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SATURDAY, F F, H It U A R Y 2 2, I 8 -1
The Mississippi tffdvertiser
In published every Saturday morning, at TttftSI
Dollars, per annum in advance, or, FuDR Dol
lars at lbs en.) of six month; FlVB Dollars at the
expiration of the year.
Ad V EAT MS MINTS, first inBcttion ten lines or
less One Dollar, for each subsequent Intertlon,
Fifty cent. The number of insertions must be
specified en the face of the advertisement! orthey
v ill be published until ordered out. and J i urged
the nsttttl rates above stated.
IC3 All nrticlea of a persona nature will be
charged double the rate above stated Cash ih
advance when admitted.
(CP Political Circulars or Public Addresses
f'orthe benefit of Individuals will b charged u
03" On yearly advertiement,a liberal discount
will he made The privilege of yearly advertisers
it limited to their own Immediate bttsinrsft ftdver
tiflement for the benefit, of other persoijn sent In by
them must be paid for by the square.
(J No paper will he discontinued only at the
Option of the publishers, unless the order be ac
companied by thf money.
T Lettkiu on business connected with the
office must be Pott -paid to ensure prompt atten
tion. (from the St. Louis Hcveilie.)
At a late hour, the other night, the door of s
oys'er house in our city was thrust open.
and in
talked a hero from tpe Sucker State. He was
quits six feet high, spare, somewhat stooped, with
u hungry, anxious countenance, nnd Ml hands
pushed clear down to the bottom of his breeches
pockets. His outer covering was hard to define;
but after surveying it minutely, we came to the
conclusion that bis suit had been made in hi boy
heed of a dingy, yellow linscy-wulsey, nnd that,
having sprouted up with astonishing rapidity, be
had been forced to piece it out with all dolors, in
order to keep pace with bis body. In sp to of bis
exertional however, he had fuller in arrears about
a font of the necessary length, and consequently,
smelt that far through bis inexpressibles. His
crop 6T heir Was surmounted by the funniest little
teal skin rap Imaginable. After taking a position,
he indulged in a long starn at the man opening the
hib'tlves, and slowly ejaculated "lstern?"
"Yes, sir," responded the attentive operator; 'and
fine ones they nre, too.
"Well, Ive beam toll of inters Kfore," leys be,
"but. ibis is tho fu,t time I've seed 'cm, and pre
hips I'll know viUmthar made of afo: 1 git out
of town "
Having expressed this desperate intention, he
cautiously approached a plate, and scrutinized ibe
uncswted eneU-f&ah with a gravity mid interest which
would have done honor to the most illustrious
searcher into the hidden mysteries of nature. At
leagth bsrbogeji to seliloqoixeon the difficulty of get
tine them out, and b w jter they looked when cut.
"I never seed any thin hold on so 'takes nn
m maein' siti of sorcwirV, boss, 10 get 'em on', and
nint they slick and lllp'ry when thy does comu?
Smooth as nn eel! I've a good mind to give thai
tv'.lar lodgins. jeet to realize the effects, as uncle
Jess used to say about spebelation."
"Well, sir," was the reply, down with two bits,
and you can have a dozen."
"Two bit-!" exclaimed the Sttektr, "now conn;
that's stickin it on rito strong) boss, for inters. A
dozen on 'em amt nnthin' 10 a chicken, and there S
no gittin more'n a picayune a piece for tk't. I've
only re-alized forty-live picayones on my first ven
tur' to St. Louis. I'll tell you what. L'll gin you
two chickens for a dotefl, if you'll conclude to
A mm, who waiattndlftf b Induidns in a dot-
n. winked to the attendant to shell out, and the
offer whs accepted.
"Now mind," repented the Sucker, ''a' fair
two chickens for a dozen you're witness, mister, '
turning at the same time to the wag; "none of your
tricks, for I've beam tell that your city Allan are
mity slip'ry coons "
The batgein being fairly understood ( our Sucker
squared himself for the cutset deliberately pot'off
his seal ikln, tttcked up his sleeves, and , fork in
hand, awaited the appearance of No. 1 . It came
he saw and quickly it wait b died.' A moment'
dreadful pause ensued. Tho wag dropped bis
knife and fork with a look of mingled amazement
and horror something akin to Shakespeare's Ham
let on seeing his daddy's ghost, while ho bu6t
into the rxclarnntion
"Swallowed alive, ns I'm a christian!"
Our Sucker hero had openod his month with
pleasure a moment before, but now it stood open.
Fear a horrid dread of he did'nt know what a
( onscioulness that was'nt right, und ignorance ofthe
extent oft he wrong.- -the uncertainly t dui mo
ment was terrible. Urged to desperation ho falter
ed out
"What on airth's the row?"
"Die! you swallow it alive! " enquired the wag.
"1 swnllcred it jist ns bo gin it to mei" shouted
the Sucker.
