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8. A. JlWJAS.
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ill ervous System ia Braced, the Muscle;
are Developed, and the BodyRobust.
OlillJm ttud Pevor.
B. RIVAL, ' ntr.at Bayou Bra,L.,Mra:
Ity pntatlou i. In a malarial district. For
evrnl year. X oould uot make half a orop on
account of bilious diseases and chills. I was
nearly dlncourafred when I began the use of
TUTT'B PII.ua. The result was marvelous:
ray laborers soon beoame anarty au4 robust,
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Ko other diacuo ii bo prevalent in this oonn-j
traaOoiuttination. and no romndyhaa bvt
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K j, :, . ,1b -i'il"e!i Miss.
From Tri-Weekly issues at Krida & Monday
The result of the election briefly
summed up from latest dispatches is
as follows:
Nw York Democratic by an over
whelming majority 170,000,
Peunsylvania Democrutic by many
thousands, Hiid gain of five Con
gresBUien. Massachusetts Duraocratio by
20,000 majority, and fiv Congress"
men. A gain of four,
Indiana largely Democratic, with
gain of at least three Congressmen.
In Illinois the Democrats gain one
Congressmen and the Legislature,
assuring us a Democrat to succeed
Judge Davis in the Senate. I
Counecticut goes Democratic by a
large majority, and gives us a gain of
tw) Congressmen including the little
gume cock, Eaton;
Colorado gives us a Democratic
Deleware holds her pluce in the
Democratic line.
Florida elects the Democratic
Kentucky elects ten Democrats to
Congress and p obal ly the lltli.
Missouri elects thirteen Democrats
to Congress and one Republican. A
Democratic gain of five. .
Georgia elects a solid Democratic
delegation to Congress.
Arkansas tkcts all Democratic
Virginia elects six Democrats and
four Readjastei H, a Democratic gain
of one.
New Jersey goes Democratic with
.ruin if i urk Pnn nrpuuliK.n itriil tf
political funeral of "Secor" Rubeaon, i
New Hampshire again falls into
, r i i r
the Democratic line with a Governor.
. i
Michigan gives us six Demo-
" v -
oiatio Coogrebsmon. We have none .
now. I
Minnesota elects a Democratic
The Reinib-icans claim two Con-i
gressmeu in Maryland, a gain of one
for them.
JNorlli uaroi-na l .rg. ly imoeranc Moirih0n 0f Illinois, was unfounded
with eight Democratic Congressmen I He .g gilfe !in( wilI irJ tho 48th Con
a id one Republican, ''n''"1'0 press as heretofore be found always
g iin of one. battling manfully to advance the be-l
Rhode Maud as usual, Repub icKn. int(jeHt8 ()f cotlntl.y aDj ucl1
S.,ut.h Carolina gives us five new lustre to the democratic cause,
ocrutie Congiesriiuen certaiu, and ,
probably all. J'fford'H who iH elected from the
In Tennessee we elect Bate and 3rd or Shoe Siring District, though
tni n,.i;u( ,,n,l T.;Bkh.n on,, a Republican nominee, has lit tle in
probably nine out of the ten Con-
i ,.f i. ,
Wisconsin givus ns a gain of two
and probably four Congressmen.
California bus cone Democratic by,
13,000 with all the Congressmen and !
In Iowa, the great Republican
fortress, we elect one and probably
several Congressmen.
Texas has gone overwhelmingly
Democratic, electing full delegation
to Congress, A gain of five.
Alabama elects a full Democratic
Kan Has gives us a Democratic
Governor for the first time.
Mississippi elects Milldrow.Money,
Barkedale, Singleton, Van Eaton and
probably Manning, Democrats, to
Congress, and Judge Jtffords, who
has in a number of emergencies oos
operated with the Democrats,
Louisiana elects five and probably
six Democratic Congressmen. She
has five now.
The next House of 'RepresentativeA
will have, as predicted by the
Examiner last summer, from forty to
fifty Democratic majority on organi
zation, which will be large fy nng
menled by successful contests for
The prominent candidate lor
Speaker, are likely to be Carlisle, of
Kentucky, Randall, of P( nnsyhunii..
and Eaton, of Connecticut.
We publish the above returns
without comment, lhe subject n
too big to handle.
The Seet.ua District.
HoiiLi Spsinos. Kov. 9.
Major 8. A. Jouus;
It will take tbe -oflieiul count to deter
mine the result of the election iu this
district. Van H. Manning.
Columbus gave Muldrow 310 votes
aud Lyon 64.
Chickasaw county gave Money eighty
four mnjority over Jack Griffiu.
Frentiss county gave Muldrow 179
majority on a total vote of U04.
Foil our part we have no objection to
the IteuublicaiiB retaining the Seventh
Congressional District of Maryland, ns
by that mentis the Democrutic party is
spared the prescuce in the House of that
miserable old blotherslute, Montgomery
Jackson, Nov, 9, 1882,
Great indignation is expressed at
reported outrages in the second dis
trict by United States Marshals and
Siipervisors.snid to have .been incited
to it by Chalmers and his friends,
It is said that in some instances they
took possession of the polls and
dictated the conduct of the election,
disregarding the authority of the
State election officers, and in one
case seized and carried, off a ballot
box before it was counted, and gen
erally endeavored to awe and intim
idate with threats of Federal prose
cutions. Many of these deputy
marshals were imported from the
fourth (Money's) district, from which
the opposition withdrew all of its
available working f jrce and concen -trated
it in the second district.
The inspectors in Marshall county
have thrown out five boxes for irreg
ularities, and Manning's friends are
hopeful that the official count will
give him a mnjority, 1
The Xext Senate.
