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Thursday, Janaary 30, 1879.
Lamar of Mississippi is the dead
est of all dead poUticianfl-CMwfoHa
... Ho may be dead, bat like Hampton
of South Carolina it a remarkably
lively corpse.
-. -
Thb Loaisaca Legislator has called
Consitutional Convention, and ap
pealed theMoffet Register law, passed
at last session bnt never pnt in op
eration in that State.
W ask the attention of Northern men,
residents of our county, to tho . card of
issue. It proposes such a presentation
-of 1 testimony to the world .is will greatly
acoeterawj uw uauae ui xmigrutiuu.
It strikes us that the broadsides of
personnT abuse and ridicule fired at Gen,
Davis, by a number of journals in the
Distriot, are rather ill timed and impol
itic. It should be remembered that he
had in the late contest a large following
of gentlemen of position and intelligence
who have been identified with the
Democratic party in all of its dangers
uwl ba,l norbf tmtt.lfla aiwl flint in tlift i
ftbrtlan their sunnoi-t of him was in I occasion with a train three yards in
no sense politioal but purely personal,
and that their love for their friend is
Oar New York Corroupvndent.
Nbw York, January 25 1879.
Of what same peple.call "conterao
poraneous human interest" there has
been little or none this week in the
metropolis. No terrible murders, ao
cidenls, fires, or scandalous divorce
suits. The cold weather has inevita
bly brought much suffering to the
large classes of needy people, coal coi.;
tinuring at such an exorbitant rate
tlat they with difficulty can procure
sufficient fuel to cook their scanty
While there is unusual distressand
poverty prevailing here this winter,
there is also a good deal of gaiety
going, for the families of Fortune, for
"Some muBt work and some must play;
So runs the world away." .
The Witherell and Smith nuptials,
which lately were held in Trinity
church, gave a rare display of wealth
and fashion. Miss Smitu borne: a
niece of Mrs. A. T. Stewart and the
groom an Episcopal clergyman. We
often hear much of the privation
among clergymen's wives, and for
this reason it is gratifying to hear
that at least one is woll provided for.
The bride appeared on the happy
noue the lew ardent because of his de
feat; hecae, any attempt to belittle him
in their eyes must fail, and the shafts of
ridicule dixeoUd at the chieftain are cal
culated to alienate his followers from tho
DemooraUc paty, and place them in an
tagonism to ito nominees in an approach
ing caitvaw wlimre every Denioorat is ex
pentad to take his place in the line, and
will b seeded in the line.
Lets have done with this nonsense,
and go to vovk for Die good of a party
that represents the best interests of the
Tue State debt of Texas is only
$5,086,783. '
The Steamer Sibylla, left New Or
leans for Antwerp on the 25th, with
39,089 bushels of wheat, and 31.000
bushel of corn.
The Pontotoc Democrat reports
two hogs, twenty-two months old,
kilUd by Mr. J. S. Hartonof theTal
libo&ek neighborhood, in that coanty,
cue of wkicb weighed G30 pounds,
aud.ik other 110.
. .
J?hs Tombigbc Presbytery meets
at Colombo on the 29th inst.
Ft;. Lutdenaan, for many years
D!ncfc of the V. S. Mints, is dead.
CAM ta 4;tW of Northern
' IK' tiler.
Cauauffw, N. C, Jan. 17, 1879.
To Jtartiwv Born Resident of the South
pad etf-Metubcrt of the Federal Army
-Jtot'iiimi in the Houlhern State.
titeeuaventkui of Northern settlers
in Utft SosUt held in Charlotte, N. C.
J ml M, ISTUt it was unanimously resol-
VodwtSwi Xorthein born residents of the
Sottitt, and cx-rarabers of the Federal
amy, eoklt'uta in the Southern States
meet in convention at the county seats
cf thi'ir nmpective counties on the 15th
day at J'obtuary, 1879, to consider upon
the ptepMattua for publication through
the p:eo the United States and other
wise at a paper setting forth the soil,
climate, prions, ease of making a living,
and social treatment of the individual
Northern man in the Southern States ;
that tiicao conventions he held regard
less of part politics, and that the same
be excluded as well as all vexed ques
tion ; that reports of their proceedings
be signed by the members attending, and
tho same sent to N. Dumont, at Charlotte,
N. 0.; and further that these several
county conventions on February 15, 1879,
select delegates to State conventions to
be held at tho capitals of theirrcspective
States to consider the same matters
March 1, 1879, which State conventions
shall also send reports of their proceed
ings as above, and shall also appoint ten
delegates from each of the Southern
Btates to attend a general convention to
consider the same matters, to be holden
ut Charlotte, N. C, July 4, 1879, at noon,
to which time this convention shall ad
journ. Will the persons coming within the
purview of the above resolution please
convene in accordance with it ?
President of the Convention.
