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The Concordia eagle. (Vidalia, La.) 1873-1890, January 31, 1885, Image 1

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The selection of the N. O. Picayune
as the sole medium for the illoutra.
tlon of the grand pageant of the ('ar
plval, Mardi (lras, Is flattering evi
dence of the high esteem in which
that excellent paper Is held by the
wealth and respectability of the
Crescent lity. Numbered with the
getters up of this annual exhibition,
so creditable to the taste and enter
prlieof 'ew Orleans, are the leaders
social, commercial and professional of
the city. That these should make so
ruarked a distinction In this direction
is clearl;y, tdieative of an intention
to give unusual recognition to ani hon
eat, incorruptable, courageous public
press; a newspaper which, through
all these unfortunate seasons ,f radi
cal and demlocratic corruption and
fi.th, and anidil a thousand tenlltS.
ti..ns for less honorable seC vice, has
nevoer yet itbllslhed a word prejuidie.
lal to the public iutereal, gooild morals
Or sbOluld governmlent, nor vet rcsign
ed oo iota of its si.lf respect or its
,will In theconldenalltion of os i doers
ai.d their puruliuus work.
Tire :E.; r.E endorses every word of
"'a laborer," whoie severe crii:ianml
or the c'lnviet labor sys'en aippeared
It the XO.. States of a few days ago
This systein is pernicious unjiust, un
denlorratic and a reproach to our re
p itllcan yltemu of girrtlrllnent.
Wh'lile degrating i.iicst luldu.try ant
p'::elg ct i en a t ii i4 p . iiluoi. i~ at tile
arue (lille iopens lpt a vast field for
specuihtion aind ierilation to the
moral and nl:ate.itl hurt of the whole
people. It is the parent of the most
Sruel and barnr:oui lpractic-s, ill
which are incl 'llt1 aill nanner ofl hr.
rltle torturoe tld nicuasIllnation. It is
a liigr,'e tlI thil , t..tO it ",vhitch it is
proseccrtd lriid is olerratid mio in
those tlatles. ,uti as L.uisian:i aiid
l.-rsi.sippl, the frailc:iise of whoa.
pn. ple is rildit *:, ",r tiy ilt;i, :! lns
o tiiles. 'he r onvict iu: i" be enrl;oy
(d with piroit ti the ,t:ate and liot in
. ,npeti!loo with the iilustry of : r
(clueS In this diuci'ini, i: h1we\ v.
I; wiuld afTfui i in itcolie to the I :t
c(h l,! . Tit ,isppri'r s the vihi pr.':i tie.
file ui . ll, .i c li i lit r:.t s supt 'rt :-rt , I
AN IPPO'i i'hil:T.
The appoiintmeint of lion. 1!. 'i. ?I:
lin rr s i ellectr ot f Ilt i rt It'l ;v' nuie
for the State of Lo!io-ialins iv ",,e ,ft
e.c'r:',lilt" .ati-f;: tI li It, flit. Ib '0'ir
c': siS of pI *il' of all pl ith l pairt!s
lit !!,:., t l e. 1Ir. .ii r is e".senti
ail it iciiirviatliv,, uitll r elpr i tiing
as he i'e :thatinly does, tiii re-lpecti tle
cli men of Louisiiaina pollitie. he ilil
i]probably , ioti thit.indiihg hi. recent
rpuiltican idepa.irttirtu, coi .td tihe
,oniellratlhn of the inctliiig aidiiii
I.ilatioin,as ie hiase that oif Pri,illeit
Arthlliur. Promiinent amongti thie in
ber ppotied to Itlie tret chltd idil vii
i iouts machinel goveruiniiit of l.oun
isl,a, MIr. Minur ieas oily irit,r
frulo tanily of it upIII lonets in his
lceas of thie metliods best ,'altilated
for I he overthrlow of this dirty cmiiI
biNlttin. While with all thi prolYt
si',,s oa detariiiinatiou tii purify the
ci, it service, we cannot coiceivne of
(C ".elaund giving recognition to the
stinklingly rotten nmachine of MicEiin
ervy ad iBulrko, we feel satilled
that the new President's ear will be
Spened to the desires of tIle resi.ecia'
blilty and srubtanlce of this Mate,
il 1. Ih elem int of our society lion. I1.
C. Minor adorns.
Calitalin Jack has been here with
the Marx, andl left a great vermnilion
liieii barge at our landing for cotton
The skilttinten complain of the lnfre
queoncy of entertainments In Natliez
andi the consequentit "seldomnienasa" of
late and lpaying ferries.
