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American Citizen.
&ATURD AY J If L Y 11). ISlO.
H. C. Bosworiii.
Advice to gentlemen a boat to
Sop" Don'.
TffAf excellent conserfftCrt e "
Journal, tbe Memphis Avalanche ia
doing sofee spleudid woik for the
"Republican party.
ABTEMr V'AEI'S greatest praiso
of O. Wrts&itigton was that George
never "slopped over.'' Moral
ou'tgash on the fligarr.
Official figures sliow that the
federal armies In the civil war
Aggregated (he immense number or
2,673,967 men, rank and file.
MEMrfflS papers of the 15th
repwt several deaths from over
Leating in that city; and in Charles
ton, S. C, on Sunday ten white and
five colored persons-died from sun
TnE colored voter is the legiti
mate bondsman of the Radical par
ty thai is, 09 100 of him is. The
ftttier fraction is too insignificant to
Be considered in figuring out "divi
deads." Hence be got no reprcsen
tatfon on the Democratic ticket of
Madison connty. The Democracy
hereabouts bave not got so bard up
a? to nominate a man simply and
iwlely for being a colored Democrat,
without other qualifications lor
e filer.
AT Democratic mass meeting
held la Clarke county, last week,
some patriot, with far more zeal
than sense, offered the following
1 testation, which, says the official
report, bwas adopted with hearty
ptavdtts and cheers, without a dis-
ccnting voice
' Resolved, That Jefferson D-ivis
Js tbe first choice of the Democracy
el Clarke. lor our next V. o. ena
Aiieb harvest awaits the Fool
Killer in Clarke county. He has
evidently neglected bis business
shamefully in that portion of the
"mighty East."
Rather Rough on Victory.
The UoBeevilIe Tunes prints a
cut," bearing some faint resent
blance to a rooster, which looks as
if it bad been draw n on a knotty
eh ingle with charcoal, and then
vhopped oat with a superannuated
coaKbatchet. Of this biped the
Tim's sys :
The bitd that stands at onr mast
head is Ike "cock of tbe walk,'' he
is tbe proudest and the earnest of
the feathered tribe. He is never
presented except as an omen of
"Viefory is generally personified
by tbe picture of a buxom-Ioobing
female partially clad in a ch shirt,
and brandishing a sword. If she is
now to be followed by such a rum
looking old bird as that, the auia-
zon will bave other cause to blush,
besides ber scanty raiment.
Wk learn that efforts are being
made to induce certain gentlemen
to enter tbe political field in opposi
tion to the Democratic nominees
and that certain other gentlemen
are making efforts to get them
selves u induced " to do likewise.
We do not know bow many backers
either of these movements has, bat
we opine that a medium-sized blan
ket would cover them all. Any
citizen who desires to run for office
lias an unquestionable right to do
so: provided be Las not entered
into an agreement, expressed or
implied, with any party of bis fellow-citizens
that be .would support
their choice of a man to fill said
office. If be has sought office at
the bands of a party, and, failing to
secure a nomination, is either run
ning himself, or openly or secretly
encouraging another to run, in opposi
tion to the nominees of that party,
then be is recreant to bis pledges,
and is, in plaia words, a traitor.
"Where a man has sought no favors
from a party, and has not partici
pated in its councils, be has a right
to offer for office singly, or to join
with any number of bis fellow-citizens
in an attempt to elect such
persons as they may seo fit. In so
doing,be violates no compact, and is
entitled to the respectful attention
asd considerate judgment of all
fair-misded men. Dut every good
citizen, before entering the political
arena, will first consider the cbarao
ter of the men against whom he
will bave to contend, and also that
of those opoii whom he must rely
for support. If npon the former
side be fiud nearly or quite all of
bis most respectable neigh bors.com
prising the intelligence, proM'y and
property of the community and
npon the other only the ignorant,
in moral, nou-taxpaying element,
with barely a corporal's guard of
malcontents and disappointed office-seekersthe
worthy citizen will
not take long to decide that the
post of honor it a private station ;
and it bis convictions or prejudices
prevent bis supporting the former,
bis self-respect will at least forbid
affiliation with the latter. This is
a eaodid, non-partisan view of a
case that may soon be piesented to
the independent readers consitlera
. ttou.
