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Saturday February I, is 15.
PjPWu are imlehted tu the gtMttleimwily Cletk
of tho "Norma" fur mpei b of a lite data fi un Mo
B7Coiton i bring thinned but sTottt nrsvoitonv
i by the departure of bouts for Mobil,
. TU'e bttvo no lta news horn Washinum.
Th subject of annexation ii the Only ono hefure the
IKiuso ihat Mttffli tu excite interest.
We tee by exchanges that the Hon. C. J. Inger
nil ha made an uble speech lo fovorof annex aina.
We have before ut the Speech of tho Hon S A.
Donsls, of Iltlnoli upon this subject. It overs the
whole ground and U one of the abteat papt
have read since tho appearance of Senator Walk! twice, and though it may bo retarded by the injud
Oru C IT t A OA tit! Our readers may perhaps
Itunk we are some.v at touched by tho mania win U
swept over thjj state in l836-7 like a sirocco, lev
elling ull ihe aspiration! of man, and swallowing in
i's vortex ihi thousand proJects whirh iheil npiuny
up like soino sensitive flower under the broad shade
cast over the country bv the banks, and was doom
ed tu wither so toon as the sources which guvo them
UP', ceased ta furnish sustenance In promiscsto
paw. We are not touched t all with this d mease.
We were then la this -State, u dull of the j; rand
panorama of events passed i mined lately under our
'ye. We were then cognizant of ull the various
projects, and watched well the progress things
were mukin; assured fully tlu the time was nut
fur distant when all must polish in tho coming
tempest of pecuniary calamity. We uttered our
protest aguinst speculating and bank speculators.
Wo did po with almost a prophetic knowledge of
Its result, ter we ware as intimate with the posiljoQ
of monrtury affairs then going forward us lIio whole
State was made to be in a few months alter the
sail calamity occurred.
Let us net be misunderstood then by our readers
at home, nor do we wish our friends abroad to mis
understand when we .-peak of Aberdeen. We have
said hitherto that this city was destined to bo the
greut commercial point in this part of the Slate.
there can be no LWO questions aooul it. A tie de
signing cannot prevent it through their sneers.
i ho speculates cannot prevent it, tnroegb nts parse.
The place is marked out by a greater power than
mane, tor a piece o ice Bret commercial tmper
ere .title
ICrThe whlgS, poor fa lorn souls, tell US they do
not purpose springing tha bond question ut the
enmnie eieottoo. ve believe Hi iney win no. i
(hit 19 in SUV thai irill not spring it, hut tlicv do
n raj trey wffl m wniperCto tne best of their
ability all good uuti-repiuliator- I Xbttl is the
position thinas hero aio taking. Those democrats
who repudiate their party upon the bond question,
ore urging on the people the claims of tiiuse who
have not mbdti themselves notottous bv the advoea
cy o( this question, and are now busy in this county
iif ulso in Chickasaw, Itawamba mid PontOtOO, to
brine before the voters at the next election domt -Cralic
nnti-repudintors. '
These things huve been sprung in ih above
named counties, and we tool very confident that n
funeral rally is to be made by bond paying demo
crats in connexion with the wblgl thronghont the
entire state unless tUe dernocrntlc press spoil the
pretty plan by developing tho whole plot ; laying
1 Me whole nelaiious scheme DCiurc the
pullid demociacv.
This grand scheme was concocted in the neigh
borhood of Aberdeen, and tho leaders nr. now
rvndy to open the campaign. All the implements
of ware are at band.
It is the du'y of each comity hi their primary
meetings, in selecting candidates for state or other
iiAcee, to put the question plain to each nominee
The people should not bs gulled into supporting
Mien itf whoso principles thny do nof know onv
thing more than that they voted for Polk. This
will not justify us in supporting men who voted for
Polk, for State offices. Many a mar. who is with
us on all questions of national politics, leave us
Mien asked ,;do you go with your party in ropudi -Bting
the Union Bank bonds' This is the touch
Stone, and it should he applied on all ami every
occasion when men oiler for tho Legislature
pure mi-
PAiI naities hnvc a most undoubted right to
know V)f those who call upon them for support,
what their principles nre. A party, we say, has
this right, and what) persons advance ehims,
and only walk up to but one side of tho great ques
tions which that patty sustain, nnd ffrtfc offlhrough
fear or to subservo pocur.riry end?: Then we say,
party so called upon cannot he under any obliga
tions either directly or indirectly. Wo like that
sort of in 'ii who proclaims boldly what be will and
what ha will not sustain. Suspicion bangs around
thai m m win is eternally shilling anil never openly
tells what ho intends to do. I'enplo draw fearful
inference and partisans draw off. Malignant feel
ings are engendered and strife arises discord and
contention thus creeps Into a party and it organ!
cation is weakened, and its strength rendered pow
erless because it, preys upon itself Our opponents
like such things, and they will huddle around and
succor such men, because they know one such tnai
is more worthy to tbam than an hundred open fuea.