Our soiellme fellow citizoin, Judgo
Reber, now of Louisville, paid Vida.
li a visit this week.
Nothingl but city electlons to re
liere the dreary piolitical monotony of
tlhrE' years to collle.
8:, culatlotis as to the stalility of
tile I ew rutn-arolrlid levee (in front of
towl grow frequlentt as the river ad
nrnccs. 'We trilust the work may not
Le put to the lest lhia year.
TI:e drovers have come andil are
conlillng to Natchez, with excellent
sliok. Mlies command the usual
eprii prlel,
The Doings. Rumors, and Prospects o0
Concordla Parish and Viclilty
In Brief.
Parties frol. Ihe interior report the
swamps oun pieasan fly fu ll.
Aaron Staniton, Esq., in widely spo
ken r for shllrlovalty of Adams coun
ty, Miss.
The harhbor of Natc-hez and Vidallia
will be in the hands of a democratic
house, Wactchl 'ern.
Mr. Dean'l Lemlo is stocking up-a
coniderablto addition to the busi
less htousesb of Vidalia.
The ferry dock on thie Natchez stile
has assumlled its springtnime tuleani
ness, 'ere the trLCt'' begin to bud.
I'llolrsd of a dozen or umore wed
dl'igs in Naltclz and vicinity pro
claim tile approach of Lent.
The're are Imhtly hundred dollars hi
sutscrilptilols dice tile F.cglc. Pay
l:4 anld we will give yo aII H gCr d paper.
'.t hiear that there is a prohblbiliiy
of lhe Viidala Methodisi t church he.
Ingc thrown into the \Vaterproof cir
''lThe Vicksburr l'ost belieesee that
"\'hit killedl ( c:k RHbin," W'ill ait
tra:ct mil!icnsi of capital to the State
of .l i: ,issilppI.
'.clpt. (Tapi,. is anong several ex
peri hacd river ccien, Who seelN atis- l
IIlld that there will be no overllow
this tline.
I lelk a:dl I teiorder M..\ . Joy(c,
rell'rts Lnllte, s ifc every depalrltcentcl
ofl li wet- ll cocnducted clCe, muic |lll
The j,'\.'elry fakir. Mon lay, d1,,of
eritd tiler the first distribuctiCu of
ipr-ptl!-, that lithe coiored people of
Vii:ilia had been there before.
S'ctay, 1(h1. Ficlllis l-. Shield,
Iroighll over it drove of as ltine miules
I hucvie ever enltered CoioncuIrdia r
I The greater llmtlllhr of intenllt.lu
vis:tare to the Ixpicict:n. In thii par
isi, are rserving the trip lforu' M.&artl
'Ti; p. isai i cf a t Sunidiay law inl
':atcihe',c will drive a greatr unIimbIltr oif
l.r pe.ople to Vidali' oni the htst day
of the wt i oi ic n search of al blrlte'r.
(' it' it. rim' tihe oi.nvy cliiiicuilies
th.ey imeut wt;''h, (1,lr `.l~ay" sor: cu tr
pir;i!on dci-rv' eito2y for the pres
nilit ciiI:it.ry cl ltlitidlllc of thie f.'i n.
\!r. .\ '.hrl ( ilh apie'ý ne:a t m:lrket
i i.::1 of tti. grianh collveulietltcits of
th< townit aind s)h:tnhil ri-eotiv rlho
utlo ',th-!:uhl: eVi,1 ,n , o ,f popl ullar
appi r ,:cit'.: iln.
\V'ith it etld la:ljel'ity inl the honle
a rl i :t p)rolllp :ive /deei . !lrati!' exeln
!iv'e, lhow i ik tiell flr ur rciiidt o
cratic (onlire-szen (to stri; e fur river
lit oPeS t*nit,s.
11hc I rhlt tle r. [Ltti, i Aclt . fruit tthe
heitht Ot tli' n tv levee, sltrvi'c', Ihe
tncl'roillhiic'r lriver, with a onlitenll
inlle grec Ily Ilciproscd nll tllto of
|000l' 0i'r000 tilt, [,lt<,
\\'e a:e Pilca,l to hteatr tb-it the
promici-o c flr t'icha . ttei!tiuirol tl 's re
lllvery is i' ltht. ''l ir. lnntiring
o'Thrt rnll h of ihn cl' icla lof'he nlt
,lihez Dimi r:t ililst he attrillmt, I.
