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fht (Tri-ftlfffilij
fiiilirl Iff m Nf't
.l m4 Half II
Ml ' I" '' m4 f tMilill
m4 have m 4ftH it
sj I Uiui
Hlw" f $mm4 ttf 4 tea M
'r 'A.
lL Lfi 'JN
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A Tesia
W a -eealey
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"ft' vftwPvftft
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a It lee a e
W irMf l .' 4 to
Mf NWMf f ttt- ! TNm g vi r-iif
I lM WtMJ fc Mt' Mt . M
fHMl4 SJftM fHMMtl l Ilk IftM
m4 e4H it fftfM fat m u
. I. tm.
in him ii i --nr KM MM
nt 1 1 if ft r. oat UN mi
mi M 4 M ft) H M 4 1 1
IW.ftlf ftf
. . .1 IS.
if 4n laa
. .J u -J
MlftMaf Rftftlftf. ". .
ftw fNMi a rief.
Tk a Ia4af
"f ! aw ff.ra frti fVa fl
g'lfl f.ii ! (f, n I hj al
r, 1 k p mi ; -
,.,; is. i :.-''' hi
( r f ' , ! fti
Tba asfat i f -i i ' .pl
ifta nitfftftA Tki x MtftANrtfy
ftM Ike wr ' 1 m
' ifliin lhffbl (a fit 'l tic ,
( hee f lefsmfy, tn I l r i 'l
' ifff infm'rf Th-l i 'iifjmi
' lrr Tl ff 'ifulry it r i
r i r tk tal alravtt atf ifia cr T1ij
i iwa ntfr "Ctritli" fiMf Hniltr't Hliff,
alltfl lhlr rrj'iifd nfi(firt ifi Of RM
A'"ttl nn IbftWHHNl Ift4 MN ill ff l"n( four
hfilff4 Tty if itliir jf tlitn. aiaftf)
Ith iifrrtt. Tbf nro plckf't iti i I abanl
ia mllt cut, Tlifr mat I Ola 1 1 goohlftl
itt eafN tip laf Vtion nr. to Riinti
ninlf aa iht 3li tmc, nud it mill kf' ftH
ft Vtt hT mint up M hijli (k tl!Jfl
i f . .j r dti."
C. ft. .StTo.-.I. 0, IPaitOfliaf Hallj
Aarhif f , 1t Ii rfpartfd, und w rtH irc
true, bt lttn llfftfd NiKitur from ilni Eftalf
Ny th Lfflatftarf. Whilst tdtrc w?re otlitr
nuplrantl wt much ndniir, nf Itk upon t!ni
rlcction ri tn aycallent one. ' rlgar(l
l:iia ai a nfit profbttnd Itwytr, indtfutlga
!! worker, mi d tmt and t r i 1 patriot Ol
tbt firtt wttir. The Jiidg, in dt pailff
Rod fOkf, wai n tin" I rrinp; WbigT, whicl
wivt iiiflicitnt, in those partisan timet, tf
k'"ep hit or rnt Other sn h nM-i' t:ilent
I'ncenled from the wrid hy tlif predotuloant
rirrty in the Sutp.
Our Lffiilaturt, wn undrttand, ht re-
T . I mmt ., . ftitflfteM '
e f't lata tftiapaU aa"
I'ttit Aata ' 0. Miffi n
Tfa aat aH MaH 4n(ag la m
laf fl 4 I kaaaiift at ITt
4 ...
t at
f Teaeatfa eaf ImM
4 i p a " i '
,Mt I1' B tt
I lie
aa raale
a ,n.ra
tiring en
a i V
pealad tbe lew foroidding th diatiiUiion 1
'wjnoT from prnin, protfdfd it ii rold at no
(fentr price than fie doJIern tier gallon.
Juga that hurt been idle for lon Utnf, run;
now, poil)!r, bepin to rircuUte. The ".lu'
er-iieught," party may now haec a showing.
Fenntor Tooinbt, of Geortria, has mi'le ;
maiterly ipaach eaiiitt tlit iatprasfnianl
and ruiaoui rntnner in Which it has been hi
rciiied by officiali in Gcora, and the Gov
ernor of tbe State and Lagialatnre are titkir j.
mrasuret to protect their cHittm from petu
iiiMon And robbery of prat en tio til nflioitls.