No State in the Union is rnn on a
jnoretionomical basis than Mississippi,
No high salaries tiro paid ; no official
thievery is reported; her warrants are
paid whenever presented to the Treasurer,
and her bonds, what few she has out
standing, are at par and its State tax 3J
nuns, wtncii is niucn lower tunn a ma
jority mi the States levy. Who is to be
thanked for this state of affairs ? The
Democratic party which roscued the
State when it was on the verge of finan
cial ruin. Enterprise Courier.
With Blaine to order Southern inves
tigations nt every session of Congress,
and with Jim l?iputh to turn on the
red light at the proper moment, the
country oncr'it to feci that the Kepubli
tfnn party is rapidly fulfilling its high
mission. Atlanta Constitution.
.!ihn A. Logan is extremely fortnnate
in the possession of alalenteaand active
ivifn wlin iu rvtiMiiilmn.hlv tiuffiv ttmn 1,1a
better half, blie is rightly credited with
electing him to tho Senate eight years
ago, and now the snme feat must be pas
god to lisr credit agiiin, In the campaign
at Springfield, jant concluded, the active
Imly ban bum assisted by a daughter
quite ns pretty, and very nearly as skil
ful a politician as her mother. Mobile
lie dignified Lilian ijan vm, Vm-
nuibiuiundoi-, wore at the White
bnte reception the other day an
uadert'kirt of maroon silk, with an
overdress of dark brocade, the tex
ture of which was brightened by a
mixture of goto thread. The gor
geous drens vena completed hy a fur
lined over-garment, a bnsinshaped
bat, fin-1 able diplomatic expression
upon hia wine and handsome face.
longth, and among other jewelry
wore a necklace consisting of seven
strings of pearls, with a diamond
cross as a pendent, also two clusters
of diamonds at the throat, to which
was attached a diamond dove, from
whose beak hung another diamond
cluster. Tho bride will certainly want
anjangelio bodyguard to protect thin
jewels, whose discription is enough to
awaken the ambition of all the sneak
thieves in the city, as well as excite
the envy of Minnie Fitch (nee Miss
Sherman) who wears the largest dia-
mand cross in the world, the gift of
the Khedive of Egypt.
Conckling, the magnificent but not
always magnanimous, has been re
elected to the United State Senate,
as everybody knew he would be, and
the administration Republicans ex
press themselves as satisfied with the
result The tamrnanyites and the
Anti Tamrnanyites, the political lions
and lambs of this metropolis, have
made an amicable adjustment of their
animosities, and after having had a
good fight are said to be warmer
friends than ever. Mr. Cooper the
new Mayor, and John Kelly Cotup
troller, and"Boss"of Tammany, met at
a dining at the Lotus Club, mutually
admired each other in the most ap.
proved manner long practiced at such
gatherings, and now everything in
the future looks lovely. Our city is
to be governed as it neveiww.aa.before
office holding bummers are -to re
ceive their walking papers, excessive
salaries are to be cut down and
the municipal expences reduced to
a sound business basis. These are
fair promises, and if carried out, we
may congratulate oarselves that the
political millenium is at hand.
Montgomery Blair, who edited the
Union, one of tho numerous defunet
newspapers of Washington, has re
cently attacked Senator Lamar in a
two colnmn article in the Sun.
Mr. Blaire soenis to have for-
gotton, that, in his paper at the time
of the late Presidential embroglio
in 7b, be made this same charge
against Mr. Lamar, whereupon Mr,
Lamar sent a friend to Mr. Blair
pronouncing his charges false and
demanding a retraction of the same.
In reply to this, Mr. Blair stated in
tho columns of the Union "we were
misinformed respecting Mr. Lamar
on the points in question; that from
first to last he has entertained di
rectly the contrary opinion, holding
that is settled beyond controversy by
the terms of the constitution, and by
the uniform usage under it, that it
belongs to Congress to count the
electoral vote, and that the duty of
President of the Senate extends only
to the safe keeping of packages, and
to breaking the seals in the presence of
the two house of congress. We make
the correction with unfeigned pleas
ure, and regret very much huving
been misled to do Mr. Lamar injus
tice We had no distrust
of Mr. Lamar, and approve entirely
the liberal eourse by which as much
as by his great ability, he has attained
his high position in the councils of
the nation."
Your correspondent is no cham
pion of Senator Lamar, for we did
gainsay his right to ignore the wishes
of his people on the 'Silver bill'
conveyed through their chosen rep-'
reBentatives, but do not approve of
this attack of Mr. Blair who simply
reiterates what he once "swallowed,"
By a late act of the Georgia Leg
islature the punishment for persons
convicted of murder shall be death,
nut may be cod fined to the peniten
tiary for lifo in the following cases :
If the jury trying the case shall so
recommend, or if the conviction is
founded solely ou circumstantial
testimony the presiding judge may
sentence to confinement in the peni
tentiary for life. In the former case
it is not discretionary with the judge;
in the later it is.
