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Hon. J. It. Jngersom,, Dear Sin: I
Lave the pleasure to acknowledge
the receipt of your esteemed let ter
of the 7th ult., in which ou say: "I
had the honor of being called on last.
evening to address amass meeting
of the Whigs of the city and county
of Philadelphia. At that meeting ana responsible duties appertaining opinions of the world, but this clan
your name was frequently mention-j to said office untrammeled so that 1 i destine system strips its author ol
ed in connection with the office of , could be the President of the coon even that seeming virtue, and leaves
Chief Magistrate. I stated to that i try, and not of a party: him barren of a redeeming quality.
meeting, as I had before stated in j With considerations of great re- Sir, the history of this bill has placed
my place in the House of Represen- Jspect and esteem, a blot on Mississippi legislation that
tatives at Washington, that yon 1 remain your oh't serv't. will "never out;" and now warn
were a Whig not indeed an ultra j Z. TAYLOR, (gentlemen that the day is near, when
partisan Whig but a Whig in prin- Tremendous Steamboat Accident. 8Pectre of thn murdered amend
ciple." All of which is entirely cor- lp a,gp high-preMttre Steamiment ()l "e gontleinan from Mar.
rectiand after the discussion whichli)oaf j.xmc" K. i0k ran noui 0f a shall, "will rise to sear their eyeballs,
occurred in both hou-esof Congress j mgi'n the Mississippi, at Veto Point, ; ' will it down at their bidding."
at the last session, growing out of the j a f(,w days ago, and sunk immediate But Mr" Speaker tll0rc 18 i' an
capitulation of Monterey In which 1 j . t0 jlrr hurricane deck, over which :0,l"'r reason to me, paramount to all
discussion you thought proper to de tQ6 waf(,r ma,ie a clean' sweep. It otners' wnv tllis bill should not pass,
fend my conduct in regard to tbat s Ranposed that the boat ad cargo Tne 8tn Beot'on of article of the
transaction, when assailed some-! will be a total loss The James K constitution says "no lav shall ever
what if not entirely on party grounds, j pok wns 0VVned bva rich old fellow', Ps t0 raise a ,loan of mol";.v
in the House of which you were a nalnR(i Democracy, who has been b' t.he '?tatc or P,ede the faith
membcr-for which you bav my living a retired life.and hasnotbeen tnb SUte for the payment or r&
sincere thanks which was done seen in public for several years. demption ol any loan or debt, without
sticha way by those who disapprov- ShR wns insurei for ope fa nfir j first passing it. by a majority of the
ed that measure, I can hardly imag
ine how anyone who was present
and heard the. speeches on that oc
casion, or read them after they were
published, could mistake the com
plexion of my politics.
At the last Presidential canvass,
without interfering in any way with
the same, it was well known to all
with whom I mixed, Whigs and
i- . i t. i i
uemocrar.s.ior j naa no concealment 1
in the matter, that I was decidedly
' -'
iniavorofMr. Clay's election, and
would now prefer seeing him in that
office to any individual in the Union;
certainly much more at any time
toLmyself. Independent of his great
talents and long experience in gov-
ernment affairs, I consider his views
and those of the Whig party, are
more nearly assimilated, as regards
political matters, to those of Mr, Jef-
ferson.than their opponents; in whose
political creed 1 was reared, and
whose opinions in mutters ol Mate, j
nave never lost sight, ol as wen as
endeavored lo conform to them as
npnr as mranmtnnni would nerniit.
Although iv. one can appreciate
. . r, ., t . .i ; li
more highly man 1 (lo ine iaoraoie
onlnion I hear vnu have formed as re
gards my fitness lor the first civil of-
tice in our country, (which I ConsiiK
er, should 1 reach it, is rather too I
much ol'an experiment.) as well ns
dulv eratel'ul for your aid ill bringing ;
me so Drominentlv befoie th
tion for the office in question, yet 1 ;
cannot permit the present opportun-; to pay ihe P anters bank bonds. state to pay debts, have not been!
ity to piss by without repeating to j And if she is hound to pay them at complied with. Nor can any gen
you what 1 have said to othersin re- all, she is hound to pay them in good tlemen avoid this constitutional rn
pard to the subject of the JVesideii money. Rut this hill, since tho re-Ijeotion by the assumption, that, this'
cy which is, that 1 am no politician, jjection of the amendments of (he hill only shifts the indebtedness of
Nearly forty years of my life have gentleman from Carroll and Mar- tho Stale. For if I owe A. one:
been passed in the military service j shall, will, if passed, present this dis- thousand dollars, and borrow the
ofthe Republic, nearly the whole of graceful state of things to the world: money from B. to pay it. do I not cre
which in the lield, the camp, on our ! lhat the State of Mississippi has ac- ate an indebtedness to B. for that
Western frontier and in the Indian ' knowledged her just, indedness to be amount, as much as if I borrow it fori
territory, I m.v well say constantly the holders of those bonds; also that banking or any other purpose?
