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fTTTTT I Amostdistr
to eeineet with the Eserees train, en
J " "as, will Ware Ud arrive at AMf
A , ... .. ,
'atV .M. . ' Arriv at II: N A4i..
fru Serthera MI1 clone MIMA, m.,
Ii Boathera Mall elose. at Mar..
n-hidallAvin. n OOUOB Ul aiatl I
"vartevean Tharsdaye, "i. :
'xtQaliwr, Detroit aad rUevMe Malls ge
tut Fridays... " .
inPot'Ofllvintom Sandai, heresr-
m -m itM to lian r.n. w "J
iiwti on lie first Tanseday Ipeachneo.tb
jto. 13, mmULOB Wednesday after th
(Saturday lnach month. ,
, vf(A8TER'. tawete on ToMUy before the
Ann vnilflVM. -
Wuoif UDot si. 8i,-1. o. o: r.,-M.-ata
every MondayvenlnR t 7 o'clock.
t ONK0E KNO AMPitEJIT No. 9, 1.O. O. P
eveniags in eaeh month, at 7 e'olooavf-i-i
-Rider H.T.WilMr
i Mar-h. aadliid and 4h Lord's Day In
aoeeedlnf mouth durlnc to. year.. .
ftrlSCorAL caURGkU-Sniida Sotawl t-
J avy fiuausy asarnina; at v;w A. i vviiTnr
Slant. Sopennteadent. Serrtees every awn-
at II A. a. and at 7 r V. Holy Communion
t SralSssday ar every manth at II A. n.
v w. aaiBLim, ruior.
VT0OUCCMUROH rtBvrjr .T: Bxaso,
aster. Services the 1st and Ird Snwlays
: Bontr, at It a. ar. ana r. M- Sunday
faftor. Slilmtalayarlceiat 11 a.m.,and
l nfeetlrif WaitneMniya at 1 p. m
V Banna? sonoei at a. m. j
p.m.' vammnniea aeryMat in Babnatlia in
Marth, June, SepUmher and December. Prayer
mi affair ecmhid
iniiifev ortbeMtarn portion of the
uuuutj ou iuo em mst.. wmcn reerut-
of Anettimable Tonntr
I ldy, thn daughter of Mr. Tiof . Pat-
vox, of the LanDtdala neighborhood.
It Meoafetkat fraqSantdepredationa
upon Mr. Patrick's poultry yard had
ben made of late, and that his ion.
young man of about twenty years
of age, had been watching for the
thieves) and on the night referred to,
the yodng lady went out to the coop
to get a chicken to prepare for break
fast, and the boy hearing the cries of
the chicken, aid not dreaming that
his sister or any member of the fam
ily was in the yard, rushed; pot and
picking np a brick-bat, . hurled it in
the direction of the Boise, and with
such unfortunate precision as to strike
s sister, in the head, inflicting a
wound tht .reacted, in her death
after a few hours qi suffering.
Thevaffair cast a' 'gWom ovell the
whole neighborhood, and the young
man who was the unsuspecting cause
of his sistera death,1 is in a frame of
mind bordering on insanity.' '
iF ou watvMha Tery;best article of
Cologne, go to Bhbia ft Bdbddh and
get the article made by them, , It is
Sweet, Tragrant, and Lasting.
A trial paokage of Dr. A. Q. Simmons'
Vegetable Liver Medicine can be had,
free of charge, at Egktobd ft Bao'a.t
Twknti thousand bull-tongue plows
are furrowing the fields for the ' corn
planters in Old Monroe to day, and the
acreage devoted to this all important
grain will be greater than ever before, j
Bdbt, Ptor Bart lee Ua 4U tfakeatli
ii.aacb.uioiitsatllA.lt. .
WnJili'',Vof Bap-
vcar trade
ways en hand and ' for sale st manufac
tory prioes at FUTBBLLS.
Go to Dr. Ssrnut if you want Dental
work done well. 1 , f20,3in.
Otra old friend Iks Bios, of Memphis,
who has represented the Liquor and Ci-
of that city for so many years
1 ttiat be sbonld be entitled
town in the State, was
dike's Iodide of Ammo-
for Rheumatism
Bruises, or any pnr
t is needed, for man
Capt BictnsTArr got in with his
fine bargat the Maggie Virginia, on
Thursday morning, from Old Town
Preek, ayJth X68 bales ff eotton', ship
ped by the foliowing 'Mased planters
and merchants:
Davis A Wimams, 20
Trice ft 0o..."t.. 60
3. M. Trios. 30
J. M.. Buchanan 2
. John'Moyo. i . i, . . . .'.'A I "8
... 8
J. .15
Dr. J. D. Allison..
J. P. Sisk.
j. r. Biit.i. ......
Knowlea ft Mayfield.'. . .
JUHtao Mayneld. ........
