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The weekly Minnesotian. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn. Territory) 1852-1858, May 15, 1852, Image 4

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Do you bear the wild bird* calling—
Do you bear them, oh my heart?
Do you see tha blue air falling
From their rushing wings apart ?
With young mosses they are flocking,
For they bear the laughing breeze,
With dewy fingers rocking
Their cradles in the trees 1
Within nature's bosom holden,
'Till the wintry storms were done,
Little violets, white and golden,
Now are leaning to the sun.
With Its stars the box Is florid,
And the wind-flower, sweet to view,
Hath uncovered Its pale forehead
To the kisses of the dew.
While thousand blossoms tender,
As coquettishly as they,
Are sunning their wild splendor
In the blue eyes of the May 1
In the water softly dimpled—
In the flower-enameled sod—
How beautifully exampled
la the providence of God 1
From the Insect’s lfttle story
To the farthest ttaj above,
All ere waves of glory, glory,
In the ocean of his lova !
Odd* and Ends.
A person threw the head of a goose on
the stage of the Belville Theatre. Corto
advancing to the front said, “Gentlemen,
if any one amongst you has lost his head,
do not be uneasy, for I will restore it at
the conclusion of the performance.”
A certain old lady was once arguing
strongly for women’s right to preach,
when some one attempted to put her
down with a text from St. Paul. “Ah,”
said she, “there is where Paul and I dif
A lady thought it would look interest
ing to faint away at a party, the other
evening. One of the company began
bathing her head and temples with bay
rum, when the lady exclaimed, “For
Heaven’s sake, put nothing on that will
change the color of my hair!”
A Southerner describing Philadelphia,
says that it is a place where all the ser
vants are engaged in washing off the
pavements, and all the masters and mis
tresses riding in omnibuses.
A Western paper has a severe article
on the bribery and corruption in the court
of Common Fleas. It has probably been
Sidney Smith said of a great talker,
that it would greatly improve him if he
had, now and then, “a few flashes of si
Arkansas is said to be the only state
in the Union where the mineral lapis lazli
is found. It is worth four times its
weight in gold.
The most extraordinary example of fe
cundity is reported to exist at Keigne,
where lives a young woman 32 years old,
who within 9 years has given birth to 24
daughters, 3by 3. They are all alive.
It is a matter of record that about one
hundred years ago, an Indian was con
ducted by a pious deacon to witness the
service of the sanctuary on the Lord’s
day. . When these services were ended,
the citizen, on his way homeward, in or
der to impress upon his tawny friend the
superiority' of Christianity over heathen
ism, entered into a full detail of the mon
ey appropriated by the congregation of
which he was a member, for the support
of public worship, the erection of the
house, the salary of the minister, &e. To
all ol this the son ol the forest, who had
observed the drowsy disposition which
pervaded the assembly, replied—“Umph!
Indian sleep just as sound under a tree,
and not pay any thing.”
Every man that has business ought to
advertise it, and if he has none he ought
to advertise for some.
An editor out west who served three
days on a jury, declares that he got so full
of law that he cannot help cheating some
I compare the art of spreading rumors
to the art of pin-making. There is usu
a% some truth, which I call wires; as
this passes from hand to hand, one gives
it a polish, another a point; others make
and put on the head, and at last the pin
as completed. —John Newton.
A Vermont paper defines the rights of
women as follows: ‘To love her ‘lord’
with all her heart, and her baby as her
self—and make good bread.’
A jury-box now in use in the city of
Ljnn, Mass., lias been kept for its pres
ent purpose one hundred and twenty
years. The one used in Portsmouth, N.
H., was made in the year 1730, and has
been in regular use for one hundred and
twenty-two years.
A law of the Choctaws forbids a white
naan from marrying a Choctaw woman till
ne has resided in their country two years.
Alter this term of residence, if he be a
man of good morals, the marriage may be
consummated and he is then presented
with a farm which he is permitted to se
lect for himself. The Dakota Friend
says that the clause requiring two years
residence before taking a squaw is par
ticulady needed among the Indian tribes
of Minnesota.
Barnum is one of the most successful
a £ e —having made himself
astly rich in catering for the public taste
' e wa y °f curiosities. He owns mu
p ; j ai * d joenageries in any quantity—
fire, but n°or gXVbu nt
himself. When asked by a frifnd the
secret of his success, he very naively rt
phed, ‘Printer’s ink.’ The reputation
which printer’s , n k gave him, by adver
tising and puffiing, has made him a rich
successful man.
It has been computed that the North
west Territory belonging to the United
States, and now without white inhabit
ants, if as densely populated as Belgium,
would support over one hundred and
ninety-seven million of souls! Here is
food for thought.
The little Republic of San Marino has
no debt and no army.
Western Emporium.
FULLER has Just opened for exhibition at his NEW
BRICK STORK, directly opposite his old t>tand, a
a large and splendid assortment of Dry Goods, Clothing,
Indian Goods, Hardware, Cutlery, Glassware and Crock
ery, Boots and Shoos, Hats and Cups and India Rubber
Goods: with every article usually called for In a western
establishment, all of which he offers at whole-sale and re
tail, at prices much reduced. Merchants in the Indian
trade will find every article they may wish, in the trade,
and with the assurance that the charges will be moderate
and satisfactory. Orders can at all times be filled to any
' amount.
j To the Ladles we would say, we have a few plecea of
I Delaines and Cashmeres*
I 20 pieces Alpacas needles
i £>o do bleached cotton 60,000 sharps, between and
20 do wool flannel buckskin needles
20 do book and Swiss 100 packs plus
muslins, a superior arti- 100 doz reding and ivory
cle combs
26,000 yds prints the best as-25 doz scissors, a superior
sortnieiit ever brought to article
Miuuesota, 200 doz white and assorted
2 bales sheetings spool cotton
1 do drilling 100 lbs skein cotton
2 do bed ticking Silk aud twist, bees wax,
2 dozen Bay State shawls Tape and silk brade
A few doz Jo do hose Mitts, wristlets aud childrens
Lisle thread, cashmere and gloves
silk gloves, a few plaid Cotton wadding
linsey, a splendid article Damask and brown linen ta
of silvered buttons for ble covers
trimmiug dresses Hair brushes Inlaid with
60 pieces linen handk’fs peaarl and plain
Gimps and fringes Ladles’ and children’s shoes
Linen ribbons Ladies’ lined rubber over
\Vool**n yarn and knitting shoes.
