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MMi ifriudioi.B,
90s QUAKm.y-
orth nitmeiiRKi ' n:n
illesls tbyreiiieciithe t,irf,! (fcit
a of Great Britain ivl'hhi. Tun ami
p,.IUii form "iilv .ml feature of their
S1irpiU VI UlC lliosi.-v ovis
teruturc, Morality anl n; inn
ever new stood, iwiyui. . m u.
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Briani publisher
riniri. Illlisilllll ll
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A, that Jean be
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about as soon
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cluos oriler
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'Blackwood, or
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I tbe five Peri-
lldressci, poet
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mmcait Citil?
The Constitut ion and tho Union.
T I 1TTT 1 T - A r 1 lofl
X. eJlN L JYI ID. l&JV.
XO. 3.
musical Eiliit'nlioii.
votes herself to the formation
atli! cultivating of ti.n i...
llie her theory nnnn llin fiinfl-tn-nt.l n.in.1.
pies of Elocution.
Special regard given to Instruction on the
riario Forte, Harmony, Musical Composition,
and-the General Science of Muslo, to pupils
(at any singe of advancement) wishing to
pursue a thorough and systematic course.
When desired, Sacred Music will receivo par
ticular attention.
Parents who may entrust their children. to
the undersigned, may rely on their having the
most careful attention; and all pupils, espe
cially thosa advanced, have opportunity to ob
tain a profound and thorough education in
Instruments will be furnished at my house
for the use of pupils who have no instrument
athoine.lo practice (under my superiuteud
ance, also) without extra charge.
For further Information, Ac., please apply
at Henry Lord's Music Store ; or, a personal
interview may be had on Wednesday and Sat
urday afternoons of each week, at my private
Canton, Miss., Feb. 27, 1858. 9y
ieqtion ! !
I mi the
vw, I.
f Croeke
bd in the
Iverv low
A. E. BLACKMAR, at No.T,
iCheapside, keeps on liand a great
jvariety of the best 6J and 7 oc-
itave Piano Forles, ranging in
price from $275 to $500. He is
the sole agent for the superb full
iron frame Piano's of Peters,
Crngg it Co., which are acknow
ledged, wherever they have been
tested, to be superior In tone,
jtiuch, beauty and durability.
lAlso, the well known A. H.
Gnlcrfc Co. Piano Fortes. Orders
received for Nunns it Clark's,
and Steinway it Son's Pianos,
All of the above instruments
sold at factory retail prices and
guarantied to give satisfaction.
''MINCE it CO.'S Melodeons,
fnnroS with the patent divided swell;
mei.oi)1-.ons. n)1 siie(i aml stvl(,8
UUITAK8 Hall t Son's, made
to order, expressly for this cli
mate ; also the celebrated Til -
G0ITAR8 ton's Pntent Improved (iuitiirs,
land a variety of French and
Qertnan manufacture.
.VIOLINS, from one dollar lo
fifty dollars; FLUTES, with
one to eight Keys ; uiarionem,
Fifes, Violoncellos, Accordoons,
and Flutlnas an endless varie
ty ; Banjos, Tainlionnes, Casti
nets, Brass Instruments, of all
kinds, itc.
The best Italian ni.d English
STRINGS, for Violin, Cuilar.
Banjo. Clarionet Reeds, and
Mouthpieces, Violin Bows and
Bridget, Finger Boardi and
Tail Pieces, Pitch Pipes and
Forks, Toning Hammers and
Piano Wire, Rosin, Bow Hair,
SHEET MUSIC The largest
and beat selected slock of Piano,
Quitar, Flute and Violin Music
, in the State, which is sold at
i publisher's prices.
ID" All new Music received as
soon as published.
C Instruction Hooks for every
I n si i ii incut . Singing Hooks, Mo-
jsic Paper, Blank Music Hooks,
Ac, Ac.
! Jetkaon, Miss., March 20, 1868V.
T M KI.O PEONS, with the
I latest improvement, Wholesale
ami Retail gencv Depot at
No. 5 Camp 'Street, New Orleans,
The undersigned would most raapeetfully
: announce to Ids friends and the public that he
; has been appointed the only Wholesale and
- Retail Agent in Ihis place for those highly
improved MELODEONS of the above firm,
land he is prepared lo offer peculiar induce
I merits to dealers and others who may wish to
I make purchases.
J This Instrument is gaining great favor all
, over the country, and , on account of its swell,
ricletones.is often preferred to the I'iann Furte.
Those playing on the I'iann Forte can play on
this instrument without any extra prepare! ion.
Every variety ol style, in fine Poeewood
Cases, from four to six octaves, enn LeJiad.
N B All agency of this kind hjffi long
been needed in this place, to enable dealers,
as well as private parties to .eeoore these lnh
ly favorite instruments at Baalern prio s.
I'ititio Forles, of the best makerik ther
with Sheet Music and Boika, and all sorts of
Musical Instruments, for sale.
Juno 21 , JS56. - No 5 Canipst., N.O.
ILTOrderafor any .kind of Musical lnstru
meet from the aim-,. Wquae, can be made, by
Just received at
Henry Lord's Music Stort
O! Hear me Jehovah 3
Come Holy Spirit
Gracious Spirit
The Angel's Serenade
The Angel's Watch...
My God of Meroy
God of Israel
Ond of Evenini?
TheMorningStar.by Rev. F. F. Ha:
Mighty .lehovah
Heavenly Dwelling
God is my Song
Ob ! Lord. I Have Wandered
I Know that my Redeemer Livetl
Angels ot Peace ana Wanness.
The Angel's Greeting
Oh I Jesus, to Thy Love
Jesu Kcdemptor Omnium, (0
0! Magnum Mysterium
The Night Sor.. (as a Solo,
Tercet for three female v
Holy, Holy, Lord God Almigh
Honorthy father and my HOI
rair Une, whose tteart, unmov
The Sabbath Rells
Peace. Troubled SAhl.