'You're a deed man!" excUImed bis anxious
friend; "ths ereulure ii alive nnd will eat tight
through you" idded be in a most hopeless tone
"Get a piten pump ami pump it out!" screamed
the Sucker, In a frensy, his eyes fairly starting
from their sockets. "Oh, gracious! what 11 I dol
It's tot hoi I of my innards, already, and I am
dead as a chicken'. do sometbin1 for me, do don't
Jet t'-e infernal sea-toad eat me ufnre your eyes."
"Why don't you put some of this on it" Inquired
the wag, pointing to a bottle of strong pepper
The hint was enoughthe Sucker, upon the
instant, Mttd the bottle, and desperately wrenching
nut the cork, swallowed half the contents at a
dranrht. lie fairly squealed from the effects, and
MIAMI, nnd blnwnd. and nitched and twisted, as if
it were coursing through him with electric effect,
while at ibe same time his eyes ran a stream of tears.
At length, becoming a little composed, bis waggish
advisor appronebnd, almost bursting With suppress
ed laughter, and enquired,
"How ore you now, old fellow? did you kill iiT"
"Well. I did. boss iib-uxh-o-o-o my innards.
If that itter critter's dig agonies did'nt stir a
ruction in me equal 'to a small oirtbquake, then
'mint no use laylo' it it squirmed like a serpent
when that killing stuff touched it; bill" and here,
with a countenance made up of suppressed agony
and present determination, he paused as if to give
force to his words, and slowly and deliberately re
marked "If you get twocnicaenstrom me lor wiai
live animal I'm d d!" and seizing his seal skin, he
vanished. The Bhout of laughter , and the contor
tion nf the company at this finale, would have
mkmAm n unoetntor believe that they had ill been
swallowing oysters alive.1'
The Fresidknt elect. The Nashville Union
ByS 'ilf.Mr. Polk has any frii-nds who suppose
him cinahla of DfOBtltutiM the high station of Pre
sident tfl the advancemeni of the Id Dividual schemes
of ony aspirant for the succession, such friends have
studied his character to little purpose. If he has
t.-iernU who arc innulciiiil hopes or cntettaining
fmmn tVinr ho will throw himself into tho arms of
any section or division of tho Democracy, all such
are destined to disappointment. Speaking from a
a knowledge of tho man, which is co-extensive with
our very existence, we have no hesitation in saying
that h will know no man as a Van Buren man, or
as a Calhoun man, or any other iMn'l man he will
recognize no such divisions in our ranks so (ar as
I f ndnunistralivp policy ts concerned
The Cumbria steumer arrived at Boston on ihe
94th "It. , with dates from Liverpool toihe4thult.
The following are the interesting particulars of the
news from Europe which we glean from the New
Yor k Hera'd of the 25th ult.
Tho Cumbria was nearly twenty days in crossing
the ocean. She met with horrible weather. Her
decks wete swept of three boats.
Cotton has gone up an eighth ofu penny a pound
since thfl departure of tho Oxford.
There was a plethora in tho London money mar
ket. Interest, 2 a 2 per cent.
American provisions were dull of sale; ov. ing.it
was said, to small stocks.
Nothing, worth a button, from India or China.
The Steamer Hi hern in will leave Liwrpuul, Feb
ruary 4th, for Halifax and Boston
A Scotch clergymen, ibe Rev. Weir Tullocb,
who bai bfen committing forgery nt Perth, hes Bed
to the United States. He sailed fiom Liverpool,
and biii pursuers t 'ok a steamer from this port,
thinkine they might be able to overtake the packet
in which be sailed. Failing in this, a messenger to
arrest him goes Out by the Cambria.
ft is contemplated by the government to send out
another expedition to the Arctic Regions, with the
view of discoveri g (he or a Nuithweat passage
between the Atlantic and Pacific.
The Constttutionnel says the marriage of Queen
Isabella II, wii.li the Count of iripatii is finally de
termined on.
The Rothschilds have granted a loan of 2.1,000
thalers for a railroad between Berlin and Konigs
berg. Mr. Everett. Mr. Everett, the present Minis
ter of the Called States to our Court, U expected to
leave this country ai ly in the Spring, for Washing
ton. Mr. Rives, tho present Secretary of Legation,
will be accredited a Charge d'Afiairi if the suc
cessor of the Hon. gentlemun should nut arrive be
fore his departure for America.
Rcpcrl of the Duty on Cotton. The cotton
spinners, merchants, und manufacturers of Han
Chester had another meeting last week, the Mayor
in the chair, to promote tho repeal of the duty on
cottonwool. Ibe requisition to call the mei'itne,
W8S signed by 130 firms, und many leading men of
olancnester were present, the Mayor presided.
In moving the first resolution, declining iheexpedi-
etloy of abolishing the tax. Robert Hyde Greg ad
duced several reasons in support of the measure,
and dwelt particularlyon the increasing competition
which toe bngusn inanutucturers encounter irom
the American, who have not to pay the duty. The
meeting adopted the resolution u naiiimnusly, a
well as a memorial to the Lords of the Treasury,
praying for the repeal of duty; and a deputation was
appointed to present nnd support the memorial.
Ireland. Several lew changes are expected to
lake place in Ireland, owing to tho continued ill
ness of Chief-Justice Penncfather.
