r l ,y l1,1)1 or other
water lrilt, ( Io chanil g.', I10 .
lFor :1each f'It , '11 r in .1 vehielodrawn
by tw'o or I':re hor ir ' or r llI les ,n;l .
inSat ': ,,fy li1 cas , 3:sd iln a forme r
For each r'ddiler in a vehicle
drawn ly oae her ao, 31 h .ol
For u:e h pow i,, rk frill h lrseg-back .310.
For i1 h fot e(l1h'ilger n, ra. l :1ll or
dinarl es L inll ''lnlit. herewith 1t and
they care hrecy reel 1 lsd.
Ad-opl d, April :;rd IE,.
Fl . ,i . 1 I ,ill r li
Attedst : Pres. Police Jury.
M. A. J iv'r1, 'lClerk.
A very ejnrious case Ia just come to
an end here, ays ,a laltiuoro special.
In January, a year ago, a woman by
the 11 1nitm of l'e ; izi tl h E. (i1'sler
caaoe to Now York front Eingland and
charged ]ienry Ilorman, a wealthy
furnitro manufacturer of thatlcity,
tith having married and ahondoned
hor in EinglaInd. i Ie-lan hald jut
married a Nw York ldy, and the
eharge was not only etmbharrassing,
but promised to land hinm in tho poln
Itentiary for bit'aºiy. IN, was tried
onthe charge of thigamy Iandl only so
eutred a verdict of ncquittal after he
ihad preselnted su,1i. c'il.nen 4a- left
no ioubt th-at 11he womlf,1 11Ld 4 Iado
4a 4istak(4.. At the 14n., lusion of the
trial, the judge, remuarked that if hI
]1'41, hoel a poor 11111 hr wo1h i '1 1)ob.
allyhave 14,'1,1 s 1",,l, to Sla 1'.14 pr; 42.
Thol' eaC it, tlal 'li xd , '11et ,id,,.,'an
74a1 4 (4444 an en444 in7' d I < t.iI SI ,)
hunt u , 11III(, wo"l'a1 '., 1th141 1,11d.
Not l,,,1 a,., it V, . ,i .vO r 'i that
there v,, .. , .,. t (.c !.', 1', lure uantl of
('4i4 les IIll, a:cuids r 4 : , .'' - l1i' ,1'ture
fa -':ry, i,' 111 . , ilx.
.1r . 11 ,,I1 11 .i ,. w.;. ,, ..1,4414 h; thra k and
wr t o o r'ot4' ,I , a ,y ' hx Italiim41 or.
oad, 4 110- -, l l ho.r a l . r rLiC " hil.3
b:VL. ai D i. ,, P UI lerDY!.iowl
jilt t lii, a tl 1t h Ih tl.i i ? tEir l ivg
e "citi her ill a oido T rdls fo
thez,,Pit. R.t i.&;(I Th.i Rlnu
TlhezIte -l,:,er 4; 4tex is 1kill. oadl
out i . av' bt ; a :f,t- ielats w: lrf-l4tum.
Talndti, lav.. wii.(,4 tor do : tIct kllws
hrw twrd, i+l. lTr lel t 41h.l -.1 . 14) me.
risn ectile ''i ; l;etI v r ill r m- ke !tiY re
I 01t t ied.-- 'l ntt3. i 4 ' ( altr( ; ta4lt is
resdy money, ia or all tarlltil pur
lo ves oflife t:wt ..rrl s it aga11 ilnst
ta(ro t iln 113 30ortin of ten tal od w .
I:. SH. H AV ............... W. W t. AIKMAN............ . D. I AW
Corner Main and Pearl Streets, Natchez, Miss.
3I E m- F A E1. "i B INJ
Drugs and Patent Medicines,
Fancy ;oods. Toilet ArtIeles, Pcrfinery,lloliday & Birthday Cards.
( AIll)CN NEIDI), PIN'S, 011ll, TC,.,
i'IProprietors and Maiiulielurrers of
Tolophrono in ii lco
)rdern fr,tu the (ountry rv arel, ,olitl d. 1and will rcei"i v r' prompt nttientlo
--SiI() L), 'SEi'E TIHE TO()(K ()I---
('all and got his prics eforr lur,.hasin-g o(,Swhlre.
M. Ia. .PA -IE~L.KAlT,
And Cotton and
Commission Merchant,
24 and 26 Commerce Street,
E. Geo. I)eLaIp & Co., Agents, Natlelhz, Miss.
Tr:aveller', -o Il irtford, ........................... .....A. , t 1-, ,n,? 0
i l anide, NeI ,,r i, :.... i ...... ............. ...... ..
I i',,e:, .....rk............................. ....... . . '"....;.. ,7 J,;O
Il::aovr, N. Y., (1 I"nI,.rwrit, r's .\g ney) ......... ..... " ....
New ()rlt;ns I nlur:ian(le A;,- ilatiO n, .... ............ .... " ...,
l f 1 e ~ ath ,a t a i ,,, t . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . ..r .I .lir " a n d t . " : 4, ," 1, r t (
jul h a- th, lair.. -t .urjpha- fir aiihii hltlers, -ct 2 1,
Charles Sauter,
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
Trunkas, Satchels, Hats, Shoes,
To;ikwa , W L, - cii ', - F,". A w, l ITL tu : IA I .
w lt h t a L a i .h ,. I, -ir i i- ia. tu o l tI h ,* t .l p l , .;l .'~ a t ,y* -
S-4 I NS
Smoke-Stacks and _
Cutlery, Tin Ware, & Marbleized ~Mantles.
WVl iskv, Brandy, Wines and
L.iquors an d the coolest beer,
always kept.
I)rinks mixed in the most Approved Style A
r,,ntinued share ot the pnhlic patronaSe in tolcit
ed. JOHN KANE. Proprietor.
i-l :l-c:n
P. WIalsh
Carpets, Matting1 Oil Cloths, Rls
iHouse Furnishing Goolds
cor, State & Commerce sts,
NATCHEZ, - - - M I
co' - v,

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