on datv the two last, in Mexico, she has ninety-five thousand dollars Then it is clear that if the Slate
or on it's immediate border; during of the sinking fund in her treasury, lakes the internal improvement fund,
which time I have not passed one: that she acknowledges justly to be- with which to pay these Planters' j
night underthe roof of a house. You! long to (hose bond holders? and Bank bonds, she thereby become in-I
may therefore, very readilv suppose. ! yet, positively refuses to apply one deMed to lhat fnnd, as much as
undersuch circumstances, I have had dollar of that or any other fund, to though she took it for hankingor any!
but little time to devote to the con- the p vment. of those bonds; but says Other purpose of speculation! nor can j
iteration or investigation of great to the ' bondholders, hern are 500,- the refined abstractions of the gen
.rll nuMtlnha or subjects, or (100 acres of land, which the General tlemen show otherwise, than that
ii Ji.n..inn , ... I nt,
iu Uion uinwHnivn ,
tumptcd lo do so, or to be mixed up ,
with politics, men or measure.ln any i
way, not even having voted for one j
of our chief magistrates since 1 join-;
ed the army, having, for the most
part, been serving or stationed he-
yond the limitsufthn States.
I must sav 1 have no wish for the
Presidency, and cannot consent to be ; su"h is not t!ie precise case present
exclusively the candidate of a party; I ed by the history of this bill ? I ask
and If am one at all, or to be made j lie in if they are. nt placing their
so at. the coming election, it musl be j Stata in a high moral attitude before
borne in mind ttiatl nave Been, or
will be made so, by other, without nroRer ot her own paper, ny sending "" 'COD
any acenrvofmine in the matter. In-! her out to compound with her cred- ands are trust property, the State!
dependent of rav wishes, 1 greatly itors? What, would bethought of .being trustee? And does he not ;
doubt mv want of the nccessarv qual-! an individual who. with ample understand the rule ol law, familiar ,
ifieations to discharge the duties ! means of resuming nil his liabilities, to the merest tyro in the profession,!
oronerlv of an office which was filled would act thus? Sir, he would that a trustee is not permitted to pur-,
and adorned by a Washington, a be a mock and a by-word for every chase at his own sale, or take his
Jefferson as well as several others of I honorable man! And yet we find own paper for trust property? 1 hen
the purest wisest, and most accom- high-minded, honorable men, striv- I would ask that gentleman if the
plished statesme n and patriots of i ing to place their State in this dis. principles m this bill are not viola
this or any other age or country. graceful position. Aye, sir. and what ; 've of all the rules governing trus
I almost tremble at the thoughts' is worse, openly avowing their de- tr.es But I will answer the gentle
of Ihe undertaking: yet. if the good j sign to turn her out to Z
people think proper to elevate me, own paper. Were we not told J 'WW us DUt a few days since that
StCe proper t.mo to the highest of- j by the gentlemen trom Clarke. (Mr. W i rclerence to the mterests o f the
ficeinM eir g ?I will feel bound to ! Mcllae.) this morning, that, his ob State, he as a Legislator, would oh
"erve them, if not from inclination. I jection to the amendment ofthe gen- serve the same rule of action as he
Km a principle of duty; and will do itleman from Marshall was. that if it would n, Ins private affairs. Now,
US accordance with the principles ! prevailed, the bonds of the State I that gen leman .1 he would con
SSSrtluS&sil near as I can would rise to par with gold and siN s.der P anters Bank bonds a good
do "o as t was construed and acted ver. and that their holders would not and sale investment lor his ind.vidu
on by our first Presidents, two of take our lands lor them, at the high JftjjW lie is wdhng o se his
whom at least acted so conspicuous minimum placed on them by this bill! pUt" tal ' "g, ' fCS
pa in aiding and completing that j I submit it to this House, then. ; those bonds at par II not, hts inter
ItmmZt fas well as putting it in! whether it, is not lhat gentleman's rogatory is a senseless sound only in-.
LHoh avowed policy to turn the State out, tended to tickle he distant ear. Sir.,
PBut very manv important, changes as a stockjobber, to buy up her own il a stranger had by chance sttag
mav take at home and abroad, paper at a discount; & if it is not hi. M -"to this Hall, while that gen- ,
Kowand the lime for hold avowed object to so legislate as to ZZrtZZ'
in.the election for our next chief knen hor bon at depi-ecia ,oi, ffiXlS he Would
niagistrate; ;o mucn i ,
d!",rAbi'i 5 f. h!n SnaS e in !
some one witn more f".
i should be selected as a i
state affars
i'TnnmUelf and could 'he I clear they have been quaffing from which would convert every ihing
LlWiySfTwW j the same; fount, with that gen.deman. gold. That this bill was the gre
tZlcl I t 7have Sit and that .he only difference is, they Panacea for all the II. that ha
Vfl T !S I v a v- have not drank deep enough to em- hitherto afllictcd the State; for th
be selected
Yield mv
thn vnnitv to believe I have any
for that distinguished station, but
would acquiesce not only with pleas
ure in such an arrangement, but
would rejoice that the republic had
one citizen more worthy and better
qualified than I am, to discharge the
important duties appertaining to that
position; and no doubt there are thou
sands. Be this as it may, if ever I occupy
the White House, it must he by the
fjnniiaiivunD iuvtciuvih ui i i i r j n-i ; 11 r
without pledges, other than I have
previously stated; a strict adherence
j to the provisions of the Constitution,
j So thnt I could enter on the arduous
value, in the Union; but, as that con
cern has been shaking in the wind
for some time, public confidence in
it. n;t tr, mt ii i;.nSii;ti..a
has been greatly impaired, and It is
even misneeter I that manv ot t ie nn-
derwriters are no bel ter than they
iii .... . ...
