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Weekly aud. Tri-Weeklj, by
U every Thursday, t th. Jbl jwing rate.:
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hV., ,r " ,",t1r!e,, Publisher and
, ,,1Jr 1lr Ma Jut) aod nocUM fM,
f tmP" or " 'Promisku,' euMlng, if th.
.. ,u me nan(, of , Magltrt for
'urllj not "! within to days after
TfifcTEi. WEEKLY EX ami rap.
iwuea on Wednesdays, Friday., and Mondays
Mondaj ', paper is delivered by Carrier oft Bun
ay awning.
JJ One Tear, .
tor ilx aioutb. - . m
Mfce have seldom stopped the smper of any lub.
paid for, vritJiout giving offense, hence we shall
"'Jm wiVDBUtT at tba er.nirnf.lhn he tm
"YwmM lne weekly in all eases to parties known
-gooa ror the money," unless ordered to
entlnue it.
1 -TMajimiMajlanJ UkO
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it, tolling OTer your
r oh tore brain and
te, take
suffering from any Id
issipatlon. talco
,r stngicold or yomip,iuifer
health or languishing
of sickuett, take
i wherever you are, whenever
ur yntm nee h clemming,
..ting.witliout Intoxicating, take
ftiPpula kidney or urinary complaint
. NMimach, bowels, blood, IWfi or
You will be cured If you take
fton are simply ailing, are weak and low splr
ited, try it ! Buy it. Insist upon It.
Your drug gluts keep it,
3Tt may taveyour llfe.lt hoc tared hundred!
Defensive Medication
I a precaution which should never be neglected
rhen danger Ik present, and therefore a course
ol tho Bitters at this season Id particularly de
sirable, especially for the feeble and sickly. As
a remedy for biliousness, dyspepsia, uervous-
Hiiu do we compiaims, mere is notmng
by all
Druggists aud DealorB generally.
Cood Reasons for the Doctr's faltli.
Mon unit, Oa., March 23, 180.
We have for twelve mo.itli been prescribing
8. 8. 8. ("Swift's Syphilitic Hpecitic", In the
treatment of Syphilis aud many other Urease
for winch It is recommended, and arc frank to
nav.that the results have heeu most satisfactory,
not having bren disappointed In a single In
stance. We think, tor aU ihe diseases for which
if is rfecnmmended, U stand without a peer,
and that the medical profession will sooner or
later, be forced to aaknowledge It is the treat
mnt of Syphilis, in all stiges si a tine na
fcl.t. Qalt.oway, M. D.
.1. T. KOBINSOM.M. 1.
Of out workmen had a bad c se or Syph
ilis, of five years Htandlng. and wan cured en-
ttreiv with wilt's bvpiiiiiticfSpecinc.' ii is now
to a.t appearance, and In hts own belief, connd
an-l well. WM. K. Ac T. W. HOOPEK.
etors, Atlanta, Uk. Soid by nil wrugguiis.
"C;ill Tor a copy of "Young Uon's Friend."
Diseases of t&e T&roat anil Lungs.
In dlseasA. of the jmU
nonary organs a safe
afySna Bu" mmme remeay ig
Xi invaluable. Avsit'l
Tri-Jt - m Cbebu Prctobai, la
vuch a remedy, aud no
. tj?k, its the confidence of
LSl tue Pul,,ic- 11 is a 8ci"
.. (3f entiflo combination ol
CHERRY "c,lil:iual priuti-
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i chemically united, of
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, tue greatest possiuie
! efficluncy and uniform
' Ity of results. It strike!
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iy anu iaituini nse. ji snouia oe asm
- . .1 1 - , V . I 1 . 1. .
nil la nvoiy uuiiiwuutu tor iu. jjiu-
anorus in suauen arracas. in
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otner" emcacioitg,
To ry some A
now offered,
Curative oualities.
fVr relief, and era
Fv)lnt the patient.
lungs demand
Vent; ami it is uan-
li nnKnown ana
Veat liability that
so trided with,
or Incurable. Has
flu i,, and yon may
!wa. rMlllt. Tt i. a
ration, of known and
le power, ana is as
Lrenaration and fine
f Eminent physicians,
. nrescnoe itintueir
I half a century has
I jinty to cure all pill-
..ueauy oejwuu un
. Ayer & Cd.,
sl Chemkla,
A law offioe, in
.roner and
ibt at
tfa 8TOJUCH 49
VOL, 15
From Tri-Weekly issues of Friday St Monday.
lion. h. Q. C. LamaS baa been
olicited to enter the cantaes in In
ciiana in tne interest of oar creat
champions, Hancock and English,
and we learn from the Oxford Falcon
that he will leave for the "HooBier
State" in a few days.
ihis is as it should be; while
llississippians throughout the Com
monwealth are anxious to greet him
at the lecal hustings, in times like
these it is better that those who enjoy
the confidence and esteem of a whole
people should seek that portion of
the battlefield where the fight rages
fiercest and where victory or defeat
are most to be courted or dreaded.
He is not needed here, while in In
diana, Wisconsin or any other of the
close Western States, h!s eloquence,
earnestness and magnetio influence
will prove important adjuncts in a
well planned battle for the t-chiev-ment
of a common triumph.