600 cloth, beaver and pilot 100 dozen hickory shirts
over coats 100 do over do twill’d flat
10 doz French and German 20 do under do 44
cloth coats 60 do twilled flan drawei
100 cloth, tweed, Jean and 5 do drivers frocks
satt. sacks 30 do Saxony wrappers,
300 blue and black monkey merino and rib’d shir t
Jackets 30 doz merino, ribbed ail
300 long green Jackets sdarlet rib’d drawers
600 pr black and fancy cas. 100 doz super seamed socks
and doe skin pants 10 do black silk cravats
1000 |>r heavy lined, all si- 60 do silk handkerchiefs
zes and colors 10 do stocks and scarfs
10 doz black satin vests 25 do lin. bosoms and col
10 do fine black cloth do 25 do buck gloves and mi
2 do fine black cloth do 12 do cashm. and silk
3 do corderoy vests gloves
3 do lion skin do 3 dozen dressing gowns
25 do heavy winter vests Kip, calf and thick boots
12 do while shirts Irish linen
10 do fine cailco shirts Broad cloth and casm.
25 do com do dd Satin net and doe skin
Rubber ovor shoes Black satin
do overalls Black silk velvet and slrge
do sack coats Rubber officers coats,
do pea Jackets
Grey and w hite list and scar- ling twine
let strouding Fish hooks and lines
Scarlet and white blankets Gilt buttons, course and fine
TatVata ribbou aiul worsted combs
binding 1-2 axes and hand axes
Scalping and catouch knife Chinese venuillion
Fis ols, revolvers and Bowie Yellow oclue, cr<»me yellow
knives and green in papers
California and Buena vista Iroun spoons and ladles
knives Bridles, martingales and so
Pocket and Congress knives tingles
Powder flasks & gun worms Spike gimblets
Cud lines, sturgen ami gjl- Rat and beaver traps
Rio and Java cofl’ce Steel pens and blacking
Young llyson, Imperial and Curry comb* and brushes
Shushong teas of a supe- Shoe, cloth and hair brusues
rlor quality Knives and forks
Regalia, Principe and Cuba Carving, butcher and long
segars buflalo knives
Refined lard and fish oil Fur, otter aud cloth caps
Fine cut chewing and smo- A fine and large assortment
king tobacco of silk hats
Essence of pepperming Hunt’s and Collins’ axes
Castor oil Sardines, lobsters, clams and
Maynard & Noyes’ Ink pickles
10 mulberry tea setts assortment of the above for
6 dozen do tea breakfast, dinner and tea
45 do plates ass’t sizes 100 fancy teas
50 do dishes and nappies 100 dozen c c plates
Mulberry sauce turenes and 60 do tumblers
koats 25 do glass lamps
Mulberry butter and custard Sauce plates
Hates Decanters and fancy mugs
Mulberry flowing, pitchers Match safes, Jacket lamps
and basins Japanei spittoons aud bed
30 Herring and light blue lamps,
and spangled sets, a full
With a thousand other articles too numerous to men
tion. Persons wishing to purchase goods, will find it
profitable to call and examine this stock before purcha
sing elsewhere. D. L. FULLER.
St. Paul, Dec. 13, 1851.
THE subscriber begs leave to announce that he has
removed his stock of books and stationery, to the
commodious brick store, No. 94, Main, corner of Green
street, Galena, (nearly opposite his old stand) where he
is now receiving large and well selected additions to bis
former assortment, and he flatters himself that custom
ers will here find as complete and desirable a stock ol
.standard, School, Classical, Theological, Medical and
Miscellaneous books, as can be found in the West.
Thr supply of paper, blank books, anti-staple stationery,
will also be found very extensive, and the goods have
been selected with special reference to the wants of
Wholesale Purchasers* A call, and an examina
inatioii of goods ami prices is repectfully solicited.
Galena, Oct. 1., 1851—1 c
Third, between Jackson and Robert Streets, St.
I HAVE now on hand a stock of Groceries, Liquors,
Pork, Flour, Domestic Dry Goods, Queensware, Ready
Made Clothing, Hats, Caps, Slices, &c., that will com
pare favorably with any ever b,ought to this market. My
assortment of Queen>warc, especially, I can recommend
as the largest and best selected In the Territory. Care
has been taken to procure the latest styles to be found in
the Eastern markets. To my old customers, and all oth
ers, 1 would respectfully say, call and examine, as 1 am
determined to sell very low for cash, and close out my
stock by Ihc opening of navigatlen. This Is a ki *urc
nov. 29—tf. S. IT. SERGEXT.
HORSES shod according to Nature, and Shoes made
for all kiudri of Diseased Feet, By
At their New Shop on St. Anthony street, above Fort
street, where they are prepared to do all kinds of
A share of the public patronage is respectfully solicit
N. B. No charges for Horse Shoeing, when not satis
factory to customers. St. Paul, Oct. 22 c-uf.
TVT OTWITHSTANDING the immense amount of goods
that leave our establishment every day, no diminu
tion is perceptible in the stock upon our shelves and coun
ters. We are constantly tilling up, fn.ni packages not
previously openod—adding new articles and new styles, so
lhat customers who do not visit us daily, do not know
what we have to offer them.
Dec. 13, 1851. M. CURRAN & CO.
Lumber fur Sale.
TIIE undersigned w ishes to inform the
citizens of S't. Haul and its vicinity
that he is opening a Lumber Yard, near
the Shingle Factory, on Jackson and Sev
enth streets, and is prepared to fill orders
for all kinds of Lumber of any descriplion,
Laths or Shingles.
Terms easy. One half up, and the bal
ance on the delivery of the Lumber.