With feelings of mingled regret
and ffjvprebenfifon, we pcrcieve a ;
disposition on the part of some
gentlemen wbo have always been
known a"s truer Democrats or Con
servatives, to make the negro a
prominent argument in their polit
ical djscftspioua, We would s;y to
these gentlemen that they are
playing with fire. Iiet tbe negro
alone. The Democratic party does
not need Li in. The Republican
partyjound trim a heavier burden
than Siubad found the Old Man of
ihe Sea, and has abandoned him.
The negroes as a class bave at lart
accepted the inevitable, and are
willing to stay out of politics; the
franchise has been to them but
Dead-sea fruft, and they no longer
expect, even if tbe.v desire, to exer
cise control In this country by
means of it. Tbe negro as a labor
er is a success ; as a servant he is
altogether lovely; bnt as a politician
he is loud and noisome ; as a ruler
he is sfmply insufferable. The
carpet-bagger was a much shrewd
er, smarter party manipulator thau
tbe average Independent," of to
day; bnt Sambo proved too many
(or even Sam Slick, and the temple
of their glory is palled down, and
"Ichabotl" is written over tbe por
tal where once the Loyal League
held nightly conclave. Old John
Brown's soul is not deadliowcver,
bnt sleepeth and those Southern
men who seek its resurrection bad
better pause to consider whether
they will be able to control tbe ele
merits that they may set in motion.
AS 8 political factor, tbe negro has
been virtually cancelled let him
not be reintroduced into tbe gov
ernmental problem in Madison
county. For it was written long ago,
that "whoso sowetb tbe wind shall
reap the whirlwind.''
This distinguished gentleman was
List week unanimously nominated
by the Democratic people of Mad
ison county, in convention assem
bled, for tbe exalted position of U.
S. Senator, to succeed B. K. Bruce.
In presenting tbe claims of this
(her owu) pure and patriotic States
man, Madison connty is not un
mindful of the noble services ren
dered nnto the Stato by other
prominent and deserving aspirants
hose eminent qualities of bead
and heart make them fit competi
tors for the high distinction and
honor of representing at the nation
al capital, the sovereignty of our
proud and aspiring commonwealth.
She is not wanting in appreciation
of the valor, wisdom and counsel of
the gallant Barksdale, whose slo
gan, in the time of trial, sounded
far and near, until it made tbe very
welkin ring with its patriotic fervor
and manly defiance. Barksdale is
a worthy son of Mississippi, and is
co-heir with Singleton to ber emol
uments and honors. - But with all
due deference to him, Singleton's
seniority and almost continuous
experience in the national legisla
ture should, we think, give him
preference. Nor, does Madison
slight tbe nodding plume of that
chevalier of Mississippi, 13. C. Wal
thall, a name already inscribed high
upon the roll of fame, and cherished
throughout the State. His touc'j is
maguetic.and his influence great,
but he has long since abandoned
politics, and reaps a rich harvest
from a gigantic corporation that
feeds mercilessly npon our vitals.
In this be bas bis reward. Tbe
party is under no especial obligation
to him, aud we do not think bis
claims npon tbe people's gratitude I
can be compared to those of Singlos
ton or Barksdale. In Col. Single
ton we find combined all the requi
sites for a model Southern Senator,
viz : morality, courage, ability, fi
delity, experience and honesty. He
possesses tbe conrage of a Roman
ith the zeal of a Spartan, while
bis fidelity is such, that neither the
gold of Ci cesns nor the seductive
blandishments of political promises
could induce him to betray tbe con
fidence of bis constituency. Oue
so panoplied and so endowed de
serves the highest honors a virtuons
and intelligent people can bestow.
Col. Singleton has served ns long
and laboriously. The record shows
that be has always been at his post.
His political foresight espied tbe
evil of the electoral commission,
aud his patriotism shone out in bis
endeavors to defeat that stupen
dous fraud, against an overwhelm
ing party opposition. Custom has
mado it within the order of things
to honor those wbo bave grown old
in the sorvice of their country.
Will MisMssippi follow this beanti
ful lesson f We believe it is the
will of the people of the State, that
Col. Singleton shall be the next U.
S. Senator from Mississippi. lie
has done the work of a trne patriot.
In a long public life, he has in not
one single instance fallen short of
his constituents' highest expecta-
tions. We nil love Iiim. Let us
eontinue to honor bim. and by elec
ting bim to the Senate, place the
. '
crown or the people s approoauon
on the bead that bas grown gray
ia their service.