Hon, H. L. Mclbrow will addres
the citizens of Lowndes county at
the Court House in Columbus on
Wednesday night. We hope soon to
have the pleasure of pnblishing
list of appointments for him that
will cover the whole District The
people are anxious once more to
meet and greet this faithful and hon
ored son of Mississippi.
1 m k
Tan latest returns from the Census
of South Carolina, give that State a pop
ttlotionof 988,514,BgainBt 705,608 in 1870,
a not gnin in the last ten years of 282, 908.
In 187S the Bauioals then in power or
dered the census tuken, obtaining as the
result a population of 925,145, an iu
crease in live years of 219,530. This was
accepted without question by the coun
try, aud serves os a voucher for the fideli
ty of the recent enumeration. It is need
less to say that the Itepublicims through
out the North are startled nnd horrified
at the wonderful exhibition of progress
made by those particularly hated sisters
Louisiana, Bouth Carolina and Slissis-
sippi, whose increase has been singular
ly even, and the cry of fraud is their de
spairing wail.
Gen. Albert G. Myers, chief of the
signal corps of tho United States
Army, and the bead of the "woather
bureau," died in Buffalo, Now York,
on thoiitu.
Gen. Myers will be mourned by
seafaring men throughout the world
as the inventor and perfector of the
system of weather signals and "indi
cations" that has saved many a
staunch ship from disaster, and tens
of thousands of gallant sailors from
ocean graves.
Fob fifty parishes of Louisiana
that have been reported to the New
Orleuns Democrat, the population by
census of 1880 foots up 855,380,
against 022,780 in 1870. There are
still eight parishes to hear from, that
in 1870 reported 63,905 inhabitants.
If they show the same ratio of gain,
it will bring the State up to about a
million of inhabitants, against 726,
915 in 1870 a gain of 273,085.
The war between Louisville and
Nashville, and the Chicago, St. Louis
and New Orleans Rail Roads is over
with, and they have resumed their
old rates. We venture the assertion
that their receipts for passenger
business were heavier during the
contest than for any like period be
fore it.
We regret to learn that Col. Chane, of
Chicago, who spent several summers in
Aberdeen a few years ago, and purchased
a tract of land in this county, died re
cently while on a visit to Missouri,
Col. Crane oontemplateted going into
the sheep raising business near Aberdeen
and would have been a valuable acces
sion to our population.
. A request has been sent to Qcn.
Stephen D. Leb, President of the Ag
ricultural and Mechanical College, to ad
dress our oitizeus in that institution at
an early day. In the event of favorable
response, due notice of time and place
will be given.
Hon. H. 0. SIykrs, Secretary of State
will accept our thanks for a copy of the
Actsof the Legislature of 1880. The vol
ume contains 780 pogesjaud is handsomely
gotten np by the State Printers, Messrs
Power k Barksdale,of the Jackson Clar
ion. The Clarion announces the completion
of ths new Code. The bindery will be
able to furnish 100 copies a day Until the
entire issue is ready for distribution.
Mississippi has eighteen "Prnsiden'
tial Post Offices." That is, offices in
which the salaries are over $1000, and
incumbents appointed by the President.
Major Gen. Joe Wheeler, of Con
federate Cavalry fame, has' been
nominated by the Poraocruts to
Congress, in the Huutsville District.
J. Mi G. Parker, for bo- lofi
of the carpet-bag "bosses'' in
iana, has joined a Hancock and ,
lisb elub, in Lowell, Maeiachnse
Tnean Francisco correspondent
of the York Herald, in his letter
of a rectj; date, practically concedes
the State,f California to Hancock,
and saysuhat every energy of the
itepubhcfi party is now being exert
ed m th interest of securing the
Legislata, so as to enable them to
retain the, eat now filled by Hon
Newton Eth.
While the tik 0f saving the State
to the Bepublic-vn column seems al
most hopeless, tbjy claim that they
possess a great advantage in the
Senatorial contest, cu account of a
large majority of the "hold over"
Senators in the upper House of the
Legislature being Republicans.
Xhe correspondent referred to
speaks of Gen. John F. Miller as the
probable choice of the JRepublicans
for Senator, if they secure theLegis
Wb never undertook a more disoonra
ging task than that of obtaining the cen
sue returns from the various counties of
Mississippi We have written to every
one of the seventy four Chancery Clerks
and to gome of them three or four times,
and to mny others, and yet the work
drags. In many instances the returns
are as yet incomplete, but in not a few
oases the clerks in their replvs where
they trouble teemselves to reply at all
-give indication of ohronio laziness and
show a hick of patriotism and public spir
it unworthy of men elevated to positions
of honor and trust. We would sit np
all night to foot np the census returns
from old Monroe rather than that her
name should be missed at "roll call."
West Point has organized a Board of
Trade, with Mr. John Frenkel as Presi
dent, W. A. Bell Secretary and Frank
White Trensnrer. It has commenced
work in a style that means "business,"
and its influence will be felt during the
present season.
The London predictions are that
the Egyptian cotton crop will fall
45,000 bales behind that of 1879, and
be 16 days later.
Messrs. Aiken and Tillman, present
members of Congress from South
Carolina, have been nominated for
la tUe Kttiue Itox.
Boston Pot.