In the next Snnnte the Republicans
will liise Kellogg of Lousiunn, anil gain
Dolph of Oregou. This will givo them
thirty-seven seats
The Democrats will lone Grover of
Oregon and Johnston of Virginia, aud
guiu Gtbson of Louisiana and a Senator
from Illinois, probably Carter Harrison
the present Muyor of Chiongo, giviug
them thirty-seven seatB. This will leave
the control of the Semite in tho bauds of
the two Keiidjimters from Virgiuia, Mil
houe and Kiltleberger, unless the two
great parties ngree to compromise on
organization und thus maintain their
In view of the developments "f the
rfifleut election it is hnrdly reasonable to
suppose tlmt Rittliiiergr will eutei
upon a national ourreer by i.lliliating
w,t" 11 1'1'" P-'fy. 11 P"-
bl ","a."11 c.op.-n.re w,i tne
uemoct iiiie w ,if''i uie nit n u.ir.
it is more iiinn nueiy iiii we niiiy tiguin
., . ,, .
witncFi the seeues of Hie gut end session
()f 1881 f(u. , Dt,m001,(t,B nrr, U()t huj
more, reudv now than then to smremlei'
to the diolu of men holding a bulanee ot
power wh.i represent nothing in polity
except tlie ilogmu ol Liepuiliutiou,
We are glad to know that the re.
livid .. It." Jfl -I II. w T,
ct",non witb lh-t party. He was
on tho Duul tieket and wilh us in
the Greedy campaign, and has but
one platform: "levying and improv
nf? the Mississippi.'' As we have
said before in there columns, ho was
our choice above all other Republi
cans in the State, if wo had to take a
We inlei viewed Capt, J.W.Lee Sat
urday, in regard to to the late mal
Strom in which the piratical craft of
Radical ism went down, and he in
formed us that the impression that
has gone forth that a general election
was held throughout the country on
Tuesday the 7th, is erronious. He
says it was only a Democratio affair
and that the Republicans hqd mis
taken the day and failed to oome to
the polls.
Yozoo county went solidly lor Single
'Col . Singleton had no opponent a, -el
in I'lurk county.
Arizona Territory has elected a
Democratic delegate, again. (
Beualor ljaHiur r turned to OS'.ord ;
fi-.mi Ltioi- Monday tlio 6 h. !
Tlic total vote of A eo'ii ooni.ty
'TOC Muidi-ow's in. j rity w is 248
wi'S ;
The Denioer;:tie nc.j 'Hty in New
Is .,i,iil. twn linuilfftl .TioBMiiid.
. .
I,ee i anmtv polled 104'2 v nes i-.l i lie
fee. nt eh-elton, g.ving .Vtu'm'iw : ni g' .r-
i'v of 50. '
Glorious old linw.imbi polled 0G2
votes ou the 7th, mid rav.' It -m ail to
Muhlrow e.K. ept twenty-one.
Our old friend Gen. KitiR.is re-electrd
to Congress from the 5th Louisiana dis
trict by au immense majority.
Muldrow's majority in Oktibbeha
county wus 392. He carried every
box but one.
Ad the news from the election im
proves with age. The Democrats of
Iowa hnve elected three Congress-,
men, and the Greenbackers have
secured one.
Hon. Lake Pryor, who is elected to
Congress from the Huntsville Akbama
District, is the old law Partner of Gov.
Houston, and succeeded him by appoint-
mont.iu the U, S. Senate, He ia a strong
Olllcial Vote o I'M on roe County.
Rome 97 39
ItRHlmm's Ml 00
Cotiou Gin Si S
Centre Grove 301 21 '
Quiney 132 00
Grubb Sprinas '27 4
South Aberdeen 176 38
North Aberdeen .... 93 45
Walton's Store.. . . til 28
Muldou 204 13 '
Boyd's 47 1 :
Mormon Springs. . . 40 1
Sinituville 78 5
1391 20S
Majority for Muldrow, 1188.
No votes were cast at Love's or Fousts
The Athea's box which gave a heavy
majority for Muldrow, was returned
wiihout tally sheet, nud consoquontly
thrown out by the Commissioners.
Tub uuuiy friends made by Judge Van
Eaton, when iu our city attending the
Grand Lodge of the Knights of Honor,
will rejoice to know that he is elected to
Congress from'tlie 6th district.
In Wisconsin the Democrats have
swelled their number of Congress
men from two in tho 47th Congress
to five in the 48th.
ivc the FuriMMTM A Kvst.
"Why so many farmers fail" is a
stereotyped phrase that arrests our
eye so often in looking over the
newspapers that we are heartily sick
of it. Why can't these scribblers
break the monotony and take time to
aHk why so many merchants fail, or
why so many lawyers, doctors,
preachers, millers, specnators, teach
ers or mechanics fail ; and yet we
have not a shadow of a doubt, but
that there are fewer farmers who
fail to make a living iy proportion
to nnmbui thin can he found in
any oilier walk of life.
The fanner as a general rule sue-
oeecis, and it von win taiie tne 'ron-
ole lo inv sii'i:lo any caw of failure
innot.g ngrii'lilimiiiis the elianees nie
ten to olio that you will find ilie
cause lay altogether beyond the con
fines of bin farm that his failure
was attributable to outside operations
an. I not to unwise or unsKiuuu man
agement of his fields. Give the
fanner a rest, arid if you uiunt be in
quisitive inquiio '"why so many mcr-
Tiio Jufeilt of Hiscoek of Now
York, the R;i lieal Chairman of the
Committee on Appropiiutions, of the
House, is one of lhe pleusantest iu
cideiits oi tne recent eieeiiou.
