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tMM tkWKlS,. l tU fcl iu.
?I,B saraae, - KM
, la aac, ' ' lw
ST (t 1s ndta4 kMttw th P-nbrkr aa
ne MbCTrbr who obtain hi Men tune
hat It n iwrfMtty fair and wt, and ao am for
m f U mper or proulakue' cuating, " tf th
t'U li placed lu ttiii hand or a ala(ietrat for
wollrotia, U iwtMtUed wltfala 30 day after ma-
mei a Wetln4ayi, Friday, and Monday
noww) r9H u MUrarad y Canter on Sun
da) amratag.
Fur On Year,
P itt U SWittC,
W bay Seldom Hopped th pea' of "T iaV
wttwr In the Cauuty at th expiration of term
paid for, without giving o , bene we ihall
ent1nu th Weekly tn all eaeeato part known
t "good fur th money," anlcw ordered to
Head and Ponder!
titriug to the unaeltlod cenditieu of tuonuy
oifairMhe tringency of tbe timo, oouaeotod
-th the very low price of cotton and U0
null prolit now realized on uierohaudi, we
huvo determined to conduct our tiunlaea tliie
Strictly Cash Basis!
iU not carry over any account tout ore
not j.retiiptly paid un prwntaiio'n, whtoh will
lour, ut tlio end of ewli month. W will
'0 to accommodate our ouatotncra.
iouua at the very loweet
, and Lope) that our atrict
i the Caeli Byrtoni, trill ba of
, to our friend and to ua, luas-
vVe do sot claim to bo in cenipctl-
fcoiV'ih ay odsi but our oboot 1 to do the
boat V cD for cur ouatoner and for our
(iilre, a id ftel well aaaured that we are pre-
i to offer aa many inducement in tbe
of low price and good artioloe a any
bounc in the Blat. Very roipeetfully,
January 6,1879.
VAJAl mwm iw ww
;w Management.
res auu ITOWI Will ui IU. "W'B
am pleaeed to inform my friend and tbe
tumic g''uraiiyt inai iruiu iu nw "
I ill ho found at my poet, ready to eater to
tliclr wast at all time. 1 will keop none
but tliv bett
m 1 fHi
Liiy uuro aim vug ai o
' a Billiard Hall atUehed, where
wiah to spend a pleaaant hour
amusement, will rcceiv every
joking to that end.
Biber Cm.
i Robe rt1 old taud. oppur Comuwro 81
tie Vied...
25 rent
fre F
I'-bioR. only
t-ompt Livery
and Good feed
j alo keep, next dr, n Jarje and leleet
Vamilv (.rccr!eH and
Plantation Buppllea
which I ft.ll at ..ottom prioe, a cheap a con
W& w.i.rosEY
one mile from
iJTing House
Tut hud. Apply
VOL, 13
That Oxford Gran Jury.
Oxroao, Miss., January 14, 1879.
EdiUirt Okoiona States:
I send you a Hat of the grand jurors
for the present term of the United Utates
Diatriot Court at this place, with a state
ment as to how eaoh of them voted at
the recent election. It haa been ehartr
ed that the jury is composed entirely of
Radicals and negroes. Of the twenty
one wnose names 1 send yon (two are
absent and I onnnot send their certificates)
only two are negroes, (one colored ioror
ansont) ana only tnree rotoa for naye.
It has also been charged that twenty-one
of the twenty-three grand jurors voted
for Davis at the recent election, which
oliarge you will see is false, as only sev
en of the twenty-one whose names I send
you voted for Davis. By publishing the
statement you will greatly oblige,
xcors, o., o. u. MOUPBIS,
United States Marshal
We, the undersigned Grand Juror.
summoned for the Deoember term, 1878.
of the United (Hates District Court for
the Northern District of Mississippi, d
hereby certify that we voted aa follows
in the Presidential contest in 1878, and
the Congressional contest of 1878:
No vote
No vote
W. H. Vasaer
W. Y. Baker
W. Dick
B. Flippin
W, Phipps
J. A. Montgorary
W. li Avent
J. W. Jonee
William Lea
James Kirk
J. W. Cavtsoy
J. B. Crocker
W. A. Rogers
B. S. Jumper
James Moody
J. Q. Jackson
H. K Badler
T. Humphries
a Bell
h. C. Sugg
B. 8. Trice
No vote
No vote
No vote
No vote
No vote
The Okclona States presents the
above card to its readers, with tbe
following comment :
"Now if you want to know how the
grand jury standB, yon can glance at the
card from Col. Morphia in this issne."
At the Cist "glance," tbe list is
calculated to greatly mislead tbe
reader, but an analysis of its compo
nents, with even the meagre informa
tion at onr command, to a large oi
tent dispela tbe mirage.
Admitting for the Bake of the arg
ument, and only for argument's sake,
that the signers of the above card
stood politically arrayed as the list
would indicate, to-wit: Democrats,
Oreenlackers and neutrals, is it not
apparent to any one familiar with tbe
ineo, that v.bilo tho ablest and most
prominent of the Grocnback party in
tho Firc CongrcBBional District were
selected on tbe paunol, such as OoL
J. W. Causey, of Alcorn, President
of tho Into "National" District Con
vention, as a member; Major Wm. H.