Cork a few days buck, was visited by a severe
sionn, which, besides doing considerable damage
to the shipping, sunk the El lea from Icbaboe, with
guano. One Of the crow, a Norwegian, was drown
ed. Hords of money were forthcoming for the Irish
railways. The wh lie capital of 800,000 required
for the Southern Railway, from Dublin to Cot k,
Wero ettbecrlbed in throe deyjj and suheeribsj4 en
tirely In Ireland,
Mr. O'Connell) unexpectedly left .Voiioinqinro
to pass tin Christmas with his family ot Dei rynatie
Abhi-y. He tc return on tho 6th of January.
The weekly meetlBS of the It- peal Asocia;ion
of tic 16th uliimo p of stated little Interest, The
i cut had fallen to 180. and Mr. O'Connc II movt-d
that from the first of Januury the tpetJera through
OUt Ireland be eaUed 00 to send lu weekly contri
The metine of the Renvoi Association on the 22d
taunted no strihlaff feature. In the abtceaeo nf
Mr. O'Connell, Mr. Smith O orlen was the pro.ti
dlng genius. The rent amounted to 179.
The funeral of the Eai I ofl.inieiick, which took
place on Monday week at Limerick, was m irked
3St distinguishing behavior on the part of tho
populace Agrarian outrages and murder contln
rta ro disgrace the news from Iieland.
France.--On the 86th December, the King of
the French onecu tho Chambers.
The object ot the Mug oi toe oeigians visum
ParUis to renew, Itls said, negotiations for a com
mereialtnetV between rronce and llclguim.
A letter from Admirul Dupetit Thouis, written
at Riode Janeiro, has been received al 1 uns, ret
ntivo to his disavowal of the sovereignty of Tainui
Ho declares that he will not receive the swOrd ol
state for which young Krnnco had subscribed, as it
involved ft shir upon the act ot the (jovernment.
In Paris cotir s ot arbitration ,iro anout to oe
tnhlibrd. to which all commercial differences, that
do not involve legal points, are to br referred, with
the least possible expense to trie litigants.
The wolves in Franco, owing to ihe Intensity of
the cold, are beginning to show themselves m urge
numbers in the neighborhood of some of rhe large
lown f u i
Two EneHsh contractors, Alesrs. iMackenzio
andBraasey, have contracted for the execution of
tha Orleai i and Bordeuux railway, for sixty one
millions of francs.
Spain. Zurhano was still missing, although
every eflort has been mode to discover his retreat.
The number of political offenders who have been
oxecuted since the removal of Kspmtero i 214,
and of this large number only twelve have been
JauregnC. one of ih-1 most renownod of the guer
illoa, lately died at Vittoria. Ho was, liko Mina,
Metino nnd Zurbano. one of those men of iron
who aeilber requiio sleep nor food, and who a cir
agctta in their mouth for their solo food, nnd the
Watet of ihe toientfor their drink, walk 20 leagues
a day with a musket on their shoulder. Jaureguay
enjoyed the esteem of all parties.
Advices from Lisbon of the 17th ultimo state that
in Ouiin nroro'ucd the Cortes on the 14th in
person. Tho speech composed by her minister
praised the Cortes for what they had done which
was onlv natural, as the Chambers had duntully
registered the edicts of the M misters.
LivEttrooL Market.
From thti United Brokers' Annual Circular. dVed
Dec 18, 1844.
It will bo found that the total import into this
port during the present year has amounted to I,
491 900 bales, being a docreaso of 65,030 bales
compered with lust year, but exceeding that of
Jolio 136 900 bales.
The export from thie port amounts to 83,900
bales against 77,000 bales in 1841, and 76,810
bales in 1842.
The slock in Liverpool, as declnred this flaV. is
749,530 balm hi 1842, nnd 45b600 bales in 1U43.
The total deliveries for boiSM consumption from
tho ports of the United Kingdom are 1,416558
bales being an average weekly delivery ot 27,041
bales, against 2i,75U bates in io, m
k-i in Bui it, ordur to arrive with greater
accuracy at the actual ronsampunn ui
nn ao,immi must be made of tho stock now
held'by spinners, which is generally supposed to be
i u- A nnn bnlee than on the 5 1st December,
1343; this amount therefore must bo added to the
apparent weekly consumption.
rKj fit.. mbMltne and fair auahties of Amar
: .MMU. 13d.. Brazil lSd, Egyptian Sid, and
Snrat LU per lb. below the Quotations in February,
when the market was at its highest point, and from
which with a few sort intervals, tha deelme hns
been progressive, until within the last thrcn wnlt
when there was a fall of d to Jd per lb. On com
parison with tho quotations at the close of 1843,
the above qualities will now ho found Id to Id per
below that period.