Men who are proverbial for twisting ilmil ever
keep this motto before their eyes:
Chi dtto Irpri cocet',
I' no perde, e l atlra lascit.
that is,
Who bunts (WO hares
othei .
cious management oi property oomops lore season,
the woik must and will goon improvements will
Spring Up In our midst population will flood to
this point capital will concern nito hero in our ba
roness operations, and from this point as bum a
common centre it wi!l Strike out into the adjacent
country, carrying prosperity nnd happiness to a
thousand firesides. These urc things wo say de
signing rr.en cannot stop.
The people of Columbus already seo in the city
of Aberdeen u formidable rival. Ily sncsrs and
scoffs they hope to retard our rapid progrosss.
They impudently ask, "what can Aberdeen ever
be?" Wc. answer them: "it can he one of the Bret
commercial mints on the river it is equal now to
Colnmbas proper, and tesVJ bo ill five years from this
limed place of three times the importance of Co
(For the Advertiser )
An Acrostic, on the name of Virginia Josephene,
a lovely babe, as she lies sleeping in k$r
mother's arms.
V irginia, as now in happy infancy you
I see the iiaterna! arms around thee wreathe.
R est sweet infant, in thy happiest houris,
(J 0 title, innocent, lovely as the roseate flow
ers: r no red to the fond caress of thy raotherdear,
N ow nestled in the arms of her so near,
I sec thee sleeping in her beloved embrace,
A s now thy lovely innocence bedecks thy
J oinini; every loving sympathy and tender
O fa mother's love, that's true, that's lasitn
and that's liish.
S tire never was such beauty in a child por-
trav d,
E very look, and every smile, that on its face
is made,
1 artakes of heavenly essence; like the turtle
H eld as the sacred emblem of redeemin
ven in her little eve, pure innocence, in
rays doth gleam,
ev beauty, loveliness, and celestial charm;
doth seem,
ven now, to adorn her, as I quit the pleas
tog theme.
Aberdeen, Jan. 39th, 1845.
competitor was placed equally as far below
his true level. Long before the close of his
administration he will have satisfied all can
did men, that the friends of Mr. Clay never
had any cause to hold him up as having su
perior claims to talents.
IvrKnK.sTiNo EaOCrtH Decision. The fol
lowing decision of the Vice Chancellor of
England; will be read with interest ny tne
neonle of Mississippi. It will he seen that
even in England, the position assumed by
the anti-bonders of Mississippi that the
bonds were disposed of illegally, and created
in violation of the constitution; is fully sus
The vice chancellor cave judgment in the
case of Huxtahle versus the State of Illinois
These oru facts with which every man Is aware on Monday. Jiefore July, 13-JO, Maria em rah
who have watched our past mogress and present I Langstone, who, in thatyear married Anthony
loses one and lea e the
That Dataog. Much has been said of the
nccessty and importance of building a bridge
across that desperate ravine which almost
obstructs the common passage of waggons t
along one of our most business streets. This
i mportaut matter has, vvc arc fully convinced,
been procrastinated to a painful period by
our city authorities; but we now find a dis
position strongly manifested by the the pro
per authorities, to make amend for all dire
iiciion of duty, and in a few weeks, we in alt
probability shall see a good and substantial
bridge way across that almost impassable
iinpi-uvemciit. All bouts that get a. lat as Ouhini
biu, can I'omc to this point, us tlio liver pretonl.
no itopragu between l lie two placet.
We tlo not ivW so much uti.d our own re.oui-
ces for importmice, (ttiougli tliey nre equal to tlioso
ot Lolutnbus,) lor sreBMMt, us wo do upontDOM
eouitties obliged to trade ul tliii point. This is Ull
lulvunlilgu that Columbus cannot boast ot. 1 lie
oulycountv ihil trades at GoltlmblM to uny extent
is, Fayette, and her production, tun cruelly the
eouber pea. or peihans moie properly, .llie Vila
blie is rich in the production ot that article ol
tral.ic, and the people ol Columbus do a bi(j busi
ness in it.
The Mobile merchants have turned their atten
tion to this place, and there is now some extensive
nrrtinilements on loot to advance the mutual inter
ests of the partial!. Onr merchant! uie nuking 1,x"
tensive selectinns of goods lor the season, and ihe
trade that has hitherto 5011c to Columbus or Mobile
is now roiirenliated at this point. One gentleman
who hud bv the two first boats an excellent stuck
offood. arrive in this city, has disposed of almost
the entire lot, and has, we leuin, ulready sent or
ders to tie filled in Mobile, for a stock. Several
new stores will be opened in the colonics of Chick
nsaw, funtDtOC, Million, &c., cohlteral blanches of
houses In this city. This is another cut at the
holiness of Columbus .
If our citizens are true to themtelvei If out
merchant! seek business of a permanent nature,
we say let them net upon tlio motlo of mutual re
ciprocity trade fail hold out inducements to the
planter and tho mechanic give eneonrennenl bv
otTering feed bargains to euetonte-ri and you will
Secure to yourselves u good business and insuto 10
this community a Imlani e of trade hitherto un..
thought of by our citizens, und conler a beO.it
upon tho prospects of this town itiutw ill In time
amply reword you for what trouble you may have
beoti at. HecinrocitY is the life nod soul of all bti
iues. operations, and we snv to our merchants tho
only way to save yoirselves from huving on youl
shelves a surplus ol goods lit the end ot the your
toisiil 1 is to give good barguins for u niinblu six
pentia is better than a slow shilling.