By Rappir.jf and mining, a tnnnel abbnt ter
feet in diameter w recently mad imtier tin
'-alls of Cattlf Thundtr, and ionic .TO Vnket
prieonerR made their eecspe, nearly half oi
whom, howeter, h;n-e been recaptured. The
Tcavtion ii said to have been executed
upon tba most scientific plau, and i stipjwited
to have been the work of some of TJrant'?
men, after their eiperienee and practice of
digging np and under the fortification! at
Tha High Court of Georgia has decided
that "just compensation" does not mean
what the Commissioners place as fixed value
of an article, but its reasonable market value
at tha place where impressed allowing for
cost, charges and reasonable profit.
BWitninta The London ladies are taught swim
ming at the Marylebone baths, which are much
reaorted to. Soma of tba most active nymptbs can
swim half a mile without fatigue.
First Series of Qnnrterly Meeting for
Sharon District.
Sharon at Union,
Yeraon ft M
Livingiton, at Pearl River,
Camden, at Camden,
Carthage, Oak Hill,
Hillsboro, at Hillsboro,
Decatur, at Mount Zion,
Philadelphia, at Piaa Grove,
S 6 Dec.
12 13
19 20 "
2 3 Jan., G4.
9 10 14
16 17 "
23 24 "
30 31 "
6 1 Feb.
J. M. PUOH, P. E.
as r - I . i
frjer t ) irn
a, Ibal i gbi i r
iy, And w i ()"
wfai' h h
ft. A t ! i
1 t 'jfta bf faemy
- . (, . ...' W'ld'itR i
a W Miea, ftfHf SI In mwi lima 'rapi .
PI log Atfentlrtn .-n our right wlaf at foil nf
Mittlaonary Itile DasftSi Iff I ftftl MflW
lMftftftftV Sal luff Itfd in vi (nr ff4 volume
aa day advanced, folk's corps, commanded
'7 Hrecke. ndge, nut thatb -ck a ih ni fin.i k
iaf Mf)Hra
Wtdnfid if bafnri neiite vaamf aifneii
bit whole lone altb ar lor upon our WOffcl
at fool t" Missloaarjf H ie. Har4fe'i ram
nmnil met the attack willi aronderfnl vigor
in I mecaia, t'lurga aftax rh'rga wat re
pnlff4. Five thousand dead Iff in front of
.ur irorits. Our right Rtoiii Am and the
ijuttle ct'HRcd i dark, on W'tdaaaday nifghl
oar llni fell back fat timed from Mitsiaoarj
Ridga to Clllckamangf, where it now standi.
Dm battle w.u not renewed on Tborsdjaj.
Our loss in killed, wounded and niistiof;.
not more than one thousand. Knemy't Iofii
nt I aaft iwur.ty tboutfftd. Our lost in pru-
uiieri not positively known. We have si.x
Giant commanded in perton.
Washington and Cobb's artillery lost all
their gti tu.
t5enerl VV.-vlili all it not'seriomly wounde:
And it now here.
('ir aroundfd :ir9 bfginatng to come in.
QfOfra Bragg's head'iiiartors are at King-
Ofatroi O. if ., 2Tth, K-,emy believed to
i.wp ro..i i.'i force t Kilit' and GermAa's
lord. Preparations made to meet them.
There ii cat nonadrng tint nmruing, tvn 1 h
fight espectad in the VicjlBtt of Chancelior
ville battle grc ii fd.
Nothing t to hi Knoxviile or Kar.t TtaBSjfftfa
BaiSTOb, Not, 2.". (' I, Withers' men made
4h on a hand of guei illas in Jahnfton
eonnty, capturing lr1. who were furlonghed
t'uolliciiil advicaa from the front state that
Buratlde bad turrcudertd with 7,f'00 men to
Gen. Longtreet.
CftAkLMTOft, Nov. 3 Knemy't firing to
day btirg slow. Siropkius kej-t up a Steady
fira on Yankee working squads at Wagner
and Gregg. Gregg filed one rifle Phot at
Castle Pinckney. Enemy on Morria Island
appear' to be preparing for soma forward
RicnaoKD, Nov. 15. The following official
dispatch was received at the War Department:
CLickamaugu, Nov. 25 To Gen. S. Cooper:
After several unsuccessful assaults on our
lines to-day. Kuemy carried the left centre
about four o'clock. The whole left soon
gava way in considerable disorder. Tha
right maintained its ground, repelling every
attack. I am withdrawing all to this point.