Subscribe for tbe- CITIZEN, only
j$2 a year, in advance.
CORRES t'etrtfoKJivoin.
Mil. Editor : If race prejudice is
so strong that refined and intelli
gent white men cannot make laws
Without prejudice to the negro,
what would an unrefined and igno-
rant necfo. with nil fos inculcated
hate and envy, look like, making
laws for a party composed almost
exclusively of white people 1 By
bad government the whites have all
to lose, the Retr.ro, nothing. As to
policy: Is it policy to give a child
a dangerous weapon because he
cries for it? Or is it any evidence
of a want of affection to refuse to
do so f These are questious which
the Negropuolists will please an
swer. Tbittiiful James.
To the Editor of the Citizen :
We bear it rumored that a con
glomerated mats of amalgamation
and miscegenation called indepen
dents, have combined with a cer
taiu element of the Radical party
to elect Bomebody to office, wbo
tailed to get a place on the regular
Domocratio ticket. We warn the
colored people in time, that like
Ames, these fellows will soon re
quire the blood of twenty or thirty,
or perhaps a hundred negroes, to
get national sympathy and give
them a big send off. Colored peo
ple, if you are wise, you will have
nothing to do with thein. Their
promises will prove to yon the
apple of Sodom, that will turn to
ashes on your hps. If you are
friendly to us, you aro welcome to
the Democratic vineyard, and when
you bav,e proven your faith by your
labor, yon shall become partakers
ofourfrnit. To expect more will
but tend to show how unreasonable
and idiotic you are.
Mr. Editor : Is it not possible
for the human mind to be in great
travail and tbe deepest throes of
parturition and still be delivered of
a very diminutive production T Such
an nccouchoment, I think, took place
in Canton on last Saturday nrnrn
iog, when the bantjiag "Negrophil
isin" first saw the light of day, and
was dressed in its swaddling clothes
by ibe American Citizes. The first
fling of this newly coined monstros
ity is at chronic office-seekers. The
presumption would be, amongst
men of proper political-ethics, that
'-Common Sense" was not an aspir
ant for office. Bat is it not barely
possible, Mr. Editor, that this man
may have a chronic desire to hold
on to some office he already fids, for
tear, it Ire los that, his cake will be
dough? The teuder regard for Ihe
poor negro he vaunts so Ireely, bad
its origin in the party lie claims to
represent, aud its honest aud oft
repeated pledges have niiscairied
by reason of just such men as he et
id omne tienus. Is there a man with
in the limits oi our county wuu
snch uncommon tense as to deny that
the negroes aro disorganized aud
leaderless t I assert that they are,
and defy proof to the contrary. I
also assert that the greater part, If
not all, of the negro population in
our midst stand to-day ready and
willing to cooperate with our peo
ple, it accorded proper representa
tion, in establishing harmonious
political relations that will briug
peace to our distracted country.
Only by a division of races poliii
cally can extremes bo avoided nnd
any benign auspices imparted to
our political status. Time will vin
dicate the truth of these assertions.
I also bold ttiat the negro race
knocked at the door of the Demo
cratic conventions on the 5;b nod
7tb of July, for admission to parti
cipate in its deliberation, through a
"gentleman of character and intel
bet," whose "eagle" can spread its
wines wide enongli to embrace some i
dusky plumage. This noble Roman,
R- C. Smith, stands to day the bold
lest champion of human rights aud
civil liberty within our county. He
only, of all ber pons, had the nerve,
in the face of tho rampant bull
dozing fraternity, to rise in the
midst and dare to speak the truth,
however unwholesome, though the
very heavens should fall to devour
bim. He did not bide bis utterances
behind a nom de plume, but bearded
the lion in his den.
Tbe Deroociatic conventions al
Iuded to not only closed their doors
acainst tbe negro by a resolution
excluding all but dyed in the wool
and not to fade Democrats, but it
dropped the negro like a hot potato,
when it set aside Phil Sanders, who
claims always to bave been a Demo
crat, whom "they admitted to feilow
sbin. and wbo canvassed with them.
A clear race line was drawn by this
deed, at a time, too, whieb was so
opportune for a belter course of
action. This proceeding, however,
was "perfectly iu keeping with the
fitness of things and party usage,"
where men of narrow views const i
tnte a party. Though they had the
undisputed light to act in this way,
asau independent organization, yet
many men who think that they pos
sess "common sense," believe that
they acted nnwisely. Common
sen hp, however, wo must remem
ber, " not unfrequenTiy lias very
little to do with snblunary affairs.
anil the human intellect is often so
subtle as to sever and divide a hair
'twist" being in nud out!
