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Vw. '
Thursday, January 30, 1879.
'JL 1 -1 . - I .
"This mora t will weave my web." sho Mid,
At nhs stood by ber loom in Die rosy light,
Ai'd her ouiig bopoftiliy glad and clr.nr.
Followed afar (be ewallow' flight.
ADd as awn a the day's first tonka are done
While yet 1 itia fresh una strong" s.'id ebe,
I will tiaatra to weave tho beau:ilul web.
IV huso pattern In known to none but mo
"I iU woave it Hud. I will we ve il (air.
And h I bow the colors wilt iclow" he said.
V fadeless and strong will I weave mv web.
That perbapa it will live fttui J .iiu dend,'
tvjthe morning hour aped oa a wee ;
TBi air grow ( with tixibrciith of June:
X ltd Villi fl V I..VA liiil h tlm w,,it Iniiln
t 1 angled the threads us be buuiuied a tune
"Ah J"rma rich stu. fall." aba eried.
"Anwdp ig short though the dare are long!
a in uuii I will wcuve mv beautiful wi 0
1 will wesve It earcfullr fiue and strung."
luit the ami rote bleb In the eloudleaa skvt
Th burden and bent of the day abe bore ;
Aim nit tier ami thither she euro and wen.
- S bile the loonistoodatilt as it alood before
'A1 life la too Irony at noon," ahe auid,
"My web mast w ait till the evontlde,
e uoniuisn work of the daT le dune.
.1 QiTzht heart g rowa ca tin In t tie alienee wiuci
So, cue by oil i the boura passed on
'I ill thn emeulne Bli&dowa bad loueer thrown:
Till the buuae wo mill and Ibe breeze slept.
Aud th.ttiuglug birds to their nest bad flown,
"liul now I will weave my wob," aln said,
Aa alie turned to he r loom are eat of tan,
Aiul luid her hand on the shinning thread
To aet them in ardor one by one.
It at. hu&ii ilm ftivad and heart waa weak ;
"t u m not na atmnr aa I waa." aialted aba,
"Ami tbe pattern w blurred, and tbe colois
Are not o bright, ot e fair to tee .'
"I muat wait. I think till another tnori. ;
1 Uaat f a to my rott with lay work undone;
It It growing too dirk to waTa f aha siltd,
Aalower and lower sank the aun.
She dropped tbe shuttle ; tbe loom stood fcttll.
The weaver alopt in the twilight gray.
Dear heart. Will tbe weavelher beantiful
la the golden Ilgkt ol a longer day f
Supremo ( ourt Revert
Monday, January 13, 1879.
A. . Reynolds et al, vs. Samuel
Owjnn et a).; reversed.
Julia C. Hall ve. Wa II. Clopton,
ctxeeutor; reversed.
B. L. Friorson, adminiBti'ator, vs.
J. 0. Rugle, et ux; discharged.
H. Mitchell et al. vs. Tishomingo
Saving Institution; not a delay case,
and remanded to docket.
J. M. Thompson vs. A. H. Taylor;
reversed and bill dismissed.
. F. Noedum vs. IS. A. Crocket et
al;. affirmed.
Paul E. Owens vs. F. S. and Sao
A. Belcher:- affirmed.
Wm. A. Below ve. . A. Jones et
proper appeal bond denied.
W. T. Turner vs. D. F. amd P. R.
Lilly; ftfCrmed.
T. H. Sanders vs. Tishomingo Sa
Tintrs Institution: affirmed.
Eliza Morris ot al. vs. Harriett E.
Dennis et al.t affirmed'.
John Hodges vs. H. M. Sullivan;
Thomas N. Davis vs. H. 0. Avant;
citation ordered.
Uosday, January 20, 1879.
W. B. Sharplov vs. Statet reversed.
Weiler, Haas & Kraus vs. Board
of Supervisors of Warren county;
B. McManua vs. Foster & Gardner;
Mayfiold Reese vs. a. M. Robert'
son-, reversod.
Sam Billincslcy vs. T. Y. Neblett
et ah reversed and bill dismissed.
J! D; Tatnm vs. Sarah L. McClel-
lan; reversed and remanded, appelles
to tnv the costs.
Carrnthers & Co. vs. Hill, Terry
& Mitchell: roversed and remanded.
Geo. W. Jones and wife vs. Henry
B. Sherman; revei Bed and venire de
novo accorded.
State Board of Education vs. City
of Aberdeen; reversed and remanded.
C. B. Horton and wife vs. A. Grant
et al.: affirmed.
Zacbariah D. Jennings vs. Lawshe;
motion to alarm overruled.
G. W. Reynolds, adm'r eta, vs. J,
jf. Crockett, use, &c.; affirmed.
James A. Dogan vs. T. J.N. Blood
worth; reversed and remanded with
instructions to enter judgment in the
twurt below.
Sally Williams vs. Schwab & Co.
Isiah Bell ex parte Habeas Corpus;
Eettie Moon vs. Thos. F. Christian;
Offer Dior
Child 7
them this
Pittsburg Telegraph.
'ice following nttie story is a
touohing one and the hero thereof is
a well known young gentleman of
this city : He has been somewhat
wild in his habits in the past, but for
--four BJOB the he had abstained from
drink and spent his eveningsat borne.
One evening, three weeks ago, .he
wwat out aniKntr and some one gave
him a glass of wine. Thin aronnnd
0iio sloeping fiend, and he went off
Natn a grand carouse. For three days
he lost all mastery over himself, and
scarcely knew where he wae. On the
morning of the fourth day he was
comparatively sobered up. He wan
dered into the reading room of one
of our hotels, where he was well
known, and sat down and stared
moodily into the etreeb Presently
m little girl of about ten years came
in and looked timidly around the
room. She wae dreseea in rags, but
hbe had a sweet, intelligent face that
?tald scarcely fail to exoite sympa
thy. There wore five persons in the
'-ocm..and she went to each, begging.
if Vptlamaa gave her a five cent
I Vd she then went to tbe gon
fhae-Hpoken of and asking him for
pi;ay, aaaing: ' i naveni naa
Irtliioe to eat for a whole day.
