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MiMiMirn i. mii i, ati ii at.
Ill 111 MAM,
0 of Mi HW. ifc M..u oa r
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rae4e4 iWMlr late a i . t ik
! tie epaisl H 'H ,.'..
f e'gls 4 all
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141k, tl
i4Mlf lb Mil i M(flM lh Sltit J nv 4
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fee) .- kwiito 4 ww u,4 4iW ., pfti I Mt4 III
, it pia 4 ttMlleri, 1 aay A4 Mil tfmH4 M U tka
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V lUnR r. HKIWIII T H. 'le
9 1 f m
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r4l v M) rfikaJ fri rjiWr . .
t ! iiHI h4 M Ti Mftf I tM MHtfl4
) ttt aae !. kg
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tJJM leaf
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lllM f AJterllala.
Oa M It iwii H H
laa 44iul iii I '
f " Mif
f lrl, ta Ik
IS if I , 4 gle aa Ik gr4,
ag ft wHbj Ik pltla k Utet,
4 lk ikang k adf U
t r
mow tiik front.
Tk rprt fr .fl ri4 fr Tlk
karg t I tkl plar tmt i'i Hav 414
MMt At w predated II we only a foraging
ant la qnl f eorn, eottea aad sapplie
of hf an4 hoge and at le m llm fl
lag tka strength f oar linn
Tb depreciation of Confederate money , in
th aatlmatlon of th ln coaeidri , k
flan attributed to lb want f confidence,
emlngly entertained by some, in tha ulti
mata tuetes of oar cant'. Oar enemies ar
mora than willing to seise npoa thisccnstruc
lion and pervert it to our injur.
Really, tha trna ranne of tha dcprf elation
laya in other and entirely diflTerent cauaaa.
In tka firit placa, tha over liiue of Cenfpdrr
te note waa the firit great cauie of derline,
became the South being an agricultural peo
ple were not prepared, or in the habit of in.
ratting in bond, and other long tecuritiea.
They had no export- or imports to abeoi b the
accumulated amount of inuea. With the
North it waa not ao. They are an exchange
dealing people, and millions of dollars were
kept exclusively to deal and invest in these
aecuritiea. They are a manufacturing peo
ple, and millions of dollars were invested in
machinery annually, and other millions of
MIMm iU ! 4 4
TkW tf aekiagi) erMpw4eM k Trl
9M k r4Awai4 k Ik 4 mf
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fow a ait4Mk f arlt4, t
II i lkg t4 rf t
J)ot., ; 4 T Ha llag f faark
44) Ik llk f Hokr la Ik Tl
kaj Rk mt'a4a ka fr
4 eg MMi l
Mr W r7r4 a lWt,f t-.t iK
,k4 Ifhil4 (Mil pao'li.f, a.ilM a mi i
pl f. rrfgaaAMT J l.nlag
ik m 4lkM H.i.
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N)JI i;9t" llll S
I ft'elv4fc Mn' ffi- ' I I
' rsjialtf (So aHai ti4r 4i
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AtffwU 4
Ik kM fr akall
Tl ptl wrJr, I, til I N Nl I
profid f Tgataf ad diiplltMf
Ik Hiiliua if il.i Hi lkt
4 Ml1 rtmjMe
44 kfMiag ia
Rk W ka 4.aw4.
rr Ik flt f leV4
)k kef kr 4ras
44 fmm all Ik all
Pf Irsataa ar r4'4 f lll paiUf
f, mi,a ikiogk m ftfmt a
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ft to
I lf I
Mr Le)'lH irrl evMiMwi l. ka ,,..
rMW.(R.is.4MiiMe.iii..M l,r.,a UM ,nH fh-f . .. 0 (k
f.MU; 4M ay agrm.l k.lw I l.t I ha ...Ui.. ih, ll ,.M
rrao a4 Ik i - f.d.f.U )... o M ft
l.afl IlkoM, Ik Uvaaiwr f u. Yka m,,n , ulmt
Qmm fit; 414 at P.lla4lpk am tk ttk
of fotakr
rULvna, lit. A Taake pritoners
eaplnrad near Cleveland, by moU ander
Otff, Rliodas, of WhMlir'i etivatry, kvongbl
kr to day. Two of thota form4 part of a
ganrd Mill a dlepalrh from Oan. Bbranan
going towards Charleston Capt nh4i
alao eaptared 7 w4gons and lmr, and 4
mulee, hot the rnnnr'i reinforremetitt ro.