J. W. B.4SS, algent for
St. Anthony Mill Co.
f-«bbls. winter strained lard oil; 23 bxs. St. Louis brown
•J soap; 10bxs. star candles; 25 bxs. mould candles;
3 bxs. Sperm ''audios, (or sale at, F ARRINGTON’S,
nov 6 d-tif
NO good citizen, who has Grounds, fordoing the same,
will fail to plant an orchard thereupon. Orders for
the best quality of trees will be promptly attended to, If
left at the warehouse of the subscriber, on Jackson street,
near the landing*
dec. 6. £• MCLAGAN.
Hits built and fitted up a Shaving Sa
loon, on 3d street, next door west of
the new Post Office in Saint Paul, up to the
increasing luxury, style and elegance of
1 u Rr ° w '"lit metropolis of Minnesota,
where he will he happy to serve citizens
and strangers in St. Paul, in every branch
or his business, according to the best of bis
JUST opened at the Western Emporium too n*ir v,
l|n«d wo.) pants st »I 50 . palGcTl’l
*** u, * m ’ Dec |*.
TnE subscriber, by late arrivals is now In receipt
and opening in his store on St. Anthony street, near
the American House, a large and mo*t complete assort
ment of the above named goods, which will positively be
sold at lower prices for cash than ever before offered in
this place. His entire stock was selected with great care,
and purchased In the eastern aud southern markets for
cash, so that he can safely assure his friends and the pub
lic generally that it will be to their interests to call be
fore purchasing elsewhere and examine his stock, which
consists In part as follow s:
6 bbds N Orleans sugar, 12 chests fine Y H tea,
12 bbU do do IT caddies tine imperial tea,
16 44 clarified sugar, 25 44 gunpowder tea,
5 44 crushed do 25 boxes W R cheese,
3- » 4 pulverized sugar, 10 44 fresh raisins,
8 44 sII molasses, 1 cask 44 currants,
10 44 NO do 10 drums fresh figs,
3 44 golden syrup, 6 boxes assorted candy,
13 bags Rio coflee, 28 dozen boxes sardines,
5 44 Java do 20 44 cans oysters,
10 bbls rice, 5 baskets olive oil,
10 44 butter crackers, 6 boxes assoned pickels,
5 44 No 1 mackerel, 7 44 to nato catsup,
3 44 do salmond, 3 44 mushroom catsup,
10 boxes smoked herring, 3 44 walnut catsup,
25 44 codfish, 6 44 pepper sauce,
60 44 table salt, 6 44 lemon syrup,
10 sacks coarse salt, 10 M regalia cigars,
7 boxes N Y mustard, 12 44 Cuba 44
5 cases do 6 44 Principe 44
6 boxes groud pepper, 16 boxes chewing tobacco,
3 44 grain do 100 dozen smoking do
3 « alspice, 60 lbs macaboy snuff,
2 44 cloves, 6 boxes $ D pipes,
2 44 cinnamon, 15 44 matches,
8 44 wheat starch, 6 44 ginger,
15 44 No 1 soap, 6 gross Mason’s blacking,
2 44 castlle soap, 9 boxes ink,
2 44 fancy do 10 kegs rifle powder,
15 * 4 mould candles, 8 dozen cans do
7 44 star do 40 bags shot,
4 44 sperm do 900 lbs bar lead,
3 bbls sperm oil, 10 M gun caps,
5 44 lard oil. 10 dozen brooms,
12 dozen axe helves, 6 44 shoe brushes,
4 44 mop handles, 5 44 scrub brushes,
4 44 door mats, 20 44 bedconls,
10 44 clothes lines, 8 44 painted pails,
5 » 4 covered buckets, 6 44 washboards,
2 44 well do 10 44 measures,
4 boxes clothes’ pins, 6 colls inanilla rope,
6 dozen market baskets 5 dozen wood bowls.
The above enumerated goods comprise only a small
portion of my stock. 1 shall keep constantly on hand a
large quantity
such as hams, shoulders, butter, lard, flour, pork, peach
es, apples, potatoes, corn and oats. Also,
consisting of whiskey, brandy, port, madelra, gin, porter,
claiet, chanipaigne and ale. Also,
a complete and fashionable assortment, made up in the
best manner, and of the best material, among which are
overcoats, dress and frock coats, and vests of all kinds,
colors and sizes; uuder clothing in great variety. Also,
a very large and well selected assortment, too uumcrous
to mention. Also,
embracing all the fall and w inter styles. Also, a gene
ral assortment of hardware, paints, glass, tinware cutle
ry, oils, &c. JOHN FARRINGTON.
BY Tilt
Protection Insurance Comp.’y
Capital Stock. Anaunl Premium* & "Western Fund
TIIE merchants and householders of St Paul and Ramsey
county, are respectfully refei red to the superior advan
tages ollered for Fire and Marine Insurance, by
W. P. MURRAY, Esq,
The duly authorized Agent for this Company:
By the establishment, 26 years since of a central office
at Cincinnati, for the prompt settlement of western and
south western losses, a careful selection.-f risks, the most
unremitting attention to their dispersion, and prudence and
economy in all its transactions, the officers of this Compa
ny have had the satistaction of seeing the usefulness and
prosperity constantly upon the lucrease during a long pe
riod of year*?. Many OTHER COMPANIES HAVE IN THE
Insurance Companies of this stamp and character are
continue!'" springing up in various parts of the country.
It is not our ; ’n><»e (by accepting premiums inade
compete with such Irresponsible offices, whose object would
seem to be to collect a considerable sum from the opera
tions of one or two seasons, divide the proceeds, and pay
heir losses, or not, as expediency may dictate. On the
of Hanford, will maintain its business upon a perm a
next and RESPONSIBLE basis, and thereby secure a con
tinuancu of the patronage which has hitherto been so lib
erally extended. W. B. ROBBINS,
General Agent Protection Insurance Comp’y.
The undersigned, local Agent, is supplied with blank
policies and renewal receipts, which will be Issued, cov
ering approved risks upon reasonable terms.
Agent Protection Insurance Company for St Paul and
Ramsey county.
St Paul, November 13,1851—<1
Real Estate Agency Office,
LATE of Newark, Ohio, respectfully informs the pub
lic, that he has located himself permanently in St.
