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mv tkij:;i AI'll.
Cjir Crt-(V(ilfflib
(c ' Tf 1 7 (S IrVl
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Ml MM.
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! ti
from I'
A Mil to make in"mher of Ltffllatsri
liable to ttIHtlt ri", jm j..ed : then
recaimdersd mid linaliy UM on tanls.
A Mil to alio iht Governor io 4Vi lbs
ion lottery saved from Oil rtlUli4lwjr, l
making silt, win fnvornblj reported M on.
A tifl lo litkr ll iljlff t.o.linJ nn men
from dlltrl6tl of (lie .Stnt llhlle to be over
run bj IN imntyt f hi (tnftroab1jr Mpottti
tiitou iind r. mlf.l hi iuiprsctictbla.
, More Yunkii! Arrivnl.
O-i yi .tt!tlnv nnotlior inniallniettt of f!l
Yankee priioricri wrivd in our town. Thcjf
irlro Cftpttifld hy Geo, (Jhajiaw Ml Uit l'st
rrtid ufWn Collitrville on (aetnphli nnd
UbrleltoH i.iilroHd. The Provost Mai'imll
RSji ilir Bie tlio belt looking Federal ,-oM-icrs
lie lias seen. Most of tuem are IVom
''ompanj B. seventh Illinois, nud repre : t
that thej onct; constituted Robecran8 escort.
Lieut. of Infantry, says he has been
captured three times and mode his escape,
together with ten privates who accompany
t'.iem. The Lieutenant says he mado t
breach in his prison 'it Grenada hut did not
effect his escape;
First Sori' of Qunrterly MfPtiiiK for
h.ison District.
(Sharon at Union,
Yernoo " "
Livingston, at Penrl River,
Camdeo, at Camden,
pan ton,
Carthage, Oak Hill,
HiHfboro, at UiilsLoro,
Ieeatur, at Mount Zioo,
1'hilfldelphia, at I'iue Grove
J. M
5 6 Dec.
12 ia M
19 20 "
2 3 Jan
0 10 "
Hil7 "
2.' 24 "
30 31 "
C 7 Feb.
The Niggkr Mania its Rksults. A
Yankee paper has the following account
of a late nigger demonstration in the
" National Capital :
The negro eiimenta is growing very
strong and demonstrative in Washington.
Last week 'the Capital State" was treated
to a procession of the negro order of Odd
Fellows. The turn, out is said to have
been very fine, and Cuffy is said to have
dispor ed an immense quantity of gold
lace an tinsel. Negro delegations from
other cities joined in, and after parading,
with martial music, through the streets,
tbey repaited to a hall, where the enter
tainment was changed to speeches and
tongs. There was a great display of ora
torical talent, and there was no end to
tongs th performance closing with a
terrible abolition songs, set for the occa
sion, inwich the whole company joined.
Tbe( fugitive Slav and frea ne
groes in Naubville, have bean holding
war mee titlgs" recently. The black
gemmen" taw as vocfferociously, and -al
most as unmjercifully as do Maypard and
4V To rob tif)
One c!ks
Which i
factors come,
r cheats in rum .
Ipn explain,
Mu gram !
Mr. lU'nIUofi. Unn Itn r let ooHimtt(r uti Hinti
Tt?Hitt' olHrc, wlunUidU rffitHt wli:nj( forth
UU )MMllt Hie eoroniHieii trnthn mu U tin eji
imlnatlMl of mt4 oflh 4 llm Ifitnw! of th filate
r ftiire, hi t!ew of Uir l.hj Hod which Ima hv
I'ncii jiince uti ix.oiiiHMt;..n Kaa nta4a or ih-
i m... itml in '"W f tht lnrwa(1 iimmnil of b
new iicciiinulateil in tlie cilice, iiilI n eommenHeil
the ippoiutiMnt of otie oi aior cnir,intl'mcr with
hjftWi i to amploy a bmikkecper to niHlt them in the
ex iniiuiilinn of Hie ni!i, ,'. t., A ft.
Mr. ur.ver. from flnaneo committee, roprtrted a
bill entitled " an set to levy" ml ctilret a tXOt
1 ii I v tlii.-c ;md mie tliinl per r id. on all persons
iffuninjr to Mtcrlvs Otilcilerats Treasury notes l
psymMtl o( dneK." Rundry aim ndatetits trers ufln
ed to the l.ill which. t' ether with th hill, elicited,
a lnntf oud spirited discussion, pending wJiich a
rnpssag w.mh received fnim the House aiiiiounolM;
the readiness Of thnt lnn!y to pmeaed to the elec
tion of a Importer, State Printer and keeper of the
Capitol, whereupon "the Senate proceeded to the
hall of the House to go into joint convention lot
the purpose indicated in said message.
