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k latla'IMf ! la M4 4,.f M ,k,HMM)
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While! lb miadf of lha mn
t( our ".iif7 it In b prfilf
r.frHwriktl villi lha imimIi; of III
mK (b rnh f our tmj, ll pf
hf.if (iriii tout, thai all ih-iught
of :tmmini Mm i nt !
Ihoro(hlf ignorr Kill ilia, tmj, fill
n . ftrmf, ' ro to b lh unlf 9tJ i I
ofiljr Mm thai (III thir mind and
il ,'.' Th proining. clothing,
ml proeiim of ih an rmy, wamt
MfH to U taUrtd (hir hd
Hn hy rrj, cvcrjbodjr (rifapi
lhm-l ) hnuld t onno noirr (h r
my f ftrjrxidy hotjltl l o wifr and
iMMrtfi (Imlf Urfing, H mat b,)
houldnr Ibcir makai, and entar the
(anted field fur lh war.
Now wa arn (hn Un( pffrtnn in tha
world (o retard enliMtmcnts or throw cold
water upon anj project that has for iu
end amJ mm tlio filling of the rank of
our army, but do believe, and contend,
that a half atarved, half clothed, and half
disciplined army in far lena effective than
one-half their number properly cared for,
and provided in all the neceMariea of
camp life. Therefore it ia we are o per
fectly astonialied at all conscript lawn,
' '4m ! , Ml Ik Mii t,m
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tfl V 4fM 94 np !(
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IfiW IMIM f IM4MN till; Rtrlt .... .M.4 mf K,M.U mf fMll IMMM4 MM flMJMM JMM). tMOfkt
''4 f' ! IHll, 4 Ik I'. ilt.,l1.ikMi iMUfl.f fikfl f mp M 4f. Mffl all pMlli kM !
MikiS IW f MMMMtifl 4fi ite lf a4 m; Mr f4 ikMMit. IMMMMV, r fru 4Mik
r4ri ff)fM f Ur) WkMiHt, 4 'i"iM ir t4f 4l lk k, it. ., -m ' 44 f'trdtf . Mf ik Ti
flag wkiH m'Im 4f M44a II' i 4 ka m I ikt Ha4. kj wm Mom 4n I kM bff . Wm 4miII M ft4
f M tmt i4 k 1 1 ! I
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f IMMM, ti Mm ( tu kMi an4
Mg IMM IM (tll.hl fm A
Hl. f ika li Mm J.m .f. .,-.r, U. wm .i,i V Mwr, u. ..I r,f
kiu ka4t4 lUa lk nt tk M-,.i k)r. aM lkM lha la4tr; flMl, bM
g4 that f allaai aVm al til iM n4m MM
lUg imtia.ir with ikal RWfU Ml ffMla I Cl Rttf tlMwar4 am liMaai4 Cil
I lha ffffOM fl 4gr, that mark MM Vn$nn aa4 hla NfMMM ftl lhf a4nr,
'""I "r k'm hi""! bw M "-mmaol, "il aal'l ha MM) Mi MgtManl ka4 vaa Urn
ha avar making an tiaMpla nf Mfjffgff to mmntim, la ah IpfMg and illg M MfM
ihoff qa4r him, h; foarllag Ida ( af par lha hrag Tank rirlg4a f ihla DfM)rtMg
tl. TMl Ittflpll laa Ur hung (ha front Nf 4ol a raglmaat mora itMarradl wla
llanki ao4 raar of lha aholllloa hull nnlll ! lark a rompllmant
lhay pgfg ,.f,,n.allal to to. a tha rir, whtek
UMf IU In haia, and ffllftl alarm Aftar
having Hla;ad Hharmaa'a corpa for many
lal, hy fJWllfJill annoying hla front, har
aialng kll raar, anl rrpaatflly dathing lata
A rommlMlon appointing fol Plmna a
Brlga.lUr tlanaral, wnuM lia hailed by lha
troopf wndar him aa a walrnm maangr
aail aa an Indlration of a returning tanif of
j'lil apprariallon nf mrlt, fall hy Iho a who
hit vary innht ; tha marrh wai taken np for I Infllriad io many Inefllrlanl tflfffl upon
(ikalona, Mim , wlir th wagon train wai I (ha conntry. Mora Anon.
mat bj tit. Invlnrihla hand of troopa, who,
drr(", in lummer rloth!ng, had marliad
and laid out without tanti, for mora than two
month. Aaldom har troop ever behaved
with more anldlarl derorum, or born up
under aeverer hurdahip with nobler fortitud.