Ing up he destroyed the wagons. Unionaciti
tens reported three or four Yke regiments
encamped near Cleveland, but tome of Capt,
Rhodes' men came through tha town, bnt taw
nothing of them -Heavy firing heard yat
terday in the direction of Athene, Tenn.,
supposed on engagement between Wheeled
cavalry and tha enemy.
OiaA.HTO, Dec. 6 No change of im
portance. Fort Moultrie demolitbed the
Yimkee Calcium light Inst night. Only six
shots fired on Sumter to-dny, and the fort is
now considered sale nirainst all nssau Its.
Iha " al
Cbarlkston, Dxo. C. All quiet this morn
Okanqk C. H., 6th. Five prisoners brought
Qovernment contracts taken, payable at par in to-day, captured by our scouta in Culpep
in these very treasury notos. Then came er. 8ix hundred prisoner !iave been regis
commerce, with tens of millions exports and tered by army Provost Marshal since Meade
imports, all of which, by the agency of the crossed llm Rapidan. One thousand more
banks, were made, payable in " greenbacks,"
and thua the immense issues of the United
State Government were absorbed in trade
nd traffic of different kinds, instead of being
invested in meat, bread, clothing, and other
actual necessaries of life, at is the case in
the Confederacy.
Any one to look at the debt and products
of the North, must see that their debt never
can be paid. All talk of subjugating the
8outh and making her pay, it all folly, for
van admitting, for argument sake, the South
was overcome, the would b so impoverished
and destroyed that but little would be real
ised from tha same; hardly enough to pay
tb ezpente of holding tha conquered pos-
loot i ' , Nay, lo
On mot Nin of Mr. Hamilton th rnr
of lh 'Uy lakan tip. aamalf, awheii
lei offcrtd by Mr Liick'U MJ IM militia
bill. I'emlit.g tha aonaitjeralion of which
tha flnf aljo.rnd tail .1 u'tloa..
9 o'clock 8nata u i. M ..,-.
from lli llotta anri'.uticMiK lb passage
of sundry billt and resoiuiiont.
Tha amrmlmenl offered by Mr. I.wck
ill to lha tiibaiilula lo ih ' bill to re
urganii lha militia ayaiern of th Hlate
of Mississippi, ' waa iiidefiriilly poal
ponad. 8aid amendment pmpo.ed in
abolish th present militia laws, and r
qucat Congress if more men ate needed
lo Hi nil tha conscription act lo 65.
m i i . . . it ii it i
i ne luoeimite onemj oy air. Moore
was adopted, whereupon the Senate went
into committee of iba whole to consider
tha aame, and after aome timo spent
therein, the committee rose and reported
progrets, and anked leve to ait again
to morrow at 10 o'clock. Report re
eeived and Agreed to.
I aMI' Ueil '.
igkl mae l Uel and kf
rwwai ra
have been sent forward, who were not regis
tered here.
No military operations to report.
Weather clear and cold.
Richmond, 6th. Nothing interesting trana
pired here for the last forty-eight hours.
Members of Congress have been arriving
slowly for the last four days. Fears that a
quorum will not be present to-morrow.
Summary of President's message will be i
telegraphed as soon as delivered to Congress
From the Mobile Register and Advertiser.
We had 'be pleasure of a visit yester
day from an officer ill the Trans-Mississippi
army of Gen. Dick Taylor, who
it just six days from Alexandria. lie
brings us encouraging news of the Mate
of the war. The two Yankee army eorps
under Franklin and Orr, with which Gvn.