If this maxim goi'erus the business of this town
"il r destiny is written ill letters of gold never to be
It is tlioso considerations which force themselves
upon our mind, impel 11. to speak frequently of our
prospect. Wo are well aware 1I111 nothing ana
stop our progress, hut they can bo rotarded. The
deyc of speculation are passed fer the prosent gen.
eratien We liave sowed ihe w ind und leaped tho
whirlwind: Let that sullico.
P, S. i' nyclte county Alabama is greut in raising
turnips, and on this product til. people of Lowndes
do 11 great business.
A new iMemi. Last week, a new paper
wns laid upon our uhle, published in this
city, and called I lie ".Southern Tribune, and
Aberdeen Commercial News." The Cum-
1'u ihose who wish a contract lor free-1 mercial professes to be democratic, hut will
ting 1 Ins necessary improvement, we invite
attention to the notice of the Miror, in to
day's paper, who advertises by authority of
the Uoard ot Aldermen, proposals tor Idling
to Ihe lowest bidder the Imilding of the
Another Richmond. In another column
will be found a Prospectus for publishing in
this city a new paper entitled "Tho Aberdeen
Dee," by A. R. Wiggi & Co. The Dee will
suppnrt ih principles and policy of the whig
party. 1 he first number 01 the liee, will be
issued about the 'jOth inst. Rather early
friend EJtick, for bki. to swarm.
r7We shall socure nn oble and atTii-ieiit eorres
pondent whilo at Mobile, if possible, for this paper
Wo do not intend to sparo any expense we are uhh
to stand, in endeavoring to make the 'Advertiser'
ihoroogkoly a useful paper, not only to thu plantei
anu lorn merchant, but to tho politician.
rjWe leara by BMSMfn. who arrived ut this
port on the steamer Helle i'oule, that the ".Norma"
struck a snag somcwheio in ihe neighborhood of
Pfttt. Bona, on her downward trip, and to prevent
sinking in ijeup water, she was run on a snnd bar.
The boat wo learn is not much injured. She will
be got off In u dny or two and go to Mobile for re
pairs. The Ilelle i'ollla picked up some 0" bules
of cotton that was thrown overboard.
ETTlie "Arcade has been filled up under 1)10
nianagemont of tho gentlemanly proprietor, S- A.
Ilollidny who has now 011 bond exndlent sup
ply of liquors, signrs etc. The establishment is
kept in the finest order by "good attendants, and the
nilhurd room is most con frntuble.
lijThc Steamer Belle I'oule landed at our
wharf on the evening oftbi I9tlt, She is ono of the
finest boats in tho trade-i-ommodious in her fixtures
tor til s conifoitable arrommodnlion of passengers.
She is ropiihle of carrying about 1000 bules of rot-
ton. She is '.nder the manege meat of a set of most
excellent officers, whoso intontion uro to five entire
sn'isfactiou 10 ibis community. Let our planting!
. 'jTuiHuno v smi uie mercnaros give to ner tout sup
port she is entitled to.
TI7"Tho "Mississippi Democrat1 gives a sirln
sweep that will touch some ono near the seventh
rib I
devote itself mostly 10 develops the resources
of thii town, commercial mailer. ,t;-c. It Is
published by Messrs. Anderson and Leeland.
P3"The Steamer ".Vorma" nnived ot our wharf
on the 'J7th, well freighted for this place. The
Norma is n superb craft, under the control of 101
"xperienccd mini, nnd adroit in the management oi
a boat. Wc l.espeok for tho "Norma" u liberal
FtMAt.E Suiiool. From the catd of Miss
Burr, it will be seen that her school will
re-open on Monday next. Miss B. hai had
much experience in teaching; and is favora
bly known to this community in the capacity
of a teacher.
CZTThe DuU'icsrio uriivcd horo on tho 30th.
She was well Ireigl I. TholJu IJuesno brought
up some important news to our planters. The ar
rival of foreign news ut Mobile, had u very consid
erable intliicnco upon the Celtoo Maiket. Prices,
it will bo seen by our rcrporu have Incree.ed from
1-S to M
Husiable, clerk, by the advice of Mr. John
Wright, of the firm of Wright &Cr., her
bankers, invested a considerable sum of mo
ney (5,5j4) in bonds issued under the seal of
the government of Illinois. Messrs Wright
were the agenls for the state, to which they
were large'y indebted when the banlr failed.
Messrs Mngniac, Smith fc Co. were then ap
pointed agent for the state; that firm subse
quently undergoing divers changes of part
nership, and becoming known as Magniac,
Jardiue & Co.: -while since April, 1823, Me
srs Baring, Brothers it Co. having been the a
genst. In March 18 IS, the agents refused to
acknowledge Mrs Huxtable'j bonds, or to pay
the dividends upon them, on the plea that the
bonds and sixteen others had been irregularly
sent into the market by Messrs Wright & Co.;
that the coupons had not been seveted, and
also that ihe agents had Dot sufficient funds.
