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VOL. 12.I N. 28. APRIL 25, 1885
We were eo mueh pleased with the
addres made by ('ol. Jno. R. Pltklh,
of New Orleans, at the receotion of
the delegates to the water-ways con
vention, that we publish for ieaders,
merely the introductory, and sorry
we have sot space for the whole ad
"Chairman Wood then Introduced
Col. Jno. R. 0. Pltkin, of New Orleans
who delivered the following :
"The moment of your mission entl
tise you to our sincere hospitality,
and is Is but just alike to you and to
those for whom I am charged to
speak, that such a tender should he
emphasised in a frank assurance in
respect of the Lower Valley. You
have entered a new South. She las*
reclaimed her old lamp from the ru
ins of the past; rubbed with busy
shirt sleeves the rust from her old eý,
deavor, and lo! a series of Aladdin's
palaces rise from the snd, whitle the
good genii of the toil, the mine aind
the fire, now incarnate in our fellow
men, bring hither la'rRets that dwarf
that dwarfs the Ioldest fable of the
Orient. The cotton-boll Is snmetlirair
more than the pompon ofasn industrl
al army of occupation ; it has expalndt
ed with a more marvelous necronlaaan
ey than did Ahmed's pocket-rift to
these sfxry acres efstored pavilion.
In 185 the Southern progressive
came back to his acres to renew his
old alliance, the coalition of sun, soil.
and agricultural labor. Tile war had
emancipated him more than the
black--had sea*oned hihu with Il tel.
leetala sejjeliance ; and the mn11
wh<Q .itLiorne his 'un avnd maile his
own coffee in the struggle for thie po
litical independence of the South, re
turned with a better competence to
to maintain that South is, her i,lns
trial fields, and to retrieve in peace
every substantial misadventure in
le saw that King Cotton must not
simply eneamy in the open field, blt
have his tortresses in mills, htcist hli
standard of smoke and flamne, and
man them with retainers; recrlit
trained labor for the staple ; disci
pline his army of awkward squadi:
arrest its sorry waste of powers, di
reoted to no special ends and season
ed to no skills'; helF himself as he
helpedOld and New England, and
send forth fahrics just as the Swift
Manufacturing Company. of Colum
bus, Georgia, sends forth its warnm
oovcrlids of ihwrought flowers, that
should make sleep an Indian sum
mer in midwinter.
But all this will not suffee. The
Progreslsves have seen tnat even the
mechanical succor to King ilottont
lill task but a small per cent. of the
Southern industrial powers. And it
this King can multiply wage.winners
husband their earniugs for d'st ibu-!
tion at home, and save so much in
eoat of transit of staple and fabric as
tocountervail in the countries below
us our present American disadva,:
tage in the competition wi:h cheap
European labor and extended l:ro
pean credits, these progressltvs ask
why not still further diversiiy Suutlh
ern industries, multiply man-puower
In all labor-saving machinery, assit~
late every aptitude for a pursuit.
quicken ingenuity and enter the mn.r
kets of the world, not as now to b,;y
alone, but to sell, not as now with
the dollar in hand, but the ware.
Oakton Springs Hotel.
Open from Iay to Novembcr, Tearly.
Fronting Lake Pewaukee. 1'i Miles
West of Milwankee. on M1il. & St.
Paul RB. main lice. Waukeshta ('.,
Wis., 4 hours from Chicago Hotel
'Bus at all trains free to giests.
Thb handsome and spacious Hotel.
containing 110 rooms, is so sitiR e.l
that from its double veranudas is pro
sented an extensive view of Iake Pe
wankee, is now open to summer hei l
thy or invalid visitors, and at ter.ms
which must be regarded by all as lila.