When uen. Jtremont met Uen. Uar-
ficid at the riiiU uvennu hotel iic snui ;
The first Uupublicun cunditlnte for
president greets tfio latest," whioli was
as mnch as to say : "Xon will know
neit November how I felt tweuty-four
years ago.
Mr. Frank L. Hatch, as the represen
tative of the Dr. H'irter Medicine com
pany of 8t. Louis, was in town this week.
His business qualifications connected
with his polite manners and social (lis-
position, ever make him welcome in our
town. The medicines he is selling havn
a high character for curative power and
pure composition ; aud they are presented
in attractive colors by Mr. Hutch, who
seems never better pleased than when
forwarding the interest ol the company
he reproseuts. With his experience, talents
ana tact, he will be able to make large
sales of the same, and in doing so, we
wish him all the success that a good
cause and a nice gentleman deserves.
Urenada Sentinel.
We learn that GabeThompsou.colored
living on the farm of that tried and true
Democrat John F. Johnson, of Summer
county, claims that he is the first man
who raised the Hancock Hag in that
county. Oabe is a school teacher by
profession and wields a good influence
with bis color m Sumner and Chootaw,
where he has been teaching for the last
ten years. He is however farming this
year. He has a small Hancock nag fas
tened to the harness of his muie which
can be seen as he plows his crop. The
colored people all over the county are
organizing clubs now for Hancock. And
thus the good work moves on. Winona
A dvance.
Is his speech at Gloucester, Massa
chusetts, the other day, Col. Bob Iuger
soll made a fierce assuft upon Buthford
B. Hayes, the de facte president of the
United btates. In speaking of fraudu
lent elections, Robert indulged in the
following pointed language:
"Fraudulent voting is treason against
the United Btates. The only sovereign
in this country is the legally-expressed
will of a majority of the people, and
whoever tempers with that is cominiting
treason aguiust the government. We
have to turn our faces squarely against
dishonesty at the polls. We must point
the finger of scorn at any man who holds
place and power by fraudulent votes."
AU right Bob 1 Point your "finger of
scorn" at Hayes, Sherman, Stanley
Mathews, James A. Garfield, and all of
the villianous conspirators engaged in
the theft of the Presidency in 1876,7.
Wo Shall not complain. "Let the galled
jade winoe; our withers are unwrung."
Vicksburg Commercial.
Mr. Higbgate, a colored school
teacher in Simpson county, addressed
the Democratic Club at Westville on
the 14th, advising the colored people
to stand by the Democratic: party of
the Mouth) and to march to the polls
on the 2nd of November, in solid
phalanx, and cast their votes for
Hancock and English. Mr. High
gate is a relative of Miss Carrie High
gate, the intelligent colored woman
who disgraced herself by marrying
that white carpetbagger, Morgan, the
old Sheriff of Yazoo connty. Bran
don, Republican.
When you visit or leave New York City,
save Baggage, Expressage and Carriage
Hire, aud slop at Or and Union
Hold, nearly opposite Grand Central
Depot. 850 elegant rooms reduced to $1
and upwards per day. European plan.
Elevator. Restaurant supplied with
i stages and elevated
ie oarefnl
frills Year's Election.
All the States will elect Presiden
tial electors on Tuesday, November
2. All the Territories will elect del
egates to Congress on the same day.
Alabama will elect her Congress
sional delegation on Tuesday, No-,
vember 2, and the Legislature, al
ready chosen, will eleot a Senator to
fill the unexpired term of Senator
Houston, deceased.
Arkansas will elect State officers on
Monday, September 6, and Repre:
sentotives in Congress on Tuesday
November 2.
California will elect Representa
tives in Congress and Legislature on
Tuesday, November 2. The Legis
lature will elect a United States Sen
ator. ,
Colorado will elott State officers
and one Representative in Congress
on Tuesday, October 5.
Connecticut will elect State offi
cers, Kepresentfttives in congress
and Legislature on Tuesday, Novem
ber 2. The Legislature will elect a
United States Senator.
Delaware will elect one Represen
tative in Congress and the Legislature
on Tuesday, November 2. The Leg
islature will elect a United States
Florida will elect State officers.
Representatives in Congress and
Legislature on Tuesday, November
2, and vote upon the question of call
ing a Convention to revise the con
stitution of the State. The Legisla
ture will eleot a United States Sen
Georgia will elect State officers on
Wednesday, October 6 ; Representas
tives in Congress on Tuesday, No
vember 2. The Legislature will elect
a United States Senator.
Illinois will elect State officers and
.Representatives in (Jongress on
Tuesday, November 2.
Indiana will elect State officers,
Representatives in Congress and
Legislature on Tuesday, October 12.
The Legislature will choose a United
States Senator.
Iowa will elect minor State officers
and Representatives in Congress, on
Tuesday, November 2, Jand vote
upon tho question of holding a Con
vention to revise the Constitution of
the State.
Kansas will elect Representatives
in Congress on Tuesday, Novoinber
2, and vote upon proposed amend
ments to the Constitution ol the
State prohibiting the sale of liquor.
Kentucky will elect Ke::rcijonta-
tives in Congress on Tuesday, No
vember 2.
Louisiana will elect Representa-
tiveo in Congress on Tuesday, No
vember 2.