The plaintiff denied that she was liable for
the itregularilies of ihe .tales agent; and fur
ther nlledged that Mr. Jaitdon, as commission
er of the staie, had proved a debt against Ihe
esiate of Messrs Wright & Co. amounting to
17,92", which sum included the money she
had invested. She therefore filed a bill a
gainst the Mate and various persons, inclu
ding the partners to the several firms, pray
ing that Ibf (dividend of Wright's estate
might not he paid over to the Stat until her
claim should have been satisfied. The state
of Illinois did not appear to the bill; but
Messrs. Magniac Ac Co , and Messrs. Baring,
Brothers St Co., demurred to it, on the score
of a general want of equity as regards them.
The Vice chancellor observed, in giving
judgment, it did not follow Ihat if the state of
Illinois had repudiated Ihe transaction, ihev
repudiated it in the offensive meaning inten
ded to be given to that word, or that they had
done so without reason; for if the state placed
bonds 111 the hands of its agents with certain
directions how to use them and they were
improperly dealt with by ihose agents, it
would be too much to say that Ihe stale acted
dishonestly h.eause it refused to sanction
what it did not authorize. He thought the
transaction a fair one on the part of the slate.
The question here was, had ihe plaintiff, by
her bill, made out sufficient case against
Messrs. Magniac & Co., a one party, and
Messrs. Baring, Brothers & Co, as another
party? The alligalions in the bill were too
indistinct as respected the several parlies
and ihough they appeared to ihe substratium
of a good case, he did not think that il had
been sufficiently made out. The demurrer,
therefore was allowed.
I went, and it so happened, on Ihat evening,
1 was me nrst, ana tne uane ol iMorthumber-
Bath: and he was expatiating upon the en
joyment he had there. "But," added his
grace, "there is one comfort I could not have
I like to read Ihe newspapers at breakfast
and at Bath the Post does not come in till 1
0 clock; and that was a drawback lo my plea
sure, ?o, said Lord Mansfield, "vnur
grace likes the comforts of reading the news
papers the 'comforts' of reading Ihe news
papers. Mark my words. You and I shall
not live to see it, but this young gentleman
(Mr. Scott) may, or it may be a little later;
but, a little sooner or later, those newspapers
if they go on as they now do, will most as
suredly write the Duke of Northumberland
out of his titles and possessions, and the
country out of its kinc. Mark my words; for
tnis will happen." (Life of LordElden
l'rom the Planter's and Merchants Mobile Pri
eo Current, of 25th Jon. we collect the following
interesting news, from which it will bo seen, that
tlio article of cotton has advanced il of a cent 1
pound since our last advices, Tho tendency of tho
man; t is sttll upwurds; onu holders icmam firm
in theii determination not to sell, while the enouiry
came second; he had just artived at! of l"'rcliaser! continue brisk.
Cotton Arrived during iho week 20,807 bnles,
ami exported m sunie time 18,338 bules, as per
statements leaving tho slock on hand and on ship
board not objured last evening of B6,6l bales,
against 100, 40!) same time last year.
The market closed firm on Friday week, pales
umounting to fully 5.000 bales. On sulurduy the
envuny was gooit, but tlio stillness ol lioldci. ten
ded in somo measure to restrict operations. The
same genernl features prevailed on Monddy, iho
market towards the close exhibiting nn increased
degree of stillness, which was more fully developed
on the following day, buyers being mostly compell
ed 10 withdraw. On Wednesday purchasers agnm
came forward, appearing disposed to operate at
the prices of tlio preceding dny ; the receipt of In
ter foreign news however by that day'i moil, im
parted an ad liliodal stimulus to holders, prices nl
tho close being fully an jc per lb. higher. A very
genornl enquiry prevailed on Thursday, with in
creased sales, tho mnrkat generally stiffening up
under the influence and closing at about c. ad
vnnce upon the opening prices of the w eek. The
same animated demand being experienced yester
day, and holder, having the benefit of a few days
later foreign news, confirming the fnrorablo advi
ce, received on Wednesdnv, the maiket again ad
Vllnceil (rum ail i 'ii) 4c. I horlnsiiie rutess ns noo
ted at foot, showing nn advance during tho week of
8 'w j cent per pound upon prices of the 17th
siani, in ait qualities above interior. Jt is proper
10 remarK, However, that we Quote ugreeable to a
strirt classification, nnd that theio is some diversity
ot opinion amongst brokers as to tho prup3r figures,
tho market also being a good deal excited ami
quite irregular.
I ha nggreeate snles of tho week sum no 20.000
oaies, in daily transactions ns tot owl! Satnrdas
2500, Monday 3000, Tuesday 1200, AVednesday
" 1 nursoay l.ouu.nnd vesteidav ;. w 0UUI1 bate
the principle transactions so fur as dividend have
oeen lor export to England and northern nnd ens
torn cities, fho stock on sale has been largely
increased bv the henvv reet-inls of the weal;.
Small lots of a better description have been recent
ly tirought forward this week, and we nolo sules of
one or two psicels as high ns 7 serits.