During tlifie brilliant eiploils the fAify.
row Col. Tiuion, f the lit Miai , proved
Matttf n Imro worthy af the raiise of the
South, and entitled to the admiration of bil
goltliera, which is ao freely luriihed upon
him. With hi divoled regiment he wai first
in the on.et and lait iu retreat.
llere lien. Lee could not long permit hii
itnltulmont lava ottl all ..tl,... 1 h n L,,.. I . . .
v. ,.,, 11U wwv mvorite IJriKaiia remain inactive. On the
ing to the efficiency of our army should '28tb of November booti and laddlas were
bo ao totally destitute of hII provision shouted from the bugle's brass tbroru, and
looking to the support of the same as well oon tBe columu moving cheirily on thi
as eupport and maintAitmnce of the fAmi- ro"d t0 ,ue'1 ft bl,nd of rBider8 thl
It. ,J ,i -Uiu l u itart.d on amnsionof their wonted destruc-
vi nuuitii niiu wniiuivll It'll HI IlUUie. I . . . .
,,T, ...... ,,on and t0 teach them a leison on invation,
if iijr il is tuat winisi many 01 our lead- hut (his, like all other thieving forages on
ing men in congress are introducing bill Mississippi soil, more bent on obtaining jew
to take everybody and place them in the el from the finger and ear af our fair
army, no practical man lifts yet appeared 1 ghteri, than on plucking laurels from the
upon the arena and proposed some kenai ' uo""rolp !iri,p- wn "Honors
hle nlan wh-rph llawaaa .. ,n K J on daring deads," Ac. They wre crysta-
, f , , , , v lined with fear, and could not allow our a
umuu u 1CU) we a 10 ger boys to come within the proximity of our
know? In this depariment we all know !ong-st rifle range, much less the gaming
(ne COiTOltlon of the commissariat, and distance of our murderous double-barrels
we all know the necessity of keeping it Al1 niRht long did the frozen ground echo
in a healthy and abundant condiiion. and ine neftV tramP ot our P"-iumg cavalcade,
Whv it is our sensible renresentativpa ,. lh heroic L,Mt Co1 Montgomery, of
,l ... u i ii i . , "e 1st Miss. Just as day was dawning over
tvtlt tha nin Our t K.. mt... .t .... I .. ,-l I I
J the eastern bills the camp fires of the cow
uy lue senseless cry 01 everyoouy to arms, ardly foa were dimly descried in the distance
we cannot comprehend. Overseers and! There they lay, locked in fancied security
farmers, to superintend agricultural pur-1 from the distance they had thrown between
suits, are as essential as muskets in thp the,Dslvs and their pursuers, undisturbed
field, and the politician (bat neglects it,
will learn to the cost of his country, (he
folly and error of his doings.
by the dreams of plunder which bad visited
as cherished pensioners their slumbers of the
night prcrious. Not a moment was to be
lost in tailing upon the marauders. The
quick eye of the Lt. Col. saw that a dean
The Tri-Weekly Citizen has become a creek intervened as an obstacle ta a chare
fixed institution, and we hope our friends on horse, and immediately one hundred men
will form clubs and forward subscriptions as wera dismounted and sent forward to the at
rapidly as possible. Mfith proper encourage- tack, but before a crossing could be effected
meat we can make it the most readable pa- th coveted priie snuffed danger in the first
per that can visit the family fireiide. breath of morning, and seeking saftv iu
-- I flight, put themselves bevond our reach h.
A Fin IIosss roa Sale. By referring to fore we were able to inflict much damaa-e
the advertisements it will be seen that Mr. upon them. And thus terminated what wB
R. W. Stewart offers his fine stallion, Mor- intended as a devastating raid through our
Wf fltracl to. -lay, from the Mlisl.iipp)an,
a portion of a letter from their correspondent,
which accordi with the vlewi we expressed
on th,-name subject a month or two lince.
