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The tri-weekly citizen. [volume] (Canton, Miss.) 1863-1864, December 19, 1863, Image 1

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Ilia Uarl nf nil .a,!a. ,., In M b-'aat ei.il
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llta prawenl data rf ( n ! htirl ib Hiii'iiHr
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If J. t'i Wll'iar '1'i I ) . I M I nl a
.piilllial, that aa; . ,,' , m PivNf
HltiilHilalila ; and I rf. ;,l H Kl I It al , I
lli I'rraa Wfi . nar H.r 4ini r,),,.t
Ijra wuraa. Itauami Hra- ! . n,. ... 'i.,l ..., ,
lli'ltl awld (l.i, ijn.l.T fl. i , mi a. Mfw! aia
I ill . ..lf li if I ii , t,,. A fl, ciinliliii I wifil'iin
nf lua ealuiiiumti.ra. Hail lia Uia lin pfniii
rar:ifd"il ai i UatafMHpai ll'i-n raiM a nili! i
li-.re 09 iiii J i baittailoOfl willi bin wMpftd anl
il ra ii il armv ; ami -v :n Ilia . : 1
UH'ut, bud in' f iiimiilauiril ,U ftrmiMl Willi
MM fMllMJt M4 fMftlt flttl tfttlMIII 6i 4 tM
ilcriit c mi lira til .-liai ii ti-i.i'.l Ibfl ffl !' ..
llir iMOfl il tin 7. we ar Hj Ml t l -lay lia
HUMtlM OfW a bWm! M ilinatriiia Mai w)UHilin1
Ifaf. A MnMM4iM Mineral la nt iwnnlpolaul
uii'l MWtVtf rfit ai. InfltteOd Ii i - wuriN el i lien
anil MOMrafWMIttl Ma IIWl nvtr i!n- ni4-4 !' bU
aMilililiy, utiiiraii hi i laliy ninliTtDoil by Ml anlmi
lblttM,4Ml li in pliM tin rilthfitlf WIOVVfl, dlftAl
find diaaxtcr aaltll MWH. II. id (Wf forCM till fTltafl
way ou the lift, IbtM ii a aiioiig pntwIrtUtJf iliat
th rui'iuy vould hw brai lilNi tmck inniin
foa and dim ly, a hi; w: by Rard, Ofl tin; i",
mid a ciiid'tr viittMiy iif crDWMd oat arm. I..
IMJI eieut. Oeu. aVMjj) Would have DIM hailed .ih a
gr..t wairior, lnvid. I. irtd him! admired J but lie-
iM-e bis troopa failtd in thth thitg, and therebj
M Mil oy, poor Bragg ia bold u ji to oulvqnjr and
On. Hraeir ha poffnmi .1 hla illity to hla Bonntri
fuiiiiitity rd MMjfi atul wliatever oroAen nwj
nuy !" biin, Matbrjr, at leMt will d.i joateo mi
dlidi and fstor,and poatcritji irrawi around bis-
brow tin rtf a arimid oi uinlyiiikr lame.
I know of DO Gowral in our tn&J wiioai; pnt'-iot
vm baa bien aub.ifotwtl to lev r.-r teata, una. like
gold triad in the J urn i.-a, it h.ia pasncd the flar- of
deal, and OOaM nut puriftitt and iffitnd. I pity Ul
ttiaarabll kouI that cam attitriiit to detract fimn tin
merita of a M&o arho baa atovd by tM i.t in tl rial
of lii.i country in herdurkot boarai and h wreaajy
Ximard bis own le to vindn-iitt hi-r hoimr, arbei
he woll knew tliat, apart from his own army, bis
motives were iuiinpnrd ; hia C 'lirae quest nun'd :
Ma ability ignored, and big jiat rioti-m axsailed. I
honor Geo,, KraiTK 'or that prond nobility : aouial
rbicb baa enabled htm to stand manfullv bj hi
ofprossed country, iu tiie midst of Hiieh a tetfkpeet
of opposition
(Jen, JSspph E'. Jolniaton ia another mnrtyr to
in. 1 1 ici'ius hatred ; but, in bi oMi Ibe avmpathlea
of the anny and the country are en.'b ted. !! bai
the mitfortunt to be despised by the PfTaidetlt', and
although he is known to beiMeotii J M in abk
kUlfnl and n,icious (Jeneral.yet he ia eibowed
naide in tlie grcut miliforjr pr. ssurc.to make wm
for men ra.4iy liia tnfn iii. . and who can never ren
der one btindiedth part Of t!ic aerrici to tbs coun
try, lncau.-e, forsooth, the Kxecutive of the nation
n $vnalljj dislikes blah I think the treatment (ion.
