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flic American Citizen.
w e k k i . y .
n v jour r . n o w 6 t h ,
ii. c knrpm, Anrra Bbrob
1 800.
The Philadelphia Erening Trie
graph, in ii iiialimiiit iirlkrk iiKn
PnMnl Joanaon's retirement from
ottlre, says :
Mr. Johnson umgl 4wWll1 himself
that, iiimn retiring from the " mmI
exulted X)sillcill ill the -jiff nl" il free
people," In- has been evet Haitian
nM ny a loe tit gain; t lint M re
NHiusil)ility l'w wui"s or bloodshed
rests a)ou Him; thai hi thoughts
)i.if In-eu those "I pMM, and tlmt
hit r(Tbrt mm been ever to allay con
trillion il ninny, his counf I men.
Thi1 IMiihulcl phia flit or aajra this
in a bitter tone, lint Mr. .lolmson had
a pronil and noble and exalted iipM
to congratulate himself as did.
Misiionis vece Mmara with a bitty
consciousness of their truth. He felt
(hut, whether lie was appreciated or iul w-r are admonisbn
not. anil whether he hail made mis
takna or not, he had rendered much
sen ice to his country anil to man
kind, anil honestly endeavored to
render much nunc. It was his priv
Rage to rememlier and to realize, that
oi the three departments of the (iov
1 1 unit, bis own, though acting un
der the most appalling disadvan
tages, had best performed its ottliga
tions. He could poise himself upon
the knowledge that, whilst Cosgrea
the Kepu oilcan Congttsae that terri
ble and acathing indictment an in
ilictnient as severe and truthful as
thai died bj tla t'olonics against the
tyrant, George 111. thai he wrote
his larcw ell adtlres.-.." And unless
their hides are as impervious as that
fa rliiiioceaaa, every word be utter -
eel pierced the epci'lei inis of each of
hi Snnorahtt eongrearianal adveraa
lies and Dialigurra, lite Parthian ar
i rows.
I'.nt Andrew Johnana needs no da
i'en-e. nor does his policy." The
j ( 'oust i t u t ion is his defense and his
annua inessaxes expounding it, and
MpportinR " it, as he had sworn to
do. stand out in hold relief, grand
and rothjeua-Hke, aa an evidence of
his pui Ity of purpose, as well as great
ability, and a sullieicn! answ er to the
sneers" of his enemies.
Ami the above from the Ciari'rr-
Joinmil. ill answer to the Philadel-
Ihia En ing THeymni, is a sntli
cicntly conclusive vindication of the
trnthftilneKM ol' his claims in his
'farewell address," as to fidelity,
honesty, patriot Ian, and a lack of
mercenary motives, in the execution
of his great otlicc."
klr. Johnson, in burning a parting
address to the people, had the illus
trious examples of Geo. Washington
am! Andrew Jachson.
Our planting friends may have be
come tired of seeing article ill news
papers uinler the aoove caption.
a not to weary in well doing," and it
is our duty to do all we can for the
general weal, and to give snch ad
vice its we believe wholesome and
good. Acting from this motive, are
beg to call the attention of the farm
ing class to the following article from
the Aiigtstn (ia.) Chronicle anil Sen
Hurl :
Ld.torial Brevities and News Items. LETTER FROM NEW ORLEANS, decided, I believe, whether preach- the only means they have to defend I
v- n vi i-.' ers have to obtain a special license, themselves and the people; anil!
They are complaining in Vicksburg HatW Orleans, March 15,'flg. j If they da, it is pretty certain that while it should never be done hasti
of high taxes and exorbitant rtaits. I 1)I:AR " Bos '' the 'hat " will have to " passround" ly nor unadvisedly, the legislator!
We might do the same here but' Other and pressing engagements a few times before some of them will should never hesitate to lay down his i
orevented me from wi itiiiu vim last ' nine iu -mi an eppoinimem." commission wnenever, in ins opin-
i 1 s i. . ;i t U ,.ir... .. ii.- : ... : .. : t ia i.. .l. .
---1, ,,.! T l,,.m . INi; DJ "I lilioaoc ...ii ucruTOUail lull, II) iciillll UWVUIU DC U1C OCC3- !
w hat good would complaining do f
'Clm 1 ili. i, 1,1 anat. ,11.1 nut sicriolis-
. . , .. ... . , , moment, I'll " take my pen in band
h damage the truit in Marshall conn- i . ' 1
.. . . ... , to inform yon" ot some things that
tv. Neither was so much iniurv done I .
, have transpired here sinco inv last,
here as was at first supposed. 1
Rome things now in their transition
The Forest BegMtr says th Uate, and some things we dream of,
were icicles there on the 0th .list, six as Wmx(cr , uy
niches long. I iikc some preachers I know of, tor-
It is said that Katohea in .pf the text before 1 get through with
four weeks, is to he the scene of a j ,i,e sermon, or some of my " third
regular prize tight. We hope IM y M;ifNttt tMfitdowsia,
(.eneral in comuiano will issue aa i .,:.. rmwaum&. von are foreai mn.l ; i, ,.,'.,r
.mo ,
In the language of a country
friend, " we are mighty scarce oh
for money here." Very limited
transactions are had npon the stock
boarcs. I5ut after all the stringency
in the money market is to be Hit Fib
uted nioie to caution and prudence
than to scarcity. In financial and
sion of a wrong.