A plain -spoken woman recently visit
ed a married woman and said to her :
"How do yon manage to amuse your
self 1" "Amuse," said the other, "don't
you know that I have my housework
uo; "ics, was we answer, "x s.
taut you have it to do, but as it &i
done I conolnde you must have a,
other way of posning your time,",
Washington, Jan. 24 Tho Secre
tary of the Treasury this afternoon
issued the eighty fourth call for $20,-
001,000 of five-twenty bonds, consols !
of 1867. $10,000,000 of which are
coupons "and $10,000,000 registered
bonds. The interest on these bonds
is to cjease ou the twenty-fourth of
Cedar Iupios, la., Jan, 24. Jolis
Kuglor has been arrested for kicking
and beating his wife black and blue,
locking her out doors until her feet
were frozen, and compelling her to do
housework when her toes were actu
ally dropping off. Her feet will have
to be amputated above the ankles.
New Yobk, Jan. 24. It is stated
to-day that when Slosson made his
large run of 441 on Tuesday night,
in the match with Sexton, he made
three foul shots. The referee says
that be saw them, but as Walter
Vance, Sexton's umpire, did not claim
them he allowed Slosson to play.
Owing to this fact, it is claimed that
the run ought not to go on record.
Hereafter Sexton will umpire his own
games during the balance of the
London Jan. 24. A Berlin special
says : Ominous reports are current to
the effect that a superior officer of the
German army has betrayed to a for
eign power the most momentous mili
tary secrets, including all the impor
tant plans for mobilizing the army. It
is suspected that the person, a baron
and a major ot artilory, is already un
der arrest. The trial will occur soon,
if tho government does not consider
it wiser to hush up this disreputable
affair. The German army is estimat
ed to show an increase of 80,000 men.
Pottsville, Pa., Janury 25 The
Locust Quo mines, between Mount
Cartnel and S'laninkit., wore discov
ered to be on hie lu&t niglit, at a
depth of threu hundred feet. The
fire was gaiting this morning and it
was ditucult to get at. Dense vol
umes of smoke are comeing up the
the slope. No miners are below, as
they come out during the night. If
the mines are filled with water it will
require six months to pump it out.
London, January 25. The Catho
lie priests elected to cures in Switz
erland, are now permitted to make
the declaration prohibited under Pius
IX, accepting their uppointnients on
the conditions prescribed in the law
of 1874 on the organization of relig
Advices from Rio Janeiro to the 7th
inst. state that the drought and small
pox are increasing in the northeast
provinces. Thore has been 473 deaths
from small pox in the capitol of the
province for the tweenty days 'ending
December 21.
Constantinople, January 25. The
Russian and Turkish Governments
have agreed to the clause of the defi
hits treaty of peace stipulating that
the Russians shall evacuate Turkey
within thirty five days of the signature
of tho treaty.
Little Rock, Ark., January 25.
The Joint convention of tho Legisla
ture elected J. D. Walker (Dem.)
United States Senator by a vote of
C8 against 47 for Robert W. Johnson
(Dem.), bis chief competitor, and 5
scattering votes.
Jacksonville, Fla., January 25.
Wright and Johns, two of the con
victed members of the Brevard
County Canvassing Board, made their
escape to-night from the county jail
at this place where they were tempo
rarily confined.
St. Louis January 25, The Sate
Lunatic Asylum near St. Jeseph was
totally destroyed by fire to day. The
patients were safely removed. The
building cost $190,000 and was in
sured for $100,000, but the State re
fused an appropriation to continue it
and therofore it is & total loss.
Galvebtion, January 25. A fire at
the cornerof Main and Austin streets,
in Denison, Texas, to day consumed
nearly the entire block. The loss
was $20,000.
Richmond, January 25. The Sen
ate adopted the following:
Jlesolued, That while we deem the
whole system of tobacco taxation un
just and oppressive upon the pro
ducers of this great staple of our sec
tion of the country, we heartily indorse
the efforts of our Senators and Rep
resentatives in Congress, to procure
the reduction of the tax to 16 cents
per pound, and that in view of the
fact that business has been sorely de
pressed by the long delay of Congress
to reach general actions of this
question, we invoke them to insist
on speedy disposition of it to employ
every legitimate means to consum
mate the partial relief desired
Returns from tho election in the
First Congressional Dixtiict held
Thursday to fill the vucancy caused
by the death of the Hon. B. B. Dou
glas indicate the election R. T. Beale,
Conservative, member elect to the
46th Codgress.
London, Jauuary 27. A despatch
from Pliilipopolis states that the Aus
trian, English, French, and Turkish
members of the Eastern Roumelian
Commission have adopted a motion
calling the attention of their Cabinets
to the obstacles raised by Rusnia to
the financial administration of the
The Post's Berlin correspondent
telegrapliB tbas it iB announced in
diplomatic circles that England in
tends to definitively purchase Cypress
to avoid complications arising from
the nominal continuance of the sove
reignty of the Sultan. A million
pounds sterling have been offered,
which the Saltan will probably ac
cept. Rumors are current at Berlin that
some secret information relative to
the German army has been treasonab
ly sold to a foreign government.
