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a be (Tri-i
t It
in irl.ln
vIm I, Mm. f.
nt imii r. nikmuntn.
4 11 e M e M mM, '!'
i I N. M IHM
kVf I, I MM
hi 111 no.
tH t it teUftaph
f""l loin I aMSSSSOSJp
I lf i li
fees lien lln
1 fl, ' liey w i I
M It 'I I Hi I let'
W f I , '4tr 1 1 I hut u.irful fin At:
I, "metrei I I 1 1 tl ion f fffiftl
If bn ( i u rti I i in n tf tdost place, ami In
.1 i (.Mi-r.1l to !. en uly sr.tred or fouled
Bj throwing impediments (a Ibt way of aay
'riiif'iK'cniotita that may bn tent from Chat
tOfft lo aid I5urii-idi by destruction id
i '-.'i nod rallroadf, together with the
t . . . i,, i id II' inn I n T, b in. i v ha v.- some
en days to r 1 1 ; Knnivillc, Bud then turn
. mi tin' 11 iiil'n. 1 i iiuMiii ami rapture them.
4 it tin' worst conn to Hie worst, m Mf
' 'T l' ll till I tOWIVI 'Is 111 i-ll'l Mllll
D bbarg, kfld than return to Bragg by IHJ
! Raleigh ami Atlanta II course of a very
it t i 111 o. Thai the J will itpNNII
attempt to petictrilu any distance into Gror
,..1, ive have DOt the leaat iitcti. (ir.'int will
doubtless MtftblilD bil bi'iuliiiartprs at Chat
tanooga, and endeavor to retain possession
ol K tit Teuuei t e tod Qeorgla Railroad lead
ing In swUOXVllle, SO SI to control Knst Ten
nessee ; but f Gen'l Longstreej shall totally
rout or Cftpturt Bomtttlt'l hi my, we have
or doul u as to Grass's even Attempting to
hold Baal rennCIIM daring the winter. It
would scatter (lis forcec, which is contrary
to the rule he lias always adopted. Ills chief
oaute of success, In our opinion, lia been the
nailing of bit foroei and throwing thetn
with Impetuosity against a llagU point ol
The Carre niy Question
Both Ilnuses of the Winissippi Legiilatare
nays the Missisiippinn) have adopted the
rehjolntion introifueed by Senator Quin, of
Laprence, a: king Congrau to make Confed
i rate DOtei a legal tender. 't think the
inbltituta submitted by Mr. Powe of Jusper,
in the Home, would have bad a more salutary
effect upon the currency than the resolution
.is it stands. This substitute requested Con
i;ress to enact a law making the future issuns
f the Treasuary a legal tender. This would
ertainly hare bad the effect of retiring the
UOttl already in circulation nd thus Iessen
mg the Tolunie of the currency, which seemi
to be a great financial desideratum.
COUNTHIFBIT NoTl. We lee that coun
terfeit twenty dollar notes have been put in
circulation in Alabama. They purport te
have been issued in June, when it is alleged
that no platea of that denomination bare
ever been issued during that month. The
engraring is said to be most excellent and
fully equal to the genuine. Another means
of detecting the counterfeit. ayi the Mont
gomery Adnrtinr, ii by observing that at
the close of the last line a comma takes the
place of a period.
The Legiilature of Alabama ieem to
find as much difficulty in chooiiag a Senator
ai our Legislature did. On Saturday week the
two Bouses again met in joint convention and
returned balloting. The namei of Mr. Seibeli
and Mr. Clay were withdrawn. The laat
ballot had on Saturday resulted ai follows :
Fitzpatrick, 52; Curry, 51; Brooks, 3; It. H.
Smith, 2. Total, 108.
The first indispensable preliminary to
overcoming difficulties, U to look them
full in the face.
I wit) I'o'miMI)).
H 1.0 ,
1 ''
1 4 "
Mfnaral. H r J
grant rot
bourne. Tbe
Mi IVOfd ! t4
. 4e ' rt.
tut wnh
..',,. ri Ihle frrm in I lif I f will
nefer IOMI 1 I wci'd f! t. t'- uud('
W.lh tbl'i Wt lake the UObll Vi' IIMl'l
1 1 ie, thnt 1 'if reul' i" 'Mi 1 1 eat in 1 li a rear.
Hon In hn lifor in th p ipipsr mind n to
Und freib VlgWf to hi III titty.
A Mtrinis-M P d- d oimin.