Johnston has received at the hands Of the President
deoervea the aeverest censure. This is no time to
indulge pergonal animotity or political favoritism,
and I honently believe if our government should
eventually rcti to its fall, the raiue cau be traced
back, with unerring cettainty, to Jetlerson Davis.
He has kept aucb men as Johnston and QMtBTM W.
Bmith in tlie background, from feelings of personal
hatied, and sent his fayotitm to the field, and in
each positions that they had neither the skill not
capacity to sustain.
There never was a period in the history of onr
country, so auspicious lor renouncing the principles
and prejudices of tne Demagogue, and assuminc
the position of the exalted Statesman. Old party
liuea were obliterated, and WMg and Democrat bore
the name of Jeff, rsnn Du rftf to the polls without a
dissenting voice ; but no sooner was he installed
into office, than his Democracy unveiled itself, and
has left its impress upon the principal acu of his
God save this noblest part of the land of Wash
ington from party prejudice, and crown oor arms
with success! "
imm thai
wnt ' y -i
y I. i, . I
w r b" I. I . ' , , ni I f , -a raii'-h
am-., a' I "oi li lb . ii m,r - . .ir-i-. iVafru ! i
i b .. .' a mil,- ' Ii Id ., ",f tat ,
i. iic n.ai i 1 1 - inMiitnl parlnpa di 'i i r. .
Think yiii that 1' i.i i.i .) m i!i up m
In" !ar'a (thI ol , . ..!. ...f. ,.f jnf ..
b av.- m.ii i a, ' Aa Wi-ll mi bl Ibe kMt H
,"" i Hi i i Nr ' il " Pvwir whn h U eh
nl and fittafVil by i d aahfl ' ' fry ,-$-"lit
If Mi o iwr yi. ton M-. tMiimpii.iiil at,d ffa
I" ii'ib.i-. ,,. i n ii I wh . ii jmi n known aii.l
If . I a: "bi N'.-itlf ; wim hive -ymjuii. - w. '
v'm I" ' . .mil to w'l-iin you mlfht bate
in A. d for citnfort and pro(Mtim, wi'i Inve inmitli
to In I'l 'ii to takl faVI o( t.'imlve-. The anrirp.
that -weep out m w!I carry thinn away In It re
fluent tWltrP "ii ! for the t nm' of a prnphet, to
paln for y"T what is In-fore you, unlc-i V ill repent
ami t t i v fo Mm Land and n tlaw tlMl ll kund i
apOA til! the jo .'mioniI thai k- Him." The bM
NI of s. i ijiture a ploni alciiat.' to d-v. ? ibe
it: "Tfal inrth moitrtW'th and btngulaheth ; Lehi
no:i is asliauit 1 and heivo down ; Shirv; like a
wllaVrtieaa, Tho) Umt did fi d Im! at. iy an di-
date In th itrnits; thej Ihat wera brought up In
-ivirlet rnib-H' p !'! l i'-. They rnvlshad the wn
men of Rtoa rind the maids in ibe cltiea of Judah
i lie took the vo'inir tneti t' rrlnd, and i La eiiildre;
"ell under the arm J. The Joy of our heart lit i ea
sed ; oar d itcf ia tOrnad Inl mnohing. Ti e sriiwti
!: fallea fi.nu oar bakd ; woe unto us that hav
i'ltit'd,'' ,
1 1 in I lanliila l.i al' wa h baaii
iMiifbi In haa lha Mafaeena wera Val,
i. i likaf, liafrira atarifiM laMMMFMt ae
, Iff Iba follow 1 1(T I In. fyr I . I oil, who
WM m a.iminiad lha afinj I
P Ijftit vallan'lr and nirr lofn your , k
iip.ifi a f'.a, ban id toriiin. b'irin not llir
n, 'bat M, alip if MM
'i' I p a aa I n U al a?