G. H. a J. Williamson. .
H. B. Gillespie. i.......
Total , 168
Of this cotton, that shipped by
Davis & Williamson and J. P, Sisk
would have gone to Shannon but for
this barge, wbfli that of Xrjoe &. Co.,
J-M, Jrice and others would have
been hauled to Okolena.
In this connection wecall attention
to the shipment of fift bales by
Messrs. Trice k Co., one of the live
liest mercantile firms in Okolorfa,
who axe enabled by hauling four
miles to Camargo, on Old Town
Creek, to gain all the advantages in
cident to river navigation. ' ' '
Come and Nee.- ''
The new Samples just received and
readv for inannntian. Knw ia lima
order Spring; Suitsif you want to' get the
full benefit of them call without delay.
March l,(lm.) Merchant Tailor.
Fresh Corn Meal always ou bund at tbi
new Mill, near (be depot, at tbe lowest
market prlot. A -reasonable diecount tu
dealers. - ' v ; .Jamis W. Las.' I
Akardee. reaaaJe Cllega.
There, iU( b? a meeting Of 'he
Board of Trflstoes of the' Iberdeen
Female Academy, at the usual place
f meeting, on. Saturday the; JtSrd
inst., at 10 o'clock a. u.
By order of the President
L. Havohtok, See'y.
March 18, 187a ' 'I ' 1
( WALL PAPER for aalr ahaan at
A . i w it W a l Wnairaiv-T.T.al
'hi schedule on the Mobile and
Ohio Railroad changed on Sunday
the 17th inst "Hereafter the North
ern noind train leaves 'Aberdeen "at
8:30 a. m., and returns at 11:10 a. m.
The South bound train leaves tt 8:00
p. m. and returns at 5:30 r. x. "
Dentist for fine
, Tax Maggie Virginia left Friday
evening tor the Upper Bigbee and
Old Town Cretfk, afid win endeavor
to get as hjgh as Richmond. Although
she started in at the tail of tbe cot
ton season, she lacks but .163 of hav
ing delivered a thousand bales 'of
cotton at our wharf. -
..tVv c '
" Dn. Sevieb mokes all the plates to fit
well and eaiy. '" ' f20,3m.
I want to buy 100,000 .buraels of Col
tnn 8ued, and will pa tbe bigbest market
price. -'. ' iIamim W. Lua
Tai steamer Lotus No. 2, Capt.
John M. Stonk, Master, from Mobile,
landed a large quantity of freight at
our wharf on Saturday morning She
was receiving her freight of cotton
' -" ii ' - . - -
Absolutely pure Apple Vinegar; striet
y fine and of full strength:' also' a first-
class article o jWhite Wine Vinegar, for
sale in: any qUaatity, by Shell ft Burdmei
Ode young friend Capt Geo. C.
Paine, has been .invited to deliver
the Annual Aflress on Decoration
day, by tbe Ladies memorial Associa
"Mixetf tSkK 'si Eckforl ft Bra
Soarklntortis, atEckford 4 Brobier's.
it i-a ..a., i. .- .T
Powder, Shot and Cape, at Eckford ft
a , w-,.,1 if,, ,
Very fine Ounpowder'Tea at Eckford
ft Bro's.
Pure Cream Tartar a specialty at Eck
ford ft Bro's.
CeJTTSJ BtllPSiBiajTa.
The shipments of cotton from Ab
erdeen fbs'ilUeeason Commencing
September 1st,, 1877, np to March
20th,' 1878, fobf up 16,235 bale
'The following is a list of shipments
to corresponding datsjs, in the years
named i'"1
Wrapping Paper, very oheap, at Eok
ford ft Bro.s. . . ' A ?. s ( r.
Ale and Porter tbest in the world at
JSekford ft Bro s.
Violin strings is a specialty with "
t A : ii. ii , Edkford ft Bro.
T a 1 . m :
Lamps and Lanterns very low at Eck
ford ft Bro's.
100 boxes bar Soap, 'all prices, at Eck
ford ft Bro's.
- Good Green Tea at 50 cents per pound
atEckfordft Bro's. ' - -
George will cfo himself and the
cause ample justice on that occasion.
Pf all the , Five-Cent Cigars to be
found, Shell ft Burdihe sell the West,
T r it5AJa-M f ttatiorasi. :
BealUt is promote J by gooct and ap-"
propriate food. Such oan only , be
had by using in preparing it articles
known to be free from poisonous
adulterations, such ,as Dr, Price's
Cream Baking Powder, which eminent
chemists endorse as being perfectly
pure and wholesome.
-x We invite your apeoial attention to the
newand interesting advertisements of J.
W. Eckford ft Bro. . ' ml
Hon & L.; Muldbow will ' accept
our thanks for a handsomely bound
copy of the speeches delivered, in 'the 1
two houses of Congress during the
memorial services in honor f;the late
Senator Caperton of West Virginia.
. . .. , i . , i
A trial package of Dr. A. Q. Simmons
Liver Medicine costs you nothing, and,
may save your life. Ask for one at tli
drug stores, jem .