xhfi rrent'erean was all out of humor,
atiil h! wtid croeuh: "Don't bother
Clf u. 1 4U atvuy ! I haven't had any
-i!:i?i!f,"to cat for throe days." The
child opened her eyes and stared at
biai for a moment, and then walked
!oW tuvaid ne door. fbo turned
the LVj', and tbeu. after hesitating
. iV ciiconds. oho turnea quickly
. ... . . . .i.i .... i i.:, -,i..
lilltl WTk-tU BUaigtlli Uli Hi uu urn.
b vl npokon so ill-natured, and gently
r V !1r tl,C IlVOCeniB SUO Uaci lewnretl
) i ii bib ktire, taid, with a tone of true
i-:!ii.h pit in ber voice, "If you
bars-ti't bmi itajtlisg I) cut for three
tWjou take this and go and buy
Hu'n bread. Pel Uapfi I cub get tomo
mi-rc KHiewltutc. Ihe joung fellow
bluahsd tt tbu roota of Lis baif, and
'.'lifli" tli ff'-i'1' itnrc Sinter of Charity
b'. k'.'.iir1. '" VjA!. br tvt or
three t:..t r.i del-r;-- -kjU h itltJ
Vr.r in tie r 'rcons in the ;oom, aud
to thbfie in th corridor aud tbofflce
aud tulU tbe btoiy tiiul a-ik&l cuiitri-
tmtiona, giving himself all the money
ho hud wiih him. He snewedfcd ill
wising over forty dollars, nnd sent
:ne little kmJly hearted onn on lier
way rejoicing.
Some one haw Rent to tbe Atlantic
Monthly tbe following expose:
"Lightly she lifts tbe liu-pe, pnre,
luminous hucII, and poises it in her
strong, shapely band. "Listen 1' shh
ayH "il hits- a tulet to ttil, Piiokon ii.
language you tnr.y Midr-rn'itUi! '
Miutlitig, Hbe huidft it. to luy dre;iniir.:
ear; t tie olu. doiicrnns murmur of tl)
sea Bteala like oncbantmont tbrougb
me, and I beur voices like eelioed of
eternity. Let ber poise. Sho way
also lift tbu convolutod unWale in u
'strong and -bapely band,' nnd hir
biceps may swell out like a rnusk
molort. But tbe antique swindle
touching the 'old delicious murmur
of the cea' is a humbug. For, reader,
if you will hold a beaver bat, or a
goblet, or a pickle bottle to your ear
you will hear tho same delicious mur
mur." When AJoliua Patti whb a vory little
girl she waa extremely fond of muaia aud
acting, and would tit niht, niter going
to bed, get up and ueorctly enact for her
own plcuoure the aocuca which she had
witneased at the thentro. "A rcd-liund
cloak of my father's and an old hut of
my mother's," Hho say a, "served m nsn
ooatnme, and thus I acted, danced, and
ohirped bare-footed, but with romantic
I drapery all through tb npnraa. Ap
plause ana wrf-ams wvia not inciting
either, for I pffruonatt'd my Rnditticee.
and throw liouquttitiittuiyiicli louqiivtH
made oi old newepupcrs.
Georgia, under Democratic rule.
has saved $90,000 a yenr, Alabama
150,000, and South Carolina nearly
double that sum. Thin Baving of, say
$230,000 a year in three represents
a practical addition to the wealth of
the taxpayers ot nearly $4,000,000.
JV. Y. World.
Missirtppi sees and goes better
than that. Her saving uuder Demo
erotic rule is not Icbs than $400,000
per annum. Jackson Clarion.
O'Leary has gone to the Hot
Springs, and his physician status that
be will not be able to walk any more
matches until after tbe first of May
next, if ever.
Behind tho scene Stage manager
"John, go and ace whether the ballet
are all drosses? John returns
"About ready, sir; got most of their
clothes off.
A lard.
To all who are suffering from the er
rors and indiscretions of youth, nervous
weakness, early deeay. loss of manhood.
&e., I will send a recipe that will cure
you, i ree of (jnAROE. this great rem
edy was discovered by a missionary in
Uoutti America. Send a self-addressed
envelope to the Rev. Joseph T. Inman,
Station D, Bible House, New York City.
Hoata of Pevple are Martyr.
To siok headache, that infallible s.vmptoiu
ot a diaordcrcd stomach, liver and bowel
Many softer from It aa many at three or four
times a week. Tbey do so naedlcatly, for
Hoatotter't Stomach Bltlore, by toning tbe
dlgeetive organs and regulating tbe bowel'
and liver, removing tbe cause, and dispels
tbe painful symptom, The intimate aymppa
thy between the brain and tbe abuominal
region cauaea the slightest disorder affecting
tho lattor to bo rcflcotcil, us it were, in tbe
organ of thought. Tbe reform instituted by
the liitteri when tbe digestive, secretive au
evaouattve funotions are in a state of ebaos
has other and more beneficial results, vit.
I he oouiplete nutrition of the whole physical
eoonoroy, tbe restoration of appeiite aiid re
pose, and an inoreate in the cower of ibe
ayatem to resist t'iaeasta of a malarial type-
The proprietora cjf these long established
Nurseries oBer a very large, select and well
grows stock of
Pear, Peach, Apple
and other Fruit Trees,
Tines, Plants, Etc.
Hardy Evergreens. Shrubbery
etc., all adapted to the Southern climate
Pricea very low. eiend for Catalogue for the
planting season of 1878 1879.
State Line, Wayne Co., Miss
November 14.4m.
On door eaat ot tb European Hotoi,
Aberdeen, Miss.
Pictures of all kind and description ta
ken by the moat improved prooeaaoa, and
aatlsfaction guaranteed.
November 17, tf
Of Chicago, Illinois.
An Incorporated 8took Company, devoted
to the sale ot
os oommlasion. and to tbe interests of Isven
lor generally. Correspondence aolioited, and
satisfaction guaranteed..
Ocoupying 10,000 lunare feet, ground floor
135 Lake Street.
L. D. PARTRIOnT.Preat..
. , . l W. WALLACi.. Seoretary.