Jan 24, 1845. Jan. 20, 1841
flood and fine.. 'g none.. nom
An ElkoTIVI JoDtCURT. A late number
tho New Orleans .lefi'ersonian Republican contains
a communication Irom Ur. Edward Delonv. em
bodving copies of a correspondence with Luke Lea
of Jackson, Y W. Tompkinsof Viok.bure, O. W.
umimeld ot Liberty, VY. Sharkey. Choir Justice
and Gen. A. fi. Brown, Governor of the State, giv
ing their opinions of the workings of the system of
an elective judiciarv They unanimously declare
that it is freer from objection, than any other mode,
and, what seems to be hard to bent into tho heads
of tho advocates of the old regime, that the people
Generally divest lliemselves of party considerations
Ijrhe'n choosing between rival candidates for the ju
tiiciury, nnd take' great pains to obtain information
as to which ono is best qualified to make a ledge
without reference 10 party predilections. These
testimonials coming from the high sources whence
iney eminutc, nre entitled to much weight with the
Louisa m delegates to her convention now in ses
sion. 1 hey derive additional value from the fact
that trey arc hnsed upon iho observations of the
workings of the system in this State, for twelve
years pint, and all tho gentlemen, save Governor
Urown, ore whlgs. Wo observe that tho Concur
ilia Inlcll'gencer is ndvocntin" in an nblo manner
the fldopton of this democratic feature of our gov
ernment irto the constitution lo be formed for that
The thirf trial to elect a Mayor ill Boston, on
Monday, wis, like the two former ullemnti. unsuc-
cesful neither candidate receiving a mnjorily nl
the votes cant, the total of which wns 0.009. Bos
ton is cmrdnticallv in tho "nine holes." This ae
regnto is T7 1 loss than were given December 9,
nd 55 less than the number eiven December 23.
Mr. Greene, Democrat, has nn increase of 136 ;
Mr. Westmoie, Whig, loses 319 ; Mr Davis. Na
tive Americas, gains 102 ovei the last trial, but
still wants eight votes of the number ho obtained at
tho first trial.
The last two elections show the following chnnire
in fuvor of the Bemociatic cause:
Decroaso in Whip, Native nnd scattering 1112
Increase in Democratic vote, 303
Democratic nett gain
Up nnd ut em again,
ClPhe mail, are so irregular that we are
put to great inconvenience. There is cer
tainly a screw loose somewhere. The law
papers from Jackson wers 'only' fourteen
da) s in reaching us.
rrVTlie Vicksburg Sentinel, under the man.
agcmer.t of Mr. Jenkins, Ims assumed an en
viable rank in the cause of democracy. It Is
an able and judicious democrat journal, wor
thy of the entire confidence of ihe parly, Let
il be sustained.
.'The Hon. .Too. C
lotions to Mr. Sfianon.
lie found on the fust naj
I" fr'
Cwlhoun's loiter of iiistrne
or Mexienn minister will
e. ft is n gteot and nblo
CP The Hon. S. A. DmjrleM will pbsMo 1
The Whigs of Louisiana huvo proposed iho erec
tion of n monument to Henry Cloy to he raised in
Kentucky on the Ohio Rucr, opposite tho one to
den Harrison. The limit thateach whig isnllow
ed to subscribe is ten cents, nod every Wliig in tfio
Union is requested to subscribe.
The widow of Alexander Hamilton, is passing
the winter nt Washington, and though 00 years of
age, she movos on with a vigor that belongs 10
vomer days. All her fneultiesoro preserved, and
her society is much sought after.
on ilmnks for a eopy of III
,,,1.1-0 ,.C.l . ;!..,
A Prsp:nt to Mn Polk. We saw this morn
ing nl the foot of Gay street, n splendid barge made
by tlio mechanics of the District of Kensington,
I'diiladulphiii, and intended us R present to Presi
dent Polk. It is 3D feet long, and pulls 10 oars,
with cushions, Slc. comp'oio. It wns brought on
by Cunt. K, Veal, of the sloon Two Cousins, in
able pceeh, upon ib0 , P''i lect 01 dor and .afety. flail. Rrjmb'icjn.
We have a few men in our tanks to whom
the whigs concede all ihe. attributes of emi
nent .talesmen, One of these is James Buch
anan, the favorite Senator of Pennsylvania.
He has lately drawn the character of the
Ptesideni elect in a few words, but with so
much truth and correctness, that it will be
reecgniztd as a faithful drawing by all who
know him well.
In a letter of the 11th ttlt., published in the
Globe, Mr. Buchanan says;
"I have been upon terms ofpersonal, polit
ical and social Intimacy with Jam.s K. Polk
for nearly twenty years; and have observed
him in all situations, both in the sunshine
and in the storm. Whilst the tremendous
war of the Bank ot the United Mates against
ihe administration of the glorious old hero
and sage of the Hermitage was raging, he
never quailed, but led the van of Democracy
in the House of Hepresentaiivts. I shall
venture the prediction that, as President of
the United Stales, he will disappoint the ex
pectations of his political loen, and will sur
pass even ihe high hopes of his friends.
Prudent, firm, and sagacious, with a charac
ter, public and private, above all reproach,
his country's good will be the polar-star of his
administration; and his own glory and lasting
benefits to the people of the United Slates,
will he his rich reward, provided he be not
thwarled by premature attempts 10 divide the
party in a struggle for the next Presidency.