If; r;; ; , " ic
H At least ten iiiiles of new fences
haVe been erected within two mirej
of our Court House this year!
1 , ,
"Something new" always to be found'
by reading J. W. Eckford ft Bro's adver-
.Fine Indigo; at very low prices, at
fordbroi ,H.iI;i?!U
Axle Grease at reduced prices at J.
EekWrd Afro's,?
Pocket Knives oheaper than ever, at
Eckford ft Bro'a
;Don'T fail , to try our Mixed Paints.
' ' Eckford ft Bro.
New Engladd Rum, a prime article at
a low price, at Eckford ft Bro's.
...... . i V. !
Fine Old Irish and Soetoh Whisky at
Eckford ft Brother's. rrr
j - .. I i : ! " i
Live Oak Whisky. It speaks for It
self. Sold only by Eckford ft Bro.
i ' a V.Lo . .
Marett ft Co's fine Old Cologne Bran
dy, for medical purposes, at Eckiords'.
. White and Bed Onion Sets and But
tons for sale low, Eckford ft Bro's.
"Little Maggie"Chewing Tobacco, very
fine and very cheap. Eckford A Bro.
An immense stock of FanayBox Paper
(bid at Bmall profit, at Bokfora ft Bro's
Bouquet Chewing Tobacco, very su
perior; try it. , j t Eckford ft Bro.
Basors and Straps, fine quality and
low prioesj at Eckford ft Bro's.
Six thousand pounds White Lead, all
grades, very low. Eckford ft Bro.
, Cigars at from two for a nickel to 15o.
each, at ' - - Eckford ft Bro's.
Eckford ft Bro. have a quantity of very
old Jamaica Bum, which they offer low.
"Shoulder Braces the most improved
styles just received at Eckford ft Bro's.
' 3 fi vi
' An imitnTise stock of Blank Books, and
prices greatly reduced, at Eckt'ords'.
' ." v. ' . i ' m a
Bargiiiin aron't rd in Lamps of every
description, at Eckfokd ft Bno's.
1872 ...
1873 . . .
101a ,i.
1877 ,
..... 9, 478
. . . . .14,410
The following is a Wmparative
statement of shipments:
. 6,759
, 3,541
. 4,434
. 2,728
. L825
Exeess m 1878 over 1873. . .
" " " 1873....
" - " 1874. . ;.
" " " 1875....
" t T", . " 1876....
Deficit in " under 1877. . . .
Shipments to March 13th, 1878,
exceed the shipment for the entire
season of 1875-76, by 929 balesA
' - mm' L -
Feed Your Cows!
'cLOPTON "ft SON have in store a
large atoekof WHEAT B1UN, in Sacks,
which they are selling almost as cheup
aa itcan be bought at the Hills. . ...
Nov. 21,tf. t ; :
Hon. L. Bbamb, Chancellor of tbe
Sixth Pistiictf presided over our
Court on Wednesday, at the request
of Chancellor Haughton, and as he
always does, conducted the Court
with dignity and ability;
Tint Index says that four car loads
of cattle, from Fayette eounty, Ala.,
were shipped to New Orleans at Co
lumbus last week.
. at t i: v msmohw .
Call at Eckpobo ft Bro's and get a
trial package of Dr. A. . Q. Simmons'
Vegetable Uver Medicine. It costs you
nothing and may save your life, jgg .,'
LOUIS KO VS.. wl3,tf.
: 5 i, : ' ".
fteminini uncalled for in tbe posi office
at Aberdeen', Monroe county, Misaiiwlppl,
for week ending Friday. March 15, 1878,
wbicii, if nut called for In thirty dsmwiil
be sent to tbe 'Meed Icttciotuoe:" , s
Bolll, P V i i . Cook, Mrs C 8
Daning.MissMarv Dilworth. Mrs L C
Green, John (col) Harrison, .Miss Sue
Jones, Mary Ann (col) '; : Lyon, Sam
Ijcm, uust. A tiauston. Miss 3 r
Milller, WH Moore, Louis
McCluiu, Mrs M J MoCuuh y, D L
Sullivan, Charly P Suggs, W E
Vichery, James Wilson, J P
? "Wneii 'eallliig for ibe aliovtvS ase lay
f. h: Lmts. p. m:
a CAStraion auisss.
When Dr. B. V. Pierce was aoandidate
for State Senator, die political opponent
published a pretended analysis of his pop
ular medicines, hoping thereby to pre
judice Unpeople agaiut him. . His elec
tion by an overwhelming majority severely
rebuked his traduoers, who sought to
impeach his business integrity. No no
Uoe would have been taken of these
campaign lies were it not that some of
his enemies (and every snooessful bus
iness man has his full quota of envious
rivals) are republishing these bogus anal
yses. Numerous and most absurd for
mulas have been published, purporting
to come from high authority ; and it is a
significant fact that no two have been at
all alike conclusively proving the dis
honesty of their anthors. - "
' The following is from the Bffalo Com
mercial, of Oct. 23d, , . 1878 : "
"Hardly a doien years ago be(Dr.