Yasser, Chairman of the District
Executive Committee of the National
party, as foreman of tbe Grand Jury,
and J. Q. Jackson, of Monroe,
ono of their ablest workers. On the
other hand, tbe majority of tbe mem
beru reported as ' supporting tbe
Democratic nominees, are men with
out reputation or note.
At tbe first "glance" ono would
naturally infer that the list under the
modest beading "no vote," was com
posed of mild mannered, gentle spir
its, that, despising tbe eternal jar-of
political battle, and careless who won
the spurs of tbe victor, refrained
from taking' any stock whatever in
tho con tost. Well, we are not ac
quainted with all of them, but a few
ample bricks enable onr readers to
judge of the whole kiln : J. Q. Jack
son, of Monroe, was one of tbe lead
ing and most devoted advocates of
Davis' election we bad in our coun
ty, and be did not vote for tbe simple
reason that it paid his party better
to station hita as challenger at a die.
tant precinct, where his services were
worth ten times as much to bis chief
as his ballot. Mr. Ben Flippin, of
Egypt, was another so-called neutral
that is he tood tbe mark when the
roll was called at Oxford, to tbe tuna
of "no vote. We understand that
Mr. Flippin, who for reasons best
known to himself, declined to vote,
was a "Davis man," and presume that
if the whole list of non -voters was
canvassed as to their sympathies
rather than tbeir ballot box expres
sions daring the late contest, it would
ha found that thev were a unit in
opposition to the Democratic nomi
Now a word in regard to one of
those who votod for Col. Muldrow
we refer to Mr. J. A. Montgomery,
of Starkvillo. This gentleman was,
we understand, regarded in Oktibbe
ba oounty as tho leading opponent
of tbe organizod Democracy; we do
not mean by that, that he was a Bad
ical, but simply a "Democrat hater."
In tbe last county election he was
tbe "Independent" candidate for
Sheriff, in opposition to the Domo'
oratic nominee, and was considered
the leader of the "Independents" in
that county. He voted for Muldrow
purely through personal considera
tions, and would have voted for Davis
in preference to any other man the
Democracy could have nominated,
and was supposed to be a Davis man,
when selected for tbe Grand Jury.
L. C Sugg ia a nephew of J. Q.
Jackson, (Davis grand juryman from
Monroe,) and was believed to be a
Chickasaw county Davia man, when
summoned. Bice Bell is a freedman
of Chickasaw, who supported Hayes
in 1878, and was thought to be in
fnll affiliation with tbe political jum
ble that was arrayed against the
Democratic party. Before be
reached Oxford the managers had
discovered their mistake, and assign
ed him to duty on the petit jury.
Against this act of injustice Rice Bell
revolted, and insisted upon bis rights.
With regard to the individuality
and sympathies of the other members
of the Grand Inquest we are not in
formed, bnt from tbe "dots" we have
given, it will not be difficult to locate
at least tbe non voters; and it is not
assuming too much to class the "two
absent " with tbe opposition, for if
they were supporters of tbe Demo
cratic nominees, tbe fact would cer
tainly have been ascertained, and
Btated in the card.
Now, according to a fair showing,
how did the members of that Grand
Jury stand politically! We array
them as follows :
W. Diok, Wm. Lea,
B. S. Jumper, B, Bell, (col.)
L. C. Bugg-6.
W. H. Vasaer, W. Y. Baker,
B. Flippin, W. E. Avent,
J. W. Jones, J. B. Crocker,
James Kirjt, J. W. Causey,
J. Q. Jackson, H. P. Sadler,"
T. Humphries, B. 8. Trioe,
J. A. Montgomery 13.
W. Phipps, W. A Roberts,
James Moody, "Two Absent" 6.
In tbe list beaded Democratic, tbe
two last named were summoned un
der a misapprehension, and one of
them, tbe colored man Bell, has al
ways been regarded as a thorough
going Republican. Of the other
three we know nothing whatever, and
think it quite likely that they sup
ported Muldrow like Mr. Montgom
ery, through personal considerations,
and not on account of hi being the
Democratic nominee; and one ef them
at least bears a name that was well
represented in East Mississippi
among Gen. Davis' supporters.
So much for tbe last card from
Ik tbe next Congress South Caro
lina will have two one legged Senators
Gens. Hampton and Butler, and to
carry the coincidence yet farther,
they both entered tbe Confederate
army in tbe same command, the
Hampton Legion, which consisted of
three battalions representing the
three arms of tbe service. Col.
Wade Hampton (afterwards Lieut.
General) was in command, while
Lieut Colonel (afterwards Major
General) Butler commanded tbe cav
alry; Major Gary (afterwards Briga
dier General) commanded the infan
try, and Major Stephen D. Lee
(afterwards Lieutenant General) com
manded the artillery.
Tbe two great cavalry chieftains
will fittingly represent the Palmetto
State, and prove as faithful and zeal
ous in the walks of peace as they
were skillful and intrepid in the arts
of war, and we hope it may not be
very long before tbe field officers of
tbe old Legion will be fully repre
sented in Congreis. Gary ia a lead
ing politician in bis District in South
Carolina, while Gen. Lee now repre
sents his new home in the State Sen
ate of Mississippi.