We observe in the Indianapolis
Journal that the resigning members
are sharped wRh having niajmoaea
the time for their resign ition, and it
is said they might, with lot danger,
have remained long enough to have
perfected the proper financial mea
sures. There is pro! ab'v somethi ie
onic r to prevent me uiagracenu aau mny COIISOie yomself with (hi
brutal exhibition. homespun beatitude, '-blessed are
An advertisement in the Hands- j (bey that expect nothing for they
boro Drmocrttt calls for five hundred shall not be disappointed."
laborers to work on the New Orleans ;
and Mobile Railroad. Tin
commercial circles first, the work of to be said upon the other side of the
reform seems to have begun, which question. It is not impossible that
wilt necessarily force itself through 1 while the appropriation bills were
every department of business. Our used as a lever to assist the amend
ecklessness of money, and 'incut, the amendment was employed
extravagance in trade has to be to farther the success of propositions
checked efe the country regains its tor outlays of which the minority did
former prosperity. i not approve. With persons who
We are all at sea in regard to the openly manifested their dishonesty,
administration. The teleeranh tells and do not hesitate to pain bv I rick -
Well, the first thing to be noted in conflicting rumors. Fncle Sa mT err what they could not by fairness.
first commercial circles is, that business Grant seems to be in the fog him ; it is always sate to look out for dot
On the firtt day of January, 1869. fa Cvmplimtt with State Latet. ' .
1st. The name of the Company is the Phnnir ltrat Caarjnwy, and is
located at Hail or !,(.'onii.
2d. The amount of Capital Stock is $00,060 0r
3d. The amount of its Capital Stock paid up is tW0 00
4th. The Assets of the C ompany nre aa Follows :
Cash on band and in Bank $33, W 54
Cash in hands of agents and in course of transmis
sion 118,436 30
Bills receivable for loans, secured bv personal and
spadeful of dirt for the track, was generally, is " falling off."' We hare
throw u ap near that place on the 4th j had so much rain and cold weather
The Raymond
road advertises in
New Orleans for the last two
and Bottsn Hail- ' months, that we arc surprised to find pieity good soldier, but, h
the Hinds Countv the first tair, sunslnnv day, intro- ; imnij a oiu.mciiug pnot
(inc ite for contractors.
There are 5M American
the Gernaaa Universities,
l.ooii more at German
Population of Boston two hundred
and forty thousand.
Oregon has 21 quartz mills engag
ed in muting operations,
Mrs. Beecher Stowe'a celebrated
farm ru Florida is for sale. It is
said to have proved anything but a
Beecher says black is not God's
I duces us to the middle of March,
pupils at I VaasDy by this time, planters in the
ad over c mn,r.v bave corn up and are almost
ready tor ttie " working ot the crop,
but from all parts, we learn that the
planting is very backward. "From
October to the first of March is t lie
harvest time with merchants here ;
for during these months they have a
great ' run in the retail trade," be
8 iles their sales to country mer-
i b nits
mer their transactions are mostly
with the latter, and the country peo
ple being occupied with their crops
do not come to the city, but do their
"shopping" neaier home. Bv-tbe-
by, il might be to the mutual ad van
He will have to "come to"
tie up " very Boon, or his craft
will very rooB " spring a leak " j
among the snags. He mav be a
is cer
for the
diip of Stale. Like the man who was
fighting a brush heap, he knows
there is a snake in the heap some-
wneie, ami fie is iiMng i get cini thirty (lavs longer. The resolution
out. Grant limit at least, that there (i0PSI10t eft-pet Mississippi.
Georgia House has ratified loth
Telegrams in Brief.
j Washington, March 10. More
Indian troubles in California and
i Arizona.
The tenure of disqualified offiee
I holders in Virginia is continued for ,
We nre fearful lest the present
had proved recreant and treacherous , , , . " . , sll.1 ,
... ta ,-,.... .(,,.!. .iml .vl.llklt '
to its irreat trust, and w hilst even
the Supreme Court had faltered and
failed iii a great national emergency,
he, standing up alone, bad struck
bravely, however unsuccessfully, for
the people.
Mr. Johnson had good cause to
Georgia Hunter to devote too much
of his land this year to the prod lie
tion of that staple to the neglect of
a full corn crop. Such a policy, if
adopted, will surely lead to the ruin
of those w ho engage in it. We care
not what price cotton may bung.
ose planters who
prosper is to secure lull and
ample provision crops.
We hear a great deal of nonsense
talked these days about its being
cheaper to buy bacon than to raise
it, wiicn a pound of cotton will bring
.1 I In ........1.1...
though malignant enough to ,lttfy i pounll ol bacon ; s.n.l tlmt an acre of
any false hood by which they could Kwl laml planted in cotton wW nag
hope to destroy bun, never aacused h at
him of being mercenary, never charg- ,,;,, '.orn as three or
ed him with being influenced by pe will prodnes. Those who
cuniary greed , never asidafhiM tha jn act av,OT(l
he cither acaettesd eS couitfciWDced JTU these theories w ill always
in iuvi hi tui i u j m inn in .i n ui if
color, ;uul he liati s it.
! ..f tl.., - - . , I......