The hotel Is sunpplled with a lipght
and airy Billiard room, contalainn 4
htables of latest Imlprovemnent; a d.aii
le ten-pin Alley Crolquet roumd. etc.
and in addition to lovely scenery, and
splendid drives, has the boat hlea:d
quarters almnost dlrectly in fria t and
haut a few yards from the door. aidi
where boats for rwi,~rtaid tlthitag
mn be had at small at amall chagoe.
hail boats for excursione and t.t1era
tseamere may be founa for trlpm,
round the Lake in Its whole extent,
or to distanoes to suit partles.
Besides the pure and braci~n at
mospheroe of the locality, Lake scene
ry, Fishing and .Shooting, the hotel
affords the anitary inmportanne of
the Oakton Sprlnrm, which are of
emnvenient sccess if it is desired to
visit them. while the wers atr will be
supplied at the Ilotel to such as may
net visit the springs.
The Oaklon are the oldest. most de
lightfully flavored and valuable, far
their urative properts of any of tihe
'Wisconsin 8prins and have Iteel
kaown and usad by the IldiasUa,
Trappers snd bunters, ear ily as
I~M, as r emedial waters.
Liberal deeltiom by the week or
mtash. !r full parutlefars, Addres
Win. CURBIE, Proprietor.
Lake Pmsok a, WIe
Evolution in the South.
The Rev. Dr Woodrow, who was
compelled to reelan his Professorship
in a uouthern PresbyterIan theoktsge.
at seminary heeause he taught a nood.
Ifled doctrine of evolution, is to be
tried for heresy.
The South has been eminently con.
servative in roiiIonus matters. South.
ern mlnisters have, to a great extent,
ignored all schools of religions'
thought that dlftir from that in
which th sy have been edccted. The
Catholie revival in the EIpiseopal
('hutrch, whlicl has made such 'treat
.duvances in nugland and in many
dloce-es in our Northern States, has
few adherents in the South, where
the IHlahops are nearly all Low
'hIurchmen, and where the great ma
jority of the laity hold "evanrclioa'l
theories. 0O1 the at cer handi, rat loia!
i-m is regarded with horror in lthe
:'oath. andl any a pproah tos arnt lib
erallsm aamong Southern Preahyteri.
ant, litp:i.ls and ,ilethtcd;scs ia In
Stantliy r-pressed. In thet Scoth a
belief in the la -pr.tras ana d infalcha-lit
bilily of every word of the Ilthle and
tlhe litercal truth of the Moea' c nae
IcoU:t of thle crretton Ii th oIr.,ht tI het
lnc esseniFCil part of the Christian
-reed, and alil the resllts of P.tlih al
critic-m dcurlng the lata hIa:tlf celntury
are treated as thonlgh they did no! x
In the North a Preshvterirtn mini
ter could and teach the views ICehld
by Dr. W\ondrow without enccring
cectsrtre. Dr. Mc(c'Osh, the veterCable
h-and ofthe chief I'reshylteriian ctol
lege tand iperhaps thIe lealic ga it n :i
hlis denlcmllalltion, long aso said tiatt
there was no neces:ay cconftli-ct bie.
tweet: (c!risfianity andi tie Ihypcothe
sis -f evolu'icn anitd nlo one idrccam,
of aeccu.illng hicc of heresy. Dr. W\Vi,c d-.
row has nlever given as unlreervted
itn apoloiry for evolutit :s thlis, and
hei- nct tried as it ;,ere:; l .
The trial sill hI itecresting since
it will decide whe ther a rctanaan ,ea Ie
at oncea Presbyterian and anll evoln
tion'st. The hyplothosi-s of evolution
has teenl il\venltedi since tihe lnvention
of I'resihcyterianiamal , evol:l on can-ll
not ie decided to tie a heresy ailCes.
It can Ihe shown to be clearly inc clon-.
tliat wil Ih the Preshyterian Concfessicltn
of ,itIlh. hlie fact that dc-h al trial
could nol at thi. day he held at the
North shows in a very strlking way
the diflirencae betweea the North andltl
theSonth in the respectlive attitulde-
toward nlocdern religintns thoclght
New York Tiaaes. A pril .5.