BMZ. unosig utsm, .Hlua
in. Ttnnnn.il WIIIa. - -1
t. Onion Sole, &o. omen aeeoBpanied by
bt or P. 0. Order nil at Iomm ..k.i ir
Seetf foreatalogoa. ' r
TwlSTTviW anriBsi au n... u.
if!lS,..lu?3wl m"i dareas oa re-
Btflll CASKS,
J't'a'lic and tVootlun liurini Caacj of all
kind, from the cbaafusf to the tinest. at
Tbe fctality of Coniumptio"rr Throat
tint DUcmm. wWch weP to lh gravt at UL
one-thini ot an taui -
Opium or Morphiac tMtnient, which simply ini-
tTSiid if Opium or Morphine, or any prtratiOB
of Opium, Xlorphioe or Pnnsic Acid, m be found
in the Otoaa F Lowaa Coooh Svaue, whitlu.aa
cured people WBO are nvinj nwioy w -.-
ranaininglunj!. No greater wrong cao he done
than to tny that Consumption 11 Incurable. 1 no
Globi Ftowsa Couch Svaoe wiU cure It whaa
all other nwant have lEiiea. io, '-"rvrt
Asthma, Bronchitis, and all disease, ol the throw
nnd liium. Read the iMtimonmls of the Hon.
Alcwndcr H. Stephens. Gov. Smith and M-Ijoj.
Brown of G.., lion. Geo. PeaboJy, "well aa
those of other remarkable cure, in our book-free
M i to all at tnc arug siurn v": . r ,1,
Vi ' you wish to be curl you can be by ukMg the
,1 Take ao Troches or Loiengea for Sore Throat,
M whea you ean t G lose Flower Svaop "so
O price. For sale by aU Prouta la as otot and
ie. m ivittlea.
.a- jr. sxxistsrtiij a oo
iSuld by Hbell & liuruine.Abe rtleev.MiBe
T1.U ImMrtMl AMI. w.iffht hut ahOUt ttlT
pounds, and all the blood In a living person (about
three gallons) passes through it at least once every
half hour, to have the bile and other Impurities
strained or mtertu worn It. ou
purgative of the bowels, and If the Liver become
torpid It is not separatee irom mc uiwu,
rled through tin veins to all part of the system,
and in trying to escape through the pores of the
skin, causes It to turn yellow or a dirty browa
color. The stomach becomes diseased, and Iryi
pepsia. Indigestion, Constipation, Headache, BiU
ousneu, Jaundice, Chills, Malarial Fevers, Files,
Sick and Sour Stomach, and general aeoinry ku
low. Maaaai.t's HarATix, the great vegetabi
discovery for torpidity, causes the Lire to throw
off from one to two nmeet of bile Mthttcw the
blood pasees Utrougn it, as long as sacra p
case of bile: and the effect of even aTemoeKl
upon yellow complcxiou or a brown dirty looking
tVin will astonish all who try It they being the
first svraptoau to disappear. The cure of all bili
ous diseases and Liver complaint Is made certain
by taking HaTATlHE in accordance with directions.
Headache is generally cured in twenty minutes,
and no disease that arises from the Liver can exist
if a fair trial is given.
Take no piUa when vo ean get Her ATI KB at
the same price. For sale In tj cent and ts.oe hot
ties by all Druggists.
A. I. UVB&tll CO., Proae., fWlo4(pWd, fls.
Sold by Shell & Burdine, Aberdeen, Mibs.
Grave mistaken arc made In the treatment of nil
discasct ttut arise trom poison in the blood. Not
one caic of Scrofula, byphilit, White Swelling,
Ulcerous Sore and Skin disease, in a thousand,
is treated without the use of MVcury in some form.
Mercury rots the bones, ud the diseases it pro
duces are worse titan any other kind of blood or
skin disease can be. Dr. Pimbrkton'sStill.n
gia or Queen s Drliomt is the only medicine
U J upon which a hope of recovery from scrofula, ay
. f phiiis and Mercurial diseases m all stages, can be
M! reasonably sounded, and that will cure Cancer,
$10,000 will be paid Dy the proprietors 11 Mercury,
or any ingredient not purely YCgciaoee ana uuv
less can be found in it.
Price by all Drucgim fi.oo.
Globb Flow kb Couch Syri'I and MenrtBLL't
Hbpatihb forth 1 Livta for sale by all Drug
gists in 35 cent sod $1,00 bottle.
JL ?. ifEEHILL ft CO., Proprietors,
3old by Shell & Bariiiue, A beiueen, Miss
vox, tbs mjk.xn or
S. E. Cerner Water and St. Michael Streets,
Prompt A 'Untlan to all Bunnell JCntruited to u
No Consignments Neglected
No Perishable floods Lost or Thrown Away III
Refer to all Prominent Merchant), and Men
nf Miihili. mill F.lnwhcre lrc. 18. 3m.
No. 47 Coansnerc) Street.
Ropairlng don neatly and obeajily, and
made aa goud aa new.
He ia crippled and unable to dolbe manual
labor by whieh others thrive, but be believes
he 1 master ol his Irids, and If industry,
sobriety and low price will commaid rctpeot
and patronage, ha hope to merit your tnvor
January 24, 1878 tf
Oorner ot Commerce and St. Jnniea Street'
Co riaes, Hacks,
Nprlug au Vtoad Wagonn
Also Carriage and Wnpon Makt.ra' Material ol
an amd.
Price Let than samo article can be brought
irom me norm.
We call the attention of ilia nannU ,, lu.
deon and aurroundlug oountry to our atook oi
veiueie. uitermgonly
article, unequalled in ezoellenor of mntoriul,
faitlifulnesa in wotkmanship, fccauty of Auisb,
mm v.cnriiTna iu price; nuu we pirate our
selves to all 4ho may favor ns with theii
traue. to iuir sua square ticaiing believing
'ht w can offer vehicles of all kinds with
Home Guarantee, at lowor rate than others.
wnne our pront will'be used in building U)
Home Manufacture. Give ns a tair tiial
Jiat is all weaak.
lftth. 1874. tf
lMtray Notice.,,
Tsken np by J. F. Bransford, Sr. on bis plan
tation miles north west of Aberdeen, one bay
horse colt, about one year old no mnrks or
brands, appraised at Sto. -
The owner of the abovo estray, will please
come forward prove property, pay charges and
take him away, or be will be dealt with accoi
f ing to law.