Maine' will elect Governor, Repre-
ture on Jilonday, September 13, ind
vote upon a proposed an endment to
the Constitution of tne SUvto provid
ing that a plurality vote shall elect
the Governor, instead of a majority,
as now, The Legislature will choose
a United States Senator.
Maryland will elect Representa
tives in Congress on Tuesday,
November 2.
Massachusetts will elect State offi
cers, Kcpres entail ves in Congress
and Legislature on Tuesday, Novem
ber 2. The Legislature will choose
a United States Senator.
Michigan will elect State officers,
Representatives in Congress and a
Legislature on Tuesday, November
The Legislature will elect a unit
ed States Senator.
Minnesota will eloct Representa
tives in Congress and Legislature on
Tuesday, November 2. The Legisv
lature will elect a United States Sen
ator. Mississippi will elect Representa
tives in Congress on Tuesday, No
vember 2.
Missouri will elect State officers
Representatives in Congress and
Legislature on Tuesday, November
2 The Legislature will elect a Unit
ed States Senator.
Nebraska will elect States officers
one Representative in Congress and
Legislature on Tuesday, November
2. The Legislature will elect a Unit
ed States Senator.
Nevada will elect a Judge of its
Supreme Court, one Representatives
in Congress and Legislature on
Tuesday, November 2. The Legis
lature will elect a United States Sen
ator. New Hampshire will elect State
officers and Representatives in Con
gress on Tuesday, November 2.
New Jersey will elect Governor,
Representative, in Congress arid Leg
islature on Tuesday, November 2.
The Legislature will elect a United
States Senator.
New York will elect the Chief Jus
tice of the Court of Appeals, Repre
sentatives in Congress and members
of the Assembly on Tuesday, No
vember 2. The Legislature will eleot
a United States Senator.
North Citroliua will elect State
officers and Representatives in Con
gress on Tuesday, November 2.
Ohio will elect minor State officers
and Representatives irl Congress on
Tuesday, Ootober 16. - The Jbegisla
ture will elsct a United States Sena
tor in the event of the election of
James A. Garfield, Senator elect;
Pennsylvania will elect an1 Audft
tor, one Judge of the Supreme Court;
Representatives ...in Congress and
Legislature, on Tuesday, November
2 The Legislature will elect a Unit
ed States Senator.
South Carolina will elect State' offi
cers and Representatives in Congress
on Tuesday, November Si.
Tennessee will eleot a Governor,
Representatives m Congress and
Legislature! on Tuesday, November
2. The Legislature will elect UniU
ed States Senator.
Texas will elect State officers,
atives in Conrffess and
sday, November
2. The Legislature will elect a Unit
ed States Senator.
Vermont will elect State , officers,
Representatives in Congress and
Legislature on Tuesday, September
7. The Legislature will elect a Unit
ed States Senator.
Virginia will elect Representatives
in Congress on Tuesday, Novem
ber 2.
West Virginia will eleot State offi
cers and Legislature on Tuesday,
October 12, and Representatives in
Congress on Tuesday, November 2.
The Legislature wifl elect a United
States Senator. .
Wisconsin will elect Legislature
and Repsentatives in Congress on
Tuesday, November 2. The Legis
lature will eleot a United States Senator.
"Profound Stilluemi 1U."
The New York Herald given this
account of a little incident at the
Fifth avenue hotel after Gen Garfield
had arriveds "After Gen; Garfield
had retired to supper, a crowd still
remained in the wide corridor of
the hotel; and politics formed the
main staple of conversation. The
two names, Garfield and Haecock,
were every instant ori everybody's
tongue. Just at the time when the
discussion was at fever heat, a email
roan, hardly more than Ave feet high,
black haired and wiry, came suddenly
to the counter of the hotel, and in a
piercing voice exclaimed : 'Bui Scott
will bet any man here ten thousand
dollars that Hancock is elected.' A
profound stillness fell for an iustent
on the audience, but the next mo
ment a great big Republican, whose
name is locally famous, caught the
bold intruder by the collar of the
coat and fired him out of the front
door, to the intense amusement of all
present. That was all right, as it was
the Republicans' fan oral entirely,
and it was cold blooded business to
"sass" the mourners. But at the
same time, it was a good illustration
of the eagerness manifested by the
Republicans this year to take bets
offered against their candidate.
Under the date of Damnrisootta, Me,,
August 10, Gon James A Hull, a stalwart
Republican office-holder and orator, ad
dressed a letter to Gen. James It. Chal
mers of ilississippi, putting the follow
ing interrogatories :
1. Would a Kopublican speaker, in all
sections of Mississippi, bo allowed the
freedom of speech that is accorded toyou
hero, and conld Republican meetings be
held at nil points in your State and not
be molested uny mure than yours will be
in Dumariscatta 1
2. Are you in favor of the Republi
cans of Mississippi, whfte and black, be
ing allowed to hold such meeting, and
-..v. -;., d-nraMte- su'ih.nj"ty m yw
receive in f his State t
8. Are you in favor of orccy citizen
of Mississippi, yhiui or black, having
absolutely freedom to vote legully, just
as they please, and also are you ill favor
of counting all such votes, and favor of
full acquiescence in the results ?