His own nomination and triumphant election
ought 10 warn ihe friends of all impatient as
pirants, if any such there be, that those who
are the first to enter the lists, and thus dis
tract the parly, will be the last in reaching
the goal.
"The leading characteristic of Mr. Polk's
mind is an almost unerring judgment, which
eminently tits him (or the high position to
which his country has called him. During
his long and varied services in Congress, it
may be said of him, what could scarcely be
asserted of any other public man, placed in a
similar position that he has never h id oc
casion to explain or retract any of his votes,
or even lo qualify any ol his opinions, ex
pressed in the ardour of debate."
In the late canvass there was a concerted
attempt throughout the Imion, amongst the
whig leaders, to represent Mr. Clay as infin
itely the superior of Mr. Polk in all the great
characteristics of a statesman. In ihe con
trast which was continually presented to the
people, the grossest injustice was done 10
Mr. P. Whilst Mr. Clay was elevated far
above his true level as a man of talents, his
Tkumisatios of the Ondf.rdonf. Lsvf.stiga-
Tlov Decision of Till: House of Bishops Xste
Bishop Fou.vn Guiltv Yesterday at 3 o'clock,
llie investigation in relation to certain chorees nr-
feneil against Bishop Ooderdonk, terminated in the
rendition of the verdict of tho Court. The Bishop
was found guilty ou all the specifications in the pre
sentment, except one, 011 which the testimony was
such a character that it could not bo entertained.
I he vote wns 1 1 fr a finding of "guilty.',1 and (I of
not guilty a result very nearly that which we
predicted a few day ago The Court will meet 11
guin this day, for the purpose of pronouncing sen-ten,-.c,
and then the Bishop will have tho privilege
of staling reasons in urrest of judgement. It is de
sired by the Bishops woo voted against him that
Bishop Onderdonk would offer his re.linatJen.
But, litis, it is well ubder.tood.he will nut do.
Leech, from
Motnlej 700 bbla freight.
CoNSinnrts. Messrs. I. N. Wilie & Co,
Wicks, Fairclolh & Co, J. R. Eckford, G.
Wightman, R. t. Ellis & Co, T. Sanders, Ira
Rucker. i- H. Sherwood, M. Prewelt, BR
Dunn.O. M. Ragsdale, R. liolbcrt, and others.
DEPARTED 26th, for Mobile, with 4til
bales of cotton.
RUBY ARRIVED, Olis, from Cotton Gin
wiih 330 bales cotton.
DEPARTED on Sth for Mobile, with 401
bales of cotton.
son, from Mobile, with'DOO bbls freight.
CoKSioa Messrs. F. A. Myers, J. Us
Eckford, J. D.Mann, W. H. Walton, Arcade,
McCormack, A. Dttrw.ird, G. W. Blair, J
Randolph, J. Brown, E. Walton, P. C. Hcrn
don. DEPARTED, 31st, for Mobile, with 030
bales of cotton.
DU oUESNE ARRIVED", 30th, Cocke,
from Mobile, with 409 bbls freight.
Cossionees. Messrs. W. L, liasionsv w.
McParlane, W. H. &. J. B Jennings, R H Dal-
ton, B. D. Gullett J D Mann, Halbcrt it.
Strong, W McDowell, J B Davis, J A Creigh!,
J H Haskin, Parke & Spratt:
DEPARTED, 31st, for Mobile, with 37U
bales of cotton:
Good Fuir.
Mid Eair. . .
Midline. . . .
Iufcrior, . . .
- 6 J fi nom'l.. 'd 10 c.
- - 53 8 -9)c,
.. 5 54 9.9 c.
. . 4if 'a 5 m SJ c.
. . 4 41 'a 8 c.
.. 3A nom'
Eight days later advices from Liverpool and sev
en days later from Mnvcr, havo been icceived by
lime packets nrrived at New York. Liverpool
hides are of thu 1 1th end Haver 7th December
both inclusive. Tho English account, are quite fa
volatile cotton had advanced fully n id tier lb.
upon tho quntations of the 3drd, w ith heay sales,
pan ofit on specula ion. Sales weeks endi'112 filh
43,270 boles, 7,500 on snccululion. nnd in the four
business days of the Mcoeedlni week 33.000. of
which 10,000 to speculators. Mobile 'fair' lid
and Oilcans 41. At Hnver, an animated busi
siness in cotton, but at a reduction of from 1 to 3
centimes. Stock reduced to 50.000 bules.
Hoy. R. J. WiiKtn. Tho New York Ameri
can, a whig paper, pays the following compliment
to our distinguished Senator.
"Mr. Walker is one of the most nblo men of the
sennte, nnd will probably attain the highest honors
of the republic befoie his career he finished. His
pamphlet on the annexation of Texas is a most
masterly woik, and triumphantly futtan. the jus
tico and policy of that great national measure"
A correspondent of the Ameiican Sentinel ot
Philadelphia, demonstrate, that Pennsylvania can-,
not pay the intere.t on hei bonds, and will full shor
more than n million, of pujing tho installment i"
August next.
Take WanstNo. The recent death of Senator
Fulton of Arkansas, was caused by his sleeping in
an apnrliront in which tho point hod not dried.
