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Saturday February 15, is45.
J7The propriety of calling a county meet
ing at an early Jay to settle upon men to ffll
Legislative and county on tee.-, has been sug
gested to us by several of our most prominent
county men, anj also to appoint delegates
tu the Stale convention, and to settle ns far as
the wish of the people of this county is con
cemtdt the Umt of holding said convention.
The move meets with our hearty approba
tion. This matter should come up at as ear
ly a day as convenient. Will some of our
friends si.e s a hint as to the time most pro
per and the place of convening such a meet
ing. We have no llmi or place to suggest,
lid the old men of the party send In their
suggestions and they may rest assured, wc
shall adhere to whatever they think advisable
for the advancement of a strict and thorough
party organization.
New Okleans, January 2!), 1845.
To (he Editors of the Mississippi Advertiser:
Some few weeks past 1 sent vou b circular ad
dresacl to tin Planters in ihe neighborhood of
Aeerueen, giving the prices of cotton in this tnarkei
and in Mobile, and shewing by the figures and olai
ification.in the two markets ti difference in the
highest class of cottons, of two cents ph potirid,
the iMobi e market ending atfjrj, din New Orleans
Jif 7. For ibis exercise of my rights, :ia un Amer
ican Citizen, I ntu assailed by ft bHngtg&tfl neivs
nnppr in Mobile, called the Herald and Tribune,
itthe editors of thri paper believed what they
state, viz: that It is an artful fraud of n.y own inven
tion tu get business, is it not strange that they did
not leave it to your discernment to discover tb
trick and detect the fraud It is von that I spok
lO (Mid you are all free men. I know not, nor have
seems tu be
thi) epuaty
he called up
party to bru
Fur. ton, Itawamba C Feb. 6,1343.
Mxsbs. Editous Tbo lime it drawing nigh
when the demoereey of the Stale Mill be rolled upon
to sustain the nrinoipi,- contained in the Virginia
of '3; and ns a pr- liniinury atep it
ioe opinion u many ot mr fi'ienas in
to know lometblnjl of the men we lml!
on to sustain. It Is the duty of the
ig out no men who are not sound on all
qatSUOOl of State as well a National policv.
Under tbii view of the course of the puny, if the
Hen STtPHKN Aoams, of yo ir courvy, will per
mit bli name to go before the convention, be will re
five the warm support of the democracy ot Ita
wamba Jlldfl Adams U writ known in thin part of the
Slate, and he can cany m mueli personal popular
ity to the ballet box. as any man in tho north.
I am respectfully.
You I obedient servant,
(CfWe hare received, nnd have on file a
copy of the New Orleans Price Current re
ferred to by Gen. E. Featberslon in his card.
It can be seen by those who wish it and will
call at our oilice.
jJ"Ve have just returned from Mobile
after an abscence of a few days on business,
and are now prepared to execute all sorts ot
job work in the shortest and neatest manner.
We have on hand a large supply of cards
(ivory surface) of various sizes, and of a
finer quality than ever was before brought to
this city. e have made an addition to our
card type, and have otherwise improved our
office. We have also one years supply of
new paper, having made provisions for a
considerable increase in our list of subscri
bers, are now able to supply the dl-mand
which wc were hitherto unable to meet. We
have procured a fine horse plate, and such
other material as will enable us to compete
ueceaafully with the best uilice in this state. :
oid Tri-
not 5'dO
i them
et not
K-TThe Steamer Bella Poule, Oapt. H. R.
Johnston, will leave this port for Mobile, to
day wee If. We regard the Beile Poule as
one of the safest boats in the trade, and we
speak by the card when we say she is under
the control of the very best of officers. Our
citizens and county men who have business
at Mobil?, would Jo well to avail themselves
f the opportunity thus offered.
ever hear d of this Inauisiioria lioufn&I, nor did I
iream ni an inquisition in raobito, f ravetnenaures
taken front the prices reported In the two pieces.
I bad labored under the impression that tho Bali tors
ot both cities won!,! give the HfUrel correct, and
sneak tbo truth, and for refertnff to them, I am held
up as a man of 00 character or credit. It is noto
rious the world over, and has been llnee the fall of
Lucifer that bad men seek to draf others down to
their own level.
I it not fcf -tfife thai men who undertake to edfl
nawsftopera should neglect to inform themselves on
ubjeoti ot tho first tmportannee. Now, behold the
ignorance of these emtors dl the II
bunej they say Mobile and NewOlei
miles apart, and hit therefore tmpo
groat n diffi fence should as 1st in tits
Let me give them a Case that willov
with astonishment, The Liverpool
separated one nine hrotti aoothet el importance,
yivos quotations of the 1 1th tHcember 1U14, now
43 days, of H actual saleii Orlaane at 3 lo&ldi
Alaouma arm jsrooiie at to -1 Hare yon per"
ceivo a diflerenco of l. a pound in ilv higher
grade of cotton shlnn ! from .Mobile and this mar-
i differeaoe be real or InSaglnary in
n Imttortanca to von rhealantara
p Cotton that will cla-9 wiilj Qr
ketf and save to yourselves the ad
i penny n pound.. 1 wiu l advlae
diets of (he Herald and Tribune
yon iliat if you do not do it your
I do it for you. and reap tho pro
ence ot ilnt fact. I snd vu (to
oo Kept at the office ot toe Mississippi Advertiser)
the annual statement of the New Orleans PriceCur
rent for 18-14. By reference to that you will per
ceive thai Mobile shipped to Now Orleans last tea
son 47,596 bales of cotton. Nearly evert bale of
mat rotten was purchased ul tbo planters in Mobile,
and a large portion of it from you. Now your
prairie and slough lands will produce fine quality
of cotton, and if you gin it in good gins rind keep the
leaf out, it will go in this market nt the highest1
price. Then on i7tS95 bales of cotton at a penny
a pound the loss lo the growers would bo some
vta.VQV or near nail a milium ot dollars, per annum
if sold in Mobile. Mow if you chose to sell your
uiiuu hi iiuuiiffi you nave an unocuoten right io
tlo so and I llttve no right lo complain. give you
tbo information because I am one of yon. As to
my business in New Orleans, as r 'commission mer
chant I did not start it with the expectation ofget
lingony thing from your lection of country, i look
ed to a different section of country for business ami
am proud t s ty that I have nt.t been disappointed
in my eapeettttionsi Had you been a? free from
drummers from all other quarters as from me, your
horse racks would not have been drawn up by the
t, whether
Liverpool if i
provided you
iouns to thi me
ditiooel price oi
yon lo do so rojfl
Here e me tell
selves, others w
fits. As ai evi
The Mhsoi a tin y buried their brother dear.