Air from "Joseph and his lire
liiirk, ten thousand voices
Handel's Halleluiah
The Heavens are Praising if W
of God
Luther's Marseillaise
Prayer from the Freishutz..
Mi-sin nr Mail. Quail tit
now sent bv mail, the excise bet
abmir. iiiip rent anieee. whiloit' care
idity of transportation are reifcrkabl
!it ii (rrc-it flifltant-Tii will find lis moo
veyance not only a conveniefr.e,
of exnense in obtain iii'j stppl111
Hooks can also be sent bv niaU. aV t
I) 30
This applies
one cent per mince
tance uniVr th ve thousand
that, double the above rates.
(LT Louies -out by niail, free of
any address, upon receipt of the ab
price. Address
as :im Cant
I'ST fresh from the oreai
p oetr j.
Only wailing 'till the ihadows
Are a little lonoer grown;
Only waiting till the glimmer
Of the Jay's last bean is flown;
'Till the night of earth is laded
From the heart once fall of d ly;
'Till the stars of heaven arc breaking
Through the twilight toft and gray.
Only waiting till the reapers
Have the last -heal' gathered home;
For the Summertime is faded,
And the Autumn winds h ive come.
Quickly, reapers! gather quickly
The last ripe hours of my heart,
Pur the bloom of lite is withered,
And I h.iilea t . depart.
Only waiting 'till the angola
Open will ' the mystic .it.
At whose feet I long have lingered,
Weary, poor and desolate;
Even now I hear Hie footsteps,
And their voices tar away,
if they call me. 1 am waiting,
Only waiting to obey.
Only waiting 'till the shadows
Arc a little longer grown;
Only waiting 'till the glimmer
Of the day's last beam is fl own;
Tin- from oul the gathering darkness
Holy, deathless stars shall ri-c
By whose light my soul shall gladly
Thread its pathway to the kies.
er, "for aunt's mull'is unlike nil others.'
"That is as true," said Fred, laughing;
"as a barrel is unlike a two-gallon kejj.'
And lie gave Lucy a mischievous glance
which she interpreted to mean that h
j knew the whereabouts of the Dliaafn
! article better than any one else.
"It cerlainlv is not will) any rf tin
! Indies' things," said one of her youn
"0, plague upon vou all !" was lb
BT i,
- VK EE Dili Mil. i: S Mad Coin
Doodle; Witches Dance, by Pi
ton's March: When the Mval!
fly; Water Sprite Polka ; WortHhi
love; Within a mile ol Ediabor
uon come to in'- mountain home;
dark blue ea; Willie we hnvri
Warren's Soogof the Robin ; Vi
Virginia Rosebud; Pod Worth
l'olka; Tilda Horn; I.a Travii
can ne'er forget; Thou ail gem
SjcialC'at; There's no home
Taneredl; U Trovatore; Tuni
II, .Chester Schotti ah: Ravel !
, . D T Wir.., iVl
Rose; Rory O'Moore; K1112 th'jo; 1
leDlable; The Maiden's I)reiJoveiur de
Lima; Swiuer's Song of II ,Te Sj 'er
Spring; Svracusc Polka; Siurrro Gallop;
Shells of Ocean; Settin' on t)iindsol
Fneod-hip; Star Spangled ner; Sleigh
Drive Polka: The Serenade, linbcrt; Ston
that knocking; Souvenir d'.-flue; some
uir de Niagara; Song wiiln
Washington; Peasant Maid
ores of Home; The Parlies
ner Quickstep; Oh, Susann
Old Dog Tray; Ocean lluri
hie long; Over the summer
Old Dan Tucker; Nelly
Musical Rucketi; Mv Man-
lucky Home; l.a Mareelli
on t'le cold ground; Lucy
Lilly Dale; I.asl Rose of
ope; Katy Darling; Tl
Civile. Kathleen Mavou
eannie with the light bt
a hard road to travel;
voices cry; Home, swell
from home; (loud I'V'': f
mountains ; Fille du Regj
meat home; Peaire Wi
o me on earth is home
wish ; I arnival lie em
Les Cloches du Honaati
sware; Blue blls ot" S
llamhonla; Anld lang Ijj
'ife on I he ocean wave;
Annie Lawrie; Invitat
Weber; it'C. itc.
( Tn he em
Votick. I re most 1
published also as Son
1'iano or Guitar, and a-0
his; Salut a
eam; rleas-
Priif Ran-
1 bou, carry
Id Memories;
larv Blane;
My "hi Ken-
lodging is
Lucv Long;
The Last
Row; Kitty
Les Ideals;
Jordan is
ten thousand
Good news
Mubuul'a icy
Do thev miss
dearest spot
It love; Child's
111 Schottiieh;
liordsdu Del-
Tlie Hanjo;
Ivil Oksrua; A
feas Traveller;
dance, by
also ke"p
ideous, Qui
Flutes, ( .
those who nil li 1 inioiK" si...
D.iner. who will ' po'iis ''vo iurw,
and having I' " '
inMii- aKStaSV atak "
posited sfgjA AilMM,,
I prices,
SCIIPllotl. A!"'.
4 4 111 tar Strings. .
Any order for Music Instruments Strings
Instruction Rook-, or anything relating t.
music, addressed by bu P'"P".'
attended to.
All kinds of lti--riieta tuned and repaf
ed, and warranted
Hi-The Trade, leaehcrs and Seuimarns
promplly suppla I "P"" J mf IU
lerms. DlacretlwvT orders for lekrhen U -1...
1... ,, .miands the waits ol Pu-
' UmM Store, Canton, Miss.
0 Editors -h! I-"nl MT'' J" 3
. 1 :..1 - .I , !:' I.i fl.,11.