Pierce) eaine here, a young and unknown
man, almost friendless, with no capital
except his own manhood, which, however,
included plenty of brains and cluck.
liJomi table perseverance, and inborn
vpngntness. tiupital enough rot any
youug man, in this progruasive country,
if only be has good nealter and habits as
well. He had all these great natural
advantages and one thing more, an excel
lent education. He had studied medicine
an I been regularly licensed to practice's
a phyaiuian. , But ho was still a student,
fond of investigation ' and experiment.
He discovered, or invented, important
remedial agencies or ' compounds. Not
oboosing to wait wearily for the sick end
suffering to find out (without any body
to tell them) that he could do them good,
he advertised his medicines and invited
the whole profession, of every school, to
examine and pronounoe judgment upon
his formulas- He advertised liboraily,
profusely, but with extraordinary shrewd
ness, and with a method which is in itself
a lesson to all who seek buainess bv that
perfectly legitimate means. His sucoess
has been something marvolouB so great
indeed that it must be due to intrinsic
merit in the articles he sells more even
than to his unparalleled skill iu the use
of printer's ink. The present writer once
asked a distinguished dispensing druggist
to explain the secret of the almost univer
sal demand for Dr. Pierce's medicines.
He said they were in fact genuine med
icines, such coraponuds as every good
physician would prescribe for the diseas
es which they were advertised to cure.
Of course, they cost less than any drug
gist would charge for the same article
supplied on a physician's prescription,
and besides there was the doctor's fee
saved. Moreover, baying the drugs in
such enormous quantities, having perfect
apparatus for purifying and compound
ing the mixture, he could not only get
better articles in the first place, bnt pres
ent the medicine in better form and
cheaper than the same mixture could
possibly be"obtained from any other
It may be thought that all this having
reference to Dr. Pierce's private business
has no point whatever when considered
iu connection with the psperqualifications
of a candidate for the Senate. Perhaps.
But it is the fashion now, and will be for
a fortnight more, with sundry journals,
to make sheering allusions to this very
matter. . After that brief period, . they
will be quite ready to go ou doing his
Tnirrjisjiprrn m always netore, to
179. lateral I UeTrnu-.9j
Under the Sevlaed ttnta r,t i
fttataa, aretioas HS. fcB7, K3n aa 3
rv aetas iaaaaia.ia aay .anaiaam J
uuu, or empiiivnioni, wmoD nndi I
ble to a apeeiei tax, la required tu
and keau tunaoicaoushr In tin uub.
or place of buaineaa a Ptainp ileiioli.
liaviucm or aaia apeoial tax lor llii
lux aear begiaaiBg May 1, 1B78. eotA
Itevieed statute. deiirniitea wbe a.
to aueeial tax. A return, aa niesori
r orai 1 1, i alto required by law of ,
peraan liable to special tax aa above. Hi
penultifa are prescribed fur aou-coiuiitj
with the forexuing requirements, or 101
tiuuinx ia kuniaeaa alter April 30, 187S,
out payment of tax.. Avplioatiou akoul
madete U. C.OWEUi.
Jnteraal Kevenaa ColleoU, Jackaoa, 1
aarea 10. ioi .
AiouIIldeat Al
Mvurot. Coanty.
Ia tbe ahuneery court of aaitt soaaty, '
Terss, 178. ,
T. A. a ale, Executor, et al ) '
Upon affidavit filed in tbia oanao. It appear
I ne tu tlio iutil'action of the court, that th.
deleuilaiita.VvIm oore, adult, PuttoUVe ad
dieea unlniowNP. MaMie K. Muoia, B.
ilooi-e and JoUt ' Huan, miuois witUoiit
cuan'iaua, are flun-ivaWeiits of the State f
Miiu.iMi.mi. ndV beyond the linnu
tbereol, au that tbaordiaarv vraoeas of law
rauuot be aerved npV 'beaii that tuay re
in tin, Ki.i .11 t.iti.. and eaid aiattie .
Moore haa lur he nn.ttK' aadraas Maatri
iv.... ..wi u v uLuare aad
Moora haTu lor thu ir nu.lBos Bildreta
iroce. Texaa.
It ia thereiure ordered bv t
aaid uou ivtideut defeudautl
appearance hereui on g"a't the 1
it.v In Aia.iImIuK "''v . i
eery court to '
the town of
litt Monday ofNept., 1S7S
there to ulead. answer ar demur to the aaidV
uoiiiplainaDt'a petition for dower ia the land
of Jann W. Moore, deoeaeed, or the several
allegutiooe thereof will be taken for ciufe
ed aa tu tliem, and the oauae Dioeeailed ut
It ia further ordered, that a eopy of lUa or
der be puhlixlivd in the Aberdeaa Examiner,
a pulilic newapuper printed and pa
tne town 01 Aueriieen in Moll
lour weeka ancoeaaivelv.aiill
tliia court do transmit by tuJ
tu aaiil non-reaideut defend
tbia urdor to tbeir addreaa aid
A true copy from tbe niiuuLl
Attest: . H. 8. OILLil
btwm a. ni
March Jl. 1878.
