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Vii,e I.
ii v JOHN
Mil It A II I
TlttMM - T. I
month S'linht
Urn then two rn
Kate of idtrrlUlitg.
n ttara fla Hti or Mil), one lima. Ii in
Ks b el 1 fional Interi .'. . I ''
2 IE ML!
f. HliMtON I M.
mo rm, miui
! M"Hl of llrporl of 'rre left nt nr
and flflf renil per
n (ah ff Mwfaf
.r nf'
Tlrlnr wn aentrallr th$tfi& at
it of fitting, humiliation and pfaeef,
Pratiaiaf, In Mm M'- k.iI, it church morn
leg end fftnii' g N Mrff I M
Wtg Tt . We ask etimllon to MM War
A'iMitr'i i.f Tat prrt. If tkev aaeat
to hi toy payers, Ii I blttlf ge up Ml Htltl
Up. Vlr (mi hi tap.
Kof ito. Wa nlwaya had r 1 1 " '
for our Bltghfeoring inWH of K.m iutk.i, an
we'l for 111 klndneia and ho.plialitv of it. , ( Ull. rIH( , ,,ti..u .i nil, IMklrrfj.J.tUPi. far WMilt
. mat ittf lat nnlfia ihi4S- pr ih
- l the i .,..ft.Wf'j Tfceae " loli'ti 4tjUM bm
nf. l tha ..fli,, ifc.i itta'lag let
I NOW I MANI.rTOH. !,arf aT M,l
rw i nf irk bat f ,,,,. UftM mu tttf,ftft , mht ,
CeaaMttlioa', aed ka Bradtfttlte .f a mora "'an
'stalling tjlrli, letiaad af thai jatt ta rail f Mm "
Wan kaiwean tfUiir ( rroUMt I 4
which It wet i hair aarpa tn eemrt. Ikiik '"fwiar at
largo parti a f fN aJlalea , -npiel if
th aaarat, what pistlee .
I art posing an rantalvlar iha
tatall'n of iha aallra Man
t Ma Mpretantalien, what
Ira, g effect, than Ineraeie la
ha ara le?it iff"
make our .wa lajAMUtf to pi
Invasion, at It l our duty to do by tha 'V
lftaili, Kroaai for adding to Ihtlr In
by an attempted adharcr. g MM MtHV,
vialatloa of iha fi.lrit of that lnirowii
) all al'la
.act, nart
lng tatflat
- 4
, , ar..n4
laa ilaar i
aft ai Atiani
it vlaialt t" aiM
nliiaava i,d J
i naM i
i , "i t ii. i
li war,
I Ikatr fro
aaaoant of ! 4p'
I ana) a grailf;ia aaaar'o aal
J it rarninlt frao. Iha f lirgca (lr
,1 nt iff f f iai
' iimoi ' ii rjilla I f
f.-pral 'if aiil 'Ht'ita aa l aaaaipti'in pr'r? ialitaa, and
that all ftaaina ' vitt.iiii aa Immaglal
t" go la tka
rd to piii In auixlilutaa ran ia rcffnlrfiiy r
i.iii MtuiKinllr aiiMiiaifd lf lit aarna power; aura
" ( t cut. I Int. i l.'Craan tha nr
and ,it..'ia I.
It wonlv a pi1ll . Iha internment ac
m M.and InataMol i laing at it i gi
! i ii f .r wlul hen f'ifofa,l.iwrd
them. II" i. ii "i.l. d nliniL-itlna of ex. ini'ti..ai
alalion Ii rNlalla, pru I I
Iaa nf lamp r f . r 1 1 ,
al Itcparliiranl and Irantnrt,
.rairfi ara r"'mm.n I. 1
If tilth
MtJ aa turb raf'rill ronlcmpNtta., h fr tmeri
tkv p,l.e,a i,iffm f rjCMHUM m ,,,, w,,,)l ,
tlia unaldaratiuat, If tha rdlcctiuii that
lIMMtfft Iha ''onalflutlou prof idtd K ikoaM
lUa .Hilt...i hui'' 1 ' prciaulalion tam-
purainjr liatiihutc I arni.iiK Statci, it ttpn
1 ordHliit, after providing for cmitua within
thrct jni, tli i a tcnij.orurr dialril. iiloii of
HM ftrl
ml'ltarf agnirt It would nn uffltlil to
au'horiia tfraodtnl and Mccn-iara if War to
rlaltgatt o laigtaa)gjta ticner ill inn h of
tha IMvfttMwrt ..n-fi fnio-l iii Hiom h
law n aalgaatlll f arf a th.ill raijulrt.