I J - ,
1 u liri.;ni.-wi
... u- ...:n i ui:j . ;
tola buai im uc UIJIICU LU iii-
! to bankruptcy.
j p. SinC(; jh(. aboVR was VV! itt(,ni
several large packages have been
! reS(,,.(j rrora ,, wreck. They are
1 marked, "Ohio,"' "Indiana." "Illinois,"
&c.i0., and appear to have been
much dan,aged by the action of the
waVes. Wo understand that Mr.
Democracy entertains great, doubts
Lto whether they can ever bo re.
gtorBj to any profitable use, In the
mpan tjm6f ,lt! lM Rf.,lt.eman has
gone (o wo,.k wit, jlis usua energy
to raise the hull ot hisisteamboat, and
hones to be able, with the heln of Ihe
I.. r. .:' i '..v..,; ,i n
jTACukivu anu ii hi iui i in vvuv i
Itahters. fn nlaee it once more
r - : .
a(osti -piio experienced mudseow.
T. Richie" is lying alongside the
wreck, and Irving every means to
deepen the channel, and prop up the
submerged vessel. John Donkey
CWwto Mr. Houston. Speech
I. sir. am one who believes the State
to be both legally and morally hound
Kmvenimenf. pave us. for interna!
o '
improvement purposes, alter trying
to sell it for many long years, at one
dollar and twentyfive cents per acre
and could not: Now if you will take
these lauds nt six dollars per acre
for your bonds, we will pay them,
otherwise we will repudiate.
How, 1 appeal lo gentlemen if
me worm, my uau manmg r
' ' ' the irit of tnc
dreams" of other gentlemen on this
subject, since last
' "I J'; - , .;v ' .
nt 1 1 s qu it;
bolden them to come out like Mm,
should oe. this will oe a severe". " r e - rr.
loss to old Democracy, who has been Plates these lands to the payment
nflflnllnrlv nnfnrtnn.tV of 1ti and" ot the Pinters Bank bonds, if the
and declare their purposes. Now, pay her debts without taxing ine
who can witness such attempt- to people, and leave a more magnih
legislate the State into infamy and cent fund for internal improvements
disgrace, with other than leelings of hefore;" and, sir I waited with
tho deepest mortification? Sir, 1 i breathless anxiety, to learn trom
conld perhaps view a bold and man- then that it would give her citizens
ly system of repudiation with some
grains of allowance, but when its
oobqon form is attemptedtobe cloak
ed under the garb of honcstv and
i .1 u ueaiirig, 1 regaril II. Wim no OUl-
jer than the profoundest feelings of
j loathing and contempt. The ooen
j repudiator is at least entitled to
! credit, for his manly disregard of the
members of both Houses, taking the
yeas and noes thereon, then publish
ing it for three months next preceed-
'"S l"e nexi regular election, in
Peo nWsPf Per" th,e a'f. d
' 1 " " ",'J-" oul-
ceed'nS Legislature." Now, I ask
'pn pmnn n ic .oir s ir t nrn n nnvn.
C?l i 4 k t l J..Iil'
oi.m; win inn mueuieu 10 ine
! tenia!
improvement fund in the
amount of the bonds taken in, accor
ding to the provisions of this bill ?
If so, 1 will ask what pledge is giv- i
en for the payment of that indebted
ness? Is it not the faith of the!
State? If not, this Legislature i s
guilty of rilling that fund, for the
faith of State is the onl y pledge in
the power of the Legislature to give
for its payment. So that taking
either horn of the dilemma, the Le-
gislature is travelling beyond its
prescribed bounds. By avoiding the
: l. r o ii.. .i . 1 1 i
" n i
SB,U",W " V."1 narynaes. am
we are not left in the dark as to
. . , ... . .
which dilemma genllem-m are placed
in who vote for this bill, for by its
provisions there is an indebtedness
State acknowledged to the In-1
tnrnal ilwWBit fund, for the
payment oi tvnicn ine ana oi me
State is pledged. Then it is clearly
an infraction ofthe constitution, for
all will agree with me, that its re-
quisitions for pledging the faith of the '
tllis hill, both creates an indebted
ness, and pledges Hie UltQaol the
State for its redemption.
We are asked by the gentleman
from Carroll, (Gen. Whitrnore.) in a
very triumphant air, as (hough he
thought, his question unanswerable,
why this Legislature, if it does not
intend repudiating the Planter's
Bank bonds, will not take them for
the infernal improvement lands?
I will answer that gentleman by
propounding a few simple interrog
atories to him. And first, does not
- - -
have been apt to conclude that this
Legislature, had discovered the ph,-
ln.nh.i.'M atnn. th
very touch ol
t - '
ry Shing to
M1 us-!' is to "retrieve her lost cred-
"two dollars a day and roast bee!."'
for their labor.