From the Circular of the United Brokers. Jan. A-
Since the stork wns inker), the demand hus been
limited to the immediate supply of spinners. In
prices there Is no material change, except for new
Bowed, Which are rather lower, in cnnsemiencti
of tho late arrivals havlnr been much pressed for
sale, and the market closed heavily for nil descrip
tions. Speculators have taken 12b0 American and
260 Surer, nnd ex nor ten 100 American ami 5fl
Jurat. The salesi lneuele of the foregoingte
mount to 31,370 bnlee,
Havre, Dec. :il In the early part of the
month cotton exhibited a downward tendency, nnd
holders In order 10 realise promptly, were obliged
to submit to i decline but since the arrival el the
trans-Atlantic steamer of the 1st i:'s-nnt, satisfacto
ry accounts have been received from Liverpool,
where a lar.i amount of business had been trans
acted under the Impression that the American crop
will not prove so "rent ns was 'it fir-it untichnted.
This has produced a good effect upon tho marker,
which is now extremely firm While prices have re
gained tho ground ihcy h id previously lost. The
sales of tho United StatSS cotton effected during
the Week were 3,280 bates, Louisiana at f 53 to 71:
427 Mobile, f 55 io 65i 1,33G Georein, f 50 to 64.
Sugar at the commencement of the week, though
the demand waslfmitedi ptieps wereBrmly main
tained, but since Tuesday holders have listened to
lower offers, in cons queneoof several arrivals ex
pected from the Antilles.
Thl- document breathes a verv wnrellke snlrit.
but will not, in our estimatio , produce a war
Even if the views of this mesMge should beadont
ed by Congress, which Is otterlv ("nponslble, Mexieo
not declare war against ibe United States.
Ooi shipping merchants are apprehensive of such
war. Having a great property eflort. they verv
naturally apprehend, as they do whenever war
s threatened, that it would become an object of
lepredation. They very naturally suppose that in
uch a war, Mexico would grant privateer commis
sions to any bodyi nod that thieves of all nations,
and especially our own, Including our smugglers
into Mexico, would apply for such cornmisHioiis,
ind cruise nninst our commerce. Should such
war ensue, Mexico woulit coriainiy do Uut.
he danger h not quite so form i, hi Lie aa it atineai s
at first. Let us sec.
An Army of thirty thousand men, which, would
be collected, organize ! amt equipped in les than
three week, oould conquer 'be whole Mexican rm
lion In one week. ItCoutd land at V ta Crnz.n d
niarh to Mexico without Interruption, ami leize
the whole government almost without striking a
blow. And while i these operations w re proceeding,
an auxiliary army often thousand men Could march
from Icsn Into Mexico, and subdue all the
Northern portion, almost without firing a gwn.
Every Mexican port on tho gulf w utd be s sed,
before any privateers could be fitteil out in them;
and SS the Mexicans have few or no ships In the
Pacific, our Dommerce would not be much eaposod
from that Quarter. Then we have a snmdri
the Pacifu, to which Intelligence, of ihfl war niiU
ho soon cOrhniunlcsted from some Mexican port on
raeifie, seized by n portion of the Invading army.
And while thirty thousand men were ihes subduing
the country, the Federal Qovernmen
Islng thirty thousand more, who wo
Mexican soil in six weeks from tho
I C.i'd or;
old lio on
liut the Mexican authorities may grant privateer
nommtsstoni In neutral porn. Our ministers on
this subject to the governments near where they
reside; and these wool I prohibit the equipment of
any ptiv.it ers In their ports, such equipment In
neutral ports being against ihe laws of n itions.
But these aru not our only defences The Mexl
cans have no vessels already equipped in any for
eign ports, excepting two steam frigates in New
York ; and private vessels prepared for war, belong
ing to any nation, are not found in any Enrupean
Therefore o'l this fifing out must be d me after
tho commencement of the War, and would noi be
allowed in neutral ports.and would ie prevented by
our Cruisers in .Mexican ports. T'nen m this titling
o'it, to be done at all, RtUSt be done in oVlinne of
international law, our government will treat all
such privateers as pirates, and Issue a proclamation
to thiseflecvia us declaration of wan. Wo do not
believe that Europeans would take commissions
under such circumstances: for tiej would not dis
obey their own governments, with Bevies to enforce
obedience, and run the risk of being hanged bv h is
Then our merchant vessels, s tiling after t ie decla
ration of war, would arm Under g ivernrnctai au-
The only European government that would even
cennivo at the hostilities of Mexieo, is the British,
and this connivance would produce s war between
Britain anil tho United Slates. Would Britain en
counter this contingency 7 Sot fir Mexico. Britain
dreads u war with us mure thun anything else, us
such war wool I produce commercial and m inufa i
turing disasters thai might end In revolution. U -
tweon all Mexico north of Central America, and
pence frith the United States, Britain will not lies
Unto prefering the latter VVii France eonnlve it
British designs on Mexico, o Mexican bnetilities
against us? If Mevico duelgned to fall uti lor
Angle Saxon dominion, ths( pwers would prefer
an American to a British conquest ; for the British
me their neighbors an I rivals wo are remote and
their friends.
