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alien a tT'tr ai .
lela- Ufclt M laager
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fa!' ii '" ae-i ig atari i,a toib
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haf. MM 'M t 1 1 Mr ibllf vtd hi asr
! A a aellea, aur lratt tbaaM I in
. -ft mr ir
Ifarratj fnr HMMtM I miait f
M,a . .,mirif. erti'itt f tir Mitt
M V GtM, of flalpnur Mrt. In Ihlt roan-
ir, hat knit till donated In lb t'llilieri in
pair f.f mrkt , in paira of gl.ittt , and aim
made Ami gifrii I ' thirta
Her rharltv and patrmlitni are of rrip
turel and anhttAnllftl ttiararler, and men;
brave he-irtt will anthem hr prnitrt in tart
to eome.
to m w vttm.tr."
II ' mt wt M itie 4e
Haft 4HtJ at 'titta
Aa 1 .., .. 1 ,m4'f
Mat a . . , tttt'
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f a fcwajad pgf 1,-14 UfXta.
Or NMI aaaaf itff M tatted
a gHM, ilea l text
t g eater t o, Wattrtj
faa i4 ea aaa, at I l-.t a aa w,
Mr iagaut it ' 4 t
Df.f.l mttt,., i,,WN ,
Tara mntf i lira
Htlaai, fid, Wtrarlr
f'a aat a ta4 .a a r aar llrai
M ra tartatlf l.rlH,
la al rWfiratNMJi a-
P . ar . If i.f hi
M a'ilii W t i 1 f
bllM taartfn. aa laba I at alata
or Iff-- ilaa 41 tl lr.
far Mllaar will tvitllag
T' af aM t f i
'ardt ah, Utterly '
" nofig mii Aii-iriufiivr "
I atl Vtolan, ?f, 0, tl
1 ' - in inap ii m m a m
I4TCIT Itffl IT TSUKIIAFM awanaaj tat, bt lL, ftutai
Mgaralavl M ar fJtaa ihiMm at at
Lagala r-Mf ak fr.r a.tllla
M T' HIi f H frlMf a T'ff Rfl
Ofttai Mini, 4 Hmkf mv iKm
t'raiaf, no fe)Kar irmf mi ti'r
l'tfw, l. Matai 4 -f.aaaaf
' 't 4 ' aakaaaga, a4raaa'l lllr
aafalif laa( aigdl In tartraitfaraHU frta
HtagM Or fca iKMfHI,
Vnry ItftlMl Irom lha I'ronl.
Pf rtoni jiitt nut from Virktbnrg, report
Hi" fadpralt nay thnt tltrj arf j(rtlin( rprr
lb ng ratirlj to ftj ut tnothrr vitit toon, ami
atalliah for bbfj winlar, lluir liadi)uartri
at O&nton and iacknon.
W !rr nitber intlmrd to tha opinion thnt
DOtBibg nio.e than foraging eicumion will
br madu for noma i nia It) come.
Raporti jfttaniay, locate soma four btfti
drad of tbo anenij, nt or near MacbanicHburg
between Lig Hluck and Viir.oo rirert.
Tor tlie Citizen.
Couttitutiun of the 1 until glutei.
Tha OoBititntiot) win once the pride of thf
American citireu, und tiiu hope of the wise
and good in Qlbtr laudi, I'nder iU benign
protaition, a griit country was at pence,
prospermia, poweiful and bappj. During tha
latter jears of its brief existence brief, if
" A thousand ye:u sen Ct ttrft to form a State,"
it ruffcred grievoul7 from the as.-iHiilts both
of protested friends mid avowed enemies, and
ti nail j came to a violent dentil Odder the ad
tnltllttrtitioo of Abruliam Lincoln. Rtquirt
cai in pace.
Let tht people of our Confederacy take
waruing from the fate of that great and proud
nation of which we were recently a part.
There was no acknowledgement whatever of
the Supreme Being in their political Contti
tution they had forgotten God and it is no
wonder their glory has departed. " The most
High raleth in the kingdom of men, and giv
eth it to whomsoever he will." We recognize
in our Constitution, the authority of Him
" by whom kings reign and princes decree
justice," to whom nations as well as individ
uale are accountable. It is well we have
dene to: but more than this is required if we
would secure the favor of the rnost High,
or would hope to prosper. It is time to give
heed to the authoritive assertion, "righteous
nets exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach
to any people. v D.