Uncago shipped 19 bushels of m,T,,,,ats if such svstem was adopt
wheat in IS.!,. The amount ahipped ed as would obviate the necessity,
in 1868 was 10,900,000 bushels. altogether, of these annual visits to
Heading, Fa., lias reelected a i prleans. The conn try mer
cuaiii lias it in un powci to cuuuoi
j a vast amount of trade that he loses
now. In all conscience the tariff
upon necessaries is high enough,
ri'linn ii!it'ii?ii.ii f MUM fi ret . Ii 'i il a lui t
New Jersey has produced a boy of then the per c. ntage charged upon
gouds purchased in the country is
awful. If the country merchant
would be content wiln smaller pro
are some where among his numerous
friends and admirers, men fitted for
cabinet officers among the the com
pany of politicians, and he has been
beating about to find such. After
all, be is compelled to take some into
his council who have become notori
During the spring a.fd sum- '' oh ae, uess, am. pa. u7.au
ivrinif;. J hi. iiv ii j'1'..-i'iv.iiL tit
nothing else displayed greater weak
ness than in his vain attempt to go
between, and build up a party of his
own. The Radicals will force him to
commit himselt for or .against them.
Evidently a quarrel between Pres
ident Grant and the Senate.
The House considers a proposition
to divide States, as well as make
Kx-President Johnson leaves to- j
morrow for Tennessee.
Secretary Fish has assumed charge
of the State Department.
A new army order assigns Sheri
dan to the Missouri Division ; (mark
the dav with a white stone !) and
collateral security. .
Bills receivable for loans .secured by real estate.
Stock and Binds as follows, viz: Par Value.
7 o shares United States Trust Compa
ny's stock, New York &"KK)
200 shares Fourth National Hank stock
Xew- York, 10,000
100 shares Metropolitan Nation. Rank
sfm-fe Xew York 10.000
100 shares MauTs & Merchants Bank
stock, Xew York, 10,0W
400 share Mechanics' National Bank
stock, Xew York, 10,000
200 sharcsMercbants" Fxchangc Nation
al Bank stock, Xew York. ,.10,000
100 snares Merck's X'l B'k stock, X. Y. 5,000
57,740 00
87,800 00
Market Value,
T 45,540 09
X'l Hide Ac IA- B'k
Fa's&Me'sV irk
City X'l B'k stock
iEtna Nl IVk
Phoenix X'l Bk "
Mercant'e XI B'k "
State Bank
Hartford X'l B'k
Conn. Kiver H'k
Amer. N1 B'k "
Democratic mayor by Hit Majority
Isabella now thinks she will ab
dicate " in favor of her son.
congratulate himself, in retiring from Bt (il,'t
the! bid Mag.sti-acy,.that " -ho had mmM 'rrt,0
ecroeeii uuiuuueiiccii o uic line
of gain," and that ' no responsibili
ties toi w ar or bloodshed rested 11)1011
him." Hundreds of charges were
made against him, yet one never was
made. Kven bis worst enemies.
twelve who weighs 300 pounds.
" luaiigurat ion prayer meetings''
were held on the 1th inst., in various
parts of the country.
The little 1 5,000 per annum' ar
rangement for the w idow of the late
lamented, was killed in the Senate on
the Sth inst.
in vain may ne say, - Let us nave r:e.m,-,i n.nt tr, ti.,.t ot th. h,h,
peace," while he ignores his affiaity xhis W)mpriscs tha 4lh Militarv Dis
with Hie party that elected bun. The trict, beadqnartors at Lewrsrille.
only thing that will reconcile them to Gen. Thomas goes to the Pacific;
his persistent - su ubbing," is, that Scholicld goes to Missouri ; Howard
he is to them a necessity. They coats to Louisiana ; until his arrival
could not have succeeded with any Gen. Mower will lie in command,
other candidate lor President and jphst Military District is added to
they must " liear sod forbear " to Atlantic Diviaioo.
retain their power under his admin- Senate will probably suspend the
lstration. j teiiure-of-office act. Grant smokes
Mississippi seems 10 oe aoaw prei in iasterlv inactivity.
X. B'n X'l li'kst'k, X.Britain, 15,(Wtt
Citizens'XIB'k Waterbnry.l5KK)
Water y X'l B'k " 10,000
Niagara D't B'k " Canada, 5,000
li d Trust Com. " Uiirtlord.Z0,000
Holyoke Water P'rOo. stock 10.000
Michigan Central It. B. " 20,000
f pr. ct. in. 10,000
The new
forms. was no itching palm."
lie was content to be poor when be
might have been rich. Goldenshow
ers fell around him. yet he sought
not to stand within the droppings of
the yellow ram. And he was the
friend of peace. He sought to give
it to aUafCtiOBS. He put forth his
utmost exertions to UunnOBixe sec
tiaaa divisions, to bring to the earli ,
est ponalbh close the unnatural con
dltiotl of things lelt as a horrid lega
cy of the w ar, and to restore t the
whole BSOpk the harmony that be
longed to them in our Arcadian age.
It he hud bam "entirely great," be
would have succeeded. He was not,
and he failed, and his failure was one
af the world's calamities. Courier
Jovmat. Strange as it might h thrmglit.
others besides Radicals have snccn d
at Mr. Johnson's farewell address.