Hut, sir, it has been attempted to!
make this a party question by certain
iomocrars on tins noor, ana tnev
have held, as they vainly supposed.
, a rod of terror over the heads ol
those of us, (Democrats) who dare
think for ourselves, for the purpose!
I of lashing us into its support;. We
have been told by the gentleman
from Clark, as also the gentleman
from Tisbimingo, that the failure ol
this bill, will raise the question of
repudiation, and that we shall be
i held responsible for it. Sir. 1 know
i well the source of these dqnunciato-j
ry threats. They tire but the Voice
I from the While House, echoed by
members on this floor, and by the sat
tellites ofthe tenant of that mansion,
who have for the last five days, hung
around the bar of this House, for the
i purpose of influencing the fate of this
favorite progeny of his Excellency,
: No, sir, I tell gentlemen once for all,
that if they hope to drive us from;
our honest purpose, by these puerile
i threats, they greatly mistake the ma
terial which they seek to mould. II
they have not, they will, yet learn,
that we shrink from no responsibili
ty, at the sacrifice of principle and
the constitution of onr country, but
court it rather and if come that
question must, we will mret it. with
the "natural ruby in our cheeks,"
j while theirs perhaps, may "blanch
with fear." I tell them that that
; question has as few terrors for us,
as has their empty threat ol proscrip
tion. We can meet it at all times,
in its most gorgon form with steady
Sir we are willing this good day to
come up to the question tax the
people to pay these bonds and
throw ourselves on the intelligence,
.and honesty of our constituents tor
their sanction; feeling assured that
they will not only approve but thank
us lor the act. Repudiation is not
the offspring of the people, but of
politicians; hence we fear nothing.
And I war;: gentlemen, now, that
they beware lest Hainan like, they
themselves hang on the gallows
thei? hands have erected for us le!
the poisoned chalice they commend
to us, be turned to their own lips.
Sir, however much I deprecate fam
ily broils however much 1 regret
the necessity forced upon me toshiv-
era lance wnn a political Drotner,
yet since compelled, since gentlemen
have made the issue since their
burnished si eel so thirsts I'oi (ralei
nal blood, 1 say to them
"Lay nn McDnfT,
An'l damned be him, who fust cties
1 defy their threats of Ostracism,
and contemn that spirit of dictation
. . . r . , i,
anq proscription, which wouiu oomi
pel the sacrifice of principle on the
black altar of party. Sir, I trust that
day may never come, when as arep
raanntatii e at a confiding oonstttu-
ency, 1 can see theifintercsts through
no other than party lenses. When!
my eyes arc so jaundiced as to (lis
cover no beauty or merit in measures
unless marked with parly brands;
but that I may in all my acts be I
prompted, as I hope I have hitherto
been, by that spirit of liberality and
patriotism, which stops not to inquire
what Influence a measure may have
on this or that parly, but whether il I
is for the good ofthe whole country, j
And that so long as 1 am charged
with Ihe trust I now hold, truth may
he my polar star the constitution
my chart, and an approving con
science, guided by an enlightened
thought, my compass.
To Multiply the Potato a bun-
niuai folo. It. appears not to he reii- business has been transacted. The transactions
emlly known that the potato plant 0f the week amount to I3,500balea, The lar
rHA.17 nfl nrn'in trilled more a In 11 da 11K (.nsi n.,n ni tho slos h.ns hc.11 tor iiic Rn".
1 j .i . - .1 ,!,. '
ly and with greater ease than most 1 lish market French and Northern partlcipa-
other plants. 1 lie shoots produce I
..... MB,n.ntl.l .. IaImI liatnM
iiiuM uoiumii. ..ujjuini iniun..
the ground, when planted in the usti-I'lic
,.i m , r.. . ,:
ill WHY' ' " I'l'llH. 'HI M l l j p. I . I l l M l .
a small piece of ground, will he suf
ficient, as the tubers may he placed
close together. When shoofs have
grown nn inch or two above the sur
face ofthe earfh, the lops may be cut
,v . . v n . i . j . j oe
on dciow ine in-si jotnreu root, aim
two or three inches apart in tho line
sandy earth- in the course of a week
" . , .,, . .
or ten days they will be. troll. rooted
plants, and, planted at the distance j
that potatoes are generally planted!
will produce a cropol tubers in Bight t0
tenor twelve wecKs (according to
., i . , . .i i ll
the kinds.) equal to that produced
from tubers, and when propagated
in this manner, plants may be ob1
, .... J
tamed in great, quantities
A more simple way will be (O
place the tubers in a similar manner
r , , . ,.i
B8 oeiore staieo. aim wrien ine snoots
have grown to the length of two or Theelemenlsol commercial well-being are al
three inches above the soil, to take Neatly at wor and we Ick forbeiiei times.
, . , , . . . Livkbpooi., P b. li, 1HI8.
up the tubers and strip oil the shoots The onotallon tor coiton are-Oi leans or-
Irom them: there will be six beaut i- dlnarv to middling 4 Jd a 41 -lair in trood fair
fullv rooted nhuits inst in order for6RBd' The imports into the kingdom since
lam rooieo piauii, jusi in oraei 101 h ,M d of janUar, nave lbten 85,000bales.
tlnal planting: replace ihe luliers as
jefore. which may be repeated at
east ton Mimes, and this will pro-
duce sufficient plants from four OF I ted at 380,000 bales, being a reduction of 148,
(ive tubers, of a moderate size, to 000 baler American, as compared with List
, . i r .1. i vear.
piBiu a rou oi grouim nt, me instance
tint, tubers are usually planted.