I'M' t ff'.ttt fn arrtnn' ,f tha Lit ar-
tillary r.M,i bn Mia Yaahatt an I -tr.itpt,
ttrotl the Ttsnttltt river, a rnrret
P ndtnt of tha Appeal relates tht fallowing
mi Id-nt
Th oeniaanll nf Crfttrn't )mna ar
tnotlly female, anif, allhotih lln ptart bai
been pertlt'ltdll- nhelled amrr the Knli-rali
'iprne.l fire, and from ten lii fifteen projectiles
have putted thrmigli the prerriitat, the Nditt
have dttermined not to budge an im h , and
von know dm . onplet
W hen a waman will, tha will, deptnd on't
And when -ha won't, tha won't and that's
the end on't.
In this rate " the won't." Vt-terdbf while
Ihe shelling writ hearimt, mul ttgf Mfl were
" tkadaddling'' ncrott the line of lire a.i in
doitriotttijl at their loCOttiOtWl npparaius
would permit, the ladias were moly prepiu-
ing tor dinner. One of the surgeons who
was in tha house, pays that while he whs
there a fragment penetrated one of the roami.
Without being in the least disconcerted, the
Tennessee matron spoke up in a tone very
much like that in which she would reprove a
tervant for breaking china plate, " Klir-a, go
in there and see what's damaged this time."
Think of that, y weak legged, feint-hearted
owners of cordury and Confederate rags,
who dodge like " dnnring jimmies" every
time you hear the shriek of a shell, and take
pattern alter this brave, undemorali-.ed, im
pregnable bomb proof western mother, and
don't -jet " frightened before you're hurt."
M i.ai4i of ,
r'rtttdtai'e Maattg, t-ntj; laitaj, Mid
I U tgar III Mi let' nattaaa
lf m irtN Uti arrived 4 Okf
U 4$f l iart ve4 WkWrn,
!! W t t., ..n.d trial ! Iltratd adaa. t
a I .a I I , 000 lb. t,, lum,-,
ad tfe'raalvwM In Xit,tn 0rg I
n..t. i -,.g. k,.r,iu iff. ' zTT,
greeaiag .ad aMMM..g r.o,er.d aa
r.rrrad tt Kt.iag t.plajr.d l.ffa '' d 0,M
um mk m f. i KMtftfit. L Mmt0f9tl r. 1 a"rt!w
'a v a l U H M f ' a I
Wk bodgat prorate. U.LZZ ' '"
pMl l KaoitiW. atrilitrHtg lr Ten
'g'wanit, and had dtsnan I I lh
tMirtndar nl lb nitr oa Kt fi la
P Dm. S Tha N Y Htr-
l.llaek or. Ilarn.i.laofnn. lata.. . M nl ,ht .-" I'ph d.t
duration tnd r..ra...( , Vg,B,. ' " "f PWI M "g'
ll'Kiktr an.maig.r.rorp. r.ixirltd ail n'1 " 0,," Wd.rl ..meara frr.n,
tan..n o KnmnlU. V.hn'.n. 0,,,,, ,,"'""""f ' Morg-n
a, London ..II probabl, f-dln, F(,,n f'hed iorovll. Cp.. lh Sthl, of
tlreet or enter North rar.il.na fkkgl""1 Th ,',r,', MM
li. ar.! V ,.erda. -n Ihe d.rart.on of Clera. ",,lr" f""" ,h- r",'nt nM,
land, tuppoted (o be Whetler't rvlr7. , WO,,n,,, mi',in
Kumored veiltrrUv ll.at ll.n enrmy'.i ? !