The Lt. S. Circuit Cuurt, Hon, It
A. Hill presiding, is iu session ut
The District Court at Davenport,
Iowa, has declared the recently
adopted prohibitary auieudmeut in
that Slate, unconstitutional
Bishop Green, of this Episcopal
Diocese, though now in his eighty
fifth year is filling a regular list of
appointments that will occupy his
time until January 2nd. A special
Council of the Clinch is to assemble
shortly to consider the propriety of
electing an Assistant Bishop to re
lieve him of a portion of his labor,
Our friend B. E, Dale made twen
ty four entries at the Aberdeen fair,
and got tweuty-one premiums. This
speaks well for his Btock Okolona
Yes it docs, and the fact that be
sold a considerable number of bis
fine animals during the stock sales at
the Fair, at remunerative prices,
proves that the award of the judges
was endorsed by the outsiders,
Chickasaw horses always take prom
inent positions at the Mississippi
Exposition Association Fairs, parhc-
iBlu'rly wh, n Dale, Mnnb.ek, Wulltei,
Wall and
e- ulioei
A note from '.I:-. U.o.
i Mis.-.. :,i.i.!.-.-r, in. I i i"
nu is ! ''', v
i b. r iimtt-Bd of lt.1
i Nov, m i
iei- a n.i n.
Ijjtfl by Hi.' Iif.iiii.ni
I ,..t1) PA
, ..K 4 j . H,i.,.-i .-.(
1 h.n.l I;.- ,;, o i:., c.v
pil !
s it ;r, a:.l )(. r-
Al't t,lt en has ti" more
liubli'' n.'ii lictl eit'Zen lint
AI .
(-',;' ir,
H. E.-kf i'il. He Koi s in it) innate
II BU'CISS i f 111 '-Villi! g If' III dcitake.s.
The Aberdeen Fait As-oel iiloo c a il
hndly tlo without Chur.ey Yet
1'ob't Leader.
, It is asserted by some who watt h'-d
very closely the voting in Colnmbus
on Tuesday that Judge Lyon here
in his native town did not receive
half dosen while votes, but others
are very surelie did go six. Cer
tuinlv not more. Columbus Vie-
The proper way to check slander
is to despise it ; attempt to overtake
and refute it, and it will oat run you.
r J.'r t
Ire&rge lUlOl.
Sir B. Seymour and the late Lord
Lyous are the only naval peers crea
ted during Victorian reign.
Answer to It. It. J'. I.ovc Thee
les tis many n dnv iu the time gone by
riinee yon and I first met,
And day by day dear friend I try
But. still, I do not hive thee yet.
This long and painful dream of old
I must alas dear friend forget ;
For I have tried with all my soul
And slid I do nut love thee yet. ,
I am ''too young and iudiRcieet"
Love twines uot round young hearts
her ma.
So you might know for when we meet
I show I do uot love thee yet.
Tis many a day since we did p irt
And why do you love me yet?
For then I told you Hint my heart
It's fondest lev lings would forget.
We nre told by wise and old
That oliildish lovci we soou forgot ;
They nre true, for by my soul
1 am too young to love thee yet.
Forgive me if I cause you pain
Or o'er your heart cast one regret,
For I have tried and tried in vain
And still I do uot love thee yet.
A l.iue i'roni mi Old Itesitlent of
Our ou illy.
Vo take the liberty of publishing
the fullowiiiir letter l'or tho sake of
reviving in the hearts of ninny read-
crs, thouiflits of "iiuld 111111: syne:" '
Uiii.i.Kvii.i.i:, li.i,. Nov. 0th
Mussks. KniToiis of K.amini:u:
Thirty-seven years this morning
smco l, ft. iJovakiii, with my
fathers family left our old home near
Quiney, Monroe county Mississippi
for Illinois; many long years have
passed away and my fathers family
, , i,. ,
with it except myself years cannot
banish my thoughts of Old Monroe
there was tho homo of my youth, and
; J
I occasionally think of school days
, . . ..
and school mutes I guess many of
,i i .11
th.fin am gone long ago, yet 1 read
tho names of a few in your paper.
W r 1! T T nil,.', al li c
n.V ' ' ' " t
tiillcyleii and U. C (jreenwooit, it
was sad to read of his death, him nud
his sister Mrs. !. M. Terrell inv sister
and myself have traveled the school
path together many, many times; yes
I read your paper--read many names
that 1 will recollect. I urn giud to
read of the improvements and pros
perity and would like to visit there
very much and will if I live lo see a
convenient chance.
our paper coino.i very regularly
11 it:ii it i lion lit 'ill. uOoii nil-
being printed Thursday.
1 wish old Monroe happiness and
prosperity, and wish to read your
paper. 1 send you a renewal if sub
scription, when this year is out let
me hear from you again. If 1 was
writer 1 could givo you many items
in regard to our Northern country.
As a friend to your paper
1 am Yours Truly,
0. S. Mi;i;i:ii.i.s.
4:itli'i'iili: lil Killl Itoml I "ill I'll f-
ttus l llld lor Oiii'.ew kuiki.
A special to the Memphis Ava.
lanche, under date of Nov. Oih, from
J.icksou Tennessee, says:
"A large gathering of prominent
railroad contractors and builders,
numbering uiuoty persons, are 'here
hailing from nearly every Slate in the
Union, representing millions of dol
lars, are in readiness to bid for the
work to be done on the Canton, Ab
erdeen and Nashville railroad.
Among tho prominent ones are Gen
eral Joe Casement, of Painesville,
Ohio, wilh his agent, Col. Ball, and
private secretary, Col. Wilcox. Col.