In the oi l ar.d lonely tomb;
The apron white, on Ins Coffin nraS hid,
As an emblem of purest bloom.
The widowed mo her with her orphan Ioys
Stood mournful uer the grave,
And saw intered in his silent home
The dust they fain would save.
She hid the brethren a parting farewell
Her heart all broke in twnin,
And OOttesolied them well to meet iiim in
Where he would forever remain
She presented her poor little orphan boys
To welcome their fathers friends,
Anil pointed to Him whom exalted above
both father and brother blend.
Tbo widow nud little ones needttot mourn
With anguish that Itnowl no end.
l Or lie who carr cheer a heart forlorn
Will every blessing send.
'lost one's repose wtU soon be over
d w ben the last trumpet sounds,
ittimphant over nil space,
oy and love abounds.
Respectfully, your obedlem ierva.it,
Qj'We have been absent but twelve days,
and even in that short space of time we see
that there arc no less than four new build
ings are up, and the clink of the hammer and
t:ie raping noise of the handsaw is heard
from dawn till sundown. Three of these are
lar-ie two story buildings. Aberdeen pre
sents a more flourishing aspect than any town
ai have seen ou the river.
Ij-YVc have made arrangements with a
gentleman, every way qualified, by his busi
I eil habits and the occupation he now pur
sues, to Rivo us the latest news of tbo market
in Mobile.
Another Bet The following is said to be a
enuine correspondence, and as "a Udyisin the
rise," wc give it a place.
Da run Dec. It. 1844.
J. A. Tulles, Esq-
D -ar Sir; Yon undoubtedly remember some
time in uiust last, when on voui wis to BouIa.
ooro, vi oi traveiltni wan a I ely who expressed
herself a strongly in favor of the election of James
i. i oiu, t rjrr laitientt and was moreover confident
that be, by tbe suffrages ul the people of this natioi
would on the 4th of March next, be called to tb
disc barge of the duties of thai hlfh office. You si
so no doubt, remember that a wager was then lah
between yours If and that lady (myself,) on (he re
suit ofthe Presidential election, and lo the follow
elected I w is to for
U lb, of fine Ir.-.li
butter, per express, should Polk be elected you wai
to forward me per express five sent of oysters,"
I lie result Is now known Polk is
bound for head water! of Salt Rive
the Oysters and I am the winner.
D J I ho following lines are as beautiful in exnres'
sion as tliey are pure m sentiment. I bey ere 90
Oh, loving and forgiving
Ye angel-words of earth,
yi wr oi io'i.u itia living
If ye two had not birth!
Oh, 'pvingand forbariii2
Hew sweet your mission here!
'I he , n i. 'f that ye are sharing
Ilath blessings in its tear.
Oh, stern and unforgiving
Ye evil words of life.
"1 bat mock the means dfllvttx
With never-ending strife
Oh, harsh and unropontirig-
How would ye meet thepavj,
I! heaven, na unrelenting,
Koi bot e not, nor forgave '
Oh, loving and forgiving
Sweet sisters of the auu!
la hose celestial living
The passions find nontmi
Still breathe your influenre o'er ui
W hene'er by passion rt'oas'd,
And angeMike, res tori ts
The paradise wo lost
ClIARtBS Swais.
Tho lias Moon was arrested on Friday night for
being eclipsed by a cloud of liquor.
'What your name? said the watchman "
'Moon said Tom.'
'You can't shine. Mr. Moon I' said tho watchman.
'I cun't that's a fact,' said Tom, 'ikoaffh I have
JUted my horn, ond emptied them, too; but give
rntf a hand help me to rise. You know what By
ron says.
The Moon. U on!
By heavens! a glorious sight!'
Stfs, I knows all that, said tho watchman : hut '
it s no matter whether 1 does or not,' cause it ain't
in the ordinance; it nint nothin but poetry, and my
old 'unman always told me as how noefrv is non-
; sense; 10 cents along to the watch bouse, Mr. Moon.
i cry quarter, said Moon.
'xou snail get a quarter 1 that is three calendar
month-; in tho work-house,' said the watchman.
'Then yon extinguish the light of my prospects
n r ever, ma Moon,
'Not a bit of it said the watchman; for instead
of putting you uut, I put you in." And so, wlthoU
saying more on the subject, he took off" Moon t(
the calaboose, a place where he had often been be
Me wos immediately recognised by the officer of
too nighf, whose first salutation to him was;
"Why, Moon, how do yon rise!'