1 lemocrats Si iiitbern Dcinocra t s 1 00.
for whom he has battled and endiir
ed much, by defending the Constitu
tion, the bulwark of our liberties,
Democrats have had the ingratitude
to ilnit, instance the following from
the Jackson Clarion, of the !th inst :
I'mu.kxhLauiu. The parting ad
dies, of Mr. Andrew Johnson to the
p.-irpli nt the t'nited States. expound
ing and vindicating his " policy."
Who ever pauses before the glories
of the rising sun, to think of the sun
that has set t
" The glories of the rising sun
forsooth. God save the mark!
Grant is the " rising sun," and any
" glory " can be discerned in his ris
ing, the gazer must Is- blest with ea
gle like optics, and iiossessed of a
tenfold magnifying lorgnette!
The "setting sun"! AXUIXW
JoUNSON the selling MM I Xo, kit
sun will never set until it gors down
iu a blaze of glory that shall leave a
long track of ineffaceable brilliancy
behind it. Andrew Johuou has only
let? 1 1- Presidential chail to become
Governor of Tennessee, and in the not
distant firtine. to represent that State
again in fh Senate of the I'nited
States. As sure as the sun is in the
lie i ens to day. this is Andrew John
BMMIOaathqr. He will yet meet his
foes nt Phflippi. Our i-ontemporarv's
siniilie, or MStaplnr, is malapropox.
lint we wouhl Uke to kasw it' Mr.
Johnson had not a right to address
the people of the I'nited States in
taking leave Of them as their Chief
Magistrate, and if there was the
slightest impropriety, or indelicv, in
His doing so. Pat four years he had
fceeu Chief Magistrate of the nation
in that position he had come in
conflict with 111 great party the par
ty that elected Mm -by which he
had been called traitor, apostate,
renegade had been traduced, vitll
be poor. Their stock and work
animals will never bo able, to per
lorin full work, and every living
thing about the plantation w ill speak
trumpet -tougued agaiust such a falso
It matters not bow much cotlon
the planter produce, he can never
make large net gain so long as he is
compelled to purchase at high prices
everything consumed in making the
crop. A large crop of cotton made
in I his way wouhl tend to depress
prices while the extraordinary de
mand for grain and provisions, grow
ing out of a failure on the part of
cotton planters to make their own
supplies, would send prices up. This,
tiara, lathe inevitable result to be
derived Irom large cotton to the ex
clusion of corn planting low priced
cotton- high priced corn lean and
weak work stock starved farm ani
mals empty pockets shoeless chil
llrna threadbare clothing ami sour
lisposit ions
however, that they have to give high
prices for cotton, and must charge
liigh prices for goods. But the coun
try merchant need not buy a bale of
cotton. Many of them have paid
Church, the artist, has been win- more for cotton one hundred and
tering among the Arabs. What can fifty miles, aye, and further than this
he Bedouin ? Bujfalo JSxpret. (from Xew Orleans, than the same
Perhaps he is looking after the i article count ne sout tor here, ami
1 then they have to pay Height, oray-
age, commissions, &c., beside. 1 am
Canada j not alone in the opinion that the
country merchant and the planter
x- f would both be benefitted by the
111 New ,. ,. , .;.
iiuuiui acting inciciy as nuippei
for the latter, making such advances
to him iu money or in supplies at a
reasonable profit, as would be safe
in view of the market. Let the cot
ton be sold here by experts iu the
business, returns made, the planter
receive the full benefit of bis labor
and the merchant's bill paid out ot
tlie proceeds. One of the best cotton
factors in the city and once a country
merchant of many years experience, '
gave me this last Saturday as his
conviction : For the last few days
the market has been dull. But cot
ton will not materially decline after
this. On '.be c;ntrary, there is every
reason to believe that the cotton
grades will advance The revolution
in Cuba may cause an advance in the
Arabian Knights' tails.
Tlie snow on some of the
railroads is 34 feet deep.
In 15,000 tenement houses
York, 489,090 persons manage to live. '
A German lady bus received her
diploma as Doctor of Dental Surgery
to Philadelphia.
At the funeral of James T. Brady, !
just before the body was removed '
from the house. Gen. Daniel E. ,
Sickles entered the room, and as he
looked anon the face of his dead
friend, burst into tears and repeated
ly kissed him.
The Baltimore 9mf eei respondent
says the remains of irz were found
entirely naked, not a patch of cloth
ing being found in the box. His
skull had also been removed, leaving
only the trunk and limbs.
A lawful fence in North Carolina
must be horse high, bull strong
and pig tight."
Louisiana members elect (Demo-
C'anlon, .TIinn. (
Office outh ide at PuLlic Square, over C. II.
FKttkm & Bio s nIuit.
IjTlLI, practice in :ill the rounties composing
the Fifili .Judicial District.
M.irch 20. 1? J
Enterprise Fire & Marine
Insurance Company,
JANUABY 1ST, 1869.
Main' has refused, in the lower
House to abolish capital punishment oat for the season, and notwithstand
tv well "out in the cold.
appointees to omce, seem, so tar, to rratiel harm intention of icsim.
fits he .vould make larger sales, and m'T Ptbta ing.
thus make more monev. It is plead ''ended, and as your late Provisional n
uovernor vines is nan 111 commanq
of tae Military District, and subse
quent appointments are to be made
by him, until y ou get reconstructed,
it is to be hoped that such role will
be made out as will be satisfactory.