Besoii, of Si. Louis, is also here. The
flice of the company is
located in this city, ihu bids will be
opuuou ..iiti,.
7T TT" r-
.l I till iil.llion
ln Aiiiariieoi Initio. Iiniil- On- in violng cini-
,l mil. am wenlti-flM "!' Ilif rtnniiinh an.l lis
-iini.eiiiMicos. InillB'Stl if i milfsnilM sail
Ith iiiiiiiii-ia. Sin-li nifti icr. ran lay n e.'-i
lima i.liijn Kir ln-,1 111 Ly ll-lnit nr lit'! Gi unr
'funic nwll tines ni lie- sfnni it'll ami ii'M "t ai tal
aw tilt' to. In. -x Ht-livt) to i-nrry im (liu laui
iiiaUtn- I N- O l'lciivn in-
I (lack Squirrel on the tliu'ek.
Grey -qnii tele me veiy ph-ntv m
the JLneU"aivi.X'-i
hiin e-r Clin ki i '
Bv.- b n, ,, B
SCiiec. alld loll
id good
O f 11''
ale t
i. ,'tvc tie
i Ley iniVc
w lhlt rness
W'. - i il
Cl.Ufl:. I.io
u in i i ok' n
t - i, v-.it-
t '
I, iJuiijhiiiiUoii lli'palhiciii
i'ltc iviiotl !' ilithiKsipiii.
id eiinv -tie at. Kosciusko on Wetlnes
dav, tin' Si2,l inst. licv lr Attx niter,
pas'orol tlie Presbyterian church in-thai
place, m .kes a very e.irm st appeal
through the Son, h-west. rii I'rcsbyit rnui
for a mil ntletitliiiice. The Synod is irai
posed of six l'resliyterii'S in Mississippi
aud Louisiana, anil il ail .churches should
be represented by the pastor and one el
der, the attendanne Would im about 500.
Dr. Al' 'Hinder says that Kosciusko can
take cure of lie in ali. nud ii his I in ill' r-
ed hosfitidiiy needed any guarantee, we
could name several responsive voutm-
ers. J'ttksun Cinrvm.
A CARD I ' 0 nPl10KI,,on ",0 ,,lnB" w" n'lvf
' .''been Ihu most ultra bull dozers in
Tn all v.Iio nvo wittering train 'In! errorii nlel .
inilisttri'tuinsnrtolliili. n rvtilis wait kin-nx, ei Iv ' tllO UeUIOCfU! 1C pilliy,
itnu. iii.unl' nailllluUll. ,f. 1 Vvt l ytll'l Villi H!
! reitiips iiiit ii t'iii'-v..ii. ritv k i' oil iitoio
Thm Brent rrjm.itly was rfmcnverefJ liv a iiiimnui-
s mtinnrli Atuoiiliti. Setnl k nelf stltlius'l"!
I ''' '2hV,!.K-V;2:'',,tt '
, A,.W.y. "
-, , ,,'n a
Frank Sulthtll 11 cjiniiig !
"iii:iM;x. "
I have come home. The sen has tossed
A half-wrecked ship upon the sirs ml.
How proudly strong sue Railed away;
The sunlight shot norous the bay
And like a "bow of promise" sp inued
The Wat era. So my lienrl it. crossed
lluw soon its gleaming light is lour!
I have come home. O'er stormy waves
The vessal dritteth into port;
Tlie helm is gone, the sails are rent
All uiel my life ia nearly spent,
For oeean lulljws but n 8'iort;
And those my heart wild longing craves
Alas! alasl these silent gravexl
The little churuh the dear old spu;
The Tyrol lulls the twilifdit sky;
The mountains rapped iu shadowed uiist
And all the uir by silence kissed
I'hi' same all! yes -as in days by.
Hut those 1 loved, they have forgot;
1 call them, hut they answer not.
The shadows fall across the sunw,
Their ashes sift across my heart.
I h i vo come home. Mother, one kiss;
0 father, speak! I'm dreaming Ibis
1 oannot help the teals that sturl;
'the gray old clouds so siding i,low
Above these little Wounds of snow.
Aud t hull, my love, my light of life,
Thou wilt not smile to hear my tread
Send Death to me; I, too, would wiu
The place that thou art, shrouded iu.
My little blossom, tm thou dead?
Musi I fiiiht on. wo, k on. in life
Without thy aid, my wife, my wife?
A silence falls on all the air
Thou silence claim, but what is said
Of those whose hopes are luiried uli;
Who sleep, yet sleep wiihout the puli?
What pence is for lhe lirimj duul't
Why call I uot thy sh.oudiug share,
When all my heart is buried there?
'Twas "coining home,'' I thought, of late;
'Tis "going home' I have none here.
My home is yonder, far away,
IJeyoud tlie.e clouds of pearl and gray,
And Tyrol's hills are not as dear.
1 w ill, ursine lilt! ort'Keu ifaie
,,, , ,, , , t(, wftjl!
Marie Aikw HWiuytt, in UmUm Tntiwript.
. ,. , " """"
ofu-u tenninaies in I 'oiisiuiiiiioii y Why
not lie wise in time, and use , i.i, iinVI.ono
Hai.sah. which will slop lhe .ise,laL. und
prevolll till' filial e.lllseolleiieis.
IA. M,ie l,y all Medieiue lle.alers.
A quiet niaii w is traveling a short
imc Hgn by rail, and was unnoted
unnoted oy
I lie noise wlueh two or I !
s..me ear were making.