Jan. 18 th, 17.
Administrator's Notice.
Whereas, Let ers of A.lmmintHitiiir, w. re
grunted tethe uit. ei.ienrd by the Honoralue
i haueary t,onil nl Moiir.i,) ei.ot.ly, .Wini-ik'O
pi, in Tuition. Dec. SO 1 ". i.-n the eatale,
(al aud f.'iv'rin.ii. o' lnit.b Wii n -.1 di-. V.
Nn . thin i Ui givf iio-ifi' r,i a.i imiTi. K
hulding olanis up .inut s.iid liecilruf. tu ituve
henj fi.ed and rf(;:Btiii'id iu tin? m .uticr ki..i
liiue prcaciib d bt la, or thv vt'l b for
nvrr barreil. WM. O El.KIN,
January 2,-1879. Adniiuistrator.
Estray Notice,
' Taken up by Jefl'orson Willis, on th planta
tion of Mr. bam bakur, about 6 mllca North
west ol Abnrdet n, one small dark brlndle t'ow
and eair, the Cow Is mmketl with one short
Hit In eaeh ear, no other marks or brands, and
the 'all' unmarked and no brand, both appris
ed at $a.
Tbe owner of th above estray is requested
to ounio tot-word, prove properly pay charge
and tule her away or the will be dealt
with oi the law directs.
J,-. YiUiiiia,fiasur.
-Tiri.i it,r as a " Ml ismi
Please take notice that hare
the largest
Ever sffered iu Mobile. Our stock is FRESIl, and has been re
cently manufactured in New York by our Mr. M. P. LETT (in
person) who has taken advantage f.Le sudden decline in
Goods, thereby enabling ns to offer to our custom
ers and the public generally
At prices LOWER than ever offered
any other offered In
Seeinp; is believinp;, therefore ctime
elsewhere, and you will be convinced thnt we nave the
LarQ6Sl,Clieapsts BBSt-Selects
Stock of Clothing in the city, at prices
One Price Cnly, and that
All Goods Warranted aa Represented, or Money Refunded I!!
M. P. LEVY & CO.,
10. IS & 20 No ilh
and Plantation Supplies.
Have Just opened, at No. C3 Commerce Street, Aberdeen, Mlealealipt. a lurtse stork ot
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
And cverjrthlug usually found In a flrst-claas Grocery Store, nhicb thev offer at tbe lowest prli-i-
Plantation Supplies a Specialty !'
Aad all orders Riled minutely, from tbe smallest
a ceittlem'in of large sxporli ni-e In the Grocery
NoTrmber W7.tr.
Gods, Ies ii Pistols Breecli - Loaders a Suecialty. SLTr..
Nportsmeu'M Material Always on Ilaud. -iRF a
ill mils m
To SroFTssimt and tbi PrBt.to Qihkeili
I bare bee appointed Agent for tbe State of
brated, old reliable rlnnse ol MOORK8 SONS,
pricea. 1 also have received the Agency for the
Breech-Loading Rifles, Manufactured by Remington & Sons.
The samples will arrive In ahont ten days from date 1 onn show von a reliable Breech-Load'
Shot Qun for talO OO, and a good VlusEle-Loadlng Qui) for S10.OA. Every gun ut thla twit ia lull
warranted for twelve months. No trouble to show the samples. Kep-tlrlrg done as uual is th
best manner, and warranted.
h , m, n., W. KELLERMAN, Gunsmith
Aberdeen, Miss., October i. IOTA.
(Formerly the Mobile Foundry)
For Sail. C.litt 5'j:!m,
(L Variety cf h.ii ii ir . and clt c for Ga !er
ies. aud iron Railing for Grave Loi, al.o
Cooking and Heating Stoves,
And-Irons, Eltc-
And all at f lie same or lower Prices than at the Xorth.
Ootoboc IS, W7H, 3m.
on hand and are still receiving
stock of
before. Our CLOTHING Is of MJ-
and BETTER lit PI MED than
and examine our stock before purchasing
that defy competition and will satisfy the
Lcwci than the Lowe t
Mater ireei. Xobite, 4Sa
to tbe largest. We hav seourcil the service i.
Bnslness, who will always be ploasert to meet and
i :
Mississippi, for the sale of the Huns of th cele
(establlaiicd 1M3), on coniinbalon, at New Tort
A nil alt Doaj7rlp'?or.i
Bi - iIJ ity,. a 4 riauf atrts i
professional cards
HurviTiug partner of tbt late Ursa of Dowd
it Dowd, Prompt ultuntion given to all
business entrusted to him.
January S!7, 1K79.
tiffl, e iu ill.- Sirlta Building. n!7.
Will practice In all nf tbe Coort of this eonnty
and dia rl"t. Co lections solicited, and prompt
attention giren toall Business entrusted to him
Offline wl'h H(.n. J. M. Acker. nll.Sm.
UI wv ibis nruu ot ani, r Him m
LHtwu, aaatiaists swwa.
Solicitors in Chancery
Of Pios Over the Drug Store of Shell ft Bur
'lino. may a, ,ie o.
BAkt'L J. OH0LS09.
an d
Will Draoticeln all t!ip fowrtK in tho Flrnt jn-'
rll an I ChanPfTv Ulftrlctfi, Stiprcnu nm t
.licksnii, and UmtMi stales Mmrt at nxmr
Miss Promt u'tt-rttion (jiv.-rt to the cnlhctl
nf rlalni in all portions ot bn Hinte, ari'l K
Kiatu I onpht tnni mi... j30t'im
at Law
Aberdeen, Mississippi
I MA ;rtictiC( in t'..n Prfleral nif vnrin;
1 'ire nil and Chmierry CtmrtKof thi
'Hicp ot So 4M'(i.,m.",p trM't ni"3J
1U. K s MOKFA i
-Vou'd bo nlenwed to reniive calls from
Voir rtcsii'itiK work in his line. KefercHCi
iiven when ilesin-tl. f'flice at bis residencr
In t .c Hu'-ltiuiili.iiii house
An ,ii 11. iH7. ly.