Citation Notice). :
The State ot Miainaippi, In Chancery Cour
Monroe Couuty. March tetia, li'.
In Ke Estate of Uhas. 1. Cattman, dsoeaas,
No. 1643. . ; , .
Upon affidavit filed in this canaa, It appear
ing to luu aatisiaction or the uourt, ta
Ann cattman, a minor, and
mother, diatribtiteea uf aaid
resiiicuta of the 8tat of
reride beyond the limits thi
ordinary pivceM ot law eas
thi-m; iinu that tueir retuS
It ia tuerctore oi-uereil
aid nun resident diatrll
tben i
'bcited by many of my
W i i:
uiyatsii aa a vauvu-
A claim a liberal vote
itfully, "
late Chicago pa press.
. 1
Eckfords locals.
: of the March
ieeth to look like
slowly bat is still
Itur I
arge oilT,'hroma with wall and gut
.al frames for $2,00 at
t , i,r cTaiiA -
Avrge nun.ber of fine pine and cypress
3 received at Bergs Saw Mills
. be uwt week from the upper
1 ' '
don Eckford t Brother
Eaeb paper is guar-
fill, about five
Wi nndecwV&td
Arrivals f '
JiQ BO.'" ' " " mi 0,11.
Firijotna 2 left on Sunday
(al ':le Wtton, and 200
of eotion seed. She had the
a -
finder l her freight sneaued at
f oro lower jy
ctor of U.
Doirryon forget that the Game Law
went into operation on the 15th instant
like those naughty boys did who went
hunting on the East side of the river last
Sunday. It is unlawful to kill, catch or
injure any deer, doe, fawn, wild turkey,
quail or partridge until the 15th of next
Tire Proof Coal Oil. 175 decrees Fire
Test, ia sold by Eckford A Bro.
Green and Black Teas, of the very best
quality, for sale at Shell A Bordine's
Drugstore. .
The State, Docket in the Circuit Court
is set foi Wednesday of the 2 nd week of
the ternv which will be the 1st day of
May. - Parties interested as defendants
or witnesses will do well to remember
this, as it may save them a useless trip to
town before they are wanted, at a time
when they oan illy be spared from their
Slops. ., i . .11 ..i
Ws are in receipt of a letter from our
old friend, Habbt Fabmkb, who will be
remembered by his comrades in the
Army of the Tennessee as a gallant sol
dier, and by Aberdeenians as one whose
performance on the flute is almost magi
cal. Mr. Farmeb and his lady, a vocal
ist of rare merit, who has entertained our
music-loving people more than once as
Miss Quxex, gave a performance in Co
lumbus last Friday night, assisted by the
members of the Mozart Club, and Mrs.
Miichbll, Miss Addis Brass and others,
for the benefit of the Columbus Rifle
men, and the entertainment is spoken of
in the highest terms.. Mr. Fabmbb
writes ns that his next appointment will
bejin Aberdeen ; and we can assure him
that he will meet an appreciative audience
and friendly assistance.
Da. Bbvibb is the best hand to extract
Teeth, without a doubt. f20,3m.
AND PRICES. - ml8,tf.
- RiAi with attention Eckford A Bro's
locals, You will always see something
advertised that you need. ml.
Thi congregation of the Colored
Methodist Church in onr city, have
just erected a neat little dwelling
house in tbe rear of their place of
worship, as a parsonage.
and buy a few bushels of WHEAT BRAN
and give your poor Cows a chance to
prove that they ought not to. be seat to
the Butcher. t Nov21,tf.
Obkcikb Imported Havana Cigars, the
very best that can be had, always on
hand and for sale, by Shell Bubdinb. '
A telegram was received by Mr. W.
B. Johksov of our City, on Friday, eve-
uuig, i rum iuh imer who ia uoiug uuei'
'otEUixkigs Ark..- announcing
re in that nnfortu-
gs omsumed.
1 W 7aC
Kbkttckt, Olive and Mottled Bar Soap
ia any quantity, for sale very cheap, by
Corn bougut and sold at the new Mill,
near the Depot. Jambs W. Lac.
Eggs are . abundant at . ten cents a
dozen and Butter ' at twelve aud a half
cents a pound, in this market"!"!
h - a m"
For medical purposes, "Old Times
Whiskey" is the beBt, because it is strict
ly pure. Everybody speaks of it. ""Ev
erybody takes it" Sold only by Shjsll
A Bcrdinb, No. 61 Commerce Street,
Aberdeen. .