But Congress, as wo have already said, will tol
erate no war, and n'.suin no Executive negotiation
tending to war. It will ever quietly tuko this
whole subject from the hands of the present Execu
tive, and settle it peacefully hereafter- Wo advise
our merchants to dismiss ull apprehensions. Tle-ir
rich commerce Is perfectly law, Philad. Ledger.
The Pteayun ba had lienor luck sv i tli his Tur
kish piper llinn we hml With our Dulch one. Ho
haa got nt leaat part of it translated and t;ives the
folluwine i struct, sliowins ilie Malioniedua notions
ii it tuour rrcsulniitnl election!
Of the tlirco candubiti s," saysi the Confttnnino-
pic editor, "now seeking lo !o Co I'il ul ot Aim ricii
two nre mi l) of rcniarknliic endownWntSi llie oilier
il naturally popular in thcSouibcrn blates. Inlhe
North, where tber sre tewet in oiiic ot color, ttic
atrugf ie Will bo close benvcon Mr. Klai and Mr.
l'ulk, but in l tin boatli Mr, liirne.-, he oetog a lilio I.
man, will of course earn cvory tbiug before liim
Should eitlicr of the firmer be chosen, it is under
Stood that the friends of the other will hang tliem
selves in order to escape pioseiipnmi a species ol
"nil otino vrrv muidi dreaded liy politicians
gaid lo bo an imni nvement upon the liow smug. In
case Mr. U. slum rl triumph, there appears to tic no
doubt thil t!'e whole population will be put to ibe
sword. OfcoiuflO the success of either of the fini
named gentlemen will insure the decapitation of
the negroes, and produce a foreign war, ns Gr. at
Britain bos sworn lo protect a rnce of people Irom
which she gathers so much wool to pull owr other
people's eyes."
CJT!ie bill has passed both branches of lb l Le
gislature of Alabama, to aid the Montgon cry nnd
West Point, and Tennessee and Consa Rail
Road Companies. Tho two per cent, fund is ap
propriated, as a loan, to those two companies, for
ten years, in equal proportions.
A correspondent of the New York Herald, re
latesme cause- which led to Use defeat of the Hon.
William Par mentor, in the 4tfa Congressional dis
trict Of Massachusetts, Tho democracy of th
north will ever be found true to the SOiitH to the
constitution to tho principles of ''free trade and
sailots rights."
At the second trial to fill our Congressional del
egatidn, you Iriva ulrendy seen that the democrats
have been htidlv beaten. In some o the di'tricts
this has been a source of dtfep regret; but at the
result in one the 4th there are few, if nny who
mourn. The member from that district the (Ion
William Paraianenter-has distinguished himself by
being what he culls ''judicious,' which means,
when properly understood, to vote with his party
on all minor questions at d with Irs opponents on
all Important ones. In no State in theconfedetaey
h n baider battle fought in HMO, than in the 01 I
Bay State; At the last hour, when the election oflblra a certificate of such declaration.
son had been promulgated as a
, und when they knew that there was not n
e of hope left tor them, the democracy ralli
o the polls, ami gave a large vote for their ruin-
'd i
elples, than they over gave before or since. In
thai Federal tor ado, no one was lef' to represent
them io the halls of Congress but Mr. Parmentei.
They bad made m sacrifices to sustain him than
they have made for any other mm for the last
twelve years, ami they looked to him, a they had a
right to do, to faithfully represent their principle?;
so far as he might he uhle whi h by iho bye, was
not very far, for hi iS not a Brobdlgnag in Intel
led. Ami how did ho represent them? When
tho "black Tariff" was presented io 1841, Mr.
Parmenter vote. I for it withotit a single compunc
tion. Though this was r.mk outrage upon the
principles of his Constituents, they could have for
given him for it, bad he not olso voted for the Land
Distribution Bill a scheme which is federal to the
ore, and wnton is huuni who nime danirer to tiie
country than any other that bns ever been proposed
Had the disgrace of thai net attache! to Mr 1'.
who was solely responsible (br it, the democracy
would have been silent perhaps have forgiven
him ; but it did not; its odium tell upon tho whola
party, and then Integrity to their principles was
everywhere questions I Disgusted with such shnf
fllng, they at last determined to remedy it; and the
result is, that tho "judicious" Mr. I'arrn -neter bas
a leave of absence from his Congressional vocation
fir life, it is lo he hoped I have rnt many who
were among his strongest nnd oldest friends, nnd
I honesty assure you that there is not one who i a
grots bis defeat any, who is not rejoiced at it.
CxPTsnt: of Sinta Ansa. The aohooner Wa
ter Witch arrived at New Orion ns en Wednesday
with dates from Vera Cf sx of the Sfith, bring! g
the interesting Intelligence ol the capture of Bnnto
Anna. We are Ind bted to the I'tcoyune for tho
following account :
C'oi. Wm. Bosrdmxn came passenger in her,
with despaihes from Mr. Shannon to the U. S.
Since out last advices, Sarita Anna had made
Several attempts upon the city of l'u tbla t attacking
it at the hen. I nl four thousan 1 troops, one bnlfof
which were ravalry in these endeavors bo was
repulsed with consld fable loss.