I am fully persuaded, aye, more and
more confirmed every day ot the cor
rectness of the view which yon know
I have entertained, that it is better
for tlie people ot Mississippi to re
cognize the fact that Gen. Lee did
really surrender. 1 shall alw ays think
that Mississippi would have done
better for herself if while that noble
old Roman, Sharkey, was provisional
Governor, she had improved the op
portunity to wheel fully into line,
and then gotten control of all her
own affairs sooner than she will be
able now to do. Kut her true inter
est at present is to let Congress and
the President do their do, and all
hands go to work and make a living
for themselves nnd families. 1'oli
tics won't pay the masses. A few
mav live bv the trade, but onlv a I
few'. The people can onlv piosner j The men of tlrc 0Mpny rt j fn'lnwj :
and be happy bv fostering indus- 1 00 h;nd b"k3.
, ,. 1 1 J -, ,. . n 1 Bills receivable, preou-
tnal, literary and religious enter- um notes s,cured, $59,819 i6
priars. Let every boy learn some ! Bills receivable, etort-
useful art. Let all our ocoole con- enee noic,
tribute to establish free schools, and, Bills recfirtle, loans
..1 i, 1 . , - - on colluternb,
iuuc cm, irt no i rrniji 11 iz.c um uuu . r. i i I f
price ot sugar and molasses, tnose p r; "I, J . v .. i
who have not bought their supplies n!tmf l.gious trntb. erecting
for the rear w ill regret they did not churches, and supporting an eflicie.it
provide for this thing, if they conld 'st"y- Faea will " the solitary
Lave done so I B,aee be m.uleglad, and the wilder- ,
Sineo mv last. T,t. Unv. Dunn's """" ."-J""-" ""' '-" tuc
menagerie, on Royal street, closed
1 lartford City Bonds,
New Britain Water " 7
Minneapolis Water " 10
C'o& XAV. 1 st M'e U.K. " 7
Mil. & St. P'ls " " 8
Indiannp's&Cin. B.lf. " 7
Xorth Missouri U.K. ' 7
Detroit City " 7
Toledo City " ti
Cincinnati City "7310
Tennessee State " 6
Connecticut State " b'
California State " 7
San Franetsco " 7
Ohio State stock of '71" C
Missouri State Stock " 6
L'.S. Slock. G'sofSl.1" (',
U.S. Stock, '5-20.S,' 6
Aecumlatcd Interest,
Total Assets,
Total Liabilities,
Boston. 5,000
30,0. 0
92,172 50
4,975 20
$1,467,835 60
131,SiO (52
5th. The greates amount insured in any one risk in special eases is 2" WO,
Oth. The amount insured in any one city, town or village, dependPajion
its size and how it is built.
The amount in any one block, depends as above.
Certified copv of the Charter of the Company on file.
H. KKLLOGU, President
I)- W. C. SKILTOX, Secretary, ' 1
Connty of Hartford. (
IJ.tRTFORD, Jan. ffh, 1$6. .
The Name of the Company i Enter-
prise Fire and Marine Insurance .
Company. It is located in Cincin- Personallv appeared H. Kellogg, President, and D. V. C. Skilton.
nati. Ohio Capital Stock. One ' Secretary of the Ffmnix Insurance Company, and severally made oath that.
Million Dollars. Amount naid up, the above Statement bv them s-nlwicribe'd. is ti nt- :uTonlin-r in their hvmt .
and ttcottif thousand . kuu JcUc um Ot-lici.- B
GKO, M. SPEXCEK, Juatice of the Psaoe.
Itco undrtil
44J4S 87
71t3H4 9.'
25,. 107 01
757 75
Let us bave peace."
X. X. X.
The experience of our planting by ninety tie to forty-five.
friends w ill bear us out in the decla
ration that planters will not feed
sufficiently when they have to, buy
provisions They will also purclmw!
cheap supplies musty corn, poor
bacon, etc which in turn produces
disease among their stock and often
heavy loses in ihe very MidM of the
olowiui; season. Have we all for
gotten so soon the distress and want ties, gewgaws
and disease of the year 1807, follow- tjWM, gf n.
ing an almost total taunre 01 ine
ierap of 18M 1 Will not planters be
"! warned in time of a like and iinmi
jf : nent danger grow ing out ot a failure
to try to uiaKe pjovisions :
Dftfh of Jamos Diane.
We regret to learn from theCreens
boro Democrat that this gentleman
died at his residence, iu Choctaw
county, on the Ht'n inst. Col. Diane
had been conlined to his room with
a third attack of paralysis, but was
supposed to be recovering, having
been able to sit up, write letters,
and transact other business,
j Col. Diane bad represented bis
county in the legislature, and was
President Of the Serrate a number of
years. lie was aged about 01. We
sy mpathise w it h his family iu their
sad bereavement.
ItKDUOTIOH fit' I'akk. It will be
noticed in our advertising columns
I hat the Vicksbnrg and Meridian rail
road are now issuing ticket - to New
York and all eastern cities over the
new RtntSBl a great reduction of fare.