Uuoua over C. T. Oiffui-ii's J-welry Htnro, 1'
Offcrfj h'R lirufpnniunal scrvicna to tl e 1111
iient-rttllv. V til ill, Kxtrnct, I'lcaum.
nnd roi ivt't inotiuluriricfl "f the Tei tb, IT'-h
m flfR o tho (1iiu.fi nnd Mouth, iniwrt Art
lioial Teeth. uiHtu the lut-cmt ami ..mat iniprn
cd "lni'0. All wok k wakrantkdI J 6.78 1 v
Gi S. W00DMAN5EE M. D.
Having located In Abeidecti, Mips
reuarnd to treat hi th' raiirtHurceBst'iil inunnpr
(llseuaoa to wtttcli "humatt flenh is hulr," a
ould more epflcially call attention to thof of
i Liver. Neuralgia, paratyxlti. fitf.chillri.rhen
mal in m, acute and chronic Horo eyes, trtiito
with success.
Office over QHford's Jewelry Stor. Ronltlno
Wnbh'n Hotel. Jni.l(l.,7fi.tn
This standard article is compound
ed with the greateat core.
Its effect" are as wonderful and as
satisfactory as ever.
It restores gray or faded hnir to its
youthful color.
It removes nil ernptlons, itching
and dandruff. It gives the head a
cooling, soothing sensation of great
comfort, and tlie scalp by its use
becomes white and clean.
By its tonio properties It restores
the capillary glands to their normal
vigor, preventing baldness, and mak
ing the hair grow thick and strong.
As a dressing, nothing has been
found so effectual or desirable.
A. A. Hayes, M.D., State Assayer
of Massachusetts, soys, "The con
stituents are pure, and carefully se
lected for excellent quality ; and I
consider it the Best Friparatiok
for it intended purposes."
fries, One Dollar.
Buokin4th.tvm'a Dyd
This elegant preparation mny ho
relied on to change the color of the
beard from gray or any other undesir
able shade, to brown or black, at dis
cretion. It is easily applied, being irt
one preparation, and quickly and ef
fectually produces a permanent color,
which will neither rub nor wash off.
ManofaotBrad by a f. HALL fc CO.,
SI If all SftfUHf, as SMlm is aMlsias.
BUeU & Bunliao, Agents, Aberdeen,
ftew Advertisementa.
WANTED teSirvs
adjoining towns I or the best selling household
articles In the world. Tip-top prohtt; wrll.i at
once to New York aTauuraeturliig Company,
Clinton Place,-New Yurk
A .nrtol rr auaiiT net TvilH rnnr aililrrpir) Will
Insnre tree in return, our JltufraUd clriulare
ol' n-cii hout-eltirnlnhlng 8pcmltla. PALMhR
A - KILTON, Mitituittoturers, 281 Pitarl Street.
K-w T'H k. , Wk
Wo will pay Agents a salary ot siiw per moinu
.,,,1 MiinMi. or allow a laree cnnimissloll to
veil our new and wonderful Inventions. We
mean what we mv. A urnss, wlinoiir uiy,
SHKRWAN cfcl'O., Marsh 11 Vrhignn.
.. .t. v . . v. iy
previ tit ihiKtfir lilt- rtie tec. anil will uosiIIti-
' cure nine cnaea In tmi. Inlvrm-itlon tnat
IH save niativ liven afiir. free bv mull: don't
(! lay a niom!nl: tirev. ntlnu ti 1ft er than cur.
SoM evTvwh r. X. S JQIIX8QN & CO.,
Jta gttrt Mainm.
A Wevr Kxciiiiig Boitk.
BrlstllDg with the Wild AdvePtnrus of
The only authentic and copvrluhted cheap
cllllon; bv the brilliant dVurriolive author.
Rev. J. T. Headly. Gives a full history of his
won.lertnl illscriverls In Africa anil nKrvelous
joiirnev down the Congo. More 1'anchiatirtiz than
romance, i'rotosely llluiitrnieil, and highlv
eiiuorsrri bv thi' clprtrv and proiM, Ovtir 10,000
nolil; more AgputM Wanted. For purtioBlnrs
shout th booti , sticei sM of nc.iiitu, nntl the best
term., aatinw HUKDAUU 11KOM., VubliBbcrs,
I'bihtili lphln. Penn.
Tlie miituf.ictnrrtH wrr p.war lt d Hit?
highest and only iitedul given luhlx-r pluirt
ii'H, ut im tli tht Ceil' Pii ii fal and Pri Kx
pciRltU nfl Fnr wuporior to common porous
planter. Ili.iniejHfi, the nu-c.illi'd (-leetrlcii'
uppiiHiicefi, &c. It in th hest known rem-
dv tor l.nmo and Weak Back, ihcumatlrini
Fern Hp Weitk neat,. Sciatica, Luiubuco. Dls-
eane(l Ki.'neya, Si inul Comphilnta, and all
illn for hl h porou.i plasters arc uttett. Afk
youj uruciHT ior iietiBOii iipcine ftatm
nd ee that you put no liing clue. SoU hy
all flruffi-iatH; price 23 emits. Mulled on re
ceipt of price by 8 h ABC it Y & JoiiMBON, 21
Piatt Street, ew Yoi k.
AT.LAM'fl Aim -Fat la th Rrett rnnwly for Corvu
kney. It Is purely wgetaltlo ami penVctly liarmloM,
If action tho food id the ttoiDaclt. iii-ttveniWl'scou-terslon
Into fit. Tahin neror'tinjr to chn-ctlona, K
will r9lao ft fkt parw tnrm t 5 wofk.
Ill nluriuT tlilai rvniRtlV iK-fhrp IIim nnliMr am n
ttvts cure lor obolty. we do oo knowing m kIiIIUv to
cure, at attested by liundreua or uatlmonuls, of
wuicu me leruowiiif? iTOU) a uoy m uoiutiiDua, Ulilo,
niuiv. - h.iiui;huti: itiur Jinu-rai wasuillT
rect'lf-eil. I took it accord ing to dlreeUoni and u
reduced loe Ave pounds. 1 was io elated over thi? rc
ult that 1 Immediately gent to Ackjehman'S drug-
atvitr itii m it jeiuii'i UIHMl'. AIlUVIltTr, n Oil YBiTliin,
writing for a patient from Provldenre. R. I., savn.