natalry n.Jv...,r.., N ,gg,,l,l i. wuho.u rroM,", ,UP'','' lrdy and during
f .-.n-latmn ,iei. Lubb. an-J Cpl, ,Ml ni,U h firlllh f'"'. diitant h
Uaints, nf the Ptnral eorpt. Ma, en, d. ! milf' from ,,H,ir line" of bt,,B rtn
Titer went over If mamr previom to Hf lf ,Wiit OllilT, The ene-
lain battle, Upoft of (Jranft head- T7 orii',n im,"n "oul 0trB on
qaartenat Hinggnld, incorrect. Tm6J Dlgkl, tnd Wrro not flitcovere-l
DatTon. 4 -Lnteit MtOMtt rftffa W irovp iui H uy in the morn-
sent l.ontfiirtnt with part of bit command lm' uur l,,rce" )Ur''"," na capl.ireH
tv 1 it a
n.ado untoccessful attack on Knoxrilla. Pr'"ner,r promucuoutij reported, besides
Irtl.foa, 4 Oan l.adhallar arrirad
ttalardaf, lafl KnnirtlU laal Mtjaday
- - - A - . . A
i.onfeif"- on tama nf mte nntu
i ( it
(lit Iota amall. Then railed aeige and
marched towards Abingdon. (Jrn. Buth-
I j tome to-day, and more that are reported
aa coming in. hnemf luft nothing in
litlf Nll'Var lit, ,11, rlil Avar l,i I . . . I .
rod Johnion had itkfiecded in dh-ciing ; rmyi f nnRU,ini, f corpa of infantry,
junction with Longatrt without lots of ' numbeiing 60,000 men ; beaidet anilli rv
supply train at reported. iand cavnlry. 600 prisoneri certnii j
Cin. Vnuiilin will, hit commund and .captured during ll.it raid ol Meade't.
one of Cheatlmm's regiments, wae a
Charleston, endeavoring to make Lis
way to North Carolina. Our forces in
possession of Ringgold. Nothing from
the front.
OitASoi C. II., Dec. 4. -?.0 more prisoners
recivcd last night, that have been picked
up by our cavulry, in their pursuit of the
The sudden fluctuations in the gold
market cannot be accounted for by corres
ponding changes in the military situation
At present except the anxiety felt in East
Tennestee, our millitary attain wear as
promising an aspect as they havo done
for some months past. Chickamaug "it
now regarded as a check, indeed, to our
forci-s, but one which has cost the enemy
Caiao. Not. 17, 1863.
Th Little Rook Democrat of the 3d
says : Deserters report Marmaduke as
hating fallen back eooth of the Little
Missouri river, and have joined Price
on the road leading from. Camden to
The whole southern force it estimated
at from 6,000 to 8,000.
Marmaduke's men were scouring the
country in flannel uniformes to detect
Union sympathisers, many or wnom nave
been shot or bung. Recruiting is still
Little Rock private advices from Mem
phis, say the rebels are reported work
ing. The Mobil, Ohio and Mississippi
Railroads, North are repairing as rapidly
at possible.
It it an old and true saying that if
a man's neighbor speak well of him, it
is sufficient recommendation to those
" who have not the honor of his acquwin
tance." In the late Congressional can
vass, the Mississippian indulged in some
uujust criticisms upon the circular address
of our old friend, Franklin Smith, Etq
We happened to get hold, a few days
ago, of the vote of Madison county for
member of Congress, which we publish
below. It will be remembered that all
the candidates for Congress reside in that
Franklin Smith 147; A. P. Hiil'lll ;
T. C. Tupper 64; O. R. Singleton 84.
At the Canton box, where all the can
didates lived, and where the bittory of
each was well known; the vote stood thus:
Smith 67; Hill 50; Supper 39; Single
ton 34.
We publish the above vote as an act
of justic to Mr. Smith, and that those
" who have not the honor of an acquain
tance" with bim, may know that. " his
neighbors speak well of him " and vote
for him too. Kosciusko Chronicl$.
Tat Stat Law. Would it net be well for
tht Legislature, tayt tht Misiiiiippian Extra,
to repeal the itay law ? This law was passed
when money was extremely scarce, and pro
perty very low, when it eeemed that all sourc
es of making money were ihut out. Now
money it abundant, and property of every
tptcies is bringing from twa to ten prices.