11, el Ilia a tellitiu In nielli
li"ii hiuisell ill a loud
ii"' men in the
Dae of them
.ill stol ieH a
ie,', met hud
tried .aiee ortwieo to draw out lhe oui -t
I man, hut iii vain. .i last he turned to
Inn i and said, rather nil misivi ly: "1 tear
sir. our noise h is ndlier i;ie,nvciiieu(vd
yu." "Nol in lhe least," lie repli"d.
"1 thought," remarked the noisy man, ;
'I hat you did not seem interested liv my i
stories." "Quite tho reverse, my dear
sir," said the quiet one;'T urn very much
so; iu fact I am a bit ol a liar myself."
ICfW ii e k f E in In 1 ions I
'I'lie ill Iii'hii! (xler ol li'lerrtftn l'olni:!ii. Ih
"-iiu-n ihmui, i .,njt fei
lontiuru wl HifcocK
I'leiiMiiiit I.ilt'H
Home men move through life nsn liainl
if niusie moves down tlie street, dinging
out pleasure on i very si.ie lliroiigli the
air to every one fir and near tint can lis
ten. ' Some men till the aiu, with tlie r
presence and sweetme as orelnods m
siiuiiii' r days lill the air with ti.e per
fume ol ripe fruits Some women chug
to their rntii houses like the none,;, suckle
over the door, yet, like it sweeten all the
region wilh the subtle fragrance ( f their
goodnessjthey are like trees of righteous
ness which nro ever dropping preeion
fruit around them, t' lere nri liv s ihnt
shine like suulieains, or chin m the heart
like songs on a holy day. I low great a
bounty and bleswiiig it. is to hold the
rovitl gifts ol tlie soul lhat Ihey shall be
music to some, fragrance to others and
life to all.
It would be no unworthy thing lo live
for, to make lhe power wnieli we have
within ns the breath of other men's joys,
to sealtersnnsliiiie where only clouds and
shadows reign, to till lhe almosple rc
where earth's weary loih-rs must s'.-md
with it brightness which they cannot ere.
ate for themselves and which they long
to enjoy and appreciate.
in piiili y performances." A iniiaiiillceiil.
cxceptiuii to Ihif is I'oiind in Kidliev-Wort,
-vthictt iiiviniatilv performs even more
cures than it promises. I lean is a siugln
-instance. "Mollier has recovered. " wrote
mi Illinois girl lo her Knstern relatives.
"She limit till tors for u long tine but
tviihoui any good. when she m-iii-.!
, hltK ull(1 ciii.p'Jcciy ruii-l Imr
I " ';"" ' ', . ,,, i,,k lit,. ,..
i bvfisiut'lh'e Difllllond Dyes, and y.al will
.., ..,, ,,r ,i, i.whininilile colors
. .. ... ',,.
j " -""
..r".7?T.TZ7t'r , iivi l.-v
T t iN J, I. f M.S'. It 1 1 I IS I 0 V L.
i TIfll.
Jackson Tenn , Tv'ov. (' The eighth
iiiiuual session oi' the Teiinessee Hipiist,
convntiou met .t 10 o clock to tl ' in
the Finit baptist church on 1-ayette
tttret-i. TIk-codv' nti'm i)rgniiiii"tl ly elw-
lllig li-V Mat Ilii:smali. It V. OI lifii
i . iin., l'l'i M' i lit ; li v. 1 reas
. . 1) I' . ol Km xvili". mill v .1.
: ,. t,. h I) , ol Memphis vie.
ii , I, r-i tii'' , of Ni.siiviil' ,
Mon n,y
Oe'VClllioll Will
Jov and happiness has been brought to
the hearts of mot hers, and Iheblooui ol
health restored lo I lie cheeks of inanv
little darlings, hy I )n. Moi fi.tt's Ti-ifcTiu-,A
(Ti ctliinir. Powders).
: - i-ibv reel i y ai i iv. tl hi the
1' in .' oi , Tj 'U'svilh joiirnaled. and
: v: . . xce-siveiv pron I over tlm
ive Tu'iimi; t" I ue old black-niii.-e,
"Aimiy," sn 3 he stinking t
little pate ; "ibis hoy seems lo have n
journalistic bead" "Oh." cried the
unltitoved old Amity, soothingly,
"never you mind 'br ut dat : dni'll
come all right, in time.'' J.utusviUe
Courier Journal,
DixfiMiif Wiiiikiii.
Tairge (remise for three stamps, giving
menus of silecessl ill self (rcatinenl. Ail-
(ll-.-ss OIO.D'S Itl.aei'.XsAKV .VUIICALA
i soOiation, Buffalo, X. V
, . .
..,,.,,,., .,,,, (,.,,.1,11,.
I says, that the most anient converts
Young mid middle aged men suiTtir.ng
fri,n nervous dcbililv, lirelllBlnre old
., loss of memory. h'iiU iiuilml symp-
, T,
tiensaii Xtda-nl Asso'.'".:tie:i, BuKalo,
There were plenty of seats in lhe car,
but as he walked diwnt be aisle he looked
sharply to I he lijjit and left until lie
reached it pretty girl who was sitting
"Sent engaged Miss?" ho usked with a
knowing wink.
"Xo no, sir," stammered thefirl, look
ing nronud in dinuay,
Down he pluinpfd and oraeed liimtefl
for the t'ampaiii. He was a regular
passenger, and held his cuuimatntion j
ticket in his hand.
iian i op u
"liekets?" loared the aiuduclor, who
had watched him from afar
The regular passeng r smiled sweetly
at tlie pretty girl and put r.p 'his paste,
board, out of wlueh two ndis were
promptly nipped.
"Hold on!'1 protested the regular pas
senger; "yon punched tins twice. This
lady isn't with me."