"tour Imult-a have reduced her welirlit from lw
pounda to 193 i hounds, aud there In a frenend improve
ment tn Iwalth." A gontlenian writln( from Bos
ton, lays: Without special elianw or attention to
diet, two bottles of Allan's Antl-Fitl reduced me i'.itr
and one-quarier ponnds.' Tins well-known Whole
sale Drngjits, dMITH, UOOUTTT.b t bUlTK. of Bos
ton, hhm., write as follows: Aiitui's Anti-rm has
n-diiced a ludy In our lity seTen pounds iu three
Anti-rut rcffuucd nio twelve pounds In th ret weeks,
and altogether 1 have lost twenty-Svo bounds sines
a ffrniiemaia in m. louu writ's: "Jiiuirs
counim ncn.K its uk." Aiers. row six & rumroiK,
Wliolcaatt' DrUatnlats. of Ouflalo, S.Y., write: "To
the rnopHdcwuH op Allan's Ati-Pat: tientle
mn, The followiux reina't Is from tli Indy who nie
Allan's Antl-s'au Jt (Uit Anti-Pat) had ttiedc.-lreJ
etfect, reducing the fat (Voiu two Ut llvo pounds a
week antll I had lost tweuty-Qro poundi. I ln.ps
never w resaln what I have lost.1 Anti-Fat Is sa
unexcelled lilood-purtfler. It promotes dlitesilin,
etirtii(r dyspepnla, and la also a potent mnetly for
1'lieuiu.tUnin. bold by druggist, l'aniplddt ou OUei
Ity si'iil on rercijitof stiniit.
BOTANIC ilD!CLNE cU.PxorRS, Buffalo, K.Y.
By an Imnieniir nractteo at thcoi-bT DI?ncn
ary and lu valid flofcl, haviDR treated many tliou
sand eases of those dle:itM pcrullur lo wminn, (
havu been enabled to perflict a niobtpoteut and puni
tive reme ly tor these diseases.
T designate tills natm ul Bpoctflc, 1 have named It
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Tl terra, howevor, la hut a feeble expression of
iy high apprsclatlon of Us value, luat d upon per
sonal oiiservutlon. i have, wlillo wUntwfng lt posi
tive 1'enulU In the special dLenseB hn Mciit to the
Cnnmlsui f woman, ttliiKh'd It out as tbs elfmux or
wwwIhc atM of my awllal trr. On Kh mcrita,
as a positive, Mile, aui eil'vctual n-mcdy lur thU elxs'i
ofUsenriei, nnd one that will, at ull limes and under
all si remittance;, act kindly, 1 am willtnji to ntaka
iuy ropHtntlon as a-plivstcluu: and so contldentuin
I that It will nut disappoint the most sanguine ex
pectations ot a fdnglo Invalid lady who lists Itforany
of ihu aliments tor which I rccommeri I It. thnf 1 olT'T
and sell It under A 1MMIT1VK UrAUANTKE. (i'af
condltlona, see pnnihlet wrapping boltlc.)
Tlio fdlmvlnir aro anions; tlioso dlseasnB In which
my FiiTerit Hreaeriptlon liaa worked cures, at. If by
magic, and with a certainty never before attained by
any modiolus: Li'iteorrhoea, Excessive Flu wins-,
1'iilnful Monthly 1'orlodn, liiupprowtnns when frnm
unnatural causes, IrregularltR'S, "Weiik Buck. I'i-o-laptuis,
or Falling of the UUinta, Antcvcralon and
Ifctrnvftrtitnn. Hcnrlnr-down Sen nations. Internal
iicat, nervous ijeprea
h.ca Ucbllllr, Drsnnntleui'r
e, Tronic ('niip'-btlen, Iiv-
1 irsaUinml M scarrlaui
flaniiiiattonanil Ulceration ot tlie Uterun, Inipoteney,
ltarreuaoM, or fitertllly. slid Ft-Diale Weiikniwi.
CO nut extol this meillrlne ss a "mre-all,!
tint It
aumlrablv riilOU-i a auaa-lencas or purpMe, being- a
st perfect specific In all cnroulc uiut-as... ot tlie
flxuaisystuin tit woman, it will nut 'llsappolut, nor
viii ii ao Hurra, in any niau: "r L-uniiuiini.
Tli'ise who desire further Information on these suh
011 can oiitalu It tn Tjie ieoi'i.k'8 common Sx.nss
kdical AlivtSKit, a ho,)k of over 8W psiriti. sent,
post-pahl, on receipt of 81.NI. It Iruau minutely of
those ilUease. peeuUtir to Females, and irlre. much
valaaMe ailvlce ha rvtfard to the laaiuojemeut of
Uiose anVctloufc
r.vMlte PrMotpttea wiM ar
H. V. PIERCE, M. jl, I'reDMr.y
li, PreoMr, world' allifcnsary
fiujralo, I?, V.
oa uvaiyu' uowi.
Itantjrt'r'''. Nule.
On the first mondrxv in February J87ft,
front of Ibe "mit-t House door, in lhA city of
Abei-dceu Miss.. 1 will proceed, to sell to the
Niftiest Diililnr Im- chhIi, tlie lul In wiu,' lies
crilieil prupci-ty lirtviug been itilTertiaed ao.
oui'iliiiir tn law us -atruy, to-wit: Oai blai
and white listed nw and three boat, tho
suuie is marked two splits in tho lett ear
ami crop off the risrlit. the Shottts have no
ear marks, appraised ul fl.OO-eaeh.
The on ner of tho iibove asrrtt.vs is request'
ed to come t.u-wisrit prove property pay
charges and take I hem awiiyor they will bo
dealt Willi a tho lii" iln-eets
J. P. W1LLH, Eangor
Auminiittrator'M olice.
Tho iinderaiirticd Adniinistrntor of the ca
tute o Klislia Strong, dreciind, herebygivee
notice r lint Lienors ol Aunni.tr.itiou on said
astute were unuited to me on the Oth day ol
December. IB78, bytho Cliiineerv Court of
Alnni-oe ciuiuiy. '-laeiasinp'. Ail persons
iiuTing cinima agnrnai auiu estate are hereby
requested to exhibit the aume and bure them
registered in the manner nnd within tuetime
proflorihvd ny law or they will be forever
biirroit. U. A. KT.KO.NU,
Dec 9, 1878. Administrator.