Query Is the "tag-rag and bob
tail" clique of Canton and the city
"riff-raff" any more formidable or
detestable than iis counterpart t.e.
poll - tax politicians anil men or nnr-
row political views, ns represented
by Common Sense, in the county, to
whom, in all human probability, be
I.. r..,.,i.t,.n i
may feel himself indebted, for he
must certainly feel in a more delect
able mood than the " riibt-or-ruiti
small fry," at whom he levels bis
besom of destruction.
Probably the people of mature
reasou may decide wbo the inalcon
j tents and sore brads may be, instead
I of this self-constitirted judge. If, as
the writer iv, be has "labored
continually to free the negro from
the blighting control of the carpet
bagger, and appealed to him by
every uefico known to human in
genuity, to join an eflort to stay the
! march of desolation and ruin," why
ttien, wnen mere is some nope ot
reclaiming the prodigal, turn your
bisete on him and leave the penitent
to the tender mercies of a rndo
stream of nefarious deviltry, as yon
would have it 1 Are yon afraid,
Mr. Common Sense, you might lose
something by an increase in the
numbers of the flock I
Our people need not be alarmed.
Radicalism, as the Mail says, is
"dead, damned, discharged f" Theie
will bo no such blast upon Jeffrey's
horn as this buncombe writer would
make yon believe. I know him
well, and he relies on the whi'e
voters of Madisou as much or more
than upon any colored votes ho may
receive. Don't be afraid to de
uounce packed conventions, or to
act in the interest of good and capa
ble men and good government, on
account of Ibis cry of ' wolf," for
neither the leaders nor the rank
and file of Radicalism, so called,
desire any reorganization tinder tho
old regime.
Anil now, Mr. Editor, after wad
ing throngh all the author's ''glit
tering generalities aud tiresome
platitudes," we come to the creme
de li creme, the key that unlocks
the cabinet of motives. Here is
tbe ring of the pirty lash: "All
honest and sensible Democrats will
fall into line and elect the present
nominees, good men and true, by an
unexampled majority. There will
be no liggards, no traitors."
Ye people of Madison ! Are yon
freemen, or (In mb, driven cattle T
Will you suffer your freedom of
thought and action stifled by mis
directed adolescent ardor, or senile
vaporings? Have yon task-masters
to serve in voting! Thoughtful
men, arouse yourselves. Our pres
ent altitude is pregnant with inter
est. Send talented aud sound men
to legislate for you men wbo can
and will make themselves heard,
and not dummies nor medi
ocre minds. You bave a new
code to adopt, which will be
your law for many years to come.
And just so sure us jou repeal the
lien law, and deny to' the negro
race political liberty, the Kansas
exodus will swell to such propor
tions as will bring the bl:ght of
poverty and famine all over our fair
Southland. Your women will be
hard pressed, and your children un
lettered and mayhap crying for
Query "WiTl the flapdoodle Cum
mon Sense penny-a-liner meet the
Earl of Smith, whilom Warwick, on
the rostiu n, if the occasion presents
itself, ami let the people decide
which they relish most, "fizzleism "
or patriotism f Well Wisher.
Mr. Editor In view of the action
of the recent Democratic couven
tion, and tbe twaddle of some dis
gruntled individuals, who seek no
toriety by endeavoiing to conglom
erate in homogeneous races, whose
caste and political creeds are as
distinct as the religious of the Jew
and the Gentile, I deem it not im
modest to proffer some wholesome
advice. In the first place, permit
tue to credit the indignant bowl
against a Democratic convention
nominating exclusively trne and
tried. Democrats, to be entirely af
fected, and to have its origin in the
eccentricity of a few gentlemen,
whose abnormal pulse was quick
ened by tbe discovery of that genius
alone capable of revolutionizing
State aud national politics.