Ho died willi what is called the Painter. Collie.
'Ihe New Orleans correspondent of tho St Louis
Reveille, is not lo bo snoozed at, by any im-uni.
He is nn exceedingly .prlghtly and humorous fel
low. In n letter he snya :
"Speaking of courses nnd discourses, reminds
me of a slip of llie tongue once miido bv a preacher
nod dealer in cotton, dming tho high prices of
rooo. mu wormy oi.ino asked his congregation
to join in singing the 101 psalm long itaplc!
(C5Mr. Chapman will be absent some two
weeks on business, at Mobile.
it7"Our river still remains in good boating
Tho ittaoente, attended with fever, prevails to a
meat ettentin the city of Washington, most espe
cially to tho nnnnyanoa of llie votaries of fashion.
MARRIED On the 2th January, by the
Rev. Mr. Gunn, Mr. H .11. Meacham to Miss
Mary Riddle, all of this county.
THK undersijrned propises to publish in the
tOttO of Aberdeen, Monroe County, Missis
sippi. a weekly iiownpaynr to he called tho A B-
KKDUKN UtuE, Jim lino will advocate tho
political principles of UieWliig party; the purity
nd snererinewa morni ot und legnl obligations, nnd
the strictest sncial older. Cummercial, Literary,
Scientific nnd Ai iyuliurnl subjects will, likewise,
receive n duo degree of nttrntion, and & liberal
space in the columns of thu paper.
The Itfte however, will look e-mncinlly to llie
tercat ol its own Hive.und tis it will gather itshoneyf
from the surrounding counties, every thing which
will bo calculated to advance the interests, or pro
mote tho welfuro of the citiz.ens of these counties,
will bo most especially considered.
Tho I3co will be published about the 20th of
February, on an niperial wheet, with fair tvpe, at
$3 per annum in advance, $3 50 in six months, or
$4 at the crd of the year. Advertisements inserted
at the usual rales.
January 18, 1645.
Commiiiion Merchants;
TT A VING purchased ihe eltetMlfe Wafe-RonM
a. A at the upper landing;, loci'nlly undrr the
ninun;cment of Mr. B 1''. Coopivood, respetstrillH
inform the pnhlie, that thoy hase opened ttie'senie
as a Commission House; le which they pletta
their undivided exertions to trnnsnct n fuilliful and
ponctonl business. As llie business herelofore en
(rutted lo the care of Mr. Coopwood, has brm
transferred to ham, ihoy will close ihe sumo with
Cot.. A. Piikwktt, On. R. Daiis,
W. M. CozAn-r, Robert Gounns.
Felfrharj 1, IH45. 39 s
Mobile and Aburdccti Packet.
fci 1 'no stuonrh hoill, fist runtlhlf
VfiiiiViiSit , tinmer, NORMA, K. K. I.kkch
Master; v.ill run during iho season, (Qaklae reffil.
Inr ten day trips. For safny of carlo and comfort
of passenger., will not be anrpassed hy any boot in
tlic trade. Aberdeen, Feb, 1, 1815
ly inform, tbfl tnhabH
TISS Burr respect1
LT.L ants of Aberdeen, and its vicinity, that bar
i'tg had n school room erected for the accommodn
lt0n nf ht.r pupils, they will recommence ihoii
studies on the first mnnday in February.
Terms per session 1st Dpimrnent $10, 2d $15
3d 20. Aberdeen .Ian. 29, 1845. 39 3w
SEALED proposals will bo received by mo un
til tho 1J duy of February next, for the nun-oBi1
of building a bridge across the ravine on the street
leading to tha Pteam mill tho lowost bidder to be
entitled to tlio contract. Bund and secmity wi
be required of tho undertaker; a plan of tho bridge
can oo seen ny culling ut my oHioe.
January 30, 1345. 30 3w. Mayor
ALL notes and accounts due the undersigned,
. must be settled by tho fifteenth of February
next, or they will be sued on without fail.
Abordten, Jan. 27 , 1845. 39.-2
Administrator's Notice.
s,i ii.wj i pi nuniinisirauon Having oeen Tan
XJ ted to the iindnrsigned, by tho IlnnorableVro.
bate Court of Monroe county, as administrator of
hlrznboihLchols late of srnd county decensed,neli-n
is hereby given to all persons indebted to said
estate to come lorwnrd and make immediate pay
ment; and thoe having claims against the estate
nre requested to present them properly authentica
ted within the time prescribed by law, or they will
dc torever oarrea oy statute.
January 25, 11 1.). 39 6w. Administrate
RESI'KCIT'ULLY inform their friends, nnd iho
public eenoiully, that thoy are pronared at ull
tirnes to exeouto uny work in iheir line of business
vnncai am lasnionable stylo, they also keep con
stantly on iiuiiii u general assortment of lh. most
fanhionahlo Tiimming.. Tersons from the coun.
try can by leuving their measure., have their order,
promptly attended to; and scut to then. Thov
hope by .trict attention to business to merit In."
cral sharo of patronaze. Thev also mod
thank, for tho liberal patronage heretofore L.a'iow.
N. B Strict attention paid l0 Cutting in
I it. varieties.