A Nrw Yurk editm ha - 't 'u a r mind
d Hum. in, a '!l 10 'ii'" , ' ri llr: inieri i '
the Stale, and lie say. I.er port and costume
made n stron ; iBpftMlOR upon him. .She
wore a browi. mine, a hr wn vi t, brown bu
fbrcations, ft I'toad, cnari' tnivi bat, 1:1 scu
line bOOtl OllM, be tblnlf, Faf her feel
weie very lare Mini, s! m ii;e to say , curried
in her arm a baby. It itemed odd (bat such
a in inly-looking being h. ml I I e a mother,
butso It was, and toe aeariMMf mae wjk
informed that, In COD tempi 01 li BMgej ol
decency, she wiih accustomed, when the in
fant required Hiitrniince in the street, to
seat herself on the ne iri'-i door-step and nd
miniiter to its watts from the in iterual foun
tain. From all he heard of the lady, she is
certainly entitled to ibe merit of consistency.
lier principles and practice agree. W hen
tbt road that runs by her residence requires
repairingj she turns out with her brother
borers 'and shovels dirt and cracks stones.
She refuses to pay taxes on the ground that
i cation without representation is an outrage
oa civil liberty. OoottoueBtly the tax col
lector aelaes her property (she has a small
estate of her own, Independent of tiifr bus
bind,) and sell it to the uuioi.iii of his claim.
On general training daysalibe has ever been
promptly on the griinndi armed and equipped
according to lawj but, much to her chagrin,
has never been able to And n militia oaptain
ongallant enough to put her through the fac
ings. Jury duty she also considers a part
of her duty ; but the courts " do not see it."
The apron-String man, who bus the honor to
be ber husband, obeys her In all tbiogs. Why
she does not compel him to nurse the baby
is a mystery to the people of the town in
which she lives." ., Probably the rs.is.on may
be found in the delight she takes in setting
conventional propriety at defiance by suck
ling it in public.
Commercial Intelligence.
Prom the Chicago Times, Nov. 20.
Gold was up again to-day, and market val
ue were more or less excited. Unlesi a little
more ease in the money market the volume
of business is gradually increasing, but still
there is a good deal of difficulty in obtaining
money for purely speculative puraoies, and
transactions in the produce market! are not
so extensive as they would be if tbe large
number ef tinall operator! could command
what money they desired. The rise in gold
serve to stimulate the speculative demand
for nearly all .articles of produce and mer
chandiee. The New York and other eastern
markets are firm throughout, and the up
ward tendency in prices, which set in a week
or ten days ago, has continued np to the
present time without ary abatement. There
is at the present time, and we do not see how
the future can bring any remedy, a large de
mand for gold for export, and, while we look
for the Market to be characteriied with
wide fluctuations, the inevitable tendency
seems to be towards a steady advance in
rates. In this connection we desire to call
attention to an article under our financial
head taken from the last National Intelligen
cer, in which it it shown that there is a bal
ance against the eountry of at least $80,000,
000, whicb must be cevered by gold ship
ments, as England will not want ef bread
stuffs to the extent of makiag up this balance
or anything like it.
The men who can stand up against the
chained lightening whiskey and tangle
foot peach brandy now sold at out-of-the
way places in (hie eection, are styled
i.ATET ntwn iir n.i.wiiurn
I f4 14
1 1 1 '
1 1
I ntf mil .-,t 1
rtM '' ll
Matt it, J7ih,- 0'ir arm raeehi l Blag
near t n a n nur far was wttarted
i.'M'i " i I ',.,.! '. Lattery and
' ed sera lerable loaf on Naay lr g
li Oi nwai Haaej . reiy Ra4d i
lost no wajjui! except tiel r Wngbitnii
I ' day our urn t " : i :i net lo ritrtal OH
Ualteu, whirs Leal ol rulumn ba just ar
Tbrrr mlhieraide f:ra of infantry and
artillery n t e rei 1 here were no repi,:
The enemy s pursu ng - I'n-nu couiiatl of leu
tlmusai.il in inntd In fun r .
H sate I nil iniluntd link at Chicka
manga ; destroyed : store . not ni.iny) as
SO il 1 not be raninf eil. J'n
; ,e along the
road retire nitii the army. Nearly ivory bod)
has left Ringgol I. Wagon roadl are in-ier-
rirde eoaditieo.
fytebttfrvtH Wrox c i , '.'. -Mp.nimy retteaj
cd to Waggold after their terrible deliat by
fJoo.'Clibarne, whe eaptoreej three hundred
prlioaers, four i!a-, end lulled and woaoded
I ft ell hutodrtd. Their advance is at King
old. Our advance is near them. The
leitroyed the bddges thcn th v retreated.
(.bir army it in position at Dalthn and in
front of it. Ail traltJI have been onlered
oack from Itesaea, Bnemy cauuot advance
without 10(1 railroads. They have no cars.
There is no naiOQ to apprciiend their ad
vauee just now. i!' at all this winter. Mains
are heave, aud roads horrible. It is bitter
cold, and shoes and blankets are cttdod.