The receipts of cotton at Aberdeen on
Thursday amounted to about 200 bales.
This is doing splendidly we think for the
middle of March and the tail of the sea
son. ; ' ' ' ''" ' ' '
"-"'. For tteut. '.;
Tbe larje, .-vell-veuttlated sJ elegaut
Hall, at the corner ofCommerce and Ma
plj Street, over tbsjPost Office, will be
rented on reasonable terms, for Concerts,
Entertainmenti, and other asaemblys. f )
For terras, etc., spply to Capt. E,. O.
Sykes, or to the undersigned. , .
Junel8,tf. ' ' ' "
Matob's Ofhcb, Aberdebk, Miss.,)
- March 13, 1878. :f
PreBentT. B. Sykes, Mayor;
G. W. Elkin, )
I. Y. Johnson,
"j f ) 1 ' Baxter McFarland, Selectmen L
' ''3.3. Shell, J I
, T. o. Hampton, V
. A. H. French, )
The minutes of the last meeting
read and approved. ' " '
The petition of C. Morawski & Co.,
for license to retail malt, vinous and
spirituous liquors having bea on file
for .thirty days, the Mayor was order
ed o issue the same on their comply
ing with the requirements of law.
The accounts of J. W. French and
Win. McKay were on motion referred
to the Finance Committee.
' i On motion, a committee of three
was appointed, consisting of Messrs:
McFarland, Elkin and Shell, to ma .e
some arrangements about benches
for Mr. Bradford's free school.
k , The petition of Capt Geo. Paine
to have the active "Ttfembers "of his
company released from street tax,
was on tnotion Referred to a commit
tee of three, consisting . of Messrs.
McFarland, French and Hampton"
On motion, a committee of. three
consisting of Messrs. Shell,; French
and Hampton was appointed to ex
amine the condition of the city por
tion of theaU. "" 1 ' "
(On motion the Council adjourned.
- " i T. B. Sysxs, May 6i.
L Y. Johnsox, Secretary. '
' Smoke tht f Long Brauch ( was, sold
only by EOKFORL A URO.
Pipes for jthe , million, at B'kford t
Bro's, at low prices.
Fine Pocket Knives canbebonfjitvery
low, a, ,, , Eckford A BKs.
',, i . m- aa .
Eckford A Bro. have always tome-
thing new to show their onutorners.v Do
not fail to examine their stock and pices.
100 reams Foolscap, Letter, Bill, Up,
Note and Legal Cap Paper, at greyly
reduced prioes, at Eckford A Bro's. ,
Our expenses are small; our profit,
light, and our stock very large. '
Eckford A Bro.
Messrs. Simpson, Crannim & Co.,
are in receipt of another large invoice
of the celebrated "Milbourn wagons"
which they are offering at bottom
prices, tf.
Fresh Meal always ou band to exchange
for com, at In- new Mill, uear tbe depot,
bept. 14, 1877.tf. J. W. Lkb.-
Tetb people of Ooahoma county are
subscribing liberally for a narrow guage
railroad from Friar's Point to Dublin in
that county. The subscriptions are half
cash and tbe balance in twelve months.
Vtekiburg ContmerciuL '
' Shell A Burdine have a strictly pure
article of Cooking Soda, wbicn is con-
We are selling a good article of Tobac gtanU gaining reputation and is the
let Aftrt .!- flnTnA in anir- eTiuninA our l rf ...
hmly Soda suitable forcullinary purposes.
Bead Eckford's locals.
in and- examine our
W. Eckford A Bro.
oo at 43o. Come
Blank Books of every description can
be found at very low prices, at
Eckfobo A Bao's.
A very fine and beautiful lot of Violins
have just been received at
J. W. EcaroRD A Bbo.
We always welcome our friends and
customers; are willing to do all in our
power to please them. Eckford. A Bro.
' Just arrived An immense stock of
Landretbs' Garden Seed, only 5 cents per
paper, at Eckford A Bro's.
' Everybody can save money by using
the Enamel Paint, sold only by.
Eckpobo A Bbo.
('me ud .settle Up.
Having changed the style' Of my firm
tp- that of Shell A Burdine, it is quite
important for me to settle npmyold
business,- and, I 'ahaft be obliged to all
who ar indebted tome iJUhitf, will ooxne j.
forward and settle their accounts, as I
really need the money. ' Respectfully,;
jlO. J. D. SHELL.
Joy to tins World t;.
. Perfumes, is made and sold only by
' ' . : J. W. JSOXIOKD BBO.
Buok-Wheat Seed,' Timothy, Clover.
Blue Grass, Herds' Grass and German
Millet, for sale at very reasonable prices,
y " ' ' ' ; EcKFona A Bbo.
.. . ; . i r . 5
The Sultanna Smoking 'Tobacoo is the
best in the market equal V Lone Jack,
and half the price. Sold by , i
Eckfobd A Bbo.