-ir li. ( c iic', sun-in-I.lw t lof f ilntr
'Z/i:Lt:t is v-iting at the YVnagIi c4-
l:ato l: tliis hparish. lhit elterpris
itig ioticbleac:t is propsitetor of :ti inc
nlnii-e sheep 1-: rich io Texis.
it,.. .f. V. Peinn Islcni ehing witt
ara:i'fitg sittiecs at Wesley ' h ap.l,
-at'b!,z, Wihe?) s-'erti, is inot helh
in \'icllia, our Vidali ith'lrch pc1oplle
wilt meet with a warnl welcome at
this cisety templce.
llad hit enltivated icreacre antd pro
dilctitn of this year, iteei ciiipiledl
adl lprinted, together with it descrip
tioni iof the manl y icitural ladvatnlihtrs
of1 lhis pItrishi und dliistrilhiiutld ait the
havte proven aciong thts g:ttleers by
that entierprise,
1 lhor are ril:ucrsoi' anotllher paper it
Natchezli, to bie establishtled u, a soti I
(ihiutnial b;tsis aii i esptciliUv deciit
di, Ili lihe micaterlicl nciivactietintcccl iii
this city of siclethii i ivaiiic e .
titlch a lccper, well circtailteti, woitld
work wociders for otcr teiglitboirs.
Pri-vihtis to its intr-cilcctctiocc tito
whiat iniihir to ttcuct excedhigly hi
strict-ivi elercite, Wlscc ictigeci iin
biy he - st ers durinic period duriit
ac far icc-k aic B.1'. 4it. It is lice dciii
icitclI'or eiiin "ccither Icealtire.'"
which licive secured it popularity
Rhonld the party of the atehez
Democrat, who lately matrlied ia
erii'l!o with the Implressive "litany"
or the church, contemplatea further
attempt at "an-wer5 to correspon
dlnt'," t:e will please locite his flrl
lills exetiqo olther whires tlhan in Vi.
idtlia. A Vid;l iian. Ilak or white,
wholir form( n letters andl ctapahle of' o
silly anl enqruiry as: "l'Iea-eo Inform
me whether (,rover .'levelatd., was
not at one and the sinnie time Mayor
and sherlif ' of Brooklyn,'" I" an int
stollting prenpllllltoln of tile person re
ferred to.
It is .evert hcless ii fI'ti, though ap
pearing iniretiblel. 'hie fortrune tell
er of the Til Hn IlilIo roadll, justt olut
elide Natchi'z, ti tIIilin'lrs al tion hier
regular ci ,liners many of the lead
l'g ladies of Natchez ind nolt a few
frol I onlordia a lnd 'i'Tiinsa parishes,
whle hef r li,:te, reatthing even as ifar
ast Ihe \'i.'zo river, re"iniltred ie(elntly
it biringing lito Natchez, fromiii Vii'k
burg andl Lieiyoiilnd evr:ial ladies, who
v!tited the most coiiiisnhrahlo of thei
Vidliialislbuhtirbs for ti.sale tilpurpose
of havling their "fort:lles told."
Althrough Mr. L. '. '-irniivell does
not anticittean fov rlilow to interfere
wilth his large wagion li aitricilttir
atl rtpair bulsiness, yet lie ii satliilst
of a rush of business this si Ilng, iild
wo'ld like hie friends and patrons to
endtill i their ordeis ai tearly as coo
venielit, so Ihat the work lilay be put
throigh on tiime.
('int'. ' r. '1', Evais is ',lleetiiig cup
iu iof tile anll*e. ell l ln ':,r,+ ill ('un
icardia, hor exhibition ait New Orle:(is
'Though hincOl Veiit lit to dlisplay to
tlilti worild olur ,present greatness, "we
ilay, at le-as, five an idla of our big
niht 's'"efo' (dt wall," in the attemptii
iI attract capital andii idti.,try to our
M1esar. J. it. Ye.iirger and M. A.
.ioyvce hv\e Ieen appiit'od to repre
senit this partii at the meeting of the
National a o tho Planters Assocallion
to be Iheldi I lin the Txp)sitieo bitilding
oni Ie Inth. anid lie geniital Mike'l s
ioiw ihirdl at wiork, stulndyilng up the
use iiail iIaiie, ofI the co-ttili worim,
wtllh ai' ve'v of presentilngi alapor up
on the iib)ljc't.