Lateral shoots ttiken from a grow I
ing crop treated like cutting ol'ol her
plants, and afterwards transplanted,
will also produce a drop of tubers
eatial in ouantiiv to that produced!
by the parent plant. Clardners's
Which is the most sarcastic oi
professions7 A chemist's because
he always has a retort ready.
Tor iht Ihdependi nt
ti thttt -i bllu without uii)
A hear! WlthOUl a tare I
a fcclhuf thai may no) emplnv
The chord thai wi.uid eneoara l
Thf bloahlng bud thai opening thrown
na neattliea to he day
tHai while it-- warmeii pate giimu
tadlrioaaoini in daeay '
The silver Btraaa in alienee gfidea
Amid itif lb rati goeri,
But in its loflaal murmur ebldaa
The ebeBftng sUMJunei scene.
True heartaand (end, ire bat e dream.
UttangeAil :,f lt eti
a ih ujht.n hopetbat dare not Beaut
But rilloni iu deceive.
Oase "n iiie daiillnf lamaser sky,
in painted buei we love,
Tli but ' he pifi nt oVitlny
That iparklai from above
The Seel mg eolouri gaily play
Whilal boat i ind noul revealt
Ami e'er thejaye had caught the my
'T la co Id u. moonlight leal.
1 would ' ot love, 1 would not iruct,
I would bui dream ofnlght,
liui hearti arealwaye bmltan lir.si
Ue lure ihay i in oil ai mhi,
Aye ! true! and love, and weep ami waJL
it i the high command.
Thai soil us bitterly bewail
Vet Idee the milting hand.
If all were fair, and nil ware bright"
No human lie e'er riven
Who'd seek a more entrancing liiif'i
And leave the earth Tor Heaven ' '
Til right 'tis Ittlt, immured truth
Mas taught the heai I to know.
Tho' gilded by the light ol yuUtfc,
That lire's a "lleeting show." M
Molnlti.Marclilu, 184a
Sun I Sun Sun Moon
liscs I sefs sloir rises
h in. I hm. m. s. h. in
Mar. 'W "Saturday .(U f.58 tlH.05 o.l9
19 Sunday 6.01 5.59 07.47 rises
20 Monday 6.00 C, Ot) 07.129 7.07
21 Tuesday 5.59 6.01 07.10 H.0I
22 Wednes 5 58 6 03 06 53 8.64
S3 Thursday 5.57 6.03 06.31 947
24 Friday 5.56 6 04 06.15 10.43
Sunday, Mar. I9lh, 3d Sunday in Lent.
r-T ! A M S ! 1 1 P S -S A ILI.NG DAYS.
From Europe
Washington, - - - Feb 20
Union, .... Feb SI
.... Feb 20
ABr.nDKKN, FaiDiT Nioiit, Mar, 17. 18 IH.
Forthetaal lew days ihe weather has been
delightful. We hope that winter has taken his
final leave, and lhat under the genial influence
of Spring, nature will soon be clothed in its
green aitire.
The following have been Ihe arrivals and de
partures for the. pasi week.- The steamer VV,
W. Fry came upon Saturday night, and Uf1
ihe next morning. The Kinney on Monday
and extended her trip to Cotton Gin -she lell 10 LiOnflon, Upon Ihe subject Of the Unlcn Bank
fm Mobile on Tuesday evening. The Wave; Bonds, has disappointed t lie expectations of
(.one of the Columbus packets) jiaid a flying d'at gentleman. He had Interviews with bill
visit to this place on I Ucsday rooming. She 3 lcw (,f ,he D0nd hol lers, (those oniy ol some
made her trip up in 58 hours, being, we pre" of lhe le;11in? firms, such as the Barings and
sume, the quickest passage ever made; her Rolhchllds) and returned to this counliy afier
freight however, was small. The Eighth of
January eame up on Wednesday evening per-
fectlv loaded down with freight Sbeproceed-
ed above and led here for Mo lie on Friday
COMSIONSSS OS" Stkuo.ii II. Kinney. March
13, lslS. K Prewell 6 packages; A Pre in 3,
.1 Sneiahl 1; .1 T D 2; ti W 1! 4, W Randall 2:
J G Points I; D P Wilson, Ifi; L Shell 5; L B
Chiles '20; J A' C 3; l)r HanUs-2; P 11 Llle6Hi
THGriswold2; L) Rislnger, S B Sykes 3; G
:vicf aiianc iv i .ii j it i,.i i.in'iiiinun ;n; v
L T4i ,ls, j L SmMl ,:. Prewtl Rnd 1)y,.,c a.