Potatoes and Onion
Eckf ord A Bro's.
f iiewinar Tobacco ia the
difa Tobacoo to be found,
yrsel satiafacticn; for sale
a " - . '
ly consume, in
Price's Extract
finest Quality of
vany other makers
use of
Dr. 8. Sevier has come back to bis old
stand over C T. O Bird's, where the
publio can hav their Dental work dtoe;
Wa hnA i ho n,.. ;i well and warranted, xne nnest contour
Wshad the pleasure of a visit on flUing m ftnd tha Mtun1
riiaaynom harbx UARMBHjtne great' served. . . . , f20,3m,
Southern flutist, who was here to
makejthe' preliminary arrangements
for a grand mbsioal entertainmeut in
our city, the date "of which will be
J..l. .. i i I
uuiy anuonncea.
If you want to increastJ yield of
milk two hundred per cent:, feed your
Cows on Wheat Bran, which is for sale
in Sacks by . '
. - - W. H. CLOPTON A SON.
November 21, tf. '
Dr. Sevier makes plates fit so you can
eat chicken or fried nam. . . ;, , f30,8m.
' .rt ... o.a.. . ' i c
Match seems to have stabled her rain
eda again, and we have beat blessed
The Ylang flower ia produced by a large
tree, and its odor scents the air for miles
around. Dr. Price prepares hia-Xlrag'
Ylang Extract from the otto of theae flow
ers, and it is a oharming perfume, having
a fragrance unlike any other dndkeroh'
extract, . ' ... a u
BuaagoihiiiiaaBiV' r ,
" to' 1- n Jb dolt Can Hav
A Rosi, brU
worms exist
edirjlexiou . when
liar's Indian Ver-
the worms and
mifuirs will rT:icfjroRB & JJbo.
puruy ws t
T1 . . , rin of theMessma lemon
f'are.his Special Ftae
thatDr.Pr ,
voting Ex
Ltinon. While other
little time have the
t v aetr"
for any Uma reUmS lU mteUM
me "TV
aaid Ci
to law,
It IS ftlTt
di r be pub,
a public nt'
t lie town m
fnnr weeks
....... mil. (V 1 1 III
Attoatt H l-
By W
Marob 20, 1878-
'A' u a tte flrat day ot Aptf, 3 . ;B
On Monde t houB, dour intha eity ot
frt ?f . 11 proeeed to -ell .e tbe aigb
r , iasf . the bllawis d.senUed
e,t i tv It haing been taken ur as betray.
marks or brands! tken ap bj f. flatainR..
Appraised at asstt eaeb. fe.,.tc4
l lie owner 111 "" ' k-rm'S
to eome f.,r-.. d. prove proper I, w charje.
...a ,.t. them away, er they WU
with as the lawdirecla.
, Co. Sunday evening, February 24lh,
from the . "Sadler place," about four
milestouthwest of Aberdeen, one small brii
bay nVre, with one white hind fot arii
a little Vhite in the fsce; and onemome
colored iorse mule, of medium s. and
about ten vears old. Any infrmatlon
" .. . ini At the residence of
t, M,AMo'r, on Thursday March ith,
BnEgr,Mr.J.L as
to y AausiBoao, 01
Thomas will accept our hearty
Stations npon this happy oon
JS, and our best wishes for bis
,nTF.D At the residence of the
M-RKff'"'V,nfHi, 1878. bvllev.
'"''' t it u.nl
wi). .n f tliia
MlierisT's Mai
Seartilrcongratulatefriend Matthew.
-a him and his fairbride all of the
liiaslinrT ta'tVioiv o4riorT Trill hibeilillv- . J VtAanrtinP.Hfl that ever falls
e .w,w4, proepeniy ai "-rr
rewarded. .n lba i0 0f the most favored,
nw i nr F SYH i!S to tue lo
Moi.roe County. .
V .1. Rise.
No. 18,465. Dated
It.innton At Dortoh
use ot K. K Houston
No T4- Dtel "ron Tth 187 to lfl
J. M. Murrsy,
f 3. Rice,
if - i
arch T, 1878,
Order ef Bale.
Order of Bale.
i - Aberdeen ilinssppi
March 6th, 878 lm.
r"" We pride ourselves Upon the aoeuracy,
oaie aim attention given to onr preaenp
Ugf Department,. The' purest Drugs
ma unemiciuB always usea. '
We have tivegraaes of Liquors that
wis- have bees sellingfor many years,
and which we highly 'recommend: Ten
nessee White Corn, Upper Ten Bonrbon,
Harrison County, Old Mellwood, and
last but not least, "Old Live Oak'VWhis
key, all sold, very low by Eckford A Bro.
. i - m aa -
EosfORi) A Bbo. prepare the following
articles, which they recommend to their
Arnioa Liniment . . -j
. Blackberry Cordial. ..... I
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla
J j orse and Cattle Powders.
Effervescing oiU Magnesia,
Cough Candy.
