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MUfM fl Lieut Muc of
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la iMwitf M If M thimmm
I fortttaf dtp tUiares J .We )ea4 Lof.
f A a') af Uti'Mi'i '.eea
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gftfl, .-ee f Ua NMI 14, f
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efae f Ui
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ite4 f taet W fcefft l1
ft I ft.'sf Well ftwaae t
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'MMNM4 aul m U mt itlX
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M t ! IM, ff. lh fl, (! I
!- iH mftti'' r. . .
II f4fd intfit4 t o'i'in m p"
fn Mi MlMtvMfl UM4 14 Mttffl ir
fa44 H'iIM!, (n l, .i.((f i i
fKf.l for ll - '!..! r,( K'i'if I nr t, I
0llon, (0 lliH!)r I-il,Mi ff ,.t, rj,
tft In rjr- 19 lh f..r.nr, w trn i
forrl tn . ,! it , i-eoiiitnnta hurt kf'.
n I Mlo 'h Inlttr, IxtnKlirrfi will
lr II full tMt Imf ir ! (.in i(- ir m
Ai ir n I m frmr fVll '. T.runt will
ternnin ftt CliAtlannogH, if llrK will lt l.un
but if UniK nil In rvilr uRictfi
liftlf tb ' fttid npirit that tho pci..i mi i
urmr poiie:?, tho M wrftgon lltlal M4
'nilrod MiMttiani n iil Iir luit R irw lu
fhr hod of ix j.; i h ' , sioti limkru lo Hlmn
nil rudrpj iiiflci.i to auj.pl tha tiiniv
ri!.h food m ud fo-aK". PrMldattt DiiTis Mil
Gu. Jolinitoa too, must ha coiilident of tbttr
p0ftai0l or whv I II ok lrK" BBMO0I of troop.
in cthet purtiona of th.Confdrricy itill idlf,
vtA ftoxioOJ to ?utiuiTvw (bftluttrtiu af thai i
Dmitry, nd IBOOt tho to in.uioitul COOibftt
The BOTamftUt of kfaftda'a forces i: Vir
;nin we rOgftH iiiorc hh jv Mat thmi us rcii
m keep I,ee from gendiiikT reinforce monta to
BrOggi rtlthoiiKh the Yiuikee tflrraph L?
:.!.Ticed iu thiit AlTulnini lit, hiu giren i
. at that tho pnaing two weeka re nio:
trguftnt with laportftot ertMita tluin ar
period of this rebellion. Suffice it to an;
ro are willing to truet tlie rAftDftgameot b
Meade to Genenil Lee, fully CQafldlng ftn
b.'lieTing the hero of so many buttles and ol
Arlington is not to ho deceiyed and delude
Tha expedition of General Banki to the
Hio Grande seam to giva the Federals great
lee, but we can but regard it ag rather
meraudirig ezpadition that will soon get into
".ouble with French or other foreign nations
nd and as all other Taxaa expeditions have
ouded, in dijaater and defeat. Hftgrader
with bia hone marine, tha first thing
Banks knows, will capture or cut off all bit
supplies aud force him ignomiously (as he
has done some three timee befere) to return
to Naw Orleans, and reliere his chagrine and
mortification bj isiuing some high sounding
order and magnificent programmes, of what
he is going to do in fututo.
In our front, all tbiugs indicate rest for
ome time to come. The robbing of an occ
asional hog pen, ben roost or corn crib, maj
occur near the enemy's Unas, but an extended
raid we have no idea the an amy hare the
meant to make, and are perfectly willing to
play quitt for the present.