Banks invaded that country have been
watched and harrassed, and fought by
Gen. Taylor with so much activity and
vigor, that they have accomplished nolh
ini' in the way of tha reconquest of
Louisiana, but have been obliged to
"about face" and leave the 6eld. Lou
isiana ia as free from Yankee dominion
now at it waa on the day when Banks
relinquished his avowed hold upon it to
lay siege to Port Hudson. Having drrv
en out the enemy, Gen. Walker, of Tay-
or a army, bas blockaded the Mississippi'
river at a point between Red river and
Much anxiety to hear from Longstreet. No Morgania. Nothing can pass Walker's
intelligence oi me situation or nis rorce. om- batteries exceDt iron clad gunboats.
cial or otherwise, baa been received for two The onW discouracintr account ba brina
ay8, is from Gen. Price's command, and that
Dispatches from East Tennessee will prob- j that ajnce Gen. Holmea'resumad corn-
ably be received to-night. mand there have been many detertiona.
1 - . av
FROM CHARLESTON. That army is somewhere in the vicinity
Charleston, 6th. No material chane to of Arkadelphia. There is but one voice
Th truth it, so far at th respective value
of their money it dependent on the two gov
ernment!, we can see but little difference ; notire- Enemy's fire now principally directed from the other side of the Mississippi,
on Moultrie and James' Island batteries
ach will have a sufficiency of debt to en
gage th attention of financier! for years to
come after peace. There wat one move that
the Federal Treaturer, Mr. Chase, made much
and it is that Gen. Holmes is an incubus
Yery little firing on Sumter. No casualties upon the energies of the army. Why
does not tne rresident remove it 7
General Banks, with 5,000 men, occu
Three Yankee prisoners of third Rhode la
to th advantage of his issues, and which land artillery captured on Friday, with their P8 Brownsville. The Yankee stories
ur oet-roirj uia noi mane, mucn to tne horses, arms and ace.outrementa. on Krunah 01 zou.uw oaiet oi couon gainea oy me
detriment of ours. Mr. Chate, instead of Island, by our acouts, were brought in this occupation are) mythical
issuing currency, borrowed hundreds of mil
liont of dollars from th banks, at small rat
of interest, took old treatnry notet and used
Gen. Bee
burned all the cotton that could not be
removed and that was likely to fall into
Dalton, 6th .Gentlemen from Chattanooga! Yankee hands. It is not believed that
in payment of debts, instead of utuina naw to-day ear main body of Yankee army left! the enemy obtained 60 bales of cotton
ones to meat the ano-aremanta mf th that place for East Tenuetsee. Osterhaus' Cortina, a Mexican guerrila chief, has
eminent. Secretary Memminger kept his di'ion is at Huntsville. Enemy's pieksts pronounced at Matamoras against Juarez,
I id rrencn, ana everyoouy eiae, sou
holds Matamoras. This increases the
have nothing reliable from Longstreet. One Kjffl",lT,, f titt by
are at McFarland's Springs
Mobilb Special feom Dalton, 6th
machine running and thus flooded the coun
try with the currency. Congress may past
lawt (unconstitutional though we believe),
to make th treasury notet a legal tender, account says his assault upon Knoxville un
which will eoabje slaw debtors, and specnlat- "cc"'"! ; another, still later, that the anemy
ing and unprincipled creditors to pay their
ever, that the French will very soon dis-
concentratad into two and sent towards Knox
ville, and another corps in an unknown direc
All is quiet hare
debts at ten cents in the dollar. Such lawt
will be of ao avail. Nothing bat a reduc
tion of the amount of currency in circulation,
and confidence, if the government intendt to
b honest in all itt financial operationt, can
ever enhance the valae of our currency or
give confidence in thote who hare the man
aemBt of onr financial affairs Frnel nr
ditregard the ignorant or aiinin tinkerert by Hindn,M' who Lm aot 7
with nnr cnrrnc frnm tha Sl.ln T-airislati
, ... n. "Th- fAlln-lnir Im ha!
j n u-ii. - j . . I "i""wv. ii.w.-B "
nu vonFn. umu., . w mar ye nope lo r di. ... th. ,, - tnntaTr cierk.
te It stand redeemed and disenthralled from Quoth a soldier : " My patriot friend look hare,
4k. -L V.1 .1 3 1. v iL 1 This 'sheddinsr of blood at twelve dollars a month
.u. awaa mh wTT arvustt it oj uis igav ,ika AAima italakfor twtv hanArW a
. , , , . j . mi rn i I
had suffered a disaster. Our communioationa !""'"" ' aub a.xw ir.u. w
are broken, four Federal corps havine been sT by Eagle pass.