gliKieaja .'l of tba V.
kata fli.. alaaeaftt r
.a,bl ahlf nvaf una b .la. a( ba a aailrJ
i m la a 1 1 af W aahlMa n an-l lha ko.iW
ifcf atari wifik ariebarHr pii hia
. .,...' 1 p4litfj MfrpU, Huat baflda an l h.i.
of II, a laaarl ajfa ' pff" g Wnj" nn lha inl l) Walll
j 1 'ha Ohln ptfn j Ih elmb f matal a
?f TV!' fain'lt haanl m 'ha far nih', and inin
t all ii aiUn' hn' 'h aehman'a erh.dn,
nl, IfiMj alnf lha priann fiffidnra I 'l
k !' i ! morning hraaka, ihn lalkrf enleri 'he
arid grand In- I naf lha IMaf rf fapiin, ami In f iha
nifl la n wn Jiiim Morgan i n m ra
UMik lha nlraiiala "(l-.na c mm-r-trig
mMi( lha ihinja thai wera," away
mar inl" har Majjaaly'a limini.ini
f, mi l the enr. i a uf ,e , i. o ' . , in ' a nf
1 1 i'ii ir. I . f- ir fill '! ifn pr. - .'I .i .a i l
lua Aholi'iun Kli ill. nri. Lincoln lh
A u,il i.inli i I unman all it i liililfati 1 1,
, ,i ilm traa, Ml rl tiff i ; rlftl ; 4mm Mm lameninii'.na all ..v..r Mw
A Nobjub ExAitPi.E Mrs. Lucy Moore, and her
daughter, Mrs. M. A. Booth, cf this place, have,
within the last six weeks, knit thirteen pairs of
tW A coffin porary ohneffe' tl)t
Iihi; stitf'erc! nothrng Tel roiTinfJ with
what our fnihors Buffered in t!i l 6 rat wm
for inilopiMidencf. Then w Im'd the
savvagt) Indians at our bucks, tin; tric
jve-r our own heftrth -stones an:) a fair
ntul open tnemy in our Ircnf. Augtista,
Sayfautuih, Cbarwiton, Camrh-n ami
"Nifitvl v Six," were nil thn British posts,
iml QeorgMl nti'j Bouth Carolina were
OCOUpjed almost, entirely for three lon.
drear y!ir. Vet, a heroic ances iy
rose from our valleys and descended
from our liill. Irtistfng in (Jo.l, and re-
led to perish rn.th r than survive as
slaves, Bind they drove our conquerors
from the soil ; and so we can do, even
should our land be overrun by vandals
ll we are not a bastard race our freedom
is our own, even if every male has to
sleep on his bright sword, and every fV
male wear ut her side a gleaming dag
ger. It, is a great mistake to suppose
that this war is to be settled by long
range cannon or heavy shell. Even if
our fortifications fall and our towns are
taken, we will come at last to close
quarters, with the battle axe and howie
nife, and fight under the black flag in
every glen-and swamp. The watchword
then shall be war to the knife and knife
to the bilt.
an. aja
Mr. Taylor, ol the Chicago Journal, in
one of his letters from Chattanooga, re
lates the foil wing incident :
A soldier, fairly riddled with bullets,
like one of those batile nags of Illinois,
bind; II' BOl 'I ruffld Willi lit' not
I 'll inf i iiile etrajiiing for fund. Stand
fnithfuiiy to iveri revMiet aed pttwlet
riiju'el all n lipoma pi-ramn and inre
ibi ir a.lillra..
And Willi only n fw MOtptionf, in aifgrn
'ad cbi , the Arnhi acted in in ford . io
. , ii thtie oM'no tiona. Ilnw diffarint, and
i, , dlebnlb ill, Ilia Viuikela, who prnfai
lii be vaJighteued, huve urie.J we nc d nut
I, I ,'. T'ii thoiisanil of homes deiolated.