The elections of 1870 and 1878
placed in the bands of the Demo
cratic party the executive, judicial
aud legislative government ot tbe
State ot Mississippi and for tbe
present, at least, our old political
curse, the Republican party, is
wholly disorganized. This result is
more attributable to the nnity, su
perior intelligence, virtue and patri
otism of our own party, than to any
depletion or disaffection in the
ranks of our opponents. The con
demned principles and practices ol
the Republican party are held to by
the negro with the same tenacity
and veneration that be award
ed to tlieic four years ago. Cir
cumstanced as we are, tho su
premacy of the Democratic party
in Mississippi is a necessity. Its
destruction, amalgation, or division
into hostile factious, would alike
impair its efficiency and render an
acceptable administration next to
impossible. While its destruction
means a new and inexperienced
party, its amalgamation or division
into factions means more. It means
an appeal to the worst elements of
t he Republican party ! It means
the tyrannical sway of vaunted offi
cials ! It means the spoliation of
our party pride and prestige, and
tho eternal degradation of our
race t a
We ought, therefore, whatever
may happen, to fettle our disputes
and differences among ourselves.
We must invite no hostile, no alien
arm to support one taction as
against another. Tho victory of
oue taction over another, secured
by the aifl of our common enemy,
means the inevitable destruction of
both. We were united from in
stincts of sell-preservation ; now
he wisdom bought of experience
should teach ns to remain so, at
least for some time to come.
Let ns show a determination to
render fail lid. 1 service to tbe State,
and render fqnal and exact, justice
to all men and all classes, without
relinquishing one jot or tittle of our
(Militical oivi'd, end wo will sreme
to the party a long lease of power,
f and to the State, virtne, prosperity
: ami peace.
Hut, bir, when the party shall so
far forget its higb mission as to per
mit itself to bo made, the instrument
of elevating into power and influence
men who nave no other interest
thau to advance their personal for
tunes, a calamity will be upon us, in
the threatened presen 'e of which
we might well stand iu awe and dis
may. Our prostration has been great,
and cur heeds and demands in the
Inture will be many and varied;
bat just and wise policies, fearlessly
carried out by pure and patriotic
men, are what we want and not so
much twaddle about the negro,
strict party lines, and a general
conglomeration of conflicting creeds
and races, iu the face of all our bit
ter experience, and in the face of
history, reasou and common sense.
Let us hope that tbe buncombe
boom which burst npon us last
week, did no more damage in the
country thau it did here at borne,
where the cause of the itch is so
well known. Vigil.
The Panola Star booms londly
for Gen. Walthall, and the Coffee,
yille Times chips iu.
The Jackson Independent calls tbe
Brandon Republican a "clabber
headed monstrosity." We await
Frantz' rejoinder with bated breath.
Pass Christian Gazette. J
All our coast towns, as well as
the back country, are perfectly
healthy. No fever, and do talk of
Jefferson Davis, writing to the
editor of t he Panola Star regarding
his becoming a candidate for the
Senate next winter, says: "Yon
may contradict it positively and by
Mrs. Sarah A. Dorsey, who re
cently died iu New Orleans, be
queathed all her property, consist
ing of two plantations in north
Louisiana and a residence.on the
coast of Mississippi, to Hou Jeffer
son Davis.
Yazoo City Herald . J
Madison conuty is very unani
mous for Madison county. Madi
son goes for Madison "first, last
and all the time." See elsewhere
for particulars.
Holly Springs quarantined at the
first sooud of the alarm, this time.
Nobie little city, her generosity and
hospitality cost, ber such an immeas
urable price last year, that her peo
pie are not to be blamed for taking
fright prematurely.
Willio Klein and a young friend
were examining each other's pistols
at the residence ot John A. Klein
iu Vicksburg, on Fiiday last. Oue j
ot the pistols was accidentally dis- i
charged, and Willie Klein dropped
dead. I'e was a promising youth
of about eighteen year.
Cohnubns Index.
We can subscribe cordially to the
statement that Col. Singleton fills
to the full the measure of a states
man and a useful, practical legisla
tor; all that may or.caji be required.
Should he be chosen we cau say,
too, that be will represent well and
faithfully in the future, as bo has
iu tbe past, this people.
A Yankee Opinion of the Nigger.
Lein.-irs (Inwn) Sentinel.
While the amiable idiocy that
prevailed in Congress during the
reconstruction days was at its
height, tbe nigger was enfran
chised. He was invested with tbe ballot,
on the pretty theory that he was a
man and a brother, with an infusion
of sand in his make up.
It was given to bim on tbe school
girl notion that affection for the
party that gave him his freedom
would make him its perpetual in
strument. But tho nigger is less serviceable
to the Republican party as a voter,
than he was as a slave.