A Berlin despatch says a telegram
from Rome reports that the Pope has
received threatening letters from the
Socialists in connection with his re
cent encyclical letter, and that he in
tends to call attention of the powers
thereto. '
London, January 26. Renter's
despatch from Calcutta states that
Shere Ali's master of horse, the
great opponent of British influence,
is dead. The Afghan troops at Cabul
have withdrawn to Sherall to check
Vienna, Jimuary 26. The interna
tional Commission which met here to
take precautions against the spread
of the plague, has concluded its la
bors for tha present. It lias decided
that the regulations relative to arri
vals from Russian ports can, if neces
sary, be applied to arrivals from
porta in the Lower Danube. Herr
Finkelburg, tha German delegate to
the International Sanitary Comnns--
sion, has started for .Berlin. The
Montage Review says Herr Finkel
burg declared that should the plague
increase Germany would establish a
military cordon of eighty thousand
men on the frontier, and that the
order for their mobilization was
ready. . .
London, January 25. According
to the British Medical Journal, great
alarm prevails in Eastern Europe
over the rapid spread up the Volga
River, in the southeastern part of
Russia, of an extremely fatal disease
believed to be a plague. It is thought
to have been brought to Russia by
two regiments of Cossacks returning
from the war in Turkey. The dis
ease was regarded at first as typhus
fever and neglected, but its terrible
mortality soon compelled the local
authorities to take steps for its res
triction. Rigid quarantine was en
forced aguinst Astrakan, where it
originated, but tha panic-stricken
inhabitants of that city fled in all di
rections, and scattered the germs of
the infection oyer the provinces of
Samara and Saratap lying along the
River Volga higher up. In spite of
all efforts at restriction, it soon reach
ed Tsaritzin, an important trading
town on the Volga, connected by rail
with the whole of ttussia and .Eastern
Europe, and finally appeared in
Nizhal Novgorod, only a few hours
distant from Moscow. Some Russian
newspapers consider the disease only
a species of malL nan t typhus fever,
but the St. Petersberger Medicinische
Wochinscbrift, of January 11th. says
it cannot be doubted from the tenor
of communications to official papers
tbiit it is a plague. Doctor Zulekauei
and Professor .Butkin conclude from
its rapid Bpreud and extraordinary
mortality, there being few if any re
coveries, that it is a plague .in its
worst form. A most rigid quarantine
is enforced against the infected towns
and villages, which are divided into
districts, and not allowed to com
municate with one another. Tho
Vienna Medical Review states that
about one third of the physicians in
Russia died during the late war, and
insist upon the importance, in the
interest of the whole of Europe, of
sending medical assistance to Russia
and helping her keep down her ma
lignant enemy.
t'Don't Need your Advice."
Gossip around the State House was
considerably stirred yesterday by the fol
lowing telegraphic exchange of court
esies :
Washington, D. C, Jan. 21, 1879.
Hon. 11. F. Jonas, New Orleans :
' If you are out of race, and contest lies
between Kenner and EuBtis, we decided
ly urge Eustis' election.
J. 8. YOUNG.
New Obleans Jan. 21, 1879.
J. S. Young, J. II. Acklon, Washington:
I am not out of the race nor do I ex
pect to be. Should ouch a contingency
nrise my friends are capable of judging
for themselves without your advice or
mine, Hew Orleans Democrat.
Minneapolis Tribune, ,.
The following tetter was received a
few days ago by ti gentleman in this
eityr - - '
Boston Mass., January 5, 1879.
Dear Sm : I do not know as I ought
to write you to decide a bet, because
vou ought not to bet; But to set you
right in a matter of history in which
you seem to be interested, allow me
. ., , -, i.--
to Bay inai in one uemocrauc oouveu
tion at (Jnarleston, boutn uaroiina,
in the year 1860. I voted fifty-seven
times, as 1 remember it for Jetterson
Davis, of Mississippi, afterwards pres
ident of the Confederate states.as can
didate for the democratic party for
president. He was not before the con
vention as a candidate, for my vote
and that of one of my colleagues were
the only ones he had. I believed
him to be a representative man of the
South, and subsequent events have
shown that I was right. And I be
lieved then, and believe now, that
if he could have been nominated for
president and elected the war would
have been saved, and the attempted
disunion prevented, for he would have
been choson to be president over
thirty two States, rather than fifteen,
and my experience has been that the
north always got more consideration
on questions of human liberty from a
southern statesman as president be
fore the war than it did from a north
ern doughface, and that remains true
down to the present time.
Benj. F. Bctleb.
New Advertisements.