4. Did you approve of or denounoo
the killing of Chisholm, and whut do you
say about the murder now ? '
Ann. Hall concludes his letter thus :
"Please be kind enough to give bucU
snch on answer as you wil be
willing to meet in Mississippi
on your return." To this not
wholy polite letter Gen CholmerB has
replied . To the first inquiry h unswors
as follows :
Yes ; Republican meetings can be held
anywhere in Mississippi, and entire fre
dom of speech allowed.
To the second inquiry he answers :
Yes ; in a speech in Congress I invited
Republican speakers to go to my district.
Stewart L. Wocxlford was invited by the
students of the Mississippi University to
address them in 1877, and, although he
violated the usual proprieties of such an
occasion by making apolitical speech, he
was treated with the utmost respect by
the audience.
To the third he answers :
Yes : every Mississippi Democrat that
he knows of iB in favor of "a free bal
lot, a full vote and a fair count . "And
if a majority Of the votes are against us
we will abide by the results and will
not call on any major general of the mi
litia to seize aud hold the State-House,
by violence, for us."
To the lourth question lien. Chaimors
answers :
I neither approved or denounced tho
killing of Chisolm. I was once a dis
trict attorney in Mississippi, and have
been a biaclifctiue lawver for tweutv-
seven years ; and I have never formed or
expressed an opinion as to any homicide
unless I knew the testimony in the case,
and I do not think any honorable man
would. As I do not kno all the testi
mony ih the Chisohn case you must ex
enstme from expressing an opiulou about
a homicide woich you seem to have made
up your mind to call a murder. I notice
you caution that I should make Siich an
answer as lam billing to meet in Miss
issippi. As I always try to speak the
truth, I would not say in Mine what I
would be ashamed of in Mississippi, and
the institution contained in your caution
that I might, iB I must say, neither jievy
courteous to me very iftggesfcrte of your
own honesty, x nope una mat uisiuna'
tion of possible iuoinoeritv on mv part
was hastily mode, and not suggested by
any practice of incinoerity on your part
New TVationnl Executive
Com in it tee.
Alabama, Left W. Lamb j Arkansas,
John J. Sumpter; California, James D.
Farley : Colorado, D. M. Harrison i Con
necticut, William H. Barn um ; Delaware;
Ignatius, C. Grribb j Floridn, Samuel
Pasco ; Georgia George T. Barnes ; Illi
nois, William C. Goudy; Indiana; Aus
tin H. Brown ; Iowa, M. M. Hain ; Ead
sas; Charles W. Blain ; Kentucky, Henry
11 Mi'HftiiW ! TioTtisiana. B. F. Jonas
Maine, Edward Wilson Tomasson; Mary
land, Auterbridge Horsey; Massachu
setts; Frederick O. Prinoe ; Michigan;
Edard Canter j Minnesota, B. K. Kelly;
Mississippi, General W. T. Martin ; Mis
souri, John G. Prater; Nebraska. J.. S.
WaterB ; Nevada, J. C. linger man ; New
Hampshire, Alvah W. Sullevan; New
Jersy, Orestes' Cleveland ; New York;
Abram S. Hewitt ; North Carolina, M.
W. Ransom ; Ohio, W. W. Armstrong ;
Oregon, ; Pennsylvania; ; Rhode
Island, A. J. Barnaby ; . South
(Jaroliria,' 8; W. Dawson :. Tennessee,
Thomas O'Connor ; Texas', F; Q.. Stock
dale ; Vermont, B. B. Smalley j Verginia,
Robert A. Cardhill ; West Virginia, Alex.
Campbell Witwnem, Wm; I. Wtlas,
A Letter from Forney.
Columbus, O., Aug. 18. The fol
lowing letter was received bv the
chairman and secretary of the Demo
cratic state executive committee .
PmLAOBLPniA, Pa.. Aug. 17, 180).
My Deab Sir. I owe you an
apology for Dot Bending an earlier
reply to yours of the 16th, inviting
me to address the Democracy of
Ohio during the campaign, but I
waited to find time to come. That
proves to be impossible amongst a
sea of engagements here. At the
end of 20 years I find myself once
more in line with the Democratic
party, and in resuming my post I am
in company with thousands who have
co-operated with the Republicans
since the commencement of the civil
war. No Ohio Democrat who be
hoved in the example of Stephen A.
Douglas or remembers the lesson of
David Todd an-l John Biough should
hesiluta to rally to the . standard of
Winfield S. Hancock of Pennsylvania.
There is nothing in the present Re
publican party to attract the dis
ciples of these great men. All that
inspires the leader of that party now
in hatred of the men born in the
Democratic Church, . and a savage
resolve to keep the South forgiven
by Lincoln, Sitmnerj Chase and
Greeley -still in humiliation. The
war Democrats, who made the Re
publican party what It is, are not
bound to a mission that means shame
to themselves and cruelty to eight
millions of their Southern fellow
cousins, and history has no page 30
dishonoring as this new crusade of
the modern Republican leaders upon
men far more worthy than they are.
Gen. Hancock offersj us a broad
road out of such a dilemma. He is
a Democrat, a soldier, a statesman,
and, above all, an honest man.
Yours truly, John Fokney,
A Vigoroun C ampaign.