I iscnt li nntlr 'l's Creditors.
Wlieiea., Letter Testmnentary on the
EBta.e in Andrew .1. flil;esiiie. .leoeitsed, were
grunt, (t to the uaderrti ni-il hy lie Chancery
j I'nitrt ol Monroe County, in vuca'ion. on the
U huayof L).eeiiiber A. 1). W?8, notice ia
hen b; giv n to all pe sons having claims
I iiK ii'.i I .ui I E.tute to exblliit Ibe sumo, and
i luv, l In, in reaisiered In the imiuiier and
, wtliiii ti.e tim- pt ' Hcrihed by lair, or they
! w:,l ho i. p ver li:irred
r.xer utrix.
rico. lUih. 1878.
K.v,'U'i,.i ..otlce.
Notice is hereby given to all parties .inter
ested, Ihtt letters t- stiinciitery on the estate
of Wm. Duwd deoi Haed, we.e granted to
the umleifigiied by the Cbanocry Cnm-t of
Monroe coinitv iu viiouliou, on the 7th day
f Inn u ry, ihjil. All persons having claims
sgaiiiat suid estulo are berehy requested to
exhibit iliu same and have tlieln registered
in the manner ant withiti tbetiirte prescribe!
by law, or they will bo forever burred.
ANN W DOWI), Exeoutrix.
J. It. DOWD, Executor.
January 27, 1379.
Truttt Male.
Bv virtu of a certain Deed of Trust made
by Shell t Btout on tbe Sth day of Nutcip
ber, 18T7. to ceure tbe pavment oi aoto f
four hundred and liftr doOtr atxi-' in
est thereon, to J. W. llovrurd, 1- ."c
recorded in Book No. 8, paige Ksafu;
orda of tbe ceunty of Monroe, 0d(
sissinni, I will as Trustes ttitfild i
on 'eJJ
Thursday, Jaai'y 3O,-ii,;0
in front of the door of the Mommofo '
building, proceed to sell for caeb.'t
highest bidder, one Flonr Mill, onv
Mill, one Uniler. one Kuciue, and othc.
chinnry aud tixturea, In eaid buildiui,
block 9, Old Aberdeen, to satisfy Hiiiil iudtbt
eduesa aad all costs sade withiii leitiil lioure.
OLU. J. fAl.Nli. Trustetn.
January 9, 1879.
Citation XoOcc.
1 1
la the Cliiiii'itry
iourue t'ounty.
In Vaoution before the Clfcrk.. Jti. V!4,
William V.Futrell.)
b. No. lac?.
Mary fuUcll. )
Utou affidavit filed lu thin cause, if iipter-
ing to the satinfaetlon of the i-omt, thai, th
def endant, Mary Futrell. ia a min i evident ot
the Slate of Mt8rirnippt, und roHides beyond
the litnita thereof, so that the ordinary pro
cess ol law cannot be served upon Uer; thiit
eh resides in the St ato of Texna, aud thuV
her post office udilrens ia imknoini.
It is thcrfoie rde ed by th Court, that
the defendant, Mary Futrell, do enter her
appearance herein on or he tore the iirat
Monday iu March, at ti term of our Cnuueci T
('ourt to he holdou rtt the t'ourt lloune iu ia
lov.il id Aberdeen, on the
1st Jiomlayof marHi. 1 H7!
thereto plead, answerer d;irftur to the aatd
Compluinnut's hill of r.otn plai.it, ortliartov
cval iillegatioua thereol will be taken fircou-feB-io-t
aa to btr, and the euuac pruct'eded iu
It is further ordered by the Court, that u
copy of thin or dor be puhlitthed iu the Aber
deen Kxaiuin r, a pu'-hc ueTpiiper pnnteit
and publinhod in the town of Aberdeen, iu
Monroe county, ior lour wokg Bucosaivelr.
If. S. OJUIIYI.KN, Viark
A true copy from Ihe iniiiQttH of iho Court.
AUrat; H S. U!ld:YLKNt (Ui-rk.
Jliolon Al IIouHton, SMlioilot for Lyii
pliiinant. January !J7, J8"y. ,
Aon-Itt-Hidt'iit Notice.
Tho Stato ot Mississippi, ; In Chimeerj Court.
niuuroe bounty. )
At Monthly Itulea beforo tho Clerk, the Siud
Monday in Novtiolier, J 147 d.
In Re. CRlatooi Klizabctb Couwill. doccusct',
on fiiutl sctllement Mo. 1678.
Upon affidavit filed In tbiecuusc, it appear
iug to the siitial'iiciiiiu of the Court, tbruuiiU
thn t'leik, tls ut J. I). Couwill, oue of the
tioirs and tlisli ibttti.-t1 ut' said estate, is a
non "esidi nt of the Slut : ut Jlississiiipi. inn
n aiiles beyond tho limits thereof, so that Ihe
ordinary procoss of luw cannot be served up
on 1 im; thai be resides in tbe Ktittu ol Terns,
and liua Iiu- his postr.tllce address, Pariiiib,
Liiimir county, Texas.
It is fm-tli r ordored, llial the sold J. 1.
Conwill do enter his ttpporti-nure herein uu
or lictorelie Tirst Monday in .Mnrtli. at u.
term of our Chancery Court to be holdeu at
the Courthouse in the town of Aberdeen, uu
1st Monday of Man !. 1$7,
then and there to show onusa if noy be tut
why the linul account ol q. t). Kckfin-d, aif
iu Hint r itur of tho oBtulu of said Kliz .belli "
Cunwill, ilecensed, should nut be ullowml o
stateil nuil tiled, and decree iiiude thereon
Rccut'diiigly audsuid administiatoi' dischuti:
cd. It is further ordered by tbe Cuurr,
IliroiiRh Ihu Clerk, that a cnpv of this or
der bn published in the Aberdeen Examiner,
a public uewspuper printed una published in
tho town of Aberdeen in Mmu-uo cuuutv, tnr
fiiur woeks sttei'.eKsively.und that the clerk f
this rou-t tlo tniiiHunt by inuil, pwtiiue p;i),
to Bind iKin ieHideiit lieu- and ili.n ilmter, a
copy ol this older tn hi uddicss nloresniil.