Soon afterwards lie left the army, about four
leagues below ruebla, with nn escort of aavorul
hundred men and pmcoi rl d towards Jala pa. B -ftire
arriving at that city ha prepared with escort,
anil attempted to make ins escape tn tho moon
tains on foot, nnd in the disguise of a fibir.
On the 15th of Jnnurirv ho wns discovered tn a
bnranca (fsvinej near a little Indian village called (
Jitn, some leagues front Jalepa, by a eouptti of
ind inns who were hunttof '1 he dogs belonging to
the Indians became restive and furious, the Indians
followed the diierrion rtf lln-ir barking and found
the Dictator, wl fTered tliem his watrh and such
money as bo had oboitl him if they would guide hi m
to bis haoierida This they refused to do, but
gave the alarm and ho was taken prisoner
When he was captured he bad taken off his
Cork leg on account ef the Inflamation pr duced I
walking upon it, and was carried by his servants.
On the 30 of J muars be was put in the prison m
Perote, where he now i.
(JoK B ardman n 1 1 Gen Parade's on tho ro-i I
between Mexico and Pu bhi, march! g at the head
of the government forces, to give Santa Anna bat'
tie; but the fortunes of ihe Despot became sodas
perute thai he d-s. rted the army and was captured
before Pardescame up to him.
The lolluwin; cori1 spon. icn.'e takes up the rmt-
ter from tho previous aci'Mints and give tin inter
eating Und Uiefid hfslnry of event in the interim
until tho capture: Sfobilt floral I Feb. ii.
Tr.xAS. Tim fallowing is an extract from a
letter written by Dr. tl. V. Dennett, of Texns, to
a friend in Missouri) "I dread Butopean ln6uence
more than all tie1 world besides, Tim emigra
tions frmn the United States uro comparative!)
few, while those from tho B iropean rwernmenli
II be by multiplied thousand)! There is one
so -union here nyled the "German Emigre-1
tg company consisting of thirty one princes
end counts! Prince Victor say be is the cousin
fQuflfa Victoria! Prinze Salrni says that hois
the ceastn -tl Prince Al ien, the husband of Qua n
Victoria He bus btfitrht tivo leuues of Inn I
thin thirty or foity miles of me, and iiftstld-J
ISOH an ' X'ensive crop growing. He says lie,
11 settle 200 families nn thnt land this spiin,
ant! 303 families higher up on the d iiidaloupe in-.
ir oy mo lametime. ne wisnes io emnioy men
.i build n garrison and keen off the Indians till
liev co i btin on s.'l tier, tie has Irs priest uiul
luctor with him. Our constitution, after a resi
leiice of.ix rrktnth, gives to n'l persons the right
ofeitizensbip. Should ihe annexation question be
long delsyed, miy not the government pass out of
our ttinius and that matter Itirevi r lull I
JerrtasoU Attn Adaxs, Perhaps there is not,
among all ihe productions of Mr. Jefferson, a muro
graceful und delicate specimen of lit style, than
the following letter. It was addressed to John
Adams, on the death of bis accomplished wife, the
mother of John Qctncy Adams!
MoKTIOKLLO, Nov. 13, 1313.
The public paper-, my dear friend, announce tho
fatal event of which your letter of Ootober the SOili
rail given me onmious foreboding. Tried myself in
he school of affliction, by the loss of every form of
connexion which can rive the human heart, I Know
viell and bad what you have lost, what you are suf
teringi and have yet to endure, Tim same t in Is
liave lauehi mo " that for ills so Immeasurable,
lime nnd silence nre the only medicine. 1 Will n a,
therefore, hy useless condolence, open afresh the
sluices of your grief, nor. mingling sincerely my
tears with y urs, will I say a word where words
nre vain, but that it is some comfort to us l oth,
thnt tho time is not fir dis tint, nt wl'i h wo arc to
deposit in the same comment our sorrow, and -itft r
tng holies, and to ascend in essence to an ecstatic
meeting with tho friends wo havo loved and lost,
and whom we shall still love nnd never lose again.
find .bless yOU and support sou u d r your heavy
affliction. ' THOMAS JEKFERSON, '
Tun Wroso Mas Hanckti ! A Liverpool pa.
per says that Win. Towns, a soldier in the filsl
Kusiloers, noiv in India, pas confessed llmt it was
he who dashed out the brains of a 2lime-k( epor in
Essex, about n;( e years ago, nnd that u man nam
ed Cboleer, who wet executed for thi.' murder was
Nvrcrur.izTloN Laws. A bill has been re
ported iu the Senate by Mr, Berrien, from the
committee on the judiciary, to amend the nat
sj rati tat ion laws. This being a subject of the
highest interest jivst nov to mtay of our read
rrs we publish the subjoined synnpsij of the
bill from the National Intelligencer:
The bill proposes to enart that Collectors
nf the Revenue at all the. ports of the United : s
Siaies shall open and keep books of registry, I
iu which, at the request ofany alien arriving in
the United States, his name, age stature, etc ,
shall be registered, and a certificate of such
registry granted to tl e said alien.