Conors, of Michigan, is ternbly
shocked at the demand of the people
of the Mississippi Valley for an ap
propriation for levees to restrain tbe
destructive advances of tbe groat
river, and yet he and his whole dele
gation in Congress clamor for na
tional aid to tbe extent of $5,000,000
to cut a canal across his State.
If Michigan obtains a single vote
from tbe States bordering on tbe
Miss'ssiDDi river for the improvement
of any of hw line( of oommunication
or harbors, without agreeing to sup
port the levee appropriation bill, the
Congressman who gives it should be
assigned to a back seat by his con
stituents forever afterwards.
John A. Looah, or " dirty work
John," as be is familiarly called by
those who know him best, has been
elected to the United States Senate
from Illinois by the Radicals, to auc
eeed Oglesby. Logan will reinforce
Blaine in the shrieking department,
but will hardly bring aa much brain
power to his party in the Senate as
Tim Howe takes home to Wisconsin.
The Cholera is raging in Asia,
Tbe dipthoria is epidemic in many
portions of tbe West
Mr. Geo. S. Inqe has retired from
the editorial chair of the North Mis-sisBippian.
Taa Wisconsin Legislature, after
many days of fruitless caucusing, on
tbe 22nd instant elected Matt H.
Carpenter to the United States Sen
ate, to succeed that cowardly South
hater, T. O. Howe, the present in
cumbent Though Carpenter ia a
Republican, and as a Senator in tbe
past gave the South much reason to
condemn him, he has of late years
manifested a more conservative spirit,
and is a man of first class ability.
Personally, he was popular with our
people, while the present incumbent
was held in detestation and contempt
by gentlemen of all sections.
Tally oc Geo. O. Vest was elected
United States Senator from MiHxonri
last week, on tbe eeoond ballot. -George
Q. Vest is opposed to the black amend
ments. Hip-hip-hurrah I Okulonn stales.
"Don't halloo before you're out of
the woods," neighbor. Tho new Sen
ator, like all other Southern Demo
crats, opposed the amendments as
long as he had practical ground to
stand npon, but the following press
despatch will illustrate his present
St. Louis. January 22. At Jefferson
uiiy to-uay uen. onieias ana ueorge u.
Vest were formally declared United
States Senators elect by the Legislature
in joint session. Vest addressed the as
sembly, assailing the Republican party
as the party of centralization and force.
He pledged himself as a Southern Dem
ocrat to support all the amendments to
the Constitution, and especially to pro
tection of the negro. He declared against
granting any pension, bounty or pay to
Confederates, or recognition of Confed
erate debt, and in favor of the honest
payment of the national debt.
We cannot see that in this enunci
ation he differs from any other prom
inent Democrat that we know of,
and truly hope that bis platform is
not so repugnant te the States as to
induoe it to "pull down its Vest"
GiBatAKv and Austria aro taking
timely precautions against the intro
duction of tbe plague, which is now
devastating certain districts in Rus
sian Tartary. These measures may
result in the absolute cessation of all
commercial intercourse with Russia
in Asia, and in the event that the
Czar does not use tbe necessary ef
forts to check its entry into Europe
before spring, an aDsolute quarantine
may bo adopted by all border nation
alities, that will practically isolate
The experience of the past was too
dearly bought to admit of any but
the most rigorous and positive meas
urea being adopted, and absolute
non intercourse will be tbe prevailing
rule on the continent of Europe.
A Valuble Catrfo.
On Saturday morning last a special
ran through from Kan Francisco, Cali
fornia, to New York, consisting of engine
and six oars. The only excitement oroat
ed by this special train was that the
manifest called for six oar loads of silk
worms, xne train arrived m ew xora e8t omoe m their gift demanded it. Let
after dinner, when suspioious movements . jir. Tilden have the opportunity to con
of the authorities revealed the true faots front his accusers and traducers, and
regarding the real freight of three of the . gllow to the world that at least one of the
silkworm cars, whioh was that they con- candidates at the late Presidential elec
tained gold bars amounting to $18,000,- tion was not a miserable trickster, wil-
000, oonsigned to the banking house of
the Rothschilds. This valuable freight
train ran through from San Francisco to
its destination without even causing a
suspicion as to its valuable cargo.
Thb Senate on Friday confirmed
the nomination for reappointment, of
Capt. F. H. Little, as Post Master
at Aberdeen. Despite his abomina-
ble politics, Capt. Little makes a candidates of two great parties whose
most efficient officer, existence is essential to the maintainance
I of free Government, is not a miserable
Matt Cabpzntbb, of Wisconsin, 1 tMutlSt wiUmg to barter for the high
addressed the Legislature after bis 1 eBt m the gift of the people, every
election as Senator, saying, among hour's wrongful occupation of which
Other things, that while every one only intensifies the dishonor of its acqui
knew be was a Republican, he was tion and the humiliation of its posses
for obliterating all traces of the war, 1 ion. The resolution was adopted,
and conBidered the outlook as prom- ! Tn8 TreMury maJe ano.thM oal1 to
Mr., rd tim-. ' da for ths "P 20,n00,000 of
D O"
The annual report of the Illinois
Central Railroad which extends
from Chicago te Cairo shows the
year 1678 to have been the most
prosperous in its career. Tbe net
receipts authorize a dividend of nine
per Cent.