) if , nitl ifive the abuyi1(vertise-
tUlS Olier; uuc ipiumi m
One Hundred ruousand Cures,
Green's Ague nd Fever Miltnre,
WARR ANTED to cure the Ague and Fe
rer or Chills and Fever, in every case
whv- tl" .irmritnns are followed, without the
aid of any other Medirine."
1 Having purohaseii the exclusive right lo the
manufacyre and sale ef this remedy, we
clieerfulp offer it to our customers and the
public a laige, as nearer a special: 101 .Ague
tod FeV" than anv other Medicine known.
"...Qoisi, a 1, it'olll-
e5 l . ssra.i, u. HAiua.1.
Qren's Diarrhrjea Mixfure,
S bEUl . saie. ami eneci oai mm u j om
ranhiea. Dvsrntery, Cholera Infantum,
inner Complaints of Children, Cholera
:s, 1 any and all irregularities of the
VnareJ and for fale, wholesale and retail.
.7 . . L . . -1 -1 1 1 0 . r-.iirv
umaar.i.1. s nauuiii'.
low is the Accepted Time ! !
Hit, Ufil i IlllintllflllTlM.
rrilK undersigned
1 reliiiiiaDia
rful a- rnowledg
MDta to Ik utiaens
fi Anion sin! vieiaaV
fl liw pis 1 Uian- oJ
tlMIJi v,-0ikd
an aaiiuiwii,sw "
" folly mvi'iii' i"
fct he is'wi-I: arerwrfil
! fcexeciite ll -rrliTs in
' tK above liw nl bHi
1 nromin v and in
prv-tly. i- T
has MM w-
Old" '
Jajpai tn 1
frompl all'
including '
as- Tw
tr It
mi- 11.11 1
mr Criitle
0- lo Ml' . V
s,- Dclrest s
i- l lllld's W
IS- KittI t lx:
cm Is- lilhil inlli
'2IKI of 1 Jel W 9f
' 'allien. Mi
.il Prociaiiialiuii
bisving PmpmrmMt-
111) Mm-,
tain ;
, u.J;
...n. Ol n I sou H
h, has taken the thn
i'yr. -rrrrrrr
Miss Sally Slrong was a peculiar wo
man. For sixty years she had retained
her name, which exactly suited her hard)
nature; and the man having the assur
ance to ask her to exchange it for his
own. would have been a rare companion
for Cutflminaa in his tiger hunt in the
jungles of Africa. At least no one in
the village of B , would dare to
question Ms manhood.
She was one of those who seemed lo
have been born an old maid in perspec
tive. Before she arrived at her teens,
she used lo slone tile boys wilh a malig
nant delight ; and ere she was out of
them, her contempt for the opposite sex
was. so strikingly manifest, that nil pru
dent young men, if aoeldently walking
upon the same sidewalk, (0 avoid a meet
ing, would very quietly cross lo the other
side and allow her llie whole of it.
Yet she was a privileged person, anil
people would smile at nit ill-nalured re
mark from her as though it were a com
pliment. Even the young minister of the
parish treated her with marked respect,
although he was certain t3 have his last
sermon wofully criticised, in answer lo
his kind inquiry regarding her health.
The secret of all this might have been
written in three words she was rich ;
and even the clergyman was worldly
minded enough to desire lo be on good
terms wilh one who was the largest con
tributor to his support.
Aunt Sally, as the villagers universally
called ber, bad received the bulk of her
properly from a deceased aunt, which
her shrewd business qualities had ena
bled her to invest so advantageously, thai
she increased in wealth as she did in
years, and like many other rich people
well advanced in lile, had scores of affeo
liona'e young relatives who each Imped
10 obtain a large slice of the cake of real
estate, which would be cut up in the
event of ber decease. Her old gray
eyes were too shrewd not to see through
their eager attentions to the very seliisb
ness of their source.
One nephew, however, did not belong
lo this class of schemers. On the eon-
ove pieces are
lances fur th' I . V :,.'." 'j
had at n,y es fvlcllrn f his jokes, and he would dispute
fwuli her just lor the fun of having a hot
hand, l'ianosLr. , v., ... ,,i .;, .t.-
ufficient lo slock 11..
his Frederick so otic
exed ber. that public
ur no further, of course, than the
f this villaoe-was about equally
eld-d as to whether he would be li e fa
vorite heir, or be cut off wilh a shilling
One evening, upon the meeting of ihe
parish sewing circle at the house of the
clergyman, this nephew peipetrated a
joke upon his aunt, the result of which
he never forgot. She, unlike most maiden
ladies, considered ihesc gatherings a
fashionable nuisance, but usually was
present (o indulge her sarcaslic remarks
Her nephew was there ostensibly 10 wait
upon his aunt.-bul the fair Lucy, daugh
ter of the worthy practitioner Dr Blood,
particularly allured him with her charms
"Did it ever occur to you, girls," said
(he old lady, "what you are here for?"
"To be sure, aunt, answered one 01
her nieces : "simply to make cloihing for
the poor heathen."
Where may these objects of your
pily resi le V
"O. in Si am, Burmah and other
"Indeed ! Well, heavy woolen shuts
are very serviceable garments, upon my
word, for people living under a tropical
sun. ' They will doubtless be very grate
ful for cloihing so Wiled lo their climate "
"Well done, aunt I" exclaimed Fred-
,;L A irood shot ami no misiak
Oray, you haven't taken
-have vou ?"
kind reply. "I must hunt it up'iSiyself,
1 suppose.
aunt's mull', by mistake
asked Fred, maliciously.
That functionary drew himself up
Stiffly, as (hough the imputation was un
worthy of an answer, and stepped aside.
"Well, I never!" exclaimed one of
the young ladies.
"Who could have done it ?" added
"Be silent will you ?" cried tl
table maiden; "or tell me where
find it."
"Why, it is in Deacon Cray's hat,
and pressed in so tightly that we cannot
remove it."
"0, fie upon you,aunt ! Such a hint,
and the deacon only a recent widower !"
exclaimed the laughing nephew.