The Clerks of Courts of the United States
may at any time, being at least three years
after such regis try on presentation of the
certificate thereof, record the declaration of
the intention of said alien to become perma
nently acitixen of the United Slates, and grant
Two years after the record of such declar
ation, and live years alter the regis I ry bclore
mentioned, on the exhibition of the ccrtifi
caies of registry and declaration, and on proof j
of good character and attachment to the Con-
stitution and Government of the United
States, in any Court of the United States,
such alien may be admitted lo become a citi-
i zen of the United States, on certain conditions !
I the most important of JVhlCn appears to be
that he shall have resided at least one year
preceding the application in the State or Dis
trict In which the Court i held. No duplicates
of such certificates of citizenship or registry
shall ever be issued, except upon proof in
Court and public advertisement of the h ss
of tho original. Children under sixteen years
of age at the time of arrival in the country
are not reouired to produce certificates of re-
pistrv or rtorlaration (if intention, if thev arc-
proved to have been live years resident ana
otherwise entitled.
'IHic must conservative provision of the
bill is the next in order, viz: That no decree
of naturalization shall be made, or certificate
of naturalization granted, within
months before the time ofany election of Pres
ident or Vice President of the V, States, or of
the electors thereof, or within -months
of the lime of any general election in the
particular State or District In which the ap
plication is made; and such decree and Certif
icate shall confer no right or privilege of cit
izenship whatever, except in the State or Dis
trict wherein the same may be granted, for the
term of monthi after the date thereof.
Decrees and c.ertfiicates discovered to have
been obtained by fraud or false pretences,
muy, upon hearing in Court after previous
notice,be set asidei and all persons concerned
in such evas on of the law,;, may be punished
as for high misdemeanor.
Persons now in the United Stales may, at
any time within six months after the passage
of this bill, avail themselves of the general
provisions ol u to become naturalized with
out the previous registry required of aliens
hereafter arriving in the United Slate.
The provisions of the bill which we have
thus abridged, into a law, would, we have no
doubt, guard against the mass of the abases
which are known to have been perpetrated
under the existing laws, and accomplish a
salutary and effective reform of our system
ot Naturalization.
The Journal of Commenw give the follow
Ing account of the progress in a le liy Messrs.
Oakley ami Leavitt.in adjusting the affairs ol
ihe Illinois bonds with ihe European credi
tors. These gentlemen are business men) Gov
ernor Davis, i!ie former aeni, was a politie
fini this difference in their characters is I
doubtless the reason why Messrs, Oakley and !
Learitt are able lo advance the negotiation,
and why Governor Davis was only able to
make matters worse. If Governor Davis
had noi meddle:! with the affair, the maticr
'm lu.r.ois C.iNt. LOAN. olonei u.i;;-
ley and Mr. Leaviti had but two working days
alter their arnval in England, previous to uie ;
.sailing of the Acadia; and of course, they
had not been able to sec all the strong parties
lo the subscription. Uut from tha interview
had, thev were greatly encournc: !. It was
proposed that ten capitalists should cotnlu :i -together
to make up the deficiency. Of these J
six had already been procured, among whom
wete the Barings; Magniac, Jardine Ji Co ;
ami Rothschild s: Co. Mr: Leavit and Col-1
oael Oakley designed to proceed t- Amster
dam in a few days to engage ihe co-operati B i
of Hope & Co. Mr. Lavitt was extre.iieiy
well received bv the bond holders, and is do- i
UvxHTtOa of Ouspowuhi. Ditens has
elected many passages fro. 11 Greek, an I au
thors, favorable 10 the opinion thai gunp.i.v
der was known lo the ancictus. Ho mentions
ihe aliempt of Saliiioneous to itniuttc thunder,
of the lirahmins to do the same thing: but his
most remarkable quotation is from the lile
Annollonlus Tvanoe writtea by Philostratusi
showing thai Alexander was prevented exten
ding his coiiqnest In India, bccatiFc ol the use
n( gunpowder, by a people called Oxydracae.
l'lie passage 10 w hich we allude is so curious,
that we make no apology for giving il.
I'hesc truly wise met) (the Oxydr.tcae) dwell
heiicoen ihe rivers livrahia and Granges! ihetr
country Alexander never entereu, ucicni-u
not by rear of in tnnaouaai, out as 1 sup-
pose by religious motives, for had he passed
the HypharU, be might doubtless have made
himself master of all the country round Ihe mi
but their cities he never could have taken,
ihnnvh he led a ihoasand as brave Achtllei,
or three thousand such asAjax, lo the assa .li:
for ihey came not out to the field to fiht il.ose
who came to attack them, out ine-e ikhj nitu,
beloved by the gods, overthrew Ihetr evemtti
With lempests anil tbunderooils snot nomi
iheir walls. It is said that the Egyptian Hr
culcs and Bacchu, when they overran India,
invaded this also, and having prepared war.
like engines, aliemplcd to conquer them;
they in tho mean time made DC show of re
sistance, appearing perfectly quiet and se
cure, but upon the enemy's near approach
they were repulsed will) siorms 01 ngnioing
and thunderbolts hurled upon them from a
bove." ICT Senator Bjerrien yesterday sent a mandate to
iheelerk nf tbe'eevaral cctirH of record ol tins city,
,0. ting them lo intend cerlnin U.S. Commis-
sioneis, in order 10 nnsw. r questions in
atioa t(
tl,.. rractice of ailtnitllnc alien- to tin r
hts of citi
wnship. l DP tni i rj i in ---
, !t I L. 1 S Seeste Hc emboi
enshin 1 ue innu ry i
inm.ii Ills nsilSU um " " -
esolulialll passed the D.