CjNMJno is re-elected to tbe Sen
ate from New York, and Don Cam
eron from Pennsylvania
Thb Ohio Legislature baa passed
an act to permit tbe appointment of
women as notaries.
1 ' .
It is believed that the Pope has
summoned all tbe Cardinals to meet
.. .i
in Borne text month.
Tub Attorneys, witnesses, and parties
put on trial bofore the U. S. Diot Court
at Oxford, all unite in speaking of Judge
Hill in the kindest terms,
Col. A. J. Jamison, of Houston, was
married on the 12th inst, to Miss Anna
m ii
The Legislature of Alabama has
passed a bill appropriating ten thou
sand dollars to provide for one-armed
and one legged soldier.
Tn Federal Court for the South
em District of Mississippi, eonveues
at Jackson on tbe 37th.
The Arkansas Legislature has instruct
ed its delegation in Congress to advocat
and vote for unlimited silver coinage.
Ths Clarion announces that the "55th
Miss Reports" is now ready for issne. It
oontains 900 pages, including the im
portant case of Davis vs Bowman.
Ginzva, January 20. Owing to the
severity of the weather, tbe forests
of Bernes Jura are infusted with
droves of wild boars, which are some
times ho numerous as to defy attack.
Farms are frequently attacked by
w- lives and hund.edu of chamois have
descended into tbe valley in search
of food.
Pittbbubo, January 20. Nicholas
Jucoby, who was shot on the street
while accompanying his wife home
early on Thursday morning, died
yesterday. He mde a dyinp; decla
ration in which he stated that Frank
Small, a former lover of his wife, wus
the murderer.
Habbibbueo, Pa., January 20. The
Governor will to-day issue warrants
for the execution of Alex. B. Say re,
of Philadelphia, and Hezekiah Shafer
of Franklin county, wife murderers.
Tbe executions will take place sixty
day 8 hence. The Governor has also
signed a commutation of tbe deuth
sentence o Biamus Pistoriuw to im
prisonment for lifu.
Calcutta. January 92 Int. liigenc
has reached here that a HuAeiun strainer
haa made it way up the rivi r Oxug and
beyoaJ tbe Afghan frontier.
St. PrtuiiSBUko, January 22. Tiie
Chiueae Embassy was received by the
Czar on Monday with great ceremony.
Washington, Jauuary 21. In the
House Potter opened the discunsion on
his resolution, saying he offered it be
cause be was instructed to do so. Ho
apoke feelingly concerning tho imputa
tions which had been credited to him
that he desired to prevent an investiga
tion of the cypher telegrams.
Butler, of Massachusetts, opposed the
resolution on the ground that Congress
had no jurisdiction over the private cor
respondence of anybody, and should not
take part in the slander of any public
man to satisfy the curiosity in the House
or out of it.
Hale, of Maine, supported the resolu
tion, and said now that the machine bad
bean started and set in motion let it roll
on td make an investigation into both
sidtts of the question.
Eewitt supported tho resolution. He
called the attention of Bntler to the fact
that there were occasions in life when
there was something higher than a Judge
or member of ( 'ongress. It was when a
I sense of manhood etrnek the human
heart. He stood here in that spirit of
I manhood to invite the fullest invest!-!
ItionoffnefeWram. those which hail
been published and those which had not.
Justice to Samuel J. Tilden demanded
that an investigation Bhould be made.
Justice to the great Democratic purty
demanded it. Justice to the American !
people, wuo unu eiecieu uiiu w me uiu-
i i..i.j.i....jL:i.a. i..' i. i
ling to barter for the highest office in j
in the gift of the people. Hewitt con-
eluded by saying : Let, then, Mr. Til-
den have the opp rtunity to confront his
accusers, his traducers. his maliguers.
hefore a comoetent tribunal. Let the
man who of right should occupy the Ex
eoutive chair go on the witness stand, if
neeJ be( mtialy tUe America people
and the world that one at leaBt of the
Bt. Louis, January 21. A commotion
was created here to-day in newspaper
and legal circles by the incarceration of
Morrison RenBhaw, a reporter of the
Globe-Democrat, for contempt of ooUrt.
Recently Renshaw wrote and published
in the Globe Democrat information
touching eertain invcstigatiotiS by the
grand iurt Of certain causes. Refusing
to reveal tbe name of his informant he
was reported to Judge Lnughlin of the
Criminal Court, who committed him to
jail to-day to remain Until he consented
to trive decided information. A writ bf
I um corpus will be applied for to-mor
row. and the Question whether a news'
i .
I paper reporter can be compelled by
, . . , ji.i- the nled bf
. )"" r o-
grand jury
reoy will be contested to its fullest limit.
New Yoke, January 21. The second
game in the billiard tournament Was
between Rudolph aud Gallagher, bf
Chicago. The score of Rudolph Was
600, and that of Gallagher 449. The
third gam was between Heiser, of Bos
ton, and Maurice D"'y, which resulted
in favor of the latter. The score was
400 to lOd. Daly's average Was 30.