The Duty of State Legislatures.
Iewi-lati i In everv ,'a'e llhc t, i
re!i Ite hle ciilte alnac l e' lf li"c.c
toail.clli re-cort- I. c by C ' c c'cn in tiuir
iteicaetlico, tI ch'al n i cc l i:, fl; c-nn
ch cxinn+ . There -xi.ts ii Dri . ltarcc-r
I altih cr c.' c .i t , cr' ic c 'iii'c..
4 Promlnent D' mIcrat in Serious
'e see It stated lthta tlhn. J.J N.
MKelanns, Vof Pliqelt., cc. was coclvlrt
(cc in the I'. S. ( ,Ic rt, at 'icc.innlac i.
on the 17th inst , cf raee ciinc exce"
s:ri feIes for cll 'tihlg I'ec.ioins, iheC
was menler Oaf tihe 4"1dc ' aclties,.
andi for manycv years chai:cac of ithe
Ohio -tate I)emocrttict I c'&cr Coi.cnd
a:ttee. It I'ardty seccs cp ce-ilce
thIe' a dec.cerat ti uulc be gcilty uc
cuci acts.
I have a lotf , seccncdhad plnows
at mt ,tagcctn-sihop in \i:llic-n-i!?
sell cheap. L. S. ('oe:.wn w:.
PaI.tl titttiE.
cPersona is h anrcticlilte reemovine
their stock acnrosA thei ritr i il c.e of
an overilow, tuucal hici "a d Ic l .cstcth, 'e
saith 1c1e. ty of r:tter cc;. enci, t .::,.cl
reasccc aible chanrges icy npllyinc. to
the itlndersireie at ,N,. _r lfine t ee
-T II AT -
Ic n ia.. T T al
Oti acncd, cnd all P-e TE cct
N Erie attenclel to fcar M.OrDEII+VI':I
(IUlt nffice ia *,pplaite the U ,
P \'aIc'ENT olacs andi we can octtciic
Patent, ini lels rime t clal tllhose r -
vracte frrom \Vashla'X ecn.
aendl M,,dal or I)aawinlg.
Wd adva~ne als tao l eclntacilitvy free of
oiarge:ancl we icake No cliarge Uaa
loes ptilent Is ecured.
We relccr, here. ta, chc Pornmaslel.
the tillt. of illoney O-lter DIv.. accdi
to tllcihals o'f tha U. ,. patectll Olice
For clrcaular, advlice, tercl, a tai recer
enoes to acutual cllelnts l yvuur owl
State or Clclncty, Vwrlta. Io
C. A. SNOW & CO.,
Oppoete Patent OLae washhil C
The World's Ex1 cesitiol, NEn,
When you arrive In the city, come
at once to the delartment of Informa
tion an llc tcolilnlodaltlon, entrances
11;4 (Ira ier and 13 'Colon streets, L:e
tween St. I harles nml ('aroIidete,
srtret. and reeive inflorimation as to
itltibte l. uard atd Li l.ging houses,
or fli nalshed riooll-, with direetilcc
how to reach them.
Tihe following general tIformatloni
ia he.rebty lutll-hed to ali and ngude
viitors 'o the WVorld's Industrial
aunt Cotton Centenniial Expostln,
hielt In New Orlean. open froml De
clmbler lttlh, 1*i14, to May 31, 11I5.
'lIe loard of Management hra or
Siaillze.l thls )cepar'mnent of Inifrma
lion all A veeimntllllthon for the ex
pres pin ppove of aiding all visitors to
tie 1'xpol.lit.n, nlt only ivn s0eurinO!