He needs too much coddling too
much protection.
He cau only vote the Republican
ticket when surrounded by a cordon
ot Keruulican bayonets.
There is no grit in him.
There is more voting energy and
party Btrengtb in a dozen raw Irish
men than iu a thousand well fed
There is not an ounce of Stalwart
ism in a ton of nigger.
The more nigger, tbe less
Asa slave, the picturesque mis
ery of tbe Digger was an unfailing
armory of party weapons. As a
fr euian. tbere is no romance iu
him cowardice is not romantic.
All over the South lie Is throwing
his ballot for rebel and traitors,
when he votes at all.
He is too cowardly to vote for bis
convictions, or too stupid to bave
When Stalwarts get into power
in 1880, he must either be disfran
chised or compelled to vote right.
The free nigger is a fraud.
Tub Magnolia Herald iu an arti
cle on ihe U. S. Seiiarorbii. said:
Tln contest tor U. S. Senntor
seems, Ity popular consent, to lie
between ex f'rexident Davis and
Hon. E. I barksdale to which Maj.
B'liksdalo replies iu the Clarion:
"I will thank you to way that it
ia impossible for me to he an oppo
nent of Mr. Davis, or to antiiconizn
the wish of friends who imir desire
to return him to the Senate. Reo
Agnizing the preeminence of his
uierifs, and realizing that he ranks
fill others in the hearts of the peo
ple he has served so long and faith
fully, and for whom he has suffered
vieariously, I will not permit my
name fo he used for Ihe Senate, if
he should consent to bo returned to
I hat imiHirtaut office."
JtiNt iCrccivctl
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l.-irjro assortment of beautiful Wall
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can bave it done by applying to me.
ADOLI'UVa Cuown.
On (lie night of tlin 17th instant, my
solium, mare, isiio has two saddle
marks, aud one of lir-r ears lias a small tip
cut off. I will pay a rcaHonabte reward
for her return. C.ESAU HAMPLE.
7 Commercial Tlace,
Tartienlar attention paid to' the collec
tion of claims. " jnly!9
Change of Finn.
Mr. JNO. J. CRAIG, Sr., this day retires
from the firm of tKAIM CO. With
grateful thanks to the citizens of Canton
and its vicinity for the confidence and
patronage so kindly extended to his honse,
.ciJLiuiiy Hoiiuit a continua
tion of the same to his sncccseors.
1 here are no known liabilities against
the concern, aud if there be anv claims.
they roust be presented immediately for
All who are indebted to the late firm
wm please make payment by the 25tU
instant, or their accounts, without excep
tion, will pass from our control after that
At Oxford, Miss.
NexQSession opens Sept. 25, 1879.
Tuit'on is still FREE to all Mississip
piaus. btudenta from other States, who have
not heretofore entered, are hereafter
ciiargeu .iu tuition fee.
Law students pay $50 tuition fee.
Espextesper Sauiou of Kine Months.
9 months board, at $10 to
tl-i 50 per month 7..$ 90 002 $112 50
Washing 81 to $1 50 per mo 9 00 13 50
Lights, ii5 to 50 cis. per mo '2 25 4 50
Incidental fee...... 13 f0 12 50
$113 75 143 00
Students can tmttH tfiemselrca npon the
"mess system" for less than one-half the
above rates.
The above estimite is reliable, and in
cludes everything except fuel (which stu
dents bny from tbe University at cost) and
furniture for their rooms, books and cloth
ing, riouie students of good standing got
along com.ortably here last year on les
than $75, while others spent doable that
The University is in excellent condition,
aud is steadily gaining in popularity and
prosperity. Tbe faculty is complete. All
Ihe departments, including tho Law de
partment and the Preparatory department,
are in successful operation.
The location is healthy .4. Never was a
case of yellow fever here.
For catalogues and cuformation, apnly to
me iUauceiior, ALibA. f. uiWAKl,
Jul 19 2m Sec'y Board Trustees.
Quinine or Chinchonidia will stop Chills,
and for this purpose there is no better
reinody. Bnt it is also an established fact
they do not remove the canse that pro
duces the chills. For If they did, the chills
woold not return on the 7th, 14th, 21st or
28th day. Then is it not money LOST to
attempt to permanently cure the chills
with quinine or chinchonidia, when they
do not remove the cause from the svstem,
that produces them 1 For until the canse
is removed, the chills will return. Trie
Is warranted to remove every canse from
the system that produces the chills, and if
it fails to do this you will sustain no loss,
for every druggist is authorized to guaran
tee a permanent cure in ( very case, no
matter of how long standing, and will re
fund the money it the chills return after
yon are done taking. Positively, no cure,
no pay. Try it and be conviucod. It con
tains no poison, and is perfectly tasteless.