We bop the uiemhari of Congresi will be
freed from outside influence and preierve the
land from mi. Ii wholesale swindling :
I know of no one rife for it iu this direc
tion but debtor and tpeeulalori, tbos that
have had their debts tid up until cue year
after the war, and ince then selling their
products and property at leu pricei, they
want this done 1 know. As many of tbis
class no doubt have sought teats in th Leg
islature to legislate themselves out of debt,
and could they get Congresi to disregard
iheir oaths by mnking Confederate notes a
legal tender, they would then pay off their
stayed debts at ten cent in the dollar. Tafia
tvculil be very comfortable after gettiug their
debts stayed until one year after the war, to
give thm a chance, a they taid, to pay iu
par funds, lint a one good turn deserves an
other, thy now ask Congress, before tha
courts re open for the collection of those
debts, to make it lawful to pay creditors off
in a currency one thousand par cent, under
par. Is it patfhtie, sir, or honest, after many
of these debtors have been bloating their
pockets with Confederate notes by the gale
of bacon at $3 par pound, beef at 40 cents,
pork at $1, sweet potatoes at $3 par bushel,
and wheat at $5, to ask Congress ta m.ike
the money o obtained a legal tender in the
payment of debts that are not pressing them
at all, uor never, can as the law now stands.
I k peaa4 WkM R-lpfca f"g. tm
ik Hal), tm kia M4ly wu4 i
ffMIMd MM 4 ki larawM rgaate, lllb
W m Vaf -
fff)fy If eat wm ail aft
M...i mi in Hy In ika Hm epa! 4lMaa
tag Mil ta pal M la MftlM ka ker
(for fralelMa) fiibelilajIM.
Tha larlded inleratt Maa!ete4 ky am
bar froM Uril If Ual, rl aMndMnta
frnfoaarl, all Vnla4 4nwa, an4 kill at amend-
i i i It ai fnllfws ffhfat, In irtnt
f irrnmatanrr of ermalfy ll rqalri ' nf
all whr. are able to h-ar arm, Coagrita do
enart that no parion lhall ha esawpl frnm
military irvlr ky raoa of hating fnraltk
rd a luhttltull, provided that nothing in for
trier rlatu shall k io conitrued ai to r
lleva lubstltutel from any obligation r lia
bility conlra tad or asiumed by him ai aurb
unbttitute, but (bit art shall no( b io eon
slrued ai to affect perioni who, (hough aot
liable (o render military duty, have never
theless put in mbitilutei. Thin bill wae
adopted by vote of fifty-two (0 thirteen. A
motion to reconsider was voted down by a
large majority,
liouie paused a bil) agreed to by Senate
yesterday, to pay provisional Ooternment of
Kentucky one million dollars to clothe Ken
tucky soldiers. Dill Await President's ap
proval. Senate bill to protect members from
passport agents waf voted down twenty
nine to twenty-eight. Senate bill to allow
farmers to pay potatoe tax in money passed ;
and awaits th President's signature.
Military committee reported back bill here
tofure referred to them to repeal act authori
zing destruction of property as military ne
cessity, with recommendation that it do not
pass it, was placed on calender. President
sent Senate a communication from Secretarj
of War, in response to inquiry as to who it
now filling office of Quartermaster General,
which elicited lengthy speeches, somewhat
severe' ob the President for appointing Gen.
L..tviou to that office, charging that it. wa-e
without authority of law.
gan, for sale, on next Monday
No Papua on Satuaoat. There will be no
paper issued from this office on Saturday
next. Printers wish to enjoy the holidays a
well as other people.
If Anything exciting should come over the
wires, we will, however, issue extras.