Paul, in the Territory of Minnesota, where he proposes
to offer his direct and personal services as Agent lor the
purchase, sale an*l exchange of all descriptions of Real
Estate, such as Lands, Farms, Town Property, Lease
holds, Ground Rents—to the payment of taxes of non
residents, examining titles, collecting debts, &c., &c.—
And will negotiate as Agent for Loans of Money on Bond
and Mortgage, on Town Property. &c.: also, for the pur
chase of Stock* such as have a bona tide value, and trans
act all other business connected with such Agency.
OFFICE—Corner of 3d and wadashaw.
All property will be duly advertised, and no charges,
whatever, will be made unless the negotiations are ful
iy and satisfactorily effected.
By permission, he refers to—
N. B. Hogg, Esq. I
James U. St .nsbury, Esq. > Newark, Ohio.
A- J. Smith, Banker, )
Moses D. Wheeler, Banker, ) .
Gen. C. B. Goddard, \ 7 - an ' svlUe > oh ‘°-
Col. John Mills, Merchant, ) ...... .... .
Noali L. Wilson, Banker, \ Ohio.
Col D S Norton, i .. ,
Gen t; A Jones’ { M “ unt Vernon, Ohio,
Hon Thomas Ewing, Lancaster, Ohio.
Henry Stansbury, Esq., At’y General, Col ambus, Ohio.
Hon Joseph Vance, Ex-Governor, Urban a, Ohio.
Hon Win Bebb, Ex-Goveinor, Ohio, Illinois,
lion J Brady, Carlisle Pennsylvadia,
John I) Early, )
Wyley & Wilson, > Baltimore.
Bay ley Keys, )
Wm ti. II Miller, Miller’s Hotel, Baltimore,
lion Thomas Corwin, i
D C Goddard, Esq. > Washington City, D. C.
A II Cot Tee, Esq. )
Dr Win Knight, Phlladelph, Pa.
Elias Fassett, Esq, Wall street, ) _.
Alfred Avery, Merchant, TO Broadway, \ >ew * orlc *
George Hogg, Merchant, Brownsville, Pa.
Hon Lewis Cass, Detroit, Michigan.
Hon T Whitcomb, Ex-Governor, Indiana.
II M Rice, Esq., Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Fresh Oysters, Strawbcnies, Peaches, Ac.
Edward W right.
NO. 16 HILL STREET, Baltimore, Md.
HAS now, and will contsnue to keep constadtly on
hand, a good supply of Hermetically Sealed Fresh
Cove, and Spice Cove
of superior qualities, put up expressly for the Southern
and Western trade. Also, fresh Fruits, Vegetables,
Meats, Cream and Milk, Clams, Soft and Hard Crabs, Tur
tle and Diamond Back Terrapin, put up with tlieir fine
flavor, and warranted to keep in any climate.
jUy"Tlie attention of dealers Is respectfully Invited.
Oct. 17—c at
ON nAXD —A selected assortment of groceries, pro
visions, dry goods and ready-made clothing, hard
ware and tin-ware, boots and shoes. A general assort
ment selected particularly for the lumber trade— riieap
for cash.
Ou time, terms agreed to suit parties.
W. n. C. FOLSOM.
Taylor’s Falls, Minn., Sept. 23,1861. y
By Telegraph.
Received by late*arrivals, and for sale by
AT TITEIR LI VERT STABLE, In the rear of the Amer.
lean House, St. Paul, now have their horses well
corked up, and in tip-top condition for use In sleighs; and
also have cutters, new and out, painted up to the top of tlia
Art; also a supply of new, clean Buffalo Robes, and every
think In snug, genteel aud comfortable order, for slelgb
St. Panl, Dec. C, 1881.
BACON of extra quality, for aale by
IS warranted ten times more efficacious, and ten
timesche.per than any other known, no matter
how Uige the bottle, or extravagant the idveriise
menls, and it is beyond allqueslion the most valu
able prep. irot ion <f the day, So highly concentra
ted is it, that the dose is but the haif ol a small tea
spoonful, while the dose of that wlich is sold iD
in large bottles is neatly a wine-glass full, and has
baen pronounced decidedly injutious in many ea
ses, owing to its liability to become sour and fer
The power of the dreen Mountain Vegetable
Ointment is astonishingly (treat. There is no
medicine known that can surpass it i« prompt and
eneigetic action* Applied in cufficient quantities
to the sutfece of the body, in the vicinity of the
most highly inflamed parts, whether external or
internal, it at oner subdues the iuflamaliou and
pain. I. will qujet the most ‘‘angry” looking
wounds, soften and reduce swellings of the hatd
est kind, and purify and restore to peifect sound
ness old and inveteratesores. Among the diseases
to which this wonderful Ointment is adapted are
the following.;—
GlandularSwe'lings, Ague in the Face,swelled
Breasts and Soie Nipples of Nurss g women, Bron
chitis, Felons and Ring Vornrs, -»cald Head, and is
an invatnsble dtessmg for Bums, Scalds, and
Drawn Blisters,Shingles, Eiysipclas, Piles, Itifla
mation of the Eyes yields to its power immedi
ately ; all Bjuises and Fresh Cut Wounds are
cured with great rapidity, Fever Sores and Scrof
ulous Sores are soon changrd into a healing condi
tion, and fiquently entirely cured.
This celebrated and umivalled medicine is of
immediate efficacy in the most violent and obsti
nate cases of Dyeniery, Diarrhoea, Bloody Flux,
Asiatic Cholera, Choleta Morbus, Cholera Infantum
Looseness of the Bowels, Gripings and all other
irregular Hi. s of the inicstines.
The causes of the above vai ious complaints are
vaijoucs, Sometimes they ara attrosihenc ; somc
'imes they orise from the ca'ing of unripe or nn
whjlcsume food ; sometimes fiom the u>e of river
water; sometimes from a naiuial piedisposition ol
the system ; sometimes from teething—Childtcn
ate f.cqncntly affected without any noticeable
cau;e. But no matter what the origin, this Syrup
:s sovereign, in the most sickly tropical eoon'rics
as well as ill the most temperate climes. The fol
lowing directions should be carclully observed.