mi4 ilii'ri OtaowlMiar
" "mtf ff olaaoo mtn
iMMMMj I - Tlao MUau(
4(ftiH vae ia4 u, 4f
0mm 8 I t rwoeofoo
aof P4 OHHOf00 M mm f ; r ' 'f MM oKf
tea if. 4 awftao tbifajMaltiaig i-b a a allMMJ I -t0ftya Hfg
O. tl H MMj Oa) Of f'raMa)i ftl fca MMMl
I (MfMaj ) n k ttf ooofoi fcej fmh m MM
f Tf kf ifta riooflatjawwfg uia ,"" M ftH4 a ar a-a
a Mmi raavw all ejw . .. Iig ihoao m tmpUmM
1 'fte dlraoiao kft..,. aiw ii4 MMH
M ' HMOl'OMft'a . 'I my 0lMa
A Mf ftf laiaa ftftff yaat'Umeft ooo too Moejajf
Vttfl MIM) (' J ..ft tha iifir h4of .ft ih MMMM h ' h ' ' ' " '''' P
llwf MwOOf 1004 Of ffaa faljg, Vltf font rtfJf ffr Ihriawf ft 4 W 4 U, ft-efl
'if MMM e I
i a ia ftftOO f (
ai (a'B.i
It sjMftl M ' aalaj
t i i if sf4 ft'ftf i'a '.f
... 0ftr. I .
. . .. t far . ,
- a - a oftH .'ftaajil. th w
f pn-iMff If
ih I .' I fa,' of iHla ' aitdiifti rii;, w"!
n a i f li i fn f en 1
.mlea, ! i
ft) 'ak.'S mif'Sf lOtf Ihelf ftWft hn4
0 ft f,nf .f ii, f. e.llnf Mttl
i l.t I, re, (li ft Jiltt.f' nf the
CMtl I haa a lata one faof.
.a and ' n lanl enough o d. huge
tit fl'ilr MM I I at the MBMMM p 'Uy l ' Ml
law ha ImpoieH hi ..n Mum
If t i4 wiii tM MMoai "i iMitaloMl
..f. :! arf h't'iie. holder arm hlnujnlf with
his duhla barreled ahot gnn, patrol hlapre-
MatwUta f Cnwgfaaa aro ar rf tng . ('n
l.i'f (la ,t, r.a,,li,. () ,n be if.r , ' hftaerifn I
i' I in aoeet'.ft) prexlueaa aen.a'k'ft tn
lha fiinirf
li m t(r, Uraifn-I tbftt Mftere'aff Mem
aaooart aad Tiftee oooM a faaioeed
bf neii apnng H-eb'nrHlgO arl liar
-la a ti f naH- d and mad pp' f na'a
mg.r ipj.r-,,,, .ehama nf l-.afit.fth IMIl MfMMiil
te !! pf. I l.f tha n,nf anU'iri of bank
ra at Atfgiitta, and will probable be in
ir lured in lb attention of Congrtee.
Tho Virgioia I.etaUmra maata on
nail f'.lly.
Oaaauo C II, Dto. I Our ariillerj
opar.ed (in enamy'e lines Tealarday mnrn
ing wi'h apiril and ther replied pmmptlj
The duel wta kept n tlurint the da?
with oecaaional infantry ekirmnhing.
The enainy ha thro wn up bre:
w.,rki and fnored ' r on riidit Iml
liitfhtlf, and let avarr lilOlflloul per- i i , t, , . ... . . . ,
' r fiU'ht. Mil' liftlf! I ir inn i.r it irmialin,.
..... ukiiilii ..r liliitl a li , t ft. 1 K fi i ti n i! t h i r m I
Victoria and Leopold A rnroor baa originated
ia Belgium that the Qncen of England la diapoaed
to marry a aecond time, and the London press ia
very indignant. At the same time, while they pro
nonnce it a"feul and dangerous calumny," they alio
atate that fears about King Leopold'a viait to Eng
land the present month. The advice of thia " crafty
diplomatist," as they atria him, ia said new to
have been given to or u ken by the Quaes Without
" injury to her welfare and honor."
aar Attention k called to the aew advert loo
ip . , after night-fall, be treated t) a l..d oi
aoM lead.
OOOtil Mil a littll ti'ilaei a upon the part
nf tacll houne-hulder, t" all this evil iu fM
bud, tor if tliene nightlr ihictings an tnucb
la K'rr tolernted, these mitlnight tiiitorn nl
pig isty ea run! hen rOOOII encountged and rm
n ddened by their laeeOM) will extend tien
f ItatiOBI 10 our dwelling bouses, and fot
herr and RtOrwOr be added to their cataiouge
of crirnes.