Believing as I da, that fall ' n in love gets
by destiny, and that, of all affairs, those of tho
heart are those for which there is the least
accounting, I have always thought, that tn
give reasons for its happening, is throwing
the said reasons away a waste mnch to be
deprecated in an age where reasons are in
such great request. It is not heautv thm in-
3 love Still less is it mind- It is not
situation people who were jndtfTeient in a
moonlight walk, hare taken a lit of sentiment
in Piccadilly. It is not earlv association
indeed the chances are rather Bffainst th
Paul and Virginia stvle. It is not rlress-
sion the quiver of Cnpid hans
die of Fate, together with her 5
pu bucan
Baltimore Sun to give place to the folio wiug,
which records the fact that another politician
besides D. M. Kimball "has felt the qualms of
A Lix RbtRjlctbd. Ilavinff nubllclv f.
ted before
not know
know his
know he
head; and
who .las. K
grandfather to be a lory; that I di
had branded his negroes in the for
that ircat Britain had sent over
a million of dollars to aid the Demc
ty; I feel constrained, by the gnafl
awakened conscience, to publicly
in all these matters, I "lied basely.
I had
The Dkvil Ma rbi so"
stubborn 'fact. In Mi Iron,
This 1 1 a ma
tutely unprec
that the Dm i
and take bet
supper. Mr
nodern ti
o his wed
SUOUld catch a oho
"'dive ami kicUi-t'
IK' il Is sxd to bu i
' I. Y It 1 C
A Pork i
mli, Tull mi
good pork
t will
v have
pOQ f ir
called it.
n '(bi
what v
I know not, 1 1 noi whul wl
1 know that 1 l"--' you, ell
brown. Rich mnud .S'M
ed and doa
Ohio Hanks. The Report of il'
State shows the condition ol ib' Baoki
ti.- 1st January, 13'to, n. follows:
,i o
Nolo aad bills di
Hank note
Duo fiom Banks
l'a.i 'rn Deposits
Oiber Resourses
3,iu,aai sa
r:i.),(t4 8T
301,487 oi
i2(i,SJ0 53
401 668 ;n
603 553 81
Capital Stock
l)ae In It oiks
S'liptu Ot ( on
-',370 212 .
63.70'l lfi
431.4:2 51
233.213 i)7
There is rather too t
we should snv.
The insialraeoisof ih
II ilae in April and Ju
Mexican I., i
, ry "htr'n
it was rc
!er. Of course, by these defalcations, Mexico ins
forfeited tlio privilege which was grante I her of pi
ing the indemnity by Instalments, and is liable tc u
called on for the whole amounl at once, Nedoubt,
however, the justice of our government vs i i be tern
pete. I, ns always heretofore, by turbearaaoa ana
magnanimity. a, O. Bulletin.
JCDICtAL DaClStOtl. Sometime ago, n slave es
caped from Kentucky to Ohio, lb waeemrtued
and overtaken. Some of the Otiio aoolitiindsls
proposed to buy htm, 11 1 master aeeeeded to
their p-opositiun ami took their bond f.-r $300
Subeeqaently the tascals refused rmyment, alleging,
that, in tl.e contemplatioe of the laws ef Ohio, tiii-y
had received no ton$idtt&HoH. The case c.imo
recently beittre the Supreme Court of Cbiliootbe,
und th court decided that the Kentuckitm was en
titled to his money.
The Akmv A bill is before Cfltgre
ills ull all extra pny for extra service
It tlx
Huurter Masters is reduced in the bill to 20. The
nav of privates is six dollar per month and ono
r in addition for each soldierand musician who
ive nn honorabla ditch irga. Corporeal
I ninn mav
on from tile
iot less than
-A bill
jap ,M,oni lbolishing miliiia trainii g ex
, ,0onleor companles.and those are to be pai
ni,I1(u.,i ,lullni each per annum tot their
nble-bodied persons, 1
nte to be eir
A pclilion of a very ridiculous ti
cor has been piesentcd to the legi:
.-t, 1' r a fate far IflPnriWWtltl
I fanatical tc
ture nf Mass .
setiatn yellow
and rusty colored eiticen of South Cur
thev would hapea te visit that stale, I
inn," if
icept it
I lo
The damages awarded to Amos Kendall bv
he Supreme Court of the United Slates, in
the case between him and Stockton and
Stokes, amount to J14,0U(). This is good.
Justice though slow, is surf !t t0ui
. i,

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