Two' old Taxas rangers who had
iuft helped bury a neighbor were
talking about religion, and one asked
the other how pious he thought it
was possible for a man to get in this
world, if he was in real earnest.
"VVa'al," said the other, reflectively.
"I think of a man gests so't he can
swop steers or trade horses without
iyin," he'd better pull out for a
better land afore be has a relapse."
Take pleasure in announcing to their many frlende nod patrona, and tb thoiiftnd who
will bucoiue patrom whenever afforded an opportunity to iuspeot their good, that tnej
are in reoeipl of . "
The theapfst, Most Substantial and Fashionable Stock of
And Hats of all Kinds,
Ever brought to thl market. Their eeod are all made to order and especially f
euoe to this markt. br the best workmen in the East, and ot the very best
tamable, thus enabling us to make sales for Iors money than ever before and with tne satis
faction of knowing that we are sending out tully guaranteed goods that cannot be eicenea
in quality, style or fluieb, by any Louse in the United States. , ,
Giro us a call, for we can "fit you" in style, size and price
lUoulh, during tlic Spring and Summer- t,
full partlenlars adtll-uHt ,
j. c. xccunnr to., St. roui, Mb.
.fuuiidwirs AiiiHlyne Mnijueut wul WMitively
ivem Tina lorn 1110 nnese. and. will inaitlTa-, .
y enre nine etiscs is ten. Information Uwt
will save many lives sent fraa Lv nu.ii- iom.
ilelsy a moment; prevention is better tlwa curt.
Solo everywhere, X. S. JOHKSOX Jt CO
VatHjitr, Maine. -
.: , ,
Highest Prices Paid in Cash for Cotton!
Peptnmber 11, 1878, tf.
BANG!!! BANG !!! BANG !! !
Eock Bottom Prices Found at last on
The Scientific American states
that rapid and continuous action of
the lower jaw will stop bleeding at
the nose. There are frequent in
stances where such action has brought
it on JV. Y. Medical Jieview.
The reply of Mr. Jonas to Messrs.
Young and Aoklen strikes ns as eminent
ly proper. We cannot conceive what
business those distinguished gentlemen
can have in interfering in the election of
a Senator, or what right they have to in
trnile their views upon the Legislature
of Louisiana. We have taken no sides
in the senatorial contest, and, except un-
uer certain circumstances, uo not pro
pose to do so : but we feel that it is both
our right and duty to protest against any
sii'jn intermeddling as two uiHtmguiau
ed members of Congress have ventured
npon. N. 0, DenwcnU. .
Of the result of the Conneticut
senatorial contest the Springfield
Jlebublican says: "The nomination of
Mr Piatt is simply running through
the woods and taking up with the
poorest timber. Mr. Piatt is a shrewd
country lawyer and a smart managiug
politician. Compared with Hawley,
Harrison or Jewell, he will carry into
the Senate very meagre political ac
complishments and no personal influence."
I have iust returned from the Factories North, whore I have purchased the best and
laigent asBortimmt ol Furniture, and at tie lowest Cash Prices, ever bought tor this mark
et. which will beam to arrive about tho 1st of Ootober. This stock was iiurchascd in oar-
load lots, ioronsh. wbicli will enable me to oomocte with anv houso this side of the Fuctn-
ry; but do not take my word tor it, code and examine for yourselves and be oonviuced of
tbe tact. 1 win nave in atiuiuon to my largo stock ot r urniture an aBortiueut ol
Sash, Doors, liiiuds, Iionvood and Walnut Burial Cases, Chromos,
and Piotu'c Frames of all kinds. To oorrect a false impression that is in circulation, I will
stHto that I nevor have bought any furnituro (before or since the yellow lover epidemic)
from Memphis or any oilier iutectod city. - I am thankful to my customers for past patron
age aud with good Furniture at low pries will endeavor to merit a continuance of same.
Females suffering from pain and weukiiesn
win aeriTe great com lore anti strengUi irom
tho use of He two n 't Oiiciiio Porous Plnrter.
Where ( all'ipeu am atteoted with whoopi..
cough, ordinary coughs, orniimry couIim or
eoldBor weak lunar, it is the oiifl and only
treatment thev should receive. Thin arliclV
contains new medicinal eleraentB Rich na is
foutltf in no othor remwly in tliesHmt form.
It is fur euptn-ior to common porous planters,
liniments electrical appliances and other
extvriirtl remedies. It relieven pain at once,
rtrengthens and eures where other phiHt-r-will
not even relieve. For tmne and Weak
Hark, Rheum itim. Kidnev lJlmmsen and
All local aches and pains it i aln the Imtrt
Known reraeir. auk tor ueriHoii'd peine
Planter and tnke no other. Hold by all dritg
RistB. Price 25 cts.
September 25, 1877.
m r, FVTRELL,.