The New York Herald says : The
Democratic campaign, as prosecuted
from the headquarters of tho na
tional committee, is, in the judge
ment of members of the committee,
the most vigorous canvass that has
been made in years. Never before,
not even in the memorable campaign
of 1876, have bucIi enlhusiastio ad
vices been received, and nover, it is
reported, have so many Republicans
annouueed an intention to support
the Democratic ticket. Among the
letters received at the headquarters
yesterday were several from gentle -men
who have kitherto beon in
sympathy with Republicanism, but
who now say that they intend to
vote for Uanaock and English.
Gkw. Meyer, who died last Satnr
a.'y, at iiunaio, is niationou in obit
uary notices, rs the founder of the
Army Weather Bureau." So fur as
the mere organization and working of
the bureau is concerned this state
ment is probably correct, bat Gen.
Myer had no more to cio with tho
paternity of tho idea which gave birth
to the signal bureau than we had.
That idea was born in the brain of
Mathew F. Maury, and in the alem
bic of his groat intellect and vast
scientific re-search, was wrought out
the problems which are now as sim
ple as the lefesons in a childs prirnor.
To Maury, tlio Virginian, Maury, thb
cultivated Southron, belongs the
honor of conceiving the signal bureau
and its great benefits. Ho has been
in his grave for years, but the laurels
which twine about his brows shall
not be converted into chaplcts to
decorate another, at least witk our
consont, or without a vigorous pro
test, which W6 make here and now.
We do not deny to Gen. Meyer, the
honor which properly belongs to
him, and we most cheerfully yield
him our admiration for the energy
and the intelligence with whioh he
has walked in the path blazed bet
for him by the Southron who stands
without a rival and without a peer ;
but the honor of the paternity of the
idea whieh bought the signal burean
into life, activity and usefulness, is
justly duo to Mathew Fontaine
Maury, and the land which gave him
birth. Vicksburg Commercial.
Mr. Chambers, the greenback can
didate for Vice-President, has finally
written and published bis letter of
acceptance. This letter, he writes,
hae been "mostly prepared sitting on
the edge of my bed," We are hot
exactly able to say why Mr. Cham
bers should have been "mostly sit
ting on the edge of bis bed" while
preparing his letter of acceptance,
but we suppose it was because be
preferred that to the "ragged edge
of despair," to which brother Beecher
Was clinging when Theodore Tilton
Was after him a few years sinco.
Chambers' raggodedge Will, come in
November. Vibctbut g Commer
cial. tlow llayee Vol 3000'.
The tonerable Simon Cameron: inter.
letfed by a New York Herald reporter,
told a curious story about Hayes. The
ex-Senator and the reporter were talking
about the expenses attending a Presiden
tial caicpulgu. The ex-seuator said :
"The campaign Of '78 cost my sofi a
pile of money. Nearly etery dollar that
Chandler got ored it for Spending, per
sonally: came from Donald. Chandler
was a close Irian a very close tttari. Of
course I presume he gave something.
lint that is not fill, after t'le
campain expenses ere provi
my son naudeu Hayes So.uoo
his personal fund. Hayes cai
was absolutely impecunious: and nS
CftTe it to' hiril out of bis Own wa
There wasn't a dollar in the campai
innu, ana iiayes was whining for
money; X Know that Hayes
money. II i didn't 1 Wool'
Father on' in the eon
Cameron spoke of the Fret
man Hayes. CJoifid!
mor6rfnCteiL?uoii ye
NO. Si
Stool-I'igeon Weaver.
Iowa Si u to Journal. J
Weaver was a candidate for Governor
in tho Iowa convention of 1877. Gear
beat him; he rose in the convention and
begged heaven to Witness his sincerity
while he pledged himself to support the
Republican ticket and hely roll up for it
60,000 majority. Ten days afterwards ho
wrote to Mr. Gear to absolve liihi from
Ihb pledge, for he desired to vote for
Senator Jessnp, the Prohibition candi -date.
He supported Mr. Jessup about a
week, and then "ratted" over to Mr.
Stubbs, the Greenback candidate. He
is iust the material out of which to make
a Republican ctool-pigoon.
A Preacher'! Fiat.
A blustering fellow recently un
dertook to insult and intimidate a
olergyman on the railway cars near
Burlington, la. He sat in tho same
seat with tho clergyman; and, after
several attempts to drag him into
conrersation, seized him by the ear,
saying t "See hero, roistor, yer got
to answer this question." Turning
partly around Withoiit the least out
ward excitement, the clergyman re
marked : "You ttre a tstrangor to
me, and I do not wish to bo annoyed
by you. Will yoti please let go of
my ear." "Not until I have erb mind
to," insolently answered the fellow
with a grin. "Look hero, my friend,
I had muab rather pray for you than
to use force; but you must take your
hands off," remarked the minister,
"I must, eh I" Just then the minis
ter planted his fist in the fellow's
face, and knocked him down. The
passengers manifested their pleasure
at the turn things had taken, while
the scamp walked to the other end
of the car; and during the remainder
of tho trip' Condiicted himself in a
manner that would have won the
first prize for decorum in a well
regulated seminary.
Gen. Butler has returned to tho
Democratic fold, and intends to do
liver Hancoek speeches. Dick Bus
teed, who left a fragrant memory in
this city of Mobile, is about to follow
the Beast's example. Some people
deplore the couvertion of these two
mon ; but their votes are as good as
other men's, and their action is sig
nificant, for it is well known that
rats instinctively leave a sinking ship.
Mobile News.