Novcmborll, W78.
A trim copy from the minutes el 'lie f'.,in t .
Attest: 11. H. O ll.LKVl.KN. Cln-k.
11T WM u. KLK.1.V 1. (.
November 13. 1878.
4'ilnliou .otire.
Miitroe County. ' . -
Iu the Cliiltleel-y Collll, et liilles befme (he
Clerk, thul'ad Mondiiy in ,fuuu-rr, 17!1.
lluptiht Hollidiiy, I
vs. No. l i.'H.
A. J. Sykcs nnd K. P Snip. lOceu
tors of (i. A. Krkes, deo' tal. )
Cpcn iilliilavit filed in this eause, itiippnur
ing to the Kill inlrt itimi nf the Cimrl. thi(nili
the nierk, Unit ileieiidiililH, (leme A. .S. kes.
r., Klii M. Sykes. uiillors; and Diiun'ii 1".
Unburn- their uaidiuii, mid I'ullnek Hui -hniif
her h nbunil. urn iiiiii-reiile.nls uf ihe riiuip
of .Missisriippi, and li'Hidii huoiul lh limits
IhetvMii, so tlntt the ordinary prnces.i m li,v
eutiiuit be served upofi tin til ; th:.t the .aid
tleoixe A. Sj-kea.ji-., ie-ii!cs in the Slate ut"
Vii sriniu, and hue fir Ilia pucit olhee iiddiess,
Lt:iiiti;tim, Viigiiiiu; auid Kliza M. Sykea re
side ill New York city, ami hue lur her post,
utlii-e address, New York City; end then suid
guitrdiltii MnlDit r. Ltal-liimr, and her hue
I'olliit-k Uai biuir, hiive fur ihe't- pet i
uuui-eHH, i.iiuisviue, iviMilllCKy;
It is therefore ordered by the (
ibe stud liiiU'l-esident defeiuliiiita
their appeiiriineo herein on or bctore ft-.
Monday in March next, ut u term"r".
Chancery lioin t to be linlden ut the Court
House iu tho town of Aberdeen, ou the-
1st Moiiduy wt'Mnrh,187.
thcra to plead, answer or (lemur to the s .:t
i otnpliiHinnl's bill lit complaint. r the sev
eral allegutiurs thereof will be hikcu I'm.
cimfesseii us lo thru, und Ihe cause prnvre.1 '
ed in aacnrdinifly.
It is further ordered thnt a copy ot this or-'
der be published in the Ahcrdeeu kA-iimiuer
ii public newspaper printed and published in
the town of Alicrdcon, iu Monroe county, fur
lour weeks successively, and tlmt the Cleik
of tins Court no transmit by mail, pimlnjfi)
paid, to said non-resident defendants a copy
oi this order to tbeir addronses aforeseid.
H. H. (ULLKYIJiJl, Clerk.
By V,K. U. K1.KIN, D V.
A true copy from the minutes of th Caui-t,
Attestt II. H. (UU.KYI.KN, Clerk.
ByWM.U. KUUN, D. (,'.
B. McFarland, solicitor for Complainant.
January lii, I79 jl6.
C itatiou Xviltit. "
Itawamba County. ,
John SV. Iliiberls,
vs. No. Mil.
Klizaboth Robert. )
I'pun ronding anil Hling hill und sSiilnvtt
heroin, it appearing tbnt Ihe defendant Mir
abel h Itoherts, is a lion-resident of the Mule
ot Mississippi, and resides in the county of
Tuaeulooaa, State of Alabama, and thai. Iter
poHtollioe is rfenh Fort, iu said county.
It is then-tore ordered, (hat publication be
rondo requiring tho suid Kliuhrth Kubei-U
to appear before the Clerk of tho C'lintiuci.v
Court of Itiiwombu county, Mississippi, n't
his office in tbe town nl Kulteu, in said coun
ty of IiHwaraba, at rules, on tho
Second Monday of February, 187t
and plead, answer or demur (a the bill ot
complaint ot Jobs W. Koberts, lor divert-.
It is further ordored (but a copy of this or
der bo published in the Aberdeen Examiner.
a publio newspaper printed and published ill
tho town of Aberdeen, in Monroe coinitv, for
four tveeka successively, and that the Clerk,
of this Court mail a copy of this order to Ihei
suid Klisabeth Huberts to ber poatolhoo ad.
dreaa as per ulBduvit on fi Im.
V. W. JO1IN.40X, Clerk.
Newkan Catch. Solicitor for Complainant.
lanunry U. 1871.
KNtray Aotice.
Taken np by Joe Dlnkins. on .7. If A-..,i.
soa's place, about the ttr.tof HecemUer 1(7H,
one Sow and throe Shoals; the sow i black
with a list around her bodv,two.plits in the
left ear and crop off the right ear; the about,
have no ear murk. Appraised ut (I eaeh
1 ho owticr of the above estrav iareunui..,i
to come loi-w.nd. prove Humeri v i,,.,- i,
and take tlicia awsy or (hey will bedtl(,wiih.
nn ihu iiiw uireeis.
d2o. J
I. WILMS, Ranger.
low Lost, How lUstcvdr
JlUt rtllitinrirrl s nasi ...11.;.. .( n. et ' .
'tf Jt'S '"-''!'-"l tr " IfiBdalsia.. wi u,il i,r'i.:
Thai, ll- . 5 r- ' siawnts.
elusrly provw fr.in a linn. ..a,.....,,... .l-. .,.. I Jl
CI)!iBimitpn.s o( N.lf-.hn.;, m.. .
withmit th. danmrnii. nw of Internal .lira' S
S5.,2'!f" " itr.un.-iit.
OUre llini'elf .thnlv nei..,.!.. ...I 1. ; 7
iv .iii uiRiuru n.)nia su lu LbeJ
...... . T lma ininfliana.
"-jii. unncr seni in s tiiuin qtit
r-i i. ou rnofl.pi of on I'fjti'ai twl
iae lulicnvell mi
bund w
ullif 'ff

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