The authorities of tlie various Euro-
peun governmeuts are all qmirantinists
of the strictest type. Instead of waitiug
until the plitgue has Bpreud over their
countries and then sending a dozen or
two commissions to find out how this
came- about, the Austrian and Prussian
governments have already appointed a
joint commission to study the plague be
fore it reaches their limits, and to pre
pare some plan by which its spread into
their domains can bo prevented. In ad
dition, Austria has already declared a
quurantiue against Warsaw, although
the plague is yet a thousand miles from
that city. The Austrian government
evidently has uo fear of losing the Polish
trade; it is more interested in preserving
the lives of its people. JV. O. Democrat.
It is said to be a fact that there were
seven cases of yellow fever on ( 'at Island
during the last summer, although the
people of the Island held no communi
cation with the outside world whatevei.
The fact goes so far to overthrow the
importation theory that the medical ex
perts of the Yellow Fever ( ommisaion
have determined to visit, the Island to
detMrmine whether it is true or u.it.
! Jackson l irinn
Our respected contemporary has been
misinformed. Dr. Hmith, of this place,
tells us that there was not a single case
of yellow fever oa Cat Island last sum
mer, and he would be likely to h ive
heard of it, us his partner, Dr. LeRoux,
is usually the attending physician in
cases of sii-knoss on the Js.uud. Out
Island is seven miies distant, from Pus
Christian, aud miring the prevalence 01
tha fever last smutarr there was com
munication two or three times a week.
Sea Shore Q&zrile.
One of the saddest and most vexa
tious trials that comes to a girl when
she marries is that she has to dm
charge her mother and depend upon
a hired girl. llawkeyc.
Look well to your sheep. The
profits of the year in sheep will de
pend largely upon the care and atten
tion of the flock master at lambing
time. This attention is nn absolute
necessity if sheep husbandry is to be
made profitable. No hogs should run
Lat this season of the year in the held
With sheep, if yon witsh to save vour
iambs. Look well to the flock.
iSiarfcville Stock Journal.
Whenever horses and cows are pl
lowed a large range of fertile feed all
at once, it is the nature of tbe an-
imals not to go quietly to feeding, but
t run all over the enclosure, examine
the boundaries, snatch a mouthful of
feed now and then as they run, and
finally to come to tLe yard at night,
tired, overfall, having trampled down
three times as much as they have
At Watauga, N. C, Major Harri
son Osborne shot and killed J. Ii.
Martin for persisting in grinding out
"Grandfather's Clack" on a violin.
This case is at par with that of Bill
Longley, who killed a man in a Texas
hotel because he would persist in
snoring after Bill had politely re
quested him to desist. Both cases
might be classed a and "killing in
Nothing can exceed the intense af
fection which a girl deals out to her
father for a day or two before the
time when she's going to ask for a
now dress.
Bathing Overdone.
Tho I.BU'Nl uog M.ir y
A New Zealand paper relates the
following : J. here is a dog at 1 aupo,
and also a young pig, aud these two
tillord a curious example of annual sa
gacily and confidence in the bona fide
of each other. These two animals
live at the native pah on the opposite
side of Tapuuehuniiu, and the dog
discovered some happy hunting
ground on the other side and in
formed the pig. The pig being only
two months old, informed the dog
that be oould not iwira across the
river, which at that spot debouches
from the lake, but that in time be
hoped to share the adventures of his
canine friend. The dig settled the
difficulty. He went into the river,
Btandinsr up to his neck in water, and
crouched down ; the pig got on his
back, clasping his neck with his fore
legs. The dog then swam aoross
thus carrying his chum over. Regu
larly every morning the two in this
way go across, and forage around
Tapaueruru, returning to the pah at
night; and if tbe dog was ready to
go home before the pig he would wait
until his friend came down to be
ferried over. The truth of this story
is vouched for by several who have
watched the movements of tha pair
for some weeks past.
A writer in the London Medical
Times argues that the general opinion
(hut frequent cold and warm baths,
ar.J 'wasiiing the skin with cold water,
accompanied by friction, are con
duuive to health and cun do no harm,
is a conclusion that cannot be ad
mitted; for, on the one hand, millions
of men take no baths of any kind, or
at uiont slightly wauli their faee una
h.vii.is (jIich ti Wf.ok, i.n ' jet livs- fu
old age in I lie eiij- jmeni of good
heiill.n. whiie. on run other baud, no
one is ubie lo prove Uiat the uae of
the various forms of baths wards off
d sense, or that washing in cold water
furnishes any protective power
against catarrh, rheumatism, etc., the
diseases which are supposed to par
ticuiarly aiise from catching cold. A
comparison, too, savs this writer, of
the frequency of disease in towns
where baths aie frequently resorted
to, and in the country, where they
rarely can be got, says but little for
their prophylactic power; and,' al
though it cannot be said that their
frequent employment in towns is a
cause of the greater mortality there
in, neither can it be said that wash
ing "all over" with cold water pre
vents disease.