The oAreva of this road deserve great
credit for ther individual and gen
eral untiring energy in opening and
establishing this route to the eastern
cities: the .shortest, speediest and
cheapest, and of com se most popular,
now leading to thi' great head enr-
A bill to remove to capital of
Georgia from Atlanta to Milledge
ville. is now (lending in the Legisla
ture, and late information indicates
that it will jrass.
It is about time, we think, the old
lady had laid aside all such frivoli-
and trappings. At
110 matter if she has
gained a gvsat lawsuit, she has
nothing to gain by such empty dis
play. Verily , as the preacher saith,
" All is vanity smd vexation of spir
it." At the' inauguration ball Mrs.Oen
eral ( iaines was attired in black and
gold lama dress, trimmed with gold
fringe, blue bonnet and diamond
jewel ly
ing the mania lor "snows, regani-
. less of expense, our people were real
ly glad when tho 'curtain tell."
This miserable collection of ' black
spirits and white " was certainly the
most demoralizing exhibition ever
witnessed by the people of Xew Or
leans Under the semblauce of le
gislation, '.here was throughout the
session, constant scheming, day and
night, to rob the people of their
money and deprive them of their
A Northwestern View of the Row.
From Hit St. Louis Republican. March 8.
Ihe Democrat presents a pretty
8,309 00' 113,128 03
p.ntK and iu
course of lraiismiri?:'on,
Balaoce due on personal tu-cotinU
for preniinrd,
Due by insurance companies,
U. S. 5 29 lionils, par
$40,000, wurlh $43,350 00
t" . H. 10 1 Bonds, par
oo,o,o. worth C3 375 00
Tt-MH (' fii'r ct. Bonds
jia' 20 nilO. .,-urlli 14.200 00 120 925 00
W recking t.'i nipnv Stock, rj-4.000
wurth 3 MO 00
Accrued Itilercsl nd rents due 3,854 32
Ail utber Vei-uril'ies, including
trie Stock NuteS, which are se.
cured and subject lo call by the
Board of Directors, 789.035 27
Itcnl Estate unincumbered, 1W.130 69
Canton, Miss., March 20, ISCit 3w.
The Hew Orleans
E. H. GOffLD, Agent.
Parcel Express, Cassell & Baughn,
Office No. 1 Bank PIa?o, c5r. of !
Gravier St. , New Orleans,
FFEItS BTraauat farilitirs
ther. together and tranrtf
lo id! shipper ; ca
r- unv number uf
Packages of Merchandise
the tsnwineM prt af
11. uep'it
heavily charged bill of indictment
against the Democratic members of
the Indiana Legislaturetor their re
cent resignation, saying that " it is 1
one of the latest exhibitions of tho
liberties. So nerfectlv drilled were spirit ot mortem democracy, and will
the various "rings" that only rais- d' to record as an evidence of the
ing the finger by one of the leaders atter recklessness and lack of man
was sufficient to bring all the clique liness, not to use a harsher term, 1
to their feet in support of any mea which snch corrupt partisans are ca- j
sure designed to sutain u onopolies pable of," The Democrat goes on to
aasj " f ratai r tin nests" of adven- enumerate Ihe disastrous effects of
turers, and scalawags. Meu were sae movement ; lauure oi apprvprra
bought and sold every day. The tion bills, cost and delay ot'new elec
colored members were for the most tions, and more sessions of the Lev-
I aa j t he. kaasa t-i i Ice i w i Ii n I W li i w . crislnturt. and wo are called nron to
.. ii.. oi.i. i i fciuir first tiulv swoni. thai ihev are
w -k T I li r- I' 1 M I ' I i 1 III miS&l-tn 1 1 1 I N ' 11 t 1 : 1 Ili'N " -
to (MR addrtsn, IrttlTl
city U tlie Jacktun Ii
the tollowHig
Xot px'-ep(lins SO I'". in weight
Ovr 50 l and 'itider 500 tba
Ettcb additional I'.'O lb
or vice versa nl
.S5 cpnts.
50 ct-ntn.
.10 cruts.
Sl,337,:68 S'J
Due on personal ttccounts Sr2 j0
Due ins. coinianie3, 1,327 09
Losses adjusted nnd due, None,
Losses adjusted mid not
due, 44,014 55
Losses unadjusted, esti
mated, 37,000 00
Losses unadjusted and
resisted, 24,327 12 107, S21 26
Asscls over Liabilities, $1,229,647 56
Parrffftsc mnde, targe or small, at :
IjOitest nett cash prices,
without rohnte nr return en inmiisiou from ssller, I
and good tnutuft'rieil in one shipment, snij-ctlo.
OSF. DBAYAGS ONLV.ntahw rates.
jrOi ders fur lim lis if mn-t he aci-otiipflnieil
hy rilnittiinees il there is a surplus the amount
w:il le returned hy mail nr BspmsM as inatructeij. !
Oriniiial invnifes iurniherl in all cades, aud per
fect satisfaction guaranie-.d.
. St.
i ffMtttoa Cirsmrv,
John W. Barttrell and
V. t Uichardson.
The New Cabinet.