Capt R G Sieel I; A Can 10: llcniy pan ii
Rootru 1 8 vat;on.; K 70 sacks salt
Recemts of cotton at this place
Prom bcginninit of season lo March
ftcceipts to March I
Shipments to Mar io iP.Mfi
do to Mar 17 1,396
Slock on hand Mar 17, 1818 1,039
NlW OakSSNS, March 11
(i a Iii
6 a 11
7 a 7J
71 a 7
Good Mlddllni
Middling Pair
1 a
There had been a Viar'.t advance,
The market la very ijuiet but firm.
Mobile, Mar. II, 1848.
There has been an improved feeling in the
market, owing probably to the intelligence from
Europe received bv the Gr.'at Western. This
(earner broujlit two days later accounts from
Europe, which represented an advanee in Li
vernoolol Id. Themarketi.slinnandastra.lv
ling to a moderate extent. 1 he quantity oitered
t',.r mmm w nntv Kmall 9ml "pop rn 1 1 V l)tl,l ahrirr
- - o 1
limits of buyers
f a (11
lii a G
7 a 71
Good middling
Middling Fair
. , . ,. i, , . ,
IUccipis of Cotton at all pons since 1st.
Scpl 1847, m latest dates are 1,460,616 bales
aaalnat IJ17I.&SS laat year. Slocks on hand ?t '
aaainst 1.37 1 592 Issl rear
latest dates 734,833 against 683,365 last year.
txpoiis iroin nn v. o. uum
September 1st, isl7. 760.618
Same period last year 609,409
TtoWjl tZ-
Great Britain, 89,808' Increase io Fiance,
and I3,V8 increase in omcr torcign pons.
The shintnenis from southern lo northern
."RoM bales less , hi. season than
last, being 313,909 against 397,999 last year.
: , ,
LiVKiirooi.. Feb. I, ISIS,
Per Great Western. A little more animation
has prevailed in ihe market during the last
and 'he reauli has been a corresponding
advance In price. Cotton has advanced since
,,,po,,.h i, I.) and is decidedly firmer in lone
againi 113,000 bales during the same nme last
season, of which there waa imported from the
I'''o-f "f
Re(,( fl1,v mailMns )lw( bm (lcm,lu1
for old is limited and ihe aioclc light.
The following are ihe last quotattont for
Flour showing a farther decline, 90s. 6d. 98a.
Corn 98a. a 39a. fld. White wheat 7s. 6. a 8$:
per 70 ,bs. Lard has advanced in price,
New York, Mar. 3, 184S, 8 r. M.
l Helenas oecn oiu nine ooing lor several
days operators arc wailing for Ihe steamer.
There is a downward tendency in ihe mar
ket. Treasury notes have receded loone per
cent . premium This is owing partly lo the
influence of ihe proposals for a new loan loth" .
335 "
Government oi 85,000,000, advenUtd b-f the
Secretary of the Treasury, and partly to the
1 long discussion on tin; Trcaiv In i!,e O. S. Sen-
ale. and Itiaonbtfal result.
. LtvKnpoor. Classification, Mobile and N. O.
j Ordinaty Oj a 7
i Middling 7 o
Good Middling 71 a
j Middling Fair 8 a
; Fair fij a
New York, Mar. 7, 1848.
Unlerihe influence of ihe news bronchi bv
ihe Britania, tijur and corn have a downward
.tendency in the market. Cotton ha' advanced
! lc., and sales of 4000 bales have been made at
this advanee for exiort.
Mobile March 1 1, 18 IS.
Market romaing well supplied The
transactions however, arc more limited.
i prices uru very elightly altered.
Exchange market less active, thoogli
Sight cliec!,snn N. V. par CI
60 day lulls 2 a 2 J discount
liaSging 14a lli slock iuii)le.
u on miiu ii ipi s .j n ouicw .jaon
Hums plain G;j a 7j Extra, 10 a i
rates have a downward tendency.
Coffee Rio 7 a 71
cs, tperm
a oo.
7 a 28.
r rl
l o ou per
Ohio lirands So.i'O
Mil. 8t. Lonis fi u 0 B0-
Lard a 7 for good in keps
Lime, SI 2.0, per cask. Flti.M IToRBI
Molasses 2J n 23i per gall. supply i
reduced und rates improving
Rope, S a SJ. 1 1
Rii si nit.t ian..n.i,r,nnnUf
itcut". tmr 4 a 4. nritne C ioi
I i
a Hfs 1 1 io demand Ims improved
l(ic: 4 a 4 A
Potatoes Northern f$ 10 pr liM Wes
tern SI, 7.1) a (8) little doing.
N. Om.FANS, Mar. 11 2 P. M.
Sugar, demand dull, prices irregular
Fair 3' a 4 prime 41 a 4'.
Flour, market very firm at So 0C a C5
2.r for Ohio, arid Illinois
Bacon shoulders 3Ja3J Sides 4J a 4J
Ifntns 5c.
Coffee, RiiGf n 7.
Bagging) 14 a 1" at retail
Molasses 10 a ?1
Lard, G J market very active and at fi r
mer rales.
fJrFrom the N. Y. Courier tt Knqnirer, we
learn lhat Ihe visit of Col. Robbing of Ihis stale
a very 'lion visit to ''.ngland.
INetl Amount to the credit ol the Treasu-1
er ofthe United Stales and subject lo his draft, !
atall points ol deposile, and at the minis, on
iheSlstof Feb. 1848, jras 08,097,188 10.