"Sorry," replied the eondvetor, "but
you walked in, sat down and w ait p. work
in the regular m irried style. Supposed,
nf course, it was vonr tyit". Too late.
Tak a vacant seat, next time. Ticki ts!"
And the pass' ngers weut to the con
ductor and i IT red him cigars, and
bought out the train boy for him.
'I knew tht"y weren't married"sai'l he
"I've seen him before, hut this is the
first, time it lins cost luui it couple of dol
lars to play it."
"Do you know who the hi ly is?'ihked
an inquisitive man."
",Vlv, wife, gentlemen," replied the
I ii liiiniHmiy .
Ii' erv'.iir n rl ic mi' ;tlw-iyj apr v-f I t'.l.r
Tti'1 Pxci'ptKMi.'il rli'iinlini'S' ' Im r kfrVn 'i
H tlMitn iiiiilf'h it iiiiit.ir it iy hit i rd it m
ItopJijibiu will) i(h i)rt'Hiiiiii;il Hsu
Frank iSuldall h coming !
lY.me people who tlntik ihy ocrn
py ho lrg a place in the puolir mini, j
niitflit illnstnite how tliey u'oum! he i
misneil hy H'k'kin n fiiiati' in a pale
(.f wuiei mikI pulling it out and tutu. I
looking for tlio lioN-, I
S. K. P.iildwin wriles: "At'ler trvine:
Sootllillg Kelnedies Wlllililil livaii '.mil
Phv-ieiaus tiilliotil relief. 1 ';ave Dr.
.luui' !; I I s I 1.1,1 unA I I'll li 1 1 1 I neiri.i,
i.n 1 itiieled like magic, I iH-eissifiiisilh.
ve ii noWiler lo Kee 0 lnv ellllil s vlllli i
Some time since we mentioned the
f nit that Mrs. Arnold sent us a sum-
)re id green tea, ol lier own raising.
On Tuesday she sent us another lot
of the cured leaves and u specimen
of the plant, from which they wire
gn thered. OknliDiii ihnneuimr
How it 11:1" iliiite.
"Ilnw il" via uiiiieiur," diiiia lailv to lur
tti'-ntl. '-Ie i(piear -e li ii'V ami irnfiil iiatiin"!
alltli" II "' "I nlwao In. vi- I'm kei V (iiiiL"T
'I'nltic lla Intv ," Wle I lie ri';i! V , ' 1 1 c I 'll'.i'ie- li
k-a'p tllv.-i'l I and 111n.lv il iliin'l lieu 1 1 h. A lien I
mil woll I ahvay ti t'! lii" I Hal iirml.'
Mr. lilair Fimz-i' made u ton-fire last
nig d of Ills unsold garden seed uf this
would do lhe sumo thing every year we
would have fresh, good and reliable seed
when we commence gar.leuing in the
Soring.-Vidiiiiiliim hut x.
Moltier?, sleep sweellv ! '-Ilium bv triv-:
ing vour cliild flu. Moi'n-rr's Tkutuisa 1
i leetliing powders 1 tn-d ly.
An old bin liclor leaving his board- !
ing bouse for it week'.- journey, after j
taking leave of his landlady stepped j
lip to a suit mackerel on llm table i
shook him by I he tail, Slid said: ,
'(tiiodhye, old fellow, I wit! see you
when I letilin '' ;
Yon o.iii always tell a f islidi 'iis in. .11 .
bv his sen. ing iwetcy-ev u fill's ami col ,
lurs to the laiiii lry aceompunii d by a
single shift. i'unk'r ('.etv j
Avers Pills are erteeiiia in a wide'
range ol' diM-ases which :n i-e 1 r .111 di-oi -dent
of lhe slo'naeli and diu'-tive organs. ;
'J'liev are 11 eonvenieiil l'el Iv to have I
iilwi'ivs 011 hand. 'J liey are Migitr cualeil.
easy lo lake, ell'i-elivi
liriiur repel uia'l cure.
ipel ale, slu r In
York and Line is'er conn ties. IVnii.
sylviinia, mainline: are ab ut one
tnnth of all the cigais made in the
United States.
Frank Sidd.ill iscomingl
I Oeiiins and virtue, like iliatnouds.
t are best lilam set.
i Take care of vour .'nr. A gri in nuin
ber of the dises.es In tvliieb mankind are
1 ii,i,. arise from a .lisnrdercl , ilimi
! of IhisorL-aii eeo il in a sound and
lieiilt.iiv condition and vnu can dcl.v tl;--
ease. I'lllt'KI.V .sll oii irns are csh-ci-uily
inli'iited for lies purpose, t'fing eoin
poscij ol drugs hieli n' t on lhe l.iver.
givine i.! vone anil strong! h In v. illisiiind
nit in ' i:' nto iomi .
This iriedieiiial 1 1 :- i 11 m r i i i i- one mil
-of a thousand ol lhe patent kind placed
Iti'Tore tlie public which has wind il
claims, "intriusie merits." and 'Iocs afford
I cliff in diseases like lyc.ih. ys ml
deliililv, and nmny kimls of tli-oi-.ers
ieeulilir to females. H tel- received the
endorsement Of hundreds of people !
now! si uinliug t hrouuhotii tl uuiry.
and should il soiuelinii- lad in el!''1 I a
I t 11 1 , i t ii ttt v lie luken without I. b 1 1-i n Ml-
I ii.Kilils. li lias bee line II -Ifiple llli'di'
wil h druggists, (iiieoriwo im.mic, hsi-i
in season, may save a heavy lull lioin I he
family physician.