-utnI lel C nit. orln1uadatilins at mio er
atl ratt,. i,1Il lit n prieqtrl iti them inI
cv ry poiaihll way from excesrRiv
chrante-r. aiii l Ithl-tervlic 1 renderedi
without co-4t. The rafers for board
and ln tigin,. or furntilhed roonst, will
'ary an"cnrdhlin, to hwiilatin and style
of enterta;iniment, as follows:
Furlrtl-ellI runll will Ie, for cacti
per-oll, friom ,lit y ,nll seventl-fuive
ceits per lday, nnil $12 tol .i Iper
lmonth, tip to and inlhaling :. p er
per day :uit $-tl to l 0il per nlnirth.
lnanrd and lIndginiz will Ice doiule
..the above, or S1.25. per day aid 5:LoI
per mnnlth, tip ino$3,3lper day aind 91
ta os3 per Imn t(ifh.
These ait-. will prvail dtirit g the
entire priodI of itl o I.xp ii lin. arid
wve iare austured tant there wl'l Ir non
lack Iof eomnfortable accmtriodatlions
it these prihces.
r. A. lIt'mrti : Director (ien.
Advice To Mothers.
,rWe " 1, ':-,'1 r ".i o+1 iz I t andi 1,,.. rl o f' .nI
. ," 1. a s k' hl H t i. I . r,, 1 .. , r. . r" in, r. It1
, in of t ll tl I.. tr, l;1 If s..l m ,. a· t , I., e ";.
,. ,s I ,T * i, ! Ii .. 1 " i, , ,,'. .' n * Ii
' II .,'h- e 1 t ... i,...r hisl', .. t" i, a I... . , . ,e .
Itln"I .,ll ,i..,ine It Ite.r lI t 1t ,r , .o- tl i i,'
ib iit t , I t. it l' s o i rk e t . 1'i ti. ,'Q
.u" r- th e r.l,,i a ,l ,d i . t.e - , - r,,- -t , l,,
".I n-:,la I. I tO, I . a i. e-I H . t 'I
i,.- , tt 1. , , d1..-1 l ·I I.-1i Ir ,i ." . ie
hol w llllh i , .l • Ii ha l i. i i ' T- o i i
i | llllt I ll. n ual b t • ,h- . ir 1 '
p A ni . . . . .I lil
March Blizzard
I' 11" , t " ii.' - i'k I- iul l i i. I' n ' '!
The 1'uit C i ,t- (:nv-rm'ant ('n
.-us \ lu li, inrtll ln-i.lihd, +i:"
I - Ir r I t 1 Ii n I I i"''"
-elf: i" iui i i ri: Ie *1 n. -
i, i t i. t t. It -- .i : .i . .,t ie tilii iit
t.iL!t ,re ," obi:w'r 4 l i " , - ' ,
't tilny r.lrle .n' En I , rh t in I_
ye-r. Th' c.,rl'l n ' atI, ,i+. +,t iy.
@ 111e t .\ ,, , n .1:ri, .,l 11'Iml -
I tI i orn. ai-itor to t, i . n c s
o h it h 1.' ,n - for , o . r .i ' -
" . :rc' "+, t h. i ., , a;iI 1Le nr n ,"n "1
:I,"- i It.:lt." th e f t .illl I if I .It" . .
I i ar cir itil fti'-i:' i r,'ru ,it \flii to. I',-'
" et , I ,iW r .st e II---( i
rillt e I ir, t i ii, I u' .t "cll i .
(f i e u lr." t: . uhi ut i aatl ,t il
r r '
.\:ri- tilll. i l- . ' (Cl'},,l i i ill- .\1,P ital
fr h"' , a ",%, sOlu-,li itltl i
r,r'nipt t"v fl',rw'.(.i'l ti n- .'t,''Iý,,
f ilbh e le -nIu s rip ~tn pri,',' - . !' ,
I'telr, : I o , sis t 'r f ,oir . ,
" mnd pn-'. I, eni , .t e (l v'', in . l l.---II.i1"
+o pr1, r(I,(, il ", I-I it t l ~ .\ I erb * 1
u t , pal:e . 1,l0 th ,_ r :'i, :1 , .- .
, r i ', n, " 1. ite ,. :1' ". t Ii .