Dover, Deb, January 21. Jno. W.
Hall was inaugurated Governor to-day.
Jacksonville, January 21. At Tal
lahassee, to-day, the LogUlatri eleoted
Wilkinson Call a Senator, to succeed
Rauictb', January 31. The Legists
I tare elected Z. B, Vance United States
Sonatorfrom March 4th.
Indiakafous, January 21. Both
bouses of the Legialaturo voted for
United States Senator with the following
fesult : In the House, for the long term.
Voorhees 57, Harris in 88, Buchanan 2 ;
in the Senate, Voorhoes 26, Harrison 22,
Buchanan 1. For the short term Voor
liees reoeived the same vote in both
houses as for the long term.
Habrisbcbo, January 21. Cameron
received a majority of the votes for Sen
ator to-day. Both houses will meet
jointly to elect. Clymer is second in
the contest.
Spbinqfisi.0, Ills. , January 21. The
Senate and House to-day elected Logan,
St. Louis, January 21. The Legis
lature at Jefferson City to-dav eleoted
hields for the short and Vest for the
long term.
Lrrruc Rock, Ark., January 21. The
joint vote for United States Senator re
rulted as follows : J. D. Walker 39, B.
W . Johnson 82, M. L. Bell 22. E. Sax-
ter 17, soxtteriug 9; necessary to elect,
t! ii,wackr, January 2 1 . No nomina
tion yet in the Republican Senatorial
Washington. January 20. There
was a etormy ilebuto iu the House ou :
the Southern claims bill of MiiL'k'ie
Burson ond othwis. Bragg (Deir.)
Btared that it tho hou' h was Hohd for
the Democratic purty fituply for the
purpose of goitintf mouey out of the
TieiBiny, i' wou'.'l be well fur tho
Nvl 'i.'JlO D- UK, ;;.. if ? "..iljlll
Democrat, weir over w i ii tt"pnh
ileal; party and ho iii'e.d the w.uj
(in h
El is, of Eo:.i-i .ri , aie. ,i thi.l the
ppr fvn ge i.l i. v.ii p'.ns in the
S-.;U h. uh i.hc gi.uufciii.iii uniltfiKiood
it, was very Miiuil ; iut u Southern
man who was Ixun there, reared
there, and who had been identified
with that peop!e, could only have
been loyal when he entered the Con
federate army and did his full duty
bp a fioldior.- They bad botju the only
loyal people in tho South They had
been loyal to th'ir country, their
Grd, nnd to the noblest, lushest ond
mniii.e.'.t emotions ever bi entiled by u
human bou!.
Several RepuWiean members desi:
ed to ut-k questions, but Eiiis refused
to yield.
London, January 22. A Berlin
detipatcb Buys it is reported that Bi
niurnk is willing to withdraw his bil
to discipline tho Reichstag iu conse
quence of the vehement opposition
it meets with from the Diets of th
various German States.
An official report received at Mad
lid Bwtt's the ciioiera is incrcuBiugK
Vienna, January 22. Preliminary
conferences in regard to the plugu
have commenced between the Qui niai
Privy Counsellor and members of tin
Aus.rititi&ttiitary Board. TheesLnl
lisimieiit of u rigorous sanitary coi
dim with tue cooperation ol Koutim
. is Miesled. Tho Nui thui
R il'wuy has given tiotien Ihttt. direr
traffic from Russia will be tiuspond
after FiiiUty.
London, January 23. A Vieiiin
despatch says it is expected that tin
importation of woolens, leather am'
other Russian products likely to our
, ;.,.!..;..., ..,,n t,l.,.f! l, ..
j iiuoi .hiu, w.n nuuiwj d .uuiwi
I bd. 1 tie tanitaiy commission is in
structed to take all necessary meas
ures without regiird to trade inter
j ests. A case of the plegne isieport'ii
at Nikui Novgorod.
I Marseilles, Jitliunrv 23 Ex Pi ts
ident Grant, and fnuiilv embiuked
t.o day " board the Fieucti mail
stt iuner foi India,
Covington, Iud.. January 15 On
Tuesday night, last LeoniJus Uiv.ver,
'ho resided in the vicinry oi' New-
! tuW"' eoiuity,
town, roiinuin county, met tiy t'.ea;,,
iu a way that, is pmoitulv without a
. i paittiied in this or liny other countiy.
Mr. U rover was rt wvioWMi-, living on
his fanu wull ft tuurrind daughter
and her liui-lmiid. Ou the eveuir
referred to the married couple I ad
been absent on a visit to some neigh
bors. and Upon returning at a late
hour entered the house, finding
everything to all appearances in
usual order, and supposing that Mr.
GroVer had already retired, went to
bed themselves.