Unlike all other med cines otfeied toi siwilai com
plaints, this Syrup ac is specifically upon the sec te
nons, restoring them at once 10 health. Other
Dysentery medicines meiely allay the mote vio
lent symptoms— this cures •
It is beyond all question true that the Consump
tion (phthisic pulmonalis) is a curable disease.
Some of the aolesl medical wrueis assert this;
among whom we may cite the celebrated names of
Lattice, Andral, Criivlliicr, Stokes and Williams.
I heir nseaiches, as well as the more recent ones
of Rogec and B ,udet, show that so far fiom pul
monary tubeicle being necessarily fatal, it is
spontaneously cured by nature m a vast number of
cases, even when large nlccrs have been farmed on
tlie lungs.
Tint urea' object, is to arreat the progress of
the ulcers (m tubercles) upon the lungs, and to
heal them permanently. Health wil| < lien follow,
t'histheGraefenbergConsumptive’s Balm willdn,
and it is believed to be the only lemedy ever dis
covied. It acts at once upon tne tubercles and
nvariablt attests their progress, and icstorcs the
longs to soundness. It will nut of rourse replace
those portions of the lungs alier y Consumed, but
it will heat what may be lett; leaving ihe indi
vidual in health, though it may be with diminished
As prepared for the Giaelenherg Company, and
bearing the seal of that institution. Nutie genu
ine unless it has Ihe seal of the company.
This is a sufficient argument to induce every
person snlfciing under this disease lo try it. The
money will be immediately refunded if a core does
not icsult from its use according to directions.
For disordeis of the Eye this Lotion has no equal,
it is compounded upon the most scientific princi
ples,and has perfoiin, d i xlrraoidina y cures. For
violent iiifl.im.ition, dimness and failing of the
‘ight, weakne-s of the eyes, involonlniy weeping,
foreign subst mces in the eyes, etc., it is a positive
Hid speedy cuie.
A mod s'rnnge and incredible fact meets us at
Hie very thieshold of our lemarks on this valuable
medicine, ii is this.- lhat no medicine piepaicd
adapted to the vaiious diseases of childicn and
yuih bas ever been ottered toihe public, while at
he same time it is established by ihe most accu
rate tables of mortality thai one-half of the human
lamily die before teaching the age ef five yeats.
We should suppose I h ,t lu this g.eat class of hu
man sutfeicrs —this one-halfof the race—the most
anxious and earnest attention would have bceg
-i‘eti; that medical skill would have been tasked
toils utmost capicity to find out a medicine to
which mothers and nuises might resoit under tho
constantly recurring necessities which present
themselves in this connection. The world is lit
erally crowded with m-dicines for adults, but to
the sulleiings of childicn no one has seemed te
turn proper atti ntion. No one has regarded then
cor,diiion, Noone hasseemed to th’nk it possible
that the ravages of disease and death among them
might he stay ed. It is true that thcie are numer
ous Vermifuges and Cordials of some value, but
each o| thise aie confined exclusively to one or
two forms of disease. The GraelenbergChildren’s
Panacea is the only medicine extant to cihei
hemisphere that is a t al I worlhy of being called a
Childien’s Medicine; or that supplies the gieat
want alluded to.
History of the Graefenberg Vegetable Pitts—Per
fection the Result of Undivided Attention.
The inventer of these Pills, possessing a long
and intimate acquaintance with Ihe human sy stem,
and with the numerous medicines to which medi
cal men usually iesoit, studied for many long and
wearisome years upon t lie single proposition how
to prepare a PILL which should act in harmony
with the Great Laws of Nature,and expel diseases
without doing violence tu the system.
Entirely Vegetable.
Skilfully and elegantly prepared by theGraef
anherg Company, fmm a number of most pmify
ing, iiivlgotaiing and healing ROOTS, BARKS,
HERBS and VINES, gatheted in ihe Forests and
Prunes of America. S<ed by
Sep. 1. J. H. STEVENS & CO.
KiUsuii’s Addition to Saint
THIS desirable ground, lying in the
most central and advantageous part
ol the basin of St. Paul, where must inev
itably be the principal river business of the
low'ii, and affording also the most choice
»nd delightful lots in the rear, upon the
bench, for dwelling houses; is surveyed
into lots and now offered for sale with
titles undisputed and indisputable, at rea
sonably low prices, and upon libera] prices,
and upon liberal terms of credit, for most
of the purchase money, and lumber for
building on lots sold in the addition, will
be furnished at the rotary saw mill, on easy
terms. CHa4S. H. CMKEV,
-dgent for Proprietors.
FARMING LANDS In the vicinity of Saint Anthony
Falls for sale. Apply to J. p. WILSON.
FIIOWN LOTS in Saint Anth.ny Falls for sale. Apnlr
A 40 J- T. WILSON.
A LI. those Indebted to me, by book account, or other
-f* wlsp , "'lll avoid costa, by settling the same before
the first of January, 1882.
4tc - 8 * SAM’L H. SEBGENT.
FAJtILT Groceries, of all kinds constantly on hand a
Gat.na retail priees, BET It BARKER.
Groceries, Hardware,
Tin-ware, Medicines, Boots.
Shoes, Ac.
THE subscriber begs leave to call the
attention of bis friends and the pub*
lie generally to hts selection of the above
goods. They will be found by inspection
to comprise every article that the wants of
families can demand. Much may be, and
is said, by advertisers of goods, of the
large stocks, beautiful selections, cheap
articles, cheaper than their neighbors, ne w
stock jt-.st opened cannot submit to be
undersold, Ac., &c. Such feeble attempts
to clap-trap I do not attempt to put forth ;
but simply request a call that a-discerning
public may judge for themselves. My
stock is not yet filled up of Fancy Goods
and Clothing, but am confident in a few
weeks when our New York Spring Slock
arrives, I can fully convince Ihe people of
St. Anthony and the upper country that a
more desirable, cheaper or better selected
lot of goods has not found place west of the
AUeghanies. For the wants of this com
munity, our stock of the above goods is
now very extensive; but when filled will
compete for variety and amount with any
stock in the Territory. The stock of Med
icine will be the largest in the Territory ;
comprising every article required by the
Physician to the Housewife.