I don't rise at all,' said Moon, I'm ou the de
cline '
'And poyoo bjSVa lot yourself he taken op again,'
sum ineorucers, vvpj,, ivir. Moon, he M4ed
will not pretend to say that you are made of green
chtf.se; but, from the number of times which you
nave recently let yourself re" into the hands of the
watch, I d 0 say that vou must be Composed of some
very voniiint material.
Mr. Moon got his third quarter in the wo.Uhouso
from dio Recorder Picayune.
ing eff-ct: "Should Clay be
Aard you, at new lOtK ofty
d, Cta l
liavo !-it
The collon
"flr waie root;
good freights and l
j :i r stanie.
rapidly ibinned out of
b.ial are bringing op I
NOW, Af, i c I yi rj :j as wo did Upon ORC
Or 111 tlm in iitor, allow to ay ibnt I iHaU ox
pect to roceivs from you, by tb 23th of this m mth,
tli" five cans of oynten, n f o , tho opinion formoil
of vou by me, I am oonfidentyoa n,,f hMitftm io
a wilder so fairly bid and so clearly won. Piute
send th.i pyiten lo H. S. Bievsae, Aultw, wlio will
itffl tnem arid torwaid them tn me.
Very re. pec ifully yours, for Polk.
AlAitr Wtj-r.
ing heavy ladenej with
Molai, Ki
you at
(he Be:
aownwi 1 trip,
a few n, s bel
tj Colnmbus.
"Xornia" with
came nn board
swelled our pas;
We met with tto
on the whole tri
h. 8, 1315.
g hands wi
I Aberdee
1 1 til, ii
last Au
thai tie:
New York, Dec. 15th,
lam favored with your lelt-r
i ( ii you jeierion trot made betwei
, in the Stne to Brattlehnro,' I p.o
lip had nearly llipped my meoiorv,
of your favor. Vou will remember
"r voice, for it wai dark when we
re parted. audi the pleaeureof
riuaintanee. could not certainly
A female Room. Thi following piece of bold
audacity and swindling on the part of a femaln in
New York, is certainly without a parallel on this
side of the globe. It is fiom t ho New York Sun :
"A lady, elegantly and fcabionably attired, of pre
poseeesing appearance and manner, stopped a day
or two ago, at one of the Ashiohabte tbree, to ex
amine some costly shawls, she was shown Upltajri
into the shawl-room, where one of the partners in
the firm attentively waited uron her. Afrrr exam
ining nnd rejecting a nttmbet, she selected one val'
ueil at 9250, In color and finish, it was not einet
ly the oiticle site wanted, yet ileome the nearest to
i'. She would mil in at some or the other stores
and if not better suited would take Jinl shawi, which
was laid aside for her. in about naif an hour her
carriage drove up to the store again and sho went
upstairs into the shawl-room to take the article,
not having been fortunate enough t. suit bene!!
elsewhere. Sh" would like, however, to no over an
examination of iho whole invoice. Aftereome time
consumed in the inspection, she finally determined
to purchase the original one, which she ordered to
he put up nnd sent down to the earriaea. TW.
wns promnly done. The lady rummaged her pock
ets, hnrl sudd nly exclaimed in great amazement,
"Heavens, I've lost my purse!" "Where, ma'am,
did you lose it?" ' It mutt have been lost here, for
I felt it in my pocket, as I ascended the stairs."
I he stairs were searched, but no puree was found,
"Do you remember, madam' said ihe atorolteenaf
"how much money yon had in your purtel" oy,,,
perfectly, there was'onenote of $1000 and two 50' t,
some lilver nnd a gold ring and locket." After a
great many reciprocal regrets and rummaging, the
purse, with she gliltering steel clasps ami ornaments
was found lyiue, "ear some wrapping frnp-r, under u'
tuu.e. ine i ruv was overioyed 'the storeli
It becomes our painful task to notice tbe death of
n t, n u . c.i . r .
ir. i-rnriL-n noggjnt 01 nils plafe, wOO rlerro
.1,: . l:r .1.- .. I c t , I
tins me on rue tirrr rnsr. OI sypnut fever. Jt was
a circumstance highly consolatory to his frifnds thai
tie was all along returned to hit fate and entire
prepared, as far as could he known for the awful 01"-
deal beyond the grave. Dr. Muggins was a native
ot rjoutii uarolina, Ivom whence he rhoved to Ala
bama when but a boy, where he resided until he
removed to this county nine years ago. While re
sident among us he made many friends, and we
,roiMie u, ay, run lew, ii any enemies. All es
teemed mm for his kindness of heart, and among
his Intimate friends no mnn could have keen more
devotedly loved for his generous nature anil native
goodness. " 1 las evil that men do, lives after them."
If ibis were made the test of character with regard
lo the subject ofthe above nolice, perhaps all of us
would have reason to envy him; for of all the men
that we have known, we have seen none more devoid
of tho baser passions of fallen man. As a husband
and a father,at a chtitlian ond a citizen. his charac
ter wns as perfect ns any man miht be proud to
nave, ire moo leaving n Olank in a large circle of
mourning frienrls. who will foi many n dny remem
ber the loss they have sustained. 8. Tribune.
AVheress it has pleased Almighty God in the dis
pensation of his providence to remove from this
irantltOry existanee, ouresleemed and well beloved
brother DR. BoRRIM. HtlOOIKI, and whereas,
from time immemorial, it lias been the cuitom n
mung the fraternity of Free and Accepted Mason-,
when requested by a brother lo accompany his re
mains io inn piece oi interment, depositing i1Cm
wiiu ma u.uai iiirpimmce, inoretQro.