Franlt Hiiltlall is coihmi;
lli'lieint more on Hie regularity
,,,...,.1 laml 1 nut 1 i,.'i- than on anv
af her i
ir all ,
e. loses coiuliiliert. All H-llltd til II ''
tr.ii is the incvitnlile result of dei aniie
nienf of 11 I'unelion which inulvi woniau
what sin is hi every respect, and espe
ciullv in lier -.rental and buddy I'liii'tiiti-
lion." Hence, iiuiiieiphle I'elic! froni such
(leriiiigemenis is the only saloauanl
iiaiiinst wreck and ritin. In all t nsesol,
sloppiwe, delav. oi'iiliicr irregularity of
the avstein, I'M'. ,. llrildlield's l-'elllltle
ltcg,ilalor is lhe only sure remedy, li
net -by giving lone lo lhe nervous cen- I
Ires, improving Hie M"t:d, and if lerniin
nig dir ctlv lo the organs of iiimsj mil
lion, il is'a scientilic prescription, nin'l
lhe nitisi, inlelligent lihvsieiuus ne it.
I'reparcd bv lr. .1. Hnnllicld. Allanla,
(In. Price:' dial size, ine. ; la !( size,,
i 1 ..'. l'or sale by all drnguists.
8-Hrvf Pi-lei s very low, at KeKTOKOV,
l'l.tenii J)rug btore.
I'.'l-otinl! ' il" il)!
'fill' Vci.l.MC Ul.1,1' '".. Maitlnt'l. Mich.,
will -ft"! on Inn's era. Kin: t'liiit K,i.f.t-Tiie
an iri-'l mi Oi'i'V 'lav It, i' en (vmriK or nit! . alia
,ie Hll'ietfii widi Nt'f on i htlny. l ust Haiti-
Hlttl V mill mill, 'Ol'1 knitlrett t I't'lililes, gitflf n
tt'eiiijl s,ti'i"i anil viieui'letB refteriit ttin ttl ll ' 1 ll
untl niiililv vigar. A'I'IrfW H' tive. N. 11.--So
risk in iittuilcU, an ibirly ''.i'"' Ivlnlikal-
Umuil. iv.h't.cr ai nr,
T.Bndreth'i fresh 'IfrtNiP Skku f t
sale by B0KLL k TLNUAl.L. ,i"l7
1 IS IrVVKU tl.V
fC UhMUKI'Ji AM ClluCKlK.roilS.
SiniHUIUl'Tio.V TliliMS:
ne Copy one ytrar, - 8,n
" " six roimLliK, - 4.U
" " throe, m'tnlli. - 2.(1
I VAlUAltl.l l.s .IDVA.M'l,!
On.- Inch, in- Ic?, uuuwt :ii!ts :t Kijuare in 1 U
hx am i tn.v , ujkI viii uuaI th- JiuwriHer lor
itu,, ie iUM lion, -1. J'.
I mu 3mO. Hm o. ; ly
-.1 II" 5I , r 101 l.i
; ". i a in hi 1" lie i.
si I i, 1M ("i Ml
I ii'i -jM i H. IV fill
12 "n ia: la o- .sa
i II . li (ill !!f n HO
. "l IT, ('l en ' .) fl III 15ii
On iS.iiare,
'I'wu sitlart's,
'I'll ree Sipiare-i,
four siiilures,
! , :t I f-t ol titiiu,
!!- . 1 1 II 1 1 1 II
(inioinry Xorleew tne! Tri Iiii'pk ol lit, ;pua
ree. when Ihev Uo nol exf'flefj s i words, '''ao
VtrlHInmil h wol'U f.111 eot -l.'l".
lOillnnial Niitii-.(s will lio eliurirrl for a 1th
rale ul Ten I ills per iine.
A'lverllM-iiieiitH lur LUitrllaOlo Ohiwts w.l
bi" lao-ireil hail rat en.
:t.-.. .
r.'-. '.-.
Olil ffisliiuiinltlr n-HH-'Jio ;i-m r.iptfi.r
Vivinn round hrtorc I hn iidvunr't' of tbi'rt
c iri'tn-ri ntr ?- if itii1, and old ffwhioncrt
idea.- in ivunrd Ui i-ivii u nieitns
ol i have iM't'ii (jiiitc exploded ity th
si i eees? o the li)v;iI tv voiia n t . vh n di tfn
the ky: li'ie, I t'aiiijnili.e.-. tiie in-rve, nen
ti'.ilii1 iiiai.in:! tii juiriiie- and .'nriehe-i
tlit' hluofi.rouser (he her v hen dorniuut,
;iim1 (n-ouioi.--; ji i-i pillar tiaial d' Itnd.y.
Jii' sale liy all drituisi s and Hfaiens
,Mrh' :-ts , JI HAIR
mi -
V Vrr t0d3KtSAimm ili.e.rv
f fetVt '.-. . 4p t Ti n I
r,.... . ' W 'A--IT.
'-r-'i. 9
' .e j1.' ," ,a?e V 5" " '
e -e .'.v i.i to rir.i'i "a-
An Issisorai n Medicine ttat Kever ttrtoxicatet
, i i. . t i..e .a (.1 ( .a, l.iu .n
.l an:!.,: c. .-rid':. , . a-:.! unrc r '!. i i f It " I" -i
a..- I,.,t-i,. M.i t,,i,,,i,l.an, :.iali:ua4-,f-i!
The Best anil fnrest Cnutjh Cure Ever Utfd.
If . ." fl :.." t fi'.'n to.. ,1. rMiarl...,.!!,.