The following are a few of the articles
on hand:
Dry Goods.
Prints of every variety;
Cloths, Cassimeres and Satinetfs;
French uid Chambry Ginghams;
Gambroons, Cottonades;
Plain and figured de Laiues;
Denimes, black and brown drills;
Elegant polka muslins;
Kentucky jeans, blue drills;
Embroidered muslins;
Black and brown sheet and shirt;
Plain and figured lawns;
Irish linens;
Linen lustres, all colors;
White and brown linens table diaper;
Plain and figured linen ginghams;
White and brow n cotton table diaper;
Brown French linens all widths;
Plain black and colored alpacca;
Beautiful silk warp lustres;
8-4 mus-queto netting;
Book and Scrip Muslins;
Jaconetts and Cambrics;
Bishops’ lawns, „
Hunchback Diaper;
Scotch and Runice Diaper;
Colored Cambrics, Nankeens;
White and Brown Linen Drills;
Tickings, all styles;
White, Red aud Yellow Flannels;
Fine Gauze.
White, Black aud Colored Fancy Kid;
“ “ “ silk;
‘‘ “ “ Lisle Thread
Misses and Childrens’ “
W’hite, Black and Colored Cotton;
Black Lamb’s Wool;
Black and Colored Worsted;
Black Moravian, superior article.
Plain Canton Grape;
Damask “ “
Embro’d “ “
Silk and Barege;
Muslin de Laine;
I’lai nand Figured Silk;
“ “ Turk Satin;
Plain and Fringed Gingham;
“ “ Linen;
gentlemans’ furnishing goods.
Drawers, Cravats,
Sewed Calf Boots;
Pegged do do
Kip do
Heavy do
Gents Extra Fine Gaiters;
Laities and Misses’ **
Walking Shoes;
Children do
Mens and Boys’ Brogans;
Misses and Childrens’ Shoes;
Ladies’ Fine Walking do
Do do Excelsior do
Black and Colored Gaiters;
Do do half do
Bootees and Buskins.
Ilafs and Caps, of the Spring Style,
which cannot bo equalled either in price
or quality.
Mens and Boys’ Leghorn Hals;
Do do Double do do
Palm Leaf, Trimmed do
Youths’ China Palm, New Style;
Childrens’ Leghorn flats.
Extra Fine Black Frock Coats;
Do do Dress do
Black and Blue Sack do
Tweed do
Ct shincretls do
Doeskin do
Brown Linen do
Alapacca do
Cotton Flannel Under Shirts and Drawers
Extra Fine Ned Wool do
Hickory Shirts; Long Green Jackets,
MxM Si blue satinetls;Sheep’s Grey Hants-
Various Pattern; Light Colored, do; ’
Black Satin Vests; Ex. fine bl’k doeskin
Figured do Cotton Hose; [,|„
Valencia do Seamed Wool do.
India Rubber Capes Linen Silk <£, H’dk’fs-
Heating Jackets; Gnrnsey Frocks; *
Gver-alls; Neck Stocks & Scarfs
Stripe&check cot. do Fine listen shirts-
Summer checks; Brown Doeskins;
N O. Sugar Refined & Loaf Sugar
Sugar H. Molasses Plantation Molasses-
Rio and Java Coffee Pepper and Ispice ’
Ground Ginger Mustard
Canister Mustard Matts Cassia
Nutmsgs Pitts’gh and Boston
8xl0& 10x12 Wind’w’Starch [Nails
Glass Sperm Candles
Star Candles Mould Candles
Palm Soap Variegated Soap
Olive Oil Pickles
Blacking Wash Boards
Painted Buckets Tubs, 3&4 in nest
Bed Cords Pitch
Rosin Tar
Turpentine Oakum
Lard Oil Clay Pipes
G. A. Salt L. B. Salt
Assorted Shot Bar Lead [up
Pepper Sauce 30 b’xs Ass’td Ketch-
No 1 and 2 Mackeral Ass’td br’nds Tobac’o
G. Percussion Caps Currents
Figs Candy
Lemon Syrup Matches
Playing Cards Butter Crackers
Soda Crackers Boston Crackers
Imperial Tea Y. H. Tea
Rice Chocolate
W. R. Cheese Cider Vinegar
Superfine Flour Brooms
Dried Applet Dried Peaches
Raisins Lard
Mess Pork Hams and Shoulders
Pittsburgh Nails Boston Nails
Iron Assorted Plough Steel
Cast Steel American and Eng-
Hammers lish blistered steel
Glass Bxlo & 10x12 White Lead [erg
X cut 5, 6 & Wood saws & strain
-6 2 feet Butchers’Saws
Log Chains Copper and Bell Metal
Trace do Kettles
Wrapping Praper Maynard ANoye’s Ink
Collins,Hunt A Sim-Steel Pens
mons Axes Axe Handles
Lathing Hatchets Hatchets
Knives and Forks Bench Planes, single
Pocket & Penkuives and double
Scythes Manilla Rope
Hay Rakes Scythes pa’nt &com’n
Hay Forks Scythe Stones
Long Hand Shovels Manure Forks, and 2
Short do do 3 prong
Horse shoe nails Grain Shovels
Letter & Cap Paper Neat painted Tubs
JOHN MORGAN, (mid-way
between St. Paul and Still
water,) begs leave to say to
strangers visiting Minnesota, and nS
the public generally, that having made his
arrangements complete for the accommo
dation of the public and being situated in
the midst of the most delightful scenery,
sorrounded by lakes that abound with fish,
and in an atmosphere of unsurpassed puri
ty, he hopes to see company from abroad
as well as from neighboring villages.—
They will find the charges moderate.
BOOKS of a variety of sizes, memorandum
boots, drawing, Foolscap, letter and note paper.
Envelopes, fancy and plain drawing, and other pencils.
Pens, inks, &.c., for sale by
Bookseller &. stationer, cor. St. Anthony k Capitol *ts-,
opposite American House.
nov. 22.
Trustees have decided to open the Junior Depart
ment of ihe Seminary, on the Ist of May ; and the Sen
ior Department on or before the Ist of July.
CiiAUNc EY Hobart, Mental and Moral Philosophy.