3VEotoile, Ala.,
Sole Agents in Alabama for
Howard Scales, Asbestos Roofing, Roof Coating; RoofPaluts and Col
ors in Oil Read; Mixed. Also, dealers in
Steel Plows, iron, Kails, Etc. Will meet prices from any point.
Aral & Si s Liisii P
Di e. 18 1878, 6m.
S. E. Corner Water and St. FraiiclH StK.
4 J Miles South of Aberdeen, H Miles East of the James Greek
Lower Bridge a Level, Good Road at all Seasons.
Wo Keep ou Hand and Cut to Order Lumber of the Following
Hinds of Timber :
Parties desiring Lumber, mil Cnd it to their interest to Icav
their orders with
Aberdoen, Mis., April 4th, 1878 tf.
A nd all Dlortlor of tlic ; '
Throat and Lungs
Permanently Cared,
Dr.T.A. Slocnm'sQreatRemedy
Taken In connection with lili
i. UAA jJlt iji. V EiXL UiXi
And Hypoihophltes of
Li mo and Soda.
AERPC QflTTI C of tncY prcprratlon
rriCC Dili ILC BCiithveipreMtocncli
niiftoring applicant Bunillnj Ibelr name Poi-t
Office ami KxprHn aihlrewi to Dr. T. A. Slocuui.
Ml Pearl itreul, Ken Nork.
ancr Groceries
lily el Hi
Corner Comnicrco mid Meridian Streota,
Aberdeen, Miss.
and Plantation Supplies
Hate just opened, at No. 63 Commerce Street, Aberdeen, Mtalwilrpi, large stock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
And ereryttaiug onually found In a Brut-clan Grocery Store, which thev offer at the lowost prices
Plantation Supplies a Specialty!!
And ail orders alldmmtitly, from the uraallent to the largest. W have sec tired the sorTlco of
i ' in 'cm .ii of hirfneimrli n.-n in thn Orocnry Business, who will always he pleased to meet and
HICII A H I lit! II I I X.
Db. W. E. Soott, President of the
College of Physicians, Montreal, writes:
"I have reoommeuded Colden's Liquid I
.extract ot iieol ana Xomo Invigorutor as
the best preparation used for Debility.
Indigestion. Dyspepsia. Fever. A true.
and Loss of Appetite." bheil k Burduie,
New Management.
llHTing recently pnrcliaand the stook, fix
turna aud (noil will of thn above
I am pleased to inform my friends and the
puiiliu gi m'rnlly, that. Irom this time forward
1 will b.' found t, mv pom, ready to outm- to
tli' ir Wiiuta ut all timue. 1 will keep none
liul (lie bent
Liquors and Cigars
I ulsu have a Billiard Hull attached, where
fiurties who wish tosiieud a pleueant hour
ii Innocent amusement, will receive ererv
attttntiuu looKiug tu that end.
November 28, 6m,
A Card.
To all who are suffering from the er
rors and indiscretions of youth, nervous
weakness, early decay, loss of manhood,
&o., I will sand a recipe that will cure
you, Fkeb of (Jharob. This great rem
edy was discovered by a missionary in
Month America. Bend a self-addressed
envelope to the Bey. Joseph T. Inmah.
j Station V, Biblo House, New York City.
Having rented the Planters Warehouw,
kaown as the Strong Cotton Yard, etc., for
three years. I hope, by close attention to the
business, to get a fair division of the patron
age. It will alwayi be my aim to conduct it
onastriot and eatislaotory business basis.
Give me a fair and impartial trial.
Trustee's Sale of Real Estate.
By Tirtue of a certain Deed in Trust, exe-
ecuted oa the 87th day of May, 1878. by Wil
nam H. I'lopton, Sr., to the undesigned as
Trustee, to secure the navnicut of notes for
the sum or eleven thousand (fcl 1,000) dollars.
and inte.'cst thereon, to B. Y. MaNulry, which
dcud. with the ocrtitioates aid acknewledae-
tnents is duly recunud in Book No. 4'2, pages
one hundred and forty si. (Wil, one lian-
d ed and forty-seven (147), and one hundred
and fortv-eight (148), of the Record of Dod
in the omee ot the Chancery Ulcrk ol Monroe
oounty, Mississippi, I will, as Trustee, on
Friday, February 21st, 18T9,
in front of the ooart homne door iu Die citv
of rVbrnrioeR, proceed lo sell fur cash, to tho
Dig he t oimier. tbe riiowtng real estate, or
so much thnrAol as may be necowifti'jr to sat
isfy oaid Tnmt Deed and all costs, to witr
Tlie rvmthPRt qiiRHrof Mnotioa thirty-four;
the fractional northeast qnariitr of section
fhirty-four; the southwest quarter of section
twenty-tar. all in township fourteen, range
six, east; the northwest quarter of section
eleven, township fill ecu, raittfe six. east; the
southwsRt quarter ot seetion tweuty-hine,
township fourteen, range six, eaat; the north
east portion of section four, township fliteen,
range six, east containing about one hnn
distl itcrcs; aud one hundred and forty acres
in the south part of seetion thirty three town
ship fourteen., range six, east containing, in
all, ene thousand aud thirtvtwo fl.03'2)
acrss, more or less : all situatsd in Hsu roe
oounty, State ot Mississippi. The title is be
lieved to be good, but only tucli title will bs
conveyed as is vested fa uie as Tructe. bale
within legal hours.