--.SjaiMrMM)liekM Teaeai
EatabUshes the foot, that A eyni
of pain or distress in tiio sjac'
o breathing jforgnns,;
Tonic is the speediest a """si
oura Known. ii you
dyspepsia, headay-Vsa,
spirits, wakeful r Jo,
heartburn, act
or Inncm na.
uvenasa or.
a most
ly form
cer from
Strayed ur Molci
Strayed or stolta ft-om my nmisseB
near Sykes Switch, in Monroe Onntv,
about the last of September, t .ilack,
mare Mule, about four years oh It was
in fine condition when last seel a d has
no distinctive mark that can b reneni
bered except that its nostrils VTewhite
half way up to its eyes. Any intimation
leading to its recovery will be ib rally
rewarded. E. W. THM.
m20,lw V Near Sykes Sntch.
: . ; ; PreeaalaW r ,.;
As an eleeant heir dressing sbnds Par
ker's Hair Balsam deservedly pciul rfor
the beautiful hair it produces a .d its
healthful, cloansiug and healing pnper
ties. Commenoiuat at the root t i.rom-
otes a luxuriant growth of yonng hair and
unfailingly restores gray or fadelhairto
it-, oriirinal youthful color, givina a soft,
rich aiid lustrous appearance oi great
beauty. It is pleasantly cooling to ine
scalp, cleans a it from Dandruff, cures
itehmg and humor, and stops falling of
the hair. It is perfectly harmless, e-
quisitely perfumed, never soils the Bkin
or gums the hair and pleases everybody
bv its many excellent ana attractive an,
ities. Buy a bottle from your druggi
Shell k Bcbdinb and test its merits.
feby 28.6.0. w. til apll.
Aa AetotH-nine; ".
. . ..i iha 4 .
of lWrS?'r. T,
wlnda incbleot to
" . ...l.l In
tl. vfcir nn) K"! uluv"' "
tills aeasuu j . i
. . The aealect ol a herd eouh Ren-
rally eadstoweakn.!.. of the. nngs.
m.t iiiln oiio tlv result s iu Consumption. ,
"I'HSSCK't.o.ic Ksr will at.
... ...j . a iirht eonith, and ia Suoii
l::"eab. rimedy ...at children will take
t". eoaxed. A cold on th. lungs.
. . ',1.. f thAPnliilou.fi
i mwn nv ii uto " . -
No. 1816. ilaied Mareb Tth. 1878. for M
a he shnva Orders el
K whiob insued lro'ji the & f .Bdrl
Wood. Circuit Cleri of M.?""lJ ?
r.l7 ,r Mi.isiini. snd to ie directed, a
i Dorth, and f Hare
in in... -r. . n-.tJ,. anl
tou llorios v.se oi n 7 ' Z J
J. M. Mrr,y, ami 3
wftoSl rehnndredtb. (8M tlW . do
Uines tta Intjwst t ad o U
suit. I will expo w f-.. - " "j. .
to luw. in from ot ma vun
a i - ni a irrn hhii . ou -
inn u. . --a-
Illonda) , April a. wi
MVS lOllOWIIia uom...-. - - ,l
The west hail of "I"
West qu. u.r v. -r ..... . fortJ
eleven, rungo "mo. --, - I
; dear tta.sj.tsm of the
,.. . nuiis oases, wbrre ne
Tm':,ZZZ;M seat.-.
... ir.. fmm loss ot ailtite,weakncs
aon m wi,b the above
SUOU1U or u .... . .
.! a i.s. to etiuiuiave ri
un,. diaeatlve powers into li.sUliJ
auu o-'-e. - ,,..tl.eDath of the
aoreni the nrniBiii"-' ,
'""UB" I ..... Ann
and sixty seres? ww """"
icotion n e, iwuin
mi., linnd cd and six'
of east half of sect
twelve, tanpe seven, .
nontainini m i
twnty (7-J0) seres tel
of sale anu an u".
nreacriueil nv law.
Miles. rtrV stalUi tb.s.e" March,
o.iient an-i enabling ami o B;i
cress of the disease until the i-m-mo
press oiv ,,,i. and cleansing I
niaj iu...
. . I, -A.
ti.. of these standard remen.e-..
... the ilirceilons Whieb aceonic -J -
... a...
,Jl of these diseases upo.to,
iijuHant and valuable PoU, .,"
alni-nimir. mHKinct lueaovuai n.w - -oi
a car load of , . r ,, .
w s t . Trw.rm., j
luess as it ougnfn ."t
1 reason for th
maiAa nrflillllt
i and neefu
i reason fo
de nreiui
take the edvjyorj. kRfad,
V '"ITRati -A
iZ i-Mtor'.' Tpersone attention liee -I "'.
l"SJ,mV.'Medicl.e.-. sr. for J i
mk"' OJ
nn muvl runaon for this.'b a-Vi re
throw asiae
take the advj
lour t
he last two days ,'witlt beautiful

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