In rnnelntlmi, tha 1'rctldant adrcrlt ta
MVagl f'roiilT af anamv In i nndu. ting Iha
wnr, and holda tip to it hi lr afcrratlon refn
I i f Ln coin tint it mi,' t r t . m . . m i ml
ganero'ti-hcartf I ciiuma, ai for Iha tadaar
Ing MMMflll of Mil llMl old pntriot and
ltcro whoga nnnia it h. art.
Thla fpfling littt liccn increancd ly tt. -kind
granting tfitran to our Tri-Wi'rk'v r the
god people of the city of the Attnl.ia Our
fritnd J. N. 1ms trnt us ttvo lull of ntilicrih
rtt from that ilk. If nil the wntcra of the
Nile were to sweep a Ml u. tut HM Mt
kiinliieaa would riot lie obtitfMtatl f. m our
temorr. Mny lie, nod our ottirr liianrli m
Kosciusko, lire fi thounrtiid jenrs, and just
tltcn begin n better etitte of txittaaoa.
oniy a few da;.t ince tlmt tve learned of tl.e
death of our old and much esteemed felloia
citizeo, Eli T. bfoKTCOaTJIt, Eq. Si died,
we learn, on Saturday, Mtb ult., of Dipt Le
ria, or gome atfection of the throat. Mr. II.
was a citizen of the county for many yenrs
ud it li faint psaiie to pat til a goad Detgh
bor and a kind-hf arted, eMitnable gaatleman.
Tni Dixir O'.'eiia TnoTi'a hare npuied
our citizens and the soldiers n two former
accattons, and 111 give nnother of their side
eplittin entertali.uents on Tuesday triniag
next. Lt everybody that wishes to "laugh
nnd grow fat " ga and hear thetu,
rot a word from "the front" nor the
rear neither. ItMns are getting tcarec.
f We aik attentian to the icveral new adver
tisements. THREE PliOPOSITIOS-
Boldiers w!iO their fitnirlea oos
lituf'e an J depeu Jenr, have a riff At. to food
and clothing, not only fur iheffltalvea,
but fur their wives mid children, for they
give their all, time, labor semces and
lives to the c uise, that the lives, property
aod libertiea of our paopl may be pre
aarved. lien of property, in like manner, owe
tverything, Beyond (he support of -them
aelves and families, to the common cau-c
and ilieir time and serviet arj as much
due to the Confederacy, aa thraa of tin
One man is aa much bound to supportJ
tha war to the utmost of his ability a
another, and what one cannot render in
actual physical services, he ouht to
make up in contributions ; or if he risks
not his life in defense of his country, so
mich the more is he under imperitivo
obligation to his money and other prop
rty. "
Thfse propositions were deducrd by
anotbu from Governor Brown's annual
in - ii ty t h"iiie. Kay Ii,,- ,..e j u ' nten
whi 'i tin .r time ex pi i' BMOt he i. ,, ; ,,k, J
hut ahnuld.he reime. all'wlng I'lPBt to t boo i) tie!
regiment or cnmpuiijr un Jer present organlcittnM
IrthaaaaM arm of aervtca, and rfcofcmarid the
ooeaolldattea or eompMiilaa and reghifnl reduced
l'hiw i-urtain cuaipliuielit. V) uli.rini' t. ajM
t.i fie hioiiu, einlur.iiiee and untiritis tlrv I hi ol
. hhei, ur t aMatallJ the dead who yielded their
liv' as rlftaa al the altar of liheily.
lie el -ff. by uyiitg our vorr, reverse-.,
showing us united and determined to atdtn
tvarytMag fo laooaaadapcai nail convince
the enetny ol their 1listMaJ II irta to Qo
d.ie tt i.
(loverntir's BJMUagt laiUld ycsleni.iy. Long
revifw of local Btl'rtir.i are only paints tlmt
are ot interest. Connected w;t h g i.erul poi
Itict of the country arc renuu ks "ttn aubi t.tuU
law and the currency. Ha snyd substitutes
hating been nccopU-d ;' r three years under
lawi I ot h by Stale and onfederate Govcrn
manta, becomes a bintimg contract, and
Ibould be observed. No govcrntneut which
violates contracts between itself and citizens
chu maintain Us respect.
On the currency, the Governor says our
issues of carratBCJ liavo been reguUti-d by no
priciple ; the consequence is, an overissue,
causing distrust as to its redeuiplii'a. We
must retire surplus, Stop further issues and
adopt a wise system of taxation, combined
with loans.