Be it resolved, That In oonformltv to th;. I t.
'Be. n character ol Masons we resign the
onov ni our iirotrier whoso memory we revere an
nose loss we deplore, to the earth from whence it
came, tnerooy ottering up tbo last tribute of our af-
teot.on to his memory, and demonstrating to the
world, lire sincerity of our past esteem, ami a steady
auaunmeni ra the principle, of our honorable order.
. Resolved, That we deeply sympathise, with
the friends and relatives hm ...;. n. .v..
devoted wit'vj and ondearinc children nrn,. B..l...
in the bereavement which thev hf.V sustained.
S. Resolved, That we wear tho usual badges of
fi iui Hie snare O J' , rtv-i n,i,l r ,nf
of tho Preamhlo and liesolutions signed bv the
faster and Secretary bopublrshel in the Southern
C M. vVravxr, Sec'y.
nto Inii
e, and i
ed the
I enough, tiret
w l
eoritents on tire ta
e the SlOUi) note,
rv, '
, all ri
lit and
mn try wonders
ibly have bap.
teived $?5) j
and oil she
1 congratulations and
now s'icli an
pene I, she hi
r hangej was
.IrOTe. Ou settling the cash at night thotlOOO
nol was loun.l to be a counterfeit or nlteierl note.'
l lie clever insp oi losing her purse, describing its
content-, tin line it, anil the cOntentl hein.. .,l
is described, removed all suspicion of dtoeptiun,ai
mce. So the fashionable storakeektr lost hii $250
bawl, and $7"i0in change besides.
dont cenl I have pus
I Ihe $l()J0nolo, re
or; i'tl to her ttarriai
ihe it
Ihe passengers of the
I ladies and gentlemen
s at Columbus. This
list to near sixly souls,
lent of a serious nature
iwilhilaadiag the low
liut I
i of tbe da
id confide
in vonr
i ininlt the
and most reliable
hull is in most c.
probably the stroni
Poule one of the safest
jais in your trade. Her
ellent condition, and is
st now on the riepr Sl.n
made a 'pass' at a snag in ihe ten mile shoals
Wilton sell her from one shore io ih ,i.np
but it had no effect upon her at all.
Captain Johnston is a gentleman both in
manner and feelings, and deserves the high
est credit for his close attention to the safety
of his boat and ihe comfort oi his passengers.
He is aominaally on the alert, and noihmg
that can amuse his passengers or add to the
safety of his boat, passes by unnoticed. He
is proverbial among ihe merchants of Mobile
and some one has dubbed him, ihe "sleepless
Johnston" because of his habit of walking the
l cannot refrain from mentionin
of Ihe highest commendation the
fie-h bull,'
hand in it
your inosi
lo your erdi
.May goo
on both."
h I : e
rave won ihe "twelve, pi
a'l the swpctei from y
now must cheerfully o
pies', and transmit ihi
ctly your
surpri-e, I
p. That
reasonable r
r, per Kspr
of fine
ivine ti
'tnplv with
live cans ol fle f,as
d digestion wait on appetite and health
Youis for Clay,
J. A.
Dtsrovcnits. Many of the most impor
tant discoveries in the field of science have
been the result of accident. Two little sons
of a spectacle makerin Holland, while their
father was at dinner chanced lo look at a stee
ple throuzh two glasses, placed one before Ihe
oilier. They found ihe steeple brought much
nearer the shop window. They told their fa
theronslh return, and Ihe circ.imstane.e led
to a course of experiments which ended in the
in vention of the telescope.
ome snip wrecked
Mime ship wrecked sailors collected
0 in icrnis ; quantity ol sea-weed on the sand, and mad-a
first Pilot . fi , .u.t. -Li . e
on the steamer Hell. P,si r n r .. ! """" '"' ivering lingers and cook
u. n, . ', '""'" ' : 'heir scanty food. When the fire went nm
that the river was a 'a iZ U.iTi ' "?. formed glass, the
, J D
w h p r
we went out, and vet wp n.ns.d ,i,,.n uk
eves a thousand bales of cotton. J.
ErB. 13. F rench Ku.. was Plecte.l on the lSlh
mi! clerk of the Ho,.,... ot Repratenttllyei in liei
01 the defaulter. McNully, who was dismissed by
the very decided voto of l!)0 yens in nays nnnu ; a
resolution requesting iho President to instiiote
srimlnal procr.din!;s against him having olso bean
paiscd uy a vole of 170 to 4,
KFA temperanoe mooting was held at ihe Metii
odist ebaren on the evenine ofthe lith in tins ciiv.
It was numerously attended we learn, nnd was ad
i rttsed by tho Rev. Mr. Burns and Halcorob. The
list of memliers was much swollen by man) of our
nlisni signing the pledge.
I case -,f McNulfv is rrentinp onitp in pr.
Cttement, A correspondent ofthe Baltimore Sun
wrmag from Washing,,,,,, My, ,ht ,he defalcation
.mount, to $44,500, hut that ihe eccuriiic, were
nisi no loss v.'oo j
oasis ot an our discoveries in astronomy and
necessary to comfort.
In the days when every astrologer and
chemist was seeking after the philosopher's
stone, some monks, in making up their mate
rials by accident invented gun powder, which
has done so much lo diminish the barbarities
of war.