Aunt Sally seized her mutt but the hal
adhered most affectionately to it. By an
angry wrench it was liberated, and the
unoffending hat flew across Ihe entry,
projected by the vigorous foot of the in
censed maiden. When it arrived at the
terminus of its short journey, it had
assumed a most questionable shape, and
its condition might certainly have been
termed "shocking bad.
"I will pay you for this young man."
"Don't trouble yourself, dear aunt.
So far as I am concerned, you are per
fectly welcome."
"You will perhaps tell me, (hat you
have had no hand in this mailer?"
"No. I will tell no falsehood about it ;
hut I intended it for a joke upon our slid'
deacon, as much or more than upon
"At best it is but an ill ( rick you have
played upon me, and now mark mv
words : you shall have reason lo remem
ber thi-i mull lo the latest day of your
"As you please, aunt, since you take
it so seriously, but I didn'l think a silly
joke would have thus offended you."
Time passed on, and young Slrong
prospered famously in his business. He
had amassed sufficient means lo be ena
bled to repay his aunt, the sum she had
loaned him. but she declined receiving it,
alleging that she would rather have it re
main on interest. In the meantime, he
had also persuaded the gentle Lucy to
share his fortunes. As for aunt Sally, a
singular mania seemed 10 possess her.
tn the mailers of real estate, slocks,
etc., she had become a perfect alchemist,
turning all to gold.
The neighbors looked on and wondered,
but none ventured to remonstrate with
her. She was often seen lo visit the
office of Squire A , and it was ru
mored that she wus making arrange
ments, for the bestowal of her property
afler her decease. The affair of Ihe
mull was not ferg itlen, and il was cur
rent with the good villagers that Fed
would have to pay dearly for the juke.
One morning the village was all action.
During ihe night, the spirit of the re
doubtable lady had quietly taken its
Bight, She was found dead in hoi aim
chair, and had died as she In I lived,
alone. She had disturbed no one during
ihe night nor had she suffered pre
vious illness. Curiosity of course, was
The mystery of the word "contents"
was now explained. Note afler note was
drawn out, uniil more (ban (hiriy thous
and dollars lay upon ihe table before
them. A letter also was found from the
aunt, which stated I bat she always in
tended him for her heir. His own note
also came lo light, from which his name
had been lorn off. This new revelation
of course, created an immense s
The lWortara Auauuttou.
The great laws of the family which
underlie all government, have seldom
been more flagrantly sel aside than in ihi
recent case which has aroused the indig
nation of the civilized world. As Ihe
lacls have been elicited at intervals i x
terding over a considerable period, and
1 annus conflict!!!
LWhenever 1
the soil, spritiv
lover it, and wV
.1.1 L.S. l
suier woo . ne snad
p Ollgh, so as to li
aie crop. in ,lc .1
k-uifciiio 01 l ie soil
't-a UDon. finnd
cutest, cl
Statements have
SenallUI! 1 m.are,l. a rnnnrrlnl nn. ! U.
imouif me viiinocrs, out r reucne 1 and ,.o,n.i,,n..0 ....... 1..,
his lair wile kept on Ihe even lenor ol
their, way respected by all, not fur their
wealth simply, but for themselves. One
evening during each year, lliey open
their splendid mansion to all. It is a fa
mous ali'air for the villagers, and i
known as the anniversary of " Aunt
Sally's Miff."
Art and Nature in Dress,
Yesterday we slood looking at a
flower bed, into which some really ex
quisilc roses, besides pansies, migno
nettes, English daisies, verbenas, and
other blossoms had been transplanted
Kate, an Irish cook, and a beautiful girl,
by the way, was hanging out Ihe Mon
day's washing to dry, over a plat of rich,
new grass, green and velvety, and de
lightful to ihe eyes and feet. She sym
pathised with our admiration of the
grass, and the delicate, soul-enchanting
roses; "but this," said she, "is the
prettiest flower of (hem all, I think ;"
an I she pointed out a sprig of the Searlel
bloom of the fish-seranivm. Il was the
gayest, and therefore handsomest to her
she required not ihe yearning holiness
of the lily, nor the grace and love inspir
ing perfumes of ihe roses and pansies
We would not give one half expanded
rose bud, with l he blush diffusing itself
oulward from ils odorous heart, lor a
basketful of lisli-geraniums. But which
of us was right ? Often when we have
been thinking npon dress, as a subject for
study, lo be cultivated as a fine art, we
have gone lo nature, who is (he mother I
of arts, for lessons. We have seen that I
she mingles all colors willi effects which
are truly harm' nimis, and why should
we be more arbitrary than she in her
adornment of the lowers, when wu would
prescribe ihe hues anil Combinations fur a
lady's toilets!? The "puritan pansy"
puts on a yellow ves( wilh its purple
robe ; the 'queenly (ulips are gorgeous
with streaks of red and yellow, gay
enough for an Indian squaw ; the florist
labors for rainbow effects in his pel dah
lias ; (he poppy tlaunls her seailel looped
petticoal, and the peony shakes oul her
dozen of crimson jitpvs; the morning-glory
dims her blue robe wilh a scarf of
pink ; while one and all, without excep
lion, find a mantle of green becoming.