Next morning the daughter arose,
and having prepared breakfast, went
to the adjoining room to Call her
father, and was horrified to find him
lying upon his shattered bed) a mu
tilated Corj S.e Ilei sen atus Urolith,
luu liuRbuioi qu.ckiy to .be bed room,
ubd uh lnsput'lioii riiHoloBod a rugged
opening in tho n of, cinectiy oVer the
b i east of tbe unfortunate man, which
wu8 torn through as if by a cunnun
shot and Lxtehding downward
through thiijlied ling aud floor, other
' holes showed tho direction taken by
' the deadly missile. Subsequent
search revealed tho fact that tbe awful
calamity was caused by the fall of a
meteoiio stone, aud the etotie itself,
pyramidial in shape, and Weighing
twenty pounds auu a lew ounces,
avoirdupois, and stained with blood,
Was tineartbed from a depth of Hearly
; five feet, thus showing the fearful im
a i petus with which it Struck the dwell-
. ina". the position of the'coips. with
? - . , - i
Other surroundings, when fouud,
showed that the victim was asleep
when stricken, and that death, to
him, was painless.
Tbe Richmohd (Va.) State objects
to bavieg the rivers stocked with fish
as that Would encourage idleness
among the people, who, being fur
nished with free food, would neglect
agriculture. Tbe Baltimore Gazette
points out that idleness and effomi.
nacy are hot characteristics of fish
ermen and fishing nations, and fish
being a great noilrisher of brain
power, prescribes for tbe editor1 bf
the State a small sperm whale, boiled
and served with anchovy sauce.
NO. 39
The Grand Royal Arch Chapter mot
on 'jnday, at 11 o'clock. Thirty-three
C apters were represented ; nearly all
the Grand o Boers, and many of the Past
Grand officers were iu attendance. After
a harmonious session of two days, during
wmeii time business of luterest to tbe
Order was transacted, the following were
-leotfld and installed as Grand officers
for the ensuing year :
R. B. Brannin, Aberdeen, Grand High
Priest. Frederio Speed. Vickobursr Dept.
C H. Priest J. T. Whitehead, Holly
Springs. Grand King; J. 8. Cain, Ok
oiona, Grand Soribo; Wm Richard, Sat
artia, Capt. of Host: J. H. Alexander,
.oscuisfco, Grand Cnaplain; K. 1'. Bow
en, Chulahoma, Grand Lecturer A. P.
Burty, Martinsville, Grand Treasnror
J. L. Powor, Jankson; Grand Secretary
0. Lee Linooln, Columbus: G. P. Hojoiu
er; G. Y. Freeman, Grenada, Grand R.
It. A. Capt. A. M. Hieks. Dover, Grand
Mater 3d Vail; S. B. Brown, Water Val
ley, Grand M. 2d Vai;l J. A. Hill,iluzh
mist, Grand alaslor 1st Vail.
Msoni3 Law and Jui-ispru lence W.
3r. Paxton, Viksburg, ohaii'in in ; Joh
1. furrv, Win. French.
Compl.inra J. M. Howry, Oxford
chnirmtn ; W. P. Bouton, John Wrihi
('redeutials John A. Dicks, T. P. Pe!
tux, J. P:itt.
Subordinate Uhapt rs i. 0. CobI
U. T. Jvinibrough, VV. H. U'ilburn.
Finance E. Geo. DeLap, J. . Joncr
J. J. Ueauchnmp,
lufimshfid Business C. B. Hood, G. V
Diekerson. Jesse Gurlrv."
Printing J. L. Power, J. A,
F. :. MoGee.
Corr- ppoii"p.e P. ... Savory,
viyii, chairman ; i ra.' k tio kitt, 11.
L. MU wL.,; h . : -;jMe list of I '
4 oi 4Kri:ppi t
Prank Burkitt, Okoiona, G. M.
A. M. Hieka, Dover, D. O. M.
Wm. French, ViekHburg, H. G. W.
J. A. MeArtliur, Meridian, J. G. W.
A. H. Barclay, Crawi'ordviUe, G. Ch.
A. P. Barry, Jiualehurst, G. Treas,
J. L. Power, Jackson, G. Weo'ty.
A. B; Isivley, Edwards, U. I. D.
Thos. F. Hill, lienatobiu G. J. I).
S, 3d. Taylor, Verona, G. Marshal.
II. t Patty, Macon, G. H. B.
L. R"Seubuam, Okoloua, (J. Peraui.
Jacob Peebles, Natchez, O. Tyler.
Dis. No. 1 John Wright, Surdis.
l)i. No 2-G. N. Diekerson, Ashland.
Dis. No. 3 Wright ( naniogham Cot
ton Gin. Dis. No 4 H. G. Cooper Jr.
Bellel'ontaine. Dis. Ho. 6 John ktiley,
Dis. No. 6 John M. Ware, Perkins
il'e. Dis. No. 7 H. Denio, Vicksburg.
Dis. No. 8 E. Matthews, Edwards.
Dis. No. 9 B.T. Johns, Liberty.
Dis. No. 10 G. A. Teunisaon, Monti
cello. Iis. No. 118. B. Gilbert, Chunky.
Dis. No. 12 J M. Bradley, Augusta.
Masonic Law and Jurisprudence
rederio speed, Vicksburg. John T.
Iurry, Ripley, Goo. Y. Freeman, Gre
ta da.
Complaints and Appeals S. V, Con
ey, Kosciusko, fl. It. Terrell, Quitman,
"ohn J. JonoB, Coldwatcr.