Sold by all druggists, and a permanent
euro guaranteed in all cases.
Manufacturer aud Proprietor, Paris,Tenn.
For sale by Phillips & Jones, and W. J.
Mosby & Co., Canton, Miss. jnly5-4m
The Medical Department
University of Louisiana,
Possesses unrivaled advantages tor Clinical
Teaching. The Charity Hospital has an
aunual atimission ot more than 0,000 pa
tients, and is visited daily by tile profes
sors accompanied by the students. The
annual circular will be sent to all who ap-
Piy- uet-I i. u. itiCHARDbON, iiean.
Merchant Tailor,
One door South of the SnbySaloon,
Will be pleased to serve his old friends
and customers on the most reasonable
terms. An experience of tweutv-fiva
yeara in bis business justines the belief
mat lie knows something about it. Uive
him a call, and leave your orders for Sum
mer clothing. June 14-tf
M.13KMOOD t How
I,t iua Bow m
(Just pnblishctt, 1
verieclfi Celebratet
cure (without mi
now edition of Dr. C1-
aled Eamy on the radical
medicine) of Spermator
rhea or seminal weakness, involnntary
H4-minal logics, impotoncy, meutal aud
physical incapacity, impedimenta to mar
riage; also, consumption, epilepsy and tits,
induced by sclt-iuiiulgc nee or sexnul ex
travagance, &c. The celebrated author, in
tliis ailiiiirablo essay, denior t rates, from 30
years' Kiu-cesHfiil practice, that tbe ahirm
iuir results ot self-abuse may bo cured with
out the tisfl of internal medicine or tbe
kilo; Hntins; out n mode of euro simple,
sun-and rBrctnal, by which every snfferrr,
no in.ifter what hi condition, may core
uiinm-ll', rktvrptjt, prrmtcty and radically.
This Lecture should lie in the hands of
every youth and every man in the land.
iSent free, nmler scat, in plain envelope,
to any address. Address the Iblishers,
CULVErkKLt Mkpicai. Co.,
jnt?l) 41 Auu St., N.York ; P.O. Box, 455.
Kocla Wafer.
Ice Cold, flavored with fresh, fine
syrups, or extract, 5v a tsrlas", at
iu;iy 21tf 11. G WINNERS.
J. IV. 1311,13. III. I.
Office at Mosby's & Co.
Residence at Mrs. Dr. Cages,
lira g Store
T. A. PHH.LirS,
Office at the Drug Store ef Phillips &
Jones. Ap-12.
Resident Physicians,
Office at W. J.
& Co.'s Drug
Attorney-at -Law,
Canton, Miss.
Office on East side Court Square, over
utnck'i Hardware store. Practices In all
the Courts of central Mississippi, and the
supreme ana f ederal courts at Jackson,
juiss. iepai 7a
Attorn eys-at-Law,
Goodman, Mississippi.
Will practice in the courts of Madison,
Ilobnes, Attala and Yazoo counties.
Special attention given to the collection
ot claims. zemfyl
At lortrey s-at-I,a w,
Canton, Miss.
Will practice the prefession In the
courts of Madison, Leake, Attala, Holmes
Yazoo, and Supreme court at Jackson.
Cantos, Mies.
CfB.-a Tr Tnutell !Haady'i (tore. 9-sl
. Canton, Miss.
Ofltea oa thft aatiide of pabllc Btpmn, vrr A.Reld's
oldstanA. ebly
Canton, Sliss.
Will practice at in all the Conrts of Mad
ison and adjoining conntiea, and givespecial
attention to bankrupt matters in the Fed
eral courts at Jackson. lsep-7
.Office over Tunstall A Handy's store.
Canton, Miss
Will irnet celn all Cwof Madimn aid af
lotninir counties, and (rv p cial attea ion t- bank
nipt matters as taa Federal Court at Jackaoa.
A t f or ne jr -a f -La ir .
Office over Phillips &Joncs Drag store
-A.ttorney at Law,
Collecton 'of Claims a Speciality.