OiiAMJK U. M., Deo. y. Nothint new in front
to-day, and evlrj thing quiet UoDg the lines.
rito.ti EIUSTOL.
Dec. 9 Nothing defini
rtprem :it ttion potter it to endure until such I f'" hta i(fet of prlsoncrt. but the patriOtlM
eiMinirralion shall ho made, would ant
Tftia'that because renaut cnmiot he in frje
within the fixed period, t; ivcrnment mui.t
at espiration of that period, aeiiih f..r want
of a representative body? In ant Mpeel la
njiich the I ibjaot can be viewed I am led t"
the OOnclusion, as already annoiMeg, and
which It undrrstood to be in accordance with
vote taken in one or both bouses at last ses
eloti, I sliail, therefore, until we are ithle to
puratie tha precire mode required Ly the Coji
ftuution, deem it my duty t-j approve any
aw levying taxnti.-n wlilch you nre bound to
impose for tile protection of the country, in
any other practicablt mode, and which shall
distriiiate borthanj uniform and impartially
OB t'.a whale property of the people.
In your former legislation you have sought
In i,V,,i.l ln.v....A A . . 1 j ,
...uiu niuciUB in unuuie or notei in cir-
i.i the people had proved aqnal t I every tac
rifiie rlemnnde by tha rountry'l need, anl
tiod h id bleteed na with in e ,i, pt .por
iinnaie to our mean, mid under his Divine'
favor our labors must be at last rrowned
with Hiicceil.
nuni wUatroi.
I'.kiitoi,, Dct, I, by Mobile fth.--Siege of
Knoiville wait rnisei! I i idity night, our forces
fulling back slowly to Morristriwn, 41 milet
frora KaofllM whtra a ataal will probably
be made. The work of putting the Kut
Tenaaaaia and Va. n. it. ly running order
to tliHt point will bn rapidly pnahed forward
by Col. Owen of Virginia at Tenne. sce U. K.
who i8 entrusted wilh it. Our entire loss
around KoOXVille will not exceed 000, "in
1 'pally Hood, s division, among whom are
C'. Kil'er of the 8lh Mississioni serion.slv
oalatton, oflariaf inducement! to voluntary W"UII,!"'-1- I1'' assault ou tlie 29th ult. j
!. ; 1TOL
from Loug-
streel to-day. pittoen'i brigade eacooatered th
tdvauce of Wilcox's corpa. about 2u0'r ateiMtg, Itel
Uttyaardaville, on last fhtwaday, atnttbag thru,
comi-li tely tuid capturing number of piisor.er, wl.o
st.ite that Witeora command is compni d of raw
, -
Richmond, Dec. 8. The President briefly
reviews events of past year, reniarkiug that
whilst our successes have not eqirailed oni
expectations, wc hate checked the euem
every where in bis advance.
Our r mis with foreign nations are dis
cussed at considerable length. The Presi
dent regrets there hits been no irtiproverneut
since message of January last, and that the
conduct of European nntieus is less impartial
and in some cases has assumed a chafactor
po?irive!y unfriendly. Commissioners were
sent ab'-oad for the purpose of entering into
legotiatious prjper t.;. fix relative rights and
obligations of Confederate and United States
nuder treaties entered into wii.Ii foreign
nations prior to separation, but this tender
on our part has beeu declined; bencs, as we
have been rcfusad the benefit of those treat
ies, they have certainly ceased to be binding,
and, in the opinion of the President, our
relations with" Kiir6peaa powers are aow
ontrolled exclusively by general rules of
message, and let these gaiuaay them, ! hws of nations
that can. Many of our people are run legislations upon the subject of finance is
stark mad after wealth. The nearer the
desolation of war cornea to their very
Qoora, tha more grasping and aTaiiciotte
earnestly recommended. Although the mag
nitude and duration of the war was not at
first anticipated, still, the resources of the
country are so ample and spirit of the people
they appear to grow, and tha more deaf, so devoted to its cause, thatrelief is within
to tha calls of God and country. This , our reach.
ii Do time to be striving after ricl.es ;
better than fail in oar independence,
that we aut render all our possessions to
our counfry's cause, for tbey will avail
na nothing if we are overcome.