Grant's Cabinet at present-
-if be
ever lor wain vi sense tu u tu- . . r. - VTT ! resoectivelr Vice President nd Seereten of
wise. i"1 sorts, blind, lame, neat and Enterprise Insnrance Conipaur of
A friend remarketf ra my presence , uunio, orpnaucti ami lunatic, aim me Cincinnati, and that the above and loiego
Forwarding Attended to Promptly.
L I.. ,t mUmmmma it uii,ca thr. tut financial management
ii i r.i , i .. i ; ,.,, r , i A state of things financially has ex
iki.iii tn i (iu i cirgi aaj irMinis-a
to dav, that the Radicals have man- contents ot tnc jaus aim penitent ta
ifeste'd consummate skill in their ; nes, wandering disconsolately over
This is true. ; the land, turned loose m default of
tics ut trade. I icksbvrg limes.
If all railroads, ours included,
would reduce their rates of fare and
us follows: Hamilton Fish, of New
i York, Secretary of State.
'.. S. Boat well, ot Mass., Sec'y of
the Treasury.
Adolph P.orie, of I'enn., Sec'y of
the 'avy.
.1. I). Cox, of Ohio, Sec'y of the
A, J. ( hresatrcM, of .Maryland, l'ost
i master General.
K. . Iloare, of Mass., Attorney-General,
E V Our friend ,1. G. Morey, of K'-tn-cho.
GoBxalea county, has bees ap
pointed agent for this State, sf the
genera) interest of the V. ). a,ud
New ( Irlcana anil Jackson and Missis
sippi Central Railroads, with head
tiuarters at Galveston. We commend
isted toi Bve years in tins country
and still exists, nnprecetlented in
the history of any nation. " How
long can the credit of the country en
dure such presume P ha been asked
repeatedly. .Still, to-day, there is
ing Statement of tbe Assets and Liabilities
of said Company, is a true and correct ex
bibit of tbe financial standing and condition
of said Com near, on tbe 1st day of January,
1SG9, and conforms to the sworn statement ;
on file in tbe office of the Auditor of Slate,
of the Slata of Ohio:
taken care to dispose of the necessa- ,eBCe this IStb day orjannafy, 1869. j
rv iinhlic busfness before thev enter i REUBEN TYLER,
the necessary provision for their sup
ror the public service it would un-
doobtedly have been bettsr had the
Radical majority of the. Legislature j
not such signs of depreciation as 1 ed npon the fancy w ork of conferring
were present at the, close of the war.
The debt has not been diminished,
! taxation if not by the general gov
ernment, yet by the Southern States
especially has steadily increased, and
now jagf humble opinion is that the
credit et the country will be main
political privileges upon toe negro.
l!ut nothing is more evident than
that the one was a labor for which
they had little fondness or capacity,
while the other was a pleasure they
fell unable to forego, and for which
by taste and culture they were espe
Notary Public, Ilaniiilou CO., 0.
Violett, Black A Co., Cummission Merchants.
Meri'h.uits Bank
tVhctk-ss k Pratt. Banker.
Wi,! ace A Co.. lry Uuodt.
Tivl ir, MoKlrov A Co.. Clothing.
FnleerA Co.. Hardsnte.
Levi Nana. Crockery,
F. Belden, Ila's and Caps.
J. F. GILBEBT, Supt.
V. O. address, Uox 107!. '
Kerch 13-fim.
our friends to him who will travel to I djtjo,, to all their other trial?, they
Iterated and -lai'derefl ; wat it Ut ! freights, there is no doubt they sonh
tit, hecfiming and proper, that, in I do a larger and inure profitable hue
liness. Every where, the prepumlei
aasa of profits have been iu favor uf
Inny routes and low rates.
vacating the after, ami taking leave
of the whole BMpie forever, perhnps,
ni an ofllcial, he should address them
a few words in defense of his course,
in vindication of his " policy , v nnd
in showing up the faithlessness, per
tidy and degeneracy of kit now. mine
than evr, triumphant and vindictive
nuclides, and the enemies of his conn
tr f
It WM nnt with a ajaw alone, af th) plea.
. i a am. , Ufa ksaSUerfS Km.t A n. here, ha e I hi
iieienniijn usn ywi. i .
JMnaos wrot ins rareweu ad- attii ris
TP' number of vonthfnl
I'.nglislr nnftility an- now cirrniating
in American aociety,
if tin firing plenty of doabkxma
nnd wiverriKna vtith them, let them
come and cm ul-tte " as milch as
Tin y ill not, w bile
temerity fa sing
the North bv railway. -J.aiuca ( Tee
ns) Cone'h.
We are glad to bear from our old
friend and former fellow citizen, .1.
(!.. and thai lie is. as be always has
been, actively engaged in eateruris
in;; business. When the roads above
n inn il are extended to W. . (though
prigs of we confess we don't know where
u W. ().'' is), we may be an applicant
to him fora'-l. II." In which event
he Blight nay. like Oliver, " still
asU in for more eh "."
tained. The people will be taxed, eially adapted. The cry of public
necessity was, doubtless, used as a
means to prevent the Democratic,
members from resigning; anil it is
due to the Radicals that the Legis
lature was broken up before the bus
iness proper to the session was com
pleted. In our opinion Ihey did precise
ly as they should have done. A
pressure was brought to bear upon
them which they had no other means
to resist. The ratification matter
ind the taxes will be collected. Tra
ders, professions, business of every
kind will be placed under tribute.