Mliiir ti,:ttney ii his report sug
reato: h p!ite:. tio, of I'tlo Alto anid
G;ilrs Iby .sblll..rgei. spurs, sttYl as
ti• o i Iii i lat New Orleants, to cost
lo.0(l:l tc:t"i. tie e ttiiihates the total
cast of I:t !".' l Nth';eht harbor at
-7 , . -. ,it 's, niliev, W lhhti we
Will nlot _e! .:1 non Juiml >.
The river at "'iilalia is hovering
aboutt a stii:il, at iiho t , 4' , with
most enswour ii :t- frlls ftloe hthlo.
Tr t wlii =. e ui.lll od l e s, ie i n ll t -pper
M1i..is -iti{.i aril \issouri, anl slight
iic.e + ii t ' . 'L'taias and ('utiher
lau 1.
T'lh1e re; irls f two haltes to tilth
I,1re, this ,vear. in the Ilhi, are con
ti na !yl h" h , , n tr illii.t. W el
wovillt :" oh'ije , h.i"ii our ireaders
in the r,:r flaril-h isS withi reliable
dl:i l hi thi ' it : 'i so .
I I;-eat et,+i  thi'I ug- 4'+111€h Concordia
parish h:"" fal h ih t', unearth a soill,
ir' Stilith,r of '.\ll i'lict upilonu the ilo
trn 'ii, to-ni ht " uir'. roiil tand li
iltait 'lI io - ,h i ii , t ll ti i-e it'
ta bet.ii, 1 t tir i laptd for tihe pro-iiu
llducti d of s c h i a s:"t aS "u t ti u li.t
tle shows nity."
Mat'id J t : uyI, o' l-tirastat, Nat
itlhe . the, --a'.-le e wl:itle i\ill I t.ipe
all hiandlt in til' t I Il ii[t'.l lile
ilr. Jof iny tlite tlorts that wrork
LA rent ntext weI nnitli, lwhein o, l
pleted, thliie levees wi:l statiiit a rise
equall to thait lo hist'It.ar.
first in the aitih to 'attevoft lthe ! an
1 fettiie' of tnel _".wl=l. An n_".ri:ltliis
ifor, Trennas, proi oulase pril e tr oad
ditiud. to t:ia il hrlpri' i o ern.
Snow says to h) 1 :ii< .y < I. t , '"\ t'. -
chez is hti nt e iiier 1 h:1 e it useii in
The Prolected P.nlargement of the N.
J. & C. It. L
Now It Mlay Effect Concordla Parish.
"All that Is required. ohlerved one,
who seems to be poisted, Is A modest
eonlritutlon fromn the Cll i lith
throlugh which the proposed oxttl!
aeon of tho N. J. & '.R. R. will pa.,
to secure an immetliat Inauguratllon
of work In extending the road and In
widening the gauge of the line al
ready laid down, and this project
once in operation, Natchez will hr
come tihe distrilbutit point upon the
MissIsipipi for A ttairta coanl anth iron
m:akhii, it, with its excellent mneaint
of cheap trainportation, a most de
siraHle point for I-on manufacture. I
tell you, this project Is
A (;oL,)I:N PnO.ltIS
for Natchez antl it will certninly heI
promecutod to complletion." "I sunp
pose, suitested tile I'EAr;.E repre-en
titive at this po1,I. il the event of a
widened| - :cr , t'l N. J. & ('. R. It.
will he forced to remove their ldepot to
the oast of tihe tow n. It will Ie im
piossible to carry ia stad:nard gaizlte
throuih those cr'o,s ;and( tullloli' to
the biluft." "Not at all, was the re
ply. The shorlit d:s'ance from Vid:a
li to tile Texas-l'a"tile: at Alexandria,
at once, sutleslts this as the easiest
and cheapest way for the introductllon
of Alabama coal into Texas. I be
lieve that a conell tion In this ditrec
tlon is included ill tihe project. As 1
Illdlerst.uli'l it, a ''ay through C':ail
it. to a pililt iilumtmliately a oive tlie
gravel liar is cliontentiplatl:ed. Ilore ln
bo tritansliorts, caplia:bile of carryintl
the loaded cars actlors thla stream, to
the N. it. It- and Texas, which will
bear tlhem forwarl to the Tone
sItar Sttie. Thist is all spoken of and
no doublt butt that it will he cart led
lea The wildenglll and extenstAn of i
ele N. J.a.ntd (. R It. Is noit a irete
p iper proJet, such as we have Bieno
nflileted with In tlhd section, but omi
wit. golod solid bottom to it. TliTh
cor.plli:tlli of a road, froml Vlidalia to
A !exaidria. at least, will ilecessiat ly
follow to perfect the system."Y This
"eliiuielli, llt of' ile N. J. aId C. I1. RI.