There is no Truss in tho market that
can compare with the PHILADELPHIA
PATEN I , Warranted to fit and price
low. J. W. Ecepohd & Buo.
By the use of the Dental Engine, for
tho cleansing, excavation, etc, of teeth,
tho patieut is saved from much pain in
Dental operations. This machine is Used
by Dr. C, P. Robinson. jyl-lim.
To the Fui'iiicra.
Tf rein vint A GOOD PRTCE FOR
YOUR COT TON, do not fail Jo call and
see LOUIS ROY, nnd if you want to
SAVE MONEY, bo sure to purchase
from his immense stock your CLOTH
GOODS generally. Hi goods are of
the BEST QUALITY and will be sold
at the LOWEST PRICES !!!
The Bono and Muscle producing Malt,
the Norvo-nuiotiug Hop, and superb
Malarial antedate Quinine, aud other
precious ingredients, combinod without
fermeutntiou, are the Ingredients of
"Malt Bitters," prepared by tho Mult
Bitters Company. ail 4w.
A Wise Dencoui
"Deaeon Wilder, I want you to toll
me how yon kept yourself and funiily bo
well the past season, when all the rest
of ns have been Sick so much, and have
had the doctors running to us so long."
"Bro. Taylor, the answer is very easy.
I used Hop Bitters in tinio and kept my
family well and savod large doctor bills.
Three dollars' worth of it kept us nil
well and able to work all the tune, nnd I
will warrant it has cost you and most of
the neighbors one to two hundred dollars
apiece to keep sick the same time. I
guess you'll take my modieinehorenftor."
Hoe other column.
Close confinement, careful attention
to nil factory work, gives the operatives
palid faces, poor appetite, languid, mis
erable feelings, pour blood, inactive
liver, kidneys and urinary troubles, aud
all the physicians nnd medicine iu the
world cannot help them unless they get
out doors or nse Hop Bitters, made of
tho purest and best of remedies, nnd
especially for such oases, having nbnu
dance of health, sunshine and rosy
cheeks in them. None need suffer if
they will use thorn freely. They cost
but a triue. bee another column.
Voice ol the People.
, . " Hillsdale, mich.
R. V. Pierce, M. D.:
I had a irrions disease of the lnngsj
and was for a time eonfiued to my bed
and under the cure of a physician. His
prescriptions did not help me. I grew
werse, coughing very scveroly. I com
menced taking yolir Medical Discovery,
which helped me greatly. I have taken
several bottles, and am reetored to good
health. Yours respectfully,
Judith Bunett.
In a Rao! affliction to suffer from. It attar
a tat. on and conditions ot lite. There In a
slant dread or impending dangers. the It
sworu oi an imnginary vyn is bus. emit
morbid sensitivinuat) as to the Uioiigliti
nunc ui uinori" wo. j ihb tittcafn, gon
rinon iron, au anecuou 01 me liver
unit nary organs, dfco., and can be, si
cum batted bv the aid of rt jt aiWMfplu1
the use of a remedy tlblcu will rfctrif4
promote hoc re ions ana excr
tone to the whole systern SrHiJ
BToring remeuy nas Cj
atomaett uiuers.
1 X-
1 iu
1 A,X
I Arfulrv
.... PtflilUhsd on . ,
Subscription Terms!
On! year.......... ,, $S i
Bur months '. 4 0
Three months 3 00
One loch, or lean, oormtltures a aqiia.ro in the
Einmlnor, anil will oudt the advoiujoi io a u
gleionnrtlon, f 1 &)
Iroo. 3mo. Snio.
Odu Square,
TwoSqnaren, .
Klff I
a W
40 o
m 0Oi
no oo
xn m
loll oo
Throe Square,
Four Sqimrvt!, .
guarter olumB
nit Colston,
One Column
Obituary NoSjcei and Tributes of Kflnpect I'rt'ftr
whero ther do nor. eir-eeii so words, hach addi
tional HO words will cimc vt.ro.. . -
Editorial Notices will be charged for at th!
rateot'lo cent line. ... . ;
Advertisements loroLarltable objects will b!
ohargeU liall'.tatoa . .. . -
mi ui ffliooiooirni
OXFORD, miss;
Next Reunion opens-- , ,, ,. c
SEPTEMCEii 30THV 1880.
Tultlrio.lN now f'BEB lo all SrrW-KAT.
fhOM tertsiixn IIEUE, except Law Stu
dent pay 50 tnltinn I'.e- , :
C'hrihtiuas Uolllttavx will hereafter be granted.
KifTSRrsa for m,it hohtss bssio
9 mouths board " to 12.50 per month.
! mourns warning SI to J1.00, B 00 to
a niont b. 1 !ght,23c. 8 25 to
Incidental lee, 12 00 to
btudpnts ran board themselves en the "ruesa
system" in the new ronnlH built on tlm caiopu!
for that purpose at .one-hall' the above ratea
Tho Trustees have prohibited "messing" iu tho
Dormitories. .- , ... .
The above includes all costs rxueptfuel. hooka
furniture for roorii,. and clothing;. , Some ro
spoi tablo students got along horo last year lur
lew th;m$T5 .,,),...,
The State has recognized the debt due tho
University, and its proHportty is now ai-surcri.