Finance and Printing E. Geo. Delap,
Natchez, John McGill Jackson, Jaliu
4. Dicks, Natchez.
poreii;n Correspondence. J. M. How-
y, uxlord, .1. jj. rower, Jackson, J. 1.
i hitehrad, Holly Springs.
Wo regret to observe a disposition
anong the overworked humorists ot
.tie press to prophecy another eun
itroke for Senator Blaiuo as the timi
for the Presidential contest comes
wound. This, we are sure, is doin
n injustice not only to Mr. Blaine
.ut to his f.imily physician aa well
li is scarcely within the bounds u'
tinman probability that Mr. Bluiii
will ever have another such attack
tig .in. He may have tho measles ii
1880, but never a sun stroke again.
viuimuti C ?rt7 rcinl
The orange growers of Florida ore
fuming their uttention to the making
A wine from oranges, and several
expenmentH have indicated a possi
bility of biiccesg in that diroctien.
The first wine mado from oranges in
Spain has lately niado its appearance
in Madrid. There are four kinds, one
suarkintf, and all said to be of "an
attractive color, perfectly clear, of
au agreeable, sweet, slightly acid
flavor, and of an alcoholio strength
of about fifteen per cent. MX.
According to the Fernandina (Fla.)
Express, notwithstanding the fact
that nearly two inches of snow lay on
the ground for twenty-lour nours,
and the novelty of sleigh-riding was
indulgod in by t le citizens of that
city, it has yet to hear of any injury
done to fruit trees. Orange and
lemon trees in the city are looking
green and healthy, and reports from
the country state that no trees were
killed or even injured.
Hose Eytinge, the actrosB, is se
riously ill in New York, having bro
ken down from over-work. She haB
been obliged to disband her company
and cancel all engagements in order
t j obtain rest.
A Novel Feature
prenent" Itaolfto tboeo ho uae rattier' flair
halBam, tn the liisovorv ol Iterur ud rrtn.uk
m rli. Manrli writn tie expr. w.ni!
,l.lll.llnM.H tnnt IhMt It WOrkN like M
cle.nn. lti uialntcctant propertlc In clieintcul
0 m'.lna'ion rentiurtng n jimi.ui...
antl linking are bearing 1'roit, and the iieaillitnl
h .ir It nioJu. e", with tho clean, henlthy r.clu,
.ntlrelv fhed from dandruff and I":i1!Iib liair,
ire achieveBt-nu lor lil. li o havo rem In
ferl urou.l. A p tron aurea a that no naa
nurd twelve diffurent Hint 1'roparni.lo- and
that Pnrkitr'a Hnlr Ba'.aiim aurpufaca tlwrn all.
To llul that. h become gmy or Hole, I, it rn
tArM ih,ti aeMtitliul tmturat Color nt'viiulh. Hint
eerty 'on B.iyahottie from your dntgilaia,
. - ui.....n,l l,.riu..ftM th.tt miii nriaf'H
SBBLt, a Btianisk'.anu teat u moriw. j
Our Bntiy.
With lta r.hecrr ptattle, exnmpllru'a why every
mother ahoul.l freely nan Parkin 'a Hlnft r.ilc
rn nreaervo hwr ehnrrfulneaa and aliruuth, and
tu ai'cure her regular alenpand ruaf, ltr imraing
little tine will ehuw It tn lta happy playfitlueaa,
lta freedom lr..m paih and freiluli.exa, and lta
illapoattlon to rol'reahlnii aleip. II thia were nil
toh bhW of th.a remedy, 11 1 ennui;h to give It
incatlmaSue valde lit the he. ai-holcl, but there
aro ladlrfv Sont number who aulior untold
mifialioa IV't" l'a'"'tionftl deriiltgementa, to
wliotul'-l Y 411 afford the grenteat enmrort.
by glvlniA VtS rell-f from Painlul Porioda
aiiTrJoryV wt roatorlnn the healthful
tegnlarlty c L, t dlatlirbed fuiietloiia. Buy from
,i..t rfrn,.,U ni-i.t. A: TloumMB. a SI oottle.
er a nsnre KTCle at iSct. and ten it awrtta.a
Subscription Terms:
Os year , IS !M
ft months i 4 tf.'
Throe moarhi V W
Oae luph, or 1ms. constitute, a aiaar. In tLs
IkXHttihier, and win cost th adveiti.oi id ft'iiu
gie insertion, tl ftl 4
lino. 3mo. tlffto,
as (.
te on
60 ml
00 Oil
80 (HI
100 Otf
One .Square,
Two Square..
i tSiHTff MHtlO 00
li IK)
ID (10
it 00
19 UI
Tbree Square.,
a m
10 00
12 0(1
to 00
24 110
80 Ki
to 00
00 00
Four square.,
Cuursar Column
Hall Column.
a) co
20 ov
40 00
One Column
Obltuarv Kotlroa and Tributes of JtcDOct fro.
where thoy do not exc.tud so vsru. cn aiiUl---Uonul
B0 word will coat S1.W.
Kilitorlul Notice will la oharged for at tho
rate of 10 cottta A line.