(be to' ) I. ild WMte, e.ljnen biiriid In tlie
'ind, iit"m driven from home, wldowi
mid orphans rnbhctl, cat lie wanlonly killed,
public lnifrnvinrtiti ruined, ralnah p in tin.
ibupi ol plat and pimoa, mid lool, thai
liuve hren stolen, .honry-lwaded I'm Mien ini
irisonei, cbiircbei rluaed and the iasiur-.
imprisoned, iioo-cunihatanti tuihlessly inur
tj , I b( lpli-a females outnigeil, inlinni'
dtaUffalod, ctivUnafttt broken, nnd a host ol
dttl tba WOilM have put the worst Arabian
to tin t'I'i-iii -all ttlil II too vivid iu the
nipmorj of our peopli to mad eniinefetioti
riie, stiiud ns ii t -tiinony of ,iroif irrefrng
I'l.o agaiuit tlo' vile oatioq whose uoutb
piefljlnres to ihifl the odium from the pnil
tv purty, by comparing tlie Confedvatea ti
Saracens. We think it wai mi uuforluuati
i'iiralll. incbeattr Ballatio,
Crnic ron Hoo Cholkka. The Petersburg
Intelligencer says the following receipt, now
for the first tiuie made public, nay be relied
upon a? a specific for the hog cholera. It bad
been fully tried and tested on the hogs of a
oTtitk-nmn of Amherst, Va.
The remedy was given in all varied stages
of the disease, uniformly cured in every case.
It w ill not be impossible, after all the fruit
leia efforts hitherto made to-find out acme
dy for Asiatic cholera, that this one accident
ally suggested by a young lady to her father
in Amherst, Va., and which was successful
land of tlw frea a,drra and the home of
ili bravna. Conacitnri muLea rowitrda
of lh m all- lor roim i. n li lla tin m
ihejr hate foully (Jpnlt with hrni' r v
alier, whoso day of retribution wiU now
Itfefy ruin", and whose wronija will not
lb' wn the mnat mainaiilmoua of
their iffeltd foefl ; he wua (he tiioal gin'le
in ihe treatment of their prfatwen ; Ml
was ihf most chivaliie in his warfare
upon ihi-ni ; the most h limine in his cap
ture ; be mot merciful In hi retaliation;
tb mosl courteous in his victoiies and
for thin they ihtwd his head like I crim
inal, and I mm ii red bin in a dungeon
like a rralli'V-slnvc.
Thank Goil ! In- bus liberated himself,
dfid no thanks to Mr. Mirediih of the,
I'xchange, nor to hi masquerading huf-
foon of a master. Foot l"i and fancy
free, of his own accoid, and by hia own
ingenuity nnd courage. f?od speed hia
safe return lo Ihe land of gentlemen, nnd
a speedy return to the saddle and tho
chase. His miserable persecutor may
ft rue the day of his captivity and de
liverance. They have shorn him (4 his
locks, but not of his strength, his cour
aov, nor his devotion to the youth.
Covfedernnj. .
As the time is at hand for preparing
these useful stores of rich and savory
food, a lew words will not he out of
plaee in regard to them. The legs of
hogs short in ihe hock are the best for
hams, and should be rhosen in prefer
once to lanky legs. They may be salted
by immersion in a cle:n pickle contain
ing a little sugar and saltpetre dissolved.
or they may be salted by rubbing ground
solar evaporated salt over them, turning
them every day, and giving , them a
good rubbing. A little sugar and
'round pepper added to the salt much
iniproyee the flavor of the meat. It re
quires about a month to salt hams by the
wet process, and three weeks by tho
dry syplem. At the end of this period.
they should be hung up a few days to
drip, and they are ready for imoking.
Much depends on the kind of materia)
used for smoking ihern, so as to secure a
sweet flavor. Whatever fuel is used for
losidenibly longer than I this purpoe, one condition should never
, because iie lives slow; f be overlooked: it should.be perfectly
dry, else it will be apt lo impart a bitter
taste to the meat. Dry corn-cob, and
some dry sweet hay, are superior to all
other agents that we. have seen employed
for smoking beef or hams.
Mutton bams may be prepared in the
same manner as those of pork, and they
are exceedingly palatable when the meat
is good, and csre exercised to smoke
them slowly.