7 n. , . , I
value ol the irade of the
ryThe imm
City of New York may be Imagined, when we On
slate that the amount ol Dry Goods sold al a ac- 7
lion by 11 houses during Ihe past lour years, is (-..
046,841,673; of which, nea'ly tiro thlnls was of thi
foreign manufacture. Uo 1
1 GIT. hales . ' aa.
By the Nashville Banner, wo have re-
it1 1 1 c r mi
reived Telegrapho news from Loo.fVllla
of March 12, and from N York, of .March
,. , ., . c ... .,. ,
II an abridgment trom winch will oe
found below.
, , , , . ... . I
1 no tewgrann oetween t.ouiavuie ami
lo went into operation on
In Congress, nothing hai transpired of
interest, our advices arc to t lie 11th insti
The treaty drag! its slow length along in
, . , :
Kxecutiva session in the Senate, and m
the House, the Harhor bill and private
lulls engrossed the sessions ol Ihe 'Jlliand
.... ....... .
The last ii'inihe
of the Baltimore Sun
corsiik'ts the "Treaty safe." Their
Washington correspondent aiatei the cp-
.1 .1 r 1 . .1
position to the treaty to be confined to the
following Senatora Meiara. Atchison
Ronton. Jetterson l'avi, lireese. am
Houston, Democrats. Wohster, Davis
of Man., Baldwin and Halo, Whigs.
Weslcott, Yulee and DotlglaU, doubt lid.
Four steamboats nnd a harge, with
their cargoes, were consumed bv fire at
o J
St Louis on the night ol the 10th lost.
, , .
The now constitution has been adopted
. ,
Illinois, by a very large majority,
New York, March 11.
The cotton market is heavy. Trices
na s(Jvanced, nml BRain declined.
M.mciF.n On Tuesday Evening, tne 7th Inai,
bv the flee. E. Fontaine, Mr. Jho. W. Wicks
io Miss Lvov A. daughter if Col. Jno. Cox,
ail of tins county.
jy We arc amhori2ed u
T SlMMS.aa a C ndidat
announce JOHN
oi Clerk ol Ihe
Superior Coun of Chancery
r.o. n. oaths. hkrri wis.
Kill Dauphin street. Mobile.
EEPcmsianily on hand aeleot flock of
fV Pnr.su Drdos. Mkoicinrs, CnatnicsLS and
Pharmaceutical pri paranoas, Palem medli inea,
Perfumery, Paints and Oi s, Paint Brushes,
Q -e Woods and Stuffs, Presn Herbs; Garden
seeds, Pepper and Spices, elc. elc.
mar I8y
Capt, T. W, l.ylen.
1 11 IS tine iiouoie enqinc
Bieamer, will leave iin
port for Mobile on Tues
day next, the -2 1st instant
For Freight ot passage apply onboaid.
mar IS
HP HE SPLENDID, licht draught, fas! tn.
lji"g nassenL'er steamer.
Chs. Miu.br, Ma-ier, will leave as abor
on Prlday.lhe '-In. day of March, at 10 o'clk,
A. M, For Ireigtit or nasage apply on board.
rptlE SPLENDID light draught, fasl ran
X ning, Pa-. ei.ger S. earner,
O. W. Ci.ni n! Master, will leave as above
on Monday the 87th of March next.
For Freight r passage apply on board.
mar, if, 1848
thTsta'te of mi-sissippT
District Chancery Court, of the State of Miuu
fipjri. nt Fulton.
Mtaca Hl-les I81H.
Pe'ef L ParchmaB, coma'i I
IN t
al deff. )
g coniplaiaantfl bill, and It
tat delendant Allied Mullir.i
.nt of this Mate, but reside
(hereof so that the ordinnry
ourt cannut be .served upon
n, It Is Iher. toie Oubf.df.d, thai unless hr be
ai i a peal before Ihe Vice Chancellor of the
al resaid, at the Curt Room in the lows
of 7ultOU Ml 'he
Thtrtt Mentint in Miry next,
and I'lead, answer or demur lo said bill, lot
several allegations thereof will be taken for
confessed es m Mm, and such order and decree
made therein as the v ice Chancellor tnav Jtem
equitable and just And it is further ordered
,MI a coy or,er ,e inserted jn ihe
'Wei ulr redependenl,' a newspaper published
in the cit) of AVnlcen, once a week for iw
months sii 'ce-sivelv.
iar 18 9ra J. ROBINS, CIV.
TM3E undersigned will continue ihe Grocery
X business as formerly, until the close of the
iresent business season, under the name of
1 osier an! ilanelle alier which he proposes lo
0 a gen'ral Factorage and CommisflOl busi
less in die city of Mobile.
Hi planting friends who mav feci disposed
0 encourage him by consignments of Coilon,
1 any lime afur the 1-; ol August next, will
n anticipation ihereof, please command his
ervices henrcforwa-d. in all mailers pertain
ng to the business ol the nexi season.
Orders lor Baooino & Rorr.. for the crop of
K will be thanklully received, and nroninu
iv fi led, on ihe customary terms,
The undersigned promises to conduct said
business on libera! hut sale principles, hoping
tbeieby to accommodate his friends withouta
sacrifice of Lis. own credit and security in
Mobile, Feb. 5. 18J6-:!y.