MianioN ar y RiDon, 24th. Battle (till rages oi
Lcrkout mountain. Enemy have moved around ita
Dorth fata, and conflict severe, but we have no pan
tictilart, thfngh we con ece the flaahee of tbe guns
od tha mountain. Fog haa retted on tbe jnonntaia
all day, and rendered our artillery oeelesa. Enemy
have massed a formidable army here under able
leaders, and chaDget in our potition may become
necessary. Tbe importance of Lookout mountain
ceused with our lota of tbe valley cf Chickamauga.
55th Gen. Bragg abandoned Lookout monntain
lwt night as no ipngvr tenable or important, and
massed bis army on Missionary Ridge. Our right
ex'ended well np to month of Chieksmaoga, where
enemy had sent heavy reluforeemanta. Hardee
commanded right wing, Breckenridge tbe left.
Battle opened folly by 12 o'clock commencing at
10 oo igbt. Hardee reported enewp'e aasstrlte
j ilMla It a lltnee nf la
I t,U m MUl af It A
ad apatt'l, a Ida Bsi
' t:s, af4 M in
0 fTrtt Te- t
3SaT fhsrii h akt Ia49,
t'tl'l I g i! tttn lard.
. it I n nnifai
' "' ' . I .r fMriri I 4 ii axle ihl Val'anili
1 ' gbivfn. J..n, Way, and Mrhel Ksrva,
t. barl fn!'y arrang"! fr pasting 'bfri ;b lb
'? W.llenl flannel an arwl 'hum,
ah ... o Him t h, T "reft lb
pnen iloaia for eapnel febala a'
Of isartUI Hfff iron, a ga.it.avaa nAn Rar. tl. Tn arm .i, I Main
-lea- rfrrsftf of ff too) in Bftlwsf
I, T ' 14 as many prnr!' rs as W' r
eea ! . ami to t'rn an I man ihfftl 4 b
I n niakit llnfTal i a bean of a.1ir, an I
who ra bfd Hetapbli nu the Ifth, fdi ihl
't if oiiin.i, M hti orrantf I
the vitrin j of '..rl Pillow, ra din a pie
tj of jnerrlUsa lasl Tbnrtdar, ftSftftl twei.tr
fltHes bait c( the fort, A fghl eostied, of
-hiirt duration, li',trever, at the cll!.t,s were
to i to nab for Ihe irregul-vrt," feft
ed, luiflnji tbrer of the r ri'mt" it (one
i f ' in ml 'lv enough a oegro) prisoner.
Mi1 farmer Tve ll.e 'wi rue ,nRtndre
;e t : r ly Lotl I'uvif and IJ u u 1- V, wil b the it
hull empatilon, a falrtrial, whii h revulted
in th-ir being foiiinl guil'f of gtn'rn.le, ng
i'liey were than etiticii to he h'ing forrli
w,th, -vliii h lentence wat I'jiuinarily cerrien
into exeeiition.
burn tha et.t m hf Bttfl Ift tftSffw I
SBfifltHK, ft'li, To bftfft Orf f -Ui'l. f- It,
To ipf out l he romtnarra nl Lake Kti.
7ih, Tft Ciistmia DelroM, at'l M 'lea'fof
iht! eoantneraf and ci'ifi f lha I,ake
finni l ' li-r shiir.; 'iv f Mi i:t at r bio.
LftrtJ liVon MH out nf be rf aflrr mi I
t ilii to IftftMnSftitatfl llin prw In Mr.
Bdlksrd and the MftftflSf (f War.
f'il lloftman, Comrolnloner, left lo rl ij
to InfDrOl ilie condition of ihf n 1 I jrl
'nr confined in Rn?ilnky and (lr
wliere, and ndntit nieaivurrt f retaliation
KUKT HRR OflLfPSAS, LOlinUVA for th f"1" treatment of our pris
liners at n. linm' I.
From Oaptnin Simt, of ihe U7 ii Inlli
ana, wln urrivr-d iliii morniftff on bdard
ilie eteamer Von PM, from New Or
lr t!ia, we learn lonrM nHrtionlsri concern
log n fiv;rit vfliicli oeettrred at Grand
C ''n Prarrlf, five milef this ide if Op
aloaaf on the 5d alt The 1st brigadf
of t ho 4th division, of ihe T3lli army
corps, undrr evimmand of Col. Owen,
w;vt in the advance. Thev had bfeo
thrown out five miles with support.