Toe 'means known, so far, of promoting
longevity, Imve usually concentrated in short,
pithy sayings M "keep your head cool am'
four feet Warm" -'Work much and eat lit
t If.'' Ac, just as if tlie whole science c
human lift could be attained n and broogb
ml in a few words, while its great principle!
were kept init of sight. O.ie ot the bell i
these saying! is given by an Italian in hii
hundred and sixteenth year, who bein;j nsk
ed the reason of his living o long, replit
with that improvisation for which his conn
;ry is remarkable :
When hungry, of the best I eat,
And dry and warm I keep my feet;
I screen my head from sun and rain,
And let few cares perplex my brain.
The following Vs about- the best' theory oi
the matter: Every loan is born with a cet
lain slock of vitality, which cannot lie if
reaied. but may be husbanded. With thi.-
-iioi k be may live fast or slow may live t
naively or intensively may spread his lit
tle amount of lite over a large space, or nar
row it rtifo a contracted one; but when thic
Itocjc is exhausted lie has no more. He who
livel extensively, drinks pure water, av6bj
all inflammatory diseases, exercises sufficient
ly but not laboriously, indulges no exhaust ing
passion, feeds on no exciting material, pur-
ues no debilitating pleasures, avoids all la
borious and protracted study, preserves an
las? mind, and thus husbands his quantum
of vitality, will live cons
be otherwise would do
while he, on the other band, who lives in
tensely who beverages himself on liquors
and wines, exposes himself to intlammaforv
licenses, or causes that produce them, labors
frond nil strength, visits exciting scenes
mil indulges exhausting passions, and lives
on stimulating and highly seasoned food, it
klwayt debilitated by bis pleasure.
lay ou a blanket gasping for breath.
"Jemmy." said a comrade, and a fiitml ! in curing the hogs, may be equally so in cu
before this cruel war began, with one arm j ri,,iT of that terrible disease cholera,
swung up in a sling, and who was going ''AV'-lWt up an ounce or more of as
, a , i i i , 1 1 t i safcetida, and add say to an ounce a pint o
home on furlough, "Jemmy, what shall I whiskej or othftr of gpirit8i Rnd
tell them at homo for you? "Tell j t1P hoir two table snoonfuls : it produces ai
socks, and made three comforta, all of which have , lbm ' he Ra,d' "t,,at tbere ? ' hf,r,,y i immediate relief, and speedy and permanent
1 1 C . ,T I I 1 I alkaa.au TIia affnl .Ulnh U a rlaaAntV. hurl
been donated to the destitute mldiers in this vicin- enough leit or me to say i. ou;-pom , ,uc -w;- - u.v.v..
i, tm.;. tr,AA iiwi.B ..4 down b-ra a minutf tell Kate there ia the ho?s 9Poken of w"9 t0 CAU9e them t0
j v . a uin - . i mo i n , i iiv hi inaia i cnai i , i i i mi " - -a - -
No Farther Fighting on the Rnpidan.
Nbw York, Dec. 2. The Washington cor
respondent of the Evening Post, of the 1st,
say the courier, employed by the newspa
pers, came in from tien. Meade s headquar
ters early tlis morning. He left the south
side of the Rapidan yesterday morning, and
no serious fighting had occurred up to that
hour. It was not then believed that Meade
would attack Lee before to-day, and it was
considered possible that no battle would be
fought, as the army only carried rations for
a verjl brief campaign. It will have to fight
soon or fall back for fresh supplies. It is
possible that when Meade has finished the
work he bus undertaken, he will fall back
upon Fredericksburg, though nothing is
At 5 o clock thia
known upon that point
: . i . 1 .1 : .. : . - i 1 , , l . . : -i I .u- f ................ I,,.., 1 u
- . ir.. .11 I J i vomik luc uiusi uinaui iiik mm luniusumc rvciiinir nif uu-iiinrin una iccncu iiuiu-
exiraple worthy to be followed by all. Iu this keen . enough of mo left to love her till 1 die I . TflRS of maUer conceivable from its stomach, ! ing from the Rapid in, and in official circles
and biting weather thoee presents mnit be valued Jemmy got his furlough that DIgbt, and , wrjerj ftn immediate reaction took place and , this fact is accepted as favorable, rather than
abtwe all priee. 1 left the raoki forefor. tha hnfi wire iood ontirelj well. 1 the contrary.

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