Tt :M
THE undersigned respectfully
ter their services to ihe citizens
this place and its vicinity. We
aielprepired to d i all kit rla ol CARRIAGE &
WAGON WORK, and will execute i in the
hot styleand at the shortest notice. All work
warranted to stand. Peisons wishing wolk in
our line would do well 'o give us a call before
contracting elsewhere,
marl 1 lv ROBERTS .f- MIFFLETON.
ril HE undersigned have ju-t received s tew
i bushels of t ii e above seed, which they will
sell a1 $100 per bush.; S-.'O per call.; S5prpint,
0 rS5 cenls per dozen. Thev will aio plant
1,,el" '"' shaie-, whu-h they prefer to selling at
'h;,i;!;;,;-e ',r":cs M , WICRS & CQ
JUacu Rclcs. 1848. I
It Haughton
579 v.
e Lanchtnghonse
et al
ON opel
opening ihe matters of this bill, and
tpearing, to the satisfaction of the
tbedefendants are not Inhabitants of
but reside hevond ihe limits Ihereof,
ordinary process of law cannot be
ti them, It is therefore Orpfufid lhat
appear on or before the first dsy ol
im of this Court, to be holden ai the
ISP in th.' Town o( Columbus on
7Vi First Mimilny in Mat next,
and plead, answei or d mur to the bill ol com
pleint, the several allegations therein will be
taken for confessed, andsncb order and decree
made therein as 1 he Vice Chancellor may deem
equitable and Inst It is further ordered, that
opy of this irder be Insetted in the-Weekly
Independent," a newspaper published in the
city of Aberdeen, once a week for iwo moniha
- Test.
mar 11 9m
Clk Mnjtcr.
Slate of Muii
District CM
T A'
Nelson PKyle Com;
Henrv Mann el a de
TTrON opening Complainants' bill, and It
U nppeai ins that defendam Henry Mann is
noI Mr "(nhabiiant of this siaie, but realdea bt
V"nd lllp limiis thereof so thai the ordinarf
1 M'li. 01 i 1 it'ini i. 11 i.i. i'i' in 1 n D
iMnl , iherefole OaoaaaD, thai unless he be
prucesa ui inia coun ccnnoi oe screen upoa
and appear I. ' lore itic Vice Chancellor of Ihe
state aloresaid at the contt room 10 toe Iowa ot
Fu'ton on the
Thud Monday in Miv next,
and plead, answer or demin 10 said bill, the
scicia'. allegations thereof will betaken for
confessed as to him. and such order or decree
m.uV ,,,lein , ln( v,c,. Chancellor mav deem
lUitabfe and hist. Audit is fuiihei ordered.
that a copy of this order be inserted in ihe
'Weekly Independent,' a newspaper published
in the ciiv of Aberdeen, once a week lor twe
months successive. v,
mar 11 am J. ROB1N8, Ok.
Till-; STATE OP MlSsi ssiPPl.
Di'lnct Quinary Court nl In-: Stale of Missis
sippi ai Fnllon.
March Rt i.r.s 1848.
Jacob Cab en et al Compa
1 77 vs
Geo It Livingston cl a! Pells
tjimn opening complainants bm, and it
U appearing that defendants George H Liv-
ion, Jiiiiah I.a 1 1 -:i and Moses i 11. ami
aie not inhabitants ol this ..late hut reside be
yond ihe limits thereof, so thai ihe ordinary
process of i his conn cannot be setvea upon ibem
It is therefore OBomm, lhai unless they V and
appear before 'he Vice Chancellor of he state
aforesaid at the Court Room in the town of
Fulion. on Hie
Third Moml ui in May next,
ant plead, an-wcr or demur io said bill, the
several allegations therein will be taken forcon-fes-cd
as to ihem, and -nch order or decree
made therein asthe Vice Ch inccllor may deem
eqitaWc and josl, Ai d ii is furiher ordered,
ihi't a copv ol this older be inserted in the
Weekly Independent,' a newspaper published
in ihe cltyof Aberdeen, OBCe a week, lortwo
months iDCrgaslvely
nn. II im J ROBINS, CH
FROM Aberdeen, Miss,, on the &th of
about sixteen hands htgh,eeven ot eight years
old, in tnin pliuhi, some saddle spots on his
Baca, paces well ami I rots very last in ha mesa,
,a'' ''n a Spanish saddle, hall worn. A libei-
"'vnA w'"l,l' -''v''n ny person who will
i?h,eJ ?'AEir ",h
I h,, ,wo mi a half tnllei aoutb Oi Columbus.
Miss, (marl-tf) SAM'L. DAVIS.
ty wif.L glee the above rewatd
JL Jt io any pcison who will deliver
. .l3 '0 ni', at mv residence in Aberdeen
my Negro man HARKISON.
lie is about twenty-three years
of use; very dark mulatto, (almost
black, abuii sis feet hiah: naa a
""" tine open countenance, and is quick
ronen. no leu mc some lime, earlv in Jsna-
arv last.
mar 4 60-4 w LLI7.ABF.7 H DEAN

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