Nature tries all kinds of experiments with
(life materials at her command, and her
success is always certain. If nothing in
nature is uglv. then nothing in art is ugly
when it simply copies nalnre ; and il
cannot be truly sail (though it is often
asserted,) thai, good taste limits the col
ors of the toilette, and that drab, black or
white, slightly relieved by some trim
niing ill harmony, not in contrast, is ti e
only really elegant cosiume. If a dahlia
can look well in purple, black an I yel
low, then why not a lady ? If a maiden
fastens the flounces of her azure ball-dress
wilh pink garlands, she is only copying
the patterti of the moi iiing-ghiries and
mav be ol service (o
who have not closely followed the
We copy, says (he Viekburg Whii
the JSew 1 ork Century :
A Jewish family named Mortara,
siding in (he curious old c i t v of Bolo
had in their employ a few years ago. a
Roman Catholic servant woman. A sen
ot Mortara, Eilgar, a hoy nl' sjg years,
became dangerously ill. The servant
woman in atll ndaifCe at his bed tide,
thinking ihe child in a dung stale, se
crelly baptized him. in accordance with
ihe authority by which the administra
tion of the lile is permitted lo lay persons
ill C.iSl'S of UrireOCV. when the license mtm
khuor;es, which
raise with but
it" ex, ecr to
heavy tnn-
kquem stir-
ive been
snd as
would she ak to be more modest and
raceful ihan tin
lie's Hlngr
lets, all
bis diss of every de
1 I : ai 1.1:1 V ioliu and
intense on the subject of ber will, and it
was produced, as soon as decency would
allow. AM her connections were present,
and iheir eager, hopeful, anxious coun
tenancel, would have furnished a rare
snbjecl for (he pencil of an ariist. The
reading of the will proceeded, except a
'-riply to him than any one I single codicil, each of her relatives ex
loaned htm a sum
tJlorw, but still
d and
MltMI. S. St
Ssji FTH-M
I. l.lk sn
I aoi.plv. j' 't ra
kinii'- 1
M I D If" ,","
v rV-r
'"rlikiaTl ' " '
the best stjiS. lb- prsl, .-LW
lollowins- nriKoe: uiw cm i
oaiuiBK. S .W
' Bl'
'"' 1' fsfB'.' ie.
, lhcr f Wk Mi- !? -I -e. 'ifgl'-1'- ' '
Jbssy Sole ;
kturu ;
Vent home?
'arth to me, iwne ;
C.C.. I
mJm t h iff rci-i'lVt'il
KMtV lOI'.l),
' s Store.
1 .
iniisi 1 .1 - ::
,i W1 ,ne '
' IH ro.nns for-X-
i - lie
V ml re
4 ha-
' j. ortupicd by D. W
!" Anened very large ita.
2r,ef. Plantation 3uniilies
Lv'f.ir FT
lher1 "h,re ' lle'r s
re' -ore and f,.r
B ' - " I ,
CloiMn g,
Sugar, every qusl
eys, KiuOiflve,
Java do.,
(loadt, Prints,
" tl.ndt,.
Bui ihese circles are grand affairs
be red some to a greater extent than
others, but none considerably.
At all events, not one-third of her for
bad been dispensed, and as the
Iv remained, all eyes were
lerick Strong as ihe lucky
nilse. W II I! tmmoi n 1 ,,i w.is men sin
r ' 77
ihe recipient
ei.nlents. The WO!
sailed their curiosity
1 hem I he article was prod
found onlv lo contain a simp!
sewed on" the lining.. When deiaehed
and opened, in the bold handwriting of
Aunt Silly, was only hand these words :
"Deaii Nephew : You will dowbtless
appreciate ibis, ihe lsi joke I shall aver
be guilty of, as I appreciated yours on
eeiiiiin lime vou will remember. O
bless you and yours. Farewell."
Frederick declared be was satisfied.
The old lady had fairly retorted upon
him, and he deserved nothing better al
her hands.
ts 1 . 1. 1 r l,,n s.,llv'.
Dill wnai nan ircrsusara wi s'.'-j 1
money? That was the mystery, and il
became more than a "nine day's wonder" j
to the worihy villagers, who dlaeusaed ii
,. prr nccasinn. She was known to
' have large sums of money at the various
! banks, but all lhi the anxious relatives
'ascertained was diawn oul a few iaysl
before her death. Squire A w"!
! consulted, who drafled the will bill he
afler s'oully maintained that the
the whole of her property
ill Covered
and would
have nothing farther lo do wilh it.
One evening, about six month' after
.1.. ..1.1 UJ. J-stak .Lib. Frederick w is
." j -- - -
conversing wiih his wife, ihe subject .
ihe muff was introduced.
That was a ccxtlv
ukeil about her with W Fred," sai'e
1 rr.
'tit P
, Wine.
very 1
P, fruit.
l hsmpsti
flarel Wil.e,
vl.u v iaat.
t . .lorkof t
will do Imsmwss "" .
p.HKOple.aa ;"2f V',, lr,w,1
ILL. -a .1 ..f irrwkiltt.
lie will pa the luah'St
JOTI u . --"I - ii -u
Tl.e nuliilC I"""- . ,
. .wis mmi War. his pncea
si ,lewWeo.
"Grand affairs, indeed, for vohng men
to say soft things, and silly girls to listen
to litem ! Grand affairs to dispense, the
accumulated gossip of a month I Orad
sffairs for scandal moving, and for every
km il... nurnose ibeV Dtofes. !"
- t . O-ll- imntmd about her S
na .uni osuj hi' - - .
uiumphant irlance, as though her charges is b. tte. no f "
, were unanswerable.
In fact, too many felt the jwstie-i-buke
to mea-ure word- ? ,(.r
pien KrederKk agree-;,, much '
in c abst-act. jfr v . a. content
silent, ai ..nJ hteea
im -11 t'o-w 1 in -
1 9
nm lor
..fi.lpnt 'hal si
Id mt
sayiiii ii kvm km
.. iiili'li'it'-t '
Still, there seems lo be such a thing a
the correspondence of attire with the com
plcxion, height, style and years. The
fragile lily of the valley does not depend
from a mull m slock, nor is the superb
japonic:! nestled amid the moss and grass
with the violet. Therefore ladies urn
well and profoundly study which of al,
the various patterns and hues best assim
ilate wilh (he character of each ; and
Iherelore 11 is mat we enter our protest
against the blind adoption of any and ev-
I ery color and shape which fashion may
dictate. Upon ihe brow of fashion is
i written, change ; yet there is no woman
f almost none) but will pronounce her
beautiful, whatever aspect she assumes ;
the number is precisely equal who
will pronounce hi r thrown oil aspect as
hideous and ludicrous. The woman wh
adored her elegance in large bonnets.