Will settle taxes, collect rents, effect
sales and leases ot real estate, and give
prompt atteutiou to any business entrusted
to mm. Mcii-iu-ly.
Aitor-itey-at- Lair,
$1.00 PER ANNUM $1.00
With postage free, for the weekly.
The cheapest and most complete weekly
newspaper puonsnea in tne soma.
It is a four page publication, size
28x42 inches, and coutaiua
Of carefully selected reading matter, em
bracing the freshest important news by
mail and telcgrapu trom an parts or tue
World, political, commercial, nrer, scien
tific, religions, agricultural, literary anil
general, making it a highly attractive
journal for the Domestic Fireside, and par
ticularly valuable to tue merchant and
Snocimen copies sent free. Address
Memphis, Tenn.
Ami Dealer ia
Liberty street, rear of Hail ofllee.
Its prepared to do all kinds of carpenter work: take
oniracta tor omitnng in me cm y ana eoauiry- L.wm
ber of all kinds and kvst qnafitjr for aale Will make
Diana on application 17 52
Hack leaves Canton Daily
T 10 tracliiijr pnhlic will find this tha
Shortest, Cheapest and most Comfortable
route tv and ttoui Carthago.
J. X. Boyd,
John D. Uiutton, t'wmertg of JiritUm,iloor
Colemtm, Xew Orleani.
Jons B. MiTsoN, Firm of iIyto Lam
aer, Canton, Mto
Britton & MaysoDj
Commission Merchants
anjr IS tf New Orlean
Mm. A. J. Zang,
Has opened an establishment in whicli
may be fortnd an assortment of the latest
styles of
Millinery & Fancy Goods.
Varieties, Notions, Ribbons, Lace, Flow
ers, Trimmings, etc., Lace Caps and In
fants' Dresses, at price as low. if not
lower, than any other store in the City.
Orders from the country promptly attend"
ed to at moderate prices. Terms Cash.
Millinery Goods,
feb2mC New Orleans, La
Mrs. Xfc- C. LOGAN,
("Next to Grunewald Hal),.)
Address, P. O. Box 1305.
Corsets a specialty.
fMy 10-2ra.
Dealer In
27 and 39 Cbartres Street,
will be fnnnd all the latest (mnroremertia
in the art, comprising some beautiful arSi
entirely original designs, rendering the
picture Tery
Pictnres made in everv size, from mina-
ture to life-size, either from life or copied
from old pictures of any kind aud finished
All work guaranteed to c-ive entire snr.ia-
faction ill every respect and entirely per
manent. Call and examine our work.
V lsitorsal ways welcome whether they wish
pictnres or not. -
feb2m S. ANDERSON.
Wholesale and Bctail dealer in
Cooking & Heating Stoves
Plain and Japan Tinware. Tinner's trim
mings, Tinned a id Knameled Iron Hollow
ware, Talilo Cutlery, and every descriptioa
of House Furnishing Uoodr.
Large Manufacturer
of Plain and Japanned Tinware, which 1
offer at prices lower than those of It Vstciu
Printed price list mailed on application.
Importer! and Dealers In
Cor. Camp and Common Sts.,
Mumford & Watson, Props
BOARD, SS-'SO Per Ilav.
Cor. Caual and Burgundy Sts.,
Entrance on Burgundy Street.
Ne-w Orlrana.
Permanently Established Since 1S71
Exclusively dcroted to the treatment o
the urinary, aeneralive and
nervous system.
Send for "
A practical treatise of many years' study
and experience upon the diseases of tho
Urinary, Gcoerativu nud Nervous System,
tltrir ranses d cure. Lectures on Spor
niatnrrlma, Nervous Detcility, Kx'iaustod
Vitality, Premature Decline iu Man. etc.
Instructions to yonnir m-rsons about t
enter married life. Important information
on .Syphilis and other loral contagion
dlseascH: their nature, variety and treat
ment. Preceded liv a treatise on tlm Annt.
cmy and 1'livsiulngy of tkjfcexnal organs,
the nervous system, etc! "llrr the henetit
of all sufferers from these painful diseases.
mm m warning against tne employ mon t
01 naelessnnd detrimental Quark nieiiicinr
anil mixtures, lly J. c JONAS, M. D.
On receipt of 50 cents it will be sent to any
part of the United .States. nptiy
Knmii tttiair-i wer I. Knntz'g Vrovisiuo

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