We hope, thut the soldiers who niav he an
guard diirinj: the night, will in order to cleiu
; krir skirt, of the unjust and unkind suspi
loua arnica nai in many initaaeee ne.u m
tacbftd to them, endeavor as tar ftl they can
COOlitMBtly with other dutic., to detect nna
oring to punishment the euilty parties, and
ivefeel assured that our energetic and wortbj
PrOTOIt Uanhal, will reader the eitillDI a!!
the aid ha can, to bresk up this regular and
wholesale system of plundering aud thieving.
For The Cltiain.
Vfbv Bind we meet ,-o cut, aearcaJyi to part again?
Fain would i linger from you etwaja,
But hopes like those ftre delusive and vain,
1 have drank d ''p cups of eoirow for many dajfi.
Vonr word, abnuld ever na, dear Wave, forever !
And force me no longer with you to stay,
But can 1 forget thee for an hour? No never,
But am compelled to thiiik of thee ao seldom yon
are away.
Shall hhpe perch iti brightness in my heart?
Shall pesce ever smile on me again ?
No ! you seem ao determined from ma never to
My heart is filled with bitterness sod pain.
Farewell, great bore, aince I am thus doomed,
May heaven protect and guide your flight,
Not till my soul departs and I m entombed,
Shall fade tho memory of the boiing I received
that night.
When yon are away, In distant lands,
And midnight darkness turns to day,
To Hesperia I command thee, in whoee bands
You will find fllicity, I pray.
With another to look to for sympathy and love,
With another fond heart on which to recline,
I'll ask her, who will be as happy aa the angels
that fell from above,
To cherish and comfort with poker and tonga,
that foolish pate of thine.
C ax row, Nov. 38th, 1SS.
bare paaeed ihr ugh ' evaland ...tantav
.n way to Trantoft. Tho report (MM
Hftieneh Republican tbat Col. Hulling.
Karat deserted falsa, lie ia chief of ar
tillery and behtved gaiUntly at ('btcta
uiftiiga. Ntitlnog official from Longelreel.
I n Ic.l.
(ienernl Hrajjg i p'irle t fD'-inlly if a
MUvif bft'-k nf OfMl lo ('liickftmftua,
and severrt ptini.hment given by ' lab it.
CKMi Lee riporti tdfioiftllr the retreat of
kloodo'l army arroai Hapidan. Tbejr
rrdasetl befora our t roopa renched tho
. 4sea
Dai-roa, Nov. 30. Newi wasnreived
today at hlfttltjuarlnri, of (ha capitula
tion of Gen. Uurnsiile to Gen. Longitreet.
(Jen. Hardee's promptneaa and baroiim
saved the ri'ht wing, and Gen. Breckin
riile made inefTeetul efforta to rally bia
troopa, exhibiting his usual intrepetitv,
and by his cftliuneii saved a pori.'on nf
hia left wing.
Richmond. Nov. 30. Maatle'e army
eroiaed the Rapid an on Thuredny even
ing and Friday norning, at ihe lower
fords, (firman and Elltio, and aftir
throwinre up entrincbments, moved ift
the diieciion of Oraoa 0. II. On Fri
day forenoon Johnson'a division of Ewell'a
eorps, en'nifed two corps of the enem',
eighteen miiea below Orange C. H,, anu
twelrc miles above Chunceilorsville. The
I, rl,, LbA! tlVlfll rtf.vUl rlt.l n t L.
I Hjlll I 11' VU VIMUl lllljt, UUl Villi XlUk If
to dy. Onei hundred und twenty seven
priaotieri aent forward i-xclusivo of (hole
raptured by Moibj and Rasser. Capt.
Haines of Lynchburg killed yetrday.
Our losa slight.