Teri- will?- It . i I 11,
-ter'- I' .1 n"' ,:l i." !". ar jy -" , ,
n o,<i 'rls. ' 'u t + l'1" 1,.0 ,
: il, i n i; the It S W i - , '',1, 1" . I W ,tI
tree hrele r tOma for Ihe nerroul people Ii
flootetter's a tlonlch Bitters. hr hlcl| on
9l7rrs pirfect digetion alwl ssitiEatllol
andl hw lctive I rlurioonce of thier vu|c.
htwos by tIh lIvo r ndl hrola.l . An the
srsl l orllltlr to tll hrough tlh Infllerne
of lrlIoi bri 1 mnle i ra. , d II t o , rre. grow
Cas, uIII that tllml , t. ta,\( Ie tv hich II
a prrllnrity of lllr lyloltlr, pFlora way
to theerfrllnpos. "1o rtahlio h heblh uo a
ellrt follunlatlon, 1i"r thre ,rrltr.s hirigo,.
sat. For sall by all Drgllugat aId Dlelt,
F .TS lR:CAnflN3?
ttl l-"l!..rlý.., 1 . ;!' i .1 . r v,,'D · '' lq' :
It' ti . Il ' I 10 . I l 1 . . .
l 11 I,
It I I. . 1.. ' . I
e _ i · I ii
Tl- .« , WI.  l, "ie , o, , -.r
... t' 1rýC 1 " + ran th
Heait. eIneialC) Rem a.
L .- ,I L , . ,t" ' -_
_ . .
Tho Old, Well Tried, Wcnclcr?.'
SHeailth Renewl InRem(tlC3.
east(~ ··'··~ k a us ot 7.. I;i ..i . I.'user
·rK· AL 1~ A ll. l r thI l hae lnlt h
S"TRNT S SAATIYE PILLS, .,, ............
tonll kit i .e . lMo t iluotl- Ls , ho.C.Vat 0p
I a, . o.il r rofltl --elll t i i iý,7 ll dtol
1.n ý".ill. .,r t"4T lr .,,,s l t un B ,IAL nrn.i n . 1he
n ,- r . , t t. i t- I 1. . 1.en , i ', l tn , n l r a 1 ..r - .
44ea ler m ,' "E. t Ol t A, lr t d ' s' h 1l lC ,
Pot I. (tr. ti t A. T4 th
-lll i1ll ole I Y.., l3Q,'l
THIS BRAD OF SE-c/fin Tobaccos
In lots to ~uit put
At Factory Prieo. casursa . Low flgurro
` - ~-~~ - -~----~-- - ~ ---- - - - - --- - -
Wholesale and Retail Dealers,
Cor. Broadway and Main Sts., Natcoez.
1'as a Full and f oup,, T; 'uck l; the Finest
Wines & Liquo0rs
Also a Fiuc .4ssortmrut of theu
Most Famous Brands of Cigars
A] Full Line of Staple an,,d FII;:
CURE BILOUyI!. r .rC-4, e I A h
STOr~P LvE BR MA LLn,.. I.Lr ETiT< S-5" .' SA, ,"
ENIAR,iFO SPL.EN, On1."":. ';" . " f,- 1 r .r .
WITH:UtLIIPIaC , Sit tbc .rtr:' CIl '-':: 'z
DO EL. .Tl-r'hI . . W1 ., r C 1"''.
A A l ,r r IT.Eu t l lt . T:- ' . , r. n . n _ .*. D,. - '
Pn ,, nsr l . I A .A'nrlEr.'ET+r .". . '
le aet . F l ow Vl and birc it . ION
IfXF -.r. .""..t RR .