J. (x. Riheldaffer, Mathematics AcAnclent Languages.
E. D. Neill, English Liturature and Nat’l. Philosophy.
Edmund F. Ely, Vocal and Instrumental Music.
Miss Mary Bass, Principal of Junior Department.
4 * 44 44 Elementary Drawing A Xeedle work.
Until the Seminary bntlding is com leted, a r»»ora lias
been secured for the temporary accommodation of day
Juni.r class, per term, - - - $3 00
Middle class 44 44 - - - 4 00
Senior class 44 44 - - - 6 00
All pupils $6 ; with an extra charge for music and French.
For further information, the friends of the institute are
referred to any member or the faculty of Instruction.
St. Paul, March 28, 1852. 28-tf
Knickerbocker Magazine,
will commence its thirty-ninth volume
with the number for January, 1852.
‘lhe subscriptiuii price of the Knicker
bocker will be reduced from five dollars,
io three dollars, on and after the first
day of J notary next.
I he change is made fora reason precise
ly the reverse of that which ordinarily in
duces a publsher to lower the rates of his
Magazine. This is usually done because
the publication cannot be sustained at its
original rate, which is consequently reduc’d
with the hope of extending its circulation.
This is followed invariably by a deteriora
tion of the w ork, in ail its departments,
and in everything relating to it. Indeed
itmay he laid down as a rule, in the con
ducting of a Magazine, that if the original
price will not remunerate for its publica
tion, it is only guing from bad to worse to
to reduce that price.
The Knickerbocker at the present time
enjoys a larger subscription list, and pays
better, than it ever did before; and of the
twenty years of its existence, the past year
has been the most prosperous.
The Publisher is now in a situation, in
consequence of the condition of the Mag
azine, to oliet it at Three Dollars per
With this reduction there will be no
chance in its form, size, character or qual
ity, except a chsnge always continued for
the bettfr; for it will improve on the past
maintaining the position so long awa.ded
to it.
TERMS: Three Dollars a year,
strictly in advance; there will be no de
viation from this condition.
To Clubs of Ten, $2,50 each
Booksellers and Postmasters are reques
ted io act as agents. Those who will un
dertake to procure subscribers will receive
favorable terms. Specimen numbers will
be sent gratis on application post-paid.
All remittances aud all business commu
nications must be addressed to Samuel
Hueston, 139 Nassau street, N. Y.
Estate of James I'. Reilcy,
TI7E the subscribers, being appointed by the’non. Henry
T T A. laambert, Judge of Probate for the county of Kani'-
sev, and the Territory of Minnesota, commissioners to re
ceive, examine and adjust all clatnies and demands of al!
persons, against the estate of James F. Kelley, laie of the
town of Saint Paul, in said county deceased, and also all
claims and demands exhibited In offset thereto, ami six
monthsfsth day or December, 1861, Vlng allowed
by said court for that purpose. We do therefore hereby
Rive notice, that we will attend to the business of our said
appointment, at the ofhee cf Babcock ami Wilkinson, on
the tlrst Monday of February amt June, 1662, from 9 A.
M. until 4 p. m. on each of said days.
Dated Saint Paul, December 6th, 1851.
SIMEON 1\ KOI.SOM, j Commissioner*.
St. Paul, Dec. 6, 1851.
WE the subscribers being apixilntod by the Hon. lien
ry A. Lambert, Judge «,t Probate, for the county of
Ramsey, and Territory of Minnesota, commissioners to re
ceive, examine and adjust all claims and demands of all
persons, against the estate of John Snow, late of the town
of Saint Paul, In said county deceased, and also all claims
ami demands exhibited in offset thereto, and six months
from the 6th day of December, 1851, being allowed by said
court for that purpose; We do therefore hereby give notice
that we will attend to the business of our said appointment
at the office of Babcock ami Wilkinson, on the tlrst Mon
day of February and June, 1862, from 9A. M., until 4
p. M. on each of said days.
Dated Saint Paul* December 6th, 1861.
Dec. «, 1851.
W. Thomson,
No. 6 CARROLL IIALL, Baltimore, M<l.,
INK and NEWS INK, of superior quality, aud at the low
est prices.
W. T. warranto the Ink made at the Baltimore works
to be of the very best quality, and should any article
shipped by him fall to give satisfaction It cau be returned
at hl» expense.
No. I Power Press, News, 26c; No. 8 Power Press
News, 30c ; Hand press, news, 26c ; No. 1, Power press,
book 30c; No. 2, Power press, book, 40c; Hand press,
book, N:. 3,40 c; Hand press, hook, No. 2,60 c; Hand
press, book, No. 1, T6c; Card Ink (1 00, Fine blue Ink,
*2 60; Poater blue ink, $1 60; Fine red Ink, $2 50;
Poster red ink, $1 60; Green Ink, (2 00; Brown Ink,
*2 00.
FOR THE LADIES.—A new Invoice of choice fancy
Roods of all kinds, at the WORLD'S FAIR,
BAT State Shawls—the very article for a Minnesota
Winter, at tha WORLD'S FAIR.
“A nimble Ninepenc* it belter than a slow Shil
THE undersigned respectfully announces to
the citizens of St. Anthony, and the upper
country, as well as those who live in St. Paul,
(it they want to get good- cheap,) that they
are now prepared to exhibit one ol the largest
and best selected assortments of Goods ever
brought into Minnesota. The stock contains
many new and beautiful styles, all having been
selected in the Eastern cities, with the greatest
care to suit the market o: Minnesota, which
they will sell on the most reasonable terms*
The following may be found among their
Black,blue, brown, olive and green broad
cloths; doeskin, cassimeres, satinetts; treri
noes of ait rolorsand qualities; alpacca lustres
changeable alpacca ■; black, changeable and fig
ured silks, muslin de laines j French, English,
and Amer:can prints ; lawns of all kinds; white
red, green and yellow flannels, birds eye do.