- a - - - .
Dr. Gbo. B. Pitkm. The news of
the capture of this gentleman who killed
The Confederstes bold 1 Gen. Earl Van Dor n was published A
short time ago. He was arrested and
Breckenridge was not superseded, as ra- L , ln M.-jilin Miaaiwinni and snK.
ported, but replaced in command of his eorpe . . . ... w Wiv,
Kilpatrick, at Okolona, on a writ of
habeas corpus, on tbe 25th nit, We see
after a ' hearing he was discharged, there
being nothing against him to justify hit
All NhiiMit'i flMrt will, (real fpl-
Tk alsjti f ih hall. I r f aila
Ok ' teo of erhnmii' Ohl n'f f lha pan
Of Janhine, grl ikla, ' eehlAf ' f
Hn t
Id fell I daeer 1 1 tf SS I ban all IS apl !,
Ahnddy mala nvt Iriumpkant, Hhoddy fe
mala most lander
Tlir ' r .a-dad, Ihay p'ltlied, lha; tqqttd,
and Ihey tor,
Tby Imd nnnn enrae, alee I rn wer,
fur laldum lhay'd hean in a ball ruin hfr
But U.S. A llHs1Vi mil rimnlin' fllir,
Wa nnl nf thl st, hi wee radiant rather I
tt wife and hU daiifhter war Ihere, and h
knw ,
Ha .1 paid for their tickets, and never wnnld
ri it
pT, nnl till the last nf his day he'd racall
With iranopnrt th fad lhat he'd ben to th
Hi dsapriter was danting of rourse with
torae Kusaiao;
OelfKhtfu'., oh I wasn't it T Really t'wss
" gushin'."
Miss Clementine danret with Ruttiant by
do tent,
And flirts with litem freely, a tlnniRh they
were fonsius;
Hut wbal of the wnmtn or Poland whose
Woold blanrne, if she heard them, her heart
and her cheeks ?
Ays, what of these women, whom th' Rus
sians destroy,
Btcaute thty are Poltt, and art women, with
She heeds not, but wbirleth and waltzeth
With a genuine Rus., and her bosom is gay.
But now comes the hoar moat cherished
by all,
Who dnnced, and are danced, at the Shoddy-
itr- Hall.
An hour of pure and poetic delijrbt,
An hour more precious tban of all the night,
A season when nnture asserteth its power
O'er satin nnd shoddy the. great supper hour!
Tbe signal is given, 0 fatf how ttiey crush f
0 muse I bow they battle I good God I how
they rush !
At though their existence, their fortunes,,
and all.
Were staked on the time when they reached
Irving Ball.
The tables with glory and (jout are arrayed1,
COtifections are plenty ; and tvomighty Ciar$r
Alexander and Abe, await tbe bur.zas
Of all who behold them in sugar together.
(Remember the proverb of " birds of a feath
er") The viands and wines, oh you ne'er would
forget them,
But few can accomplish this desirable feat;
So tbe many look on while the happy few eat.
I'm told in the midst of tb terrible jam
Some fair female lips muttered audibly
" damn."
And some " fragile creatures" waxed wild is
their wrath
And toro rival skirts in their furious path.
But effort was vain. Tha weaker tex found
That men are but beasts when "fecdinsr.
time's" round.
And what can be hoped from creatures of
Shoddy '
Whose heart's in their purse, who-e soul ia
all body.
Besides, just consider, unreasonable tinner,
'Tit taldom a Shoddyite s eaten a dinner.
At laat, though, the tupper where most
caanot sup ,
Is over and ended and eaten all un
And sweet Clementina and " darling papa,"
Be happy, the hungry, make search for
" mamma,"
And together the trio depart one and all
From the scene of th blunder tbat't known
at Tbe Ball.
And now for th moral of this my short
'Tit limply all Shoddy it folly and wrong,
And seasons like this when so many hearts
To God in their woe ii no time for a Ball.
WANTED to buy a young NEGRO W0
'M AN with a child, three to six months
old, for which a good price will be given.
Apply at this office.
Dec. 3, 1863. 8-tf
Factory Thread.
XTOS. 6. 8. 10, 12. and 14, for sale by
fee. 1, 1W9.

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