00 it -sleeves and slender skirls, now turns
from the memory wilh uplifnol hands.
The name of fashion is caprice, and of
her followers is filly, h is well ill-it 111
lure knows ln-r own mind b-tter; i-Ne.
ions vro should hive all the
the garden, regardless of wil l'
1'ieprramOi '. t . ' ho mi -I I ess. , 11 n m I lo-
of ihe callWLLe I 1 ,h - an I n mv trail
hollyhock nmpjeiooil I hive the
lamtv laovsoppori r-&sq , 7 , ,,,
lets and primio-es snio-heTWtew, ,, , , ,
lie of the dah'ias
T.hI. word come over from P
ureen is to he worn bv Mistress Fas
and Btralffhtwat every sallow - faced
woman becomes "sicklied
uIm ens! " of iaun lice. O
date be MW, nd no face is so fl uid bu'
that V can afford a deeper lint for the
unite of bein " in the fashion. Xn worn m
e -111 . ...11 r ...
too short lor pi 11 is or n .in
stripes, when th.-V are rhionahle. nor
I too (hick for short waists nor too thin for
' j,mg ones.
It is impossible lo srrire at anv fixed
standard of la'le in dress ; for il ii B ej
j lions fart thai. hal our eyes hjj;,,
come aeewstomed lo, that fft'Tptee
becoming. Most new,,, more chsrm
i when first seen, a Pcrli liar with them; I
! inrr as we grofV , yet if'pr the change
I r, off Hl,r.,s m.ire ,. fu ib "
- ' Sni ! nu; the art vl , '
io'o 1 whlrln .uJ hjiW
7 . oi'inueo me more con
he hlf ,,, . ,., .
. 1 asp WrOW " wi.wii, i,i,i v iii;,-.!,
. . . ill r..l. . Is not no .'. I mm..
line '
nrcrnrieiv-A -ommgness, stvle and
... ..r7!s
t I I 1 1 a nil's BW
ofnPrlsU' only made him
d nsjifc mull and
an3. igiin
IfcM tor them dress
toSsjl' 1 all
irimroses smotrrsN
. isLi.
n i1 inaaat.il t...
ot-smh,i ..
in. tasa.i
n 1
priest cannot be Obtained, . similar per
missi,,n was given in the church of Bog
land by the prayer bonk of Edward VI.
hut was removed at the revision in the
reign of Elizabeth, and the rubric now
requires, in sickness as in health, llieler
vices of a "lawful minister." A similar
role prevails, we believe, wilh all protest
anl seels.
Contrary to expeclalion, the child re
covered. The woman kept her act secret
until some two years later, when ..!:,-
I mentioned it to her Confessor. She had
I in the meantime left the service of the
.Mortara family, but apparently without
any cause of dissalUfaolion existing be
jtweenlhe employer and the employed
By her confessor's direcijona, ihe servant
made a formal statement of ihe affair i"
Ihe Archbishop of Bologna, ihe Cardinal
Viale I'rela. By his directions proceed
ings were instituted. Mortara and hi
wife were aroused on a night aal summer.
by a knock at their door, about twelve
i-i. pi. .... ...
o ciock. inenociuroal visitors
10 me cnaiienge, "who's there ?" repli
! "the police." Ihe door was opened,
and a "little 10.111 in plain clothes,'1 fol
lowed by several guards, entered. He
asked Moilara's name, and demanded lo
see his children, exhibiting at ihe same
lime a warrant of the Inquisition. It
' was of no use to urge (he inhumanity of
disturbing their slumbers, they must be
roused, dressed, and produced. As the
children entered, (heir names were called
over, the last proved to be (he one want
ed. The officer beckoned to the child
and us he advanced within reach caughl
him in his amis, and (he soldiers pre
venting the father from interfering, car
ried him off. A few guards were li ft al
the house lo prevent any alarm being
given to the neighbors.
Tlie officer was one ,of several spies
and Secret ag-nts employed by the Inqal
si ion. The boy was soon after sent In
Rome. The father rem 1 in si rated , but in
v on. His child, he was told, was a
Christian, and must be educated in the
holy doetrioea of die faith. The paient
Were informed that they might, as a mai
ler of favor, follow (heir child to Borne
Young Mortara made the journey it
charge of a Serjeant, who forced him in
wear a ro-ar"y with a cross. The child
cried anl protested. lie would wear
nothing, he exclaimed, bul the name ot
God, worn by all Jewish children. He
entreated ihat he might return lo hi
home. The parents following after, won
insulted by the people of the village
through which the rouie lay. who cried
out against ihem, prejudi "ed by fals.
statements studiously jstenleated, thai
(hey had tried lo murder their child
M Alatri, they, wilh 'difficulty escaped
personal vi ilence.
Tb chill, on arriving ai Rome, was
placed in one of ihe ecclesi i.ijca! schools.
An account soon appeared in a govern
men! journal of ihe happy frame of Hsind
of the young convert, lie had seen his
parents and Vlifreated them to abjure
(heir errors, lb- hal shown an exa'i
appreciation of ihe joys of the Christian
life, beyond his years. The I'ope had
Hsenl for him and been much pleased with
' his behavior. The rem irttl of the rosglg
Christian were Stotl eddying Ilis con
ntntent sweetness of diodiiion, "n I
general frame of mind Were engeite
The abundantly proved facts ,,f the case
are lb at ihe boy. dtirin,' the few inter
views which his parents afjenes d -d in oh
laining with him. cried an I begged, as
wn mtuhl nntnrailT expect him to
betaken back He declare I that null)
in ' should t. mpt or force him fr -m the
the sor row ful pa
Pope, bui i h at'
sn s I lie chill remains m llie cu
: ter tod
mit of
- coat of I
I deeply at
I with a goon
1 the land real
i manuring
; can not be tool
vegetables 0 re
est and most wm
almost every fat
little trouble ; hut
raise fine vegetable
miring, deep workinl
ring of ihe soil.