for childrens wear ; brown and bleached sheet
ings and shirtings of all the different qualities;
bed ticking; blue brown, whi e and mixed
drills; hickory stripes, cottonades, canton
flannels,apron checks, baiting; wadding,and
wicking, Irish linen of all varieties; black
muslin, crape, veils, etc. of different colors
birdseye, Scotch and Rusian diaper; brown lin
en and different varieties of table covejs;oi
cloth,do., do., vestings, ail kinds of cravats,
Scotch and American ginghams, French do.,
berage d’laine, stradiila ; silk, crape, and dif
ferent varieties of shawls; brown hollands,
linen drills, hucabuck, crash, Kentucky jeans,
grass clothshirts; muslin,swiss, lisle thread
and linen edgings and inserting*, gloves, hois
ery, pLin and bordered canrbrics, linen cam
bric handkerchiefs, bonnet, cap, and neck rib
sons; pink, blue,and green chambray ;linen
gingbim,ltalian lustre, poplins, colored berge
mohair lustre, Turk .satin plain and plaid silk
and gingham parasols, fringes, gimp, umbrellas
A large lot of READY-MADE CLO
THI> G, manufacture d expressly lor this
place. Hoots and shoes, Hats, Caps, any
quautity of straw goods, all suited for this mar
Ja a, Rio,and St Domingo coffre,chocolate
cocoa, black tea, imperial do., young and old
hyson do., ginger, cas-ia, mu-taid. sugar pep
per,spice, nutmeg*, mace, ketchups, peppei
sauce, cloves, raisins, currants, rice, snap,
snuff, indigo, dried apples, and peaches cl ew
ing and smoking tobacco, codfi'sli, hams,
shoulders and side bacon, flour, oats and corn,
beans, pork and lard, lamp oil. rope. molasses,
confectionary of all kinds, salaratus, starch,
In a lew days they will have a I*ge lot of
paints and dye-stuffs,spirits ol turpentine,al
cohol,butter, cheese, etc., etc.
Mill saws and tiles, sad irons, coffee mills,
shovels aud spades. S intnons axes, a genuine
article; hoes nails ol every vauety, looking
glasses, windovv glass, knives and forks, pock
et and pen knives, cai penter and joii ei tools
guns, both single and double barrels; with a
lull assortment olliardwaie.
A large lot of CROCK fcRY will be opened
ina'ew days.
Combs,from 10 cents to $5,00, of all kinds
irom the horn tot he buffalo and shell, con si s
ting ol the t"ck, side and round ermbs. fine
ivory and buflalo and English and die*sii g do.
CLOCKS—I 4 different patleans fiom $2,00
to $24.00 together with a lot of
E3"Ladies and Gentlemen are solicited to
call and examine the goods lor themselves.
J. If. ST EVEN'S &. CO.
St Anthony 1851.
The St, Anthony Mill Com
BEG leave to inform the public that their
tour Saw Mills are in full operation, and
all orders received .-hall be punctually atten
ded to. The following list ol pncesol lum
ber, also for ratting lumber to SI. Paul, will be
found low:
No. 1 Boards, $16.00 per M.
“ 2 “ J 2.00 “
“ 3 “ jo oo «»
“ 3 “ 800 «
Scoots' 5 oo «
Dimension for frames not ex
ceed ng 24 feet, 112 00 »«
No. 1 Pickets, io 00 «
■“ 2 “ 5 00 «
Extra Shingles, 3 50 “
No.l “ 3 oo <•
“ 3 “ j 50 “
Lath 2 (0 «»
The said c'mpany will deliver in raft in St.
Paul, in addition to the above prices, lumber
at $1 50 per M., Lath 30 cents per M.
Inconsequence oftliegreat press of business
all persons requiting lumber are requestedto
send in their bills early.
S 3” Terms cash on delivery of the raft.
Seventh Volume of the
Messrs- Munn & Co.
American and Foreign Patent Agent-, and Pub
lisher* of the Scientific Ameiican,
RESPECTFULLY announce to the public that
the fust numbei of Volume VII, „f this widely
circulated aud valuable jouieal will is-ue on the
‘2oth of September. 'I he new volume will com
mence will) new type, piintcd open paper of a
he.v.er tcxiuie than that used in the pieceding
volume*. It is the intention of the pnbl.sheia to
illustrate it more folly,by introducing rep.esenta
t.ons of proin nent eventsconuec ed with Ihe ad
vancement nl science; besides furnishing the usual
..mount of engiavings Ilf new inventions. It i*
publish, d week') in form for binding, and alToids
al the end of the year a splendid volume of over
foul hundied piges.w-Hh acnpiou* index,and liom
five lu *ix hundred engravings, logelhei with a vast
amount of practice I information concerning the
prog ess of invention and discovery thmughout ihe
w-uiin. Thcie is no subject nl import mre to ih«
mechanic, inventor, mai.ufac'urer and geneia]
erader which is nut tiea rd in the most able m in
ner—the editors, Ciii.t.ibulois ,n t! coriesponnent*
being o.en of the highest attainments It ism fad
he le idirg scientific j urnal of the countiy.
t The Inventor will find in it a weekly list of
American Pa'enl Claims,report.d from i|,e Patent
Ollice,»n oiiginal featuie nut found in any other
weekly poplication.
TERMS: Two dot tors per year,—one dollar for
six mouths. All leite.s musi be po-tpaid and di
rected to i'MIIKN and ( f)., / üblishers ol the Nci
entific American, 128 Pulton st. \. y.”
Any person who will send us four subscriber*
for six months, at our regular tales, shall be enti
tied to one copy for the same length of time or
we wilt furnish— ’
Ten copies for Six Months, £ j
Ten copies lor twelve Months, jg
Fifteen copies for Twe've Months 28
Twenty copies for Twelve MontAt, 2S
Southern and Western money taken at par for
übscripti.ins, or Post Office stamps taken >; their
u II value.
166 Main Street, Bt. Lonis,
WOCLD respectfully celt the attention of dealeri In
Minnesota, to the largest and most varied
ment of Boots and Shoes ever offered In «». , **! ort *
Believing that they can offer
chasers, than any other establishment- PUr *
rndTlc“ on3tr * te UP ° n 411 examination of thelr goodj
September 24, 1861—y
W A wWch D ’.he' ,, },tob on .“ nd d°"» r *>ortb of Fart, for

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