Financial policy of the Government since
its formation is discussed, and tbo President
contends that whilst the provision of the per
manent constitution in reference to direct
taxation cannot be carried Into effect in the
mode pointed out, it is the plain duty of Con-
Evfml Spirit. grm ta execute tbi geaaral intiat af the (
"iraouics Hlil'piUU 10 r lllUl pUTpOSC
wire but partially iucceiRful, and aril has
low reached such aaagaituda as to admit of
ne other remedy than compulsory reduction
of currency ta arffouut required by bu-iuois
of I'm country. Amount thus required should
be accompanied by pledge thaf under no
strest of Circnmstancea will that amount be
excerdeu. No possible mod of nsiag csedit
of Government can be so disastrous as one
which disturbs basis of all excliange, and
render iraposio!e all cnlculatinus ui fatore
value, advaaelag in constautiy iocreaaiag
proportions the prices of all commodities,
lIso depreciating all fixed wages, salaries
aud incomes, as to render them inadequate
jjtiq otsubsiiience. If to these bo added
the still more fatal itiflueuce on the morals
and character of tbe people, to which I have
ahriady ndrerted, I am persuaded you will
concur in the conclusion, that an inflexib '
effort to a limitation of the eurrener nt fiai
sums, an indi.spensablu element of any sys
tem of finance, ouKht now to be adopted. The
volume of currency now outstanding can onlv
be protected in- the recovery of just claims,
substituting par note., or some other securi
ty. If the currency is not (really and per
manently reduced, the present state of inflat
ed prices will not only continue to exist, but
by the very fact of large amounts thus made
requisite in the conduct of tbe war, these
prices will reach rates' still more extravagant,
and tha whole system will fall under its own
weight, rendering the resumption of debt im
possible, destroying in whole value in the
hands of holders. If, on the contrary, feud
ed debt, with interest, secured by adequate
taxation, be substituted for outstanding cur
rency, its entire amount will be available to
holders, and Government will be in a condi
tion enabling it, beyond any probable con
tingency, to prosecute tke war ta a success
ful termination. It ia, therefore, demanded,
as well by interest of creditors as of eountry
at large, that evidences of public debt now
outstanding in thape of treaiury notes, be
converted into bonds bearing adequate in
terest, with provision for taxation sufficient
to insure punctual payment and final reduc
tion of whale debt.
The President recommends to considera
tion of Congress the report of Secretary of
tailed, it is said, in consequence if forged
order recalling Afderaon'a brigade. Reports
from Kno.xtine ut Dalton are conrlicti'ng.
The enemy are laying waste the country on
their line of mar.-h. Kuunv's cavalry ap
peared yesterday at Kloggold, but being
attacked by a firce under Col. Grigsbj wer
routed and driven beyond. We suffered no
Casualties, weather cold and rainy. .
i'kom ch a rtuamN.
Cuari rston, 8. Yankees have e nsed fir
iug on Sumter. They were observed to-day
reviewing their bnt.teries, also appeared, to b
extending battery tiregg eastwmd. Our bat
teries kept up slqiv but constant fire on en
emy's working parties, ttalrimore Gazette
of tti e 3d reports thnt, Morgan's escape to
Canada la contradicted. It is reported he
went to Ohio river and crossed into Virginia,
Liucoln had not recovered from bit illness.
Official dispatjch from Gen. Hanks, dated
Brownsville, Nov. Itfc, says, his most san
guine expectations are mare than realised.
? of ex-President Pierce died at An
dover, on the 2nd in t.
Flag pf truca boat at City Point, yesterday
evening brought New York pupers of tha
7fh. Army news unimportant. Expedition
to relieve Burnside is under Sherman.
Steamer Isaac Newton wae burned near
tire Yankees Saturday evening. Number of
lives lost unknown.
Gold in New York on the 5th, 132.
Columbia from Liverpool, 24th, arrived at
St. Johns. London Post contains report
of resignation of Earl Kussell. Argument
in Alexandria case was concluded.
Gem. Ewkll This officer is compell
ed to leave the field on account of his
health. Jubal A. Early now commands
his corps.
tW The New York Tribune claima
that there will be a Republican majority
of jthne in the next Federal House of
t&- The "atrike" of the mechanica
in the North contioues. There have late
ly been added to those alieady on a
" strike ' the sewing girls, the turners
and tailors, the stago drivers, dec. It is
a general movement of all the mechnnics
Treasury, and hopes it will engage coniider- an tnisana, and is called The Labor
ation of that body until disposed of in tbe
manner best adapted to attain the important
result which tha country anticipates from its
to Minnesota.
It extends from New York
A Prodiot An Iriabman recommend
ing an excellent milch cow. said tlmt aba
President believes the army to ba in all would trive milk er after vour itl.Ml
respects, in better condition than at any j having calves; because it ran in tbe bree',
previous period of the war. He recommanr'g aa aBe came from a coir that never Ladi
thi restoration ta the army ef all men im-je)f!

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