oi'I lI:itS TIlE BEST P'ltO-rlCT
yet pre-ented for the acnlletion of a
li . ::crls '' till-orld is ta is!, i I ie
\'%!: o of sue tol a I:rg1 e dii TriC t of
ttii I at lih andi the towi I of Vidialia
1'am.1t he over estimalllll. WlehiI
ocnetiig up tihe wi-ld lanils for adlja
iti ilt Milet, it would belE, ig al i i
I ll rilttk rivet ' totton to this poii tt-;
thie opierationts of the road itJl, tlo,
W'itll it t h ihltconsderaiolr , Irin
'ini as it wOlliird tu h e it11es ill
IItrans-. il ie t ant ilu a ri'er ter': i
nt ofAliti 'i iip rta t trluvk li: e, ti e s
wouitll be mair y t e tr.iiels ritni Itlly
tt t, liel:lstIl l co i (er i l t
Ie i an interview with ,ir If. I .It
Ri kt i lrdsuOl , T ief i.rl in or )f t.i:o
State ILev'tO w tard, tthe V'iiecak stilir
Post state I that tic t o,,'ril expre .
edl touch ueasiness, w henl al'o~iimu
to the i llditiotti ofe the 'lill::ikte 'i
Bend and Desonia levees. ,f l.st I ar
rail. A lore" of i 2' cp vitol, he thas
re uve"Id romi the ýh iip's 1,;3.", It"' -
tse to this Ltltt.r i int. An it ll ith -
at torte ii still re, ttired : on inh , i
these ltvs,.,i t at,t ) , "lt i e t .:i , it
of la tI w irk rel:iihtic t yvi ;, t it re
1ti,-ol ipletiit n of thte 1iliket in Ieii dt
levee. l Mtijtr iathtrdton, b rrk lulili
ell the thaltahi .Miller's repo,.: I a
break i,i "hipp's lt:he on, is i ,>'r tr,.l.
The Major it wurkinb like a rrjai.
THe has ,oncenitatedl l i, hi, Im, t. -s<
the 1-i111s of lmmediateldoni,
wher'e work it kept up btih n;,lit
anddl .y . A l other duiihti 11 J ilts
lie keens tht li rall'hital a:1:''l, ilies
Well ins irnme-1as to the situlasin.
Ina s.l pllt'l l intervlew wi'3 the
Tilley!,-1itocrat. i.jior itch rd-v. l
A Concordlan Viits ther rxnosltion and
Expresses Ilimself.
"Where, 1'r. FA.ar.r, oh ! where
h:aK they hhhldn all thn..P Ilnlty
evltlentet of the nattrail ar vn:#I%- ,!et,
Industry, natiPe i:natera:l. l'rn-rroe
and "ill the rest of It, from ('on, ordia
partinl, the shipment of which kept
yoi so hniy last ttll ? I hanve ;tar,.h
eI throitugh the main tutllln;i.,
throih the glars horltculltnral hall,
atnnnt the machinery, throueh the
peanut otandn, over the !,ile of sttff
Intended to furnifsh un art Lrtatlry
andi inl the conllltenanCes Of fIhe v ie;.
orq arid I have fllied ,o far, to dl;
'over i;(uch of anything fromul ('oncor
ila pa.jarl,
It pv:ny o thnt -ll tho ftine tilnl s
t=ave hIoPto mnlteblji or h:ae str:ayed off.
If +l !1h It the oasne, the v:lriot:s .duit
itttles on exlthitits slholli lie Inform
ed of the troulhe and la sub-commit
tee on herdhing i unj eliat,!v y Itititilt
ed fr thr-re is some 1probability of a
tinial opening, to take pIlie when
thib 3f,.Enery deserll ption of iadmnti
trnt';on is relttov(d, t nlmlloe orollm for
anll tr.cnltlve appolinted ly the Na
tiii,:!l gvo rinmlent or oriie otlher
'tr'-,'cy in wh!ch the pnhlic han3s 0 fl
it.lve, and we should niot fail to
-howy oilrselves then.