AilTertlM.mentd for ch:ltM object Will ti
ohnrKtMl half ratefl,
Celebrated American
fFHE countenance is pale aid les4e
A colored, with occasional Hushes, or
a circumscribed spot ou ace or both
cheek; the eyes become dull; the pu
pile dilate; aa azure sfssicircjc fuss
along the lower eye-lid; the rniic is ir
ritated, swell, and sometime bWdi;
a swelling of the upper Up j tjccasieMl,
headache, with humming or tbrobtkg
of the ears; an unusual sScretkm et;
saliva; slimy or furrd tengue; breaUi.
very foul, particularly in the morning,;
appetite variable, sometimes voracious
with a gnawing sensation of the stem-'
ach, at others, entirely gone; fleejtie
pains in the stomach; o43ioujl
nausea and veraiting; violent pain
throughout the abdomen ; bewels k.--regular,
at times costive : stools slimy
aot unfrequently tinged with Weori
belly swellen and bard; urine Urbiet
respiration occasionally difficult, an!
accompanied by hiccough; .auj;b.
semetimes dry and convulsive ; uneasy
and disturbed sleep, with grinding ef
the teeth ; temper variable, but jtnt'r
ally irritable, &c.
Whenever the above ayuieteiu
are found to exist,
will tertainly tffect a cm?;
IT nose nor contain MEcunr
in any form; it is an innocent prepan
tien, net cfnbk f doing the- s'ijfif
injury h the mst tender in faint.
The genuine Dr. McLanr's Vfr
Mifugi bears the signatures v'C. M
Lame and Fleming Bros, oa the
wrapper. :o:-
DR. C. McLAfJflO
are not rteemmsndoj ai a noirdy " 1V
thain tkat fleas is heir to," (u inaflirn
ti la livr, and in atl Bjlien Complaitl?.
Dytnepiia and Sick Headacke, i 4iiCT'
tfaat cbaracttr, they ata4 withut rival.
Nbctbr cathartic an be Use' preparats.ry''
t, r aftar taking Quinine.
A a ample purgnrive they ate an;al(.
Tke genuine are never lujir coated.
Each box has a red wax seal en tke li4 witkt
tke imprusiea Da. McLanC s Livu Pill;.
Each wrapper bears the signature: of C.
McLaks and Plemins Btoe.
Ineiet upon having the gnine Dr. C, V5c.
Laki's Lives Pn.is, prepared by Fleatiis
Broa., of Pttmburrjli, Pa,, the market fceinjy
fall ef imitation ef the name M.e'Lunr,
spellsd differently but ssme prsnunciativrr.
a. : -r
TTrnm their Iari etocie enll rllcntr alteattw
t Ue fiTorlte and long eitablUhed brand
Cncooalcd for Medicinal raid Family Fie. ,
tmtmlai Af vr.t.c k Iwrr i wK.i.. Anatvtlfall
IDnnililtleg vnemlsif, K. I , ren. o, ieie 1 1
-w We l(av inane a wefm rx-
amtnation or wolrtev r.otit
f.i from WIenra. Dlg
r amHlcver ic Co.. .Un.
J!), liKS.matVSI "Old Mill "
Pure Old Bye, and ftj.J
Hie earn free from fnll
OH or other deleteri
ous snbatnnee.
Sold by Dniggiit and Wine Vmhant geMrtlir 1
HttTinJ rented tti Plauter vVarrhoBf'
known a tho Rtmnrj Cotton Yard, el., for
three tears. I hope, Bj elr. Mltcntiun tu tli
business, to get. a fair division of tli .a'ro
ago. It will nlwa.v lioniv aim to conduct it
onantilct anil eailtifurt .iy liaiite haii
Qivo me lair sad Impartial trial.
Strptrmhor 13, H.'7. tl.
Eist Mississippi West Alabauui
Are now cnovH.'wnz (Jnekaaaw couni.r timi
nil the reutnn nnrtb of Ormop'jli on llifl
TombiRltoo river, mill are preparer! tn dolivor
ttnv an(( 0vmytlinR in tbo liue of
Slivuba. V.vorjiieona, (Irnamental ahd Stirln
Titoh, Btrawborry, Ruaphrrry, UnoM.larry
and Cuvraol l'lante, (Inipr. Vine, ami evrry
kind oil lieeonption of r loweiing Sbinbai
Uulbs, Vlauta and Uonte, at lowel rate thus
.n.,.1. Nui-aerv in tlin Hiitl.h. ciiaruUteeillS
a'atiatnotlun in every caar., Hold yonr otdl r
) f0t u,
V'EH1 it LfcWISi
(leneral AgSbt.
Marcli 4. 1878. It.
Olfl Mill Pure DUBif
Ailintuistraior' Notice
Wherca. Letter of Adtainiatratioh nrba
the eatatn of Halite MeL. Moora, dcoeaeed,
have boen griintutl to tho underaigncd by tho
Honorable t'haneory "nrt rf Monro an
tv, Miaaiaatppi, in vacation, on th Hth Bui
of Deoember, 1878. Nut ic i hereby given to)
all partie holdinn claim Rint said dees
dent to com forward aud have the same
probated arid rcgUtored a th law require,
wllhtn the time precrtbd by lew, t tho
will be forever barred.
Deo.16.l878. AdnuajjitrsieT.,,!.' '

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