The ahalling at Cbartdttoa continues,
sixteen sheila ihtown into the city. Bof
eial buildings struck and one woman
wounded. Quite a livedr duel kent un
lietwren Gregg aud battcri: on James
J'be Richmond pnprra opthe 2nd inst.,
mention report (hat Hrag has been re
lieved at !,.a own reqooat. Hardee was
tenderid his ploeO but declined the re
aponailtilny and Johnston assigned to the
COfDmaiid. Thia is however not official
Xolhing furlhpr of intereKt.
iAi.ro.v, Deem. 2 Gen. Braif has
bfen relieved of the command of the ar
my of Tennessee, by his own request, and
Gen. Hardee takes command for theprt-fi I come general until three r. u., when the
110 I a .
, nt. Tha enemy ha been forcd hark n"T Wfre iowiy nnven oars to then
A duel waa fought on Monday
evening between Col. William E. Peters,
ate of tho Senate of .Virginia, and. Major
John B. Harie, with rifles, at sixty pa
ces. One shot was exchanged without
effect, friends interposed and tha affair
waa settled.
wmrsm The London ladiea are taturht swim
ming at tha Marylebone baths, which are much
resorted to. Some of tha moat aotive aySDptha oaa
wiaa ftfti ft aula wHbett faiigae.
beyond Chickamauga. Grant, Thomas
and Hooker were present at the battle of
Ringgold, where Gen. Cleburn inflicted a
tt rnhle loss on them. It is now eslima
ted that their loss was more than 2000.
Finding Brngg's army not routed, nor de
moralized, they retreated to Chickamau
ga, and utterly destroyed Ringold, and
raiiroaa. .punning icom jLongsiieet.
Atlawta, Dec. I. Special dispatch
to intelligencer, sajs the enemy en
trenched at Chickamauga. They crossed
rVro divisions over Teunessee rier at
Cotton Port and one at Kingston.
Wheeler left Knoxville on Tuesday last
Our lines t50 yards from enemy's breast
works. Longatreet in 6ne spirits, and
expects the enemy daily to surrender,
and had fortified the hills across the
Holston commanding Knoxville. Re
ported surrender of Burnside believed,
though not officially confirmed. The
enemy hold Cleveland and are advano
ing on Charleston.
Richmond, Dee. t Special to.Scnti
nel from Orange C. H., saya our cavalry
made a successful attack, on Gregg's
division in rear of Meade's army, on the
19th ult., copturing Federal camp with
110 prisoners, and a number of wagons,
and killed and wounded many of the
Or amok C. H., Deo. t. Enemy still
making show of force in our front but are
believed to be falling back down the
entrenchments. Little or no artillerr
used on either side. Our loss in killed
and wounded amount 'o 400 or 500.
During the Cjbt (ten. Johnson's horse
was ihot under him. ft is believed that
a general engagement will take place in a
few days within the limits of Orange
Flag of truce boat arrived at City Point,
this morning. Th ILivtimore American
of the 28th , eveifinc: edition, savs (hat
(Jen. Grant telfgraphsd Hallack. from
Chattauooga. Nov. J7th p. it.: " I am
just in from the front. Route of the ene
my most complete. Hundred of wsgona,
caissons and occasionally pieces of ar ti 1
lory every where to be found.
I think Bragg's loss will reach fully
sixty pieces of artillery. Large number
of prisoners have fallen into our hand',
and pursuit will continue to Redclay
the morning, for which place I start in
few hours."
A dispatch from Gen. Thomas, dated
C5th, claims to have captured two thous
and prisoners, of whom two hundred
were officers of all grades, from Colona's
Telegrams to Cincinnati, Nov. t7tk
represents Burnside perfectly secure in
his position, and says that Longatree'
has not yet made heavy assault upon
Knoxville but seems anxious to securo
position for his batteries. A column un
der Gen. Wilcox is in motion for the re
laif of Burnside. Gen. Sanders died
from wounds be received at Knoxville.
Richmond, Nov. 30. Tho following
was received early tbismorning Oran
C. H., Nov. 30. To Gen. Cooper: No
movement of importance by either army
on yesterday. Enemy is in lino on tho
east side of Mountain Run. This army
Rapidan, for tho purpose of reeroasing j, j0 potion on tho weit side.
without fight or going to Fredoriekabnrg
a E. LEE.

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