'1lhis big show has erfntainly been
cond'leted unloer a nlatlokeni nortioll.
adt, as it teglin to tlawn IuponI the
people that thit great i,:lfn of thego'v
ernment, the-e State ald indi\'idua:t!
a;.aropl i" sion=, those nmetnli |leent ex
hivi l, - 1 lre not toem t'ihti ,ll Iitlu Iely
for the t oinor itand glory of II. P.. I.
The I'i'tn-'or I ':.eral 1.nil thei e::Uiil
ntent of hi~i immt ediatte polit!,al fl
nhtingI, they ire be"olIni unitlXions
that Ihi re:i intentlo ti thi  trhe:net
deouls erpl:dit re ot iloney andll eflthrt
theitllvaln . emeiln oi t o rctiellli. art and
itndlit.t y thi nation,. shonil he ear
rvl,(l out, iyv a Illangiente t haviing
pnoli . confidenc and nal.table of at
Iracleig the pntli.' Interest.
The shiow ii-lit. 1l,-wever, is a igrand
stween~. My ret - le to s a of thee Ph'il
adellthhl ('eniteeleial shrivel tip,
whein inll onpnrilcnn wilth this sit
pendeous colleetlon of the ottiirt and
natuteof all n:tol u tllld jnst so soon
as all reason fr "r: iveroe ceriiiclstl ins
removed, thei le w ill flock here
by the thilttl·tt s, ves, aI:i!!iona .
Tflh.re will :e. lfeletr only al di n
courteou% !be st" t1), n 0n.l no ha1)11l 1of
angry hthomie:R Ienv indilgnantly do
llalltling the neie- due l ; ll.m.
'rte greo.t bilk of tho vi-itor' :p
telir to mte Ito Ito :riillt the North il al
: ll.onshaiti ref'r.i -et - to lit' hotel e'
titeru wolllt il:,:ate that suith in the
save. W hy d 't t o' ,a 11 pl np'
trcn out tl ttr,:i In Ilrta ii rselIlse
Ihiq lt our (1 )n J editl r hi-tit tilonl
dal we sh, h! o .l1"' iI Iy !.u tile fir t
altid Illost l lle .'~, i ', it s ti t ,,rl.
Rev. Dr. J. 'I. Ityr, of N:ahrile,
Telln , the r :v t- - .. !," , t , it h~ C l -
lnl py otrarted :. :.1 ` t t ! 1 r Ie c rl,'
torihtn ' hapel , N ".'! i, a unI 0"
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plain SI poken o n, e , .Iioiy II t - i.rn
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iurt ihtig'' I I .1.i Fi ii i v--c
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br of'lh  . ,,," 1,l \' , < or darny
ni 1ht, tIh : .t It1a ::, t.'+ ,il t (S -
( 1ti 1y inl p ,''. I l.:' ti. ,i i n
d ,+ "1, 's loftr , ' "i t ! v'-,:.:;! : lo ti
It' l, ii t't ai n ,t i ut d li it, t, ,
urnigil " i to 1, t i, i , tii l iir-i - :
at Y\ azo, it' .. e - 1 t ,i.l e .it:,
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for t' n ea o t f;c..- in a t I) . to .
T11ruh" i tie 'l 0 iti l l ot i- li vo ace d int1it
Ii inlitio n d n o .lir . ratnlit t : 'trti'
a. ! -Ifritoal t ., . , fl :im y ,- i.'y
'Iln wli hl~t I r o I rt t tie ujt. to the up-n
ories of for:' Iinute. , t 1i1 a. m.
mUnitrov bol. I
S onvlaeed.
1Mr. U. G. King, foreman of the Lee.
tonia Democrat, Leetonia, Ohio, writes:
" Da. S. . . HART AN, Columbus, OhioN
Gentlemen: Some time since, I had oeo,
sion to doubt the genuineness of moat of
the articles that appear in diferent papers
in regard to your wonderful.PaavarAand
my curiosity was to great that I deter.
mined to write to one of the many people
that claimed to have bec cured by this
medicine. and accord;:ngly wrote to Mrs.
J. W. Reeno;d:, of New Lisbon, this
county, and received th: following reply,"
"I received your letter this eveaing, nd
in reply would say that PeRU.thvAI Ib
lieve, saved my hfe, and I cannot recotar
mend it toohs hly; lot all comrlaints it
is the best medcen: is existence. It
seems to hlip you as you swallow it. I
would advise any one surering from my
compt:nt to tlke PcUNA a.id be con.
vrnccd. Yours truly, Mrs. . W. Rey.
nolds.' Now. that's her card, word fo
eord, and as I arn well acquainted with
the lad,. I do not believe she would lie.