Knowing that lh enemy, Dndf? Dirik
Taylor, wns in the vicinity. Gen. Hur
bridge, who commands (he 4'h division,
had aiked frr reinfon-'.-mentu, but fer
some reason ihey were not sent in sea
son. In tba meantime the enemy under
Taylor had received heavy reis force
mend from New Mexico, AHgonn and
oilier places, so (hat tluir number was
variously estimated from eight to twelve
thousand. They made an ailack on ou:
advance about noon of. the 3d, and the
fiht lnfed nearly all the afternoon
Owing to great inferiority of numbers
our forcea were at length driven hack
with a loss of 500 killed, wounded and
prisonera. The fighting was very severe,
sometimes bnnd to hand. The (J7ih
Indiana were all taken prisoners ; also
companies A, F, D and I of the ?3 1
Iowa. They wr-re taken to Taylor, it x
aa, a distance of 500 milea. The wound
ed were exchanged, among whom wa
our informant. He was wounded in the
arm. The prisoners were generally
treated well, although there appeared
to be a scarcity of provisions, tbe Con
federates having nothing to eat bat beef
and eweet potatoes. Our informant
spoke very highly of the conduct of Gen.
Burbridge, and said he did everything
that could be done to save Ida command.
After 1he 6ght was over. Gen. Wash
burn came up and drove back the enemy
rritb great loss. On the whole the en
emy are known to have lost a much
greater number than the Union forces.
The rebel plan -of defending Texas, aa
announced by the official paper at Hous
ton, is, to leave the seaboard and pen
etrate into the interior, laying waste tbe
entire country as they pass through it,
leaving nothing for the Federal troops to
subsist upon. By doing this tbe Feder
iats will be drawn away from their base
of supplies, and eventually become so
weakened at to render their capture
easy and certain. The most significant
part of the plan is, that "all traitors
(Union men) must be hung, and the sus
pected sent to the rear." This shows
tbe relentless demoniac spirit of the
i'l kfai.o, Nof. 14 A ecial from
BaflTeto says Attorney ftanrnl Nfi'D'-nnM
is here), and brings information which
ihowi a serious plot for the relent of
prisoners. Lord L?mn received Itifor
(nation of a schema from cii'aem in Bal
timore two months ago. It appears 'i
number of acceSMoniaN went lo til'j
pacKnt) on Ohiofii0 and Ogdi r.btu g
propellers, and selsta ihern, and then in
tercept the Detroit and Buffalo steamer,
and then threaten OgdensKurg r.d Buf
falo. They were to be aided by ew-sri-ties
in Buffalo who would fire that ci'r.
The Canadian ministry have taken am
pj measures of precaution. There a'r
over fifteen thousand secessionists i
Naskvillk, Nov. 17 Forty-fivejprb-nnera,
among them one1 captain and threw
lieutenant, captured by .Major Kizgib
bona, of ihe I Hi Michigan, at Lawrence
burg, reached, the ei'y yesterday, Ti e
rebel Qui. Cooper's force, routed at Law
rencebu rg, are now endeavoring to cros-
the I enneRsee river. The country arcun i
Coliimbugi ole-ir of 1,'iieriiias.
On the I2di int., Roddy's rebel cav.
airy cned the Tetiiienee, came to
Colqut, near Lynnviile, on (he Tenneaseo
aod Alabama ratlroal, nnd destroyed"
two biidnes and trestle work.
New York, Nor. 17 The Herald has
a letter from oft' Brssoa, of the 14tb,
giving full particulars of the movements
connected with Banks' expedition.
A successful reconnoisance of tha
whole Texas coast has been made by the
gunboat Tennessee, alo of the mouih
of 'be Rio Grande, the passes and bars,
and most valuable information as to lha
depth of water &c, is being obtained, aa
well as views of the rebel works of force
at Sabine Pass, Galveston, Brasos rivvv
and other sola's.
During the cruise a small blockade
runner, with arms and ammunition from
Havana, was captured, and another de
stroyed. Fring was heard oflf8abine Pass, sup
posed to be in honor of the arrival of
Buffalo. Nov. 17. We learn from gen
tlemen just from Toronto, that Hon.
Joshua R. Giddings has been arrested in
Montreal, and held to bail in the sum
of 30,000, charged with kidnapping.
AJT Among the dreadful stories of the
Libby prison, a Yankee chaplain gives
the New York papers is tbe shoe-king
statement that tbe prioners of war have
to drink the James river water! What
do they snppose the rest of aa drink?
Me ltd icf from Boston?

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