Sir Isaac Newton's most important discov
eries, concerning light and gravitation, were
the result of accident. His theory and ex
periments on light were suggested bv the soap
bubles blown by a ciiiid, and ihe principle of
gravitation by the fall of an apple as he sat in
an orchard and it was by hastily scrnlchins
on a stone a memorandum of some articles
brought him by a washwoman thai ihe idea of
lithography first presented itself to the mind
of Stenefelder.
Hunt's .M' uchast's MaoaiMni
u-ual, riehin natters of oommere
spy the following statist let, rolatln
purirri and exports, lor tho benefit ol our Rlerce
for January i
il interest. We
lo British iin.
ISitmsti Commerce akd Navioatio;).
m official statement, recently made of tbe
in I imports uf Great Britain to lbs did' rent
orl.l. fo
rtvtv Ire garher
In the trade I
palls of
nit faett
colonies in the
are yearlyem
the year 1843, twin
d. to which we would
tween Britain and 1
we.s'ern worl I, about CO 110!) seami
ployed. The amount of wages an
ions for these cannot he less than 3.(11)1) (Hill
annum; nnd the repairs, iusnranee nnd replacing
of capital in the ships, 4,500 01)0 more. In the
'.rude between Britain and India and China, 10, 1)0(1
seamen are employed at a similar rato. Their a
ge.s, provisions, &c., will amount to 500,000;
and the replacement of capital, anil increase to
S40.00D-iti all. l,:).0,l)00. The whole, or
very nearly the whole ofthe supplies necessary to
maintain these seamen and tonnge. nre the products
of British soil and labor; nud this, in a national
point of view, shows die superiority of such a trade
over a merely manufacturing commerce. Acorn
pari. on ofthe undo ofthe Eastern with that of the
Western world Inking the value of imports nud ex
ports, stands nearly thus:
From and to British North America nnd West
Indian colonies, 11,000,000; nnd from and to
niiia and the hast, Indies. 16,000,000. It thus
appears that the former commerce requires nearly
uvu nines more snips, tonnge. ami seamen to car-
it on man Ihe Inner, thereby BRording an Incoi
lavantage to a naval nower. and the ni-
port oi a naval lorce, and also to the employment of
DniiBii agriculture, laiior and capital. It appears
that the weight of ootton yarn and goods exported
from hngland annually, is 120 1)00 limes; and the
value in round numbers being 83,500,000, it fol
lows that, one half the lonago is employed ral
lying the West Indian exports (viz: 1.0112,411,)
wunni uuuuioieni io carry the whole cotton export
Maun or ore country; un I, as regards the North
American trade, one seventy of the tonoge wou'd bo
sumeirtit. wniin the iraile with ihe West Indies
and British North America, (in exports and im
ports ennui A.ia,uiiii,rjuij yearly,) employe 2,01)0
ships, 970,000, that with the United States", (in cs
pons and imports 22 000,000,) eiven imploytner.t
to 350 ships, 333.000 tons The imports (rum
China nre valued at about 5,000,000, bruught in
84 ships, about 30,712 tons.
Mr. .Tones, President nf Texas savs in his ine.--
Itoge, lhu( he is desirous to adont a meinrnniea v..
accrue to ihe (lovemment. I t , 7' , ntum which will intro-
....vx nai . iiMJII MUO UI DBIV.
Affairs la Hayti. Advices fiom Gonaiyes to
tho21st inst., nro teceived.
In the Spanish part of Hayti there is n great deel
ol trouble. The utmost animosity exists between
the blacks nnd muhlloes. Thirty thousand troops
were constantly under arms. It spemes that tho
blncki ure determined to exterminate the mullat-
loes it potsioie. I
Tiado wns dull there were no American ret-1
sell at Gonaivcs,
Mobile, Feb. 8, 1846.
Gentlemen: There has little improvement
in business operations here within the past
few days. The last news from Europe gave
a very considerable impulse to our cotton
market. 'I he price advanced
1-S io 1-4 on all classes of cotton, and the de
mand much improved. It seems to be the
general impression here, that the article of
cotton, has now reached the highest maxi
mum point. Shippers think that the increas
ed amount of production the past year, and
the lale season at which the river's opened
has had a very considerable tendency io sus
tain prices thus far. As the rivers are now
all in navigable condition, with a fair pros
pect oi nieir continuing so for some weeks,
ii .ippicneiiucu ;nai ine receipt of supplies
will materially lessen the demand, if not the
Below, I give a few items taken from the
rrice uurreni ot mis morning:
Corns. Prices rule pretty much nsnt our last,
ihe tendency however down, ivrth ii Ifiir noi,i...
j Sales of one lot 3 2 430 bugs prime Rio mule
at (Uc, which is a fuir quotation from first bands,
Th stuck rather large. Havana nominal at 7j
ego., and but little in matket.
FtouR Heavy receipts and lower prices in N
Orleans, have induced a decline here present nun
tationt foi Ohio being given nt 34,352)4,50 nnd
Missouri $4,504,65. Tho demand moderately
fair, with u good slock.
SOOARHooelpli have been liberal, and an Im
proved reeling is reported. The stock of-middllns
and fairsugnrs largejof other qualities light. The
demand at present is chiefly forohoice quality. We
quote extremes of tbe market 3i5u, the latter
for choice. Fair worth 5c
SAtT Arrivals during- the week pmp,1 in nun
bags. The enquiry has heen moderate, buyeradif
l,s,-u iu nv.uiia. more tnvoralrin teeitng, several of
trie cargoes anoai Ming held nt what they consider
nisii laics, tu me present Inanimate sluie of
ireignis, no necessity exists for discharging inwar.
uarguap, ami ueneo ine indilterence of holders We
report sales onosmnll cargo at 80c. afloat 500 bar.
also in theb iy nt 85c, and sundry lots from the
wuuives ui uucovl lor bleached and 00c. fo
brown sacks.
w ...