It is truly wonderful hov your medicine
dxs do good.
J)m,:-s L. Mooney, Prospect, Ohio,
..;:e.: " For t:e pst ten y-ars I have
beer. sufferlng fromr constipation and
6ypp-peia, and al the evil effects that
accompa.y t ;e:n. I was treated by a
n.:mber of do.tors, all to nio effect. I
uned .everal pate at maedi:incs, which did
e - no good, a,;d asut three years ago I
wa; sevzd .lii t .be cre nervoustrouble,
and was obli-:4 to qtilt farming. I
thouht rme' d:",'s we it! scoon be over, but
lat winter I received one of your pam
pn:its called the "' Ill of L:fe." I at once
tr,.d yo.r PE:uNA a.:d i ANALIM.
Tiuey helped me ri ;ht away. I used nine
bottlesosi P.atu' A ::dt:: e Of MAtALII;
and now I a-n q:;te w- I. and able to
resume farminig. i .i c had a little child
which was attacked with a severe cramp
in the stomach; we thno-hiit it would go
1 into spasms. I u.ed nothini. but PeaUN-A.
We gave it at injection of ProatrI and
warm water, and gave it a teaspoonful of
the medicine internally every half hour.
It was relieved in one hour, and has not
blen bothered since. I have also used it
with as good eftfect in case of croup and
colds. I know that iit Is a wonderful
medicine, asod recommend it to all who
are in poor hea:th. TIv .Lbove statement
I ami willing to swear to.,
W. M. Plants, Deep Valley, Greene
county, Pa., writes: " Please send me
your book on the' Il!s or L:Ce.' I have
used one bottle of PEusrea, aJ am great
ly benefited."
"ILt ne tics it," cried the tlney
cheru. and a pitr of brawny amt
snatchlied the cl:ildish devotee o.f pop
ular liberty frnm Its 1unes ain-s;
then claul,ing the brazen herald of
fleedlorm, the lovely Infant fervently
kise:l it, while murmurlug : "'Dod
bess you oldl tbell." It was the grand
child of Jr'errson Davia and it was
'bordri" that way to eurapture the
gushing le% lapliaper reporter, and
r oachrd ilr ai n eli.iole, whlich has set
ther orlv iii n grin from ear to ear.
'i- * i I j iii-suienon.'' not quite
as c'he lr y _'L,'e i tii as her of lNch
olug Ni . h.i;,, nut :ill amusing and
Very ) ,in.
Itirat"h e and I seful.
ThIe ! ',',n ( L .ic.l ('o., Baltimore
di'., tii ir, of, the celebrated
Brow '.- Irn Iai, in, have just issu
ed :t i e:i:: iii I:!;il }lhlok and Alms.
nut for I::! -:,i -i a-cnlmplete and use
fltl I::.1 , Lint ilik for men.
I'Theo Iu :l:; -iu are attractive,
";t-i i h _ ii : rt'i t Iall:ill\ valuable
il a: . t, I:!:.. Thliy are furnish
cd f'ret,, ( :L;:I;: by idruigists and
'ut!n I v . r -Lee; crrrs, biul should
hity no: :,ito t.ii":cI tih I rown5 l Chem
i t i (: .. .ill -,.l t.hi ,r ,ok on re
"lrli uti . iii (crti vi.iurl to prepay
.I,,:n imir,'ial College 421
N ,r:h r, . ,, :. < . Lo.ti s, Mo., is
.~..i.. I ii. i.rk- i to lie otntrtV.
I l.a I i ,- , ..1 titr more than
:emýigrcL tying young
,, . .: nd., . fh r lie i'itelli
I , ,im i :;clieial du
St 11 , I t., lducted
S: ., t';' it 1 I cr ps of pro
= t l , vr seltion
S, \ , i I , :l Ollmer
, stl . -1 , ih. r r irtulars.
~:r >.
s-- TH
i I culiar to
r 1 ,,,t 1 , h - std, k
Il, tv-ni ., tii. ,p,,e
I rc--.  l-iae , re trade mark and
r ,.,lc n, ,i rc--l' r. "f, kDsesoo(ther.
m ii in~w c icll u i BLITROa

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