Chabmistok, 30th. Yankees kept quiet
last night' Only eiht shots fired at Sum
ter, Kortr struck and four missed.
UiCHMoxn, Nov. 23. United 3Utei papers
tf the 26th received. Burn ids was holding
"Knoxville on the '2,'td, and bad notified the
citizens that, he would hold the place under
all circumstances. Foiter was at Cincinnati
on the 25th, cn Voute to Knoxville. BitUft
tioa on the 2Mb, satisfactory, according to
Cincinnati telegrami. Heavy fighting wast
of town, on the 23d.
On the 24th, Hooker, with ths divisions of
Geary, Osterbaus and two brigades of anotl er
corps, seenred position on the north slope of
Lookout Mountain, with but small loss. The
Confederate! loit five or six hundred prison
er!, and every attempt to re-take the position
was repulsed. Sherman crossed the Tetines
see river at daylight the same day with four
divisions, and carried another extremity of
Missionary Ridge.
One of Banks' staff officers says, consider
able qeantity of cotton collected at Browns
ville. An expedition will be sent up the Hio
Grande. It ia thought two hundred and fifty
thousand bales may be captured.
Union men at Brownsville are forming
defensive organisations.
Draft in second aad ninth wards in Balti
more wae conducted without disturbance.
Later advices from Europe unimportant.
Rate of interest advanced to seven on Con- j
federate loan, and States sixes, twenty years,
quoted at same price. Gold in New York,
Atlanta, Nov. 28. Bragg 'a headquarters, at
last accounts, at Ringgold. Tbe enemy seem
disposed to pnsh their advantage vigoronsly.
Battle likely to be renewed in a day or two
between Ringgold and Dalton.
MM 1
mr Atteu
We .Vrfi!v made annie e"in
meBli nu ihe iMfCnei uf the fn?Mal
'i bailnlan H, i-rlur in l.i, n Lmii il Krum
Ins farwcil SMNtl at LNe)IMtfJ f M III
I he foiloWrllg extract, a proof ihat no M
vciilv uf Cetiaoff won! i in hn rae !"
fnisarpliiti :
' I have mourned ail my mature i
to k.i men grwiftg up whn w e uliliji .
: aiijiprrsa all true ilevutiunal selimeiH
beoausa it was nrctssarj ti compri.misn
lelwaeil l!te Uieal intagntami ol North
and South, Tbare w-re the tew pronoun
ced uiiti slavery men id the North, atnl
the few pronounced slaver men of tin
South, anil liif Unioi loveis (aa thev
weic called (luting the latter periuill at
ti nip, 1114 lo hold lite two together, not bv
a marked and conei-df tit adhesion to Hull
plainly spoken, but by soupreeainu truth
and conviction, ami saying "e?erythinij
1 f.l lbl I .1:11,11 " 1 1 W I IllltC till "I ,11111,1
- b
ihai if "Union" meant nothing but thia
an abandonment of national power to
maintain slavery Union was a lie and rt
idation. f Ureal cheering, j All over
New Kujilainl, and all over ihe S'ate f
New Votk and , through Pciinaylv ania,
clear t u t ! 1 1 very banks of the Ohio, biases
and excreations met this doctrine, and
from 1850 t" I860 the cry was "Union
is good if it in Union f r justice and fr
liberty ; but if it is Onion fjr slavery,
tlifii il is thrice ucctirst'd."
The American who would stigmatize
in England the " Union as a lie and deg-
I ratiation is as foul a trator as th most
forwaad rebel who raises bis sword
against it in the Confederate army.
Words cannot describe the blackness of
the hypocrisy of buch pretended patriot
Tbe Tallest Girl in the World.
One of tbe most extraordinary speci
mens of humanity probably ever endow
ed with "moital coil" is now at Barnum
Museum, and will appear on iMonday.
This is a young lady of seventeen year
oi ago who has reached the amazing
height of eight feet one ineh. and is still
growing. The giant boy, who is now at
Barnum's, is eight feet high, the girl sur
passing him by an inch ; but as the
height of tbe softer sex averages a
much smaller figure than that of men, the
contrast presented in the case of tbe girl
is still more marvelous. Her face, ber
armys, her fingers, ber feet are in proper"
proportion to ber great height tienseudT
out in size and length. Her foot is fifteen
inches long, and its width exceeds the
length of many a lady's dainty pedestal.
The fingers are huge. An ordinary arm
by the side of this lady's looka puny and
stunted. Her knee reaches nearly to the
hip of-a person of an ordinary height.
She is agreeable and pleasant in manner
quite handsome for ber size, and well
proportioned. A lady of usual height i
standing besides her seemes the veriest
' 1

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