Whenever cabbage
rai-ed in ihe aitumn
'hey should now be lookj
much air as possible be
ring mild weather, taking
to cover them up again
nights. The best variety
are : Early tyalrefidd and A'l
Early peas may be plained, th"
seldom will c one lo much. J1
lici t and hjclea hnilo are amongst I
earle pea".
Should the soil be in proper
sowing onions, (black seed) may
tie planted ; the seen lies in the grout
lor a long time, an l s'l.oij 1 u come ucra
,it ishardv enough to wiihstan I pretty se
vere frosts ; P1nt11nne.se and lied Wether
Held are the hest kinds. If parsley was not
sowed in the autumn, it should now be
put in llie ground as soon as possible.
American C0H0H Planter.
Sin Shortens Lijs. Every form of
sin tends in precipiteln ihe ruin of the
transgressor. Il hastens the lina! catas
trophe. Not a violent passion can man
Indqlge which does not tear his heart
sitings. How often lias a sudden excess
of rage broken ihe golden bowl of life I
Why are men s,, eager to reach the end
of tin ir course ? On llie other hand, ev
ery Christian virtue lends to prolong as
well as (o sweeten human life. Kind
emotions, in doing right affections, and ac
tivity good, all fortify and Confirm the
powers of the body, as well as the mind.
Xot only is the intellect clearer, hut the
sleep is sounder, and the limbs are strong
er, Such a man has nothing to fire his
brain, or accelerate his hlo.i I, or to cause
his heart to beat violently with rage
(ear. lhus it ollen conies, as llien wa
of faith, and patience, and charity, as
well as of honor and reverence lo a father
and mother, that ihe days of ihe obedient,
ihe kind, ihe gen'le, and ihe good, are
made loll ' on earth. A". )' Ei'amjeliit.
, or
Tims Ain't a nm us.u to be
j renlleman who resides in Western New
Viirk, tells the following rich anecdote.
"Many years ago ihe first settlers in this
country, then a wilderness almost, were'
obliged to lake their grain one hundred
ind fifty miles in wagons 10 Albany,
to find a maiket. The roads were
bid and traveling dangerous. Tiiren
of our farmers found a purchasn far thei
loads ol wheat at Amsterdam, a illaa
some twenty 6e miles wrsi of AibalSg
ind were glad 'o dispose lit' it and f
hem-elves the travel. They took an
ler on ihe bank of Amsterdam for lb
pay. which was offered to then in silv
out they objected to taking it, as it w
'00 heavy to carrv, ami ihey preferr
he notes of ihe bank. And here the
I mgh comes in. The officers of thebank
leliised to give them the bills, because
the farmers were going so far out intn the
wilderness lite hill would never eom ttw
la UktinnA aijain .' The matter was finally
'compromised, 'he banks' paying each of
tbeni ore dollir extra on their consenting-
to leceive silver instead of paper money
fhith of his falhers.
renls appealed lo the
with Ihe
be man-
l-ra. liies
of eon vers!
The news of iMa
spread over Kur .pi
shown a pu
dress of 111
have held '
1 .in
sis He is taken out 10
other children, and Iris
through the Ghetto, or
It is perhaps though'
ire -fof appear-
IWsn4 li'tl-'
per canny
V 1
and n monsHz...!
H de IHhsrl.i: I h isnent
ara ten tho'-n I francs be p
BcaCTTrCt EtTRvcr , Oeautiful chik
pile anl preinatuiely wi-e, was complafc
ing. o -. a hoi morning, that the poor dew
drop-has been too hastily snatched away,
and not allow.-1 to ght'er on the fl users,
like other happier dew drops, thai live
wh.de of tl..- . lav through, ami sp "kjj,,., .
die moonbgh'. and Ihruugh ihe ,"i
I . . pis 1 si'l. n 1
imward 11 I noon day TJf, i ,a
has chss . , ' 1.
. .nem up inhis wriit-
rain, anj a rainbow ,
, . ,1 . ... . .. 1 r
....n lie' kv '" '
..in lie. iwsrrr si.ii-jy aew-
irops - n. jj -iwg jesrel
the ka-fcwah foMirasn-
in '
ihe phlld.
heat, orsw 1
Dnxa for 11 is CoL.siuv ur Paoxv. -
When Col. I. was a candidate for
t'uigress in one of llie North-Western
States, be was opposed by a gentleman
! who had distinguished himself in the war
d' ?,2 Discovering, in ihe course of
the canvass. Ml" I bis opponent's military
reputation was operating strongly tii US
prejudice, he concluded to let the people
know th 11 he was nol unknown to fame as a
soldier himself, and accordingly, in his
next speech, he expatiated on hi-achieve1
ments in the tenied field as follows:
" My competitor has ti I.I you of the
services he rendered in llie last war. Let
me tell you that I, loo, ncted an humble
part in that memorable contest. W hen
the tocsin of war summoned llie chivalry
of ihe West lo rally to the defense of the
J nation -1 honor, I. fellow-citizens, anima-
I ted by thai pa'riolic spirit which glowi
in every meiinan bos im, hire t a itibsti
fills for that tear, mid the bonet af that man
' now He Una ting an the tiaitkn of ihe rttr
Arietn . "
And he was elected.
hat withers on ihe
heaven." Thus
'"l" that
ai. isirimiii 01
" '""r L .. A I,... nnl lls.t he
li . A. . I. v.
1 v"mg worus ; soon aner, mc
" 1 "as. mornin.r briwhtness
The uhrin.on'wc; -ir-. s. ,. jn ! pr . , ' . w'""'"n. bat4, liken
izmsoi ' Hi" ins-u ail, '
... . - ..