We have never nown to good a time to pay
enemy, fiuemy s iniantrv bus laden back to ! nearly aa mhch as ourselves. Cen.
the Happahauiiock bridue, leaving only caT- Meade, it is reported, is advancing
airy In t'ulpeper county. The enemy burnt against Gen. Lee, ami the general collor-
and destroyed everything in the country oc- ing of matters in the 6eld is cherful. Yet
cupied during their stay on this side of the gold goas up steadily. Perhaps combi
Rapldaa, reducing nearly all the inhabitants i nations in Wall street have much to do
to beggary. with thissuddtn inflation of price; per-
IiicHMo.ND, Dec. 4 Northern journals 6fbaPR ,ne fig'11 which Secretary Chase it
the 2nd recived, by Sag of truce boat. Tale- .Organizing agnimt St lie banks has led io
grams from Chattanooga of the 1st. jay thRt co-operation among these banks which
Hooker and Palmer evacuated Rit.5Kold that -,,as chAned surldunlj the gold barome
morning, after burning and destroyiag every-
thhijf No lighting ai nee the repulse of Bragg,
on the 2Gth. Hooker's loss between 5,000
or 6,000. Among the general officers killed
and wounded in the three day's battle, are
John E. ymith, Correi Matthew, Giles A.
Smith and W. S. Smith, sod numerous Colo
nels aud Majors.
Nothing later from Knoxvilc, except
the report of Lougstreet retreating to Vir
ginia. C Godfrey Gunther, independent De
mocrat, elected Mayor, of New York by
5000 majority. A fleet of five French
steamers arrired off Brazos, on the 10th
of Nov.
Officers who escaped from the Ohio
Penitentiary with Gen. Morgan, are CapL
J. C. Bennett, 8. B, Taylor, Ralph Shel
ton, J. H, Hines, L. D. Hokersmitb, S. T
Ex-Governor Pratt, of Maryland will
will be sent South by order of General
! ter ; and perhaps sotnelhinir of miiL'ivin"
a wj r ry
hs to the ultimate result of the contest,
and the. action which will be instituted by
the government afler ils termination in
relation to "greenbacks," is influencing
the capitalists who hold (he hulk of coin
in market. We have little doubt that if
the Secretary of the Treasury persists in
bis warfar upon State banks, as was in
timated by his Comptroller, Mr. McCul
loch, he intended to do, the banks will
prove themselves too strong for him.
They can, by combination, control the
gold market, and it i not probable that
they will sacrifice their interests to gratis
ly either the pride, or cupidity, or ambi
tion, of Mr. Chase.
Gen. John H. Morgan Escaped.
Enemy's Loss 10,000.
Lougstreet In possession of northern
part of Knoxrille.
Richmond, Dee. 3d. Community has
been io good spirits to day at changed
l - C ir i i t
ttiT The Picayune Butler Troupe will give "pon ui cun.e4w upo rrBi
their second Concert, at Odd Fellowt' Hall, of Grant's army, and recreating Rapidan
on next Wednesday evening. by Meade.
Cam MftA. avnciied at la aa.
a lll..li.n la aallaJI fa tha Ma aJaartxA I r
Hardxe. It has been the fortune of
this General, says the Savannah Repub
lican, always to whip his share of the
tight, no matter what may be the general
results of the day. At Sbilob be drove
the enemy to th Tennessee river, and
would have drove them into it but for an
unlucky order from tbe commander in
chief to retire. At Murfreesboro, in
command of our left wing, be fought on
of the most terrific batttles and won as
brilliant a victory, as there is on record.
Unfortunately the right and center did
not do so well. And now again, in the
Chickamauga Valley, he triumphs over
the foe and captures seven stands of
colors when ajl the rest of the army ar
flying in confusion from the field. Ho
is a good man wtih unfortunate associations.
The Question occurs : If Hardee can
do so well on all occasions with a part of
tbe army, would he not be an excellent
man to put at the head of tbe whole.
BwimturB Tha London ladies are taurht swim
ming at the Marvleboae baths, which are much
. . . r , ..... . - . J retorted to. Borne of the moat active nympthi ctn
cape, considering humuiahng defeat Itwtm u a mile witheut fttigne.

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