..ws. r n m. i. -s.n. a . b,. ýL..
leitn " f W intr III.'t.I""A and 1
TrLeLtable miewe, r n.lel ee ,l at IsU*
hof ed, wi1 m dlleeu ed iP,. " ..n u tpllt.h.:el
ROa HE~T:El. N. Y. CI:" ,CO. ILL.
ll bthe mestetMed Ic u th
dall ppllca urnlEd
To 8 co I A Io i
Twn Otesaet re~oir? i of th. et.
the hrrtT L wi.a doll b eo,, ,'ile5'tn
ackle hrt, Pa.l lder tle i bouldesro
bIldea, Pllsneu after easlt,, wlit Idle.
tnclh l le ni to eerle on o f body or mind,
Irrltv.llllltotmp er, I.oe llrl.., wlih
a feolialeof . air l iu s tw ige itd somo dlry,
sen rlt esI, b l lez zes F,'laltleri at t iLe
Ullr. D4t4 buforae the 6., liw ldeh.
ever ItL rlibl eye, ][+tlllsolre, wilL
il'Il dreamn., }J lIyly colored Crishs sad
TltlT'N PIL]! are espeoially adsptc
to eoch case., one dose efects slncb a
Thel SirLllp O$ ·Ie . t PIIIIpctiferJts .le $
sedrl oh td. , " '1 Ity ;h ", I'i nic 3 10 OI
the lb tlve 1 O lr insul. L lo olJ s
OIL flilor WnRIit;Kl oban8ed to e
IDIIamtllnMuely. 8ntil by D)rugrgts . r
yet bv szprssr OI rr.elptof O1.
Ola44 Mumrm Si., Nw York.
lWTd ptas Wine Io a seemple Yege.
rable retract without LatozleStlng
qualities, and las proved to be the
most astontshtmnTONIC FOR WOMIEN
anown to medical sessaee.
I A ielllrm n Rcm nlrmtns : "
wife has Wbeen It delicate healh for l.
tecn ren. She urered lessruly eaty
molth with ~llns anid levre msesr.
aDoet re ilo.t do hea no good. One bo~tt
of arled ee'a Wine of a(:adu restored bhy
bnlth, re:d she gained e btmen poeasle
SwelgbtrI two mosotl whlls Utarpagl
leel're Wine of Cardnl Is ee.
melded for ptlinul monthly abitl,
dloceult, sopprssed, eceeusloe sad
ITregulIr Menses, Whites, W)tain of
the Womb, Cbhanlge of Lifet, Generl
Deblity and as a Lostal for dolleate
ladles. It was tested io 7000 Oases
Asd eared e it0 ot them. Its fatea.
uhlbng actloa myattled DoctorMs, d.e
libhted suoteror. and rerstored thoo.
sandL eat ufferlang w un to health
and happtlne.. Drugl.stsa cell it at
01.00 per aotule. A sluty-fofr page
pamphlet t.uat ; i o aboolt t tree by
Pr fenrly ot (Hittll on eAuall
fArsS dI.Htyufthe disi. of t e
edy u irse fIrn a doranlene ts of Ohe
tled, fe teintg oet!, the stonaefe a nd
noerrs. ien oder to effert a cuLaro
aeheedp to ssewre ot rase.. Irrcpgu
lar sad StI gissl note of the Duwc
Modscfte,Sdlaeuess at the £fomas1.Psae
n thec a sk andLLoin, re., (andatessehae
Athe Lit.rr 4 t aule, oa:Id t:atctuos.r
ustrea aesesnee to enabs te oht agal to
Pris ly. Ar i a Iti: cc e eore altel
ASoItnp IIUtsulA IaS.""7pur.ra. They aie
m kld toa heir nenon and rffcti.. e as e
esrr) areplsaeaaenltheihateanduaheal*
OsiiWlpbybeskreitdreoadeadaili. Tac
baa n reodrno in .tir.rtaono. fhttalreaa
aefsend c11-mooc t u ,·r 'frt -s pcpeta.
GClcrcl UetlAtyi uiabat"al Con.
Ot,..ct. A30 Jss jo (tla rtfcgfhe
ore enprperio to .nen e:Po:r wacuicsega
,sleitd sisa laut *potaetab etatads
55mdi5 otsesee ik

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