.. iiisHET upcpipt., nave been quite liberal and
prices are reduced leper gallon. The demand
iair. . . rproie exiremes 20'aJ27c.
Molasses Arrivals have been to a fair extent
but the prevalence ol a good demand has tended to
reduce the stock in first hands to a very limited
quantity. Prices are n-duced, notwithstanding the
improved request, about i asm pel gallon. We
uuuta nr ii $ w inc.
ToTATOKs-Tlie arrivals ofthe week are law
but holders remain firm nt last quotations, $1 J no
hbl for planting and lj ? loun(1 eali5 (
good order.
n. ,.... . U n,
.wra sue market as yet remains
1 "' nimripaiing an improvement ii
the course ot the next fortnirht. TIs... .,
ernlly prepared to sell on lime, and it will bo noicd
...,,, uoiimh mai price, hnve never before
ruled so lowo We quote Kentucky for cash and
time 11 to 12c and 44 Sic. We .hall take ,
account of stock before our next report.
r iviRrooi, ctassirtciToa
.Ian 31, 1345. Feb. 1, 1844
vjuim mm nn. 'cO ;
UTThe Debt or Pennsylvania. It seems
doubtful, notwithstanding the strong nrray of esti
mates, and the poitive assertions of Gov. jPorU'r's
message, whether tlm State of Pensylvania will lit
enabled to meet the approaching instalment of in
rerest on its debt. Tho Pennsylvania" states tnt
ilnirn is now outinndin nnd dup, a million nnd n
half of relief issues and domestic creditor scrip.
The nnnual inter ?st duo amounts tn a million nnd u
half. The revenno of tho public works will be about
half a million. The balance of tho amount to meet
the scrip and relief insues and the intercut, must bo
met from tho State tax. The revenues from other
sources than the income from the public work nnd
the tax, will all be required to pay tho current ex
penses ofthe State
Tho Whig is out for an alteration of the natural-
Nation Laws, but stops far short of the 21 yenrs
probation which is nsine qua nonwiih IhiNativfti
They denounce those that Btop short of 21, worse
"enemies," '-traitors," "villians," &B, than those
that oppose them altogether. The Whiff is for ex
tending the present five ymrs probation to seven
Aberdeen WecKSy Prices Current.
M. W. LiNosir.
W. J. Corp.
3 1 1 o v n i t r it t a i iy:
Feb. 15, 1845. ' 41.t
Aberdeen and Mobile Packet.
v ft Tho staunch built Dnuble Eneini
L V, CbaPPKLL Master, will run ns a regular
naokafl ceitweeri tlie Ports uf Aberdeen and Mobile
the nreseru season.
Feb. 15, i843.
rriAfCEN tipby tho subscriber two struy i)oa,
-L one of which was of a red sandy color, ami
the other spoiled with b!a k and white. Tho marks
were a crop and a split In the left etir, andaswallow
f'ifU in ilie right ears
The said hugl were appraised on tho 8th of Feb
ruary, and slaughtered nn the 10th, 1845. They
were appraised by John B. Wood and L,. E. Me
Donald; one of which weighed 132 and the other
140 lbs. Supposed to bo three yenrs old.
The owner CQ come forward snd will pay him
Feb. Hth, 1845. Jw.
RUNAWAY frnm tho plantminn nf C. W. no;
pan, dsjreaset). thrre or fnur miles fnst riff:,,!.
ion Gin I'ort a ncirio bov nnrned John. I inpposf
said hoy carried iill'wiih iiim a sorral horse which
hnd the bis hsad. Saul buy is about 20 or 21 years
of age, dark complaxiun; bis front lOL-th are out: be
19 abnut live feet risl,t or ten inches high. Said
boy belongs io the istata of C. W. Bwjan deceased
Ifcoabnve reward will he paid to anv person who will
leliver said bov or confine him in t,,Tl .., ik. r ,
Iiim. CHARI.KS RORrtim
Adminitra:or ol C. W. Bopi;iin, ihc'd.
January 27, 1343. 41 if.
MoHBot CouMr. (ss
Will iam W. IIumihrit's, )
r Ctncuit Court,
Wm.J Cole, John T Tin- 1
rlull, Mark Prewett and Mention, i-'c.''.7,1815
Abner 1'rewitt, Defend' ti ")
T TI'O.V openin; the matters nf this hill nnd it air.
J penrine to ihe satisfaction of the court, thai
the detenaant trillianj. Cole is not a cim-n nt
tins sluie but resid-s beyond Iho limits thereof, sr.
that tbo ordinary piooess of this court cannot l
servcrl upon him. It is therefore orderod by tin
court ti tit this canse he set forbearing ex-parle n
the next teim of tliia court to he Held on the fuurtl
manual ,i npni neat, rrrin-H, aaio uelr'iiil nut nirpear
on ur ui-inre urn trine. IIIM lh'.lrl Hn.'.vr'r nr , erne,
tosatd hill of complaint. Ii is further ordered
y the court, that a copy ol this order bo published
n the Mississippi Advertiser, a newinnner mime I
in ure m n tn jmerrieeri, once n Wl ea tor tw o
months successively notlfvina ao id deflinilant
said order. AUSTIN I'OLLAPD Clorlt.