For Reporter: A V Harper, CO votes; JIlGcnnre,
10 voles; Hfnyeiv, I vote. Mr. Harper w is
For J'tnte Printer: Messrs
42 votes; tfmnr$. .1 J Shnnn
I) Williams. 7 Votes. Masai
Cooper & Kiinhull,
A Co., ('i votes; J
J J Shannon & Co.
By Mr Wilson- -'An act toauthorixc the payment
of interest upon I
other purposes."
common school fund, and for
Mr Bradford proposed to amend by including the
principal which amendment was laid on thetaldc
by the following vote :
Ykas Mr I're-id' nt Messrs Bo w!s,Prako, .Tor-
dan, Unmiltonv Lowry. Luckfitt, Blayatn, McRae,
Mosely. Patten, I'oindexter, Rimontou, Terry, W il
son and Yerger 1(1. s
Nays Messrs Bradford, Davis, Greer, Gr;f33n,
Loper, Moore, Neely, Oliver and Quia 9.
Referred to committee on education.
On motion of Mr Greer, the Senate reconsidered
the vote taken on yesterday agreeing to the report
of the committee on Education advising against the
passage of Senate bill, entitled " an act to author
iee the Trustees of the Public School Funds to re
ceive Confederate Treasury notes in payment of
dues." Referred to a select committee.
Weoxespay. November 11, 18C3.
Mr Watson made a report from the Jiidiciary
Committee against the bill asking Congress to make
Confederate notes a legal tender. Agreed to.
Retaliation. The Opinion of Oliver
The motives actuating Oliver Crom
well, in the earlier part of his career,
were resistance to tyrants, and the es
tablishment of true liberty. Successful
aa he was, it is well to consider bis con
victions in regard to retaliation, as af
fording instruction for the present time :
"He declared, therefore, in quarters
from which he was aware it would speed
ily be repeated in their places of chief
resort, be declared often and openly,
that in war it was necessary to return
upon any side all the violent things that
any of the one side did to the other.
This was done for preventing greater j
mischief, and for bringing men to fear I
war," &c -Foster's British Statesman : j
f I
mi- - i
H i
r0liYr Cromwell, p. 471 . 1
miifl KW KflM.
fcwfl torn titf u lauijtai
t M .rfrl, KM i Mil MMtaMl
- ffWtl UtaW , b4 lw
Ytl sp ft TWr4t Mgfei
kf ft IV Mm tpaaaftw, Imm
'.' rtt,wtf fM iU MrMf
hiW MtsaM 4 it
I Usws r a aUf
I UNM t tt M t M Uf tMMHM
M MI4 l4 K fp.,
lHHH, flMtb Mr W ill r,i
p '44 TM m4mm rprt
M Mi K !4I4 WK
trWtwW' AlSa?Wp, WpNft
Ufa i ifcapM, Mtft f..
ii A MidfcwJ ( j
J I aj 4 f it A
"IMP wa'aW wv? W'ts I
Ma, r l. 4
f Mr
UptMlM l i4Ve4 M
ibM e not itk
)( ptibliHn in dap io arrria again! hi
tfuvpfhn 0t nor ! a hafit(J, (Dlbl
AHoiii'f i.' hp or If mH in arm
aaiiii lb inrrn-ni weft Wan of Ma
pfttlVi II" d4fltiV4 himall lr fatof
f Iffllng tlavarp dia, aa M had ha oiMm
m hall, and bad torna up Io aarlh all
dri pin hh Oil daik dewa of FtM pll
(iuai r iior a'a aUo look aifufig yrouniU
NgNinal alaaarv, liboiijli hin(; bun
f a hmiibern man, burn In K fi'urky,
arliirtd that be baird ulatary n hi
a dil, but alill had barn wiling
luVH lit tli hnnd
pel inatiliilion died, hi
il die and he ifnmnrd fur
ilia power be would
write in Ham
llint not a lolitarp
RlllVO Mllllllll
Americitn oil
a I II
Bit bia cbnina on
Lincoln wh" not ln
rlioico for lb.' I'ii'mkI
did not travel IW eOOUU
yt;t it wiih not In ilie cminela
dencc llmt ha ahould havi- Irnftlw
When Im I li'Kinphed to bim ur
in him to radical measures, Mr. Lin
coln's response to htm by telegraph was
like that to the murmuting Israelite
at the. Hcd Sen "Dick, hold stil! and
see the snlvalion of God."
An Obituary as Is an Obituary.
Mister EdUer: Jem hangs, we are
sorry tu stait, has deseixed. He depar
ted this Life last mundy. Jem wos gen
erally considered a good feller. He dide
at the age of 23 years old. He went 4th
without ary struggle ; and such is life.