Scarcely had these gallant troopers return
ed from driving back the insolent raiders
in whose pursuit thej had ridden for hours ;
until their clothes frose on them, when the
ever active Lee had planned new achieve
ments in a different quarter. Moscow, they
were told is to be attacked by you, and the
until one year after the war? Now, sir, is
not enough for creditors to have their claim
laid upon the ihelf, and tested by the Confed
erate and State Governments the same as
property that are making products to sell at
the above exorbitant price without forcin
on them a currency at par which i not wort
more than ten cents in the dollar? lias thi
war, sir, caused all honor to disappear be
tween man and man ? Have we made a con
stitution to protect the weak against th
strong ? Or have we made one to be expand
ed or contracted a a slip of India rubbe
into every ahape that majorities may desir?
If io, our lives and property are not protect
ed under the Government we are now fight
ing tor.
Absent from thi Armt. The New
York Journal of Commerce say that "the
number of officers who are absent on fur
lough cannot easily be estimated, but it
must be something prodigious, judging
from the crowds of them who overflow
the hotels and make up a Urge per cent
age of the pedestrians of Broadway.
And yet we should suppose that at no pe
riod of the war was the presence of erery
available officer and soldier in the field
more imperatively required than just at
this time." New York, it seems, is not
singular io this respect. The Pbiladel
Our friends will confer great favor Memphis and ChArleston Railroad torn up at pbia Ledger says : "This city seems to be
by furnishing us any late Yankee papers Saulsbury, as a diversion in favor of Gen
they may chance to get, also anything local prret on bis march into Tennessee, At the
of interest. Letters from the front or differ- heftd of Dne Brigade, with supplies of arms
ent branches of the Army, short And pithy, a,,d mUBiiona of war, for the many volun
very acceptable. le" who are exp ctd to fall into bis com-
;--- mand in that State. The railroad was torn
Js" Mr. Train's railway omnibus io up for several miles, when they immediately
Paris has bad a collision with the car- marched upon Moscow. In this expedition
riage of Princes Napoleoo, who rcei?e4 ws re Ross' Ferguson's and Chalmers' Bri-
a shgbi coaumioil in the rib. g,,, Wkta j.itbit . ,ft dilUDCf 9 ibf
full of officers and privates who apparent
ly hare do other business here than to
promenade the streets and lounge in ho
tels and bar-rooms. Our exchanges sat
isfy us that Philadelphia is not singular
iu this respect."
A man that astonishes at first, soon makes people
The following articles we copy from the
St. Louis Democrat, of the 9th just.
Rumors generally credited that Gen. Pleai
anton has been appointed to the army of the
Potomac. It is reported that Gen. Sedgwick
and Warrn were previously tendered the
command, but declined.
B t Tt.Eu's Oaosa. Gen. B. has issued a
lengthy order relative to colored troops, the
effect of which is to call upon male negroes
to volunteer to fight for the freedom of their
race, and instruct every officer and soldier
of his command, to aid the forwarding of ev
ery colored person into our lines. Negro
soldiers are to be paid a bounty of $10 and
$10 per month, while their families are to be
furnished with subsistence. Gen. Butler, in
hi order, calls on Congress to place negro
soldiers on the same footing as others.
WaSHixcTON, Dec. 8. The army of the Po
tomac preparing winter quarters.
Advices from the army of the Potomac ud
to last night state all was quiet. Our troops
are working like bees on their camps, to make
tuem comfortable.
The Boston Commercial Bulletin relates
the following amusing experiment of Henry
Ward Beecher :
When the steamer Asia on her last trio
over reached Halifax, and the crew had be
gun to break out the cargo, which was to be
landed there, (but which it afterwards be
came too evident, was to go much further
South,) Henry Ward Beecher and a few oth
ers got ashore to stretch their legs by a. walk
on the pier. The firat case of goods came
hard, And the force on the fall and tackle was
ncreased by the voluntary offer of the Rev.
Heary Ward Beecher, whose Additional mus
cle on th rope, speedily brought ont the case
bang on the wharf.
He was somewhat aghast, however, to find.
as his friends gathered about the river to ax.
amine it, that he "bad leant a hand" to landa
ease of mtukett for the Southern Confederacy.
The Memphis Argue states that
the Hawkeye States was fired into recent
It by gurerrillaa some twenty-five miles
Above the city. The Aroue ssts several
shots struck the boat, bat ne one wm in
jam. on board.

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