TL. I. Ill : i... .i ... . .
mu ... i aiuL'-b in niirerrrince inn r'lrrv anridnn.
vieorge vvightmin ami one Usboin D. Hernd
fince deceased, a trustees of the tow.n o Ahenl,
soi l hlo. k 112 of said loivn to U'iPinm J. C
ontno tdin UOtOBer ISiSO, on a ermlit for $.,05, that
iney executed lo turn n lit'e honil lor laid bloc!; t
make titles thereto on the payment of the pun-hum
money, that the said Colo executed two ivi itiniM oh
gatory, each for the sum of $2 50 one payabl
i twelve iho other in twenty four month., m ,.,
mo payment ot the purchase money with Geoeje D
.liny and Jaied Hojg ns securnies, that tho former
nf said writing obligatory is wholly unpiid tmt the
snid Anderson, Wishtman and Hmndon i.o,
thorized to sell, take writings i bllgatory give title
Ironrls ami make titles ta said block, and that the
said writings is bonified tho property of complain
ant, that said Anderson Wlghtrnan nnd Hernrlon
are no longer trustees r f snid own, thai Jno L Tin-
dull, AOner 1'rewett and Murk Prewett are tho
liuitee'.andassuch have full authority to make the
title aforesaid end pray rhat the said defendant
Willian J. Cole be required by decrees to pav nairl
writings obligatory and in the event of hi. falling to
do so, that said block he sold for thai purpose, end
complainant prnys for an order nfnubllcation &e
, A. l'OLLARD Clerk.
Tucker .f Smitk Sol.
Cottr n lb
Bugging Ky vrl
Bale Hope Ky .'lb
( Hams II.
Bacon. Shoulders lb
( Side 11,
t n..u.. ir.
Butt,r country':;;:::;;;; in,
t 1.0 if lb
Sugar. I I.uinn.. Ib
I N Oilenns lb
( Kin lb
Coffee. Havana Ib
( Java K,
Mollasai's cask g
Plot r luperBae ,bl
Mackerel 1,
Corn ,
Meal bu
( Hoop h
Iron. Sheet , ih
I Bar h
Nails 11,
f German ,
Steel. mericen ,
( Knglish Cost lb
Rice lb
Shot bg
Salt t
Beeswax II,
Candle .l7,n" !!'
( 1 allow lb
r, ( Crude lb
Borax. ,. , ,
( Refin'd ,
Sigars ,
. i CusI; lb
Castings l
Glass. io...::.".:::'.bx
10 x 12 b
Indigo .Spanish ,
f.und Bar b
feathers p,
( Linseed el
0il- gl
Irani f,
fCVg. Brandy gal
Amr. Brandy gal
I I'ea'h Brandy gal
I Alrl'e Brandy nnl
Spirits. N Ens;. 11
urn gal
I Jamaica Rum girl
I Holland Gin gal
j American Gin gn
LIlec Whisky gl
L:"'J ..lb
... 4
... 7
... 0...
... 0...
... 0...
...12. .a
... 6..
... 0..
... ..
...14. .
... 6J.1
-.. 9..
... 7..
... 8..
a. .00
a. .74
a.. .1)
a. .22
a. .17
a.. .8
a. .10
a. .10
a. .16
ii. .30
i. .$7
8. .00
a.. 8
a. .10
a.. 18
a. .00
l?-3 2o...a2 50
-$1 75.. ,n0 00
.... 15, ..a. .20
.-..45... . .50
....25. ..a.. 00
45. ..a. .50
$10 00. ..a. $50
a. .15
8. ..a. ..10
7. ..a. .00
.13 50. ..a. .00
$1 50... . .00
..$2 00...a$250
.... 8. ..a. .10
-...00. ..a. .35
.$1 75
$2 00.
-$1 01).
-$1 25.
$1 00..
$2 50..
$1 50..
50 . .
.n3 00
.ii. .75
Mo.xrik Cooxtt. J
Wil .in -n VV. Humphries, )
. I , , , I ClRCClT Con tlT,
John Hnrdcns'le, J,,ln JJt
Tindail,Abt:o Prewett and oacation,Feb 7 1845
Mark Prewett. Defdants. )
"1 TI'O.N opening the matters nf this bill and it op
J peering to the satisfaction of the court that
the defendant, John Hardeastle i. ,., a citiien of
this Siate but resides beyond the limit thereof so
mat i he ordinary process of this court cannot ha
served upon him. It a iherelore or.lerr d that this
lorneoringex.parteal the
this court io he hidden on the fourlli
Aiiril next, unless s,iid defendant uppr
,,n 'r uriie uini pica l ntswer
next lei in of
.Monday of
irs on or bo
nier In Itid
hill ol complain,; it i, fn,t.,. J,,,,, lt,M ,
ol Ihl. older he published once a week for two
a new
this St;
uecessnely in the Mississippi Advertiser,
paper nrinted in the town oTAbofdei'n in
?, notifying said defendant of snid oider.
The Bill stites i
ol Ihe town nf Aire:
rmr ofn block, o
111 Sir ,.f-.1..., II I l . .
ri. , -' i ..eery nrii'ison
deoige Wlghtrnan and one Osbnrn 1) H. ,,.,1...
w,,,, ucaaaau, ns iruster
Sold Lrrt S'J3, boil,,. ,
I2lh .lay of October tgjg f,
ensile, that Ihey executed i
said lot lo make title thereto
purchase money, that the
executed two
nid Job
Jehu llnid.
ill. bond lor
oient of tho
i Hardeastle
el iho
ul till
ie pun luire
In I we
Good Fair. .
I air......
Mid Fair..
Ordinary . .
Inferior, . .
-non.. ra ..Mi
. . 6 i nom'l.. 10 c
5J6; -Je'.