We thought ourLegislatiire did their
worst in this way, at a former ses
sion, but they gave tlie screw ano
ther turn at their last meeting.
Among the victims was the poor, de
spised class, called lawyers In ad
30 to
dress, nor fSSS Ml
prineipiil object : it
his primary or! I.et them eolne.
it -; hie agaimt men Ier."
The more. Ihe
Si kami ii Burned. The steamer
Ruth, of the St.. I , ii is nnd New Oi
lcans packet line, was destroyed by
fire on Monday lust near Vicksbarg,
Tin' pa -i agent awl trow were tared.
w ero preacrioea w noiesaie
they "forked over," at once,
the State Tax Collector. Tin
were subjected to heavy penalties if
they allowed any one to practice
w ithont Brat pndiicing evidence that
he had paid this tax. There was a
great Huttering among tbe le'al gen
try this arerning when they found
the tl'a were closed against them
Causes, were continued however, to
give them a little time to " raise the
w ind." Many a poor fellow, whose
I daily practice doesn't bring his daily
bread, finds it pretty hard to launch
:;n extra, and wait till he can make
the money from unhappy clients who
nif about as nam up as uimseii.
I he doctors, mid wives and 'Util
sich " are. in the same eat
the lawyers, and all prof
courts I'liil cot belong to this session, nor to
this Legislature. It is a question
which every principle and considera
tion ol propriety teaches should be
acted upon originally by the people.
The reason for the precipitancy of
the Republicans is that they were
afraid of tbe people. The., had no
confidence in the constituent bodies
sa te of mssiasip.Pi,
AtpiToit's Office, Jacksc
j I. THOMAS T. SWANN, Auditor of Pub
lic Accounts of the Stale of Mississippi, do
. hereby certify Unit the Enterprise Insurance
Company, located at Cincinnati, Ohio, has !
complied wild the act entitled " An act to j
regulate Agencies," approved January 31st. r s ATTViAT C orn T fTTTQ
1857 ; and in virtue 0r the power vested in ; j ft 1 i ) (jj O 1 . JjUU llj
me, by laid law, f ben-by authorize W A.
STEELE, Agent fo; ?t,i. Company, at Can-
ton, in the county uf Madison, to transact mJ jH .M SI 13 BS
bftstnesi of Enio ranee ia ibis State uuiil the j
! first day of March, 1 870. "
Given mider my band and seal of ol I A. MACFABbANE. DAVID FULTON,
; L- fice, nt the city of Jackson,- Ibis 1st St. Locta. Oantoh.
dnr of Mnrch, A. D. 1869.
. .. .i r .. i.i i
tr t nn iawA A. M A t r A KL A N b, who ii intptTtMi in one
I ' uf the first roinmiRMon hoiism of St. Lauib,
nd DAVID Fl'l.TON. irhe -TiupathideB I
wiih.itml in ilttrniiiipd (o his friend
of Madison nrl Mirnmndin- cotiniips, aat '
united in business, under the slyU of
MwtRjtraiTfxM Notice.
ITTERS nl administration on tbe estate
JOSHUA li. BULL, deceased, bar
ing been prnntedto the undersigned by the
Probate Court uf Madison county, Mississip
pi, nt t lie February term (iB9) thereof;
,Notice is ihfiefore hereby given to all per
sons indented to said estate lo com. f .ward
and make pnj m- ; and a.i persons having
claims against said decedent are required to
ill case tbe issue wns msde lIliiilLtlrH-rtlrflrt,e the same in the manner and within
"iliiicittinii and t.heir lirctcndnil -inv i he lime prescribed by law, or they will he
iety to enlarge the urea uf liberty is
ns dishonest ns their lamentations
over the fiiuurnal miscarriage.
Ii is n new tbinc fur the minori-
January M. ISaa-tf
forever barred.
March G, 186.
it. S. BOLL,
it tf toiler. It has uotVvt,(
of legislative hiiiiii s in icsiii in
order to thwart Ihe illegitimate oiea-
V Wltn 1 SUieS Ol lUUTClUCMUHg lll.ljii, ,.. i.v.
sions ex prcveiiL uie cuuiiuianiuu i iri. i-
"i.- hi
t v,.
litiriil cl inic:
It U
in main' cases
TBS copartnprsliip, lirretoforn pxi.st inz
tinder ihe firm of Logan A Co., was this ilav
dissolved hy matual coasts t.
Aiul occujiTinp the new store norn on tli
Souih sidrj of Court Sqiiare, one do.r from
tlie Southorn Kxprrss oflicr. ihma dfsircd ob
jeet is lo supply ihe coiinlry w i t li
Jiovisitns, Crrocoriee,
At Lxircmrly RedHrcd Prices;
At tlie same lirrrp, ihey will adrance tha it -tftrest
of the Planter by paying liberal prices
for all descriptionfl of cocntrt pboduci, 1
Etc , Et Etc
At Cost.
t cost for cnah.
Repairing done to order without tv
ud Kt very low priees.
mj Hidei 18 to 21c.
FreU 8 to 9e. ,
March 1.1, 1 PC.9-
Wanted to Bent
i PIANO for which h remonnhle frit
s. win tie paid. AddretJ si A S.
Jtun h 11 'i.-,f

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