. 'e.o,ra, ,, .' rv
d in ihe rr"" c'lti.iru of his r
rr..l SSSSW
Hp t xi in inluenr n
.f r
1 4
one mornm- 1
le many, she
the s'orsrs
nolj 1 hp
rnie of
d ih-;;r. r-v-v.
Le: u. have a l'A J .,
I he .oPM I K - - .
-m,n U, ' """ oauirhler.
evpnis had fre,, n,T
ihnlrt eoun'ii-. and
' ' hip m on
lv in '.,. VI ... , TV.
his ireatrd ihp ei.e in iis h,,.
tip wasoaval sivlp. wi-h su l
ulencp thai w fin I by
fi'UJ young
Jser refjr
wanle I thrpe jar Is uf cloth.
"ve. trmstgalar,
r some nrticlen.
informed a clerk
thai her mnher
the MV con... --
real of
fn lasts
l. lr SU I
on Sn V?Zr; , i'..hiv dear wife.,-
f .-LI eSVP ' ' d ns , , .. , Sean,
,.l U
hi- fcnm,-r.LMr. thP
UPV ,,'.,"n .-red lhl
l mind, aunl." -J
?' L momi0l :.., v,..l Siron. . "
o . 1 do ni""- ,M,. , 1 "o-
.v 10 IP.' " a 1 eel
olr lU-herec -n -be; V,
. T, wiih mv fmnr. -
. .,krd al- ne.' "
nr -
l -I' r',0Vn-Vrodueed. a J
The na- - '.. 0
(,rfrUeeI. wg
e,,'n: . :tm vou m"' . , "'
f,.r 1 P" l- -"V ... 'Jk-i,
' ''-. I ir prima- ,
."-ip I r!r mtlm
'o-nt in the . Pnnlnr ff aleh. Ihe sruntus-nt - jm
,1 rpsprc'.- I ' .' J "" " ' i" ous'i "" '- " hi HW.a SB
sun by the Jewl.li pons, ,v of i.ri. ' . r owt in n Inwd BKT-T
n ex . - ifaa isi .ants 1 . 1 i. i 1 m ll ' saasl mmd nVKa aaSaM
:, ..-rfrso 1 1 n-- m aaw MWTglll -M
m mWW L
I.Vj . .-.ss 1'
"""V.s- IfSWvraeeNJI ihe rpcen lv "1-
.il Kci'av Nehiaa.-
The raV m ' . . cnoni
spniaiwe ('" - . . , , sjw
Francp. fr . .t, disap
ill riT"1
in our
be effp
goi'sonssi 1 it! bp a-k.-l
." rs.as,l tiat s hfTIToT
sin f fc, intrmlu-ed in I on
I ihp reeen-lv '-
ik's Ppak. an 1
1'iah. and
i ffs nr S ll L-v e
rapw uf- " '- -silsii' n in r n-tiik
C.naaa. aVi C -rr-V-g . , , rngf, aTP - .
. A 1 MS.S. I 1 I I MPs .isn n,t n- '
..i,lldvso. - , 1 n, ," ... , ...e s " ,,u mn". -nsscN ir"."'
o.U.r.nr - , f ,r a""""',, r.v ' . ' . 7Tnm .. ibi.rtenws-.- .
'be iin."'. - n onav-i or s - - nkT. n;fi, l bis ynwo '"" " -
4 her-r"nd ... sl' i,::
ta"-. . .mm atnu.'" I . '? r . luinirea v i ,, - s,i "iia"""""" ." T
- 1 . .. . inn . . -1, 111 .- s 1 1 .
- .... - r hAmii i.Hri.ip. m 1 111
n rei'PT- "i . ."
a vp ihe folio aang
idy n few daya
1 The
.-shin ''-'I . - - ---:
aa'tiorim p-l - - - aww w g
.l h sWroe an 'i
a r .,nr rl T 1 T " O IU "'
bu .P tMk . . .... ,tnffpd i w rr.Kn . i.n.-a
01 ihe ovi , , t y.o.e.1 '.---. mjr.n 1
" W:.l..r? WM'."L -h i.."iHp -"' Clair, at'
'" - l.. s'" iwrain- " .mi plear we
K Til - .
A doctor p town (
l,,v'ip,ioa for - w '
-mw: w. , -v-a. l
The HsaJurLl ; -n o IIsIpW.
IlZh Jlsvv. bi (1 has fin
J r I .s"','-f 4 ..mer .
'.',--r ,n i,.sd -
mS:, V . "Trlr- I :hWmU.k f goods. . , nre
1 ' ... . 1 1 ,i nib iHi ... 10' . 1 . mill 1. ' - . ... 00.
wmm -- ! . 1 11 .. .11 a i nr - - 111 - i ,10 i....,iii-o- . 11 a -
sn 'in i . l 1 sir r . ,u -w ..r. a' 1 . . i....... iiiinff " . ...imn. v. i i
irmH.-e'r, a.- 1 -utths . i en w-r-- i ,v k " . . a i cei ,r "- ...i.ii
X . Tl.p nuhli are is' . , H ,t nV ,,..i where en o - , , . .. -0,jw.. r -r un apcr, -.-sh a. Vo.. M-W
sieani frign'e- .'Xtewn -Tialrev vrs-
., s m re "iJian Ut Var. is being awf
opnted fal a ' thn Injp-M
p. wiV a dry
LJL: nr" .is .A "' MLnnet ' ilh m- bonne' a. .-l.l t ' -AM -h,'. 'r-"" - ' ' '
,JHraWT,adM.- ,,,1-wWer -.-dB hp " echoed al' .im.-d '
i WSSil, for Cold W ,,i ,VJ
Wm mmt t m Wm ananSfl
L - -H Kk -afkB kw mm
iMbMi as - - itfS
1. p. 1 .
mil into seu

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