-5i 94c.
i 31 81 c.
3 3 - nom'l
Moshox Couxir, j.W
William W. Humphries, )
vi ( m,..:, n ,
fieri D Mav. John T. Tin.
rlall. Abner Prewett and vac.it ion Feb. 7 , 1845
Murk Prewctt,Z)ieiV. )
TTI'ON opening ihe metiers of this bill and it
J appearing to the satisfaction ofthe cnuit that
ihe de l-ii lent George D. May is not a citizen of this
oate, hut legidos hevonil the limirn rl,.,...r ... .1
,i , " " ' - rwwi nu tnui
'.'""y process oi u8 court cannot bo scivod
upon l,i,n. It is Iherefore ordered that this evila be
set lor hearni!; expiirto at ihe next term r .1.1.
court to be held on ihe fourlli Monday of April
next, utiles, snid detendant appear nn or before that
P'cari answer or demur to so id Bill of
..,...,.... ,. uriasr onlercl that a cony f
tma nr. er ha M,t,li.u.,.t n i. . .' J '
auccessivpjy , Iho Mississippi Advertiser, a new,,
paper pred in the town of Aberdeen, in this state
notifying .aid defendant of si aid order.
The bill state, in substance, thnt Henry Anderson
-v.(. .. igiitrrinn nnu one UsDorn Hernd
r.iviiseii, as traslees ol
W I Uiries ,,l
of $1 15 00. J. p.
"s 8iinties to aecmo ih
money, one payable 'n tv
roog monins, timt i
atory is whoelv ur.
ana his securities .
Wightmon,Aadersoii r
I" sell take writings nl
make iiie n, said lot,
the propeity of com ii
Wlghtrnan ,,, Hernd
said to.vn.thai Join, I,
.want i rcwett in
uch, hare full bi
"nu pray that the iaid del
!o required by decree in
WW, and in th-ev m oi
no find l.ot. , s0;j c ,
dec of nublisail i;-..
T,..r... . c, ., AUSTliS rOLLARIs Clerk
- .c. ,j- oinrl fot,
I mi
' the trust
ndon were suthotlaed
V give tide bonds and
id writing is bonifido
thai said Anderson,
no l uicer trustees ol
II, A'rner Prewett are!
a ol snid town, not! as
ike iho litleaforesuid,
mi John Henltastle
Slid wrili.m and in
laltinx in do -o. il.nt
purpoea and lor on
SH&CLSSICAI flrnncwiv
' V n Lr L. in I
CVPKT.r.lNflS n...
rS ti,, 'i "'" $3 oo
1 he abate, with Aral I
meiic, Qntnmar, Gror.
jiayanccd classes in ihe
trve Astronomy..-.
Moral nnd M .1 l'hih,V,;
Political Economy, IVn
Chemistry, Geo'ogy nn
intn Lectures nn I
Lansuases and Mn
ns in Arith
'i mid His.
', 10 00
"ove niih lleacrfir.
nn since
e lown nf A I.....I .1 l
o 40 in snid trrwrr to (lmnmm n Is...
13ih nl,.. IQM "JT";,'I".,Vn
'"""i vii n c ran 1 1 r
5 IS .1 i.
lo " m n b.md fop .aid Block to
make tn e on tbe payment ofthe purchase money
'Hat said May executed two wriri,,. i.tr .
,1,. . . i 7' paeoie in twelve and
the other In twenty.four months, with Jnrnd T
Hngand William J Colo ns securiiy, , tna
ler ol sa'd writing, obligatory is whod, uai,l lha
said Anderson, Wightman and Herndon w '"'
ihoriwd to sell take writing, obligatory glw ti",.
bond, and make title to .aid block, and C " j
writing is bonified nrnnertv nf en,r,l .
said Anderson, Wiehtman an I Mern.u..
long., ,rueo. of .aid town, that John I. jZhu
a... . .awettuna marK rrnwelt are th.. ,,.,'
uthority to make !.. .i.i.
. ,-, ." mi
15 00
Rheiorlo and
y and Botany '..on 00
xr-ri.neni., o-
Cnrnralrl ...I , """":. ....;. ..JJ Q0
Fuel per Session.. . .
Boarding per Session
rnoae furnishing the!
and light... .
One half of the Tuition Ynd
au.anoe, nm! the nallr
ion will bo required
Own be
1 00
: so oo
tiling, washing
Jo no
Board navabla In
A sunnlv r.i.. --. .nine ,,...
No tudentwillb. i permitted toboatd a .taye'rh
40 3m.
and as such, hava full
ifiuaaaU is.J', ti... . i. . ....
i" sent aai.ndant Mav b.
required to pay said writin.. ahlt. ' ?e
ovent of hi. failure to do ., that US In k b'e.ohl
fillthHnrrrn.ii.isJ. ir 1 K Ue sold
, CnlLZi' V '"iiainant pray, fr
nf nnh rrntini, St.-
Tueier $ Smtk Sol.
or an order
Commission Merchants;
V rinfun
r jt nrtnupnronaaedthe extensive Ware-H,
i,i inu il r rrr ml,
management of Mr. II. f
iccently under thn
Coopwood, respectfully
inform ihe public, that they have opened the same
as a Cammuiian House; to which they pledge
xei lions to transnct a faithful and
rus.ed to the car Of Mr. Coopwood, , bee,,
transfeired lo ihem, they will cl08e lho (th
Cut.. A. Prewett, Gun. R. Davis,
?uL'J';..C' Bun'"!TT, John OtoDwix,
February 1, 1045 3I),

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