June, 1st 1844. ,
- o x .
Uw CorAKTNiiis, in and for the County of
!lonroo Mi..., personal altendanro of both upon all
uie oourl. ot .airl County. Office at Aberdeen,
Commerce St., noxt door east of thn Reel H,.,i
where Fr.mx M. Tt caait, may stall time.be found'
uec. ism, lo. l, 30
This Week 112 Bags.
This Season 8,093 Bajj.
Shipped this week, . .
Shipped this Season .
Slock 011 hand
...1,317 Boles.
...2,34) Bate..
....0,227 Bales.
Abcrdveu Weekly Prices Current.
03" cabkfui.lv ittror.TED asd counnEcTin trj
Colt n
lagging Ky.
Bale Uope Ky
L Ham. .
2 Shoulder
( Sides...
i Lo.f.
Coffee, i
Lumn ,
N Oileans.
Huvana .
( JllTB
Mullnnses cask
Flon nuperfu;
NaiU .
I loop
Salt . . .
( Knglish Cast.
rx .
Sign 1
S Crude . .
Goshen . .
"I Cask
Castings ,
S 0 x 10...
( 10 x 1'.'
( u
I u
t Tr
fndlgo Spanish..
Lean itui . .
a n p .
f Cog. Brandy....
I Aoir. Brandy....
I I', n'h Brandy...
I Apl'o Brandy,..,
Spirits..,' N Eng. Hum...
I .Inoiiiicu Hum...
I Holland Clin....
j American Qjn .
Utcc Whisky....
.. .lb
. ..lb
. .gal
- gal
-. gal
3.. .a.. .4
.... 7. .....7.)
.... 7...a...li
.... ...,.(
.... 7...0..74
.-..12. .a. .ml
.... 16. ..n. .17
-. (i. .
.. fl..
-. !)..
..14. .
...11. .$7
r.0.. a..(l!l
iu m
3. ..a. .11
0.. II
a. .ID
.a. .13
.3S5.:.-n2 M
I'-' BO.i aS 2S
.... IS"... (..SO
--12. ..a. .1.-1
.a. .00
. 7.
. 8.
$10 uii.
a.. 60
a. .IS
'" a..l2i
--- 7. ..a. .Ot)
$3 50. ..a. .09
-$4 50. ..a. .00
W OO...a$23a
-- 8-.-a. .10
l 75.. a$2(i)
?'J Oil... a..
$1 O0...0$12i
$2 00. ..a4 01)
-.-50. ..a. .75
73... .1 00
$1 00. ..nl 25
....45.. 0..75
$2 50... b3 50
1 50... 3 80
---50..... .7J
3?i 1.. 50
er Iron ; Round
Hod. ; Uor.e
aUu receivedf by
M 13 0 IL E fl K
Sign of the Anvil.
MAVK just Feeelvnd n geoerul ossortmem of
SWKDISll IKON', whirl, thoy, o Mlliiin ,
reduced print, via: 300 ion. .Swrdi.ii lion ot'dif.
ferert llaxW ooaiuilna of Broad Pliomh i., c:
iron; na.ul, Sin'oi, Hoop and Boi
and Srpiore Iron ; Xuil and Soil,
CM I .... . 1
cooo iron, etc. etc, 1 h"y liavo
ilirect importation from Eftrppa :
Weeding Hoea,
of ihe snmo iaaerip lion which ihey'.hnvn ll(l ported
for soverul years past, awl which have given g, ..mi
ni satisfaction lo the Plantar, of this and tho neigh
boring states.
Thoy have on hnod
for different feed wheels, with Bolts complete
warranted lo work well. Mill Stones of nil sir.,.,;
French Burr tad F.sopus Rocks. Sh.et Steel'
Bristles &c. for Gin makers.
Mobile. January IB, 1845. ."S 3m
FUO.M my house about two months tince, a Inrgo
block horse, with a sinull star in hits forehead -has
n halt in his right hind leg, cnused by un t- i '
which ma) bo discovered near iho feterlijck ' ()'
the lift foreleg thete is a murk nea,. sjjl)" q . "
right side where ,1,0 saddle v.-ock, ,,,eru' fc
murks of "I'.ot-lhe shot Mill under the skin, 1 wi',
give Ion Dollar, for In, tU-iivo.y to n,e.nrFh Z
information vybera he can bo found. Tho horse was
cen about the first of the monih.and there is r-aiot.
to believe ho is yet in this county
Jj.1845 ueXji
.'V practice in the following counties:
s T Monruo, I.owndos, Itawnmbii, Tishaminco,
I'onfotoc, Chickasaw, and Oktibbeha) the Federal
court ut Pontotoc; Chancery court at Fullon nnd
Celumbu.; and tho High Couit of Error, mid Ap
peal, at Jackson.
Dec. 14th, 1844.
WILL practice in tho counties of Monroe,
Lowndes, Choctaw. Okiihhi.h,, ( 11
abusha. Office Aberdeen Mis.ia.inni
N. B. Gen Reuben Davis nnd neuirun i
the business of the firm ofDavis 4 I!n,.rs
Aberdeen, July 20th, 184 1. 12 tf

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