Tu Dm we are as pepper grass mity
smart tu Morrer we are cut donwn like
a cowoumber of the ground. Jem kept
nice store, which his wife now wates on.
His vurchews wos numerous to behold.
Menny is Ihe thing we hot at his growce-
' roy, and we are nappy io suue io me an-
f . Bk.a . a
mirn world that be nevur clieetea.-spesn-ully
in the wate of makrel, which wos
nice and smelt sweet, and his survivin
wife is the same wa. We never knew
him to puf sand in his shugar, tho' he
had a big sand bar in front of hit house ;
nur water in his Linkers, tho the Tenasee
River run past his dore. Ptece to his re
manes !
be died in his bed,
a great big huk he red,
a previa he lowly sed,
then turned over on 2 bed,
and durned if he didn't die ded !
He leaves a wife, 8 children, a cow, 4
horses, a grocery atoa and utber quadru
peds to mourn his loss but io the spalen
langwidge ov the poit, hit lost is there
eternal gane.f Rebel.
rtk8. If you want good blacking take, a
half bushel of China berries well picked
from the stems, put into a kettle, and
add three gallons of water; boil down to
one gallon, then strain the liquor, through
a sieve, from the seed and skins, and add
as much pine wood (the richer the bet
ter) soot as will make a good black and
it is ready for use ; a pint of good or a
quart of weak vinegar, (or take small
bear,) first mixed with the soot will make
it better, and if you add tbe white of an
egg to half a gallon of the liquor it will
be bett, and equal to any Yankee black
ing. This blackning contains little besides
trouble and we have seen boots cleaned
with it inferior to none in gloat, and will
not soil a white handkerchief,
N. B, Let it stand eeral days be-
U .i
would iBk
.n fircH
i i
fore you bottle it off.
Ik ttwHfc.
(lb Ik
j Sp MNMUf
Ilk II
dears of pifllea to hum IWy SHi TN
alts if fid l ei ... . I.epffwd Iba Ha
will h fi-iil.i". o I liijjU't I'jr r if
the iawt of w.tr.
All pernonl an4ef the pmleclHMI of tha
UatWd Alnlei, pin i- allv I pable fcf Milll '
Mrflei Kt4 liable to the , tor, ep" ! Jy
ths city of Memphis when mtnj hats Bad
to escape duly Hi home, shall In It. no 1 ;
impressed. la pursuance Io 0f4tri rroot
Gen Sherman, all oflletM m fftWlnaidl f
division or parts of brigade.! !' this '
will proceed to impress into sen let nil
bodied persons litml" m the sain' until the
regiments and battalion aft filled to li e
una will eniisl, fur the nr
bounty orottlded by Con-
L'ress, il not MLWIU MB" chihihh:
... .
rations und tilact
The question of pay or other com
settled br uroner luithoritv and discharged
------- j j 1 -
when no further use for them. The sur
geons and Inspectors will decide lis, to their
physical ability to hear arms.
From Churl est on.
Cuaui.kstov, Nov. 17. -The firing and
fighting has been as usual. Two of lb mon
itors eugaged yesterday and are reported dis
abled Two shots are said to have pasted
through the smoke stack nnd three to have
penetrated their turrets above the port holes.
Boats have been sent out to ascertain depth
of w ater preparatory to a more vigorous and
extended attack.
Battery Gregg has thrown some 2o shells
at the city, but thus tar withotfl any serious
The Federals Rooted in Louisiana.
Tanukpaho, Nov. 10. A letter just icceiv
ed from a member of Gen. Green's stuff, giVei
the partieulars of Hank's defeat in Li last
expedition to Texas. Frarrklin's diviscn en
countered the Confederate forces under Brig.
Gen. Green, near Alexandria, 011 the 5th
inst. After a stubborn resistance the coftity
were routed w ith loss of stores, some small
arms and 600 prisoners.
Geu. Weitzel going by way of Brashicr
city, was routed by Gen. Taylor, near Opt
lousas. Both wings of the et eniy bae re
turned to the esst bank of the Mississippi,
and tho expedition abandoned.
Our loss comparatively small.
Heavy firing heard in the direction of Port
Hudson. Supposed to be an attack made by
Col. Powers, of the Confederate army.
Uotjno Generals. It is stated in an
English paper, that Alexander the Great
died at the early age of 32. Hannibal
gained the battle of Cannae at about the
same age. Scipio fought at Sama when
not much over 90. Julius Csesar had
conquered Gaul when he wat 45. Ger
manicus wat poisoned in his 34th year.
At tbe battle of Patsy, Clive was not so
far advanced at that. Napoleon gained
bit mighty victorp at Austerlitz, when br
bad scarcely completed his 35th ye
and at tbe time Wellington finisv
campaign in the plains of VV
was only 46years old.
You are certain of tncce
another your dupe when
victim to suppose you ar

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