J,B. DOWD. Trustee.
January 30, 1879, 3w.
We will pity Agents a salary of $100 per month
and expenses, or allow a Urge commission U
yell our new and wonderful inventions. We
mean what we say. A, dress, without delay,
SUEUUAN & UO,, Marshall Michigan:
My slock consists of evorv variety of Sta
ple und Fancy Oicccrics sinl l'inntiuioi,
Supplies tlmt the Kurt hern nnd Southern
Market iitlord, which, for (jiinlitv enntrut be
excelled. This stock is nut ullov I lo run
down and become stale, but is ivplrniNliml
ns last ns Bald, lou gnt Mono but tho very
I claim nn specialties, but miiko a sprcinltT
of every article in stork, Irani A lo Z.
Ainmij; the nniniToiiH iiriitdcs in my lurgft
stock, not usually kept by grocers, 1 will
lueiilinn a few :
KI,OUK-Kylilinnd Koval Family, Buck
wheat iiidI Giuliani.
SUdAlt Cul Loaf, (iiiiiiuliitcd. Pulverized
ami all varieties or Louisiana tiuiirs.
t'OKFKK Old Onvt. Jim,, Choi Woe
green, parched anil fjimiiwl.
1IKA IS SiiKiir iured Hums, Brmkfast
Haeon, Bulk Uenis, j),ied lieef, ami an ex
cellent quality of ('milled Mi nts, l'i..'M Feet
MI.SCKLLA.NKOl'S-C'rncked Wheat, Oat
Slcul, Hiking l'nwiliMR, Cranberries, Jlinen
iilcul, Sauces, llaccimiui. Kraut, (,'ubbae.
Potatoes (Sweet and Irish), Mackerel (iu kiln
and bun-els), l'araline bundles.
Special at teiitiou is g:veu to
Fruits and Confections,
t 1 I t 1 1. ..... t L, . , 7
vniiiiiMi vuims, minor i ru .-sinmieH, ere., a
full hue ol Wliicll ill h lin.t pmml...n tnwl
w inn iirm'Kr. ijunuuiv-iiiyni khikiiin, l ui
nillTH. IilfS Itl'lttl ni,l .ii no .
evervi untr i 1:11 cun iiokriuiv unir,.ut in
hi me podK, thn hniwpwite, or tho cit:i
i nin in reowpt ot tho lurOdt und
trench and American, ever brought lo I
(orxTitv PKOWUCK.
Fresh "(lilt Edge" Bolter, and Fresh
Laundry Soup, Starch und Mining, of the
purest and best varieties. Givo mil a oall.
December 5, tf.
"I '
Central Hotel,
Aberdeen, Mississippi.
Messrs. n ratty St Kuffkr tnko pleasure
In announcing to their many friends und pat
rons in this aud adjumintf cvuuties that they
bayo opened a
for the accommodation of Day Boarders, at
tho stand formerly occupied by V. Morawakl
their wants and wishes upon the
Their Cook Is one of tho beat in the State;
their Attendants are polite and accommoda
ting; their Table Is furnished with all that
the market n fiords or tbe railroad can supply,
nnd thoir charges are proportioned to tho
stringency of tho times In connection witU
the Hotel is a first-class
where everything in the shape ot
oan always be had of bflst quality, and a
F.stablishntent provided at all times with a
full stock. 00M7
K. n, HENRY & BRO..
Advertising Agents,
Brookhaven, - . , Itllas.
Arc prepared to do advertising In Southern an
ucrs cheaper than any other agents. Their t,ls
Incus is con lined eclil.l. i i.., .. "' "...
and ailTortlsers deslrlnp, to make theEeTvci
known in thU seetion woui.i Hod it to tMr i
terest to correspond with thcui.
(Tlie shore tirai is authorised to receive ad.
vsrtisements tor the Uxam'ner.) " Zm ti.
Executor's Notice.
Notice il llOl'ohv frivn n kM nnl.4t..
estcd. that letter, t7.ni , 7.. J ;V.T '""'f "
Of Wm. R Dowd. deceased. 7.7.1
the auderaigned by the Chancery Cimrt ot
Monroe ooniitv. h Tiiiln - . .v
J , ,riVn -v., i.u KI.O ,(HUIV
i 7; ., " ? '1 sted to
in the manner and with!
by law, or thy will he ,
. J. B. I)0Vl
Jauuary V7, lbiS.

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