The Faculty is complete, aiid all the depart
ments, including the Law and 1'rcparator y De
partments, are In successful operAtlun. ,
For Citahifrnea and information, apply to
Qeu'1 A. 1'. Stiswaiit, the Chancellor.
ii. m, suixi.v, .
Secretary lio'ard Trustees. :
ATl.jyTA, (IA. V-00 cover? tutal elpen
srs lo; three mouths, fiend lor illustrated Clr
ular. 12 w.
trAititKSTOx, Va.
Session begiirs Sept 1st. Send for Catalogue.
J)32-2m HollliKT FKAZKR, Principal. .
The nixt PPrwtnn of thin School will commncH
Sept 16th. Kor circijiarri apj-ly to,,The Mihak
Kanbolpu KuMwick iH'jiot, Albemarle Co. Va.
Session for lHso-Hl will open ou tlrBt Monday
In September. Tuition a roar. Including
contingent lee Qt-tS. , Sons ot Minlsters.ol lh
Gospel of all denominations, anil young liisu of
limited moans, a,lmit.ud free, jinn ma supplied
witlsnecessarv luruiiuroln Cullcga Hume fur
nished to worthy applicants hi a limited extant
rent free. Fur further particulars, apply Up
jy2IMm 1 0. 11KAXTY, l.L. i., 1'rcsidont;
Gen. ii. W; V, tUlG, I'rcsUleiit:
Thorounh -Instruct. on in Luncuauea, M;mi
turo, jui'I bcidicp; nut) in tltc t rot'otwiona)
Sfilmol ol Law ntvl Kntjinef-rlnji. Tu:'.i mi
t't'RM rtliif.fnl Lt h tuiiil ,,f $.70. lr.iH ),r.'j fio;,;
fvn to for nlnn month-,. iit-cHiding tuition,
and teen, Nxt orM-iun begins Spt. Kith, IKrin.
For catalogue, ftiMresa, 3.L. Campi-kma Jr.
Ljy20-lu. Lexington, V.
Situated on Cln'tl S. H, K., tit Goorgoiowu, ty.
Sencion heinn Sept. lfltli, wt Full fwitillv.
Otninto nf study thorough aud varied. Locution
pevt'ecllv healthful. Kvury effort i made utad-,
vu n re ntudenU hi pound It '.ruing and to dtvelp
IxMh their ifenunral cult uru aud true naiitiooii
Total f xponfCK for mission of' fiv.) njnu(h.'
ciftnd for Catalogue to Hot. R M. Dudkly.P.D.
jLIMm. (it'orguLowii. Ky.
Near the University of Vlruiniai njirt prepara
tory thereto. t(H pur half Ktu-ion. buuU lur
circular coiitaiini'd particulars.- .
jy22-2m Kev. Kuoar Woods, CI.arIottsvUIV
Rev. Tho. A. Tldhall, O l).. Hector. 1 hoari.
Ing and day sobool ror girls. Numlier of board
ers limited. .Special attention given to the ctilr
tlvatlon of graceful atid, elegant in an net-si,, in
ail ll I Ion u. thoroitKh hiiiI careful Intellectual
trainlug. The Christmas teriri of the iS'Ji vear
begins S"ft. 13'h, I8ij,.. for circulars, apply to
!J28-lm. Miss Hkllkn L.Tottkk, Principal.
,t larmdalo P. o. JVonX-Jlii Co. Ky.
The school fpr Boys and voune Men. 6 mile
south of lrtaihfcrt. The 31t annual sei-inii be
gins Sept. 6tli. Address as above for Catalogue,
-luiy ua-2ni.)
Jackson, Tennessee.
This well known I'cmnle College of tne Hnitth
an West, begins the jail session of tsso, Kht
tkm'i6th Opening Coniicrt and Aildrew.
Se ptembef 'til. h'm thirty-six. y es-s there baa
been an average ef more t'nan twelve g Hduarc.s
annually. The faculty ja .full, and efficient.
The determination is to snanil among the fore
most in the progress of Science, I'tiigiu.go aud
Art. For further I formatlo i aiidr,ss
KT.V. A. W JONKS, A.M., D. I)., Pres't.
Sonth-Wester'r! PreSTiyteriaii
Rft. in. waddeL, D. b-i L.L. i).;
Tonus low. Snnd, lor circular, ftcitnlon npfiia
Ketitembor 1st, lusrt. JylS-liu
Nashville College for 1 oiing Ladies
i.lSoutli i iiee t., Nashville.
IUv.Oko ,V. PlMph, I). O.,(latol Ala) Pres't
liu,'ll!f iihi llM'Kiiiv select, i iitiroiiii au
vancul course In all .dep irfment-; l.iitiu, Cat
Istlunici., Art, Herman, Italian, 1-. vielij Musi
bvflmluent Artists. , Boarders il
fsf y. Hefcr to Mishops H. r.-il-n
(Sept. 1, lssii. aenn xor ci.-cu
btule ManufaJ
DdonS. sash, fiu
M taint"!
3 UO J 0(1 10 Ml
A 110 II) 00 15 OA
6 01) 14 00 24 INI
10 00 So () 3D 00
12 00 28 00 4 0 00
80 W 40 00 60 00
I 30 00 I 60 00 M 00
Y' Z A lo deaiera in-
.Uiialitj guaruirfeoJn

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