Ndi... - , ,'! .lull:' -. eiiiM:i:ili'''a I've'l''
(,i-:.,-. r 1 ',, i . It will Mui.jtii.at Lulu bo ly
ai.U yit c v i ri'tv li": a; .1 "i .,'. .
r-Hl for .u v',.iii .T iia,. una, 1, .una In On -".T Tonic I
a: (at a f.u.uii: la he a urm"-
:.. ,.1 ,i . :,i .i.-ia,-. i., ,i- : Lvrr. ...itirli'.rlr.r I
C-v 1' M
. i .
i O 't . tllv ta - l..ra .1
i '..- a-,.-! i:u ). . ...ia.
tarn 1. 1 1 If l.","rt. ,..o
111 tl 'hi wn-ll,. "a,
l:i" or:,' n P 'iff
' I '1 t.-vraU
fliv.il m far n
at -,'-., a. ru.tt"
' 11 If ' .. - Ui btitllJ
.1 , I ,.1,T to l
win li :
,.rt i
a-1 ::
r l:i I :
.,T :tl -1 t 1 ' xt .i:t.
I'm. ' -i' l !- ' C c I '
111 ,.nai I II . l.i.'. liari.l'
hut rillatv- ll. lit I a-n In
tin t-.T'ir" it t-
I ,,nt fan liiaftt
1 uli n i "f vv. 1 11 It
IV, il, I'
,.C F. S ltKMSn 6
1 ill 1
IT -e a-t
Itmi tl.
i.n Dai
a m't.t.tit i"
It nh peltl.
. w,3' llm li-,ii roHi-i.rrli
,ti( n.:'h. r.utliu s-1 "tlf.'
a la tu.ia.laia
, r i ,'.an"P i.n a '
taint '
ng ot ti- Inn
WS'v-tH--A-.:;;,,1..V ri,-i.l;,a,r
ui :r.
cy t-ilr.l'-s.
BITTERS f l?:,'
Mftl.SflU w
CURES )' In hy tin ir
LLDiSissisoFTHEil;.,';; :
LI VI Ik' Ir Wi'itttfn Uir)
CJompli'S i 1
tli"j may IS
5,TnWI1H tr.issrtt
.rjiiif"ii 1
II" it
in i' tl-'vini;
itrv-lf nf nil
itt "iimttt'i-
' 1 1 tlVH, nn'i
ri")tJn' itt.ti
It-H iiltaliliai
KF nil t'm
t'otni'l iilitt
if OiHUiMil
IthiTH 1-i n i
'111- ii j V f TV!
lint twti.tlfi
& Br welf
tn n milrt
rii no 1 1 rl nni i &a PJ """' "
;, i nibLuuunn.H Vn-il-f kr-i ;
K:.. t.yt'hil.iv.
)f r'irf tii-iit. mill nut, mi itit iit.iillni t
in1 lt t'm pur.-lv vp.n tnblf" in f tn curt t"iti' rno l"
iiri.il ut nl! fiun!wiirj hnut'tVi-il n tuiliB. Ii i
i i tnipd s ii o'-'i-e-uii, Imt fir firno8ini "ita o
thn oik 'ih initfuu-si. it t a cj-vt in- urn' n
:i Ii1,OOlt'l lill' (Kit r.'.rtk" niiwi't. a 1 ntl,- r i n
(iiirtri .i. If b.jliuHuoDutm tiuocl, i
mrntions. At-k ymr tlruivKit lur II, ami (f1vn it.
H.:aiit ttne 01
(It-mi f t y
d CO.
Utiiatr tac i-,t
J. V. Mvlur.ll A I ...
n uliiii'uf p.iit ntiu ih.itrorf.',tiDtn k.- fil i n ti" t ') r
KXtil.YkS in the :.,: Fit littnih' w and l'ri"t
I.-" '' V.M.Mf. n.M,,.
'I Hk AI'I.TM .V 'J'AV .. .. Man'-' 1. . iim
P.lu!i Monthlv Tin vU. ef th
Tiiurs'Jiij, Alvi ihIh'i- 30. Mi,
t ipM'T arovisiontt t.f :t
itmi .tU.tili 31 , run liTD
TL.' rmii-! ii.; - ' r, i:t Gui
ll. f.llviJ..:.t.-i.-t."i:
irtlMit iih l tii n ii) i t-t-al,
iiil - 1 1. .' ' iv iti-u-t ti c tat r-
'1'lic Ci'iiiiiii'ix tM "t fit ii.iiiii :i iHrtri' in
rrvi 'u:u',. iv i 1 i-.iii't ully l lie fi.it ut priw
l'l II. ....
1 Prisi
in I' ir. . 1
I Pi ..
0 ' f'l l' I'M,
'.'On pi . 's,
(.00 I'l ",a'l.,
111111' Clt'S,
:i i'i it.'s.
: ..t-i axis.
S Prizes.
..','' i
. . (O.DO'l
. . ."l.tlflll
. . in.iKin
. . I.i.no'i
. . in n in
. in.nnt'
. I -'.! '"'
. . la,' m
tint' i-ne't...
.'inn . a. h ...
Hi.i eiii'li..
.'hi eatdi ..
in utc'li . .
ie a . .
lilH) eai'tl. A .tji'xliutuilt, ."'Kl
-'tin e-ti'li, " l.Mlii
100 euch ' '.'OU
I' 11.(1 P-ljos.' l IV!, ItHI
WlMil'lli'l.vl..M.Hnll'l'lf .fS'l. ST'1' rk.vtr.tjtn
ii i',.i.vi. 14IO li,fiurM.
lveniil -.ttiiit.v or It oik llrati in Te'tfrr. o--t'lt'i
i-v i;,t r... Itta'f Mt'Wl hit tirjisli'rrit
I.rUvr vr l .'t.t 'ft'mi- (irtlfr ' il-iiem ol IS", snj
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